How to pay LIC premium online without registration?

Forgetting the password for your LIC log in page to pay LIC premium is common thing. Reason is you regularly not log in to this page as your premium will be either yearly or half yearly. So LIC created one more facility where you no need to register, instead directly you can pay online without any hassle. Let us look how this feature works.

Note-I recently wrote a post “List of LIC’s online and offline premium payment options“. Hope this will give you more insight on the other options available with LIC for premium payment.

1) Visit LIC’s Home Page and click on the tab where I circled.


2) Once you click on above tab you will be directed to one more window which will look like below. Here you need to click on the tab “LIC PayDirect” tab which I circled in below image.


3) You will get the below window where you need to fill your Policy number, Premium you need to pay, date of birth, email id, Phone number and text which appear next to the image. Be careful to provide correct email id. Because you will get digitally signed receipt to your mail. Also no third party payment is allowed, payment should be from policy holders own bank account.

If the premium amount is debited from your account then you will but you got error page, then you will receive digitally signed receipt to your mail id within 3 working days after getting payment confirmation from bank. You need to contact [email protected] if you faced such instances. Also before retrying check whether the amount is debited from your account or not. If debited then you will get receipt within 3 working days.


4) Once you enter the above said data, click submit. Then another window will open where your entered data will appear and you can cross check the details. Also you can add more policies for payment on this screen. Screen looks like below.


5) After clicking on the tab check out from above screen one more window will appear which looks like below. From this window you need to select the policy number for which you want to pay and then click on the tab “Submit”.


6) Now from the below screen you need to select how you want to pay, either through Internet Banking or Credit/Debit Cards (Recently LIC started facility of paying premium from credit cards too). After selecting click on the tab called “Yes”.


To view the receipt you need to have acrobat reader of version 6 and above. After than you need to click on the tab yes by selecting the option of payment.

7) Next it will ask for your bank selection and once you select the bank and click on the tab “Submit”, it will redirect you to the your internet banking login page where you need to login and by mentioning the amount pay it. Once paid you will receive the digitally signed receipt which you can keep it as your proof of payment. Also in below screen you can notice the transaction id was mentioned (I highlighted with black colour), which will be your reference id for future conversation with LIC regarding this payment.


Hope this information will be useful for all.

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      1. The dates are not highlighting above my DOB, as I am the registered user. Also it is showing option of only my spouse and child, but no parents or relatives add policy option into my account.

  1. if i can pay my brother’s LIC renewal premium thru my credit card?
    when credit card bill will be due such paid amount will be paid directly by my brother to credit card company.
    please confirm if same is allowed as i have seen below remarks on icici pru site-

    In case, the proposer/policyholder opts for premium payment through Credit/Debit Card**, the payment must be made only through Credit/Debit Card** issued on the name of such proposer/policyholder.

    so please clear my doubts with regards to all types of insurance premiums.

      1. thanks a lot for such a prompt response.
        but payment already accepted by icici pru wherein i paid my brother’s premium thru my credit card.
        so please now advise for same and future also.
        with special reference to LIC PLEASE.

          1. i am really impressed with the promptness of your response.
            if i pay suppose 15000/- of renewal premium on behalf of my brother thru my credit card and when credit card bill is due this sum of Rs.15000/- will be paid by brother to card company.
            will it is regularized as needed or any issues?
            please guide me.
            thanks once again for your help.

              1. from income tax perspective my brother can show he actually and finally paid insurance premium from his funds.
                so what is your final advise on this issue?
                thanks again.
                it is just like chat.

                  1. it is just a medium for some time but ultimately my brother will be paying from his sources?


                    1. it can be proved that ultimately same was borne by my brother and he paid from his bank to card company.

  2. I paid premium of 9493 RS of policy no. XXXXXXX64 to 67 by mistake I paid this premium by my mother’s debit card(third party).so amount is debited but trasaction stutus is still waiting for confirmation .so now what happened??is it confirmed or rejected??can I get money back?how many days status is showing waiting for confirmation??

        1. Ashish-See even if you paid for the different policy (which is not your’s), the premium amount has to match (which in no way match). Hence, definitely, LIC will reverse the payment. It may not be reversed due to holidays or so. Hence, suggesting you to wait for 1-2 WORKING days.

