Online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore – How to check?

How to check Online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore? Is there any property valuation calculator in Bangalore? What is the property value in Bangalore 2018? For all these questions the answer is a simple online tool developed by the Government of Karnataka.

The Stamps and Registration Department has launched an online property valuation calculator

In many cases, the price of Guidance Value is much lesser than the market value. However, you can understand the price movement of the area by referring to this Guidance Value of different parts of the city.

Before jumping to searching the guidance value, you must understand what is the guidance value and market value. I have already written a detailed post on this “Guidance Value of Bangalore – How it affects property price?“.

What is the meaning of Guidance Value?

Guidance value is nothing but a price of the property as per the local Government. For example, the Government of Karnataka declares the Guidance Value for Bangalore. You can’t register the property below this price. I will try to explain the same from below image.

In guidance value, there are two types.

# Land Value-This value is only for lands not for any constructed properties. Hence an open site value is measured as land value.

# Composite Value-This value is for the constructed properties where it includes both land value as well as the value of buildings.

Guidance Value of Bangalore

You noticed that for Property B, the market price is Rs.8,000 per Sq Ft. But the Government Guidance Value is Rs.4,000 per Sq Ft. You can register the property at the rate anywhere between Rs.4,000 to Rs.8,000.

In the case of Property A, the market is the price is Rs.2,000 per Sq Ft. But the Government Guidance Value is Rs.4,000. Hence, you are not allowed to register the property below the Government Guidance Value.

It clarifies that you are no longer allowed to register your property below the price of Government Guidance Value. However, you are free to register at any price which is above the Government Guidance Value.

Hope you now got an idea about Guidance Value.

Why Government raises the Guidance Value of Properties?

For Government, the major revenue source is property registration. By raising the guidance value, the Government expects higher revenue. Therefore, once in 3-4 years usually there will be an increase in guidance value.

How Guidance Value of property affect the prices?

Let us say Property XYZ is currently selling at Rs.4,000 Sq. Ft. and Government Guidance Value is Rs.3,000. Then there is a sudden jump in Government Guidance Value from Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,500. In such situation, the property owner of XYZ will definitely not willing to sell his property less than Rs.4,5000. Because he knows Government itself fixed the price at Rs.4,500 then why he wants to lose by selling it lesser than the Guidance Value.

In this way, whenever there is a revision in Government Guidance Value, the price of real estate will jump. It is not the affordability of the buyer. But the price, below which no one ready to sell. Hence, with revision in Guidance Value, those who are in real estate business will feel happy. But the buyers feel it sad as the price of real estate will automatically raise.

Online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore – How to check?

The Stamps and Registration Department has launched an Online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore. Using this tool, you can calculate the online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore easily.

The calculator software has been loaded with details of all areas in Bengaluru Urban and Rural in BDA, BBMP and gram panchayat limits.

It is a simple online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore, using which you can easily find out the valuation of the area you are looking for.

Let me explain the same as below.

Step 1- Visit the Kaveri Online Services know valuation details page.

Online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore

In the basic search, you have to choose the district from the drop-down menu, then type three letters of the area you are looking for, then by default when you select the area, the other details like Taluka, Village Name and Hobli will pop up.

Then you have to enter the property usage type (like Agriculture land or Non-Agriculture Land), then enter the measurement of your property and choose the measurement unit also. Then finally click on Display Valuation.

It will show you the current guidance value of the property.

However, if you opted for the Advanced Search, then additionally you have to select the details like registration district and SRO office in which your property belongs. Once you search using either basic or advance search option, the results look like below.

Online Guidance Value Calculator Bangalore

You notice that the guidance value is in terms of per square meter. You have to convert it to per square feet by dividing the value to 10.7639.

Hope this information and real-time online property guidance valuation calculator in Bangalore will make life easy for the property buyers.


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  1. Please any one cane help me.. i need to know the guidance value of the property in 2000-2001 property situated at Old Madras Road, Bandapura, Bidarahalli Hobli.

    1. Dear Kiran,
      Sadly I don’t have such data. However, to get that, better to visit the concerned sub-registrar office and get it.

