Salary definition for calculations of Gratuity,HRA, EPF and Leave Encashment

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Salary consists of so many components like Basic, DA, HRA, Bonus, Commission, Allowances and Perquisites. But while calculating Gratuity, HRA,  EPF and value of perquisites for rent free/concessional house we need to consider  only few components of salary. So let us look into detail about those considerations.

1) Salary definition for Gratuity

A) Gratuity covered under Payment of Gratuity Act 1972-For this purpose salary means only Basic salary and Dearness Allowance (DA). No other salary components will not be considered for calculaiton.

B) Gratuity not covered under Payment of Gratuity Act 1972-For this purpose salary means  Basic salary, Dearness Allowance (DA) and Commission (if paid as a % of turnover).

Remember while considering salary in the case of  (B) Gratuity not covered under Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 DA need to be considered only if it is forming part of retirement benefit otherwise not to consider. Also Commission should be in the form of % of turnover not lump sum payment.

2) Salary definition for House Rent Allowance (HRA)-For calculation of House Rent Allowance (HRA) you need to consider Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance(DA) and Commission (if paid as % of turnover).

Again in this case too DA need to be considered if it is forming part of retirement benefit otherwise not to consider and Commission also need to % of turnover.

3) Salary definition for Employee Provident Fund (EPF)– For calculation of salary components under employer’s contribution towards recognized provident fund too we need to consider the same salary components of HRA i,e Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance(DA) and Commission (if paid as % of turnover). Also the above said conditions of considering DA and Commission too will apply here also.

Click here to see updated meaning of salary for calculation of EPF contribution.

4) Salary definition for Leave Encashment-In this case also you need to consider the same salary components as you considered for HRA and EPF.

5) Salary definition for rent-free/concessional house perquisite valuation-Below salary components are considered while calculating the valuation of perquisite.

a) Basic Salary;

b) Dearness Allowance (if terms of employment so provides);

c) Bonus;

d) Commission;

e) fees;

f) All taxable allowances (excluding amount not taxable); and

g) any monetary payment which is chargeabble to tax (by whatever name called).

But it does not include-DA if not considered for retirement benefits, employer’s contribution to provident fund account of an employee, all allowances which are exempt from tax, any lumpsum amount received like Gratuity, Leave Encashment, VRS or Commutation of Pension and value of perquisites (under section 17 (2)).

Hope I simplified the Salary definition for the calculation of above facilities. 

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193 Responses

  1. I have resigned from a Pvt. Ltd company after 16.3 yrs. My company does not have DA in salary structure but apart from HRA & PF, it puts upto 84% of Basic as Transport Allowance (less any amount opted for Non-Taxable Benefit like Sodexo Meal Coupons, Fuel & Chauffeur Allowance, Telephone Allowance, Child Education Allowance). Hence Shouldn’t this Transport Allowance Not be considered at par with DA for Cost of Living Allowance and be counted for Gratuity calculations?

  2. Hello sir, I’ve joined my (Pvt. Ltd.) organisation on 25/oOt/2017 and my reliveing date is 09/June/2022.
    Am I eligible for gratuity?

    If no then why? please suggest me how can I avail for gratuity!!

    Thanks in advance.

  3. I have joined on 01/06/2017 and working till now 05/04/2022 am I eligible for gratuity.
    Work period
    To 05/04/2022

  4. Hello sir,
    Need to know how the basic is calculated on net salary Rs. 25000/-. I left my previous job in 2016. I worked for 5.5years in the same company. How much Gratuity should I get? Please let me know.

