210 thoughts on “Sukanya Samriddhi Account -When to invest to earn more returns?”

  1. I am depositing amount whenever I have
    And I am not depositing same amount every month
    Sometimes 10000 and other times 1000
    Is it ok

  2. Sir…please clarify the above question. Whether we will get any advantage if I deposit the 1.5lacs inthe first month itself as compared to monthly installment??

  3. Dear sir exactly which date can we deposit money in every month. 1 to 10 th r if deposit after 15th date can we receive interest.. r no can you confirm Sir. I had now days exactly date 1st can deposit other wise didn’t not gate interest.. it’s true can you confirm sir

  4. My Dear Basu,
    My grand daughter turns 2 in Sept. I want to open SSY for her for Rs 12500 per month for. Can you please tell me how much she will get after 21 years?
    Also, will she have to pay for the first 15 years with maturity after 21 years?

    1. Dear Ranjit,
      Hard to predict the future returns as the interest changes on quarterly basis. Yes, she has to contribute only up to 15 years.

  5. Pardon if its too obvious.
    You said – Either a lump before 10th of April every year or before 10th on every month.

    Even if we deposit lumpsum before 10th of May say, we get interest for 11 months. So we are getting interest for money deployed.
    So if i have lumpsum investment for one lakh for one month in April somewhere and i get same rate of interest assume then if i take that money out in first week of may and deposit before 10th may in SSY; it is same. Pls confirm.

  6. Hi Sir,
    I have few queries.
    1. I have opened account on 12th feb 2021, so 1st year will be consider as upto 31st may 2021(FY end) or 12th feb 2022.
    2. Which method will get more interest? Means by monthly or yearly? Monthly 10k before 5th of month or 1.2L lump sum amount invest on every year April month, i tried to get online but didn’t understand. Please help me.

      1. Hi Sir,
        Thanks for the quick reply!!
        So, i lost my first year(out of 15yrs) already without any investments?
        I thought it will be count from account opening date(12-feb-21 to 12-feb-22 and so on up to 2035).

  7. Sir, I opened this account when my daughter is 9 yrs old in Jan 2016 I want to know clearly how many years I have invest money in this scheme and when maturity amount will I get. In emergency when should I withdraw money can u explain me elaborately…
    [email protected]

  8. Hi Sir,
    I opened SSY for my daughter in 2020 Dec so far as of March 09 I have only deposited 19,500. I will have 1,30,500 to deposit on March 28 should deposit on March 2021 or before 10 April 2021. What difference will it make to my daughter total return upon maturity after 21 years.

  9. Hi Sir,

    I hope Parent (Guardian) can have a PPF on his name with 1.5 lakh contribution in a financial year along with 1.5 lakh contribution in the same financial year towards his/her girl child SSY Account. Please clarify on this.


  10. hi Basavaraj,

    i have invested around 1,50,000( MONTHLY -12500) before 10th of every month for FY 2019-20 and i have received interest of 6,655 in SSY account.

    Does interest calculated correctly or not.Please help

  11. Hi sir, I have opened the account on 10th of feb , and next 3 months I have not invested is monthly investment compulsory? Or can I invest any month like giving breaks in between ? If it’s okay.. will it affect the interest amount?

  12. Sir, I want to open a SSY account for my daughter, i have some queries –
    1) I want to deposit 1.5 lakh per year, but only 2 months left in this financial year(2019-20) and it is not possible for me to deposit 1.5 lakh in this year. So, should I open the account on April 2020, or now only. Which will be better ?
    2) Do i need to deposit same amount every month and year, or according to my affordability. Like some months i can deposit 5K and some months i can deposit 5k. And some year i can deposit 1.2 Lakh and some year 1.5 Lakh. Please suggest.
    3) I want to use this SSY as an 80 C tax exemption also. So, do i need to invest money on both SSY and PPF acount. Or I can invest entire 1.5 lakh to SSY only. Please suggest.