  2. Hi,

    I couldn’t find the apartment’s guidance value which I’m planning to buy in Kaveri website.
    What may be the reason?

    1. Dear Aparna,
      It may be due to the property ownership not being divided. Better to check with regional sub-registrar office.

  3. The Kaveri website gives only one fixed value and does not provide the range. How does one get the range as explained in the example above (4000 – 8000). Also, how does the age of the building (in case of residential apartments) affect the valuation. I tried the Kaveri website to find the value of apartment situated between Margosa Road and 4th Main Road, 11th Cross, Malleswaram, Blr – 560003. I am getting only one value of Rs. 150,000/= per sq.metre. Would you be able to help us with the range for this property

  4. Hi
    I recently sold my villa at Sterling Villa Grande located at Whitefield – Hoskote Rd, next to Sai Gardens, Sai Gardens, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067, India.

    Somehow I am not able to get the guidance value from this Kaveri website. Could you please help?


  5. What is the Govt SR value of a plot in Varanasi village , Bangalore East , in the year 2001? I need this data to calculate capital gain of a plot sold by me in 2018 . Shall appreciate urgent reply .

  6. Hi,
    Urban development authority has some vacant plots and We purchased land from Urban development authority in 1992 but they did not issue letter. But in encumbrance certificate my father name is not reflected which we got updated NOW few months back.Now has EC has my father name

    We only have sale deed but no allotment letter. will it create an issue?

    If suppose allotment letter required what is the process?

      1. Sir
        I got 400 sft residential main rd property ( old house 1945) at bhyasam road cotton pet nr cottonpet police station gandhinagar bangalore What is today guideline value Also any land go for road cutting

    1. It is not clear if you are referring to BDA property in Bangalore. Usually, banks need the following – at least 13-30 years of property history, which includes Allottment letter, Possession Certificate, Sale Deed, Sale Deed between Housing Society and the original owners, GPA (if any), A Khatha, Layout Plan Approval at the bare minimum. I would suggest approach the UDA to get these documents. Also, it is better to get an expert opinion from a reputed Lawyer who can assert that the property is marketable. Another way to check if the documents are sufficient is to approach good Public Sector Banks (not private Banks or NBFCs) telling them you want to take home loan. They would anyways do the due diligence and you would know what are missing. Public Sector Banks usually do better legal due diligence than others.

  7. Hello,

    I have availed home loan for my flat through SBI and they are asking me for a valuation certificate for top up loan, please help me

  8. Dear Basavaraj,
    You right wonderful articles and very easy to follow. Please keep posting. I am planning to buy a resale property. Is Guidance Value different for a resale apartment ? How do I determine market value price ?
    This is for Neeladrinagar , Ecity Phase 1 , Bangalore.

  9. Hi. Do we need to enter share in land as total area, or super-build up area in the above calculator?

    Also, if I have exclusive terrace area of say 100 square feet. How do we consider the same?


  10. I am not able to find my aptmt name in the list. If i specify the area name “Shubh Enclave” for flat/apmt it errors saying no value found

  11. Dear sir, would the guidance value of a plot of land be different from that of an apartment/flat in the same area?

  12. Dear Basavaraj,

    Has the new guidance value for Bangalore came into effect? If yes please tell me where I can check the guidance value as per new rates.


      1. Hi basavaraj

        I have the guidance value with me but wanted to know free market value. I googled up and found the name ZIPPSERVE who would assist in process. But I am not to sure if that is the way to proceed. Can you pls advise as to who will help me with free market value

        Thank you

        1. While there is no authoritative source of market price, you can always get a fair range of estimated value. Please check in realty sites like Magic Bricks, 99acres, makaan and nobrokers on what is the current rate asked by Sellers in / around your locality. Also, call up some real estate agents disguising as both buyer and seller and understand what is the going rates. Based on both these you can get a range within +/- 10 %.

  13. the rates at which people are selling is more than twice the guidance. guidance value is 35L but minimum price asked is 80L. place is at basavanagar 560037. do let me know if i made a calculation mistake.

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