How to transfer PPF Account from Post Office or Bank to another Post Office or Bank?

Recently, one of my blog readers has found it difficult to transfer his PPF Account from Post Office to his SBI or ICICI Account. Hence, I thought to explain the process of transferring your PPF Account from one post office or Bank to another post office or Bank.

Transfer PPF Account

What may be the reasons for such transfer? 

Ideally, when you change the location then you feel that your post office or bank branch must be near to you. This provides a lot of ease for managing your PPF (Public Provident Fund) account. Hence, usually when people change location from one place to another or from one city to another, then they look for change their PPF account.

The second most important aspect of shifting from Post Office to their desired Bank is, again an easy of managing the PPF account. Because, as of now Post Office not provide you any such facility where you can invest in PPF account using an online facility.

Nowadays Banks offer all facilities through net banking. Hence, investors feel it more convenient to invest through Bank rather than the old boss called Post Office.

Points to remember while transferring PPF account-

  • Even through process to some extent looks like opening new PPF account, but still your old PPF account will continue with all old balance including interest will be transferred to a new account. Only the designated branch or post office of the PPF will change.
  • You will not lose interest earning on your investment. Ideally, PPF interest is calculated on lowest monthly balance between the close of 5th day and up to the end of the month. I explained in detail about this calculation method in my earlier post “PPF-When to contribute to get higher returns?” However, the interest will be credited to your account once in a year (at the end of the previous Financial Year). Hence, the post office or bank, which is transferring your account, will credit the interest up to previous March 31st balance. The interest from 1st April will be added by the transferring post office or bank.

Procedure to transfer a PPF account from one Post Office or bank to another Post Office or Bank

  • Take the photocopy of an existing PPF Account Passbook. Later on, this may be helpful in case you find any discrepancies in your PPF account or showing the proof of investment for tax saving purpose.
  • A written application for transfer needs to be made to the Post Office or Bank from where an investor wants to transfer his PPF Account. Along with this written application, you also have to fill the PPF Transfer Form (SB10-b). You have to provide your PPF Account Details, names and addresses of the branch/bank/post office where it is held, as well as the location where the transfer is sought. You will find the written application format at HERE.
  • The next step is a verification process of signature by the existing Post Office or Bank. Once this process is finished, then the existing Post Office or Bank will arrange to send the original certified copy of the account, the account opening application, nomination form, specimen signature, etc. to bank branch address provided by the customer, along with a cheque or DD for the outstanding balance in the PPF account.
  • Once the transfer documents along with Cheque or DD received by the new Post Office or Bank then you have to fill the fresh PPF Account Opening Form (Form A).
  • Along with that, you have to fill the PPF Nomination Form (Form E), if you have not opted nomination earlier. In case you want to change your nominee, then fill PPF Change of Nominee Form (Form F).
  • You have to submit fresh KYC documents once again (even though you submitted earlier or done KYC earlier with your savings account).
  • You will receive the new passbook from the new Post Office or Bank with past credit is shown as Balance Transfer.
  •  From now onward, your account PPF account will be with the new Post Office or Bank as a CONTINUED ACCOUNT.

Problems one may face during transfer-

  • Too much delay in transfer (especially if it is from the Post Office to Bank). The Major reason will be the lethargic attitude of officials.
  • Interest credit issue. As I said earlier, the old Post Office or Bank will credit interest up to previous 31st March. The new Post Office or Bank has to calculate the balance of credit interest from 1st April. However, in some instances they may consider from the date of the actual transfer. Suppose you transfer the account on 10th June 2015 then also new Post Office or Bank must credit interest considering the balance from 1st April 2015. However, few Post Offices or Banks, credit interest considering the balance from the date of transfer i.e. from 10th June 2015. Hence, check the balance and interest credited once the interest credited after the end of FY.
  • In such delayed or errors, you have option to complain the Bank or file an RTI to rectify the same.

Hope this information will be useful for all PPF Account Holders.

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  1. Hi BasuNivesh,

    As mentioned in your article above, interest received is only from the transfer date till FY end by the new bank. How to get the remaining interest? Please elaborate on this process or point me to the article if it is already written.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information.
    The SB(10) form only has field to enter new post office where account needs to be transferred.
    So for transfer from post office to bank do we have to fill and submit SB(10) form also?
    Do we need to submit the original passbook with the request for account transfer?
    Thanks in advance for you help in resolving queries.

