All about EPF (Employee Provident Fund) advance withdrawal

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Among all salaried only few members know that they can take advance from their EPF contribution that too for specific reasons. Hence it is better to know the rules and conditions which can apply to take that advance.

Latest News-EPF Universal Account Number (UAN)-What it is?

This advance facility is specifically designed in such a way that employee’s major needs like  buying property, renovation of property, health issues or marriage and education of kids are easily met with advancing from their EPF. One may not get the full expenses by advancing from EPF but it certainly helps employees in case of emergency. Below table will illustrate you full details about when you can take advance and what are the conditions attached to it.

EPFO Advance

For all above advances you need to use Form No.31 which either your employer will provide or you can easily get it from EPFO site. Hope this information will be beneficial to all salaried.

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199 Responses

  1. I want to withdraw partial PF from my EPF account for the purchase of land in my native place but reason for withdrawal is blocked. So i cant withdrawal the amount. please suggest.

  2. Hi. I had been working as a salaried individual in a company for 4 years. I left the company and now have been unemployed for more than a year. I want to withdraw the PF amount in the “non-payment of wages” category as per the claim form. I want to know what would be the tax deductible if the withdrawal amount is more than Rs 10 lakhs, and how much can I actually withdraw. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have applied for PF partial withdrawal. It got rejected due to “IN CLAIM F/N ABC PL CLARIFY/IN CLAIM F/N ABC PL CLARIFY”. What does it mean? Please clarify.

  4. HI Sir,

    MY PF claim settled and payment sent on dt. 14/ 02/2019. But PF
    amount not credit my bank account.
    Please see the matter

    My PF NO. IS – 100385783106

    MOBILE NO. – 6204336485

  5. Hi,
    I was working with an organization for 8 months i.e. is from august 3rd 2015 to march 3rd 2016 and then where I requested for PF transfer But unfortunately, My New organization have created new UAN. Now I want PF amount to pay credits (personal loan interest)its very urgent and emergency I requested old organization to settle my pf amount, they are telling do it online so when I am filling pf claim form by online there is a option called “Purpose for which advance is required I gave it as non payment of wages > 2 and one more option was amount of advance required for that i gave 13000(my pf balance is close 19+k) so my question is I will get get only 13000k pf settlement or full 19+k, how many days will take to credited to my ac. please help me out as soon as possible I waiting for ur reply please sir,and submitted online pf cliam form on 6/11/2018

  6. Hi,
    I was working with an organization for 6 years and then move to new organization where I requested for PF transfer. But unfortunately, my New organization have created new UAN and transferred the PF amount to the new UAN. now I want to withdraw my PF amount for construction of house but my previous organization service history is not reflecting in new UAN. So if I go ahead and withdraw the PF will TDS applicable for me?

  7. i have applied pf advance on 12th Mar18 , but it is not cleared, it is showing Online Claim Submitted at Portal, and still it is not sent to FIELD OFFICE. i sent mail to pf office no reply. i could not able track with TRACKING ID.

    anyone please help me to out of these.

  8. sir, i have 10 years service at old employer, and 2 years experience at current employer gap between the contribution is 2 months. now i have recently transfered my epf amount from previous employer to current employer(form 13 through online) and the amount is settled to current account. Now my question is i am going to take advance for construction of house, if i apply online(form 31) whether TDS will be applicable for me? (PAN seeded but it shows failed)

      1. Advance means that claim form 31 through online portal.(90 percent amount). is it right sir?

  9. Hi,

    I am closing an establishment in Delhi. Can you tell me how to intimate EPF on closure and where shoud i intimate, how to do it and what happens to my code alloted to me? I would be very thankful of yours.

    Shop owner

  10. Hi, I need to take out advance PF to purchase Plot and construct house. I have downloaded the form. My organization is in Pune but the salary and payroll stuff is handled by Bangalore office, my PF account is also registered in Bangalore office.
    How can submit the form? Is it ok if I submit it in Pune office? Also I am buying plot from an individual, I can get the funds credited in my account directly, right? What is the declaration to be given along with form 31? Please kindly advise.

