How to check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not?

Central Government now made it mandatory of linking Aadhaar with your bank account numbers. The deadline for this is 31st December 2017. Hence, it is now imperative for all of us to link and check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not.

If you have multiple bank accounts, you have to link to all such bank accounts. before the deadline of 31st December 2017. If you fail to link Aadhaar to your bank accounts, then such accounts are blocked. Once you submit the Aadhaar details, then only your account will be operational again.

Who is eligible for Aadhaar?

But whether all individuals are eligible for availing Aadhaar card?  Any individual, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident in India and satisfies the verification process laid down by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) can apply for Aadhaar card. NRIs, PIO’s, OCIs as well as foreigners, living in India can also apply for Aadhaar card.

However, as per the definition of eligibility of Aadhaar for NRIs, UDAI clearly defined “As per the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016, only a resident who has resided in India for a period or periods amounting in all to 182 or more in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application for enrollment is eligible for Aadhaar”.

Hence, even though you are an NRI, if you are residing in India for more than 182 days or more in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application for enrollment are ONLY eligible.

Therefore, NRIs staying in India for less than 182 days are not eligible for applying Aadhaar.

Who are eligible to link Aadhaar to bank accounts?

All residents who are eligible to apply for Aadhaar can link their Aadhaar to bank accounts. However, as I stated above, NRIs are not eligible to apply for Aadhaar (with specified rules). Hence, it is suggested that they disclose their non-resident status with proof to their bank.

For the status of the account becoming in-operational only, the relevant banks shall be able to give a response. Hence, you have to wait for the bank response.

Also, as per gazette notification of Ministry of Finance, dated 1st June 2017, Aadhaar will be sought for all transactions for an amount Rs.50,000 or above.

How to link Aadhaar to your bank accounts?

You can link Aadhaar to your bank accounts in two ways. Currently, all banks provide an online linking facility of Aadhaar. Using internet banking facility of your bank you can easily link it (features may differ from bank to bank).

Another option is to visit the nearest bank branch and submit the Aadhaar linking form with your Aadhaar details. Few banks nowadays offering the ATM or SMS based lining facility. Hence, check with your bank for available option and based on that opt for the service.

Aadhaar linked Multiple Bank Accounts – To which account LPG subsidy credited?

In case you have multiple bank accounts linked to Aadhaar number, then the LPG Gas subsidy will be credited to the bank account to which you recently linked your Aadhaar number.

Suppose you have a bank account with HDFC Bank and also ICICI Bank. You linked Aadhaar to HDFC Bank on 1st September 2017 and to ICICI Bank on 20th September 2017, then the gas subsidy will be credited to ICICI Bank.

How to check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not?

Now you might have given Aadhaar card as address proof or identity proof while opening the bank account. But you might have forgotten the same. Hence, obviously, you are into doubt. In such situations how to check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not?

Thre are three methods through which you can check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not. I will explain all the three methods below.

# Check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not – Using Internet Banking Facility

Using your internet banking facility you can easily check the status of whether Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not. For example, in case of HDFC Bank, if you log into HDFC Bank Internet Banking, you will have to click on the tab “Request”, there you will find the link “View/Update Aadhaar Number”. If you click the same, then you can check whether your Aadhaar number is linked or not.

check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts - Internet Banking


# Check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not – Using UDAI Portal

Step 1-Visit the UDAI Homepage.

Step 2- Under “Aadhaar Services”, click on “Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status”. This will bring you to another window.

Check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not - Using UDAI Portal

Step 3-Enter your Aadhaar number and also the security code visible to you. Then the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Then you have to enter the OTP and click on the tab Login.

Check Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status

Step 4-Then you will receive the authentication screen where you will find the details like your Aadhaar number, linking status, when you linked and also the bank name.

Aadhaar linking to Bank Account Status

Do remember that the status will only show you the recently linked Bank details but not the prior linked bank details.

# Check if Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not – Using mobile without internet

You can also check Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts or not through mobile even without internet. This is called *99*99# service.

*99*99# is a USSD based value added service from NPCI that facilitates the customers to check the status of his/her Aadhaar number seeding/linking in the bank account. The service works across all GSM service providers and handsets and brings together the diverse ecosystem partners such as Banks and mobile service providers.

As I stated above, this service can be availed even without internet. You can access this service using the common code of *99*99# irrespective of your mobile service provider. You will not be charged additionally for this. This service works even on holidays also. You no need to install any app to use this facility.

Steps to use the *99*99# service are as below.

