All about EPS Scheme Certificate

Do you know what is EPS Scheme Certificate of your EPF Account? Many employees unaware of EPS and EPS Scheme Certificate. Let us discuss more about this in this post.

Before proceeding further, first, let us understand how your EPF contribution is divided. I have written a detailed post in this regard earlier (Employee Provident Fund (EPF)-Changed rules from 1st Sept 2014“. However, I will again show you in detail about your and your employer EPF contribution is split.

How EPF and EPS works

You notice that employee is not at all contributing to EPS. However, an employer contribution of 8.33% from 12% is going towards the EPS. Few points related to EPS are as below.

  • An employee will not contribute to EPS. However, employer’s 8.33% contribution is going towards EPS.
  • EPS will not earn a single rupee of interest!! Yes, you heard it right. Your EPF will earn the interest as per the yearly declaration by Government. However, EPS is IDLE amount without adding a single rupee to it.
  • Whether EPF is managed by EPFO or your employer (a Trust), EPS is always managed by EPFO.
  • If you have worked for less than 6 months, then you are not eligible for EPS withdrawal. Because as per the EPFO rule, those who have not yet completed 180 days in the organization, the withdrawal benefit is not admissible. One can, however, apply for the scheme certificate.
  • However, when you switch the job, then you have an option either to withdraw the EPS amount or carry forward with your new job. Remember that this EPS withdrawal again depends on the length of the service.
  • If you have not completed the 10 years of service, then you have an option to either withdraw EPS or apply for scheme certificate.
  • However, if you have completed 10 years of service, then you are not allowed to withdraw the EPS. You have to apply for EPS Scheme Certificate.
  • If you are withdrawing the EPS before the completion of 10 years, then you will not receive the full EPS contribution. The EPS withdrawal, in this case, depends on Table D of EPS. It is some % of your EPS balance based on the length of your service. Assume your salary at the time of EPS withdrawal after 9 years, by filing form 10C, is Rs 15,000, then the EPS money one receives is Rs 1,39,950,300 (Rs 15,000 * 9.33). Refer below image for the same.

EPS Table D

  • Pension begins at the age of 58 years. To avail the pension, one needs to fill Form 10D through the last Employer.
  • EPS contribution cannot exceed Rs.1,250 in any given month. Because it is capped at 8.3% of Rs.15,000 (A maximum salary ). Here salary means only Basic+DA.
  • Do remember that if you are contributing to EPF, then you are also the member of EPS.

What is EPS Scheme Certificate?

EPS Scheme certificate is a certificate issued by EPFO. It provides the details of service of the EPF member (an employee). The EPS Scheme Certificate shows the service and family details of an employee member who are eligible to get EPF pension in case of death of the member. EPS Scheme Certificate is also an authentic record of service. Because it shows the history of your employment.

Below is an example of one such EPS Scheme Certificate.

EPS Scheme Certificate

How the length of the service is considered of an employee to issue EPS Scheme Certificate?

Your length of the service is rounded off if the months are more than 6 months. Assume that you have completed 5 years and 4 months, then the service period is considered as 5 years only.

However, if your service period is 9 years and 6 months, then your service is considered as 10 years for consideration.

When can an employee apply for EPS Scheme Certificate?

As I explained above, if you have completed less than 10 years of service, then you are eligible either to withdraw the EPS or apply for EPS Scheme Certificate. However, if you have completed more than 10 years of service, then you have to apply for EPS Scheme Certificate and you are not allowed to withdraw the EPS.

Suppose you are joining a new company, then you can surrender the scheme certificate through the new employer and by doing so your past service will be added to the new service and your pensionable service would be cumulated.

Let me give you a detailed possibility of an employee applying for EPS Scheme Certificate.

# If your age is less than 50 years of age and you have not completed the 10 years of service

In such situation, you have an option either to withdraw the EPS (as per Table D) or apply for Scheme Certificate by using the Form 10C.

# If your age is less than 50 years of age and you have completed the 10 years of service

In such situation, you have no other option but to apply for EPS Scheme Certificate using the Form 10C.

# If your age is more than 50 years but less than 58 years of age and you have not completed the 10 years of service

In such situation, you have an option either to withdraw the EPS (as per Table D) or apply for Scheme Certificate by using the Form 10C.

# If your age is more than 50 years but less than 58 years of age and you have completed more than the 10 years of service

In such situation, you have no other option but to either apply for EPS Scheme Certificate using the Form 10C or for reduced pension using Form 10D.

# If your age is more than 58 years of age but your service is less than 10 years

You can withdraw the EPS using the Form 10C.

# If your age is more than 58 years of age and your service is more than 10 years

You have to apply for pension using Form 10D.

How to apply for EPS Scheme Certificate?

Once you are leaving the job, then you have to fill the Form 10C. Here, there are options either to withdraw EPS or apply for EPS Scheme Certificate.

Your employer sends the same to EPFO and then EPFO will issue you an EPS Scheme Certificate. If your all inputs are correct, then EPFO will issue you the EPS Scheme Certificate within a month or so.

EPS Scheme Certificate when you join the new company

When you join the new company, then if your length of service is less than 10 years, then you can opt for EPS Scheme Certificate or can withdraw.

However, if your length of service is more than 10 years, then you have to apply for EPS Scheme Certificate through your past employer.

When you join the new company, then you have to fill the Form 11 (which is also called a new joinee form of EPF). This is a self-declaration by an employee about the status of his EPF details.

While submitting this form you have to submit the EPS Scheme Certificate to EPFO through your new employer.

When you leave the job, you will again have to fill Form 10C. The EPFO will add the new number of years in the scheme certificate showing the cumulative service record and give it back to you through your employer.

You have to do this till you reach the age of 58 and then surrenders the certificate to the EPFO to start getting the pension.  Or One may opt for an early pension (reduced to the extent) after 50 years provided one has completed 10 years of service.

How much pension can one receive under EPS?

As I already explained in above post, the maximum contribution to EPS by the employer is capped at Rs.1,250 or 8.33% of your actual salary (whichever is less).

Do remember that to be eligible for the pension (for a lifetime and then family pension), one has to work for a minimum of 10 years. Also, your pension will start at the age of 58 years of your age.

The pension that you will receive is capped and is based on the following formula:

(Pensionable Salary * service period) / 70

The pensionable salary is capped at Rs 15,000 and service period at 35 years. Hence, irrespective of the actual years and the basic salary, the maximum monthly pension would be Rs 7,500.

How to apply for EPS Pension?

Once you complete the service of 10 years, then you get the scheme certificate. This scheme certificate can be used to claim your pension either from 58/50 Yrs.

The employee has to include all his past services to arrive at such 10 yrs of service and apply for the pension once he attains the age of 58/50. He needs to fill the Form 10D and get attested by that bank manager with photo and other required documents. Submit the form to concerned EPFO.

What happens to EPS when you switch the job?

When you switch the job, then you apply for EPF transfer request. But to the surprise, EPF is transferred but EPS field showing ZERO right?

You no need to worry. Because this is what the EPFO response in this regard.

‘When PF is transferred from one organization to another, service details information such as non-contributory period, service length, wage last drawn etc. are sent over using Annexure K to the receiving PF office. These details are used for EPS calculation and hence, the total amount accrued in the pension fund is not mentioned in the UAN passbook.’

Hope this much information is enough for you all to know about EPS Scheme Certificate.

Refer my earlier post related to EPS:-

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  1. Ronald Alexander Quadros

    Worked at three places A, B, and C. I retired now. Worked for 20 years at an employer A. While taking compulsory retirement in 2005 was given a scheme certificate. I didn’t know anything about the scheme certificate and then joined employer B. Never showed the scheme certificate for fear of being manipulated by my employer. I left the employer and joined employer C didn’t tell them about the scheme certificate. worked for 7 months and left taking up small jobs in between the 3 employers. I waited for retirement. My PF agent submitted the scheme certificate along with the 10D form to the office. It was rejected as they gave me two uan numbers. I was harassed by B and C employer.I realized Emp B is Chennai-based but has an office in Mumbai. The B employer has applied for the withdrawal of the second account. Please suggest how should I go about claiming pension from employers A and C. Could you guide me with the procedure forms to be filled? (2) Is it imp to take the employer’s letter for submitting the scheme certificate? For changing my father’s and my name.I wrote the letters and gave them as they didn’t employ English-speaking staff. so could you guide me I have written a long letter.

  2. Hi!
    Your article is very informative. But, I still have a query.
    I had worked in Company A for 14 years (1991 to 2005) and in Company B also for 14 years (2005 to 2019). When I quit Company A and joined Company B, instead of transferring my PF, I withdrew the amount. Now, when I applied for EPS pension, the EPFO has asked me to submit Scheme Certificate for my earlier PF account. Please advise me how to get the Scheme Certificate after so many years, and from whom. I didn’t have a UAN for the first PF account.


      1. Hi Nivesh,
        Thanks for this informative write-up on EPS but still I have a query.
        I have been issued Scheme certificate by my previous employer. I want to withdraw this amount. What is the process of doing so. I am currently not employed as I have started my own business. Thanks.

        1. Dear Pankaj,
          You can’t withdraw the EPS once the scheme certificate is issued. You can only avail pension when you retire.

    1. Sir,
      I worked with one company from 24 January89 to 13 May 2011. As my contribution to EPS started from November95. At that period, there was no UAN. I joined another company from 17 May 2017. Meanwhile, I withdrew PF amount and applied for Pension. I did not have knowledge of scheme Certificate. My pension started from November17 after generating PPO and continue.58 years of my age completed on 15 October’2021. PF amount is deposing in Trust. There are UAN and PF no. Two month before I applied for Pension under Form 10 D. Sir, I am eligible for second pension. Kindly advise.

  3. Hi Nivesh,

    I am facing an issue with my EPS transfer and searching for expert advice on the internet for the same. While doing so, I came across your website regarding the insights on EPS. It’s quite informative.

