How to update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer?

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Many of the employees the biggest headache was to make sure that their past employers enter the proper date of exit in EPF records. To solve this problem EPFO recently launched a facility to update EPF date of exit online without an employer.

Note:-Now you can raise an issue related to your EPF issues using the EPFO Whatsapp numbers. For details, refer the post “EPF Whatsapp Helpline Numbers – Full list of Regional Offices“.

From now onwards employee can update his date of exit (DOE) in the UAN website without the help of an employer after 2 months of leaving the job.

Before proceeding further, first, you have to understand the terms and conditions to enter the date of exit in UAN.

# The date entered is NOT EDITABLE and in case you have entered a wrong date enormously then it can be corrected only by the concerned filed officer of EPFO on the basis of a written request of the employer to the office. The date of exit, however, can not be edited after the settlement has been taken.

# In case you have entered the date of exit and withdrawn the amount, then the service length under the schemes will lapse and on any subsequent employment the service length will start afresh for any eligibility for pension and advances.

# Please note that the date of exit entered by you will be displayed to the employer and in case you are still in employment then at the time of filing of the remittances for a period after the date of exit will be shown to the employer.

# Date of exit can be a month for which the last contribution has been received. In case the employer has defaulted in payment and your date of exit is later date then you to approach the employer for updating of date.

How to update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer?

Now let us understand the process of update EPF date of exit online without employer.

# Login to your UAN member portal. Then go to the menu “MANAGE” and from the dropdown select the “Mark Exit”.

update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer

# Once you select the “Mark Exit”, then a new window will open. Here, you have to select your employment (your last EPF Account No.).

# You have to enter the date of exit in two places.  You no need to enter the exact date of exit. You can enter the date within 15 days after the date of leaving of job.

Check the last contribution month in the online passbook and identify the latest Provident Fund contribution month. Accordingly, you have to enter the date of exit.

Suppose your contribution to EPF Passbook is showing up to the month of December 2020, then you have to enter the last date of that particular month i.e. 31st December 2020 should be your exit date.

Enter Date of exit in EPF

Then you have to check the box “I have read the below points carefully”. Then proceed for the entry of date of exit.

EPF Exit Date Entry ONLINE

Do remember that you have to mention the reason for the date of exit also. The reasons listed are as below.

-Retirement- When the employee takes voluntary retirement

-Superannuation-After completing 58 years of age

-Permanent Disablement-When permanent disablement happens to EPF member

-Cession (Short of Service)-When you resign your job.

Once you enter the exit date, provided the reasons and check the box where it will show you the terms and conditions, then click on the tab “Update date of exit”.

# Click on “Request OTP”. You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit for date of exit finally.

I hope this process will ease the biggest hurdle of many EPF members as due to many reasons (one may be employer closed the shop) employer not enter the date of exit. Due to which you are facing the trouble of transferring or withdrawing.

Do remember few things:-

You are allowed to update the date of exit only after the completion of 2 months from the last contribution done to your EPF account. Also, once you enter the date of exit, then you can’t change it. Hence, be careful while entering it.

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520 Responses

  1. Hai sir ,my last employer not updated my exit date in pf portal,so am updated my self exit date in pf portal ,how much time to take update in pf portal

  2. Hello Sir,
    Icve entered wrong Date of Exit.. Now can I edit that date? By myself or by my Employers? Please help…

  3. Without activating the UAN, i updated the name in aadhar. After that i initiated joint declaration form with company to epf portal but still name is not updated then i left my company. Now in new company onboarding process is kept on hold because UAN KYC is not done. Please suggest what I can do in this situation

  4. Sir I have 4 EPF ID’s and want to merge all in one. But in my latest ID I haven’t received any contribution from the last 2 months. When I am trying to merge the accounts it is showing that you haven’t received any contribution in the present employer.
    Aslo when I am trying to mark exit it is showing the same.
    Please help me sir?.

  5. Hello Sir,
    My last working day in the last Organization was 21/2/2022 .I joined new company on 23/3/2022 .Date of exit is mentioned as 21/2/2022 under the Service history by my last employer.I want to go for final settlement but I am unable to see Form 19 option on EPFO website.I raised a grievance for it and I got a reply stating Date of Exit is not reflecting. I have send the screenshot of the Service History where the Date of exit is showing. what do i do in this case?

  6. Hi sir i left my first organisation in may 2018 but on pf site they mentioned nov -18 for that reason my claim got rejected to transfer my pf one id to another
    I have worked with other organisations all are fine and transferred easily only first company has difference
    wanted to withdraw my pf ASAP
    Kindly help

  7. Hi Sir
    I had two UAN numbers and out of which one is disabled. I am unable to find the work experience that was under my old UAN under the new UAN and so not able to transfer the funds. Please advise as to how to take this forward.
    Venu Sarikonda

  8. Hello,

    I left my previous job on 15th Feb 2022 and joined new job on 16th Feb 2022. However, when I received my relieving letter, the last day is mentioned as 18th Feb 2022 instead of 15th Feb. I followed up with them to correct it but not getting proper response. Now, my worry is that my PF account will have 18th Feb 2022 as last working day for previous employment and the new employment will raise a question. Will this have any consequences from PF standpoint?

  9. Simply PF account has been created and no amount has been credited. Can I change Date of Exit on PF portal after 60 days.

  10. Hello sir. Companies last contribution was on 16/12/2021 and when i tried to mark exit on 1/03/2022. Its showing that date of exit can be updated only after 2 months of last contribution. When i will be able to mark exit. Please help.

  11. My husband left company in sep 2021 but contribution for September was made in Jan 2022. I applied for pf and form 19 rejected stating please update date of exit it’s showing sep 30 2021 but contribution for September was received in Jan 19 2022. Entry date. Form 10c msg settled shortly

      1. Respected Sir
        I left my previous company and exit date in PF portal is showing as 31st March however last PF contribution in passbook is showing in July 2021
        How to correct the exit date , advise on the process and what should be date entered July or Aug 2021

  12. By mistake the reason for exist is selected as permanent disablement. Will it affect in future when I join in another company?

  13. My last contribution is on 6.12.2021 now 7.2.2022 but shows there must be two months from.last contribution. When can I mark exit and withdraw my amount

  14. Dear Sir,

    Actually my exit date of previous company is taken the last date of the reignition month as (30-11-2019) but my Joining in the current company is (20-11-2019) after that my previous pf amount is transfer in my current employer. So give me suggestion to correct it.

  15. I left the company on feb 2021 and still jan 2022, its showing “Date of Exit can only be updated after2 month of last contribution made by employer”.

  16. Sir, When I apply for form 10D (pension) the message comes E03 Date of exit of current employer not available. Though my employer has marked the date of exit. In My Profile Mark Exit window is blank. EPFO helpline executive says that my DoE is marked. How to resolve this.

    1. Dear Devendra,
      Hard to guide such technical issues of the website. Better you raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  17. Dear BasuNivesh,
    I left my last organization in sep 2020. Currently i am not working and want to withdraw my complete pf amount. In exit form, last contribution month mentioned is sep 2020 but my organization has paid pf contribution only till may 2020, post that it is reflecting 0? in my pf passbook for the rest of the four months.

    In such case, can i select sep 2020 as my date of exit if i want to withdraw my entire pf amount including pension.

    Please suggest.

  18. Dear Sir,

    We have come across a case who has doubled service in EPFO. Example:- Date of joining-01.06.2006 & left date 25.12.2012, and second company Joining Date 04.09.20212 how to fix this work. Three months’ money has also been deposited
    both side also.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Yash Pal

  19. Dear Basunivesh,

    My last working day in my previous company is 18-06-2021 and in EPFO -date of exit seeding, on top right corner, it shows – Employers last contribution- July 2021. will there be any problem if i update exit as 31-07-2021 instead of 18-06-2021.

