Transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank

We opened the Sukanya Samriddhi Account with Post Office but unable to cope with their old rules. In that case how to transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank?

The biggest hurdle with Post Office is that you can’t deposit money using e-Transfer if the Post Office is not connected with CBS facility. Also, what if you are changing your location from one city to another city and you just need to transfer the branch of Post Office or Bank?

List of Authorized banks for opening Sukanya Samriddhi Account

Before jumping into the transfer, you must know which banks are authorized to open Sukanya Samriddhi Account. Below is the complete list.

  1. State Bank Of India (SBI)
  2. State Bank Of Patiala (SBP)
  3. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  4. State Bank of Travancore (SBT)
  5. State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
  6. State Bank of Mysore (SBM)
  7. Andhra Bank
  8. Allahabad Bank
  9. Bank of Baroda (BOB)
  10. Bank of India (BOI)
  11. Punjab & Sind Bank
  12. Bank of Maharashtra
  13. Canara Bank
  14. Central Bank of India
  15. Corporation Bank
  16. Dena Bank
  17. Indian Bank
  18. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)
  19. Punjab National Bank (PNB)
  20. Syndicate Bank
  21. UCO Bank
  22. Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)
  23. Union Bank of India (UBI)
  24. United Bank of India (UBI)
  25. Vijaya Bank
  26. Axis Bank Ltd
  27. ICICI Bank Ltd.
  28. IDBI Bank Ltd.

Apart from Post Office, you can also open the account with all the above listed 28 Banks.

Reasons to transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank or one bank to another bank?

There may be many reasons and few are listed below.

# You may feel the Bank or Post Office not providing you proper service.

# The concerned Post Office may not be connected with CBS facility, which is the biggest hurdle in depositing money online.

# You may be changing location. Hence, you feel it better to have the account within your city or nearest to your stay.

How to transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank?

There are five steps involved and I explained the same in below image.

Transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank

Step 1Visit the Post Office where you have Sukanya Samriddhi Account with Passbook and KYC Documents. Girl child who is the primary account holder need not visit the Post Office. However, if she is managing the account on her own, then she must visit the Post Office. 

Step 2Submit the transfer request by mentioning the full address of Bank where you want to transfer. You have to surrender the Passbook also. Remember to provide correct Bank Address.

Step 3After due verification of signature and other documents, Post Office will give you (or arrange to send) the original documents such as a certified copy of the account, the Account Opening Application, specimen signature etc. to the new Bank branch address, along with a cheque orDD for the outstanding balance in the Sukanya Samriddhi Account.

There is no clarity of process mentioned whether the Post Office will give all these documents in your hand or they directly send to your bank (where you want your Sukanya Samriddhi Account should be transferred).

Step 4– Visit the Bank (where you want the Sukanya Samriddhi Account to be transferred) with the documents you received from Post Office and your KYC documents.

Step 5Fill the new account opening form of Sukanya Samriddhi Account and submit it to Bank along with KYC Documents and the documents you received in Post Office.

That’s it. This is the whole process of transfer Sukanya Samriddhi Account from Post Office to Bank.

Note-This transfer facility is at free of cost if you furnish the proof of shifting of residence of either the guardian or the Account holder. If you are unable to provide the proof of address which is new, then you have to pay the fee of Rs.100 to the post office or the Bank to which the transfer is made. The process of transfer will be effected electronically if the post office or the Bank concerned, has access to the facility of CBS.

71 Responses

  1. I have Transferred SSA account from Post office to sbi Bank. Post office closed the account on 10th feb 2018. Bank opened the account on Apr 24 2018. We missed the interest for 2018 which will be credited on 31 March. Both bank and post office are not giving proper answer. Is there a way to escalate this problem and get the interest credited back?

  2. As per the above description, the new SSY account will be opened at the bank after transfer but my daughter’s age is now more than 10 years. Will they open a new account?

  3. My daughter’s sukanya samridhi yojana was not transferred from non CBS to CBS in postal of Sikkim to Odisha.It is already 6 months.What to do.

  4. My sukanya samridhi account closed on December 2017 and transfer from 1 CBPO Delhi to SBI Falakata. Till date no idea where it is. If I want to Lodge a complaint, where to Lodge it SBI or post office ?

  5. Basavraj sir, is there any written amendments regarding transfer of SSA Account from post office to bank. If it is,please send . Because most of post office employees argue to show proof. And I need to transfer account from Maharashtra post office to SBI Patna.

  6. Thank you Basavaraj for this wonderfull article. You are really educating(financially) people with this. Now i will transfer my daughters account from Post Office to a bank to save energy and money. Will keep posted once done.

    Thank You,

  7. Hi,
    My mother as a guardian to my daughter has opened the Sukanya Samridhi account 3 years back. Though i am paying the premiums for the SSA account on my daughter name, i am unable to avail the tax benefits as the guardian is my mom. Can you please advice what option do i have to transfer the SSY account from my mom to my name.?
    The SSY account currently with Post office.
    When i checked with some employee of the Post office in Bangalore, she said we should have not opened the SSY account in grand mother name as a guardian when the parents are alive. And it is now difficult to transfer. So i am confused what steps to take in order to correct it?

