BasuNivesh completed 6 Years!!

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On this 11th December 2017, BasuNivesh completed 6 years of journey. I started this blog on 11th December 2011 when I was on the verge of completing my CFP.

BasuNivesh completed 6 Years

There are many ups and downs during these 6 years. However, when I look back, I found that many ups rather than downs.

Let us first review the blog growth in terms of traffic and social media counts.

BasuNivesh Blog Statistics as on 11th December 2017

I am happy to share you that blog growth is in steady phase. Readers count increasing and giving me a strength to write more and more.

However, I stuck to my monthly 8 posts since the beginning and never give up that publishing habit.

# BasuNivesh Pageviews per month

I consider December month data to verify and found that each year it is growing steadily.

BasuNivesh Pageviews per month

# BasuNivesh Social Media Presence

There are around 3887 Facebook Page followers.

BasuNivesh Facebook Page Fans

Along with this, I BasuNivesh has Twitter followers and Google+ followers also.

Some other data of BasuNivesh

Alexa Rank World-63625 (Lower is better) as on 11th December 2017 (In 2016 it was 66313).

Alexa Rank India-4457 (Lower is better) as on 11th December 2017 (In 2016 it was 5517).

The Alexa Ranking of the blog improved much than the 2016 data. This makes me feel happy.

Twitter Followers-942 (In 2016 it was 538).

What can you expect from BasuNivesh in future?

# We are launching Fee-Only Financial Planning Service

Yes, I have already applied for SEBI RIA. So soon we will launch the Fee-Only Financial Planning Service. It was long awaited and big change you can expect from me.

Because I felt Fee-Only Financial Planning is the future and the one of the best way to an individual who is looking for financial planning help. Hence, I am going to turn as SEBI RIA Fee-Only Financial Planner.

# Planning to launch FREE Online Direct Mutual Funds buying platform

I am also planning to launch a completely FREE online direct mutual fund buying platform. It is my dream to make it happen to all investors of India.

Currently, I am working on this. Let us see when it will be realistic.

# We are looking for genuine readers share

Daily I receive many offers like paid content or link building strategy, where the companies are ready to pay me the money I ask for. However, I stayed away from such paid content.

But it does not mean that I will not allow the readers to share their personal financial knowledge. They are free to share their unbiased, original and helpful content always.

# Committed to write as usual

I followed the simple but realistic method of writing 8 posts a month since the launch of 11th December 2011. I am planning to stick to this.

Because writing actually forces me to read more, up to date myself and feels me active always. Hence, I stick to this plan in future.

# Planning to go to grassroots level population for financial planning

Financial Planning as many felt is only required for rich and educated. However, it is the most important need for those who are unable to understand the concept and unable to read such topics.

Hence, through an NGO, I am planning to go the villages, poor, uneducated and to the grassroots level of population to spread the awareness of financial planning.

To make this to be a success, I need few genuine hands who can spread this message.

Finally, thank you all for making this blog a huge success and making it as ranked one among Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs in India.

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103 Responses

  1. Basu congratulations on successful completion of 6 years financial education awareness campaign. I Learnt many aspect of financial life after reading your blogs. I want to be a part of one of your future plan i.e “ Planning to go to grassroots level population for financial planning”.I am working in a Financial company at Hyderabad and I am from a poor and un educated village back ground and ready to share the knowledge/creating financial awareness to the villagers.

    1. Venu-Surely we will work out and thanks for your interest. Currently, I am concentrated on SEBI RIA Registration. Once it is done (maybe within few days), then I will share you the details.

  2. Congratulations…!!

    Let the fee-only advisory service be affordable and economical so that even a LIG members can also make use of the service. Do let us know once the service is operational

  3. Just came across this post today. Congratulations! Let blog scale even higher heights and spread the knowledge.
    I can be part of your journey to educate the real NEEDY people…..I stay at the same town as yours and let me know how we can connect.