  20. can i give a resign letter to update date exit on my own ,since i stop working for the 8 monhts but i didn’t given resign letter to employer.i couldn’t update date of exit on epf portal plz anybody provide solution thanks in advance

  21. Sir i leave my last company in 1 month with out serving notice period so can i put my exit date on my own. Does my last employer create any issue in this. What should I do plz tell

  22. Sir, my company was closed. when I try to merge with present company, my application was rejected due to doe does not match with company record. When I checked in online the data was not available. Then how to get my correct DOE. Pls help me sir

  23. My Company has been been shut down wherein they have not updated the DOE
    as I had left the company back in 2019
    Is there possible way that I have the option applying the DOE date from the EPFO portal In order to process the withdrawal.
    DOJ: 01-08-2019
    DOE : Not updated by the employer

  24. Hello sir,

    I have an overlap of 9 days of same month between my two jobs for DOJ in new company and DOE from old company as the relieving from old company took some time. I have applied for a joint declaration form from my previous employer but they say that the date of exit can’t be changed as I was officially not relieved. Now I’m facing issues with PF transfers or claims. How can I resolve this issue without any employers help?
    Kindly provide some input.


  25. Dear Sir,
    I resigned from my previous company at the end of May 2019. But pf contribution is showing upto the month of July . Again 2019 December it’s showing contribution is 0 for both employee and employer. So what will be my date of exit

  26. NGNAG00685730000000XXX, My Company is already closed. currently PF Site online “DOJ EPF – 04-MAY-2012 and DOE EPF 12-APR-2013. ” showing like this.. my actual dates of joining is 04.05.2012 date of exit is 30.06.2018. Now my online claim is rejected by saying “Claim Rejected DATE OF JOINING AND DATEOF EXIT DIFFER WITH OUR OFFICE RECORD”. As I told my company is already closed, there is no point in contact now for that company. also when submitting an online claim there is no option available to add the date of joining and date of exit.

    when I make a complaint in Grievance ” they are saying as below: It is to inform that as per office record date of joining is shown as 04.05.2012 but est has remitted PF/FPF contribution from 01.10.2013 and date of exit is 30.06.2018 in est
    NGNAG00685730000000XXX. It is therefore advised to submit an online final withdrawal claim with the correct date of joining and date of exit.


  27. Thank you for the reply sir, just one clarification

    Company 1 exit date 29 february 2020
    Company 2 joining date 24 february 2020

    Can this create problem in PF transfer request in future ?
    Best Regards

  28. Hi Sir,
    My last of contribution month was february, so I selected the exit date as 29th February 2020. But my joining date in the next company was 24th February. Will my exit date with my previous employer considered wrong?
    Please guide what can I do to change it if wrong.

  29. Dear Sir,

    I have below query related to DATE OF EXIT field in EPFO.

    Query 1 :- My DATE OF EXIT in experience letter differs from the last PF contribution done by the employer. i.e In experience letter My Last working day is MARCH 2015 and employer has submitted the contribution till JUNE 2014.

    If employer update DATE OF EXIT as MARCH 2015, Will i be able to transfer / withdraw my PF or will there any issue w.r.t last contribution done.

    Query 2 :- Date of joining is also not updated by ex-employer. what action can be taken against my ex-employer to update the details and also related to PF contribution till my correct last working date.


    1. Dear Suresh,
      If there is an overlapping in date of joining, then only an issue. Otherwise, it is smooth. You can update your exit date on your own.

  30. Sir, My name is Sebastiao Pereira and I have applied for PF withdrawal form19 in the month of May 2021 but was rejected because of Syndicate Bank passbook was not attested by Bank manager. So after attesting again I have Resubmitted end of May now I got message that again it’s rejected now because ifsc code.
    Actually now Syndicate Bank is been takeover by Canara Bank so ifsc is not matching with KYC and to apdate KYC company does not exist since last Six years. I don’t know what to do, please help me

  31. Hello Sir,

    My name is Ali Shaizi and my PF claim has been rejected due to My DOJ is not match with ECR. I don’t know what is ECR and how to correct and whom to contact employer or PF office ..
    kindly help me out in this.


  32. Hi Sir,

    I have switched to another company and updated exit date but by mistake I have selected wrong reason of exit i.e PARMANENT DISABLED instead of Cessation. Could you please help me how to correct the reason of exit?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Sir
        I have resigned my job and not working now, I have withdrawed my PPF but received only one passbook amount and I have another one which I was not transferred, how to apply that old passbook amount now. is it possible sir? expecting your valuable reply .

          1. Thanks for the reply sir,

            I have tried sir but it is not showing the old PF number to select on the claim .
            Also in the claim page it is showing “Date Of Joinn” and “Date of Leaving” as per the last company
            when I select Form 19 and Form 10C. “Select Service” option is not available fo this both forms sir.
            But if I select form 31 (PF Advance) it it showing Select Service and both PF number is visible.
            Now my complete PF amount and pension amount from the previous PF number is stuck.

            Expecting your valuable reply.

            1. Dear Roopesh,
              I am not sure what is the issue. Try to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  33. Hi Sir,

    I have switched to another company and updated exit date but by mistake I have selected wrong reason of exit i.e SUPERNNUATION instead of Cessation. Could you please help me how to correct the reason of exit?

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Hello sir, Iam marking DOE for My previous employer which i left a Year back. after reading others comments, i wanna make sure before i do something.let me be clear with my points and doubts

    1. My last working day was 27th june 2020, resigned day was 15th of June 2020.

    What date should be mentioned in DOE? Last working day or resigned day?

    2. My last contribution was done on July month of 2020, But my last working day or Resigned day was on June.
    Is there any problem if i mark a DOE of June month i.e Last working day or Resigned day?

    Please Help me with this and do the needful

  35. Sir ,
    My last contribution was Sep ’15 . When I tried to mark exit , it shows , no contribution was received.

  36. Hi,

    My claim got rejected due to below reason, i don’t know what is ECR and how to upload in ECR. Please help me that how to process.
    Your Claim [ Claim Id – TNAMB210650035409 ] has been rejected due to : 1) DATE OF EXIT AND REASON FOR EXIT TO BE UPLOADED IN ECR.

  37. Dear sir,
    I worked in a company for 2 years, my last working is in march 31st 2021, due to company problem I resigned their, I want to withdraw my pf, but mark of exit is not showing how can i withdraw with out employer

  38. Hi sir,
    I have Joined in one company, EPFO account created due to some issues i left company without intimation, it’s been 3 months I am trying to mark exit but it is saying employer not made any payment, connect with employer. But employer is not responding for mail’s what to do, how to mark exit ?

  39. Hello Sir As My name is Akash Kumar I had interacted to you June 5, 2021 as my concern was to fill date of exit as passbook last contribution and date of exit corner in site is different regarding this I complaint online at EPFO grievance look what they said ” as per office details last contribution received up to may 2018 hence seed the Date of Exit as per contribution received.
    I know I should fill the Date of may but I’m not getting the option of filling date of may it’s showing October what should I do next plz reply I talked to employer but he can’t help

  40. Good evening sir
    Due to non availability of date of exit im unable to draw pf balance ,i tried by raising through grievance portal can u guide me whether the complaint raised to pf office or to employer if so to pf office there are so many options but im unable to find exactly what to select, could you please help me…regarding the issue

  41. Sir I’m very regarding putting the date of exit actually I got last contribution from my previous employer was May 2018
    But when I want to fill the date of exit in box it asking to fill date of October 2018 actually last here last contribution is showing Oct 2018 but I got last contribution was May 2018
    I should fill the date of this month but it’s happening so
    Regarding this issue I talked to employer and his of management secretary he was asking me to that which date I should fill it’s not funny how could I tell he knows date
    I don’t know but they can’t Help me because he was asking to me which must be date of exit
    Sir plz reply soon it’s necessary I’m waiting which should October or may must tell correct so that I don’t have to face any issues the time payment.

  42. Sir i have joined one company worked for 2 months and due to some family reasons i left the company without resignation and my pf account UAN number is created is there any problem when i join any other company in future

  43. Hi,

    Nice Article!

    I have a question, my exit date for previous company in in January whereas they paid the last EPF in February and so i am not able to select the exact exit date.