  3. Thanks
    The reason is Sansad Marg PO has complete data wef 2009 (and same is in the passbook that was issued to me in 2009 by Sansad Marg PO).
    The PNB Dehradun is asking for details of 1995-2008 period which were shared by Ashok Vihar PO with Sansad Marg PO and same is not available with Sansad Marg PO
    The Sansad Marg PO has sent the exact amount to PNB as becomes due after including interest for FY ending 31 March 2021.

  4. From 1995 to 2009, I had my PPF in Ashok Vihar, Delhi Post Office. It was then shifted to Sansad Marg New Delhi PO. On my shifting from Delhi to Dehradun this year I got it transferred to PNB Dehradun. The Sansad Marg New Delhi PO has sent, along with all other documents, statement of entries from 2009 to 2021. The passbook that I was given also has same entries. Now the PNB is demanding statement of entries from 1995 to 2009 which Sansad Marg PO does not have. According to them these documents were destroyed during cleanliness drive.

    What is the future course of action for PNB and for me

    Thanks for your guidance

    Dr Rajesh Bhatia

  5. Thank you so much for this help as i was so confused what should i do. all two PPF accounts are 1yrs old and have 3k only in each.
    Now i am again thinking is HDFC bank safe for long term (PPF) as i want to invest more money into PPF now.
    And what is the process to close Post office PPF account Because in HDFC bank i can invest by my own and in post office i will have to go to deposit amount. thinking to close post office ppf account.

  6. I have opened PPF account in Post Office and HDFC bank both. Is there any issue.
    Should i maintain both accounts or should i transfer Post office to Bank or should i leave post office account as it is.
    i am confused. What should i do? pls email me if possible.

  7. Hello Sir,

    I have opened my ppf account online through the union bank of India. The address mentioned there for the account is wrong and I want to transfer it to my home town branch.
    How can I do this?

  8. I opened ppf account in the post office of my minor children. later they moved to canada. I maintained their accounts. On maturity, now the post office demands adhhar card and pan card for payment, which they donot have. So what should we do do to get the payment.

  9. Dead Sir

    I’m om kumar me account no is -3709487400(PPF) need to online balance inquiry, so kindly provide the online balance inquiry process.

    Om ku

  10. I have taken a loan from my PPF account. The PPF Loan repayment is still pending. Now I am relocate to some other plan & I requesting to Bank to pl transfer my PPF account to another bank which is near by to my residence. Now bank official says first you have close PPF Loan account then you will transfer the PPF account to another bank. My query is that what is the actual PPF Govt ruling, as per my understanding the complete account transfer from one bank to another including PPF Loan account. PPF Loan will be provided by Govt not bank. Bank is just custodian of the PPF account. He is not holding or Paying anything against PPF then why bank asking to first close the PPF Loan account & then will transfer the PPF account to another bank. Pl clarify this point.

    1. Dear Ashutosh,
      There is no such hard rule that one must close the loan then only the transfer will be accepted. Hence, you can request for transfer. However, if they are so rigid, then let them show the Govt ruling on the same.

  11. Sir, I like to transfer my PPF account from Rangapara,Assam to Amtala, West Bengal,both have CBS facilities without out visiting base branch.Please tell me is it possible or not.If yes then what is the procedure, if no then please tell me what type of difficulties I may face in the time of maturity. Currently I am contributing in this account through the Amtala branch using CBS facility.

  12. Hello Sir,
    I am in dire need for some information regarding the following:-
    1. Is it possible to transfer pension account from post office to bank of an exP&T employee?If yes, please help with the procedure details.
    2. Is it possible to make an individual pension account to joint account with spouse.
    3. How to initiate finger print on pension withdrawal form when initially pensioner used to sign form for withdrawal.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. I had a PPF account with SBI Pondicherry main branch. 647

    This account was opened on 10/10/1991 at Chowk Bazar branch Surat.

    In 1996 it was transferred to SBI pondicherry

    In June 2014, it was transferred to SBI, Madhapur Branch, Hyderabad.Old Pass book submitted at SBI Pondicherry

    Now I have requested them to transfer to BOB , Hiteck city branch, Hyderabad and the same has been done and balance amount in the form of DD and other documents have been sent by SBI to BOB.