  11. Dear sir,

    Sir I was worked in pharma company for last 4 year l, every month epf deducted from my salary account now I started own business now I need money so at this time how much I’ll get, means employees contribution+ employer contribution and PF all shows amount will be able
    to withdraw or only some amount, kindly let me know sir.

  12. Hello sir,
    I was employed till 30 dec 2017 and i has a PF near 30,000. If i withdraw the pf now, than will i get the annual interest on the pf or not ?
    They told me the interest will bs credited for the broken period, what is broken period sir. and how much will i get.?
    thanks and regards.

  13. Hi, I want to claim online under construction of house category. As this option appears there online, how much /percentage can I claim to my registered bank account?

      1. So 36 times of basic sal+DA I can claim to my bank account? Because I see your post on 90 percent withdrawal but that has to be through a housing society right?

          1. So in case of construction we can withdraw only 36 times of basic wages. Here Basic wages is Current basic salary or employee contribution ?

  14. Hi,

    I would like to get an advance cash from my PF account. We can directly apply through online portal to get the approval right? Recently EPFO has announced we don’t need to produce any document while applying through online, but my organization asked me to submit relevant document to get the approval.

    What should I do now? I need an urgent requirement. Could you please help me on this…


  15. Hi Basu
    My company is looking for ‘latest khata certificate’ for PF withdrawal for house purchase. But when i got the e-khata from the panchayat office, the system is generating khata with an older date (2014) and the company is not ready to accept that!
    All other documents like latest tax paid and latest EC has the same current owner name as that in Khata.

    Is it mandatory to get the khata with latest date in it? The BBMP guys are saying it is computer generated and it cannot be altered.

    What should i do in this case?
    Any help on this will be really appreciated

    Thank you

  16. I tried to apply for Advance for the purpose of buying Plot. But on the UAN Member Portal I do not see that category, though I see all other categories like mariage, illness etc. Isn’t it supported yet or is it that I am yet not eligible. I have an overall service of 8 years with a disconnect in EPF Contribution of 2 months due to job change.

      1. Hi Basavaraj, even I too have the same issue.. contributory period is more than 5 years.. I have already raise an issue with EPFO Grievance cell online.. can you please help if i am eligible or not..

  17. Dear Basavaraj

    I have continuous service of 7 years and I am unemployed since last 4 months. I resigned voluntarily. I do not wish to withdraw all PF amount. Can I apply for PF advance using option non payment of wages > 2 months?
    What document do I need to furnish?
    If you could respond as soon as possible that would help. Many thanks for the great work you are doing.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. Guess I may have to choose medical treatment to get some funds out. Let me see how that works.

  18. Hi Basavaraj,

    This is about withdrawing my pf. I would like to know which is the best thing for me to withdraw PF

    I mean online or manually submitting form to office

    I have completed 10 years of service in IT and I am jobless since 03 months. So I want to withdraw my PF now. I have 3 employers. At the time of 1st employer there was no UAN in India at all. At the time of 2nd employer I got the UAN and my pf account linked to UAN with 2nd employer. When I was at 3rd employer I had transferred PF amount from Employer 1 and Employer 2 as both employer had digital signature. I have done transfer to Employer 3 online without visiting to employer 1 and Employer 2 and I see passbook is updated with all 3 employers. Now I tried to merge PF accounts to UAN. PF account for employer 2 and employer 3 I can and I am getting OTP. I cannot merge PF of employer 1 with UAN because there was no UAN with anyone in that time. How can I go for online withdrawl. Please let me know

  19. Hello, My PF is in Bangalore Office and I have a question related to PF Advance.

    I have applied and taken EPF advance a year ago to buy a flat. Now I want to deposit back the same into my PF Account along with any interest if applicable. Can you please guide me the procedure to do it if anyone has experience.

  20. Hello Sir,

    I am going to buy a flat and for that i am seeking to withdraw pf. Please help me understand will i be able to get 36 months basic+DA (as this would help me) or 90% of accumulated. I have completed 6 years with the company. Actually i want 36 months as that is more than double of my accumulated pf. Please help me get over this confusion.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have an query, I wanted to withdrawal from my PF due to medical causes for treatment of my mother. While submitting the document, my employer said that since you are covered under ESIC hence you can not make a withdrawal from your PF until or unless the deduction periods are over.
    I just wanted to know whether it is true or not.