    What can i do in this case?

  44. dear sir,

    i have worked in company for more than 3.6 years,and for some personal issues i left the job without notice period. Due to this company as updated for only 4months service history in epfo . Is there Is any way to change dol in epfo.

  45. What will exit date.
    My last duty is on 30th April.
    1 may is holiday. Labour day.

  46. The new page to fill the details of date of exit does not open even after selecting employment on mark exit page.

    1. In mark exit doe show successful but in service history doe not update please guide as I’m unable to withdraw my pf

  47. Dear Sir,

    I left my job in March 2021 and the last contribution is March 2021. Currently I’m not working anywhere. I want to withdraw all of my money. Hence, When will I be able to mark exit date in PF portal?

  48. Dear Sir, how can I withdraw my pension scheme amount as I have worked for my previous organization from 8-02-3018 to 15-11-2018…When I raise request in epfo portal it shows that service duration is less than 6 months whereas my total tenure is of almost greater than 9 months…How to get it corrected

  49. dear sir
    i joined the company on 01-06-2015 and i left 31-8-2016 and exit reason is “DEAT AWAY FROM SERVICE” when i apply for withdrawal, the rejected on reason that “your reason for exit is invalid kindly get your reason of exit updated by visiting EPF Office” SIR pl help me how to update exit reason
    thank you sir

  50. Sir I have worked for vssl ludhinaa from 3/03/2013 to 04/11/2013. Any cicumstance I have left the job and now this account is inoperative acount. And date of exit also not update by me due to this is unexampt company . Sir how I can withdraw my pf amount.

  51. Dear sir I left my previous company on 20/12/2020 and I joined next company on 25/12/2020. Now I have to transfer my Pf balnce from previous to current employer but there is problem my previous company updated their last month PF contribution after the current company contribution . For the month of Dec ( 5 days working from 25 to 30 Dec) . So I would like to ask that what date shoud be mention in exit date of previous employer

  52. I have joined new company on 4/12/2020. My previous company has mentioned the date of exit is on 25/2/2021. Because of this wrong date of exit can i face any issue to my withdraw my present company pf amount.

  53. Hi i have put date of exit of epf only but haven’t out date of exit of eps as my company hasn’t updated date of joinning in eps .can my ex employer update date of joining in eps and date of exit in eps now as i have updated date of exit of epf only

  54. Hi sir,
    Left the job 6 years ago, how can be update EPFO Date of Exit, while employers is not in contact, & his email address is not have also.

  55. Sir, my doj & doe are updated in online EPF portal.
    But my doe not updated in EPS,
    because of this I am not able to withdraw Form 10C amount.
    Every time show error “doj EPS or doe EPS not available.
    Please help Sir

  56. Hi,
    I had left the first company on May 2014 & Joined another company on Aug 2016. While i am trying to update the DOE of first company i had seen the last employer’s contribution month showing as Jan 2017. Then i had checked the passbook entries showing on date of Dec 2017 & Jan 2017 with “0” amount. If i enter Jan 2017 as my DOE then it will be wrong.
    Actually in Jan 2017 i was working in some other company also.

    Please advice.

  57. Dear sir I leaved job 31-1-2021 now this is April so 2 month completed, in epf passbook it shows last contribution is february 15 2021 I know this is January contribution, my question is as per people saying if we want full pf withdrawal we leave the job nd after 60 straight days no employment should be then u apply , riye now leaved job was on 31 Jan2021 last contribution date is February 15 2021 then exit mark date I think 28 february 2021 now how it is possible to withdraw in April starting already completed 60 straight days no employment but how can I do now

  58. Hello sir,
    I wanted to confirm that I marked my date of exit yesterday but I am not getting the option of neither form 10c or form 19 my it is of my previous employer in which the date of joining is August 2020 and date of exit is 8th feb last contribution made on jan 2021. I am only getting the option of pf advance for my current employer which I joined on feb2021 kindly suggest how I can withdraw my pf and my pension from my previous employer since I am not getting the option of form 10c and form 19

  59. Hi Sir,

    My name is sheeba, I’m not able to mark exit for my previous employer as I’m getting error message as no contribution was received.. but I can c my last contribution in my umang app.. please advise..

  60. I left my job on 30.01.2021 now i seen the epf pass book which is showing last pf contribution on 17.2.2021 is it contribution of Jan 2021 & what will be my date of exit

  61. Something went wrong try after sometime message coming while entering my date of exit in epf old account. Aadher authentication is there for my EPF account,and my mobile no linked to both epf and aadhar. Please tell me how to resolve my problem

      1. I tried so many times and in different browser also. My old
        employer not doing this from 2 years. Please tell me how to do this

  62. I resigned my last company on sep2020 due to my personal reason but company still not accept my resign and Iam not able to mark my DOE online. Last contribution showing in month of nov20.. how to mark DOE online.

  63. my company closed in month of oct-2019, i mark exit. my pf amount more than 1lac, can TDS applicable if i withdraw whole amount. my pan is not updated.

      1. Respected sir,

        The exit date of my PF account is given but unfortunately in my pension the date of exit is not mentioned ,I have tried in online using Mark Exit,The dropline for account is not there,What can I do.I have completed my 60 years of age.I have unable to apply my pension online.Please guide us.

  64. My company sent me a screenshot saying they have added by DOE but I do not see it in the history section. It still shows up as “Not Available”.

    I am trying to claim for the EPF online but the DOE is not updated there. Will this hamper the process of me receiving the money. Will I also get the complete EPF amount as I have quit the company for over 6 months and not working for any company anymore?


  65. Hello Sir,
    I served for a company for 3months, due to unethical workplace conditions of the company, I decided to resign and change my job.
    My company has deducted 3months PF but has not deposited any amount with EPFO.
    Now when I’m trying to mark DOE via portal, it says No Contribution has been made, contact your employer.
    To harass me they are not ready to update my DOE on the EPFO. I’m ready to forego 3months PF but they still aren’t ready to update it.
    My concern is whether this would lead to any issue in the next employment or anytime say in next 25 years when I try to withdraw the amount on retirement.

  66. Hello Sir,

    I lost my job on June 2020 but before that I want to change my bank account details in epfo account but my previous employer has been not approved even they not set exit option ….I do my own exist via login into my epfo account around has more than 6 months my request has been automatically go to invalidate I am k for that…but now I got a job in Jan 2021 in my new company I’ve already given them all documents for EPFO bank update but in my current company some delay that will also fine…my main concern is CAN I UPDATE MY BANK ACCOUNT BY OWN VIA OTP…I have seen on epfo account Note: update bank account via OTP… hence told you all thinks

  67. Sir, i have worked above 1 year then joined another company worked just 1 month
    Now im try to mark my exit for old comoany 1 year worked company
    Went mark icon
    Ther is not visible old comoany
    It just mention last company only
    Pls give idea to take full amount of old company

  68. Dear Sir,

    The DOE in UAN portal is 31-08-17 and last contribution was in sept 2017 there is a gap of one month will this be a problem.

  69. wage particulars Date of credit/withdrawal Employee share Employer share
    Nov-20 Cont.ForDue-Month 122020 10-12-2020 1,030 315
    Dec-20 Cont.ForDue-Month12021 11-01-2021 332 102
    Jan-21 Cont.ForDue-Month022021 0 0
    Feb-21 Cont.ForDue-Month032021 0 0

    Hi Sir ,

    My last working day was on 10-12-2020 decemeber ,After completeing two months when i opened the portal to mark Date of exit i can see the last contribution made by employer was in December , But the real issue is when i check for the passbook i can see that Dec-20 Cont.ForDue-Month12021 11-01-2021 332 102 ( As u can see in above ) has been credited in the month of january .i tried calling my x employer but they aint responding .Could u please Guide me like what would be the date of exit in my scenario as once if its is marked wrong then it would be hectic, The Date of exit should be after DEC 10 , or After Jan 12 ???