    I am sharing my scenario with you as mentioned below. Please suggest me the best option to resolve this issue :-

    1) I worked for company A, B & C.
    2) My total service of combining all 3 companies is more than 10 years.
    3) I received the Scheme Certificate from company B.
    4) Now what should I do to transfer my pensionable service from A & B to C? Shall I take any of the below options :-
    Option 1 : Transfer Service period from company A to Company C through Form-13. And Submit the Scheme certificate of company B to Company C.
    Option 2 : Ask for a Scheme certificate from Company A as well. And then submit both the Scheme certificate (from Company A & Company B) to Company C.

    Please suggest which Option I should proceed with.


  4. We UMAKANT Pandey have been done job South eastern Roadways from Feb 1991to nov2001 (10 years 9months and 19 days)at Ro Hyderabad again dec 2001 to October 2006 At ro Bandra now we join another company since January 2014 to till today I e July 2023 near about 9year and 7months or 10 years and my besice salary is Rs 15000 /per month from April 2018
    Now we want to club both of all’service
    Near about 25 years
    Then how many EPS made during this period.
    If we want saperat EPS for other co then
    How many EPS made.
    Plz guide me.

  5. Kapil Srivastava

    Very Informative. Detailed explanation. Please also add the following scenario.
    Current Age of employee 59 years
    Total service 20 years continuous service but comprises jobs with two companies
    Employee wants to opt for deferred pension at the age of 59 till 60 years
    PF online portal has following items to fill where your inputs will be highly useful.
    1. Do you have scheme certificate – Yes / No?
    Here there is continuous job (no break) between two companies, service history also transferred to new company.
    My query: Is scheme certificate needed from first company where service period was already more than 10 years. ?

    2. Apply for pension – with contribution / without contribution
    My query – which option to be filled here (EPF contribution still continue). EPF contribution continues even after 58 years.

  6. Dear Sir
    I have worked for 7 years in the company and after leaving the company i applied for EPS certificate by mistake instead of withdrawal. What should I do now.

  7. While applying 10D online pension claim, Error E03 Scheme Certificate exists in legacy.Please submit Physical 10D claim only!! every time. Validation error after Aadhar authentication just before generating PDF file.

    Visited EPFO Regional Office Pune, they say physical 10D will not be accepted, keep trying
    Tried 100 times atleast , still the same error.

    Is there any solution ?

  8. Ashok kumar Mukherjee

    I have applied for 10 C eps pension withdrawal after working for 15 monts in a private company. Currently i am unemployed , However the claim has been settled by the epfo office and has been settled for less than the pension amount showing in the passbook. what to do , pls advice, can the scheme certificate be cancelled and the remaining money be withdrawn urgently. my age is 52 yrs

    1. Dear Ashok,
      It will be settled as per Table D. If you have doubts, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  9. I have received my scheme certificate but I wish to encash the scheme certificate and not interested to avail any pension there from. Age is 52 years and service period is 6.6 years. Is it possible to withdraw the amount ?

  10. Dear Sir
    I am leaving my organization after 10 years and apply for pension scheme certificate number of times, but everytime EPFO rejected my claim for the same due to the NCP days shows for month of April 2019, pls confirm what can i do for the same as concerned authority of my organization refuses everytime also I have 124 mails to my company regarding the same but everytime they refuse it

  11. Suvankar Biswas

    I have served for 6 year,,it’s been 3 months after leaving the company. I want to withdraw my pension amount but by mistake I have applied for scheme certificate. How can i withdraw my pension amount plz suggest,,my age is 32

  12. I resigned my onsite(UK) position from my current employer . and I have served 11.9 yrs of service for this employer including both offshore and onsite assignment . based on your post I am not eligible to withdraw pension amount however I can apply for scheme certificate . i am running into a issue where when I enter my bank details in epfo scheme certificate form it gives an error that my bank account number doesn’t match my bank account in aadhar (the bank account number in aadhar is closed ). I am unable to update bank account number in aadhar because it is registered to my old phone number which is not in my possession so I cannot update /login to aadhar account until I come to india and update my phone number/bank account in my aadhar .What are the options I have in this situation ? is it okay to apply for scheme certificate next year when I visit india ?Please advise

  13. Hello sir. I quit my job after working for 7years and 9 months. Now it has been 10 months since I left the job. I neede to withdraw some money from my EPF account. But, i filled form 10c for scheme certificate which is under process now. I am looking for a job and don’t want to close my pf account. What is the best option for me to withdraw some money from my EPF or EPS. I have also withdrawn the amount in my last working month under covid-19 clause.

    1. Dear Ashwani,
      EPS amount you can withdraw only if you are withdrawing both EPF and EPS. But partial EPS withdrawal is not allowed.

  14. Arvinder Singh

    Hi sir,
    I have 3 pf account in same uan..
    I want to withdraw all the pansion amount..
    But yesterday by mistake i was applied scheme certificate..
    How can i withdraw that pension amount or cancel that claim

  15. Hi,

    I had applied for the EPS scheme certificate earlier this year and I got a message on 6th May saying the certificate has been dispatched.

    However I haven’t received it so far even after more than a month. Both the office and my delivery address are in the same city -Bangalore. I did not get any other details like tracking id or courier id to track the shipment. Tried mailing to the EPF id and raising a grievance 15 days back with no response so far.

    Any idea how long it typically takes to get the certificate after it has been dispatched? Is there any way to get a tracking number for the registered post/ shipment so that I can follow up on the same?


  16. Sir, i have completed 10 years service. I have two UAN, I applied for transfer of my of account from old UAN to new UAN. The amount was transferred successfully. New UAN still doesn’t show service history from old UAN. In response to my grievance,Delhi RO confirmed service history has also been transferred under same claim. But am worried if they will calculate complete service for pension later. Nomination on new UAN also doesn’t show date of join eps from old UAN but only shows since 2016. What’s should I do?

    1. Dear Arjun,
      They will consider the full history. Regarding date of joining, better you raise an issue with EPFO.

  17. Sir
    I worked 9yrs 6 month 22 days in 2010 and epfo issued scheme certificate on the ground of prevailing law of 10 yrs completion. At that time i was 48 yrs old, now I am 58 yrs and approach to epfo for pension after fulfilling requisite form, they confused because current prevailing law clearly wants 10 yrs of service after deducting nrs period. But in 2010 epfo forcely issued me scheme certificate on the ground that job will be treated as 10 yrs while nrs period was about 160 days. I have a copy of letter issued from epfo. Whatever be rules changed but old certificate holder who have got forced certificate issued by epfo
    Please advice and notification if any in this regard

    1. Dear Jha,
      You are entitled to the pension. If the regional EPFO not accepting, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  18. P Srimivas Murthy

    Dear sir,
    I have a pension Scheme certificate from 2000-2012, after changing of job in another organisation I got UAN number.
    I tried to merge scheme certificate in present UAN. But it shows Aadhar not linked for merge of that 12 years service. That time Aadhar also not activated.
    Now how can I linked with Aadhar with that scheme certificate by online?

  19. Dear sir my uncle was worked 17 year in pharmaceutical company, after resignation they got a scheme certificate by employer, after few month they join another company and worked their 5 year, they also left by this organization, till date they have both companys scheme certificate, currently they dont have any job also they cross age of 58
    So please tell me how he apply for monthly pension amount

  20. Surendra Kumar Srivastava

    I have scheme certificate for eligible service of 10 years from epfo issued on 2004. Present I am 58 years old pension is admissible.

    But After gap between (2004 to 2013 )of 10 years join epfo & eps deposited from 7/2013 to 10/2019 (6 years)
    My pf is settled, but eps is not settled.
    What is admissible as per rules- Withdrawal of eps or apply for scheme certificate.

  21. Sreenivasan Jayaganapathy

    Out of 2 scheme certificates, i submitted only one. One more for a period of 6 years was left out. However, my pension has been processed and Iam being paid after 29 years of service and my age is 60. Can I submit the left out scheme certificate now for enhanced pension? Please advise.

  22. Sonia. B. Millet

    I am already an owner of a scheme certificate after settling the amount and now I have resigned from my new job after 13 years due to covid and settled my amount.
    Shall I want to apply for another scheme certificate now? My new job has UAN number. But my old scheme certificate is not linked with that. How can I do that. Please reply?

  23. Hello,

    Very informative article. Thank you for this.
    I worked in a company in Chennai and joined Tata Motors Ltd in 2005. As TML has exempted the PF fund, they did not take the Pension Part from my previous company and Chennai RPFO issued me a Scheme certificate.

    I left TML after 9 years of working there and joined a new company. My PF amount got transferred and TML issued me a cheque for the amount accumulated in the Family Pension account. I worked for 4 years in the new company and left that company too for starting my personal venture and went abroad. I got my PF withdrawn and I have my UAN account. I planned to apply to withdraw my pension amount online.

    May you advise what should I do with the Pension scheme certificate that I got in 2005 for my service from 2001 to 2005?

    Thank you.


    SIr, My name is D. KRISHNA KUMAR and i am from chennai and i am 50 year old. i have worked almost 28 years in 4 companies.
    in my first company i have joined 1991 and resigned in 2004, in my PF claim, i had recd some amount and one SCHEME CERTIFICATE, in which its mentioned that, i have to keep this safely to get the pension at the age of 58 or i can withdraw the amount by attending 50 years of age.
    other 3 companies only i recd the pf amount and no scheme certificate.
    Now, what should i do with this SCHEME CERTIFICATE, am i eligible for any amount ?? pls help me…..


      1. “You can’t withdraw now but at the age of 58.”

        How can this withdrawal at the age of 58 be done? Where do I need to deposit this certificate?

  25. EPS scheme was rejected with the message eligible for scheme certificate bcoz service more than 10 years, submit with family age proofs.
    Can you kindly let me know what does the above mean.
    My service tenure is 11 yrs and my current age is 37 years

  26. Pramod Purushan

    I have applied for pension withdrawal of my father through online EPFO portal(Form 10c), and the cliam rejected with a reason (Submit Establishment letter along with Educational Certificate for merger of EPS as EPS deducted after 58 year’.
    he is 63 year old and worked more than 10 years in same establishment. please guide us to get this done.