    1. Just wanted to add a little info… I have 4 years & 6 month of service period and my deduction of ESIC would be over by October 2017.
      Kindly help me in this,whether I am eligible for making a withdrawal or not?

  22. Hello sir
    I had applied for pf partial withdrawal advance online through uan portal ,how much time it took to get amount credit in account?

    & does they required any certificate for medical treatment?

  23. I have completed 4years 9months in my first company, 1year 9months in my second, 2years 8months in my third and in my current company, I have completed 1year 6months. I have transferred my PF in all these companies to the current one and there are no breaks

    I want an advance for the purchase of a flat. Will I be eligibile considering the period of service? I understand five years of continous service is needed and I have more than ten year but with different companies.

  24. Hi, please suggest i want to withdraw partial pf balance for “Marriage” purpose. Is Form 31 UAN is enough? for the same.
    Also please help to calculate eligible withdrawal balance as I have completed 7 years.

  25. Dear Sir,

    I have a query on pf withdrawl. I worked for 2 years with company and quit the job in February 2013,Then the company is closed with some reasons. Now I want to Withdraw my PF . Please guide me how could I withdraw my Pf without Authorized Signatory .Please guide me a procedure to Withdwar Pf…Please reply as soon as posible..

  26. Hi,

    I am Arunkumar Kila from chennai, i want know information regarding PF withdrawn because i am relieved from the Organization on 08/06/2016. I have attached Bank Account Number, Adhar Card No, Pan Card in UAN member portal.

    Please advise how to apply for PF withdrawn without employer signature.

  27. Hi,

    Can we get pf loan against construction for B khata property as the form says construction/plan approval required, but BBMP will not issue construction approval for B khata. …please advice.

  28. Hi…
    I have left my job after 4.9 years of experience and its almost been a year i left the job….i may get some job in future but now my marriage is fixed and i need a part of amount from my pf..Is it possible to withdraw some part of amount immediately????????Please help me out

  29. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for sharing great knowledge on finance. Appreciated.

    I have a query on pf withdrawl. I worked for 2 years with IT company and quit the job in January 2016, I did not work for next 2 months and joined new company in April 2016 and currently working. I need to withdraw pf of previous employment of 2 years. Am I eligible to withdraw the PF.

    Please suggest. Thank you.

  30. Dear Sir
    for purchase of site do i need to provide agency details compulsory or it is possible to provide my bank account details. Beacuse i want to purchase site from individual person.
    Pls suggest..

  31. HI,

    I want to withdraw partial PF amount for purchasing of Empty plot. and my total available employee and employer share is 115000. so can i withdraw all the amount for the same and how. also please tell me where do i send the documents, is it possible to send through mail, please tell me mail id. also please tell me how much time it will take.
    All PAN,Adhar and bank details has been already updated and approved by Employee on UAN.
    Also i have completed 6.9 years of services.

  32. Hi Basavaraj,

    Hope you’re well.

    I haven’t completed 5 years of service yet but have had to resign from my last job and have been out of work for over 3 months. I have my UAN and approved status for PAN, Aadhar and Bank A/c by the employer.

    Could you please explain to me the eligibility and the amount that I can withdraw?

    In addition to this what are the forms that I need to submit? Are all three forms namely 19, 10c and 31 applicable?

    If I need to submit the 15g / 15h form then will I still have to go through the employer as the UAN process doesn’t require me to?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and appreciate your time.


  33. Hello Basavaraj,

    First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for explaining all about PF in a simple and easy to understand language.

    I have a question regarding “Advance for Marriage or post matriculation education of children”. Under that section, please see the column “documents required with Form 31”. I think the column is incomplete in the above given table.

    My main Question: I want to withdraw money for my brother’s marriage. Can you please tell me what else I have to submit along with Form 31? Is there any other certificate or letter that I have to submit ?

    Please help by responding. Eagerly waiting for your reply on your website.

      1. Sir,

        I have one last question.

        I have UAN. And, I have uploaded my KYC (aadhar & pan card) for my employer’s approval. He said that he has approved it online (digital signature) but I still find the status of the documents as “Pending”.

