Income Tax filing changes 2015-Aadhar added and end of ITR-V sending by post

Recently IT Department took some initiatives, which may rejoice the taxpayers. If you have Aadhaar card, then you no longer required to send IT return acknowledgement or ITR V form to CPC Bangalore. Instead, Aadhaar-based electronic verification code has been launched to authenticate this document. 

The current process was cumbersome, as you have to take the printout of ITR Acknowledgement (ITR V), sign on it, and send to CPC Bangalore either through registered or ordinary post. This you have to send within 120 days of filing ITR. This is the only center to receive the ITR V, it is cumbersome for IT Department to process it within a time and there are huge complaints like someone sent but not received the acknowledgement or few may forget to send the form.

This delay causes in completing the IT Return process or refund process. Hence, to get rid of such cumbersome process, IT Department introduced Aadhar based IT electronic verification process.

What is the new Process?

Below is the new format of ITR Form, where you notice the new column introduced to mention Aadhaar number. 

New Aadhaar Based ITR Form

The process is so simple. You need to enter Aadhaar number while filling it returns in the above said column. After which, the UDAI database will send you the OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile number. You have to authenticate this OPT on an e-filing website. That’s it and no more process of authentication required.  In the below image, I explained the changes.

Steps of efiling with Aadhar Verification

What if you don’t have Aadhaar Card?

It is best to apply for an Aadhaar card at the earliest. Because step by step Aadhaar card now mandatory document as identity and address proof. However, if you do not have Aadhaar card, then you can follow the old process. In my view, it is best to have Aadhaar at the earliest and get rid of sending the physical form of ITR V to Bangalore and wait for an acknowledgement. 

112 Responses

  1. Hello sir,
    I had filed itr1 for the yearv2015-2016 but I am no more an employee but a independent consultant. I was advised by a tax consultant to revoke and pay it4. He has filed itr4 , however he has put his official address on it for the refund that will be sent via cheque to his address
    I wanted to know if the refund can be changed and moved to an electronic transfer to the savings bank account that is attached to my income tax portal. Kindly do let me know how this can be done.

    1. Thomas-As of now there is change option only in case the refund done but it reversed due to address change and all. Anyhow, even if the address given is your consultant let it be this time. Track the refund status online. If status shows refund issued but you not receive the cheque, then you can change the status online to credit in your bank account.

  2. Hi Basu, my wife needs to update her post marriage name in the ITR submission records. We have done it in PAN records. Now ITR for AY 2014-15 can not be filled as it gives the message saying “enter your name as per PAN records”. Please guide about how to update her post marriage Last name on so that we can fill ITR.

  3. Dear Basu,

    I am an LIC agent and i am supposed to fill ITR2. Can you help me fill ITR2?

    Thanks in advance for your help


  4. Hi,

    I have filed ITR, then linked my aadhaar card with Pan, and then got updated my mobile number in aadhaar card. Now while e-verifying the form through aadhaar card , OTP is not flashing in my new registered number. My new mobile number is already updated in the aadhaar records.

  5. i had filed my ITR form 2 A. I eVerfied the return through Aadhar card and it still shows returns undetermined. I am worried about the returns now. I have been waiting for more than 2 months.

  6. Hi,

    I filed ITR in the month of August. In the month of Sep I received a letter stating error code 38.
    With this I could understand that there was some error. After intensive checking what I could make out was:

    While filing ITR my payable amount came out to be 0. Since, I had paid self assessment tax. Even when I tried filing the return again 2 days back it did not show any payable amount.

    But yes there was a 4 Rs mismatch in the calculation. Can you please suggest what shall I do. I have been trying to pay these 4 Rs online but the page is expiring.

    Urgent help required.

  7. Hello Sir,

    Like others, post e-verifying ITR i have reveived acknowledement with comment “Do not send this ack…….to CPC”. but the acknowledgement do not have Aadhaar number. This is verified through net banking. Is any step required from myside?

    Thanks for your suggestion in advance,

  8. sirs i have filed income tax returns on line on 8th august still no, i have not received the refund i verified it through netbanking what may be the cause

  9. I want to know that i have e-verified my return and my friend is saying that if you have e-verified the return than you will not receive the refund is it true?

  10. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have submitted my ITR last month aug-18th-2015 ,While filing it that time i did’t payed any tax from govt “incometaxindiaefiling” site ,So manually i went and completed thru mobile verification then i have got mail from incometax dept but i opened doc it is saying “DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC, BENGALURU”.