      1. Pramod Purushan

        How can I do that. we are not leaving there right now. Can we apply online. How it should be filled. Your guidance will be much valuable.

  27. Sabyasachi Sarkar

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I worked with a Chennai based company and left the job in 2004 and withdrawn my entire P/F amount. I also did receive a scheme which I could not submit to any organization afterwards. Kindly note, from the company I received my SCHEME CERTIFICATE (submitted under 10C) closed down their operation way back in 2005/ 2006. I did have the scheme certificate with me and this july2021, I shall attain the age of 58 years. That time, there was no provision for UAN which I received from my last employer. Now, I have some enquires: –
    1. How can I submit my scheme certificate through my AADHAAR based UAN?

    2. As there is no existence of the company, how do I claim it online and for doing so- what is the attestation process?

    3. Is it necessary to get it attested by my local BANK MANAGER in case of online claim & what is the process?

    4. I am also eligible for P/F from my last company (Kolkata) which I can claim online I suppose.
    5. Can I add my Scheme certificate with my UAN and claim the whole amount along with the present claimable PF?

    6. In a nutshell, I want to claim the overall claimable amount (Scheme certificate & PF from my last employer) online through my UAN which is kyceed with Addhar, Pan, Bank & rest of the required information needed from your side.

    I tried to explain everything in details, please go through it and ADVISE me the whole process as I am in deep financial crisis to run my FAMILY expenses due to unemployment since JULY 2020 happened due to COVID-19 and its APRIL2021 already as I mention above, I shall be 58 this JULY 2021.

    Thanking you and soliciting and immediate guidance from your end so that I can do what is required from my side ASAP.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Sabyasachi Sarkar
    • Under this deadly dangerous situation of COVID,it will ideal if I could claim the whole claimable amount ONLINE. KINDLY ADVISE ME SHARP. The above are the enquires, please let me know the best and simplest process.


    Sir I have completed more than 10 years with my last job. Now I have applied for Scheme certificate but claim has been rejected by EPFO asking to upload cancelled cheque with my account. As there is no such upload options in Umang app where should I upload my cheque and how. pls help.

  29. Dear Sir –

    I have a clarification. I am an “International Worker” (with OCI card) living and working in India for more than 10 years. As per the rules for IWs, every month my employer is contributing 8.33% of my full Basic + Allowances (NOT capped at Rs 15,000) towards EPS.

    Upon retirement at 58, how is the monthly pension calculated in such cases ?? Because from all the documentation available, it seems that the maximum “Pensionable salary” is always capped at Rs 15,000, whereas my employer has been contributing on the full salary.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.

    Thanks in advance.
    Rgds, Krishna

      1. No sir – that is what I am saying…. the employer has been contributing 8.33% of ENTIRE amount (Basic + Allowances), into the EPS account. It is NOT capped at Rs 15,000 (which should come to Rs 1,250 per month).

        I can see this in the EPFO passbook. Therefore. the contribution is much more than Rs 1,250 going into the EPS account every month. I understand that this is the rule for IW’s, for this category, there is NO cap on pension contributions by the employer.

        And hence my initial question …..

  30. Sir, I have completed 30 years of service in two companies. In first company it was 27 years & in second company it was 3 years. Now my age is 60 years. Do I need scheme certificate. When I wanted to apply online for pension it asks for scheme certificate. pl clarify.

  31. sir,
    My husband is working with a company for the last 25 years and continues the job in the same company after his retirement with EPF contribution, Now he is completing 60 years but he has not applied for EPS (pension scheme). This week when we tried to fill the 10D form EPS online, the system asking for a scheme certificate. (pl. note that he has not changed any company. 25 years of service in the same company). Pl. clarify what is this scheme certificate in case of completed 58 years. Pl.note that inthe online portal there is no exit date of EPF & EPS as he is still working with the EPF contribution.

    Also when we are applying for a 90% advance in form 31, there also asking for a Retirement certificate.
    So pl. help and clarify about (1) scheme certificate after retirement age,(25 years service) & retirement certificate in case of continue job & any solution

  32. I have transferred my epf account from unexempted (6 years service) to exempted (1 year service).do I need scheme certificate or not

  33. Thanks for the nice write up. Will EPFO issue a scheme certificate after a delay of say 15 years? What if the employer is not available to endorse the application of Form 10C? Can one apply for the pension straightaway without the scheme certificate when eligible? Thanks in advance.

  34. Dear Sir,

    Hope you are doing great.
    Please help me, as I have a doubt.

    I worked with company1 which maintains its pf with its trust, then I moved to company2, then to company3 and then to company4, all others dont have trust, they maintain pf with epfo. I transfered epf of company 1 to company 3 and epf of company 2 to company 3, and then i transfered whole pf from company 3 to company4. Now I want to withdraw my pf from my company4 pf account, and i have completed continious service of 10 years. But pfo of company4 says that your service(EPS) is not transfered from company 1 to company 3 and hence it is not transfered from company3 to company4. So there is a big gap between service(I stayed for 7 years in company1) and joined company4 just before 5 months.Now since EPS is not transfered to company 4, they see a big gap in my service, and they are not allowing me to withdraw my pf advance(form31). I checked with pfo of company1 and company 3, i got annexure K form which says that EPS is transfered. Now how should I get this service details updated with epfo of company4, so that my contnious service gets updated to 10 years and that way I will be able to get pf advance ?

    Please help sir.



    What can I do next step

  36. My entry year in epfo was 2003 and exit year in epfo was 2016. According to which I completed 23 years. I want to apply for EPS withdrawal form 10C. Will I get the withdrawal amount.

  37. Does taking scheme certificate from old company hinder in job seeking or keeping current job, which does not have PF facility?

  38. My father entry year in epfo was 2008 and exit year in epfo was 2015. According to which he completed 7 years. But recently in Jan 2021 he claimed his EPS withdrawal form 10C. It was settled but he get Rs.44000(approx) , which is total 100% of his EPS contributions in 7years. I wanted to know why table D was not used to calculate his pension. His last salary in 2015 was 11000(approx) and last EPF contribution was 1307. Because if we calculate it according to table D then his pension amount came to be (11000*7.13=)78430.


    I have worked in an organization for 8 yrs 8 mnths 19 days and at the time of leaving I opted for ESC and submitted the same to another employer they have further sent it to EPFO but EPFO returned with some comment.
    Now I am working in an organization for last 7 years but that scheme certificate is lying with me only.
    Can I surrender and get all my money as I don’t need Pension now?
    It is mentioned there in Hindi-Member need to submit after attaining age of 40 or 58 years along with Children Birth Certificate ,3 family Photograph,.
    Please advise

  40. Mahesh G. Hegde

    Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    I worked in a Construction company 1 from June 1995 to 20th October 1997. Then I worked in construction company 2 from 21st October 1997 till 21.08.2003. After that I worked in Construction company 3 from 03.09.2003 to 28.04.2015.

    Now, Construction Company 1 had its own PF trust and I withdrew PF amount and forgot about EPS.

    Construction Company 2 had its PF account with EPFO and I got my EPF & EPS transferred to Construction Company 3 which had its own PF trust. I forgot to get the EPS certificate for 4 years and applied later for that. Construction company 3 has submitted the papers to EPFO, Bandra, Mumbai. Now my questions are

    1. Can I show my Construction Company 1’s PF papers and ask for including it in the EPS certificate?
    2. What is the procedure to check the EPS Certificate status (submitted by Company 3) in EPFO portal?

    Please reply.


  41. I have lost scheme certificate but i have the photocopy, this job was left in 2005 and afterwards i withdrew pf of other companies, how can i transfer lost scheme certificate in my current employment?

  42. P Gopala Krishna

    I have pension certificate, and showing pensionable salary as 6966 and last salary is 9640. my service period is 9 years 9 months and 7 days will it be consider as 10 years How much pension i will get after age of 58 years(04/12/2034). can you please give the complete calculation for the same.

      1. Dear Sir,
        I have transferred my EPF of about 7 years of service to another EPF account under same UAN number. I can see my EPF transferred amount in EPF passbook online but unable to see EPS amount. It is showing zero. In this case is it necessary to obtain EPS scheme certificate of previous employment and submit to EPFO. Please revert.
        Best Regards,
        Sunil Avhad

  43. K Sudhakar Reddy

    I worked in 4 different private organizations from 1995 and I retired on 10th June 2020 at the age of 58 years. I got transferred the EPF amount from all previous accounts to the last employer account. When I checked my total service with EPFO, it is showing only the period with my last employer.
    Unaware of the scheme certificates I could not get these certificates form my previous employers and now all those 3 Companies are closed/wind-up their operations.
    In order to claim for monthly pension I was asked to submit scheme certificate for which I have approached my last employer which is under process. Is it mandatory that I should get the certificate from the previous employers for service accumulation for pension amount calculation or only a certificate from the last employer cover my complete service with EPFO, please advise.

    1. Dear Sudhakar,
      If you worked in any organization for more than 10 years, then obviously a scheme certificate is mandatory. However, if the period is less, then the transfer of EPF is fine. Raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      1. K Sudhakar Reddy

        Dear Sir,
        Thanks for your reply and it is very helpful.
        I have not withdrawn the EPF amount and I would like to hold the entire amount to my credit until I really need the money. Now, can I apply for monthly pension payment as I turned 58 and would not contribute further to my EPF account.


  45. Muralidhar Karamballi

    Hi Sir,
    Actually I transfered from my PF account from Bangalore to Mumbai.PF transferred correctly but EPS start date they mentioned as 21Aug 2006 instead of 29 Jan 2004 which is 31 months less.This I realized when I transfer my PF account from Mumbai to HCL trust.
    Now HCL trust received EPS start date as 21 Aug 2006 instead of 29 Jan 2004.Now I cannot approach Mumbai office as they told from Bangalore office itself they received start date as 21 Aug 2006.Now somehow I have to see that start date should reflect as 29 Jan 2004.
    Can I approach bangalore office or how will I get this 31 Months missed service all PF amounts are correct but Service mismatch.
    Best Regards,

  46. I have Scheme certificate from my previous EPFO Office (Karnataka), and now I am continuing my service in another state(Andhra Pradesh). Is it necessary to Submit scheme certificate to existing EPFO Office ?
    If not submitted what will be the issue ?