        I dont know whats wrong.
        Is there any other way I can get it approved ?
        Can I approach my regional PF Office and ask them to approve it ?

        Thanks in advance.

  34. Hi Basavraj,

    I had been working with three organisations in the last 4.5 years as below.
    1. Jun 2012 to Sep-2015 (Org 1) (PF Account1 – 3 years 3 months)
    2. Oct 2015 to Dec 2016 (Org 1 but name changed) (PF Account2 – 3 months)
    3. Jan 2016 to June-2016 (Org 2) (PF Account3 – 6 months )
    4. June 2016 till date (Org 3) (No PF Account)

    Please note that I was not able to transfer my PF balance to the latest active PF Account3. Also, I don’t have PF in my latest organisation, since it has only 7 employees. Hence all the three accounts are inactive.

    I am puzzled as should I withdraw the amount since I have contributed for only 4 years. Hence withdrawal may incurr a lot of taxes. Also, can I contribute voluntarily to PF? How can i save tax on PF withdrawal?

      1. Thanks Basavraj.

        But my new organisation does not have EPF account as it has only 7 employees. Also, they are not planning to have one for some more years. So in this case how can I contribute voluntarily?

        This is because I want to complete the 5years lockin period for EPF withdrawal without taxes.

  35. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have completed 10 years of service in 2 organizations (earlier PF transferred to my existing account). Now I am moving abroad to settle there. I understand that I can withdraw Employee and Employer share but am I eligible to withdraw the Pension fund amount or will I get a scheme certificate as I have completed 10 years of service? Thanks.

  36. Sir

    I have completed 58 years of my age. Can I withdraw 100% of my EPF accumulations ( employee’s and employer’s contribution+ interest) . Is it necessary to submit purchase of property agreement, medicals bills etc.

    1. Dear Sir,

      If an employee who was previously a member of an Epf covered organisation has got esic and Epf deducted for three months and has now joined an organisation which is only covered by esic.

      What will be the status of his epf fund? can he withdraw his three months fund ?

  37. Hi sir..i m still working and i completed 6 year’s in same organization but i want to take marriage advance? So is it possible

  38. Sir i left my old company after 4 year 10 month and 3 Days and after that i joined New company. In between Both 5 days cooling period . I online applied for transferring of PF already. Now i want to take advance from PF account for purchasing of Flat . How they calculate service period. Gap of 5 days effect my continuous service of 5 years which is essential for take advance.

  39. hi
    m working in construction firm and enroll in epf for last 6 year but in UAN my name spelling is wrong there how can i correct this, is there any online process?

  40. Dear Sir,
    I required advance from epfo . I have working from 1/10/2010.
    So how much advance give by epfo to me & how much interest rate on advance. what are the document required for much time required after application.

  41. Hi I am planning to buy a site, with the new rules shall I be able to withdraw both my and employer contributions. Is there any in this regard.

  42. Hi, i have completed 7years in pharma company. I have activated UAN and KYC also updated. i want to withdraw advance pf amount to purcase a plot. i have filled form31(UAN) single page application form. what are the other documents i have to attach except a crossed cheque?

    Self declarartion by member requires employer signature?

  43. Hi,

    I have worked for 3 years and am now leaving India for studies abroad. Can I withdraw my full PF ? The 1952 rules say one can withdraw all amount immediately before migration from India for permanent settlement
    abroad [or for taking employment abroad]; ( clause 69 ). So can I under the new rules withdraw my PF by showing them F1 Visa ?

  44. Hello sir, I worked at a company for 9 months. They deducted some amount as PF from my salary. Now I have left the job for further studies. So do I get my deducted amount back?

  45. If I take advance from my PF account, then what are the rules for repaying advance? what is the rate of interest on that advance?
    please provide inputs.

  46. Hello Basavaraj,

    Can you please inform, what is the provision if a private employee changes two to three jobs in a period of two to three years of time and in the period of changing job he/she has to sit idle for a period of 5-6 months, then can his new employer see his past employment details of changing jobs and sitting idle period?

    When a person attain to a age of 58 then whether he can withdraw his full PF from his own or he/she has to take help from his employer?