  • Dial *99*99# from your mobile handset.
  • A screen to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number will appear.
  • You have to input your 12 digit Aadhaar number in this screen.
  • After inputting the Aadhaar number, a confirmation screen will appear.
  • You have to confirm the Aadhaar number by entering 1 and submit.
  • A confirmation screen will appear showing the Aadhaar number, name of the bank to
    which the Aadhaar number is linked and the last updated date.


To avail the last two methods of checking Aadhaar is linked to bank accounts, it is mandatory that your mobile number is linked to Aadhaar card.

The status will show only the last bank details where you linked your Aadhaar to the bank account. If you have multiple bank accounts, then it is better to connect the bank directly either through customer care, visiting the bank or checking using internet banking facility.

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132 Responses

  1. Hi sir,
    My mother aadhar is mapping in the npci portal as shown in the bank but in sachivalayam welfare aadhar is not linking to npci portal and also vasathi deevena amount is not credited to my mother bank account. This was the problem I have .what I will do in this time.sir please give a solution for my problem.

  2. After reading this article, I was curious to check whether really it works, and with no surprises, I found that, it shows nothing. AADHAAR web site says that, my AADHAAR number is linked to the Bank, with Congratulations message, and all details below that message are BLANK!!
    It is of no use to the end user.
    Probably, they should have done User Acceptance Testing, before releasing such important feature.
    If they can not implement functionality properly, better not to release such feature to the public, as it is not utilizing our time productively.

  3. Dear Sir, Have already linked LPG and my bank [sbi] account to Aadhar card. Latest, while making admission for my son [minor] in a college, they requested to submit my [parent] Aadhar card, which I did. Surprisingly, since then all my LPG subsidies started getting credited to his account ! Please show me a way to ensure my LPG subsidies gets credited to my aacount in SBI. Thanks.

      1. Dear Basavaraj Ji, Thanks for your reply.

        Pls guide me as how to efile an ITR for the first time and also how to claim TDS [non-salary] from investment made from income when I was an NRI few years before.


          1. Dear Basavaraj Ji,
            Thanks for your reply.
            Appreciate if u can adv. web address wherein I can find online tutorial. Thanks.

  4. Sir my adhar card is already linked with bank account. I cross checked with bank and uidai portal too it shows linking date but still linking status is inactive
    Becoz of that my scholarship not deposite in my account
    Many of my friend have the same problem what should we do …plzzzzz help us asap

  5. Sir ,
    My Mother is pensioner and she is having her account in Bank of
    Maharashtra. Her name in in bank account shows Krishnaba. While here name in aadhar card as well as with pension authority is Krishnakuvarba. Will there be a problem linking with bank account? I have not tried linking yet. Kindly advice me?

  6. Sir
    My mother Have penssioner account Name is ansuyaben maganlal Vasoya, but After Merriage Her AAdhar Card Name Is ansuyaben Bhurabhai Dobaria.As per service record Her name Is same as Before Merriage And her pension is Deposing to the Ansuyaben Maganlal Vasoya Account but due to name miss she can not able to link her aadhar to bank what will we do?

  7. Sir,
    While filing the income tax return ( July 2017 ), it was mandatory to link PAN with ADHAR. It was only possible to file the income tax return after doing the linking. Now the PAN and ADHAR are linked , then why the individual needs
    to visit each and every bank to link the ADHAR. Banks already have PAN without which the account cant be opened.
    I failed to understand this and moreover with these kind of procedures how can it be digital India





  9. From last 1 month i tried to link my aadhar with my account even i also update my aadhar card but they couldn’t link my aadhar with my account. Due to which i couldn’t get scholarship. What shall i do now?

      1. When i went to my sbi home branch they said your aadhar linking status is successful but when i went to another sbi branch near my collage to check aadhar Linking status i founded that my aadhar card is not link with my account. Even i also check via *99*99*1# number they also said that this aadhar number is not link with any branch.

  10. Sir,
    I also have the problem. When I check my adhaar linking status from SBI online it says that linking is done. No further linking need to be done but pfms portal says no bank account linked with this Aadhaar no. Also I checked UIDAI portal it also says “Technical Issue”. From *99*99*1# it says no bank account linked with this Aadhaar no. And I don’t know where to go or whom to contact.

      1. But I got message from AICTE yesterday that your Aadhaar link with bank account is inactive. Please consult with your bank to get disbursement of funds.