    Thank you

  5. Dear sir
    I am completed 4 years 8 I am desided to resign my job. Am I eligible for gratuity. Now my basic salary is 20 k . If compeny depramoted my basic salary is 15k. Which on is considered sir

  6. Sir Graduity calculation if package is Basic., HRA and Special allowances in payslip which are all considered and for the period sept 14 to aug 19 whether graduity will come please clarify sir

  7. Sir I’ve worked in one of the institution for 2 years 8 months ( 18 AGUST 2017 to 30 th APRIL 2020)

    Am I eligible for Gratuity ? YES OR NO

  8. Dear Sir, Our Company compulsorily pays us leave salary on March 31st each year. Should such encashment of leave salary form part for salary for the purpose of calculating Exempt HRA. Reasons for this doubt (1) Leave salary is neither an allowance nor a perquisite but part of salary (2) It is compulsorily encashed and paid to us us each year ; can not be carried forward and hence can not lapse ; hence there is certainty of payment unless of course if we do avail of all leaves. (3) however since Leave salary rules can be different for different organisations and payable only in case the employee has not taken any leave then it does appear like a perquisite and should not form part of Salary for calculating HRA. Your views please

  9. how to the private concern has decieded to give the every monthly salary has converted to 26days related of graduty rule

  10. my company has kept the basic salary unchanged for more than 10 years and increased only the composite allowance to reduce the gratuity liability is it legal. the com. allowance is almost 5 times the basic salary now. where can we represent this.

  11. Sir, I am working 4Y 9M 14D I am eligible for gratuity or not and gratuity is applicable for basic salary or gross salary

      1. Sir I’ve worked in one of the institution for 6 years 5 months ( 1st May 2003 to 30 th September 2009) I was not given my gratuity so I claimed it now after 10 years
        Now they have give gratuity for 6 years
        Am I eligible for interest for these 10 years
        If yes what will be the rate of interest

        1. Hello Sir,
          Could you please enlighten on the following:
          – My basic is 1500 and my other allowance is 1500.
          – I’m in a staff category. So for staff category our company gives 40 days leave per years
          – I have completed 3 years. And I have total vacation days 90. So, how much leave settlement shall I get.
          Thank you

  12. I joined a company in 1- Feb- 2015.

    a) If I leave the company on 30-Apr- 2020, will I get gratuity, given that:
    – I worked part-time for 6 months during 2014 with 50% salary.
    – I have taken a continuous (paid) leave for 1.5 months in 2015.

    b) If I leave the company on 15-Jan-2020, will I get the gratuity (considering point (a) above)?

    c) If I take an LOA (Leave of Absence) for 3 months in 2019, during which I will not get salary and leave the company on 30-Apr-2020, will I get gratuity (considering point (a) above)

    1. Dear Vijay,
      a) As per me, if your part time tenure is also equal to the time of work of a regular employee, then your such part time tenure is also considered for gratuity. Otherwise NO. Regarding the leave, it is the paid means no worries. If the leave is without pay, then it is considered as absence.

  13. Hello sir,

    I was working for one of the india based organisation for more than 5 years and I had resigned from my designation in March 2016.

    That time, i was in argument regarding my gratuity but they have denied with the reason that they don’t have any policy and even they are not considered gratuity as a part of my package which was offered.

    Can you please provide information on the company’s response. In which case company can denied to give gratuity as I completed without any single allegation against me and can i take any legal action against the company in case the company is fooling me and many more who all are working day and night for them?

    Requesting your valuable input as I am fed up with their illogical answers.

    Thanks and Regards

      1. Thanks for your valuable reply and time.
        Request you to kindly guide me process to file a complain against my previous organisation?

  14. Can one include Grade Pay ( in case of a lecturer in Govt. Polytechnic in Maharashtra) in the salary for the purpose of calculation of HRA? So can it be a total of Basic plus Dearness Allowance & Grade Pay?

  15. Hi sir, I have basic pay-15500 , HRA- 7500, conveyance – 2000 & other allowances- 18750.
    I have passed 5years 2 months.
    To caliculate my gratuity, conveyance and other allowances- will come under D.A. Because they have not stated any D.a. directly.
    Please give your valuable suggision

      1. Dear Sir,

        Can you pls share any supportive documents like : Case Laws or section for above which explain definition of Basic +DA for Gratuity payments.(Sec.2(s) “wages” means all emoluments which are earned by an employee while on duty or on leave in accordance with the terms and conditions of his employment and which arc paid or arc payable to him in cash and includes dearness allowance but does not include any bonus, commission, house rent allowance, overtime wages and any other allowance.)