    Yesterday i have got mail saying that ”
    The return of income filed by you for Assessment Year 2015-16 vide acknowledgement no. 679301540180815 dated 18-08-2015, is considered
    defective u/s 139(9) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as it is found to contain certain defects which has been annexed in the

    Error Code: 38
    Error Description: Tax liability is shown as payable in the return of income .
    Probable resolution: The tax payer should pay the balance tax liability and furnish
    complete details in the corrected xml. Kindly ensure that
    there is no tax payable at the time of uploading the corrected
    XML . So please do needful now what i have to do and what is my further steps ASAP.?

  11. Hi, I have filed ITR for AY 2014-15 on 05/09/2015. I got Acknowledgment to send to CPC but there is a mistake happened. Just after Sign here Box, the date mentioned is 04-02-2015 which is incorrect because the ITR filed on 05-09-2015. So, how it can be reformed/rectified ? Please suggest ASAP.

      1. It was like below

        Sign here | | Date: 04-02-2015 Place: Patna

        But the eFiling date is yesterday 05/09/2015

        So I was worry that can I send it as usual or I have to go for Revise eFiling !

        But now I am feeling relax after your reply. Thanks.

  12. Dear Basu
    I want your help in HRA matters.My form 16 shows payment of HRA for an amount of Rs90000 for a period from Dec2012 to June 2014.I have not submitted Rent receipts to my accounts department.Pls help me by telling whether HRA is exempted for income tax rebate and if yes than how to proceed about it.I have already filled ITR of this year as per form 16 including tax on HRa amount.Pls guide me

      1. Thanks fr the reply but pls tell whether i can claim rebate now after sending rent slips to IT deptt after rectifying ITR

          1. Dear Basu
            Thanks a lot for yeoman service for common man’s cause.I please request you to guide as to how to proceed in my case for HRA IT rebate.

  13. Hi,

    Two days back, I filed ITR for this year and last year at once as I did not file ITR last year.

    In case of ITR for this year, there was an option to e-verify the ITR. I did it and got the acknowledgement stating “DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC, BENGALURU.”

    But for the ITR filed for last year, there is no option for “e-verify.” The status only says “Return Uploaded.” So, is there any action pending from my side regarding the last year’s ITR.

    I will appreciate your valuable response. Thanks.

  14. Hello,

    My gross is more than 5 lakhs and there is 340/- of refund. And I have E-verified my returns using Adhar.

    I heard that if the gross is more than 5 lakhs and if there is any refund, we should E-verify using net banking only.

    Do I get my refund to my account? or do I need to follow any other procedure?


  15. Hi,
    I have sent ITR-V to the CPC Bangalore and has also received the acknowledgment for the same. Can u pls let me know how much time does it take for Refund to be processed.
    Morover i have opted for direct transfer to my Bank account and the Address which i have given while filing ITR is my present Address and it is different from my permanent address which is associated with my PAN number.
    Does this difference in address would lead to any problem in receving my Refund ??


  16. Sir,i have gross salary of one year is ?5 lakh,not more then five lakh. Income as tax free is 2.5lakh+1.5lakh,total =4lakh.
    So i pay tax on ?1 lakh ;10% =?10000 .
    Can i get it refund by filling ITR.
    One person asked me for fees ?1000 for return of total ?10000.

  17. sir,
    let me say what to do if there is some digital/ numerical mistake in Adhar No. during preparation of ITR1 and subsequently the same has been submitted . how can i rectify the Adhar No. ?

    with thanks,
    kumaresh chatterjee.

  18. Hi,

    Thanks for the information on ITR-V 🙂

    I am not staying at the address which I had given while submitting ITR-V.
    Is there a way to change the address ? So that I will get the refund amount DD to my new address.

    Thanks in advance:)

    Sundara Sibi M D

  19. Sir
    I filled income tax returns online using my email address for four of my friends but I could able to receive confirmation for 2 only.
    Rest shows awaiting acknowledgement then how could I able to download and send it.
    Kindly help me the same.

  20. Hi Sir,

    PAN – First Name middle name last name, correct DOB , correct Gender
    Aadhaar – First name middle name last name, correct DOB , correct Gender

    All this above details same in PAN and AADHAR , still when try to link on income tax site it is giving Authentication failed due to this

    Pl. Suggest what to do , i can send it to CPC by POST as of now, but how to link in future as all the details on both the cards same still getting error.