  3. Hi Sir, i am receiving error while payment of my premium from last two quarters…its saying as netwrk error, but there is no issue in the netwrk…i tried from different machines but cudnt pay premium online…please suggest what can be done

  4. after reading all, i have a feeling that I can pay my brother’s premium with my debit card. But, in some of the replies, it is said that the online payment of other’s premium is illegal. I am quite confused. Please clarify

      1. in short, i can pay my brother’s premium online with my debit card or otherwise. LIC will accept his premium, the manner of payment is legal or otherwise.

  5. The main problem is they are very slow in this digital era. From last 10 days I am trying to login but it directs me to old version and it gives me error that User Id or Password is incorrect.

    Also why do they ask to exclude Tax amount from Premium. Do the system calculates it automatically?

      1. Can you answer my another question?

        Also why do they ask to exclude Tax amount from Premium. Do the system calculates it automatically?

  6. Hi can I pay my sister in law lic premium instalment amount online though my crefit card. As my brother transferred me the required amount online to my bank account

  7. Respected Sir,

    I can pay premium of my wife through direct payment online method?
    Her name in policy is of before marriage.
    So please suggest.

    Mahesh Bhosale

  8. Dear Sir,
    Good day to you.
    Just wanted to know if it is possible for me to make online payment of the premiums on LIC policies of my 2 nephews.
    If so, should I do it direct without registration.
    Kindly advise,
    Best regards,
    Shobha G

  9. Dear sir me registration kar raha hon to nahi ho raha my son miner policy hai
    9 year son policy name Jeevan Tarun, please sir batayen ki online policy kaise dekhi

  10. Dear sir please confirm detail my son policy miner so that I am payment online or

    Policy checked online and Registration nothing.please checked

  11. Sir I paid my premium online on 4 jan2017 after payment I also get a transaction id ..but when I check my policy status it’s showing that my premium is pending…i m from bahdurgarh Haryana…plz reply me
    If u have any customer care no the plz give me

  12. R/ sir,

    I make pay through my debit card but recipt was not shown in my mail id what was the time period to show the recipt in my mail id

    Thanking you

  13. when I am trying to pay through online, I am getting following message:

    Premium can not be paid for this policy using Online Payment Facility.
    Please ensure that premium is due for the policy and try again.

    Can you please help me out, how to do payment through online.


      1. Actually my premium payment date is March month of every year, but I did not payed in time. I have tried this month(December same year). so with in 8months only it will lapsed ?.

        Please let me know if is there possibilities to lapse.


  14. Hi sir, I want to pay my parents policy, without registration, It’s asking for DOB and email _id, I have only policy no. and amount. How can I do it? Plz reply soon.

  15. Hi,

    I am unable to pay my LIC premium online. Could you please help me in fixing the issue.
    It says please check the policy details always. But I give the correct details.

            1. Hi

              I just encountered the same problem and i have fixed the issue.

              1. We need to key in the premium amount exactly as in the policy document (excluding service tax) (if direct payment option is used in the LIC’s website)

              2. If you are logging in thru your username and password, use the link “enroll policies” and provide your policy number and the exact premium amount as mentioned in the policy document. You should be able to make the payment online now

              3. In either case, if you are making the payment more than 30 days prior to the due date, the system will not allow.

      1. Yes, that money was his money, it is difficult to prove though he can show the money transfer which he has made to my account. Moreover only he will be taking the IT rebate of it.
        Thanks for the reply.

          1. Sir, very fair, just that I manage his finances, he send me his savings and I invest it. In fact there is nothing to hide, just that I take that botheration.
            Thanks for that quick reply

  16. Dear Sir,

    I am new use at LIC registration. I am unmarried and I pay the premium of my parents also. I have successfully register on LIC website and entered my two policies but How can I add my parents policy details to pay it through my account.

    Please do needful

  17. Sir/Mam can i pay premium of my relatives using my own bank account by direct pay.Is there any problematic issue. I read an article where third party payment is not accepted by pay direct LIC premium of your relatives (sister,brothet) is written, what it’s means.

      1. Sir but today i am paid LIC premium of my dad and i recived an acknowledgement also. Is it renewed or not.

  18. i did all the process, acknowledgment not opened in my windows chrome . but i got in email, i taken the print out. thats all sir..?then any process is there or not..?

  19. There is no option for payment through other bank credit card. There’s only showing IDBI get way. So how to payment through other bank credit card.

  20. There is no option for payment through debit card. There only showing IDBI get way. So how to payment through other bank debit card.

  21. Hi Sir,

    I’m unable to pay my premium Online for my policy . I’m facing with following msg –
    ‘Can be collected, provided payment is not earlier done through another channel’.