    Now the issue is they are not able to get the account statement from the date of opening account i.e 10/10/91 as requested by BOB which SBI is not able to provide.. I have photocopy of pass book with entries from 2012 to 2014 and from 2014 to 2018, please guide.

    Please guide.

  14. I want to get my PPF A/c transferred from Calcutta GPO (PIN 700001) to Mandpeshwar PO (PIN 400103), Borivali (West), Mumbai. The SB-10(b) forms were duly filled up and submitted on 14/02/2018 at Mandpeshwar PO. On enquiry on 19/03/2018, I was informed that the Calcutta GPO had freezed my PPF A/c. My last transaction recorded in the Pass Book was in the current FY on 01/06/2017 at Borivali Post Office, Mumbai updated in the Pass Book of my PPF A/c. The person concerned in the PO said that since the A/c has been frozen, he was unable to get it transferred. He returned all the documents submitted and told me to wait till the interest gets credited in the A/c till April 2018. Where do I go to get the A/c transferred?

  15. My daughter is abroad. Her ppf is matured on 12th 2017 after 20 years. How she close her ppf account. She sent her consent. Bank authorities need her physical presence. What can she do.

  16. hello basavraj,
    i started ppf a/c for my daughter and now she is married and her surname has changed .i want to close the a/c( which is in her maiden name ,)but with the change of name in her current bank accounts ,what will be the procedure?

  17. Glad to get your quick reply

    After 15 years tenure , will bank charge interest on total interest amount while withdrawing ? If so, is it applicable to post office as well.

  18. Hi Mr Basavaraj,

    Thanks a lot for making this post. I had a few questions on the the transfer itself. I would like to move from Post Office PF to Bank PF, maybe ICICI.

    1. How will I know when do I have to fill the PPF Account opening form? Suppose I want to transfer to ICICI, I will give documents to the Post Office, and then, they will send it. How will I know that the bank has received it? Will somebody contact me from the bank?

    2. Will the Post Office supply any written acknowledgement that they have taken up my application for transferring, so in case there is any issue, I can follow up with them?

  19. Hello Sir
    I Open Ppf Account In Bank Of India In Delhi @ in Last month may / Now The Time My Company Is Transfer Delhi From Bihar I Change to Sbi Another Bank In Bihar Then 15year Aftar Complite Ppf Make Payment In Wich Bank

  20. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti

    I would like to thank you for this e wi thxcellent post.With the help of this post I transferred my PPF account from Post Office to Bank within a timespan of one month.

    Moin SHaikh

  21. Hi Basu, Thanks for your excellent articles and continue support. I have recently transferred my PPF from PostOffice to SBI during Nov’15. SBI has credit the interest only for the period starting Nov’15 to Mar’16, but not for the period from Apr’15 to Nov’15.
    PostOffice & SBI are pointing each other for interest credit. When I spoke with SBI manager about these forum, he wanted actual PPF transfer rules to be shown to him (which is actually his job to get clarified). Unfortunately its my money and he is least bothered.
    I searched in google & not able to get the actual PPF rules & regulation act. Can you please help with the link, it will be great help.


      1. Hi Moin,
        Thanks for the link, I too got the same and used that as reference to SBI.

        More than that, I raised a compliant with RBI to get clarification on who should credit the interest – whether its SBI or Post Office. Link: “”

        Actually, SBI should credit the interest in case of transfer from PostOffice to SBI.

        That complaint with RBI really helped to speed up the process. Post that register of complaint, SBI resolved the issue in a matter of 2-3days. But interest is added as accrual hence will be visible in statements only on 31st Mar’17


  22. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti

    I want to transfer my PPF account from post office to SBI.

    Now, the Form SB 10(b) link of which you have given, states that the post office will return me the passbook after verifying it.

    Whereas the request letter link of which too is given by you states that I will have to submit my passbook to the Post Office.

    SO, please clarify whether I have to surrender my passbook or not?


    Moin Shaikh

  23. I have a PPF account in ICICI bank Nigidi, Pune branch . I have been transferred to Hyderabad. Now I want to transfer my PPF account to my Axis bank which is in my Home Town. For that I have approached same ICICI bank branch, they said you can initiate the transfer from any of the ICICI bank branch and said if in between the transfer process, if we require some information, it would be difficult for you and bank to do that.