  11. Last Week I visited My College regarding AICTE Scholarship (Aadhar Linking problem) problem, Then they suggested that link all possible bank accounts you have with aadhar number so any one of your account is linked with aadhar No so you can get your PG scholarship. Because AICTE send scholarship on those any bank account which is linked with Aadhar
    but I have already linked My aadhar No to Central bank-Axis bank few months ago …!! then I cross check with the help of USSD code *99*99# then it show ”sorry your aadhar no not linked with any bank account” !
    yesterday I visited SBI bank to link aadhar and given the Xerox copy of aadhar no & KYC statements .but until no any notification comes so I was try to link my aadhar no with the net banking .

    When I link my aadhar card via net banking (SBI) then “Your aadhaar card details does not match with bank records” This message comes .

    what should I can do so my aadhar no link with my SBI bank Account??
    I please guide us to me what should I do ?? So I can Get my PG scholarship from AICTE??

  12. Sir I have 2 account axis bank and kotak mahindra bank and both linked axis 10.jun.17 and kotak latest link 5.Jan.18 but adhar link show axis bank but I need kotak bank because I need my lpg subsidy kotak bank and what is npci mapped sir please solve

      1. Sir I say lpg company to credit subsidy kotak bank but he say ur axis bank linked kotak not linked thats y and I check my adhar linked and sho axis bank not kotak bank

  13. I have same problem is there any other solutions for this issue.if another account will opened then same problem is raised/not.

  14. AICTE send me message on 11-12-2017 & 20 -11-17 that your aadhaar status is Inactive. so that Beneficiary code is not generated in PFMS portal Then,
    I was link the Aadhar 2 times in respective Bank Also Do the mapping on Aadhar Site.I have also receipt of linked status Aadhar number to bank , the bank software show aadhar number is linked . But In Aadhar Site Bank Linking Status show Inactive.
    What should I do so to linking the Aadhar ? Shall I wait for some days ? if yes how many days? Any other Method ?
    Please guide us so I can get PG Scholarship .

  15. Hello Sir,

    I went through all procedures of Adhar linking with Bank Account and Mobile Number as well .
    I did that 2 months before but when i checked on Scholarship website it is showing me that
    my Adhar is not yet linked with my bank account .
    According to the Bank officers linking was done properly.If there is something wrong then i have to
    pay whole college fee which would not be beneficial for me. So sir please tell me the solution for this problem.

    1. Same occoured in mine case , did bankers doesn’t fetch linking status in NPCI server so that it can show whether mapping is done or not case.
      Same guys which have gone through correction process got mapped after one month automatically ,but it not happened in mine case
      Home bank branch seeks the activeness of aadhar,but it isn’t linked any where….????

        1. Yup ,it’s linked by me manually in mine sbi home branch , but it isn’t mapped in UIDAI potaral ,due to which AICTE isn’t able to generate beneficiary code in PFMS potral.I got a linked letter from mine home branch attested by bank manager ,how should I proceed how……
          I did complain in uidai,as well as NPCI customer complaint but result are ….as that was …earlier ,what should I do …,?
          1.should I open a new account in other bank?
          2. Should I wait…becz eventually what will be the final outcome we all know…..!
          3. Should I file RTI against uidai/ npci for not sharing information becz in that case my bank is not guilt…?

  16. I am facing one crucial problem. Any one please solve this problem. I am seeding my Aadhar with my bank accounts. But if I check in UIDAI website it shows as some technical issues. If check in *99*99# it shows as ur Aadhar no. Is not linked with any bank. I link Aadhar two times with my bank account. Still I have same problem. Due to this I can’t able recieve scholarship. Please help anyone

      1. They said that my Aadhar no. Is linked with my account. And I see through Kotak mobile banking app it shows u seeded Ur aadhar with this account no.. But only problem is UIDAI website and *99*99#

        1. Dear Student,

          While generating Beneficiary code in PFMS portal, it has been observed that your Aadhaar Status is Inactive, due to which beneficiary code could not be generated.

          Kindly visit your Bank and get it linked with Aadhaar immediately for disbursal of PG Scholarship.
          This msg is recieved from AICTE

          1. Guys u don’t have to wait , go and update ur biometric once and ensure that it’s properly done specially thumb impressions,I m pretty sure that will wrk to sort technical issue with mapping zone

  17. Hi
    When linking Aadhar with bank accounts, it’s getting rejected saying name or dob not matching on savings account…..could you please let me know what could be the issue.

    Thanks in advance!!

