How to view or download Aadhaar update history?

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Many of us have changed the details like name, address, phone number or date of birth. How to track,  view or download Aadhaar update history at one place?

Aadhaar card now became one of the major Address, ID and important document in our life. There are certain instances where you usually update your details like name, address, phone number or date of birth details. Now with new feature of UIDAI, you can view or download Aadhaar update history.

This is helpful track whether any such updates are done by you or someone wrongly did with your Aadhaar. Aadhaar Update history shows date-wise details of updates made in an address and other fields on the Aadhaar since its generation. It could be any update relating to name, date of birth, gender or address, or addition/deletion of mobile or email.

This will also give you the proof of where you resided earlier. Like currently you are staying in Bangalore and after few days if you moved to Mumbai and updated the Mumbai new address, then with the help of this download Aadhaar update history, you can give the proof that earlier you used to stay in Bangalore for these many years.

How to view or download Aadhaar update history?

Now let us see the process of how to view or download Aadhaar update history in detail.

# Visit UIDAI Homepage. Here, you will find the link “Aadhar update history ” (currently beta) under the tab of “Aadhaar Update” and click on that link.

view or download Aadhaar update history

# Once you click on the link “Aadhaar Update History” link, then a new window will open. Here, you have to enter your Aadhaar number and also a security code. Then click on “Send OTP”. You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the same and validate it.

Download Aadhaar update history

#Once you enter the OTP, then you will see the all historical updated you have to done to your Aadhaar at one place. It provides the details like date of update and what type of updates you have done. This I think gives you a full picture of your Aadhaar history. The screen looks like below.

Aadhaar Update History View or Download

The details will show as of NOW. This I think the best feature UIDAI provided to all Aadhaar holders.

Once you view or download Aadhaar update history successfully, then UIDAI will send you successful authentical email also to your registered email like below. This again will be an added security check that you are the person who view or download Aadhaar updates.

Aadhaar Authentication

Hope this information will give you an idea of how to view or download Aadhaar update history. This actually even gives you an information if someone misused your Aadhaar and updated the personal details.

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  1. I want to change my aadhar name and adress by the UIDAI website, online process, but i got the error, and i can not do this process. Thank you for other information to get updates and Aadhar verification process.

  2. Hello sir,
    I want to change my Aadhar address. Upon checking their site, looks like I can submit sale deed as address proof. But a problem in that is, the sale deed states the older address where I was residing while I was doing registration as my residing address and the deed doesn’t contain the full address of my flat for which the deed is done. It just specifies the apartment name and my flat no and no details of road name and area name. Now I live in my own flat for which I have the above mentioned deed, Can I submit that sale deed copy as address proof for Aadhar change ? Will it be accepted ? Please clarify. Your advice would be much appreciated. On a personal note, I’m a fan of your blog. Much informative.

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