    1. Dear Ravi,
      1) Never be in that mad rush of Rs.1,50,000. Open now and deposit how much you can afford.
      2) You can deposit as per your convenience but you have just manage the maximum and minimum amount eligible for investing in SSY.
      3) The maximum limit under Sec.80C is only Rs.1,50,000.

  13. Its maturity not based on girl child age, its based on when you open the year of account till 21 years
    For eg, girls child age 5 yrs time of opening account then account will be mature 26yrs of age girl child,

  14. I have opened my daughter ssa account on 4th oct 2018. So till 31st Mar 2019 is considered as one financial year.? So I could have invested maximum of 3 lac by this time or 1.5 lac? Actually bank has not allowed me to invest more than 1.5 lac till date.

    1. Dear Tara,
      From 4th Oct 2018 to 31st March 2019 is one Financial Year. From 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 is another Financial Year. Hence, if you have invested Rs.1.5 lakh per FY, then by 31st March 2020, you might complete Rs.3 lakh. Many banks are unaware of the rules.

  15. I have opened my daughter(2.1Year on Nov 2019) SSY account on 2nd Nov 2019 and initially i have deposited 10000 in post office. let me know which date i should follow to next deposit? how can i move with yearly pay from now? when it will be get matured

  16. Hi i have opened ssy for my daughter on 15th Sep 2018. Now when is the second investment date. Is it on or after same date of 2019 or it starts from 2019 fincial year ie April 2019. I was assuming second year investment should be made on or after 15th September of every year. Kindly clear my doubt.

  17. Dear Sir,
    i opened SSY account on 10.10.2017 and paid 5000/- on 10 th (10TH)of every month THROUGH SBI. is it right date to pay my amounts.

  18. sathyanarayan j

    Hi, my doubt is what if I invest lumpsum 1.5 lakhs at the beginning of financial year,will I get maximum interest or is it good to invest every month?

      1. Saurabh Gupta

        sir, can we invest till 14 years from the date of opening of account or only till daughter is 14 years old?

        Do we earn any interest after maturity(21 years)of account?

        Is it mandatory to close the account while daughter will get marry(before maturity of account i.e. 21years of opening of account) or we can continue till its maturity date?

        Is there any gov official site for rules and regulations or from where we will get the updated rules of course reliable 🙂

        1. Dear Saurabh,
          You are allowed to deposit up to 15 years of the girl child (not 14 years). Yes, you will earn the interest up to 21 years of age of the girl child. Yes, once the daughter turns 21 years of age, then you must close the account. The above rules are updated based on Government rules.

          1. Deposits in an account may be made till completion of fourteen years, from the date of opening of the account. Not the age of the child. If we start the account for a 9yr old on the maturity of the account the age will be 30. Provided the operation of the account shall not be permitted beyond the date of her marriage.

            Please correct me if I am wrong. Otherwise please rectify your comment.

  19. Hi Basavraj,

    Thanks for the detailed post. I have opened the SSY account for my daughter in 2017 in SBI. And when I check the account statement, I see no interest credited at all and balance is exactly same as what I have deposited till now. Is not the SSY interest paid quarterly or annually ? Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi can a Grandparent open SSY account for grand daughter.
    In presence of babies parents alive
    1)If yes can they take 80c benefit.
    2) since grandparent are aged if something goes wrong with them, will the scheme be active and can the daughter’s parents continue paying.

  21. Dear Sir,
    i opened SSY account on 27.10.2017 and paid 2000/- on 27th of every month. is it right date to pay my amounts.

  22. Like this at the end of 1st year Principal is (8000*12) + (3,784) =99,784. The same amount will be his contribution for the remaining 14 years. So, at the end of the 15th year, his accumulated amount is Rs.28,39,259. However, the account matures after 21 years. Therefore, at the 21st year, the maturity amount will be Rs.46,57,833.

    How it will Rs.28,39,259 after 15 years ? and what is the amount accumulated at 18 years ? and how maturity is calclulated here at 21 years.. please explain!