  47. In my previous organizations (lke Tata Consultancy, HCL, these orgs are exempted from Provident Fund perspective, they have their own PF trusts), I am not sure if I had EPS or not. Currently I am working in an org which credits our PF directly to EPFO (i.e my current org is unexempted org). So the question is when I retire from my current Org, will EPFO consider my earlier service years that I put for TCS, HCL (exempted orgs, i.e to arrive at pension value, will EPFO consider my service years of TCS, HCL along with my current services that I put for my current org. Currently 8.25% of 15000/ goes to EPS. (i.e 1250 per month) What is the government rule in this regard? Appreciate if you could provide any guidance, direction with documents, links etc.

  48. Hi Sir,

    After joining new company, I have applied for Transfer of my previous establishment PF account to the current employer PF account. My transfer request has been processed successfully by EPFO department and the transferred amount is reflecting in my current passbook.

    But In UAN member portal my previous establishment Service history is not showing/populating. So I have raised the Grievances with EPFO department and almost 1 year of communication with them they have asked me to reach out to my current employer to address this issue but they didn’t mention the action to be taken from employer even upon request.

    Please need your expert guidance here to understand the problem area and how can it be get resolved.

    I have one more query regarding EPS. Do I need to apply for EPS scheme certificate for my previous company pensionable service period ? if yes, shall I need to reach out to my previous or current employer for this certificate ?


      1. Hi Sir,
        Thanks and appreciate your response on my query.

        My previous company service period is 3 years and 3 months and I have transferred this PF account to current company account.
        Current company service period is 9 year 3 Months. So total service period is 12 years 6 months. Need clarification on below 2 points.

        1. My previous PF account regional EPFO office in Hyderabad and my current EPFO office in Mumbai. So which regional office do I need to reach out on my service history issue. i.e. previous company service period is not reflecting in Service History on UAN portal.

        2. Do I need to apply for scheme certificate for my previous company service period (i.e. 3 years and 3 months) or this period is will be clubbed/accumulated with current service period and no need to apply for EPS scheme certificate ? Actually I am not clear in which case I need to apply for scheme certificate.


          1. Hi Sir,
            Thanks a lot again !!

            To my 2nd Query:
            I am currently in the service i.e. working in IT company. Still I need to apply for EPS scheme certificate for my previous company service period (i.e. 3 years & 3 month) or this period will be accumulated with the current service ?

            What my employer told that :
            “Please note that as per EPFO rule if an employee opts for PF settlement post completion of 9.6 years of service, then PF department will issue Pension scheme certificate after processing the Form-10 C. ”

            It would be great if you can clarify whether I need to apply for Scheme certificate ? If yes, for which period since i am still in the service.


    1. I worked with three companies. I transferred my PF from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Now I have resigned from 3rd company and working overseas.
      Now after reading articles, i checked my service history and it is only reflecting my latest 3rd co. There is no mention for 1st and 2nd co. What should I do to get that records updated in service history in UAN portal? Also both my 1st and 2nd co had private PF trust. Please guide

    2. About EPS, may be I am wrong. As per EPS, the contribution earns no interest for whole contributed period. The body starts paying pension of 7500 per month maximum as per pensionable salary cap of 15000. In that case, this is the interest income of the corpus collected over the period of service by the PF body. Assuming life expectancy of pensioner and his wife to be maximum 25 years, the pension paid is mostly equivalent to pension fund collected over the service period. (8.33% with maximum 1250). Then what happens to corpus after 25 years??? (The transfer to children up to age 25 years is only possible if pensioner dies early). So how it is useful compared to PF????

  49. How and where should I apply for the scheme certificate? I have already completed service of 28 years 9 months and completed more than 59 years of age

  50. Hi sir,

    There are 4 member id under my uan.

    Is it possible to withdraw the full amount. I am in need. I have already transferred my epf to the new mid. However pension amount was not transferred.

    Please guide

  51. Dear Sir

    MY age is 50 completed on April, 2020. I have worked more than 12 years for a company and resigned another company and worked there about 12 months. I have resigned my job on 01/06/2020. Now i have started my own business. I have applied form 10 d for reduced pension. Now I want to know whether Form 10 c is required once I completed 58 years and the reduced pension scheme will be automatically converted to full pension once i have completed 58 years. Your guidelines will be highly appreciated.

  52. Rajendra Gaonkar

    Hello Sir! I have a doubt
    1: My Father expire last March, 2020 and we not apply for all claim can we get all pension amount from march to till now? And after that also?
    2: but my father join job at 2006 and 2018the employer was changed then also we get family pension with edli amount we don’t have sechme Certificate then also can claim the all benefits??
    Feedback as soon as possible. Thanking you

  53. Hi. Am 30 year old women.. Have resigned my job with 10 Years of experience. Applied for pf withdrawal and received the same. But eps withdrawal is rejected stating not eligible for withdrawal and eligible for scheme certificate.
    Is it possible to withdraw pension applying again?
    If not, from what age I will be getting pension?

  54. Hi , I worked with a company till June 2005 who issued me eps certificate in 2007 but I forgot to handover the new employer and after working with new employer for 9 years I withdrawn the eps part and also withdrawn eps from all susiquent employers. But that eps certificate I am still having with me.
    Now I am jobless and at 52 years of age.
    Can I claim lumpsum pension against this certificate if yes how much and if no by when I can claim the same I want lumpsum amount only.
    Regds vinay

    1. Arpitha Sharath

      Very useful information sir. My doubt is I have pension scheme certificate of 2.5year and my age is 31 I’m not working now. Is there any option to withdraw the same by returning pension scheme certificate.
      And if I don’t join any job in future then will it be waste investment.

  55. Hello,

    My EPS withdrawal claim rejected with the below message.


    I’m no more working in India as I settled abroad. What are the options which I have to claim my EPS amount?


  56. Sir, I have worked from 02.09.1995 to 03.11.2016 with past company and joined new company on 04.11.2016 and continuing the same. I’m allotted new UAN number by the new company. I have got transferred EPF accumulations from old account to new account. However, new EPF account shows my date of joining EPF as 04.11.2016 and not as 02.09.1995. Can merging both UANs will resolve the issue? If this is done, still I need to apply for EPS scheme certificate?

  57. Manesh kumar Singh

    Hi. I have resigned from my job on 01st feb 2014 and my date of joining was 01st Nov 1998.At the time of joining my basic salary was 6500 but at the time of resignation my basic salary was 30000 and accordingly my pf contribution was made by me and my employer. But my scheme certificate is showing last salary at 6500.please advise what is to be done

  58. Bijay Kumar Mishra

    Worked from 1989 to 2006 last salary 6500. discontinue again join 2011 to 2019 8 yrs. Last salary 15000.
    I have scheme certificate will they add old and new both years to calculate EPS and will they calculate on 15000 rs last salary.
    Pl guide what is beneficial I have 2 options.
    1 to get pension by scheme certificate and
    to withdrawal EPS contribution .
    2 or apply for EPS on both .
    I will send fee for this.send ur no Google pay.Regards.

  59. I’m working since 2007.
    Company 1: 2007 – 2009 (No UAN & EPF+EPS withdrawn)
    Company 2: 2010 – 2015 (UAN1 & EPF+EPS withdrawn)
    Company 3: 2015 – 2017 (UAN2 & EPF Transferred to Company 4)
    Company 4: 2017 – till date (UAN2 )

    I’ve two UAN numbers now.

    Q1: How can I merge both the UANs?
    Q2: Can I apply for scheme certificate from Company 3 for the 2+ years service ?
    Q3: Since I withdrawn my EPF +EPS from Company 1 & Company 2, would Lenght of Service be added to Scheme Certificate ?

  60. HI sir,
    I worked in a company 2 years 3 months. I left that company 29th Feb 2020. I applied pf and pension withdrawal on 19th may 2020, full pf amount has come but pension contribution amount 13094 has come in passbook 25894 amount is there. I got less salary Feb 2020 month because I was on ESI leave. My total salary 12186[Basic+DA], Feb 2020 salary 6580[Basic+DA] I got less salary because I was on ESI leave Feb 2020 month.
    I have two questions
    1. Can I get only Feb 2020 month(company left month) salary’s Basic+ DA(6580 ), as per Table D for 2 years 6580*1.99=13094
    2. Can I get total salary’s Basic+DA(12186), as per Table D for 2 years 12186*1.99=24250

  61. Sir
    Your blog was truly very helpful in terms of clarity on EPS. However, you did not mention the SC rulling in Apr2019 about removing the cap of max basic salary of Rs 15000. Could you put light on to this.

  62. I have worked for 10 years and my age is 62 now applied for EPS form 10D online from epfo portal and claim is setteled for 0 rs now what is the next procedure please guide ?

  63. Hi sir,

    I have started my career in 2014 and currently still working with the same organization. Is it allowed to withdraw my eps while you are still working?

  64. Uma Kant pandey

    Sir we have done the job different co .near about 29 years now my besic salary is 15000/ epfo agreed to pay the pension for 29 years kindly tell me pension amount approximately. Sir thanks

  65. Peter E Sebastian

    I have worked for a company from 2004 to 2017 and i left the job in April 2017. I was 42 years of age when i left the job. Further i did not work in any company after leaving that job. I am taking care of my family business. I applied for my PF online and the claim was settled. I do not have any scheme certificate.
    Hence I want to know whether i can apply for monthly pension after attaining 58 years of age without having scheme certificate or not? is applying scheme certificate is mandatory in my case? Kindly guide me and oblige.

    Thanking you,
    yours faithfully
    Arun Kumar BS

  66. Hi sir I worked in one company 2 years 3 months.I left that company 29th Feb 2020.I am not working anywhere since I left that company. I applied pf & pension withdrawal last week.Full pf amount has come,but pension contribution amount 13094 has come in passbook 25894 amount is there.
    FEB 2020 month I got less salary(I was on ESI leave).Total basic+ da is 12180 but february month basic+da 6580 is there in salary slip.
    As per rule for 2 years
    1. 12180*1.99=24238
    2. 6580*1.99=13094 amount is credited to account
    what shoud I do for get remaining pension contribution amount[1].
    can I get remaining amount or only thus much of amount[2].