    Could you tell me that “can I initiate the transfer from any of the ICICI bank branch or do I need to do it from the same branch in which I am having the PPF account?”

    Thanks in advance.

  24. I have PPF account in post office in Jaipur. Can I make investment by bank cheque/cash to my PPF post offivce Jaipur account somewhere in Kolkata as I am working in Kolkata?

    My PPF account in post office in Jaipur.

    What I want information – How to invest in PPF account from any post office in Kolkata by bank cheque/cash?

    Urgent help required. I live in Newtown Kolkata(Rajarhat Near CC2).

  25. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

    I have PPF Account with Post Office for the last 8 years.But I want to transfer it to bank now. I have made the last deposit on 28/03/2016 & also received interest for 2014-15.

    So now when should I transfer my PPF account so that I shall have not have to struggle for Interest & when would I receive Interest for 2015-16?


      1. ok i shall do that

        But I hope I shall not have to struggle between Post Office & Bank. Say I transfer my account now when Interest of 2015-16 is not credited.But after transfer it may not happen that Bank tell me that since you have account with post office for 2015-16 so claim interest with them & Post Office tell me that since you have got your account transferred from us , we have no information of your account So Go claim with the bank.

        SO what I want to know that who is statutarily liable to pay interest to me for the last year? Whether Bank or Post Office?


  26. Hi

    Today the Post Office said that they are no longer taking cheque payments for PPF transactions. They want cash payments. Is that true?

    thanks and regards

  27. Hi I have PPF account in Chandigarh PO. Now I have shifted to Pune> I want to transfer my PPF account to SBI. Do I need to go to the post office personally for submitting the form? or I can sent it by post?

  28. Hi,

    I have a ppf account from my employer and also one more account from sbi bank. i ususally invest equally in the above 2 accounts. now if i invest minimum in ppf account from my employer and more amount in sbi ppf account, do i lose something ? or what would be preferred account out of these two considering advantages ?


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        i understand difference between epf and ppf. but my ctc includes both my contribution and employer contribution for epf and moreover employer contribution is not taken for 80c exemption also. Consisdering the above, should i go for ppf?

  29. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your informative articles and help!

    I am in a very strange situation and need you guidance on this!

    I had opened a PPF account with post office in year 2004 and made a single deposit of Rs 10,000/- in Delhi. It was an offline account.

    As I was in transferable job & got on with life, I forgot about the account.
    In the year 2013, since I was residing in gurgaon, I opened a PPF account with SBI branch with online facility and have been regularly doing my deposits every month.

    Now I just got to know that If a person has 2 PPF account, the interest in second account will not be paid. This was done in ignorance and not willfully.

    Kindly guide what should I do now?
    1. Should I continue with my OLD Post office PPF account & start the fresh investment in this account.- What will happen to my new account with SBI and amount in it.
    2. Even If I continue with Post office account- I want to do it online instead of Offilne- How can that be done?
    3. Can I close any one of the account and transfer the money to one account?
    4. Should I continue like as it is and just hope that SBI does not get to know about my previous post office PPF account.

    Please guide as I am in a BIG fix!!

    thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Thanks Sir!

        Could you please guide how to close the OLD account- As I understand its not possible to close the PPF account before 15 years, it has been only 9-10 years in OLD account.

        Thanks again!

          1. Thanks Sir, Will do that!

            One more query- At the time of opening OLD PPF account with Post office, I am not sure if they asked for my PAN Number, as that may be the only unique common link in Identifying that there are two PPF accounts in my name.

            Could you guide if PAN Number is required for opening PPF account or PPF account in Post office are linked with PAN Number.

            Will be grateful to you for your guidance.


  30. Hello sir,

    Hi, I have saving & ppf account in the name of PRASAD C but now I want to update my name as PRASAD C M is it possible to update my name in my savings & ppf account, if possible can you please provide the steps to update my name. I have updated my pan name as PRASAD C M & I visited icici branch asking details regarding the process but they are telling you not able to update your name.

    Can you please provide me help regarding this issue.

      1. Sir they are telling tat you are not allowed to update name with only pan card you need to change your name through court but my name in all other document like education certificate, voter I’d, adhar is PRASAD C M but in pan card tat is mistakenly updated as PRASAD C but now it has been updated as PRASAD C M.