  21. I have applied for PAN name change. IT dept. has approved my request and send me new PAN card. But still in efiling website there is old name displayed. So I can not link my aadhar card. When will they change data on efiling website ?

  22. sir i have filled my itr 1 form with incorrect income details and then get a download itr5 form with Acknowledge number of 2015-16. i’m central goverment employe please suggest me how i can correct or cancelled this form and submitting correct my income details to filled my return form

  23. Hi,

    I have e-filled ITR but I skipped entering Adar Card Number yesterday.
    Can I link my adhar number now and after linking adhar do I need to send ITR form to Bangalore?

    Please suggest


  24. Hi,

    My PAN card and Aadhaar card has same name which is correct information i.e (Firstname +Lastname). But in IT e filling website, the name is Lastname + firstname in PAN details section. So unable to link Aadhaar card to PAN. How to rectify that?

    Thanks in Advance.

  25. Even submitting aadhar is not essential if you file your IVR through net banking facility of your bank in such case verification is automatically done.
    I Have submitted my IT through axis bank net banking facility and acknowledgement says you don’t require to send IT V to bangluru and provided verification code.

  26. Hi,

    When i enter the aadhar number in IT website the details mismatch.

    Name exist in below format :

    In my IT Form Last name+First name

    In aadhar card Firstname+Initial (First letter of Last Name)

    If i want to apply for change in PAN card details how should i fill the form.

    Please suggest.


  27. hi
    My Gender is coming incorrectly as Female in Income tax website.
    I am filing e return with Gender male from last 2 year but don’t understand what is the issue.
    Now if i link aadhar it may not link it.

    How to correct it. I understand the rectification request is for changing the wrong information in Return but not in their website.

    Request you to guide me if you are aware.

    Saurabh Tripathi

  28. Dear Sir,
    I have filed in ITR1 for AY2015-16 AND followed process of sending ITR V to Bangalore .I have received the Confirmation for submission of filling of the same to my registered email ID and mobile number .Later I have sent ITRV to CPC,Bangalore by Post.But when I Have followed same procedure to my colleagues ,they are not able to receive the confirmation email or message to registered mobile number on ITR1 Submission. But ITRV is generated. So,can you please me the suggestion for the same.

  29. Sir,

    My clients name on aadhar card and PAN card are different. So I am unable to link their PAN with aadhar. Kindly let me know whether it will affect the procedure of refund or not.

    Soumya Sharma

  30. While I was filling ITR1 , my aadhaar No. could not be linked due to slight change in name in PAN and Aadhaar .
    PAN – Rakesh Kumar Mantoo
    Aadhaar – Rakesh Mantoo

    Pl. help me out what should I do. Can I file the ITR 1 without Aadhaar No.


  31. i have adhar card but my adhar card name is diffferent from my pan card name . for filling itr what i do for that ?
    plzzz suggest me nay one .

  32. I filed my return online for two years. my name has been changed after marriage. in current e return name is correct and in last year e return name is showing as my name – my last surname – my current surname.
    is it ok. will i get tds return in my account which is now on my name & my current surname.

  33. Hi Basu,

    I have filed ITR last year and also have an acknowledgement of the same but in online e-filling portal I still see a pending action against me.
    Could you please suggest me the actions required.


  34. Hi After filling ITR I had completed e-verfiy through netbanking .but after sbmitting i got ack and on that it was mentioned that DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC, BENGALURU

    what is this which one i need to send . i Dont see ack with bar code which i used to get earlier

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        After filling ITR I i did’t receive any mail from “incometaxindiaefiling” site ,So manually i went and completed thru mobile verification then i have got mail from incometax dept but i opened doc it is saying “DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC, BENGALURU”.So what is my further steps ? and Where i have to send received document? Please do need ful ASAP.
        Thanks in Advance.

  35. Hi Basavaraj,

    I’ve few queries regarding filing ITR this year. Could you please help me out.
    My father has given some amount to keep it for some time in my bank account (to return whenever required) as he do not have internet banking, do not know how to do it and staying in different location. i’ve made an FD just not to touch it for my expenses. He took that amount back after 10months. I got an interest and TDS was deducted and showing up in 26A.
    1. Do i need to file different ITR (I file ITR1 till date as i do not have any other income except salary). If filing ITR1, how should i show it, as it is showing up as refund.
    2. Is it mandatory to fill all my bank accounts while filing ITR? few are dormant few are operational.