    1. Sudeep-With the innovation of UAN, yes the history can easily be available to new employer. Yes, once the employee attains the age of 58 years, then he can withdraw the full EPF amount.

  47. Hi,

    I am working in a company for more than 11 years and I am planning to leave the job and go to Canada as I have got a Canadian PR. Can I withdraw the entire PF amount (my contribution & employer’s contribution) in that case? Please clarify. I don’t have a canadian job yet.

  48. Hi,
    MY daughter had worked in an company for 6 years and 7 months and had a pf account. Now, she is working in an another company for the past 4 months and having a new pf account. Her service is a continuous. No breaks.
    She is having some 2.5L in her old epf account.

    Now I wants to withdraw the whole amount . but now the rule is u not withdraw full amt.before 58 years .
    I wants to know that have any other procedure to withdraw the full amt or any type of advance system
    and wats to know if she withdraw her own share then can she tranfer her employer share to new epf a/c or not
    plz advice me what to do

    1. Nirmal-There is no other option to withdraw the full amount. I think she can transfer the employer part+interest on that to new EPF account. But clarity is not yet there. So act at your own risk.

  49. HI,
    I wish t0 transfer my EPF amount, i went through the EPFO site form 13 but i am not able to fill my father/spouse details as i am not able to type anything in provided text box,hence unable to submit the form.
    Please help me to process it furthe as i have been stuck into these for past 4 months .

  50. I have worked for one company for 6 yrs and now i am joining another company its a continuation no gap. i have some liabilities to clear which dont comes under pf guidelines. My query is if i withdraw pf now by giving declaration that i am not going to work for 2 month and join a new company within 2 month of cooling period what is the impact ? will new company come to know ? will be fired from new company ?

    1. Ravi-New company will not fire you or they don’t have any interest in this. But do you feel it is a right way to resign from job, sitting idle in home for 2 months and they searching for new job. Think and decide. Because YOU the hardship of money than I.

  51. I have already initiated the process of transferring the amount to the current one. So for availing the loan , am i eligible ?

  52. Hi,
    I had worked in an IT company for 5 years and 7 months and had a pf account. Now,im working in an another IT company for the past 4 months and having a new pf account. My service is a continuous. No breaks.
    Im having some 1.5L in my epf account.
    My doubt is that am i eligible for pf advances for purchase of flat. If so how much amount will i get ?

  53. Hi,

    I have had membership with EPFO from 2007 but with 3 different companies. I transferred my PF from the first company to the second. I changed my job 6 months back to company no 3 where I have a PF account too. If I transfer my PF from my previous organisation to my current organisation. Will EPFO consider my membership start date as 2007 and let me avail a loan to purchase a house?

  54. Sir I worked in a company for 2 months..they deducted 2 months’ pf money for July 2015 ,Aug 2015.but I left my job from I got job and have to join on 27 Jan 2015. I told my new employer that I am still my pf account is still active?…or I should ask them to open new pf account..but I have UAN number…can I say new employer to open new pf account because I want to withdraw previous one.though it is illegal

  55. My PF deduction is 1800. Can I limit my deduction to the max 1500 with any available option? Pleae educate me.

  56. Dear sir i work with my company with last 13 year and continue . i have uan no. I fill the form 31 uan for availing advance for improvement in house and submitted but they did not accepted my form and tell me that you have to fill declaration form with estimate of repairing cost.
    Please do needful which is the right procedure to avail advance what is the easier procedure to take advance from my pf account.

  57. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have 5+ years of experience now. I left my previous org 1 year back and still working with new employer, i now wish to withdraw my pf amount with my earlier employer. How will i withdraw? (I heard that there has been some changes in the withdrawal process, that I no need to go to my previous employer now and can apply it online. is this true?) and is there any other roadblock for me doing so?

    I appreciate your response 🙂


  58. I was doing job from a out sourcing company from 2004 to 2006. And I doesn’t have the PF number. Pl. Suggest how I withdraw my PF ?