  16. In My Payslip , There is 2 sections Earnings and Deductions.
    In Earnings it shows the Following:
    1. Basic Salary
    2. HRA
    3. Conveyance allowance
    4. Medical
    5. Special allowance

    So from the above earnings what are the earnings considered for Gratuity Calculation

  17. If every month any one is getting the variable monthly commission besides his basic salary then is it considerable the monthly commission to calculate his gratuity payment at the time of his leaving the job as per the 1972 act of gratuity payment ??

  18. How much or what portion of the salary (Pay, Grade Pay, DA, Hill Compensatory Allowance…) one needs to repay as per the bond executed to repay the salary (with interest) received during a foreign training period if resigned within stipulated 3 years?

  19. If someone is getting more than Rs 21000 as total salary but he wants to get the benefits of ESIC then is there any way to get it?

  20. Sir, In Initial Salary slip Shows DA But Recent Slip Not Showing DA . Am I Eligible For Gratuity on Behalf of DA?

  21. Sir,

    By profession, I am a Retina Specialist working with one NGO Trust Hospital since last about 12 years. During 2008 I was designated as Medical Coordinator and subsequently elevated as Director (Medical Services). My remuneration is paid by transferring funds at my bank account [Total amount showed as SPECIAL PAY by deducting 10% TDS]. I have since been proposed to relocate to hyderabad, I had tendered resignation (2months notice). According to the prevailing practice, employees leaving the institution have been paid ” BASIC ONLY ” by not considering “SPECIAL PAY”. In my case total remuneration that I have been receiving was shown as SPECIAL PAY. Please advice whether I am eligible for Gratuity? dr.skr –


        1. Sir, my present salary….Basic -8784, Fixed Dearness Allowance-12515, Variable Dearness Allowance-4748….

          I have completed 23 years in a private company.

          Can you please calculate my Gratuity if I quit the job now?

            1. Ok sir, I have asked your help since two types of DA is given…which I have to take or both DAs +Basic…please advice..I will calculate

  23. Dear Sir, I worked for a compnay for 7+ years and left, its almost 6 months since I left my company and have sent many mails on clearance of my gratuity but no response from management. How should I go forward in this case.
    Please let me know.


  24. Sir,

    If NO DA is mentioned in Salary Structure and other allowances mentioned…. than what will be taken for gratuity calculation purpose.

    Kindly explain.

  25. My company is providing following salary structure, in which gratuity is fixed to 1389. I should also get gratuity according to the law as per formula. Please guide me. I have completed six years.

    Basic Salary is 15195
    DA is 13676
    Gratuity is shown in salary structure 1389.

  26. While calculating gratuity if DA is given and of that part suppose 60% ia for retirement benefit so why we take whole DA instead of 60%

      1. If covered by the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 then the entire DA is to be taken into count, irrespective of whether it forms a part of retirement benefit or not. Hence, DA is taken at its full value. However if not covered under the Act, then DA which is forming a part of the retirement benefit only is to be considered.

  27. If DA is given in percentage and nothing is stated whether DA wil enter for retirement benefit or not..
    Should we consider it for Retirement Benefit???

      1. For the calcuation of gratutiy Not covered..we consider DA(if it enters for retirement benefit).
        If DA is given in % and no info is given whether DA enters r not)..should we consider it???and why??

  28. Respected sir,

    How da and dp calculate in both retirement benefit and also eployement benefit,varities calculation in salary calculation please explain clearly

  29. If an employee paid 5 lac Leave encashment and 3 Lac is exempted , while computing Prerequisite on free accommodation 2 Lac Leave encashment (3 Lac Already exempted) which is taxable will come in the salary to calculate CLA or NOT.