    Can u plz help me out why i’m facing this prl.

  22. HI,

    I dont have net banking .I am trying to pay the premium through debit card. but i am not getting the option to pay through debit card.only netbanking rupay and amex card options are available.
    Please suggest how to pay via debit card.

  23. I have a policy in the name of Rohan Kumar Sahoo, DOB:24-16-1987 & another policy in the name of wife with DOB:20-02-1990 and i want to make the payment through credit card by enrolling both the policy, but the policy cannot be enrolled into one. I am already a registered customer.

    Kindly let me know the procedure.

  24. I have paid online premium of my son from registered Lic login from my net banking but online payment receipt not generated and my account has been debited. Pls advice if the premium wud be accepted or not.

  25. Sir, there is no email id and mobile number written on the LIC slip. Since, i had not registered and while taking the scheme. So now i m seeing that this is mandatory to write email and mobile number. what to do now sir. my policies no are 252491424 and 252491432

  26. Dear Basunivas,

    I forgot my email id, now I am unable to pay online my lic premium. Kindly tell how can I pay my premium online.

  27. Hello Sir,

    Last month my father paid my mother’s LIC premium through cheque. The pilicy amount is 6714/-

    But cheque returned by bank because my father did mistake while writing amount in words.

    LIC has sent us a letter along with returned cheque to pay Rs.6714/- as premium & Rs.125/- as cheque return charges.

    Now can i pay this full amount i.e. LIC premium & cheque return charges online ?

    The policy is on my mothers name & it is of lat financial year

    Moin Shaikh

  28. There is no option for payment through debit card. There only showing IDBI get way. So how to payment through other bank debit card.

  29. Hello. Pls Tell Me can I pay LIC premium of my wife with my city bank credit card. If yes than Pls advice me how many days before the payment made.

      1. Basavaraj sir my premium due on 15 April. If payment made credit card it will effected in 2 working day. That why I am asking period. If I made payment in advance than there is any problem or demerit.

      2. Basavaraj sir my premium due on 15 April. If payment made credit card it will effected in 2 working day. That why I am asking period. If I made payment in advance than there is any problem or demerit. Pls tell me which platform for payment is used which is beneficial for me. I had registered lic in LIC portal.

  30. Hello sir,
    I paid my brother lic due through my net banking, the amount is debited, but dint get any receipt.
    Its not reflected in premium paid statement also.
    What to do now, pls help me sir

  31. Due date of renewal was in feb 2016. Now I am getting an error as – “Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again.”. policy might be lapsed. So, what is the procedure to resume the lapsed policy.

  32. I am getting “Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again.”

  33. I live in Nepal in Pokhara, Nepal and have my policy in LIC India. I have registered for LIC india online portal. I have been paying premium manually either by sending cash to my LIC agent through somebody’s hand or depositing the amount directly in his bank account via Nepal SBI. However, this process is tedious and not reliable. Getting Indian currency in Nepalese market is also difficult these days. I am also feeling doubt that my LIC agent does not pay my premium even after sending money to his bank account on time. I am thus desperately looking for a mechanism by which I can easily pay my premium online right from Nepal itself. I wonder whether such facility exists or not? If it does exist, would you please kind enough to guide me how to do that.

  34. Hi Sir,

    I have two polices one is 3579/- and second one is for 3279/-.

    i don’t understand is that is this amount excluding tax or including tax, how would I’ll know the total amount i have to pay at the time of premium?

    Please advice.


  35. Hi,

    In total I have 4 LIC policies and premium for those is

    if I pay these premium through credit card, How much additional cost I need to pay extra?
    I heard,some additional charge needs to be paid while making payment through Credit Cards

  36. There is a column “Instalment Premium (Excluding taxes)” while we fill details to pay on line premium. Till now i used to fill policy offline which was worth of rs. 1971. What i don’t understand is that is this amount excluding tax or including tax, if this amount is including tax, than how would i know the excluding tax amount ?

    thanks in advance 🙂

      1. If my premium payment is delayed,interest will be added to it.How shall I know that interest amount and total premium to be paid?

      1. How I can pay premium of Jeevan Arogya policy through LIC portal?
        Portal says online payment option not available of this policy.
        Please help.

          1. Due date is Dec-15. Last year i paid online but i don’t know why this time it is not accepting.
            One of my friend told this is health insurance, hence you need to visit LIC branch.