  59. Dear Sir
    I am foreigner South African Born,No relations or family to India, Ive worked here for Canadian company helping setting up the company here in India. Now i will go back to Mexico where i live and work in the Same company for new projects. I want to withdrawn my PF as i leave India and will not back to work here again. I am 51 years old and also think of early retirement,so this money will come very handy for me to get my plans of early retirement done. Please let me know i will leave 18 Dec 2015. Out of India.

  60. Hi,

    In the EPF account details my father’s name is entered wrongly. For this a request has been already raised by the company I currently work in. But it is almost 1 year over still the name is not corrected. Will it affect in anyway when I try to withdraw the accumulated EPF amount?. Considering I am out of job for more than 2 months.

    Appreciate your reply.


  61. Hi all,

    Need clarification regarding withdrawal.

    I have purchased a home on 23rd Oct’15 with funds from my father.

    Can I apply for withdrawal on grounds of repayment to my father. If yes how much of my total saved will be provided.

    If no, what can be done.

  62. Hi sir,
    I m working from July 2014 and planning to leave organization in the month of Nov 2015, as I am getting married my would be doesn’t want me to continue work , so in that case when will I get my pf n does the company also do their contribution ..?? N will i be able to get my pf amount as it will be useful for me to pay my loans .. Do reply

      1. Dear Sir,

        My question is not relevant to the above mentioned topic but I require an answer on exigent basis. I have got a job offer from a company. And as per the salary offered. The contribution towards gratuity if 4.16%. I am confused because I think it is 4.83%.

        Also in the calculation of Gratuity the formula:
        Basic+DA x 15/26 * No. of years is counted.
        So the Basic+ DA is the Monthly one or Annual?

          1. I have found that 4.83% on few hr sites,

            In the formula, the last month’s drawn salary or just the basic+da?Because drawn salary has other allowances as components too..

            Sir, can I have your email id? Or how to connect with you otherwise?

              1. Hi,

                My name is komathi, I want to withdraw my pf amount plz tell me I should submit the new form 19 and form 10 and also form 31 to with draw full amount I shoud submit form 31 r wat…plz help me

  63. If an employee leaves an organisation within 6 months of joining and joins another company. And then they ask for withdrawal of PF for that time period (4-5 month’s). Are they entitled for withdrawal? If yes, how much PF they get? Someone told me that there will be some deduction? What will be calculation for it? Thanks!

  64. Dear Sir,

    Please see the below mail which I have received from by company they have included PF from year. I will leave this company on 1st,Dec,2015 so, my question is I will get PF or not.Please answer me.

    The company is pleased to fix your pay w.e.f. April 1, 2015 as below after restructuring the previous salary components. This will be effective upto your next increment or promotion date.

    Component Monthly Amount

    Basic 8700

    House Rent 1740


    Incentive 1000

    Manners All 500

    DataCard All 500

    Special Wrk Inc 791

    Mon_Emol Tot 13231

    Soc Sec12%Basic 1044

    Total Monthly 14275

    Annual Total 171300

    Bonus Annual 8700

    Annualized CTC 180000

    Monthly CTC 15000

    The above has been decided based on your performance for the year 2014-2015. Salary is competitive and we want you contribute more to ensure prosperity of the company and security of your personal career within this company. We want more spirited performance from you in 2015-2016.

    Average. The performance was down during first 50% of the year. Shown improvement in the later half. Need improvement. Highest loyalty and manners.

    Your net hand pay will be Mon_Emol Tot minus PF or Soc Sec12%Basic minus Professional tax minus income tax deduction, if any.

    Social Security is in fact the PF Contribution of the company before PF registration is taken. Until we take PF registration, we will deposit this in an account along with your matching contribution that will be deducted from the salary. Finance will be advised to apply for early registration

    Professional Tax, Income Tax if any will be deducted from your salary as per applicable rate. The Company will deduct Social Security @12% from your basic salary and deposit it in a separate account that is to be created by you.

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. My question is My company has introduce PF from 1st July,2015 and I am planning to leave company from 1st Dec,2015. So,the company will pay PF to me or not.

  65. Hi,

    I m about to join a new IT company and also m relocating from my home to new city for this job. I want my PF to be given to me along with my monthly take home that will help me in my expense. Is it possible that i can ask the company to not to deduct my pf and give it to me along with my salary? please advice

  66. Hi Sir, Can I able to withdraw the whole amount or there is any restriction to withdraw only certain percentage? as per tne rules until now. Please reply soon.