  67. Kishore Kinkar Das.

    Sir, I have received scheme certificate & drew my pf amount. Again i joined in another co.& resigned after 9 year of service. I have not surrendered the scheme certificate to my 2nd employer. Now how can I unite both pension fund & can apply for pension. Please advise.

  68. Hi Sir,
    I have completed the age of 60 and has a service history of 13years in EPF… Suggest me whether to apply for Monthly pension scheme or Pension withdrawal…Which one will be beneficial…Which one will get me extra benefit compared to one another..

  69. Hi Basavaraj Sir,
    I have worked in a company for 13 years and completed the age of 64 years.. I was getting monthly salary of Rs I want to apply for Monthly pension scheme..How much pension I can get ?

  70. Dear Sir,

    I’ve the following queries based on my service duration in 4 companies so far.

    1. Company1 worked for 4 years and left it in 2014 – withdrawn the complete PF amount after leaving the job but didn’t do anything about the EPS amount. Can i do anything about it now?

    2. I did the online PF transfer from Company2 to Company3 and then from Company3 to Company4. The total service duration for Company 2,3 and 4 would be 7 years. Do i need to separately submit Form 10 C for the EPS transfers from these 3 companies?

    3. As i had withdrawn the complete PF amount from Company1 and now continuing with the single UAN for the remaining 3 companies, how much would be my total service duration counted as? 11 years or 7 years?

  71. Dear Mr Basavaraj,

    I worked in a company from Dec 2007 to Sep 2018. (Company 1) and withdraw the PF balance, then I joined to (Company 2) in Oct 2018 and left in Jan 2019 and withdraw my PF of (Company 2). Again I joined to (Company 3) in April 2019 to Jan 2020. Then Joined (Company 4) (Present employer) in Jan 2020 and approval process is pending by the present employer. I have not withdrawn my PF from (Company 3) PF to Company 3. Meanwhile, I have not taken Scheme Certificate for PF Pension from Company 1 PF. Now company 1 is closed. So how will I get the Pension Certificate from all the 3 Companies? Can I apply the certificate now of Company 1,2 & 3 respectively How can I apply for it?. I have to submit 10 C separately in all the three companies? Please guide…

  72. Hi Sir, I applied for EPS scheme certificate through my previous employer by filling the 10C Form. In EPFO claim status , it is rejected by mentioning the below reason. Kindly give your suggestion on whom I need to approach to resolve the issue ?



  73. Dear Sir ,

    How to add old scheam certificates in EPFO UIN details . When joining present employer old scheam certificates ( 2 Nos) not submitted and also present employer switched to exempted category since last 2 years.

    How to go about to add scheam certificates against my UIN ?

  74. I have worked for a company from 2005 to 2019 and retired in July 2019. I was 60years of age when i retired in July2019. I applied for my PF online and the claim was settled. Now i am applying for my EPS using form 10D where it ask me for deferred payment where i selected yes and put 60 with contribution since my pension was deducted till July2019. I do not have any scheme certificate so can i withdraw my Pension without the Scheme certificate number.


    Dear sir,
    I worked with a company based at Chennai for six years which has their on trust for pf. I resigned after 6 years and upon exit I collected the PF amount. Thereafter I am working in Kerala for almost six years. Can I add the experience of the company for getting pension. When I applied with current cochin pf office for transfer it shows my application rejected. Can you please help.

  76. Sir,
    We can withdraw EPS once we quit the job , and before joining a new company right? If I have withdrawn and joined a new org in very less time.
    Is it acceptable?

  77. Hi Sir,

    Could you please clarifications for the below?
    1. Is EPS A/s number the same as EPF A/c number?
    2.How to transfer EPS amount to new EPF/EPS Account if the EPF complete withdrawal is made through Form 19 and the EPS amount is not withdrawn.
    I worked for a company for 3.5 years, resigned and had been unemployed for one year. During that period I had withdrawn the EPF amount but not the EPS amount. But I was not asked to fill the form 10c for scheme certification.
    After that, I joined a company(service period 1.6 years) which was not offering the EPF scheme and now I am going to join a new org that will opt for EPF scheme. Now how to get the scheme certificate to submit to new eployer.

  78. Dear Sir,
    I had worked in a Company for 10 years 3 months & resigned and Joined another company & worked their for Four months & later resigned to ill health. I had merged both my PF account under one UAN & withdrew my PF amount.
    But I have not applied for form 10 C Pension Scheme certificate from both the companies. Should I apply for 10 C Pension Scheme certificate from both the companies ?
    Please suggest what should I do .

  79. Dear sir,
    I had joind my first company in 2004 and left in 2006. I have 2 years EPS certificate. Meanwhile, I changed 2 to 3 companies, but forgotten to submit EPS certificate in those companies also i withdraw PF and EPS after leaving those companies.
    Now I am working in current company from last 8 years (from 2012). My question is can I add my EPS certificate of first company (of 2006) to my current service? and if yes then how?

  80. Dear Mr Basavaraj,

    I worked in a company from Feb 1996 to Jan 2004. (company 1) and transferred the PF balance to Company 2. I worked in Company 2 from Jan 2004 to Jan 2014. Then Joined company 3 (Present employer) in Jan 2014. I am yet to transfer my Company 2 PF to Company 3. Meanwhile, I have not taken Scheme Certificate for PF Pension from Company 1 PF. Now company 1 is closed. So how will I get the Pension certificate from company 1 PF Office? Also, that was the time before computerisation. For PEnsion Certificate from Company 2 – can I apply the certificate now ? How can I apply for it?. IS it possible to apply for it online for company 2?.

    1. Dear Subramanian,
      While leaving company 1, your service was not completed for 10 years. Hence, you can’t apply for an EPS certificate with company 1. However, as you transferred company 1 EPF to company 2 EPF, the combined service was more than 10 years. Hence, you have to apply for a scheme certificate with company 2 but not with company 1.

      1. Dear Mr Basavaraj,

        Thanks. So when I apply Pf certificate with Company 2 will they include my company 1 also?.

  81. Namasthe sir…by reading this I understand few points. But my doubt is already I submitted 10c for 2years of work and I have pension certificate. Now can I withdraw that pension amount by using that certificate ? Or should I keep until 58 years?

  82. My father has a scheme certificate from his previous employer amounting to 4 years of servive. However the same employment is not depicted in epfo portal by new employer.

    My father has attained pensionable age and wishes to avail pension via eps. What actions are required of him to do so ?

  83. Debashish Biswas

    DOB – May 1959

    Company -1 Service Period March 1981 – January 1991 [ exempted PF Trust] – PF accumulation transferred to Company -3 No Annexure-K
    Company -2 Service Period May 1991 – Jan 1992 [un exempted PF Trust] – PF accumulation transferred to Company -3 with Annexure-K
    Company-3 Service Period May 1992 – July 1995 [ exempted PF Trust] – PF accumulation withdrawn

    [All the above companies have wound up]

    Further my Service Period from 2003-2018 is under 1995 scheme and service details updated
    Superannuation March 2018 ; Pension contribution stopped from May 2017 [attained 58 years]

    Now to claim the Past Service Benefit for the period of service from March 1981 – July 1995

    Q1 – I should apply for a scheme certificate from Company -1 & Company-3 ?
    Q2 – How long should it take to get the scheme certificate given that the companies were exempted PF trust and does not operate any longer ?
    Q3 – After I get the Scheme Certificate do I submit the same with my Form-10 D for Pension Application ?
    Q4 – In case I submit my 10-D Application before I get my scheme certificate – will my pension amount be recomputed when I submit them ?

  84. Hi Sir,

    I have worked in a company for 1.9 years and I have withdraw my PF advance by filling Form-31.

    Can I apply for my pension withdraw now? If yes, What will be the procedure?

  85. I had worked in my previous company from 01-09-1999 to 11-01-2004. After that I had switched job and joined a new company from 12-01-2004 to 29-05-2019. My both company have their own PF trust. When I have joined new company, I have transferred my PF through new employer. I have never applied form 10C with old company. Now the old company is closed and not existing. I have my PF and EPS account no of old company which is same. I have now applied for EPS scheme certificate with new company after leaving service. I have applied to PF grievance cell. They have confirmed me about my new company job period only. How can I add my old company job period to my EPS scheme certificate. How to get my EPS scheme certificate from old company as it is not existing now. I will be grateful to you if you could guide me further from here.

  86. Hi,

    I have worked for an Indian co. for 12 years but now immigrated to UK. Is there a provision to withdraw the EPS amount instead of opting the scheme certificate.

  87. Sir I have two EPS certificates from two different companies !

    1) Now what should I do sir ?

    2) Is it possible to get total two companies service period pension ?

  88. Thanks for Info.
    I have changed 3 companies during my 10 + year tenure and transferred all the PF amount in current PF account . But I think I never filled 10 C form . If I fill 10 C form to get Scheme certificate in my current organisation now , This Scheme certificate will contain all the previous employment history or not.

  89. Hi
    My last employment ended in November 2008 and my current job started in Dec 2019 so from Nov 2018 to Dec 2019 I was jobless. I have not withdrawn my PF from the last employment nor did I get any Scheme Certificate that time but now after reading your article I want to get scheme certificate.

    My current employer doesn’t fall under the PF bracket But I do not want to withdraw my PF now as I am expecting that my current company will grow and we might enroll in PF in the near future and then I will transfer my PF balance to my new PF account.

    Now how do I get my Scheme certificate? Do I have to contact my previous employer for that or my new employer or directly contact EPFO?