  18. Thank you Mr.Basavaraj Tonagatti. I had struggling to find out how to check the status of the Aadhar card linkng and now Finally I checked it and it was done. Thank you.

  19. DEAR SIR




  20. I have credit cards from 2 banks where I don’t have any SB or other accounts. Do I need to link my Aadhar with those banks too?

    sir plz suggest me when to try..? due to which mine benificiary code isnt able to generate by some authorities..?

  22. 1. when i typed the *99*99# code it is showing that “USSD code running” after that “connection problem or invalid MMI code” message is shown. what is the problem?

    2.When i tried with udai site it is showing the following message “Your request cannot be processed now due to some technical issue. Please try again later”

    What can i do now?

    1. have u got that linked..?,if yes then plz share ur views it will help some of peoples to sort out same problem that we r

        1. 1. when i typed the *99*99# code it is showing that “USSD code running” after that “connection problem or invalid MMI code” message is shown. what is the problem?

          now it is working. deducting money for using NUUP. but it is of no use. the same message “sorry your aadhar is not linked with any of the bank” message is displayed for all cases (both linked aadhar accounts and not linked accounts too) *tried for both cases personally.

  23. Hi. I tried checking the status from uidai website. No matter how many times I enter the aadhar number, I get a message, invalid aadhar! Enter 12 digit uid. Anything that could be done?

  24. Dear Team, Thanks for Article.
    I am in USA for next 2 months, I do not have Aadhar card and Deadline to link is 31Dec2017. unfortunately I will miss deadline and will return to India by Feb2018. News Sources says bank account will be blocked if unable to link aadhar card after 31Dec. My Questions is what will happen if I comeback to India in Feb18 and get aadhar and Link it with my bank account. will my account reactivate? will there be any issues linking aadhar card after deadline?

    other than bank account, what else will be blocked ?
    I have Job PF account, LIC, SIM Card, home Loan, Driving license everything not linked with Adhar card.

      1. I just came in NOV 2017, it must be atleast 180 days outside india to get NRI status. Can someone please reply my questions in previous comment.
        Thanks in Advance

  25. Sir my bank account is linked with aadhaar BT scholarship site n uidai shows nt linked I also got letter from Bank but as form is online it is nt helping n I also use ATM machine BT it shows invalid transcalation

  26. Got successfully registered message when I linked my aadhaar & bank account through ATM..However checking through *99*99# I got message no bank account linked to aadhaar .should I re link through ATM again ? my account is in another state.

  27. unable to check for status of linking aadhaar to bank account through uidai website when I enter aadhaar number it says invalid number there a format to enter the number? ..

  28. I open my syndicate bank account one month ago. At same time i linked my adharcard to bank account. I checked online and also for scholarship it doesn’t shows my adhar linked bank account. I need help. Please comment something.

      1. Yes. I have checked that my adhar card is linked to bank account. But when i go to fill scholarship form then it says your adhar has no relation with any bank account. Then what i do tell some. I checked many times but it did not shows anything.

  29. sir plz suggest me asap…i have two bank accounts one in BOM and other one in canara both are minor accounts….as i closed one account (Canara) another one is still active and linked…but when i check “Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status” is says ” linked bank – Canara & status- inactve….and its troubling me cuz my scholorship is not processing further….its been a year i have linked both the accounts

  30. sir,
    i have a less cibil score of 660. now i want to build my score. i studied your blog about building score. according to the blog, taking a secured credit card will build the score. which bank is good for taking credit card
    1. sbi unnathi card
    2. HDFC bank
    3. ICICI coral credit building card
    i am not able to decide which bank to go. kindly suggest

  31. Sir, I have recently linked my aadhar with BOI bank, but when i check the status it shows aadhar not linked.
    So i visited the bank too, there they have confirmed my linking and that issue my scholarship form has not fill up Can u pls help?
    Thank you.

  32. SIR , first we all went and took aadhar when it was first introduced and we all got aadhaar . A few months after the NPR registration got started and we all got registered as it was compulsory. But later my mother alone got a new adhaar. Now both the aadhaars are active. when we contacted the aadhar enrollment centre, they said to use just one aadhaar. What should we do next?
    I have another query too, my mother had SB account in STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE and SBI. When SBT got linked with SBI she has both her accounts in different branches of SBI. The bank officials said to close one of the account. Will this be a reason for her aadhaar not getting linked with her SB account.