  37. Hi,
    Can we escape from service tax if we pay premiums in offline mode? Is this service tax applicable only for online mode (credit/debit/netbanking) ?

  38. Hi BasuNivesh, I have registered with my policy details in LIC. Actually I have to pay other policy premiums which is not mine. IS it possible to pay through my login. If yes, please provide me the procedure.

      1. Actually in my account I have selected the enroll policies in that I have given the policy no and premium amount and the third column is their for name of the life assured. So what to give in that column.

        1. u can’t add third person’s name in the profile. only spouse and children whose name is already added in the profile you can make payment (because their DOB should match with the profile DOB and policies DOB. otherwise you will get error message while enrolling policies. . best thing u create separate ID for the third person giving his own particulars. Also policy once registered by XYZ, can’t be reregistered.

      2. HI Basavaraj Garu,

        My name is Amruth. Am looking for help to register into LIC online account .I am not able to log into my lic account. its giving error message “Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again.”

        Can you please help me.

  39. can I pay premium for my daughter who is above 18 yrs,from my account,online? Can you please clarify?Also will there be service tax for online payment?
    Thanks in advance.

  40. can I pay premium for my daughter who is above 18 yrs,from my account,online? Can you please clarify?
    Thanks in advance.

  41. Hi,

    I have two policies. I am registered user. For, one of the policies i have to pay 40287 yearly premium but when i checked its adding service tax of Rs. 705 and showing total amount to be paid is 40287+705. For my other policy nothing i paid like this. What was that service tax?

    This is the second installment.


  42. I have contacted one of my friend for the LIC policy who is a LIC agent. LIC deducted money from my bank A/C (more than 2 months) and then I completed my medical examination at LIC authorized hospital. I have not yet received LIC policy. Is it a normal process that LIC deducts money from your account prior to medical examination?

  43. Hi,
    Am trying to make online payment,but getting a message that Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again… Have bought a policy thru an agent….Kindly guide

  44. If I submit my lic premium though online with registration one time after that always have to pay my premium by online? Neither any office?

  45. Hi Basu,

    I just paid my mother LIC premium in online through my net banking account , I have also received a receipt, but I am still not sure if I can use my account to pay my mother LIC premium , any inputs would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  46. Hello Sir,

    Here in your screenshot, Internet banking & Credit/debit card options are there while payment.
    But when i was doing payment , “Billdesk gateway , IMPS gateway , idbi options are there & i am not able to understand which option i should go for.. plz help….:(

  47. I paid HY premium of my son in law on line through my axisbank account in Jan 2015. Can any one help me how to get the receipt for the same ? thanks in advance

    1. Ch V Rao-If you not received the premium paid receipt then no need to worry. You can visit any nearest LIC branch and get the status report of policy where they mention this transaction too.

  48. Dear sir,

    I am going to pay my first installment online by direct pay option but when i entered all details of myself and submit it says “Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again”. so may i know how to pay??

  49. Hi Basavaraj,

    I wast to pay my Dad policy where am not able to register online and do payment as I dont know my dad DOB please help


  50. sir,

    this is policy no was 713220597

    i am unable to pay my premium payment without registration with using LIC direct payment

    giving Error

    what i should do. pls reply me asap.

  51. Please help…

    I have forget my email id which i have given in lic now i,m not able to pay premium online.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        I have tried the LIC Pay direct but i dont remebered the email id, after giving details it always say “Premium can not be paid for this policy. Please check the policy details entered and try again. “

  52. Hi BasuNivesh,

    Just wanted to know if I could pay the LIC premiums of my wife as well as my sister-in-law through my credit card through the direct pay option as paying them offline in a LIC branch office is a pain. Please advice.


  53. recentlyI paid the lic premium of my nephew through online from my account

    My amount was debited but I couldnot get the reciept

    what is the reason for lic for not allowing the third party payment.


      1. I have been paying premiums for my mother for quite sometime now. I have received all the receipts as well. Could you please let me know if there would be a problem in the future.






  55. Hello, i wanted to know can we get the older premium paid receipts, without LIC login, just by entering policy details and Financial Year, because the LIC portal is down and i could not create the new profile. Help in any manner is appreciated.


    1. Hemanthkumar-It is impossible. Because some other person may also have access to this and take away your receipt. Hence they not provided such facility. If it is too urgent then visit nearest LIC branch and request them the premium paid history. They issue it and you can submit the same.