  31. Dear sir
    I want to know that how to calculate the gratuity amount if employee demise in between their service. Employee had completed 32 years and comes under U.T. government. kindly revert.
    Thank you.

  32. Sir, why is the definition of salary different for every other thing like gratuity, epf, hra etc?

  33. hi basu,

    pls let me know the % in my salary they hav made
    basic 6000
    Da 4500
    HRA 3000
    Conveyance 1500
    Pf 1260

    how much pf%,hra%,da% they hav deducted.


      1. basic 6000
        Da 4500
        HRA 3000
        Conveyance 1500
        Pf 1260

        DA dearness allowance
        hra house rent allowance
        pf provident allowance ( deducted)

  34. Sir, I am teacher working in zilha parishad in Maharashtra. My total service is 5years & i just resigned….Am i eligible for getting graduity ?

      1. Sir,
        clerk in Zilha parishad pension department says “minimum 15years service required for claiming graduity.”
        What should i do?

  35. Sir,I have 4 lakhs saved money and after 6 months ill be having another 5 lakhs. My needs are two -first car( alto) and second house. how to utilize my money for both. I am thinking to purchase car without going for CAR LOAN, so that i dont get on to the obligation of paying EMI and ill be left free to pay EMI for home , in case i take it. Plz provide your valuable suggestions.

  36. I want to know about pf,pt,tds, bonus , esci, payroll – calculation methods and details.

    kIndly reply as i want prepare for inteview.

  37. after increment salary goes more than 20k, now employer started deducting both PF contributions from my salary. previously it was not like that. When I asked they said if your total salary is more than 20k then it is as per rule. also they are not showing it in a salary slip, my salary slip shows total earnings 18700. as per appraisal letter total earnings should be 20500.
    is there any authority where I can complaint about this.
    waiting for your reply.
    Thank You.

  38. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can you please clarify if the supplimentary allowance be treated as dearness allowance for gratuity calculation purposes?

    Thanks in advance

  39. Hi,
    As I check my salary slip there are no DA in my salary slip, and I want to know about my DA so request you to kindly advise how will i calculate my DA.

    Suppose my salary is 15000 and basic salary is 6500 so what is the DA?
    And How can I calulate my DA?

      1. Hi…

        can you please explain what components should be included in salary for the purpose of calculation of voluntary retirement scheme

          1. Thanks……….another query is that for calculation of EPF should we take DA including retirement benefits and commission as % of turnover for contribution of both employee and employer……….because in my notes nothing such information is provided.

              1. Thank you………..actually I am preparing for CFP exams and have cleared insurance and investment module……… preparing for retirement module…………..have some doubts if u can help me clear it…………if I invest 100000 in PPF on 1st april every year @ 8.7% then the amount which I am getting on maturity is 3117275. If I invest the same amount i.e 100000 at the end of every year on 31st march then the amount I am getting on maturity is 3217275. I wanted to ask whether the answers given by me are correct or not and if not kindly guide me. Also if we invest the same amount at any time in the middle of the year and continue it till the end then how much we would get on maturity.

  40. If the increment of rs 500 is being paid every once in a year, will it be added in calculation of average salary?

  41. Sir,
    I want to know that during the calculation of Bonus and Gratuity whether HRA will be a part of calculations components.

  42. I am a senior resident working in a govt hospital. I have a tenure of 3 yrs and wont get any retirement benefits. Shal i include my DA in my basic while calculating HRA. Also does HRA includes NPA

  43. I came across your blog. Very interesting. I think you can help me. I am 60 years old and running a traditional business.
    I need to expand and think HR is should be given top priority. I need to structure the pay roll for growth. If an employee deserves he should get it automatically. Therefore effective HR policy is required. Please help me formulating growth oriented pay structure and HR policy.


  44. After retirement, I can withdraw full PF amount or can keep a sum (say lakh) there and withdraw the rest.
    If the sum is kept for a specific period (say 1 year) I am told that an enhanced rate of interest( say 9.17%) for the whole PF amount will be applicable else the interest accrued will be low (say 8.33%).