  70. Hello Sir,
    By mistake we have entered the Date of exit with permanent disablity so now my first company PF was stuck , how can i proceed with ,
    please do ping here so we can discuss

  71. Sir I made the exit from my pf account for withdrwl after that I changed my bank ifsc through kyc only. Now it is showing needs approval from employer can they do this because I already made the exit nd how they can do

  72. I left my job 1yr back and I cannot get any thing after clicking mark exit, can u pls help me with this, after clicking market exit under employment its showing as no employment details found pls help ,

      1. Sir, I worked with three Employers and want to update my Date of Exit of my First Company. I have tried with different browser but it still shows the same query “No Employment found”. Pls help.

  73. Hi,

    I rejoined the same company and I got immediate relieving because of some reasons on Nov 2019.
    My last organisation Did not update my last working day till now…
    Now I have joined another company…and they asking for the member passbook for my last organization.. Will that be a problem if not having last working day updated from my previous organization..
    Will it effect my present employer to create a new member ID.. Please assist me..

  74. Sir, as you explained
    Once you enter the exit date, provided the reasons and check the box where it will show you the terms and conditions, then click on the tab “Update date of exit”.

    # Click on “Request OTP”. You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit for date of exit finally.

    Now after updation of date of Exit, Can I get the full amount of PF and Pension both? Or it will allow only to withdraw some % of amount

    Please guide

  75. Hi,

    I have one doubt , I resigned company A and date of exit is 12 feb and company B date of joining is 12 only so it does create any issue on pf account like , DOE of company A is 12 in pf and DOJ Company B 12 Feb in pf account pls help me need to understand this process

  76. Sir, I was working with an organisation and left the job in Dec 2019. But since then my previous employer didn’t update date of exit and my pf passbook is getting updated monthly with zero deposit.
    Now I’m unable to mark date of exit because it needs two months of leaving the job. I left the job a year ago, but since the passbook is getting updated monthly, date of exit can’t be marked. Pls suggest what should I do to transfer my previous amount to new employer??

  77. Dear Sir,
    while iam trying to mark of exit
    after select employment
    its displaying below messege.

    Date of Exit can only be updated after 2monts oflst contribution madeby the employer.

    my last working month and contribution was in July 2020.

    now iam trying to mark of exit

  78. Sir, I have shared a text on your Twitter handle (@BasuNivesh). Please help me with my concern. I would be really grateful to your time and insights.




  80. I am trying to mark date of exit for my last employer. But in selection list, there is only my current employer shows. My previous employer is not showing in that list. How can I mark my exit.

  81. Hello Sir,
    I want to mark of exit of my previous company. But in list, There is only current company Showing. My previous company is not showing in drop-down list, so I am not able to mark DOE. I have resigned 6 months ago already.

  82. Hello sir,

    I have resigned my previous employer in the year of 2019, using newly launched system of Mark exit. I have provided all my credentials, when clicked on Request OTP, it is displaying as Something went wrong. Please try again.

    I have checked internet connectivity, mobile number linked to aadhar all working good.

  83. Sir i want to know about my pf status for the service from 2006 to 2010 when there were no UAN was in force. How do i know or withdraw that PF. I havr PF number only on my salary slip. Please guide.-parag

  84. Hello sir,

    My previous company’s last contribution month in the passbook is September 2020, but on the Mark exit page, the last contribution month displayed as May 2019.
    I want to transfer pf but DOE is not present while mark exit facing a mismatch of last contribution date.

    How to correct this as the company shuts in 2020.


  85. I left the company and got my DOE updated by the employer, event after updating the date of exit I could not transfer the amount to another PF account , I’m getting an error “employer has not credited the PF in the account. What’s the problem and solution over here. I tried to withdraw the amount but got rejected with error that I have more than one PF account. Please suggest me the thing I’m suppose to do.

      1. Sir, I have already marked exit on pf site, but when I was going to withdraw my pf online only current employer shown.

  86. Sir i worked from 15/12/2020 to 05/01/2021 & due to some miss talks i left company & dont give any resignation letter. I joined new company on 07/01/2020. After 20 daysi received january full month salary from old company!. Does it effect my current company epf. Pls guide me

  87. Hi sir !! I have left my job in Dec, 2015 and the exit date was not marked. Now the same company has been shutdown completely in year 2019. How can I update my exit date and withdraw my balance or transfer in my other PF account.

    Please suggest me.

  88. I have requested so many times to my employer to update my date of exit but they are ignoring continuously. I have left the job in earlier 2017. What should I do

    1. I too faced the same problem but visited the EPF office myself and they gave me Joint Declaration Form where there are two columns: DOJ & DOE which have to be filled up. So if you remember both the dates (you must be having appointment/resignation letter) you write it yourself. Then this form has to be signed & stamped by your past employer, which they can’t refuse.

  89. DOE has been correctly entered in my details. Even after that “E03: error while verifying service details” is displayed after I enter the last OTP at the end of online filling of form 10D and press the Verify button. Please help to solve this problem. I am facing this problem since last several days.

      1. Dear Sir,

        Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
        As mentioned above the same issue I am facing ” E03: error while verifying service details”
        so would you please explain us in details.

  90. what is the procedure to correct wrongly updated date of exit in EPF.
    Previous employer date of exit is later than the current employer date of joining.

    Kindly suggest

  91. Hi Sir,

    i cannot find employee details in mark exit.

    its showing no records found. could you please suggest

  92. Hi sir I resigned the job on 10/03/2018 and this is my doe in uan portal but my last post contribution date is 04/04/2018 is it okay sir or any problem will come?

  93. Sir my last contribution month is June 2020 and when I am going to update date of exit ,there is showing last contribution month is March 2020
    So what should I do

  94. Sir I have a similar situation as well but my PF account comes under trust i.e. exempted establishment, can I add date of exit myself in that case?

  95. my father has been completed 58 years in April 2020 and pf contribution is updated till jan 20 kindly guide me how to Enter exit in 10d form for monthly pension after completion of 58 years.

  96. Sir,
    I left my job on 3rd Oct 2020. So the last month of contribution is shown as September in the EPFO website. So would it be okay for me to add DOE for my pf account as last day of September, that is September 30?

  97. Sir,

    When i am planning to withdraw my pension fund from epf they are showing like “DATE OF LEAVING EPS OR DATE OF JOINING EPS IS NOT AVAILABLE” but DOE Epf already updated.but DOE Eps not available . please help me. what is the solution

  98. Hi Sir,
    I joined 1st company in 2013 and joined the 2nd company in Feb 2018 without exiting the 1st company completely till December 2018. On epfo my 1st company shows the date of exit as December 2018. As I have good connection with 1st company employer, they have provided me the experience letter from 2013 to Feb 2018. My 2nd company didn’t deducted any PF. So they are not showing on the portal. I have withdrawn all the pf amount from the 1st company in April 2020. Now I am applying job for a 3rd company in December 2020, they will do the background verification, I am worried that they will check my previous service record using UAN number and will find that I was working for 2 companies during the period of feb 2018 to December 2018. I showed my experience in 3rd company that I worked in 1st company from 2013 to Feb 2018 and showed the joining letter of 2nd company from Feb 2018 to till December 2020. Kindly suggest if I need to worry or i can give any explanation for that in 3rd company if they ask me for example, it happened due to some mistake by the 1st company.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  99. Dear sir,
    I worked for a company since january 2020 to may 2020 and I got salary upto april but for the month of may it is showing 0 in my payslip. After that i have stopped working over there. And i joined another company on november 2020.
    If i want to update my DOE so which month should i enter ?
    Kindly clarify it..
    Thanking you

  100. sir i left my job long back my ending date is not updated now i trying to enter it in mark exit I’m getting error as no employment found

  101. Sir I have taken a long leave from aug 2020. Since then I am not receiving the salary and when I checked pf account. Doe is updated on aug 2020. Can I withdraw my PF and pension. Will it be a problem if I join the same company back.

  102. I have left the company on 26th dec 2018 and joined another …. but till now my exit date is not updated ….
    Can I update it now by myself…..

  103. Dear Mr Basvaraj,

    My last working day of my previous org was 28th May, but employers contribution shows as June 2020, so I am getting the option to update my doe for June month only.

