How to get online birth and death certificates in Bangalore?

In India to get any certificate from Government offices is one of the hilarious task. But your kid’s birth certificate or your family members death certificate are so important that for kids school admission or for all future financial claims you need these two certificates.

Why I am writing only about Bangalore?

Recently BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) came up with idea of issuing it online so easily and conveniently that it totally avoids any middlemen interference in getting birth or death certificates. So I found this to be unique and interesting.


Importance of Birth Certificates in India-

This is one of the important certificate which gives information such as  when the kid was born, gender of kid, place of birth and parents name. This actually determining certificates of Indian citizenship. This certificate will be useful at the time of school admission, college admission, hospital benefits, licenses of any kind, while applying for Government grants, a legal documents from the Government, while buying any financial products, while getting employment, for establishing the age or while obtaining certified documents such as Voter ID, Driving License, Marriage Certificate, Passport or PAN Card etc.

It is mandatory now to register birth status according to law of “Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969”.  You need to register with the concerned Government organization within 21 days of birth.

Importance of Death Certificates in India-

This is the document which gives proof about the death and includes date and time of death and cause of death too. This is a necessary document to establish the fact of death for relieving the individual from social, legal and official obligations. This enables for easy settlement of property inheritance and to authorize the family to collect insurance, mutual funds, Bank FDs or any other financial assets or benefits.

Even this document is also mandatory according to law of “Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969” and need to be registered within 21 days of death.

 How you get birth or death certificate now in Bangalore?

Your child’s birth certificate will now onward will be issued at hospital itself. Parents can collect it before clearing the hospital bills.  But issuing of birth certificate in hospital was initiated from 1st Feb 2014,  e-transfer of date from hospital to BBMP for the speedy issuance of certificate was launched from 10th Feb 2014.  Earlier it used to take a week time to get birth certificate.

All the hospitals were given user name and password to enter the data in NIC software,  where they can register the details of birth or death. Data will be then verified by BBMP official online. Once the data approved then the birth or death registration is printed out. Hospitals then collect it from center and hand it over to parents (in case of birth) or to relatives (in case of death, after 3 days of death).

BBMP included some security features to avoid misuse of the same. Each certificate will pre-printed with the emblems of Union or State Govts and BBMP emblem as watermark. This certificate will have serial number also 24-digit security code and three dimensional high-security hologram.

If someone dies in home instead of hospital, then the relatives would have to produce a doctor’s certificate and the receipt from the crematorium or burial ground to apply for death certificate.

As of now around 1,480 hospitals have been provided this facilities with unique password to each hospitals.  There is a registration center in each assembly constituency of Bangalore. Apart from these five  hospitals-Vanivilas Women and Children Hospital , Victoria hospital, Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, Ghousia Hospital and KC General Hospital,  have also been declared as registration centers

If you register birth or death within 21 days then this facility is free. But if it extended more than 21 days then Medical Officer Health, BBMP will certify it for a fine of Rs 50.

How to do corrections?

BBMP set up 27 registration centers across  Bangalore. You can reach them and get corrections done.

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  1. In my son birth certificate instead of my name my wife father name was written from Bowring hospital.
    Date of birth of my son is 20/ 11/2019
    Please advise me what is procedure

  2. Hi sir,
    I lost my child’s birthcertificate ,I don’t have any xerox copy also nor I dono the reg no. ,pls guide me how to get a copy.

    1. Dear Peter,
      Visit the concerned hospital where they declared the death. Get the certificate from there and submit to the concerned BBMP to avail the death certificate.

  3. Hi Basu Sir, My dad expired 6days back the hospital declared him brought dead and the hospital has provided us with a brought dead certificate. We have further buried him in his native. Now what do I have to do get his death certificate and from where.

  4. My daughter born in TN, I have my daughter birth certificate which is issued in hospital. Now i am in Bangalore, is it possible to add name in birth certificate in bangalore. Where I should approach??

  5. Hai sir,
    My father in law expired in bangalore hospital and we r from andhra pradesh.we heard that for death certificate in bangalore we need to produce cremation certificate also.but that is not available for us certificate compulsory or a receipt from crematorium is sufficient ??kindly let us know sir.

      1. Thank you sir for the there any format available for that that I can request locally here in ap.

  6. Hi Sir,
    We have missed my daughter original birth certificate, I have Xerox copy of the same. How to get duplicate certificate from BBMP. we have done Aadhar card for my daughter and its having Date of Birth.

  7. Dear Sir,
    My New born baby birth certificate was issued in hospital. Is that document enough or should I again go and register in BBMP office?
    What is the procedure to include baby name in birth certificate?
    Your response will be very helpful.

  8. My sister expired 2 weeks ago in Bangalore. Apollo hospital has regestered the certificate and I got an update from crb&d to collect the certificate from bomanahali office.
    I only have registration number. Im am from andhra pradesh. Which office I should visit any other documents should I carry?

  9. suresh nr. s/o.ramaswamiindira, and sundar krishna[natarajan]

    Sir . I was born in 1982 at bangalore now my birth certificate is missed and i forgot registration number what is the precedure for another copy.

  10. Dear sir,

    I’m leaving in Bangalore. My grandfather died in Hassan 10 years ago. At that time we didn’t register for death certificate but now we want death certificate urgently. Please guide us, how to get death certificate.




