Launching Fee-Only Financial Planning Service!

It is pleasure to share with you all that I am launching aย Fee-Only Financial Planning Service. I have received my SEBI RIA registration certificate. Hence, happy to launch the much awaited Fee-Only Financial Planning Service.

Launching Fee-Only Financial Planning Service

As you may be aware that during the 6th Birthday of my blog, I have announced you that I am planning to launch Fee-Only Financial Planning Service. It took time due to some issues at my end and also with SEBI.

However, finally, I have received the SEBI RIA (Registered Investment Adviser ) registration certificate yesterday.

Why have I started Fee-Only Financial Planning Service?

When I completed CFP in the year of 2011, I was unaware that one-day SEBI will bring this regulation. That turned reality in the year of 2013. However, to be eligible to apply for SEBI RIA, one must also be a graduate along with other required educational and experiences.

But the biggest hurdle in my case was that I was an undergraduate (even though completed CFP). This took lot of time for me to complete graduation and then apply for SEBI RIA.

I always have an intention that services or guidance to investors must be CONFLICT-FREE. But such conflict-free advice is not possible if I am associated with any Mutual Fund Companies or Insurance companies.

SEBI RIA regulations are very much strict in this front that once we register ourself then we must not sell any products nor eligible to earn the commission or remuneration in whatever way. We have to depend on fee we receive as a compensation for our service of financial planning.

Hence, I felt that SEBI RIA is the only way forward if advisers are customer centric and ready to offer conflict-free and trustworthy financial planning service.

This made me to register myself as SEBI RIA.

Whether I continue blogging and replying to readers comment?

For few, there is an apprehension that I may stop blogging and reply to readers comments. No such plan in my mind. Blogging is my blood and replying to my readers comments, emails and social media messages will continue as long as I am alive ๐Ÿ™‚

Hence, I will continue blogging as I was earlier and will also be active in replying to all my readers comments.

What isย Fee-Only Financial Planning Service involves?

I already created a page for this particular section (Fee-Only Financial Planning Service). You can view the complete details of my service and fee I charge for the same.

I explained all the details related to service. If you still have doubts, then you can approach me directly for the same.

Is this Fee-Only Financial Planning Service for Bangaloreans only?

As I stay in Bangalore, it is common for others to ask this question. However, due to technological advancement, now distance does not matter. Hence, this service is for Bangaloreans and also other parts of India and world.

We can connect and set meetings through Skype or Whatsapp calls easily and data can be shared through emails.

Hence, my service is open to all irrespective of their geographical presence.

Thanks to all who supported me from ZERO to this level and I hope that you will support and guide me in future also.

Refer-Service details page at “Fee-Only Financial Planning Service“.

42 thoughts on “Launching Fee-Only Financial Planning Service!”

  1. HI Basu

    Have been a regular follower of your blogs.Also you have provided answers to questions

    Wishing you all the best

  2. Dear Basu,
    All the best for your new venture.
    By Gods grace and your hard work, you will reach great heights.
    Please continue blogging.

  3. Hello Basu,
    great to hear this, good luck in your endeavor. I am sure it is as unbiased and for the benefit of customers as you were doing it all along!
    All the best

  4. All the very best . You deserve the world of success for the unbiased help you have given thousands of investors

  5. Hi Basu, I’m looking forward, I have been following your articles and they are addressing most fin world questions and also that is my mind but could not spill ๐Ÿ™‚
    good luck on the fee-only service, but it will be good if you keep it an affordable to the general public and fixed income people like me!

  6. Deepesh Raghaw

    Many congrats Basu!!!
    Welcome to the tribe.
    I am sure many will benefit through your service.
    Wish you the very best.

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