        But they are not possible and not responding correctly there manager is very arrogant while discussing with me but I have hdfc savings acc they have updated my name without any issue but icici bank is not responding correctly.

        Can tel me whom I need to contact regarding this issue.

        1. Prasad-If possible create an affidavit stating that you have wrong name ONLY in PAN. Submit the necessary documents. They have to update. If they say so that they can’t update, then let them reply in written letter.

  31. I went to Post office for transfer of PPF account. As per them it will take a very long time to get it transferred. Moreover, some of the Post Offices are going for centralized online system and they are in transition state. The one I went to, was online, so they have generated a unique id that is now linked to my PPF account. Now I can use the same to do transactions wherever online system is available.
    I need to check as to how I can transfer in this case to a Bank account as Post Offices are doing away with manual procedure wherever branches are online.

    1. NK-I think they are reluctant to work. It is their duty to transfer if request is from your end. Their answer “it will take a very long term to get it transferred” itself shows either they don’t know procedure or they don’t want to work. I know that Post Offices are implementing Digital India. But if you feel it is more convenient to have account with you bank then request the same with post office. There is no such wordings or rule which states “PPF TRANSFER WILL TAKE A LONG TIME. SO DON’T TRANSFER”. Hence, go ahead and request.
      If they implemented online procedure then it is more easier for you to transfer it. But before that check whether the bank branch to which you are transferring is eligible to process the same or not.

  32. sir ,

    my net salary is 19000/ month and basic only showing 5218 and Pf amount deducting only above said basic . D A is not showing on my salary slip .is it correct ?
    pls help me


    Ghoshin koshy

      1. Dear sir,

        many sites are showing adhoc allowance is applicable for PF contribution including EPF Bihar-( this applicable for Kerala /Mumbai?
        The main doubt is D A is not showing in my salary slip and contribution deduct from my basic salary only –


        Ghoshin koshy

  33. Hi Basav,

    Read most of your PPF related articles and found them very useful. Thanks a lot.
    I have one query. I have a joint account (myself and wife) in SBI. I also have a PPF account in my name which is linked to this joint account. Now I want to open a PPF account in my wifes’ name and link it to this joint account. Is this possible/allowed?

    Best regards,

      1. Ok, thank you very much for the confirmation.

        Yes, I am aware that a savings account is not required to invest in PPF. Earlier during start of my career, I was not having a SBI bank account. I only had the PPF account. I opened the savings joint account just last year and my PPF account was automatically linked to this account. One advantage is that now I can directly deposit in PPF account via net banking or issue a standing instruction to deposit certain amount before 5th of every month. No need to visit the bank 🙂

        Best regards

  34. Hi,
    My previous employer has created my UAN. But when the previous employer is unable to see my Date of Birth in UAN that has been created. My employer is not aware of updating the Date of Birth. Kindly suggest me how to update the Date of Birth in UAN

  35. Hi
    I have a PPF account at Post Office opened May 2002.
    Now I want to transfer the account to ICICI BANK.
    I want to know whether after transfer my account will show its opening date is May 2002 or; the actual date of transfer?
    It is very important as any PPF account has a minimum 15 years lock in period.
    So; if the old opening date is not considered then my money will be relocked for another 15 years!
    Further more I want to know how long a PPF account may be extended after completion of 15 years?

  36. Hi,

    I am very thankful to you for sending this article as I am now in a trasition phase from Rajkot (Gujarat) to Bangalore (Karnataka). I have savings accounts, MIS , PPF and RD accounts in both – mine and my daughter’s names in Rajkot.

    So wanted your guidance, as to how do I go about transferring all these post office accounts to Bangalore.

    Thanks $ Regards,


  37. It is well crafted post. Many people have concern of moving PPF account from one bank to another but procedure is not clear.

    Even banks misguide when we ask them to move PPF account to other bank. They allow transfer to other branch of same bank but do not disclose that PPF can be transferred any where.

    Thanks for sharing this information Basavaraj.

    Can you also share where to complaint if bank authorities do not co-operate in moving PPF account to other bank?

    1. Money Sparkle-Thanks for your kind words 🙂 In case your bank not heed your requests or concerns then first approach the head office of Bank, then Banking Ombudsman and last resort will be RBI.

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