    I joined my new org on 4th May 2020.

    So if I put last day of June as DOE against my previous Member ID, will that cause me issues while initiating transfer of the balance to the new account of my current organization.

  104. I want to withdraw my Pf amount but I can’t get option of my previous member I’d in claim form after marked exit date of this I’d. I get only Pf advance form option of my new office member I’d that was merged with my UAN.
    So please help me how can I able to withdraw my entire amount of this member I’d

  105. Dear, Sr I have left my job previous few days ago on the 3/Dec/2020 but date of existence is not over there at epfo could I update it from my end

  106. Sir I received my last contribution in month of July I was on bench without pay for next few months and I resigned in last contribution I received was in July in my EPFO acct but my last day of service is Oct.But while updating exit date I m getting calendar for July only probably bcos that’s my last received salary. I wanted to know whether I can mark my exit date as July bcos I m not getting option to change month in calendar and go to October.

  107. I ii getting no contribution revived was date of exist is not possible please contact employer but it shows my passbook in online

  108. sir my date of joining is 1 feb 2020 and the last contribution is august 2020 …so i just want to know can i withdraw both pf and pension.

  109. Hi Basavaraj ,
    Have joined new organization three months ago and still I am receiving contribution towards my pf account from old employer which I left /abscond 3 months before ..They have not marked date of exit to my account so when I checked my pf account passbook I see both organization contribution to my account .
    so questions are :
    1)Do you see any problem here to me ?
    2)From given my UAN number ,what details old and new employer will find out ?

    I have am not receiving salary from old employer only I see pf contribution ,do you duel employment issue?

    Please let me know your opinion.

    Thank you,

  110. Sir , my epfo passsword forgot and my Adhar is also not linked to epfo and my otp number is also changed and presently iam not working with same company , and i tried with old employer they told is not possible with them then i went Regional epfo office there also they told it is not possible with epfo regional office pl help.

  111. Error E03 : No service exists against this member_id/Benefits already taken
    Error occurred while fill Form 10 D for monthly Pension.

  112. Dear Mr Basavraj, while marking the exit, I am receiving an error “Date of Exit can only be updated after 2 months of last contribution made by employer.” – However, it’s been more than 4 months since my ex-employer made contribution towards my last salary there. Kindly provide your guidance on what can be done. Thanks.

  113. Hii,
    I worked for 5 companies in past – it was before launching UAN system. Recently, I generated my UAN number through EPFO website under “allocate UAN number by Employee”. I want to link my old EPF accounts with this generate and activated UAN number. I tried to enter details in “Mark entry”, however, page displayed is not editable.

    Please advice how to link my all old PF accounts.

  114. Hello sir,


    If I am exit (DOE) in the UAN website after 2 months of leaving the job ,the approval go to the Employer for the confirmation..??

  115. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have entered DOE for my previous employer and raised claim for transfer which is accepted by employer but got rejected at field office saying Father name and date of leaving is incorrect. What can i do now ? Can the doe be change by employer?

  116. Hello Sir,
    This is Abhishek, I update my date of leaving & received Form 19’s amount but now I want to withdraw my 10C amount but system reply with error “EITHER DATE OF JOINING OR LEAVING IN EPS IS NOT UPDATED” please suggest me what to do. From where this solution comes.

  117. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding the “Mark Exit” option in UAN portal. Each and Every time I used to enter all the necessary details and request for OTP, But “Something went wrong. Please try again later” message appears. And the same is the result for many attempts. This issue is persisting for more than 2 weeks. I have sent an email to ( regarding this issue but yet to receive any response. Also i tried reached the toll free number, the line is always engaged.

    It would be a great help if you let me know how to get this issue resolved ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  118. Sir, I am working in previous 5 year in a company, 25 may to 26 August 2019 unable to duty for health problem, after recover again start the job same company my pf contribution continue but date of exit showing 25 may 2019, so please suggest

  119. “No Contribution was received. Date of exit updation is not possible. please contact your Employer” how to i slove this problem my company not help to me.

  120. Hello sir
    I had resigned the company in 2015 but they did not accept it how ever I left due to big misunderstanding with the management. Now I am trying to with draw my PF amount and not able to do so as the DOE not entered . I tried to do so but the error msg is no contribution received not possible to enter DOE contact your employer.
    Here I would like to know since this is pertaining to2015 and my pass book that I down loaded shows that the last contribution was in April 2015 which EPFO office also confirmed.
    Kindly suggest how do I go about this as I can not go to my ex employer

  121. Hi Sir,

    I want to mark my DOE online but there is not showing my working history in the mark Exit option. Please let me know if anything possible. It’s saying no employment found.


    PH 8287643646

      1. Thanks for your response sir, Can you please let me know, Should I drop an email to “” can they help me about this ?

    1. ? hi sir
      My name is Niveditha G I am joning 18 Feb 2019 My pension amount reject reson claimed rejected contribution recived after date of exit so how change my date of exit date

  122. my mom completed 58 years in Jan 2020 but retired in April 2020. as per her UAN, the DOE of the EPF is 30/04/2020 while the DOE of EPS is 23/01/2020.

    What should be done?

  123. Sir I joined company 19/06/2012 and leaved 19/02/2019 but my exit date shown in pf account 1/06/2012.
    When I went to change it in pf account / mark exit then my last employer not show at there only current employer show.
    Please suggest what will I do.
    Thanks and regards
    Dharmendra Ahirwar

  124. I left my job on November 2019 i.e 30.11.2019 my pf contribution is only updated till August 2019 remaining due 3 months.
    Can i update DOE now to claim my PF?
    Its been 13 months yet no contribution made by employer.
    Can i update DOE to avail PF?

      1. Will there be a rejection while claiming as my service is till November.. but PF updated is till August.. will not this be problem as my exit date will be before my service?

  125. Hi Sir,

    I updated my exit date from my end and when I checked my employer didn’t updated the joining date for EPS, so exit date updated only to EPF. Later I contacted to help in updating the DOJ and DOE of EPS, my employer updated only the DOJ and requested me to contact EPFO grievance to update DOE Since I marked exit date from my end already.

    Will EPFO grievance desk help me in updating the DOE EPS without any difficulties.

    Please reply.

        1. Dear Narendra,
          The rules are as below.
          If your service period is less than 6 months, if you are working or if your service is 10 years or more, then you are not allowed to withdraw. Even in case , the shared examples are not in your example, then you will not get the full EPS. It is part of EPS they pay.

  126. Dear Sir,

    My Resignation date was 02.01.2020 and last contribution month as shown in portal is December 2019 and no further contribution was made after this. What shall be the date of exit in this case.

    Also please let me know whether I am eligible for full withdrawal of EPS money as I have joined EPF and EPS on 1st July 2019.

  127. My last working was 23rd July & passbook shows last enetry at 1st july
    What would be my date of exit ?
    23rd July or 31st July ?

  128. Sir,

    I had applied for the transfer of pf amount from old employer to new employer but in the claim status of old employer account it is showing total amount approved is ‘0’. But i think my pf amount around 1.7L with previous employer.
    Kindly guide me.

  129. Sir,

    I had applied the for final settlement of pf. But they rejected stating that the DOL mismatch. When I checked with HR, he said the DOL is properly updated.
    I raised a grievance as well. What could be the possible reason of this sir?? What is the solution??

  130. Dear Sir,

    I left my previous organisation at feb 29 2020.I made PF transfer and now the entire money is with current employer.Now if try to take the PF amount only the PF money of last employer is getting displayed but i am unable to get that money.It is showing the present emplyer .So i am confused whether i can put exit or any way is there to get my PF and pension money of previous Organisation.


        1. same issue with my PF account MY DOE EPS is not updated. now i am not able submit 10D form.

          so how can help me to update EPS DOE.

          I checked with employer but they are saying it updated form there end.

          Please suggest what i can do next update EPS DOE.

