List of Index Funds in India 2020

Index Funds are gaining popularity among Indian investors. However, there is no proper categorization for Index Funds to find and identify the available funds. Hence, I thought to prepare the list of Index Funds in India 2020.

Do remember that, while preparing this list, I am not concentrating on the returns. Instead, to make your life easier, I am concentrating on the Expense Ratio, Tracking Error, and the AUM.

In my list of Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2020, I have already mentioned my intentions of why I am adopting the Index Funds. Hence, for those who may wish to follow their choice of funds, this list of Index Funds in India 2020 may be helpful.

I have updated the data as of June 2020 factsheets. Also, wherever the tracking error is not provided in the factsheets, I kept that data blank.

List of Index Funds in India 2020 Nifty 50 Nifty Next 50

In the above list, I shared the Nifty 50 and Nifty Next 50 Index Funds list.

In the below sheet, I am sharing the remaining list of Index Funds in India

List of Index Funds in India 2020 Other Funds

You noticed that few AMCs not publishing the tracking error data. When we are choosing the Index Funds, this is the main data we have to look for. However, I am not sure why they are not publishing such data or I am unable to find the data. But I am sure that they are not publishing if we go by their monthly factsheets. The same AMCs are publishing the tracking error for ETFs but not for Index Funds. I think SEBI has to bring in this clarity for the investors. Let us hope for the same.

Conclusion:-Choosing the Index Funds is easy as we no need to run behind huge data research. However, the real game starts once you adopt the Index investing. Sticking to your decision is of the utmost importance when you opted the passive investing. I hope you too love the simplicity of your portfolio.

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9 Responses

  1. Hi basu,
    Do you suggest investing in MidCap& Small Cap index funds if I can stay invested for 10 years?
    Please suggest if Motilal N150 & N250 find are good to consider ?
    Is it advisable to invest in SNP500 Index fund ?

  2. Dear Basu,
    The returns shown for active MF on sites like value research are after deducting the fund expense ratio or before deducting them? For example, if the return is shown as 12% and expense ratio is 1%, will the investor actually get 11% during redemption or he will get 12% only? Thanks in advance.

  3. 1. What is the order i need to follow to choose / change index funds.
    1. Tracking error
    2. AUM
    3. TER.

    2. How to create a diversified portfolio which is free from concentration risk. For instance Nifty 50 index is Market capped Weighted index and too much concentration of top 5-10 stocks. At the same time Equal weight Index (Nifty 50 EW) is much better. If i choose 50% Nifty 50 + 50% Nifty next 50, Can i make sure my portfolio is well diversified( at least reducing concentration ) . NN50 index is much more diversified than N50. But why its so volatile than N50, (Is it because of concentrated portfolio). Please explain.

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