  4. Good intent Basavraj. But I personally feel, you should add both the pros and cons of our Indian favourite LIC in your blog. If anybody is interested to read the link below, spend a little thought on how great a country we live in. Moulded by thousands of years of our inclusive accomodating spirit, assimilating all the good that the world had to offer and attempting always to pick out and separate the evil.

    Now the link to this terribly sad story –

  5. congratulations sir for your valuable service. Your financial advices are very much helpful for people like me.All the very best for future endeavours.

  6. Hi Basu,

    Belated 6th Anniversary wishes for your Blog, I couldnt even remeber from when I am following your blog probably 3 or more years as per my knowledge. I am again impressed with your #To do list & Goals, mainly Planning to go to grassroots level population for financial planning one, please make me part of it if possible & not to forget i am not financial background person but I am from a town of 1million population but now in bangalore but if needed i can spend a day or two at my Town.

    Hope you wont discontinue basuvinesh portal after launching Fee-Only Financial Planning Service, by the way i am requesting for appointment in advance when you become SEBI RIA Fee-Only Financial Planner.

    Hopefully I will meet you ASAP.

    1. Kiran-It is great to know about your interest on this social cause. Definitely, I will inform you when I start that initiative. Thanks for your wishes. I will continue my blogging even after RIA registration. Because through this media I learn, share and connect with you all.

  7. Basu congratulations on successfully completing 6 years of financial education awareness campaign. I am proud to say I am one of the reader for more than half of blog’s life , ie more than three years.
    Learnt many aspect of financial life after reading your blog but more importantly your unbiased answers to all our stupid, low IQ questions.
    Tried to meet you some years back when I was in Bangalore but failed due to your hectic schedule.
    I wish I meet up with you one day ! God willing!!
    Congratulations again and best wishes for all that you do!!

  8. Congratulations Basu !!!!!! My best wishes for journey ahead.
    I am regular reader of your blog and recommended others as well. Key differential of your blog, which we feel, is unbiased view of investment/insurance products. I/we could build mutual fund portfolio with direct option with your suggestion and WITH CONFIDENT 🙂

    Is mobile app in plan ? 🙂
    Also, how one can contribute/help for your last agenda -“Planning to go to grassroots ……”

    Keep it up !!!!! Also excited about RIA service 🙂


    1. Rahul-It is really interesting to know your interest in my bog. Regarding Mobile App, I thought to make sure to revamp the blog after the launch of Fee-Only Planning service and at that time I will launch that. Regarding your help or contribution, I am still working on it, I just need helping hands no money and just sharing your knowledge with your surrounding. I am also working on this and will surely come up with solid idea on this.

  9. Great work dear Basu I go through all your posts regularly and update myself regarding insurance and investment which were never taught to me anywhere in my life.Im glad this blog is helping all those who are new to insurance and investment.I like the way you review each insurance policy that comes new to market and u don’t allow people to be scapegoats for non performing policies.All the best ahead

  10. Dear Basu sir,
    Many congratulations. Proudly saying that I am one of your regular readers. I get good insight about financial planning and wondered about unbiased articles. Best wishes for your dream goals. Thank youy!

  11. Started following your blog recently.. quality unbiased content. I subscribed your blog for my daily feeds.
    Congrats and i wish you keep growing..

  12. Sir,

    Many congratulations .

    I always looked upon your blog for advice and get the help I wanted.
    What more else can anyone want??

    Pl continue your journey and stay connected with us.

  13. Thanks a lot for the articles. Very informative blog.

    Congratulations on completing 6 glorious years! All the best for your future endeavors!

  14. Congratulations Basu. I have been reading your blog for over 2 years, and I feel you have been doing a great job of spreading financial awareness among people. I have learnt a lot and benefited immensely from your writing. I wish you all the very best for the future.


  15. Congrats Basavaraj for this achievement.Liked the statistics and plans for future of Blog.I am very much interested in this Fee only Financial advice from you.Hope you get the RIA soon

  16. Hi Basu,

    Congrats for your success!!!

    I am holding residential savings account. At present I am NRI and not yet changed my account to NRO. I also linked my DMAT account to this savings account.