      1. Thanks. Is it good to apply in post office or bank.. any difference in choice . Which bank is better for SSY account. When I checked in ICICI they proposed on ICICI smart kid scheme.

        1. Dear Raj,
          There is no such major difference (except the customer friendly features of Banks). Regarding ICICI proposal, stay away anything which these BANKERS propose you. There are the most dangerous species for your financial life.

  23. Hello Sir,

    I have a 3 year old daughter who is US born and holds US passport and US birth certificate. But has been living in India since she was 6 months old.
    Can I open this account in her name?

  24. Hello Basu,
    I have a doubt. I have a SSY account (with Indian Bank) for my daughter. my question is for the FY 2016-17 one should deposit before 10th of every month to maximize the interest. But from FY 2017-18 I think it should be before 5th of every month??? Is my guess is correct???
    Thanks for your reply.

      1. Hi,
        For FY 2016-17 (I started SSY from this!), Indian Bank calculates interest on lowest balance from 10th till end of that month. And for FY 2017-18, it was 5th. I verified with finotax.com (I hope this website is reliable because I checked PPF, which I have with SBI). For FY 2018-19, I have to wait till 31 March 2019. In my case what to do? Are there any reliable website that deals with interest calculation, or information whether 10th or 5th? Before inquiring with bank I need very clear in interest calculation.
        Thanks and regards,Raja.

  25. Hi sir, I opened Sukanya account in post office on 27th of November 2017. The maximum deposit of 1.5 lakhs is calculated till 26th of November 2018 or only till March 2018. If there is still time to complete first year then I can invest lumpsum for the max limit or if it is considered as 2nd year then i can pay monthly till March 2019. Please clear my doubt.

  26. For lumpsum deposits of sukanya samriddhi and PPF schemes, in case the deposit amount is not done in the month of April of any financial year, depositing lumpsum in any other subsequent months will generate interests or not? Should one wait for the next Financial year and deposit the money in the month of April? Please advise.

  27. Hi sir,
    Sir Im a bit confused with the scheme please help me.I want to open 3 SSY accounts. Now it is month of AUG-2018…My question is which will gain more benefits as in like can i start the accounts from SEPT-2018 or shall i wait till APR-2019 and then open the accounts as its described that the interest will be calculated from the month of APR. please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks in advance.

  28. If if invest 1.5 lakh in ppf then can i invest another 1.5 lakh in SSY.? If so then whether the amount in SSY earns interest and will the returns be tax free? Please help me on this.

  29. hi, I opened SSY in yr 2015-16 in Post Office, as banks were not providing the service at tt time. So is it possible now to transfer the SSY a/c from POffice to private/public bank…?
    I also visited PO for same, but they denied saying No formal outline they are aware of.
    could you please share link for any Govt gazzate or rule for the same..


  30. Pradeep Gonalamath

    I paid 1.5 Lakhs as lump sum amount to sukanya account during May-20-2018.. Will it not earn intrest from Jun onwards? or is there a mandate that if i pay 1.5Lakhs before 10th April only, will get maximum benefits?

      1. Sir,

        Is it an good investment, considering my daughter completed her 9 years ? since the during maturity she will be almost 30. Should i look at other options ? if so can you pls. guide.


  31. Hi Basu,
    Is Aadhar (of Girl Child) Mandatory to open SSY account?
    I went to SBI to open SSY account for my 6 month old daughter with below documents
    1. Baby Birth Certificate copy
    2. My Aadhar copy
    3. My PAN copy
    But bank officials are saying that baby’s passport photo and Aadhar Number are must to open SSY.

    1. Aadhaar is not compulsory for opening SSY account… for SB a/c etc., it is compulsory…

      in SBI, I was able to open the SSY account without Aadhaar while to open SB a/c, they said Aadhaar is compulsory…

      1. Sir I want to open sukany samridhi yojana AC for my grand daughter .but I have not having adhar no of my granddaughter..