  131. Dear Sir,
    Greetings. Please bare with me reading this thread.
    My company was shut down in 2016, without updating date of exit and other kyc. Firstly since then i tried the formal way 2-3 times to withdraw my pf money but everytime pf office , rejected & sent back my application everytime with some excuse. Recently I tried to update my adhaar and it got updated and verified by mobile No. OTP. Then I tried updating date of exit but the error shows. “No contribution was recieved. Date of exit is not possible. Contact your employer”
    Sir please guide me what to be done in this case.

  132. Dear sirI will do work once contract3yers theirpf money apply ed nd next iam joined new contract old contactmoney hasbeen oproched nd credited new contracte so please tell how I can credit money new contract to my passbook acount nd how I can done exit date in new contract

  133. Sir
    Please confirm can I update date of exit previous employer because my previous employer wrong exit date mention. but online portal showing only current employer in “Select Employment”
    please suggest what can i do for this.

  134. I took exit from instituition on 30March 2015 so i got it upadated as 31 march on epfo account. but last contribution was made in april. It is showing error. what can be rrason?

  135. Dear sir,
    I resign my job in 2017. i am apply two times withdraw my pf, but both time my application not process or HR not submit form didn’t no. Due to my family problems i am not apply withdraw pf for a long time. But Now i want to withdraw my pf. In UAN service history date of exit not showing, so how can i withdraw my pf online. Other KYC details are updated. Please suggest me sir. i want withdraw my pf.

  136. When I clicked mark exit, it’s not fetching employer details and showing as No Employer details Found. I left job 6 months back only, I don’t know what to do

  137. Sir,
    My mother was working in a private school from April 2009. She completed 58 years of age on July 2020. As per school’s policy, her last working day(retirement) was on 31 March 2020.
    We have submitted Form 19 successfully. We have marked the Date of Exit also. But while submitting Form 10D for monthly pension, it is showing an error, “E03 date of exit against current employment is not available”.
    What might be the possible reason? How to solve this?

      1. Thank you Sir.
        Our Form 19 claim got settled yesterday and after that I was able to submit Form 10D without getting any error message.

  138. Dear sir,
    I left my job on 19 Feb 2020 and my pf contribution from the employer for Feb 2020 is showing in UAN passbook but when I am marking DOE then it’s showing “The last Contribution from the employer is Jan 2020”.

    How can I resolve this problem.

    1. I also have the same issue and there is no option to change the month while marking the DOE as well. Please help..

  139. Sir,

    I haven’t updated the exit date in EPF portal due to pandemic and my exit date was 16th march-2020.

    Now i’m unable to transfer PF previous amount to the current account, can you please suggest me what to do further?

      1. Sir,

        I had applied for the transfer of pf amount from old employer to new employer but in the claim status of old employer account it is showing total amount approved is ‘0’. But i think my pf amount around 1.7L with previous employer.
        Kindly guide me.

  140. Hello sir.

    My last date of working in previous company: 7th March 2020
    Joining date of new company: 11th March 2020
    Last contribution month sowing in website: May 2020

    If I Mark exit as 31st may would it create problem while generating online transfer request as new date of joining epf will be 11th march and exit date of old company would be 31st may (greter than joining date) ?
    Note: My new company has made contribution for march 2020.

  141. Hi Sir,
    Resign date : 1st March 2019
    Employer’s last contribution month :
    May 2019
    Next Company joining date:
    4th March 2019
    So my question is it fine to mark date of exit as May 30 in pf portal.

    Anup Patel

      1. Sir in that case my previous company exit date will be May.
        Current company start date will be March.
        Will this be a problem?

  142. Dear Sir,.

    When i submit the pension form of my father

    Shown the error in last step. (E03 date of exit against current employment is not available)

    what is the problem

  143. Sir
    My mother is 60 years old she exited PF using option Superannuation will it create any problem in withdrawing PF amount

  144. Sir please reply. I have resigned my job in September 2019 and received last contribution in October 2019 . What month should I select for date of exit in EPFO website.

  145. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have tried communicating with my previous employer multiple times, but they have failed to reply back on any occasion for my request to update the DOE. When I try to update my DOE but get an error message, “No contribution was received. Date of Exit updation is not possible, please contact your Employer.”
    I have left the company in Jun 2016 and not employed thereafter.

  146. Sir. I had resigned my job. The last contribution is of 5th month of this year. So should i mark exit 31st of may(5th month). Then will i get all of money includes employer fund and pension also.

  147. Hi,

    How many days does it take for the EXIT date to appear in the employees’ UAN portal? Its been a week since my old employer updated the exit date. It appears correctly in their portal whereas not in my UAN account. I submitted a claim in PF grievance portal on this but it was of no reply. They close the case saying it is not updated. I wrote to PF office also, no reply on this. What do I do in this case?

  148. Dear Sir,

    I have resigned from my job on 8th june 2020 but as per my epf passbook last contribution from employer has been done on 3rd july of june month.

    Now I have to claim my epf and eps

    So on aug 8th it will b 60 days.

    Can I apply for full settlement of epf and eps on 8th aug.

    Or I have to wait till 3rd Sept to apply

  149. Dear Sir,

    My EPF mark exit shows

    Employment: No employment found
    How do i rectify this to show my employment details

  150. my company marked exit without completing my Bank account and pan card kyc. is it possible for the company to complete my kyc now?

  151. Sir I left the company A on 17th Oct 2018 and joined company B on 18th October 2018. My last working date is not updated in EPFO. When I am trying to update my last working date of company A, it showing last PF contribution month as November 2018.

    As suggested in your article the last working date can be within 15 days of leaving the service. Can I update 1st November 2018 as my last working date for company A ?

    Pls suggest as I have to transfer my PF from company A to company B.

  152. Sir, i resigned my job in 2017 and i marked the exit today on the UAN login. Now it is shown on seeding section and date of exit is updated in work history. But i am not able to claim the PF. When i click on claim option, my last job’s pf id is only showing. Can i claim the older one?

  153. Dear sir, my pf account service history DOE EPF UPDATED But DOE EPS DATE NOT UPDATE . DOE EPS DATE Important . i will do transfer to another account any problem in EPS for withdraw sir. my working angency asked for this qustion. he told now epfo rules change in EPS Date i withdraw in penstion amount automaticaly update. please help me sir.

      1. Thank you sir. i will do for my pf tranfer in another account no problem ah sir. pf withdrawal pension full amount credit my account ah sir. EPS Date not required ah sir.

  154. Dear Sir,
    I want to withdraw the EPF which is short on service though I tried to mark exit on epfo but has no record on employment found
    Please help me to do it

  155. Sr I have left the job in the month of January 2020 and on the Mark Exit panel of EPFO portal also shows last contribution till January 2020, but in the passbook contribution is made till February 2020. and as per the EPFO rule if after Mark Exit date no contribution should be made by the employer. Now what to do contribution in the passbook is shown till February but Mark Exit option gives option till January 2020.

  156. Dear sir
    Since My employer opted NPS in the month of january 2020 Epfo contribution lasted in that month only. Im still employee of the same employer. But i marked self exit and also claimed under form 10c and 19. Is it punishable under EPF act if so what wil be the legal action against me by EPFO/EMPLOYER

      1. But i got message from employer that claiming epfo form 10c and 19(full and final settlement )by making self exit in EPFO portal is punishable under EPFO act. Concerned Employee resposible for any legal/Disciplinary action initiated by EPFO/EMPLOYER.

  157. I Have Entered Exit Date In One Of My Employer Service But After That What Is The Next Process To Get All That Amount In Bank Account ?