    Is there any truth in it, or if there be, please educate.

  45. sir, basic 9530 hra 2338, cca500, transport 300 conv 500 medical 794 lta794 total exp:9yrs 6months please calculate total gratutrity amount by hand .please request calculate amount

  46. Most of the IT sectors, break salary component into Basic, HRA, TA, Special Allowance & Shift allowance, Individual performance pay etc. In this case, how do you calculate DA?



    1. No, Minimum wages cannot split by different connotations. Basic salary is as full minimum wages. We have to go by the definition of Fair wage, minimum wage and living wage.


      K N Banerjee

  48. If the official is in rent free quarters he is not getting HRA. However in leave encashment he is elegible or HRA or not? pl clarify me

  49. Hi Basu Nivesh.

    I am an employee of BPO. I am leaving my current company as I have now completed 7years and 7 months. So now I want to know that how my gratuity amount be calculated? For example: My last drawn salary is Rs. 10800/- due to health issues other it get fluctuates and I don’t what is considered out of this in Dearness allowance. Break up is BP – 4000, HRA – 2000, Medical Reimbursements – 1250 and Special allowance – 11194/-. After all this my guaranteed pay is 18444/-. Apart from this I have Performance Linked Incentive/Bonus – 1844, PF -Employer contribution – 480, Gratuity – 192, Insurance premium – 620, Retirals & Benefits – 1292. After which the Target Total Compensation – 21580/-

    So now please let me know what will be gratuity amount that I would be getting from my company. Please reply ASAP.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shridhar B Panchal.

      1. Its basic pay you mean? Please clarify causeif I am to calculate gratuity I am not certain what should be considered as DA allowances…I get Ex-gracia..conveyance…HRA…medical reimbursement…. other allowances and attire allowance….I have served 8.5 years…

  50. Sir,

    Adoc allowance is a part of my salary slip break up, Kindly tell me Adoc allowance will be either include or not for calcution of Gratuity/leaveincashment/PF/HRA.

  51. sir
    salary for the purpose of HRA as given above is wrong
    it does not include DA and comission at all

  52. Sir,

    1. I am working in a Mining Industry for the past 10 years these days what i thought for calculation of Gratuity is Last Salary Drawn X 15 X No of years of Service / 26 is this correct or wrong

    2. Now i want to know is there any new law for payment of Gratuity for which only Basic & Other allowances are to be considered

    3. in our company our payment terms are like this Basic & other Allowance (DA, HRA, Washing Allowance etc.,) but now a days we came to know that apart from above mentioned column there is another column which doesn’t cover under the payment of Gratuity. is there any such kind of column

    4.during the increment of April 2014 we came to know about that as there is new column is arrived and the total increment is mentioned that column, by some other sources we came to know that only March 2014 Salary is considered for payment of gratuity and the rest the value which is mentioned in the Third column is not considered for payment of Gratuity

    Kindly Clarify the above mentioned points at the earliest. the matter is urgent

    1. Rajshekhar-1) It is on last drawn salary. 2) No the definition is same as above. 3) No such column for gratuity calculation apart from the said formula. 4) I am not aware of what you are mentioning as “Column”.

  53. Sir if
    Total Salary is Rs. 100 per month(Basic: Rs. 50/,HRA: Rs. 25, other allowances: Rs. 25)
    If an employee is having 7 days accumulated leave
    Kindly let us know how much amount Company has to pay?

  54. Does salary for RFA includes salary from more than one source?
    I mean to say if Mr. X Employed with A ltd. & B Ltd. and A Ltd. provide him RFA then at the time of calculation of salary for RFA , does it include the salary of A Ltd. and B Ltd.? If yes, then what are the items of B ltd. we should include in calculating salary for RFA. Please Clarify

    1. Rohit-Can you clarify how Mr.X can be employed by two employers? Is you are saying about part time jobs or fultime? I am bit confused with your question. Can you elaborate more specifically about your doubt please.