  32. Sir, I am doing job for last 5 years outside India but my 2 daughters & wife is in India with all the resident proofs.
    Can my wife open SSY accounts for daughters under her name.

    1. Sir.. me and my wife we both have our ppf account… with maximum limit of 1.5 lakh each.. and i have a 5 month old baby girl… i want to open a SUKANYA account.. so can i open sukanya account.. and how will i show it to the 80c exemption.. plz clarify me in brief asap

  33. it is a very good scheme and you describe and solve its query very well. if any one want a investment plan for there girl child it is a good opection for them

  34. Hello Sir.

    The interest amount will be deposited in bank account, every month? or every quarter? or end of March only?

      1. Basavaraj-its no where clear that, how the interest will be deposited. I understand its compound interest, but any point it will be in bank right !…i am asking will it be done once a year or quarterly?

  35. Sir, as per new rules can i deposit 1.5 lakh in each of two daughters’ account in one FY? i.e. 3 Lakh per year?

  36. Hi

    What if I invest 1.5 Lakhs on Day 1 of opening of the Samriddhi Yojana Account.

    The interest as per the above table you provided will be 1000+ INR in the first month, rather 1000 every month and makes 12000 per year interest?

  37. Sir, as you said now we can invest in ssy upto 15 years of daughter. Does this apply to old accounts opened before this rule?

  38. Hello
    I want to know,,, is it mandatory to add same ammount every year in sukanya samridhi yojna,,, ex if i add 10000 ist year, can i add 20000 in second year??????

  39. Sir if i am investing 1.5 lakh in my ppf account every year then can i invest 1.5 lakh in sukanya also in the name of my daughter.. my daughter dob is 19.9.17 and i m planing to open a sukanya account..

  40. Good day Sir. Please note my residential status is NRI but my daughter is staying in India and is a resident, so can I open an account for them.

      1. Good day Sir, Thank you.

        Please advise , now can I change the guardianship of my daughter’s account to my wife’s name as she is a resident Indian and if Not then can I close this account in the post-office and what will be the procedure for the same.

  41. Hello Sir! Very Informative Article. Regarding Sukanya Yojana, is the maturity amount upon completion of the Term, Taxable or free from Taxation? Will any TDS be deducted at the time of maturity from the maturity amount.
    Best Regards.

  42. Hello Basu

    Great article, thanks for sharing awesome information always.

    I had a confusion related to how a ‘Year’ is defined in such schemes. Could you please help in understanding this if possible.

    Let me share an example with you:

    Assuming someone opens an account for his kid on 10th July, 2015 and deposits amount in it 20000/- for whole year.

    The kid has her birthday on 15th August.

    Now, in this case, what will be considered as one year:

    a. 10th July 2015 to 10th July 2016 – because that is when the account is opened

    b. 15th August 2015 will end the first year and the new year will be 15th August 2015 to 15th August 2016 as the kid’s birthday is on 15th August

    c. 1st April, 2016 will mark the beginning of new year coinciding with the start of new financial year and its always the financial year which counts.

    This is also to identify the duration when we can make the payment for next year without any confusion.

    Thanks for your time Basu.


      1. Thanks Basu. So this way someone who made yearly payment on 10th July 2015, should make the next payment after 1st April, 2016 and can make it till 31st March 2017. Correct Basu?

  43. Abhishek Rathore

    Hello Sir,

    I have SSY account for my daughter in ICICI bank and I pay contribution online , This year end I will be going abroad for 3 years with my family, please advise what will happen to SSY account during these 3 years, if I need to close this then can I reopen it once I am back to India after 3 years?

    What is the best way to deal with this situation as I don’t want to close SSY account because it secures my daughter’s future.


    1. Abhishek-As you are moving abroad for more than a year, your residential status will automatically change to NRI. Hence, it is better to inform to bank about the same and close the account before you leave. As of now rules are specific of closing the account immediately the status changes to NRI. Hence, you are not allowed to re-open the account. However, if you are eligible for opening the account, then you can open new account once you return.