    When I Entered Exit Date In One Emplyer And After That Going To Process For Online Claim Then I Can’t See That Member ID From Which I Have To Claim

    Please Help Me Bcz I Really Need It

  158. Dear Respected sir,
    As per my passbook statement my employer(gurgaon haryana) is paid last month contrbution
    oct 2014 and my date of exit is 30 th oct 2014, but while Updating through my login” error is showing
    no contribution was received date of exit not possible contact your” ,after that im raised this eroor in epf grievance but epf officer reply me that in regard kindly contact to employer and update the same
    But my
    employer has shutdown the office and no official available, I am staying at Mumbai, so i kindly
    requested to you kindly guide me

  159. Dear Sir

    My EPF passbook Show Date of Contribution –CONT. for 122019. at the portal Date of Last Contribution show as November 2019.
    I was terminated from the job on 16 December 2019. So what will be the my actual Date of Exit

  160. Dear Sir,
    I Left the job in January 2017 From Religare.

    When i check my Pf Pasbook Its Showing Contributions For 02/2017.
    Transaction Date :- 23/06/2017.
    When I Check Service History Its Showing Date Of Exit :- 31/01/2017.
    Please Suggests Is This Date Of Exit Correct Or Not? If Not Correct What Is The Procedure To Correct The Same? Pls Reply..

  161. Hello sir, my last contribution was for April 2020, but that transaction was made on 06/06/2020, now when can I mark exit after 2months or April or after 2months of 06/06/2020, kindly help.

  162. I am also getting ” No contribution received, date of exit not possible ” whereas my member passbook is showing proper contributions.
    God knows what will happen to the money !!!!
    Can anyone help ???

  163. I have joined a new organisation and transferred the whole money from previous org to new org.
    However, my new organisation date of exit was 17-FEB-2020 and reason was short service.
    when im trying to claim it was rejected due to YOU HAVE COMPLETED 58 YEARS ON 19/08/2019 SO PLEASE CHOOSE RIGHT OPTION FOR REASON OF LEAVING(RETIR)

    please suggest

  164. I’m unable to view my ex employer details after updating mark exit date. I want to withdraw my pf of ex employer as i have finished 2 months from last working day, but my new employer details are showing at the portal. What needs to be done from my end?

  165. Hi,
    My Last working day was 29th May 2019 but in EPFO, employer’s last contribution shows June 2019. So what should be the date of exit.
    (Note: I joined new organisation on 3rd June 2019.)

      1. I am also facing a similar issue. Can you please tell whether it can be any date in June or any specific date?

  166. My date of exit was November 2019. I had claimed PF withdrawal on April 7th 2020. Now my claim status is rejected due to the following reasons-
    1) DOL 19/11/19 contribution not in 12/19
    2)claim already settled

    I’m unable to understand the reason for rejection. Could you please help me to resolve this.

  167. I was joined on 9th August 2019 in the present organization ,but relieving was given on 22nd august 2019 and same was updated in EPFO also.
    When I was trying to transfer the PF account from previous employer to current employed,it is showing error.
    Can you please give suggestions how to resolve this issue.

  168. Hello sir while I am trying to update my date of exit I am getting the message that ” no contribution was made unable to update date of exit contact employer ” what to do

    1. No contribution was received. Date of exit updation is not possible. please contact your employer. what does this mean. Please help me in this situation .urgent need money

  169. Hi sir,

    I am working in contract basis. In May-2017 our contract organization had been changed . And with in a month again my contract changed to previous organization. But for the month of July-2017 i received pf contribution from both offices. Now i can’t able to transfer or withdraw my previous company amount. It shows details of previous account is different from present account, hence claim requesr couldnot process. what can i do now sir.

  170. Hi Sir, i have joined in one organization and worked for 2month and left the company but in EPFO portal only showing DOJ sir DoE is not available or also sir they not updated my account details and pan no zero amount is showing. then how can I exit DoE sir.
    is there any problem if I joined to another company.

    please help sir how can i exit DOE.

    Even am not able to transfer also where it is saying that DOE not updated.

  171. Hi sir ,

    I was resigned in previous company on march 2020 & joined into new company & absconded .There is no contribution in new company .Also i have marked exit details in UAN portal for both.
    I want to know whether it is possible to claim final settlement by online .Whenever i tried to claim in the uan portal it showing as new company details only.

    Or i want to know it is possible to take final settlement of previous company by offline claim (paper work)

    Please assist what shall i do sir

  172. My last date of working was 20 May 2019, but my employer has contributed PF amount for the month of June and July 2019 as per the PF passbook. Due to this my online PF Withdrawal claim was rejected with following reasons : Your Claim [ Claim Id -Member ID ] has been rejected due to : 1) DATE OF EXIT WRONG AS PER CONTRIBUTION RECEIVED 2) DATE OF JOINING/LEAVING DOES NOT MATCH WITH COMPANY RECORD.
    When I checked/clicked Mark Exit feature in UAN Member Portal – no employment records message is generated.
    Any help on the next steps and process to rectify the same is much appreciated. Thanks

  173. Hi sir,
    I left the job in my previous to previous company in DEC-2013. My employer still not my date of exit in PF site. A lot of time i called them to exit my servie but they did not.

    Due to CORONA pandemic i want to withdraw my PF amount but i can not. In this pandemic situation Employer is still not supportive.

    1. I left my previous job on 31st jan 2020 and joined another company on 6th feb. My Pf contribution was made by my previous company for the month of feb and my new company made contribution in march. But my passbook also shows my previous company made a contribution of 0 rs in march. Now when I am trying to mark exit date the date options is available from 1st march. I am confused when i have joined another company in feb how can I mark exit from previous company in march. Please guide.

        1. Hi Sir,

          I have left the precious organization on 14th October 2019 after giving resignation but they dint except and provide me the termination letter but I did all the formalities from my side. And I joined the new company on 17th october 2019. But previous organisation has updated my DOE as 18 Dec 2019 due to which I am not able to transfer my money. I contacted them to update the date but they deny.

          Please advice now what can I do in this situation?

  174. Hi sir ,

    I applied for pension contribution form 10c ,while selecting the form from drop-down it’s shows an error Date of joining and leaving for EPS not available but my admin updated the date of joining and leaving date for EPF correctly..

    DOJ 2 Nov 2016 and DOE 28 Feb 2020

    It’s correct but I’m unable to withdraw the pension contribution 10c form ..

  175. Dear Sir, I left the job on feb 14th 2020, and I’ve received the PF on March month also, so my question is which month I can update the exit date on my PF account. Pls suggest

  176. Hi sir,
    I left the job in my previous company in NOV-2017, and joined present company in DEC-2017. But in previous company they marked as JAN 2018 as EXIT and they contributed pf money also for that extra two months. So, DEC 2017 and JAN 2018 i received pf contribution from both offices. Now i can’t able to transfer my previous company amount. It shows details of precious account is different from present account, hence claim requesr couldnot process. what can i do now sir.

  177. Hi sir,

    I have joined a company on 28th march 2020 unfortunately I couldn’t work their so my last working day is 5th of April my old pf amount is on hold unable to withdraw and I joined the new company I don’t know whether my pf amount is possible to transfer as still is not updated on my pf account date of exit by this one month worked for the old company.

  178. My EPF (PF Passbook) is not updated for April 2020. Is there any delay in the passbook update due to COVID-19?
    Please help

  179. Hi,

    I left my company in 2015 and has been working as a freelancer and haven’t joined any other company…I applied for an advance claim, but it seems advance claim is only for active PF employees. I though of going for settlement, but DOE is not updated, I tried using Mark Exit, but it says “No contribution received, Date of Exit update not possible, please contact employer”. Its been over 5 years, now i can’t contact employer, so what should i do to make a settlement claim. Any help is appreciated..


  180. Sir,I have worked in company for 10 day then I leave so no pf was contributed so how I can update date of exit

      1. Hi Sir, My position also same, i have joined in one organization and worked for 15 days and left the company and joined in another company but when am trying to udpate DOE it is saying that No PF contribution recieved so can not update.

        Even am not able to transfer also where it is saying that DOE not updated.

        Could you please help me on this how this issue get resolve?

  181. Dear Sir
    I regret to inform you that there is no contribution in my pf last two months.but when I am going to do my mark of is showing same like date of exit can only be updated after 2 months of last contribution made by the employer.. actually.what exactly happing…can you explain me…..

      1. Sir when i try to Mark exit showing this message
        “no contribution was received date of exit updation is not possible” pleasr help because of our company closed no one emppoyer working there.