      1. Dear sir ,
        I have worked for one company for 10 years & 6 months afterwards I joined another company and completed 4 years experience in this 2 be company
        From the 1 at company I had withdrawn EPF ‘ and obtained scheme certificate towards EPs.
        Pl let me know how should I need to add my current work experience
        Kindly tell me the procedure involved


  90. Dear Basavaraj Sir

    I ve worked in a company from 1986 to 2007 (for21 years) I have withdrawn EPF amount and got Scheme certificate for eps.

    I ve joined another company at 2007 till date (for 13 years). When i submitted the scheme certificate to present company, they returned to me saying I have to present it at the time of claiming pension. Is it OK?

    I am planing for retirement now (age 58 years) Should I get Scheme certificate from present company also?

  91. Naseem Uddin Ansari

    I had worked in a company from Feb 1995 to June 2005. After that I have claimed my PF amount amount and the same I have been paid. As the my service was about 10 yrs so the scheme certificate has been issued me.
    After that I have worked in other
    company but I couldn’t submit the pension scheme certificate. Now my age is more than 58 but I am working. The pension certificate is with me.
    I would like to request you please tell me where and how I should submit the pension scheme certificate which is with me to get the pension.

      1. As you mention “While submitting this form you have to submit the EPS Scheme Certificate to EPFO through your new employer”

        in such case how do i get to know that My EPS certificate is accepted by the EPFO correctly ? As same I told to my new employer but due to his lack of knowledge he return me EPS certificate saying that it is to be given at your last job …

  92. Sir,
    I have worked in a company and releived by April 2013.Completed 15 years of service in that company.From May 2013 Joined State Govt department and there CPS is in place. Received scheme certificate.At the time of relieving from my old company my basic pay was around Rs 12000/-In my scheme certificate the last drawn salary is mentioned as Rs 6500/- only ,why Sir. Currently I am 46 years old.How much money may be received by me as pension if I surrender the scheme certificate at the age of 50 and 58. Requesting your expert reply please.

  93. Sir
    I had worked for more than 10 years in a shop in another state. Later I claimed pf amount. Now I am working with another company.
    Now my age is 44 and I want to have scheme certificate of my previous job. Past employer is not their. Date of leaving not known. Only I have pf number of previous job.
    How to get scheme certificate of my previous job.

      1. Dibakar Goswami

        I have worked one company 14 years almost. I have already resigned last three years and aplied all document submitted in kolkata PF office . But still now i not getting pension ceritificate. Pls advise and revert.

  94. Dear Sir,

    I have completed more than 10years service in each of two different companies. I did not transfer Com-1 PF to Com-2 since it was of different state, hence i withdrawn the PF. Now i have left the Com-2 and have withdrawn PF here also. I have received the scheme certificates for both the state companies. Is it required to merge both the scheme certificate. If so, what is the procedure. kindly advice.

  95. Sir,
    From Feb 1996 to Jan 2004 I worked in a company in Bangalore. – Comp 1.
    In Jan 2004 I joined another company and worked there till Dec 2013 in Bangalore. – Comp 2
    Presently I am working in a school in Bangalore from Jan 2014 – Comp 3
    Comp 1 (1st company) has now been closed completely and wound up.
    I had some problem in transferring the PF from Comp 1 to Comp 2 as they were asking the Proof of me joining the company in 1996. After repeated follow-ups, I was able to transfer this PF to my PF in Comp 2 by the end of 2013.
    Meanwhile, I joined the School and have a different PF number and Different UAN. So I have two UAN Number, one for my service in Comp 2 and the present PF.
    On checking the UAN of Comp 2, I find only the PF portion is transferred from my Comp 1 to Comp 2. The pension portion is showing 0. So How do I get a pension certificate for my service in Comp 1? Worked there from Feb 1996 to Jan 2004). Now that company is closed and wound up. (It was a 100364736270Ltd company). How can I apply for the certificate now?.
    I have another 10 Years to attain 58 Years, but, would like to keep the records clear now itself rather than waiting for another 10 years. (Already wasted so many years).

    Also, how do I apply the certificate from Comp 2? Can I do online?. (That company is still existing).


  96. Sir,
    I worked in a school from 2005 to 2016 nearly 11 years service then I left that job. then i asked pf details, but they didnt give pf No. and UAN also. after 1 month I loined in other school. on 2016. the second school(second employer) applied for new PF account and uan. on 2018
    I give pf withdraw application to old employer, and withdrew pf amount.
    Now I gave application to old employer for Scheme certificate but they are not responding. now I am 49 years old after 50 years can apply for pention.
    Is scheme certificate need that time. if yes, How can I get Scheme certificate please sugest me sir,

  97. Dear Sir, i have worked for 9.6 years in a company and now self employed. I am not aware of EPF rules and benefits. I have withdrawn my pf amount and EPS amount was not possible because of 10 years job. Sir pls let me know that how can i get Scheme certificate now.

  98. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,
    first of all let me appreciate the work you are doing by this blog kudos for that 🙂
    can you kindly answer below questions

    i worked for company a from 2012 to 2017 and company b from 2017 to 2019 .i am about to join to new company now. I din’t apply for service certificate from company a but transferred my pf to company b

    1.I want to transfer my pf from company b to new company and withdraw my eps contribution of both prev companies will it be possible? if not can you suggest me best option.
    2. In epfo portal under my service history tab i can see my service in both companies as two seperate fields ?does that mean they added all my experience(7 years) ? or how can i ask them to add my service from comapny a? thanks

  99. Sir,
    1. I already withdraw my EPF amount and got EPS scheme certificate at 2010.. After that i joined new company.. My new company applied for new EPF account… Now, Can i withdraw amount from EPF and EPS of this new Account..? or submit my my old EPS scheme certificate to the current employer..? Which is the best option..?

    2. My date of birth is 8/9/1970 … Can i apply for pension from this october 2019..?

    1. Dear Vijayakumar,
      1) If both EPF are under one UAN, then you are not allowed to withdraw EPS. The best option is to submit the scheme certificate to new employer.
      2) If you are not working then only you are eligible for pension.

  100. Sir I have pension scheme certificate from previous employer. Am not working now . My age is 44. Can I withdraw the EPS amount?

  101. Sukhpreet Singh Kohli

    Hello Sir,
    I worked for 9 Years 8 Months in company then get transfer to same group company. But in first company where worked for 9 years 8 months company associated with Regional Of office. But when got transfer that group company is exempt and has own trust also Regional office get changed from Bangalore Bommasandara to Mumbai Kandivali.
    Now my PF get transfer successfully from one company to other but Eps didn’t get transfer. What to do next to get EPS also transfer to Mumbai Kandivali

      1. Thanks Sir For Prompt Reply,
        Just want to ask one think should i have to apply for scheme certificate or that also not required as in epf portal already all service history is coming

  102. Very informative article. I had a doubt. My first company(trust) have settled my PF amount completely. My 2nd and 3rd company are using the same UAN. So I have transferred my PF and done successfully and able to see my service details there. Now my 1st company is not giving me the scheme certificate. what can I do to solve it. In the online claim, it is showing as transferred and the amount as 0 which is correct. But what about my service? I am not able to see that. May be due to different UAN??? Kindly clarify me sir

  103. Lets assume I worked in Company A for 6 months and then worked for Company B for 4 months and now I am in Company C since last 2 years. I transferred the EPF from Company A to Company B and then I transferred EPF from Company B to Company C. However, for both company A and Company B there is EPS which was not withdrawn.
    Since both employments were less than 6 months, I understand from the article that I can only apply for service certificate.

    Here are my questions sir:
    1. Do I need to apply for service certificate twice – one for each employer or just once?

    2. What happens once I get the service certificate or service certificates.. Do I give it to my new employer?
    What happens then.. would it reflect in the EPF passbook of Company C or no?

    3. Last question, lets assume I leave employer C in next 1 year and then I apply to withdraw both EPF and EPS, would I get EPS part of company A and company B as well along with the EPS of company C

    Please advise.

    1. Dear Anshul,
      If your service period is less than 10 years, then you can withdraw or transfer BUT can’t apply for service certificate. You can apply for service certificate once your service period is more than 10 years.

  104. Very comprehensive info on EPF/EPS which gives great clarity to lakhs of members. Few questions –

    a) I had worked in PSU Bank for almost 16 years from 1984 and left in 2000. PF settlement was done by trustees. EPF and EPS option was not given to us. I would like to include myself under EPF scheme for that service retrospectively. Can you advise any provisions for this and how to go about?

    b) I was out of India till mid 2003 and then worked in 5 different companies adding roughly to 9++ years. How do I add up those service duration correctly?
    1) Axes – 16 M 10 D (PF moved to 2)
    2) Convergys – 28 M 23 D (PF moved to 3)
    3) Aricent – 16 M (PF with Trustees and settled in full)
    4) Zinnia – 47 M (Co-founder for 7 years and no salary for 37M but was registered as Director with ROC for 7 Yrs)
    PF settled in full in 2019 by PF office. Created under UAN
    5) 2018 – Unemployed
    6) Current employer – 7 M (under same UAN)

    c) I superannuated in July 2019. Am I eligible for pension without counting PSU bank service? Will I get more pension if employer is willing to pay more salary for June and July 2019 (higher basic and higher EPS contribution beyond cap)

    d) What is the process to obtain scheme certificate for 3) and 4) where PF was settled and no scheme certificate given.

  105. 1. What is the 10 years of service? I’m working in my 4th company now,
    2019-Current company.
    Is this considered as 7 years of experience now..?
    2. Can I withdraw my EPS and transfer only the EPF ? (not transferred the EPF to my current company yet).

  106. Hey i am in one situation

    1: I withdrawn my PF when i left my job [having 10 years of overall service] , they issued one scheme certificate to me

    2: I joined new company and didn’t submitted scheme certificate. now i am having new PF account

    3: i left the current company and joined new company , and i am about to start the process of creating a new PF account here , what can i do with old scheme certificate which from previous to previous PF account which is closed now..?

    what should i do for this situation..?

  107. Sir,
    What happens to eps, if i filed for final settlement of Pf online after completing 10 yrs of service & being unemployed for 3 months?

  108. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for very informative article on this rare topic, but I got confused in the last paragraph where EPFO say you EPS gets transferred with EPF transfer, if this is the case then is it mandatory for us to get the Scheme certificate also and submit it through new employer?

