11 thoughts on “Kotak Jifi Account-World’s First Socially powered Banking !!!”

  1. this kotak jifi is cheating people in the name of easy account opening. this creation is no different than giving all your documents and opening account. the front full-page ad they gave as if it is just 5 minutes business. It is really now. I even transferred money of Rs.5,000 and I didn’t even get an account number. They mention about an “appointment” which is not mentioned in Ad. They require all documents before we can operate an account. CHEATING ALL.

  2. Will it be a good idea to open a Jifi Saver Account with Kotak Bank? I read a review last day about the interest rate and how it gives more than 6%. Is it true? Anyways, anything more than 4% is better as that is what I get in my regular savings account.

  3. Great write-up about the product. I own a Jifi account and I have closed my other savings account because it does the job easily. Kotak is becoming reliable, too, lately…

      1. Thanks Basu, its really good that u give timely replies for almost all our questions.

        Tnx n pls continue the good work….

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