      1. sir, I am talking about part time.
        Sir I have situation 2 also- in P.Y 12-13 Mr. X Retired from from A Ltd. and on the same P.Y he joined B Ltd, and B Ltd provides him RFA then in this situation should we take the salary of A Ltd.also to calculate RFA?

  55. Dear Mr. Basu,

    If house property is in the name of one brother, whether it can be shared with other 2 younger brothers after entering into a deed of family arrangement and whether it can be got registered. If answer to this is in negative, please inform whether the best possible course is to make a gift of 50% shares to younger brothers (@25% to both). In such case whether gift deed is to be got registered and also the 50% share in the property will have to be registered by them. What will be the total rate of stamp duty or tax applicable in that case.
    KK Sarawagi

    1. K.K.Sarawagi-Your query seems to be more legal than personal finance. Hence I request you to consult a lawyer on this issue.

      1. In ‘taxguru’ site yesterday there was an article by Mr. R. Kumar on family agreements with regard to sharing of property. As I received one query in this respect from my colleague, I forwarded the same to him as well as to you.
        O.K., in any case, he will seek legal assistance in the matter. At the outset, I have said that deed of gift will be the best option.

        1. K.K.Sarawagi-I know that gift deed is best option. But I plainly not give you advice and I am not the legal expert. Hence advised you to consult a lawyer.

  56. The employee is eligible for 60 days leave & he is taking 15 days leave only & he has given a leave settlement of two months BP+HRA+DA.After 15 days when he joins is it necessary to give him HRA+ DA for the leave settled months again on salary time with BP.(Or in encashment of leave salary is it necessary to give HRA & DA)

  57. Director is employee of company and I feel commission received as fixed percentage of net profit is salary, however, it should not be considered for the purpose of calculating exemption of HRA u/s 10(13A) read with Rule 2A since it is in the nature of contingent receipt which matures only after the end of the financial year. Hence, Salary for this purpose has to be read within the meaning of Rule 2(h) of Schedule IV of the I.T.Act. Please inform if I am correct otherwise I request you to please provide some judicial ruling in this respect.

    1. K.K.Sarawagi-I agree with your points. It specifically mentions that 1) component from employer should be in the form of HRA but not as % of commission 2) You need to be rented. So both the conditions will not get satisfied. Hence we can’t consider this as HRA.

    Please read “accommodation owned by the company” instead of “accommodation owned by the director”.

  59. Whether commission payable to Director of company as fixed percentage of net profit shall form part of salary for calculation of perquisite for providing rent-free accommodation owned by the Director. Similarly, whether salary for the purpose of calculating exemption of HRA u/s 10(13A) would also include above-stated commission.

    1. K.K.Sarawagi-If director is employee of company then commission payable to director is considered as salary otherwise this commission will be treated under the head either of Income from Business or Income from other source depending on the facts.Now rent-free accomodation benefit will be treated again as a perquisite if director is employee of company and same case applies to HRA also.

  60. if employee retired on Feb.13 and leave encashment paid in April 2013 then taxable encashment calculate as per slab of 2012-13 or 2013-14 ?

    1. Basis of charge in respect of salary income is fixed by section 15. Salary is chargeable to tax either on “due” basis or on “receipt” basis, whichever matures earlier.

  61. Its interesting to note that in the Salary definition for rent-free/concessional house perquisite valuation, the author has mentioned that Leave Encashment should not be considered. But, Leave Encashment is of two tyoes – 1. Leave Encashment during the service period which is fully taxable and 2. Terminal Leave Benefit at the time of separation from active service. I want to know which Leave Encashment does the author refer to.

    1. Krish-DA stands for “Dearness Allowance”, this is the allowance your employer will pay considering the cost of survival. HRA is limited to your house rent. So both are different.

  62. whether DA is to be considered or not for HRA purpose if it is clearly not mentioned that it forms part for retirement benefit…???

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