  8. Hi,

    Have opened Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account in Chennai in 2014. We are shifted to Hyderabad in 2015. Now am deposit in Hyderabad post office branches.

    Now if I want to change it from post office to Bank do I need to go Chennai post office where I opened ?

    Please advise on this.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the update.

        So I need to go Chennai Post office to transfer this account to Hyderabad post office ?

  9. Sir my querry is little different ..can mother and father open one account for each of there 2 girls separately ? Will they be authorised to deposit 1.5 lakh in both accounts ?

  10. I am trying to transfer my account from Post office to bank. But the pair office is not at all aware of any such form available.
    Let me know if any other options are available.

    1. Sumit – Same case with me. I got it done finally. I have escalated to local regional office, then local post office people accepted. In fact they didn’t aware. There is no specific form. We need to give written letter to request transfer along with Passbook. In letter you have to clearly mention the bank name , address and branch details. And you may need to pay Rs.100 and get receipt for transfer fees. Please refer my experience post below comment.


  11. I have visited both my banks to transfer SSA between the two. They are stating that only principal will get transferred, the earned interest will be forfeit.

      1. I Hear you. Thank you for support.
        But is there any government resource on SSA, You can let me know. It may prove helpful, Atleast I could better prepare my argument to convince one of the bank

  12. Thanks for the wonderful post. Unfortunately post office staff does not know this facility exists. I have approached my post office to get it transferred to my SBI. Surprised to hear from post office staff that there is no such transfer facility yet. Has anyone transfered from postoffice to bank successfully yet? Is there any request form available in India Post Website? Is there any escalation point that I can reach out in India Post because my local post office does not aware of this process. Please guide.

      1. Finally, I was able to get SSA account transferred from PostOffice to SBI branch.

        1) Need to give a written request letter to which branch do we need to transfer the account to (Branch Name, Address & Branch Code) along with PostOffice passbook. We need to pay Rs.100 as transfer fee, pay and get challan.

        2) Request goes to local regional post office and they close our account and outstanding amount (Principal + accumulated interest) will be sent to our requested SBI branch as cheque.

        3) I kept my bank informed about this, so they aware of this. The mistake that SBI branch did in my case is that – they have to open new SSA account with back dated (ie. they need to make my account opening date as 2015, not 2017) so that my original SSA acount opening date can be retained. But they created SSA account with current date, later they closed and opened another new account with back date and credited all previous outstanding.

        4) Now I am managing this SSA account online (internet banking enabled) – but showing as PPF account. I have set Standing Instruction for monthly contribution. All set.

        Please feel free to ask if you have any question.


          1. sir i have a SSY account in SBI.Everymonth i am transfering amount online,and it is showing the account as PPF. Can you pls explain that.

        1. Hi,

          I have opened SSY account in post office in 2015 & now i want transfer it to bank, so in bank my ssy account opening date will be 2015 or the current one? Do i need to submit any specific application to bank to retain the same account with 2015 date?

          Kindly advice.

  13. i have opened my daughter sukanya samridhi scheme accounts in the post office so i want to transfer it online from your accounts if it can be please tell me

  14. Sir I want to know that after maturity of sukanya sariddhi , who have the rights to withdraw money, parents or child or both can withdraw money. Does it need child permission to withdraw money .

  15. sir i want to transfer Suknya samridhi account from chennai to gorakhpur from post office to post office how can I .. but now i am in gorakhpur

  16. If i transfer the account also the money which i deposited will be transferred automatically ? And once i transfer to bank (ICICI) i will be able to check the transactions through online?


  17. Dear Basavaraj , thanks for this amazing blog. I have a query that is bit different. I want to buy a plot for which I am shorting 2 lakh rupees. I am in a govt. Service for over 5 years now. I want to claim money through EPF but since I am purchasing land from my brother in law how to get claimed money to my account and give it to him. Form 31 says agency how to write agency here? Also what all documents I will be needed to produce. Before and after the claim? As now land is in his name and iam just intrested in buying a small chunk of it for investment purpose. What if I change my mind later and not purchase it. Your opinion will be truly rewarding. Also your mail is so that can discuss further. Thanks.

  18. Bank account required for transferring sukanya account??

    And what about interest? I mean will get same interest if will transfer to bank?

    If I m not changing address so I can transfer sukanya to bank?

    My concern and aim is I want to deposit rupees via neft.

    So I m interested if I can transfer via e transaction.

    1. Ankit-Bank Account is not at all required. The interest rate will be same as that of Post Office. Banks and Post Office acts like servicing points. Hence, you no need to worry about guarantee and interest. Yes, even if you are not changing address, then also you can transfer and that is what I mentioned. You can do online deposits if your account is with CBS facilitated Post Office or in Bank.

  19. Sir sbi proceedure for opening bank account is verry tough as their sbi forms is lenthi proceedure whereas post office forms is in simple documentation

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