  33. sir, My mother has two aadhaar number .linked one with PAN and mobile .another with SBI account .now we want to change the linking aadhaar number of SBI savings with PAN and MOBILE linking aadhaar.Bank officials says they can’t.what we do

  34. Sir, I have recently linked my aadhar with my bank, but my aadhar is not getting linked,
    Error Message:
    your Aadhaar no. could not be updated in Acct as the Name/ Date of Birth on the Aadhaar does not match the Savings Account.
    As in my Aadhar Card my Initials is not expanded where as in my Bank Account my initials are expanded,as I am currently residing in the USA I cannot visit the Bank and submit the documents ,and also when i tried to contact the customer care they mentioned that I need to be change the name only by visiting any near by branch. In-spite of understanding the situation I am not sure why they are not ready to make the required changes online.
    Can u pls help?
    Thank you.

  35. Sir, I have recently linked my aadhar with SBI bank, but when i check the status it shows aadhar not linked.
    So i visited the bank too, there they have confirmed my linking. Can u pls help?
    Thank you.

  36. clarification needed/ will I face similar problems as experienced with PAN LINK Name in the same manner
    in bank ac as it is in Aadhaar card? For the sake linking Pan Aadhaar name changed expanded the initial Now
    will Bank ac be linked with Initial first in Bank ac or initial in the last in the bank account ex., VENKATARAMAN
    VAIDYANATHAN in Aadhaar Card while in Bank ac V Vaidyanathan OR Vaidyanathan V
    Pl clarify and advise




  37. Sir.. i have multiple bank a/c …suppose i have given sim 1 no. in bank A….. & sim 2 no. in bank B…..but in aadhar registration, i had given sim 2 no……. I had linked bank A with aadhar on 20 th may & bank B with aadhar on 7 th september ……but in UIDAI website it is still showing bank A linked with aadhar …instead of bank B, which was updated with aadhar lastly…. What to do sir?

  38. HI..

    i have a couple of queries
    – In the case of a bank account in Either Or Survivor mode, should i link the Aadhar of the first name holder ?
    I enquired in SBI bank , they said – only the first name holder bank account is to be linked , the second name need not be.. PLs Confirm on this.
    Hence the seconds name holder wont be linked to the Account at all? is it fine?

    – What should be the procedure in joint account ? similar as above?

    -I have multiple bank accounts in different banks … Will the UIDAI website show the list of ALL banks where i have linked my Adhar to?
    – x bank
    – y bank
    or will it show just one bank per Adhar?

    1. Biswaroop-1) Yes, first holder Aadhaar linking is sufficient. Same applies to first account holder.
      2) No, I clearly mentioned the same. UDAI will show the latest bank details to which you linked your Aadhaar.

  39. Hi Mr. Basavaraj – Useful article. However, I am not sure this Aadhar-Bank Account Linking process is done well by UIDAI or the Banks. Let me share my experience with the same. Due to higher MAB by SBI since April 2017, I closed an old S.B. A/c with SBI and retained only one S.B. A/c with another Branch of SBI in Mumbai, which was too seeded with my Aadhar details, and is fully KYC Compliant as well. However, since April 2017 whenver I have checked this “Aadhar-Bank Account Linking Status” on UIDAI website – the same way you have mentioned – it has always shown Bank Linking Status as “Inactive”. I have written & followed up with both UIDAI as well as SBI Branch where I have my Account, but both claim it’s the other’s responsibility to fulfil Aadhar-Bank Account linkage. So, even six months later, my Aadhar-Bank Account Linking Status remains “Inactive”. However, strangely, I have got my LPG subsidy into the said SBI Account in May-June. Wonder what I need to do to ensure the status changes from Inactive to Active, as it may have some other consequences I am not aware of yet.

      1. Thanks for your response. As Aadhar has become mandatory and ubiquitous now, wanted to sort out the Inactive status shown on UIDAI website. Shall ignore this status for now.

      2. Hi,
        My father is facing similar issue. Though he has given Aadhar details multiple times at the bank, the linking status shows as Inactive:

        Congratulations! Your Bank Aadhaar Mapping has been done.
        Aadhaar Number : XXXXXXXX4507
        Bank Linking Status : Inactive
        Bank Linking Date : 24-07-2017
        Bank Name : STATE BANK OF INDIA

        Due to this he is unable to receive Gas subsidy. The LPG provider says we need to visit bank and submit details again. Bank people accepted it again and updated and say there’s nothing else to be done. If I call UIDAI helpline, they just provide procedure to check linking status.

        Can you provide info regarding what to do or whom to contact?

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