  182. I have a PF account in my previous company where Last contribution showing in PF portal October 2019, and I left that organization on 27th Feb 2020. Where our organization have not paid contribution till Jan 2020 as off today. Now I am working in a company, and due to Covid 19 issues I need to withdraw amount from PF. But i am not able to transfer amount from my previous company as they have not yet marked DOE. I mailed them several times to update PF and mark DOE but they did not response. Now if i provide from my end DOE, on which date i left like 27th Feb 2020 then my PF amount from previous employer can be transferred or untill or unless they are not paying their contribution till January 2020 till the time i can’t update my DOE date ? Please suggest.

  183. Hi Sir,

    Please tell me if Employee is marked exit on PF website before remmitance by employer , can they still deposit PF contribution for month of exit.

    Your urgent reply will he helpful.


  184. dear sir,


  185. Hi Sir,

    I joined an organisation on 07th June,2017 which i absconded on 3rd August, 2017. I remained unemployed for few months and later I joined another organisation on 9th October,2017. I am still working there.
    My previous employer has marked incorrect DOE as April, 2018 because of which I am unable to transfer the PF balance. Moreover, he is not willing to give me a joint declaration as I absconded his organisation (despite the fact that there was no bond or contract).
    Please help me in this regard.

  186. Hi Sir,

    I worked with an IT company from 22SEP2011 to 26MAY2017. However they have entered incorrect Date of Exit in the UAN. Then I have contacted the company’s PF team, then after multiple follow ups last year they shared the Joint declaration letter to update DoE. I have updated and sent back to them. Then when they couriered my forms to Chennai regional PF office they got the response that they are not handling the manual documents and the company PF team sent back the documents to me and asked me to send the documents to Chennai PF office. I am worried if I send the documents, will they be really taken care or thrown into some shelf. I have the kept the forms with me as it is hard to get the attestation on joint declaration again and again from my previous employer. Please help me in correcting my Date of Exit and proceed with transfer pf account.

  187. This article was very useful. Please let me know if my LWD was in Jan 2020 and last contribution made was in Feb 2020. I am still not able to see option to mark exit date myself. How do I go about it,

  188. Dear Sir,

    I absconded from a company on 12th Jan due to some personal reason and joined a new company on 13th Jan however they have paid the salary to me for 16 days(i.e. till 16th Jan). I thought of marking the exit date in EPF portal by myself and marked 31st Jan as my exit date under impression that I can give any date of Jan Month. Now I am unable to transfer my old PF account to new one. As per the current organization my DOJ is 13th Jan. What should I do?

  189. Hi,

    Actually my relieving date of my previous company was 06th Nov’18 and the last contribution shown in passbook upto December with less amount, value of my working period 6days. At the same time my current company contribution starts in same December month(Current company sate of join 12th Nov’18).
    So how will enter my date of exit in my previous company. Is it 31st Dec or exact date 06th Nov.
    Please help me to understand. Thanks in advance!

    1. Adding the below ..

      After logged in passbook page it’s shown the last contribution date as Feb-2019 with zero value. So now please advise which date I will enter. Is there any problem if i enter the 28th Feb 19 as date of exit. But my current company contribution started December itself?

  190. Hi sir,
    I left the job in my previous company in Oct-2019 but now to enter date of exit it’s showing Last contribution made in Jan-2020. If I enter jan-2020 as exit date is their any problem?

  191. Sir date leaving update Karne par dikh raha no possible please contact employer ye kaise Hoga sir please help

  192. no contribution was received date of exit updation is not possible please contact your employer is shown while adding exit date

    1. o contribution was received date of exit updation is not possible please contact your employer is shown while adding exit date

  193. Hi Thanks for all the info published in the blog.

    However I want to ask something which I’m facing for last few months. I have worked for unexempted pf company for 6 yrs and have accumulated some pf balance then I moved to a exempted pf trust company. I did not knew about all these nitty gritties of transferring pf from one org to other, however I did fill up the transfer request form from the previous company to the new company. But to my surprise, now I have realized that the pf amount of the previous company is not transferable or am able to withdraw, because the previous company has not marked my exit dates in the system. Now by the time I joined my New Organisation, my previous company had got sold off to some company and that company also had been purchased by a 3rd new company(however, this 3rd company is still in existence).

    Now I’m unable to either withdraw or request for transfer of the accumulated pf balance. I tried contacting the previous employer HR Manager, but he is also unable to help in this regard.

    Please let me know how to get my balance transferred or withdrawn ?


  194. Hi
    I have 2 PF account, i want to exit from one account and merge with the other. The problem is my previous employer has not paid PF for 9th months of my salary and I have left the job already. I wont be able to exit the account unless my previous employer adds pf in my account, kindly suggest what i should do in this situation.

  195. My current company for past four years does not have EPF contribution since we are less than six people. I have previously worked for four years in another organization which had PF contribution? Can i withdraw that PF and whether it will be taxable?

      1. OK… Thanks…what do the tax authorities consider as period of service ?since I have 4 years of service with PF contribution and 4 years without PF contribution. Will they consider 4 years of PF non contribution as something out of employees control and therefore non taxable since service is for eight years ?

  196. Hi,
    can you give me clarification of another scenario, my last working month is April, 2019 and i want to withdrawal full amount but for this i did not follow mark exit process. when i will go to claim so a error message appear that “your KYC bank updation is pending on 14/12/2018 from co. name for approval,
    in this case what should i do for withdraw my amount as soon as possible. KYC updated. i can not coordinate my last employer.
    kindly give solution regarding following points:
    * i will have to follow the process of Mark Exit to withdraw money or not.
    * is there any online option to approve bank details from my side or what will be the process.
    * what is the full process i have to do in this scenario.

  197. i tried update my date of exit in my uan portal but it is showing ,No contribution was of exit updation not possible, please contact your employer. what do now

      1. Hi Sir, I left company A and date of exit has been already updated as 15/12/2019, and last contribution was 11/12/2019. And then I joined new Company B on December 2nd, worked for a month and then in the first week of december i left Company B due to personal issues. But i got one month(December) salary from company B, but Pf contribution has not been made till today. In UAN portal I was getting a pop up saying date of exit cannot be updated since no contribution received. But now i am getting an option to update date of exit for company B. So i am confused which date to update as DOE, since no contribution was made from company B. Can i consider last contribution from company A while updating DOE for company B ?!

        And another question, if the last contribution is december 2019, can i update DOE as Feb 2020 ?!

          1. Sir, before i didnt get an option to update.. since i got the option to update now for the new organisation..i was thinking if i can update considering the last contribution received from previous organisation. Can I ?!

  198. This is really a good article and they way you explained is so simple, yet I need to understand one scenario. I left company A and joined a company B 2nd of Dec, again I left within a month 7th of Jan, due to health issues faced because of company timings (night shifts), so I joined another company, say it is company C on 8th of Jan, without informing company B. Now, I got paid for second month PF from company I left (that is B).
    #1) Will I able to update my exit details as 7th Jan, say if the PF paid by company I left (that is B) is on 21st Jan.?
    #2) My new companies salary is not yet credited, hence PF is not generated yet, however, after new PF generates from company C, from which PF account amount will get transfers from company A or from company B.?
    #3) Will my new company C needs to send a PF transfer request, to company B or to company A.?
    #4) Will my current company C able to access UAN portal.?

      1. Hi Sir,
        Our company closed August 30 2016, But when Mark exit date showing error message : No contribution was received date of exit update is not possible please contact your employer

        Please help (Our no one employer working this company)

            1. Dear sir after selecting account on. In mark exit, it is mentioned, No contribution was recieved, date of exit updation is not possible please contact your employer. In this situation what to do. Please let me know sir.

                1. I oined in March 20 and in 10 days left job from same company. UAN account shows it is my as current employer while there is no
                  PF amount has been deposited.

                  No exit is also there. I am not able to transfer any previous employer amount as well. Pls advise.

                    1. Hi sir my pf claim get rejected due to reason for exit not updated…. But while applying reson for exit shown…
                      Could you tell me whats would be the issue??

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