  44. Hi,
    Thank you for a very informative post. My daughter holds a PIO card, will I be eligible to invest in SSA?

  45. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the detailed information about SSY Account.
    I have SSY account for my daughter which was opened it in January – 2017.

    I have one query regarding the change of “# Term of Deposit changed”. I assume that it changes the minimum term of deposit.

    Suppose if I only invest for 14 years and then should my account charged for Penalty because the account is inactive for 15th year?

      1. No Sir,

        I am a little bit confused about the “# Term of Deposit changed”. As you mentioned that now we can invest up to 15 years instead of 14 years. But if I only invest till 14 years, will that account applicable for Penalty because the account is inactive for 15th year.

  46. Sir,
    Can one claim exemption upto Rs.3.00 lacs under 80C if two SSA accounts are opened and Rs.1.50 lacs is paid into each?

  47. if I want to deposit 12,000/year, which one is best option, every month 1000 or 12000/- single time? If single time is best, suggest the best time for deposit

      1. Thanks a lot for quick reply.
        I just want to know, If I can afford both the ways, which is beneficial, in terms of interest gain.
        May be you can let me know the accumulated interest in both the cases.

  48. Hi,

    Your article is useful.
    I am NRI. I recently opened KSA (Aug 2016) for my daughter in my bank. They did not inform anything like what you say that NRI is not allowed. I have paid 1.5L already.
    Can you please suggest me to close this account and transfer money to either PPF or MF?
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Ganesh-They did biggest mistake. You are an NRI means you are not allowed to open at first. However, you already opened. Hence, in written you must inform to Bank that unknowingly you opened the account. They have to close the account immediately and will take it back any interest credited to it. The principal amount you deposited will be returned to you without any interest.

      1. Thank for your quick respond.
        Could you please suggest me to transfer this money (yearly 1.5L) into Mutual fund as i read your article with regards to the same?


          1. Good morning!
            Thank you for your reply.

            I would like to expect the same return as KSA if i deposit 1.5L per annum in MF.

            In additon i would like to invest 8L for 6 months and 2 L for 1 year in MF

            Kindly suggest me the relavent MF


            1. Ganesh-You can start with asset allocation like debt:equity in ratio of 30:70. For debt you can use PPF (as you are claiming that you are ready to wait for 15 years). For 6 months to a year investments, use Bank NRI FDs.

  49. Sir,
    I have a SSY account in post office but I want transfer it from P.O. to a bank. So what is the process? Pls explain me….

  50. Sir
    If my daughter is 18 years old and going to marry.
    What are the documents that needs to be produced at the time of Account closure?
    I meant, any document(Proof) required that she is going to marry?


  51. If I open a account for girl child whose age is 9 year then how many more year I have to invest
    15 year means 24 yr but rule says it matured on attaining 21yr ..
    Explain it sir..

  52. With respect to the Term of Deposit, I understand that the deposits can be made till 14 (or 15 now) years from the start date of investing and not up to the 15 years of the girl child. As per the point discussed here – “Earlier deposit in Sukanya Samruddhi Account will be allowed up to the 14 years of age of girl child. Now it is increased to 15 years. So you are allowed to invest one more year”.

    Could you please let me know whether my understanding is correct.

  53. Hi,

    Stumbled upon this blog. Must say that the articles are very informative & detailed.

    My daughter is born in Oct 2006. I have opened the SSY account on Sep 2015.

    Please help with clarity on the following:

    1. Till what date can I deposit into this account ?

    2. When can the 100% of the money be withdrawn ?

    3. Upto which time I can hold the account without closing & can earn interest ?

    Thank you in advance.


  54. Hi Basu,

    Just a generic query.. for SSY or PPF should we keep the investment premium amount constant year over year or can there be variations (depending upon my investment capability)
    Year 1= 75000
    Year 2= 50000
    Year 3= 80000 .. and so on
    Or should that be constant?