    What will happen to my dmat account if I change it to NRO? Can I continue to invest in Mutual funds through this dmat account?

    Also If I become OCI , can I invest in Mutual funds?

    1. Prasanna-You have to change your residential status in MF and Demat also. Once you turn OCI or NRI, then you can invest only in few MF but not all. However, you can continue the stocks holding in your NRI demat account as usual.

      1. Dear Basu,

        First of all congrats for 6 Year anniversary of Blogs and i am reading your update most of the times because of your simple explanation of complex matter.

        As you mentioned above that NRI can only invest in Few MF. Can you provide some more detail on it.

        I am NRI too. I am investing in Fanklin, Mirae ,SBI, ICICI and HDFC Mutual funds via my NRE Account. Nobody has mentioned me anything regarding i cant invest through my NRE account.

        Looking for proper explanation from yourside.

        Thank You.


        1. Mayank-You might be investors in those MFs before you turned to NRI and hence they may not be restricted. However, there is certain restriction from MF Companies especially if you belong to USA and Canada.

  17. Sir, you are doing a great job that has helped me a lot in making crucial financial decision. Whenever I requested your help on any personal financial matter you always came up with brief, to-the-point advises. Thanks again for all your hard work and keep it up!!

  18. Dear Basu

    S is for sensational and stunning. I is for interesting and imaginative. X is for extraordinary and excellent. You are definitely six in every way. Happy 6th birthday!

    Keep smiling!

    RK Bhuwalka

  19. Congratulations!!

    Please keep up the good work. I am sure it is going to be relevant – more and more going forward.


  20. Just a GREAT Work! Congratulations for being a lamp-holder and inspiring manys . Learning a lot from your blogs. Keep doing the good work!

    Best regards,

  21. Congrats Basu and keep up the excellent posts! I’ve been reading your blog for the past 3 years and have always found your advice simple, straightforward and helpful.

  22. Congratulations for 6th Anniversary
    Blog is very useful having full information on LIC, MF, India Post etc

  23. Congratulations Basu sir.Following your articles and suggestions since Dec 2014.I repeatedly come to this site for genuine reviews. I learnt LOT from you, spreading same articles with my friends. All the best for your future launch projects.

  24. Congratulations for completing 6 years! No party? (Just kidding 😉 )
    Some suggestions from a reader of basunivesh..
    1)advanced search option (to search & find blog posts easily, for example posts related to mutual fund with specific tags etc.) I know search option is currently available but advanced search with options to choose like year of post/tags/specialilty area etc would be great.
    2)top /popular topics section below post(like recent Posts /recent comments)
    3)financial calculator (emi/simple & compound interest/apy/other)
    4) guide to new visitor. Like after a user subscribes he get a email with short description how to use /info about features /q & a forum /various sections & a short list of must read posts.
    These are my personal suggestions., if you find anything good you can implement it if you find anything not needed just ignore. 🙂
    Congrats again & hoping to see genuine posts on this blog in coming days..

  25. Congrats Basu…..

    You are doing great job….. Its pleasure reading your article…. and Am following your financial advises

  26. Great work! Congratulations for being the frontrunner and inspiring others. Learning a lot from you. Keep doing the good work.

  27. Congratulations! You have been a great help and I wish you many more successes in times ahead.

    Also, looking forward to your fee based financial services launch.


  28. Hi Basu Sir,

    Heartiest congratulations on the 6th birthday of You are a great inspiration for my disciplined financial planning, and I have learnt a lot from your blogs. I wish you all the success and ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR ALL FUTURE ENDAVEOURS. I started reading the blogs from last 2 years. Ever since then, I have made it a practice to read all your blogs. Till today I have read all your blogs. Not only that I have followed your advises, which have reaped very good benefits to me, personally and financially.

    With regards

    1. Let all your dreams come true…

      Especially the RIA…& MF platform….

      And Ready to partner you in spreading your writeups n knowledge in non approached areas…

  29. Great Work Basu 🙂 . Please keep it up.
    Please let us know once you are eligible for Fee-Only Financial planner. I suppose many would be waiting for that.

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