  56. sir,

    my policy no was 644644137

    i am unable to pay my premium payment without registration with using LIC direct payment

    giving Error

    what i should do

  57. Hi ,

    I have paid the premium amount through LIC paydirect using policy details. Can you please help me to get the receipt of that one.

  58. My policy No is 586242922 Next due date is Feb’15 . Usually I pay On Counter But I want to Pay Online, While I go for online the window gives a massage that you can’t pay policy online. Suggest me Urgently.
    Thank You

  59. Dear Sir

    Today i was trying to pay my premium through LIC online portal , but when i click on online payment section, this message kee coming..

    “Premium can not be collected through this channel.Please contact LIC branch for the premium payment. ”

    Please tell me alternate method to pay premium online. My due date was 14/11/2014.

  60. Hi , I need to pay LIC premium on behalf of my mother/father from my account.
    It says the premium must be paid by the policy holder . Please suggest a way for the same.

  61. service charge on credit card payment is very high. For a premium more than 40000/- service tax of 12 % and above is really very high, not worth trying to pay online.

  62. I have two daughters who are above 18 yrs age. I have taken LIC policy for them and these have been enrolled in my login with LIC site. Can I pay their premium online using my bank account?

  63. Dear Sir,
    I want to pay my lic premium through credit card.
    My plan is jivan saral and amount is 12130,please tell me how the service tax is calculated based on my amount. It is on my premium amount????? Tell me total amount I need to pay.

    Please reply

  64. I bought Jeevan Kishore policy for my nephew. So when the policy matures, on whose name does the policy claim check comes. On the name of proposer (me) or Sum Assured (nephew).
    And one more thing, there are two different dates mentioned apart from maturity date:
    1) Vesting date
    2) Deferred date
    What is the difference between these two dates?

    1. Vinav-If your nephew will be still below 18 years of age then you will receive the maturity amount, otherwise he will receive it. Vesting date means maturity date. Usually in some policies there will be two periods, one from policy start period to deferred date and another from deferred date to maturity date. This is basically related to how much risk insurance company will take during these period.

  65. I live in Nepal and I have my policy in LIC India. I have registered for licindia online portal. I have enrolled policy to my online account. My brother lives in India and he has HDFC netbanking. Can he pay my premium using his HDFC netbanking after logging in licindia online payment portal using my username and password?

  66. Dear,
    I need to pay 34,000 premium by debit card. So conveyance charge is is Rs35. but 12.5% service charge is on rs 35 conveyance or premium amount 34,000?

      1. Dear Basavaraj,
        Thanks for your timely reply. Cleared my Doubt. i Thought Service tax is for using debit card!!!

  67. I had paid the premium online. The premium amount is debited from my Bank Account but error page displayed. Now what can I do.

  68. The information you gave, is very significant and precise. Very nicely, you have presented the way, how to pay online.
    Thanks a lot, dear for guiding people, in such a way. God bless you.

    With warmest regards,


  69. Hi,
    I am littile confused about 12.36% Service tax while paying Premium using Credit Card.
    Could you pls explain what will be Total amount charged to me if I pay Rs 1000 premium,
    Will it be 1000+12 (Conveyance charge )+ 12.36% ( 1012) = 1137
    or 1000+ 12 + 12.36% * 12 = 1114.

        1. Jmoro-Currently service tax on Life Insurance are 12.36% on ULIPs, 3.09% on traditional products and 12.36% on term plans. But you are claiming that you have traditional plans. Hence it must not be 12.36% that too in subsequent years, as service tax for traditional plans in subsequent years is 1.545%.

  70. how can i pay my daughter aged 11 yrs lic premium through online, please explain me moreover i forgotten my user ID and password. How can i recover them

  71. Few of my friends give their LICI premium to be deposited in the branch of my native town as they leave far away from the nearest LICI branch. Now sometimes I find it time consuming factor. Now kindly inform me whether I can pay the premiums of my friends from my own bank account through online without registering their Policy details.

    1. Dhurjati-Yes you can pay by following above steps. But you need to have policy details while paying it.

  72. is there any way to pay LIC premium without 12.36% Service TAx…??? I visited LIC office but there also they dont have machine to swipe card

    1. Ashish-No you can’t pay your premium by avoiding service tax 🙂 You can only pay through online way but not by swiping the card. Let us wait for future initiatives from LIC.

      1. Ajay-Please let me know what help you need. I am not getting what you are saying from above two comments.

    1. Gaurav-You will get immediately or to your mail. If not contact customer care with ID which was generated during the payment of premium.

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