    Or should a person continue with the same first year premium all throughout the 15 year tenure?

    please reply

  55. Hello sir,
    Appreciate your style of writing in simple and too cleaR MANNER.
    I am planning to invest in SSY scheme for my 1 yr old daughter.
    I want to know best way to open and invest in SSY account ONLINE on monthly basis.Transactions online.
    I don’t want to visit banks at all. Pls help.

  56. You said in your blog that we can withdraw maoney from account after girl passes 10 std. in 5 installments. but together the sum should be 50% money of balance or whatever amount is needed for edecation.

  57. Sir,
    I have a Account of SSY in Post Office. I want to transfer my SSY account to State Bank of India from Post Office. what is the process & Notification of Govt. of India.
    Can I do this?
    Because the Post Office staff say that they have Not any notification of Govt. of India regarding this.

    Please Suggest.

  58. Rakesh Bhardwaj

    Dear sir I have already invested 1.4 lakh in sukanya last year. Now I want a scheme with flexible investment amount ( suppose 1lakh this year 1.5 lakh next year and so on for a Term of 18 to 20 years. Please guide me in what scheme should I invest other than sukanya as my limit of sukanya has already been exhausted.

  59. Pavan Kumar Reddy

    Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    What is the best approach for Depositing the Amount in SSA.

    Monthly or Yearly?


  60. My Brother (Non-resident) opened a Sukanya Samriddhi Account for his daughter in May 2015 itself. Both my brother and his daughter are non-residents. What is the rule for his daughter? The rule has changed only in May 2016. We opened the account in May 2015 itself.

    1. Mahesh-Please read once again the above clarification. It states clearly that account holder (KID), must not be an NRI. If she is NRI, then you must inform immediately. Otherwise, you will not earn any interest on such accounts. At that time the rules may not be clear. But it is best for your brother to inform them and close the account.

      1. Hii
        One small clarification required
        Actually I’m depositing lumsum amount every year in the month of March every year.

        So can you suggest me is it better to deposite in March every year or April . Because since I have opened account in 2016 and then onward from March 2017 march 2018 march 2019 and march 2020 i have deposited the amount

        So pls advise if I have to deposite it in April or its fine to deposited in March as I’m doing it last 4 years

        Just to clarify my doubt as your chart in the post is for monthly basis

        Thanks and retards

  61. I just got an account open for my daughter was looking for more details on how this a/c going to work in terms of interest, maturity..etc you just answered all the question cheers Thanks a lot sir

    1. I opened ssy account for my daughter on 21 feb. 2019 , i have following queries
      1) what is the maturity date of this account?
      2) is there any difference in maturity value for account opened in february and april?
      3)which time of year should i invest in this account now onwards to get maximum returns or i should invest in feb. every year?

  62. Thanks a lot for such an important information.The way you present intricacies related to any investment option or policy is really appreciated and is really very insightful.You are simply best at what you do. Thanks again.

      1. Sir .I want to open SSY account for 9yr old child . For how many year I have to invest . Rule says 15yr .I do so then it mature on 24th year . But SSY rule says it mature on attaining the age of 21
        My investment actual work for 6 or 15 please explain

    1. Sir,
      What is better for maximum benefits ??
      Opening Sukanya samridhi account in march 2020 or April 2020.??

      I want to deposit amount in lumpsum of 1,50,000/-

      Capable on depositing in both financial year.

      If I open account in March 2020 then for 2019-20 financial year will be counted as one year and I have to bear interest loss. Is it so ???

      1. Dear Ajay,
        “What is better for maximum benefits ??
        Opening Sukanya samridhi account in march 2020 or April 2020.??”-THE BEST OPTION IS OPENING NOW.
        If you open the SSY in March 2020, then you can deposit up to Rs.1,50,000 before 1st April 2020 and on or after 1st April, 2020 you are again eligible to invest one more Rs.1,50,000 up to 31st March 2021.

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