  109. I read all above information.
    It’s really good for each one.
    But sir I have query and I know only you will resolve it.
    I am retired M.S.E.B EMPLOYEE and I received pension from EPS.
    Sir my name on pension record are different and my legal name is different so due to this i faced problems for receiving pension from department what should I do.
    It is possible to correct my name in pension record if yes then how ?
    Please suggest
    Thanks and regards

  110. Thank you so much for clarity on a topic where all working people contribute but rarely know where the money is going and how to receive it back.

  111. Dear sir, I resigned from Reliance Industries Ltd (formerly IPCL) in Dec-2006 with service tenure of 8 years and 8 months. I joined Indian Oil Corporation Ltd in same month. I transferred my pf from IPCL pf trust to new employer trust i.e. IOCL pf trust. But I do not know about my eps amount is also transferred or not. I got statement from my old employer at the time of resignation. Please guide me about the eps query.

  112. umakantlalmohan pandey

    alot of thanks for your taking response. further we inform you that. We done job South Eastern Roadways
    pf a/c no ap/3716/ 438. r.o. hyd. feb .1991 to feb. 2002 total 11 years.
    and pf a/c no mh/13471/ 682 = R.O. BANDRA MAR2002 TO DEC 2006 = 05= YEARS. South eastern roadways.
    Super fast roadlines Baroda jan. 2007 to dec 2007 one years not contribute to epf.
    Since jan 2008 to dec2013not contribute epf by the co.
    since jan2014 to still date contribute epf/eps regularly under a/c no mh/13119/1331.
    Sir if we deposited arrear amt for the gap time.

    sir now we want eps from 1991 to running date, what so ever. what should be done , Sir plz help me.

  113. Umakant lalmohan pandey

    We have done the job from 21feb1991 to march 2002 and April 2002 to Oct 2005 to tatal15 year co has clear the epf EPs scheme certificate is pending we joined new co but this co is deducting EPF since jan2014 so I think 12 year gap and iwant full period EPs then what i ..can do plz guide me now my besic sal is15000/per month.

  114. Sir i am a helper in a company and my age is 46 now my salary is 7500 per month and i complete 10 year in previous company now i join another one
    My question is that should i transfer my pf account to new one or withdraw pf amount complete because at this salary bracket i got approx 1000-1500 per month pension in future but in next 10 year i have to spend approx 80000 in eps scheme

  115. I applied for Form 19 and form 10c. I am 48 years and having 8.2 years of service. form 10c has been rejected for the reason SINCE YOU HAVE EIGHT YRS OF SERVICE MAY OPT FOR SCHEME CERTIFICATE FOR AVAILING PENSION LATER/K. I dont want scheme certificate but want to withdraw my EPS amount. Pls guide me. (fyi, form 19 is still under process)

  116. uma kant lalmohan pandey

    we have been do the job 15 years in south eastern roadways .co has clear the pf but not given the eps scheme certificate kindly guidance me and privious to be dob is05/07/1965

  117. Sandipan Mondal


  118. Dear Sir
    Appreciate the clarity and details u have included in explaining the subject and making it so simple to understand! Thanks

    I would like to understand if we have to submit the previous employment pension scheme certificate in Original or attested Xerox copies to Regional PF office thru new employer!

      1. Mehboob Shaikh

        Dear Sir
        Thanks for your kind response.

        Further i would like to know if eps portion is also withdrawn, then wil that service period will also get accumulated in pensionable service.I have withdrawn eps amount also from my very first job way back in 1999

  119. Dear Sir,
    I’ve joined in an MNC company(A) on Aug 2015 & resigned before completion of 6 months minimum period on Jan 2016. Here I got my 1st UAN NUMBER. Later, i’ve joined in a New company(B) in July 2016 and got New 2nd UAN number, as i have no knowledge about merging the PF accounts in same UAN. I left that job too on 18-Feb-2017(with more than 6months service) and immediately joined another company(C) on 20-Feb-2017 itself. Now here, my B & C companies PF accounts both were merged with the 2nd UAN which i’ve got at company B.

    Later i’ve withdrawn the amount from the1st UAN (PF account). As, my service is short, my bank account was credited with my share & employee share only. And my EPS amount was left behind.

    Now, my question is..
    1. How can i get that amount to my new EPF account or the 2nd UAN?
    2. Can i merge that to my 2nd UAN and get service extended or shall i give it that to the next employer if I joins somwhere new??
    3. If that account has been added to the New One, how my service will be callculated?

    please answer me sir,

  120. Dear Sir,

    I applied for PF and EPS withdrawal but the amount of EPS withdrawal deposited in my bank account does not match with the amount shown in the passbook. I am also not able to calculate the amount using the table D above.

    Could you please explain the calculation. My head is spinning trying to figure out this.

    Thanks a Lot.

  121. Hello Sir,
    I have completed 5 years of service, where i have worked with 2 companies, when i joined 2nd company, i had transferred my pf amount to with 2nd company pf account.
    After 5th year of service i have left job and applied for PF withdraw, they have given me PF amount of both companies and eps amount of 2nd company, but when i asked about eps amount of 1st company is not credited to my account, team is asking me to apply for EPS certificate and 1st company pension amount cannot withdraw.

    What can i do to sir, as per policy i am eligible for withdraw eps amount.

    1. Dear Swapnil,
      It is wrong. I think there is a misunderstanding in knowing how much you have to get from EPS. Hence, I suggest you to better raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  122. Vindh Kumar D V

    Dear sir,
    I have transfered my pf amount from previous company to current company , In Previous company worked for 3 years 6months and In current company 3 years 4 four months , 4/May/2019 was my last working to in my current company. My query is
    1. When i join new company will my service period of previous companys will calculated without scheme certificate or should i request for Scheme certificate and submit to new company.
    2. Will these split service periods will be consider to avail Pention .
    Vinodh Kumar D V

  123. Sir
    I recently withdrew my pf and my epf from my current organisation where i worked for past three years.Before that i worked in another organisation from 4/4/2014 to 15/10/2014 for which they deducted pf and eps for six months till 30/9/14.Due to differences with the company i tendered my resignation on 15/10/14 but the same was not accepted by the company.I recently logged in to pf account and found service period doj was given as 4/4/2014 and exit 1/12/2014.I applied for both form 19 and 10c. But form 10c got rejected whereas form 19 shows under process.Sir can i submit my grievance online for form10c as i have put in more than six months service but still it got rejected.kindly guide me sir.

  124. Hi Basavaraj

    I am totally confused with EPS and EPF, though I have got some understanding on both and their criteria, I have a few doubts and hopefully you will answer them.

    I have worked for 6.5 years in my previous organisation and I withdrew my PF before quitting by claiming it online on UAN portal.

    Its been 6 months that I have joined a new organisation and I got to know about EPS, until which I had no clue that EPS existed also. My questions are:

    1. Since EPF and EPO contributions are separate, will the claims to be made towards each are separate? As informed above, I have withdrawn PF while I was in previous org so does this mean I have got only the PF share and not the EPS amount?

    2. In the above case ( point 1) how can I withdraw my EPS? and how do I check my EPS balance ?

    3. In case I withdraw my EPS by not opting for scheme certificate, what happens after withdrawal? will my service gets reset and starts from 1st year since i lose the existing years of service due to EPS withdrawal? will the EPS still gets contributed by employer post withdrawal?

    Note: I started working since july 2010

  125. Hello Mr. Tonagatti,
    Your writeup is very detailed and gives lot of information. I have an issue- My Passbook shows “Settled” status for EPS Scheme certificate claim but have not received the certificate physically till now. In this case what should I do? Kindly advise.

  126. Prakash Thakurdesai

    (1) Transferred amount against employee pension scheme is not reflecting in passbook statement.
    (2) My wife M/s. Geeta P. Thakurdesai is appointed as nominee but her name is not getting reflected.
    (3) M/s. APLAB Ltd. (1991 to 2004), M/s. G. M. Enterprises (2006 to 2018) and M/s. RADIX Electrosystems PVT. LTD. (JAN 2019 till date) is my service history but ABLAB is missing on PF portal history & what can I to correct the same.

    With respect to above SUBJECT, I joined EPFO in year 1991 as I was in M/s. APLAB. I worked there up to NOV-2004 and after that I Joined G. M. Enterprises.
    I have completed the PF Transfer procedure from APLAB to G. M. Enterprises, employee & employers contribution is getting reflected in statement but FAMILY PENSION amount is “ZERO”, not getting reflected. Also my wife is nominated as nominee but her name is not reflected here. As per above point no-3, M/s. APLAB was my 1st company and I was member of EPF which I transferred but in service history this name is not appeared. So please guide me on the same.

    1. Dear Prakash,
      1) EPS will never get transferred. EPFO just update your service records. Hence, you no need to worry.
      2) Check the status and correct the same with the employer.
      3) Raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  127. Hello sir,
    If I have completed 10 years in my organization and now I want ti move into some business, where I will not be contributing any thing to EPFO.
    Will I be eligible for pension after 58?
    Please advise.

  128. Hi Sir,
    I completed 9 years and 8 months of service, i was able to withdraw employee and employers contribution, But when i applied for form 10C, it was rejected stating (ELIGIBLE FOR SCHEME CERTIFICATE./K). I didnt complete 10 years of service and when i applied for the 10C it was still under 10 years. Please advise.

  129. Hi. I have switched 2 jobs. Currently working in 3rd organisation. Total years of EPF & EPS contribution is 8 years. Every time when i switch, i used to transfer my EPF & EPS. I was able to view the PF amount getting transferred, whenever i apply for EPF & EPS transfer request using form 13 (revised). But EPS was not visible anywhere previously. So, was not much concerned abt that. After the introduction of UAN portal, i am able to view EPS history too. But i am finding one problem in it. My service in first employer is not present in service history in UAN portal. What shall i do. Will it be ok to raise a complain in EPFO grievence cell online as you mentioned in one of the comments earlier. Or is there any other process. Ultimately, my objective is to add the missing service to the UAN portal. Will be great if you can comment. Thanks in advance.