  67. Hello Sir,

    I am an IT professional. My previous job was with an IT MNC and the job duration was 5 years 2 months & 27 days. I recently resigned and have opted for withdrawal of my PF amount. However, I have got a query from my company, asking for my approval to allow deduction of TDS from my PF amount. Would TDS be deductible even if I have completed 5 years of service & have a PAN number which is there in my PF account details too? I have also submitted a copy of my PAN card to my company too & also filled up the Form 15G. Please advise.

  68. My ex organization is closed. Before 1 year I resigned this org. and now i need to submit my PF forms ( 10C & 19). please check my below details and confirm how i get my PF from PF office directly.

    PF Account Number : DS/SHD/0938519/000/066

    my mobile No. : 098335 25799

    1. Arvand-You have to check it but not me. Also, it is dangerous to share your personal information on such public platform. Hence, I am deleting your PF Account number as well as phone number.

  69. Dear sir i have completed 4years of service. 1 lakh rs in my EPF a/c as on 31/03/15. I need money. Can i withdraw from EPF ? How much can i withdraw. Kindly reply


    prakash mandawara

  70. It’s really very good message for all and I am also a Financial consultant to pass this message to my friends and all. Thank U!

  71. Hi, I need a little help understanding the withdrawal process. My company shut down my process on Dec 8 2014. And 40 of them were asked to resign on or before this date. I resigned by 17 Nov 2014 to get benefits like gratuity as I have worked here for last 5 and half years. Now I want to withdraw my epf and I checked my epf and see three different funds employee contribution.. employer contribution and employee pension. If I apply today will I get my epf in two weeks and will I get all three contributions. Guide me please.

      1. last time you told that on job it s not possible to withdraw my PF but i apply-ed and also i received my amount back 95652 RS.

        *i let my old company on 15/September 2015 and i got on 16 September 2015 in deterrent company

        if i not withdraw this amount what will be the benefit s please explain .

        1. Raghunandana-It may be due to the system not in place to check whether the employee applied for withdrawal is working or not. So you may got this amount. Legally speaking, it is not possible. You already withdrawn, then why you are thinking now of the benefits regarding the possibility of future benefits if continued.

  72. Hi

    What if a person has completed more than 10 yrs. of total service; is , say, 40 yrs. of age. and plans to work no more.
    Can s/he withdraw complete EPF then? Will it be tax free? In such case, what will happen to pension?

  73. I have been working in a company for 12 years and recently changed the company. The new company provided a new PF Account number, so am I eligible to take loan?

    Also my contribution to PF is 9000 per month, and my employers contribution is 9000 (so all of 9000 goes to Provident fund ? or only 3.% goes to provident fund?) I believe there is a max cut off 541 per month for pension fund?

  74. Dear Sir,

    I am having personal loan of rs.200000.00 which i have taken for repayment of Loans taken for Marriage. and i have recently started my EPFO Cutting from my salary (From 01.04.2014). So can i take a loan to repay the amount of Loan taken from a Financial Institute and can i get so much of amount for the repayment.

    Kindly suggest.


    Sunil Garg

  75. hi godd morning,

    i got a massage via epfo site
    Claim ID : TNMAS140750001245
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (TNMAS00357910000316775) has been approved. Payment is under process. plz explain what is the time taken in tranfered of my account

  76. About the minimum membership period, does it mean that the membership should be from the same company or in case I have changed my job but got my PF transferred would it work.

    1. Summit-It will be from the start of the account. So if you transferred the account from one employer to another by retaining the same EPF account then the previous contribution period also considered.

  77. What is the rule about 36 month no contribution? No interest will be given etc. Is that applicable after 36 months or within 36 months? My uncles contribution stopped in Jan 2010 (case of wrongful termination in court). He got interest for 2 years. This year’s interest still not credited.

    1. Shrikant-Sorry for the delayed reply. It is applicable to accounts where no contribution for 36 or more than 36 months. But you will receive this dormant period of 35 months interest. But after reaching 36 or more months no interest will be contributed to such accounts effective from April 1, 2011.

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