          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            Yesterday, I paid my self assessment tax through online. I got following from Axis bank after challan payment in a single line which has confused me. BSRCode Tender Date Challan No CIN: 63602181708201516200. does this mean BSR code is 6360218, date is 17082015, Challan no 16200. I need to fill Challan number as 280(Incometax challan number which we select to pay self assessment tax) or 16200

  36. Sir, i was shocked to see in my 26AS that some unknown company has deposited tds ans total amount of so and so Rupees is credited which i am not aware. Now, will there be a reverse entry…what is my action???????

  37. I am Tax Consultant, as i have seen the above procedures of filing income tax return, wanted to comment that at the eleventh hour it is not possible to ask all the thousand clients to give OTP numbers as the clients mobile numbers are registered with income tax department so please suggest some other alternative.

  38. Dear Basavaraj,
    I went to Chartered Accountant for tax calculation. I have no AADHAR card. He told me to give Voter card no. in place of AADHAR card no. Is it O.K.?

  39. Dear Sir,
    I am a government servant. Filling ITR-I. Need your help.

    Income from Salary 600172.00 Tax deducted 18558.00
    Income from One House Property NIL
    Income from Other Sources (FDs etc.) 38835.00. Tax Deducted 3886.00 (obtained from form 26A)
    Deduction under 80C 1,50,000.00.
    Payable Rs. 110.00

    1. Is this calculation correct?

    2. Is Unique TDS Certificate Number necessary to fill up ITR?

    3. I am deducting Rs. 300/month as West Bengal Health Scheme-2008 from Salary from office. I know Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is getting deduction under U/S 80D. Can I get deduction under West Bengal Health Scheme-2008 under U/S 80D? Mode of payment: other than cash. If I put Rs. 3600 under 80D, I shall get refund Rs. 260/-Please suggest all these three doubts.

    Thanking You


    1. Dear Payel,
      You Can avail deduction u/s 80D
      Your Total Tax Liability Is Rs 22187/-
      excluding interest u/s 234 B & C
      Tds allready Deducted Rs 22444/-
      Amount To Be Refund Rs 257/-

      Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti why you are not reply to payel….??

      1. Amit-Comment section meant for clearing a doubts. But not for handholding all procedure and it is difficult to explain each and every step here in commenting. If you have doubts then I suggest to take the help of any tax expert of your area.

  40. My surname is different in aadhaar card (applied after marriage) and IT-related forms (yet to change name in company), is it ok to provide aadhar number while filing or should I avoid since name is different.

  41. Hi Basavaraj,

    I just filled the ITR 1 form and missed to fill my Aadhar details and uploaded the same… 🙁

    How can I add my Aadhar number and reupload ITR 1 form? is it possible, if yes, what is the procedure?

    Kindly let me know.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

      1. Hi Purusotham,
        you can very well update your Aadhar card now, for which option is available under Profile menu.

  42. Unfortunately as usual, this is not implemented. In spite of providing my Aadhaar card number in new ITR-1 while filing for Assessment year 2015-16, the IT department wants me to send the physical copy of the acknowledgement. I guess it was to create excitement in Tax Payers to share their Aadhaar numbers!

  43. Hi Basu, Is the new form reviewed and re-launched. I think I read somewhere that Govt is planning to review the New ITR form and make necessary corrections.

  44. The Aadhar project violates various constitutional and statutory provisions. No lesser authority than the supreme court has cast serious doubts about it. No to mention NIAI Act was never passed by the parliament. In short Aadhar is illegal in its current form and has severe ramification for privacy.I’ll gladly signup for the same if the bill is passed by the parliament.

    Anyways the objective of this change is not to provide relief to the tax payer but put you under even more scrutiny. If the objective was to provide relief to the tax payer why is the authentication not based on PAN card, Passport, Driving License etc. Are these not valid proofs?

    I’m not against your article per say but you should not recommend people to sign up for Aadhar if they have not done so already.

    1. Dev-I understand your concerns. But let me know whether you go with benefit of Gas subsidiy by providing Aadhaar or without subsidy gas? Govt (earlier and present) using this for political tool. Me and you just cry for few days and stop. My projection of this post is neither promote Aadhaar nor demotivate it. But to share the information. It is left with user.

      1. Basu- Fortunately for me I get piped Gas so never applied for subsidy. Giving all your details and biometric details with out proper checks and balance in place is a disaster waiting to happen. I cant understand for the love of my why cant they do this legally?

        Any way nice article . Tc

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