  130. Hi Sir,

    I worked in a company for 2 years and then switched to a new one after 7 months. I was able to withdraw the EPF and EPS successfully.

    My question is… Will EPFO still consider the 2 years in the future… For example if I work for another 8 years in the new company, will EPFO still consider my service as 10 years and make me eligible for Pension.

    Or because I have withdrawn the amount for 2 years, it will start over again.

    Also, is it recommended to withdraw the EPS amount after 9 years of service… Or better wait for the completion of my service… because the eventual pension amount mentioned is only around 7000 per month.

    Thank you.

  131. I have switched 3 jobs in my 5 year career.
    I don’t understand this, If my EPF is transferred from previous to new company then I don’t need to worry about scheme certificate to get my EPS transferred too? Is that correct? If yes then why will I need to separately fill form 10c for transfer of EPS to get scheme certificate and then submit it to new company and form 13 for transfer of EPF?

  132. I have switched from Emp. A to Emp. B and then to Emp. C.

    In Emp. A, i have applied for PF Transfer request successfully.When i moved to Emp.C, Accumulated PF Transfer from B is moved to C sucessfully.

    But somehow my EPS details are not sent from Emp. A to Emp. B.Emp. A PF maintained by Trust.

    Please clarify how to get the Service Details of Emp.A to get added to my UAN, since EPS Service Details is not done.

  133. Sir, i am 50 years old. And i have deposited form 10D on 10 sept 2019 to avail monthly family pension . But not heard anything from my bank or epfo, kolkata. Pls. Suggest. Will it possible online.

  134. Dear Sir, I worked in few companies at the beginning of my carrier for short time spans between 6-12 months. But due to lack of knowledge about EPS, I never applied for any EPS scheme certificate from them. Is it possible now to approach my old employers for issuing me EPS scheme certificates for my earlier services? Will that be even helpful?

  135. Hi I have a accumulated service history of 9yrs and 5months. I am getting laid off Jan 31st 2019. Will get a Scheme certificate from EPF office. Please advise.I dont know whether i will get another job with EPF contribution

  136. Hi Basu, thanks for providing so much insights. I am entitled for my eps certificate for which my employer has sent the relevant forms to epf office. It’s more than 3 years now, I struggling to receive my hard copy certificate. Escalated to their official email id’s but no body cares to reply. Pls could you guide me. Thanks in advance.


  137. Thank you sir for providing us the useful information through this blog.

    I have received my scheme certificate in which:
    Total Pensionable year is shown as 18 years 2 months.
    Pensionable salary is shown as 8398
    Last Salary 15000.
    My query is
    If 8398 the monthly pension that I am going to get after the age of 58years?

    Thank you

      1. Hi. Just one clarity. Read somewhere that max pension amount is 7500 per month with 1250 contribution. But as per Miss/Mrs Teena’s post she is getting 8398. How is it possible. Pls correct me if my interpretation is wrong.

          1. Dear Sir,

            I had worked in a private company from 2014-17 for 3 years. Later moved to a government job. I have not withdrawn my PF and EPS amount. If I withdraw my epf amount now what will be the tax liability and how can I withdraw EPS ? What will be the EPS amount which I can withdraw?

  138. Hello Basu,
    I have completed 10 years from 3 company.As you mentioned I cannot withdraw EPS, I need to submit Form 10 C through employer.Question is do I need to submit Form 10 C through all 03 Employers or only last employer? Please let me know. Employer will submit Form 10 C or employee has to submit form

  139. Sir,
    I served in an organization for 20 Years…Than I took a break of 6 months and rejoined another organization, where I worked for 13 Years before retiring. For some reason, my PF from first organization was not transferred when I took up my second job, but I was able to get it transferred recently. I with drew my total PF. However for PF pension, I am asked to fill up Form 10D , in which department is asking for producing Scheme certificate from my employers.
    Do I need to separately ask my first employers to issue the Scheme certificate before I submit form 10 D through my second employer.
    Please advice.

  140. Hello Basu,

    Thanks for this useful blog. Just wanted to know if people with over 10 years work ex are allowed to withdraw EPS (pension) if they are leaving the country. (been unemployed around 9 months)

  141. Which is a better option between applying for a scheme certificate and withdrawal for an employee who has had a total of 5 years of total experience? Considering that the maximum pension that one can get as per the current formula is around 7000 rupees.

  142. I have applied scheme certificate it is showing in portal as settled.
    my question is certificate will get by courier?? ??

    Scheme certificate can get by online????

      1. Hello Mr Basava, since the form 10C is being applied online, can you please advise if it would be received in a digital certificate format or still the certificate would be in a physical certificate format. Thanks.

  143. My father was passed away on 28-12-2015. We dont have proper knowledge on his epf. I logged into his account and say all the statements. His contribution and service is from december 2014 to december 2015 only. His salary is 6500. Do we get pension?? How much we will get? Whats the process. Pls help. He was passed away while going to office.

  144. Dear Basu San,

    Thanks for the article.
    I have some queries. I have transferred PF from my previous organization, but EPS is showing Zero in Passbook. I want to transfer EPS also.
    1. Is it transferred along with PF but not showing OR it requires separate form to fill and give it to previous employer?
    2. If it is not transferred then can we transfer through any Online mode?

    Please suggest the suitable method of transfer of EPS from Previous Employer to New Employer ?

  145. totally i have 4 years of work service and currently i am working in my third company, all my 3 companies given new uan no. so totally i am having 3 uan numbers. I initated pf transfer from first to third company and it completed and epf amount was processed and EPS amount not transferred. Due to this 3 uan it will affect my eps amount im my retirement age or automatically it will be added

  146. SAKUNTHALA satish

    I recd eps certificate while leaving a school when I was 47
    I then joined new school
    But they never took this certificate,it is still with me
    But I remember giving them the No
    What should I do
    Now I’m 52
    Can i avail?

  147. Sir, Is it necessary to apply for EPS scheme certificate of previous employment and submit to EPFO through present employer or it can be done automatically during EPF transfer. Pls suggest

  148. Basu, really good article!
    Well scripted and richly packed with the most current/recent updates

    Thanks for being a Top Man by not being a rude or a fake person rather being patient and prompt with ur reply!

    Hope ur effort gets recognized for being a good Samaritan


  149. Hi Sir,
    Suppose I have switched the company and also I have transfered my of from previous company to current company. But I have to submitted scheme certificate from previous company to new company. Will my previous company tenure will be added to new company scheme certificate.

  150. Basu Sir,

    Kindly give some insights on the insurance part of EPS, which we were never aware of. It would be very helpful if you can write a separate artical of EPS Insurance alone so that we would know about that dark horse as well and no stones will be unturned.

    This could help several of us to get informed on what we were not aware of and the benefits we might miss without knowing it.

  151. Sir, regarding EPS scheme certificate of an EPF account, please note that I had worked a company from September 1993 to August 2010 and I withdrew my EPF after filling form 10C but I did not received any EPS certificate for this service period. From 2010 September till date I am working in a new company under a new PF account details. Please let me know how can I add my previous pension fund with my new EPF account.

  152. Hi Basu,

    Am working in company, which has PF trust. how to know the EPS Contribution, as the company says it should be available with the EPFO only. Kindly let me know the procedure to know the EPS accumulation information.


      1. Hi Basu,

        i have logged in to EPFO Unified Portal, but i have not seen any option to check EPS. And when i check with my Company, they say, i have to contact EPFO office. And you know, the EPFO site is not giving any proper contact number to connect.


  153. Can i opt for EPS withdrawal when leaving one company (< 10 years of service scenario) and NOT OPT for EPS in the next company while filling EPF transfer form? I remember one of my colleague had accidentally skipped one option in his EPF transfer form and there on, entire 12% of Employer share goes directly to EPF and ZERO Rupees in EPS.. !! Awaiting your answer..

  154. Dear Sir

    As per a recent news in News papar, employees in private sector can raise EPS contribution to 8.33 % of full salary

    I am working in Private sector and want to raise my EPS contribution to 8.33 % of full salary

    But our company is saying they have not received any notification in this regard from Government authorities.

    Please clarify if there will be any notification to be issued in this regard or what is the procedure to raise EPS contribution to 8.33 % of full salary


    1. Sir I have a scheme certifiacte from my previous employer. I have resigned from my present employer two months back. . Both the places o have worked for 10 years and 13 years respectively. I will be 50 years by next april. Is there a way of receiving pension from both the accounts.

  155. Which PF office one should apply for Pension — the PF office of last Employer (e.g. Bangalore) or PF office where person is staying after retirement (e.g. Jaipur).

  156. Hi Basu,
    My service period was from 06/04/2011 to 15/05/2018 (Approx. 7 Yr). I’m planning to withdraw my PF + EPS portion. Currently, my basic is 34405 p.m. but maximum EPS contribution can upto 1250 p.m. OR 15000 per year as per law.
    In this situation, can you plz advice how much EPS portion can withdraw as per Table D.? factor 7.13 will multiply to which amount??

    1. Dear Ashok,
      The EPS contribution is 8.33% of your BASIC+DA for each month. The maximum contribution to EPS is set as Rs.1,250 (which is 8.33% of Rs.15,000). Regarding EPS withdrawal, I have given an example in above post and using that you can easily calculate the EPS.

  157. Hello,

    My husband died few months ago.
    He was working since Jan-2013 in private IT sector.
    For period of 03-2013 to 03-2016 he has opted for Pension scheme.
    Now to avail the pension, how can I get Scheme certificate for this tenure?


  158. Sir my service period was from 27th Aug-2007 to 19th Mar-2017, in this situation can I withdraw my eps fund?

    1. Dear Suraj,
      In your case, you have completed 9 Yrs and 8 months. Hence, your service is considered as 10 years. Therefore, you are not eligible to withdraw but you can apply for EPS Scheme Certificate.

      1. I have applied scheme certificate it is showing in portal as settled.
        my question is certificate will get by courier?? ??

        Scheme certificate can get by online????

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