  12. Dear Sir my father was expired in bangalore basaveshwaranagar panacea hospital on 5th July 2018,&had applied for death certificate it has been issued ,we have totally misplaced the death certificate set,now I have only aadhar xerox copy&hospital is shut down how can I get death certificate of the deceased person

  13. My husband was born in 1986/1987 but we dont have exact date we also tried contacting hospital hr born in Bangalore and bbmp also they also dont have there any possible way to remove old record and check for exact date of birth and timings

  14. My mother in law died due to covid in hospital while visiting her daughter in bangalore. Now we are told it is issued 15 days after death. Is there any way they can courier it, the hospital gave local address to bbmp. But we want a original copy in pune.

  15. Sir, my daughter was born in 2018 . I received birth certificate with spelling wrong in my permanent address. Will it creat problem and if it can correct then how….

  16. Sir,my brother is died at banglore but we belongs to telangana.we can apply death certificate from Telangana or we should come there and apply

  17. sir
    my grandfather died in 1995. now there is a need of death certificate for name transfer of land so where can I get it
    and what is the procedure

  18. HI SIR,

    I Require my mom’s birth certificate,she was dead in hospital due to blood clot in brain.25/05/2013.
    we haven’t collected it from hospital .how can i get it now sir.

    please help us sir.

  19. Hi brother was born on 1998 November….i have the birth certificate but i want to know the time of can i get this information?

  20. Dr. Srikanth Peri

    Sir, appreciate your help regarding this. my daughter born in Bangalore in July 2008, received Birth Certificate from BBMP Jayanagar baranch.
    Now we would like to change her name. How do we get her Birth Certificate changed with New/Proposed name?

  21. Hi sir, my son is born in September. The hospital people sent the information to BBMP mahadevpura office and told me to collect the birth certificate there. Before how many I can collect the birth certificate from BBMP mahadevpura

  22. Sir – My cousin passed away in 1999 at Jayanagar, Bangalore. The death was registered at that time and received the death certificate. However, recently we found that we misplaced the death certificate and all related docs (lost that entire folder). Is there any way we can get the duplicate copy of death certificate now.

  23. My Dad expired in 2012 in Marathahalli area so had obtained the desth certificate from BBMP Mahadevapura office. Now i need additional copies to submit to one govt. dept for name change. Can i obtain original copies online? How is it delivered if applied online?

  24. My co-brother expired at Narayana Hrudralaya , Electronic City, Bommasandra on 29.03.2019 after 21 days where I need to collect the Death Certificate

  25. I had taken my son’s birth certificate from jeevan bima nagar BMP during 2002. Now I want more copies. From where do I get it?

  26. My son was born in 2016. I neglected collecting his birth certificate then. Now, the hospital has sent the birth certificate to the Jayanagar office. Is there any way I can request for the birth certificate along with name change online without personally visiting the BBMP office ?

  27. My mother was born during the 1980s in Victoria Hospital Bangalore. How can I know the exact date of when she was born. The information known is her parents name only. Please help will be grateful

  28. My father in law expired at Jayadeva Hospital, Bengaluru. Where i can get the death certificate

  29. Hello sir…
    So I was born in 1997 and when I was small I wrote my name under the name section thinking my name was missing … And later realised that I was stupid … Now I am worried if they will accept my birth certificate in my job place ..
    Or do I have to get a new one ? If a new one where would I actually get it ?

  30. I need my father death certificate in Bangalore location. He was died on 17.01.2013 in a road side. I have a proof of police verification details and government hospital post martom report details. I am not registered my father death details in sub registrar.kindly help me plz how to I get my father death certificate.


  31. Hii, relative died in Narayana hrudayala in bommasandra and was cremated in banashankari. Hospital certificate original has been taken by crematorium staff and another bbmp document has been provided. Where should I go and register the death and get death certificate?

  32. Hi,
    I m defence person. My boy got birth in command hospital bangalore on 29 may 17. But i could not process for birth certificate because of my sudden posting. Now i m in delhi. Sir can you help me on this issue since i m not in bengaluru.

  33. Sir, one of my relative expired in 1948, bangalore – concern persons didn’t ttake a death certificate. But now we are in need of the death certificate for a property selling purpose, what’s is the procedure to get it niw. Kindly advice

  34. HI,
    My Grandfather passed away on 15/06/1984 i am trying to get his death certificate for some legal matter kindly advice from where shall i get the same and procedure because i am running short of time.

  35. I am from whitefield area.
    I have got birth certificate for my new born baby with in minutes. Keep it up BBMP.
    BBMP Mahadevapura(Opposite Phoenix mall)

  36. I am from Bangalore..I have a xerox copy of my Birth certificate, I need original copies of it..from where can I get? Initially before I found the xerox copy, the BBMP office people simply said its not registered.. Now that I found one xerox copy, how fo I get the original one?

  37. M.janet sheeba

    Dear sir,
    My name is janet iam from chennai. When i was 15 days baby my mom passed away so i was bought up by my grandparents in chennai. Father remarried and settled in banglore. In the begining he used to visit once in a year but later he stopped seeing me because of my step mother.Well he came for my engagaement and gave a false commitment to my inlaws which spoiled my life. Now my husband passed away so iam a single mom. And my father too passed away. He has lot of proprty in banglore. But my step mother refuses to give my share. So now i have decided to file a case for property. But i need my dad death certificate. I remember the death date of my father. Sir kindly help me to get the death certificate.

      1. M.janet sheeba

        Thamks for the reply sir, sir i have applied for online death certificate..I dont know how far it is going to help me. Lets see. Any way thank you sir.

  38. Hi sir…My father expired in St.Marthas Hospital,Bangalore in 2013 and we creamated at Kanchipuram,where they did not provide receipt of cremation,Now can i get Death certificate with out cremation certificate?what is procedure sir?Thanks

      1. I received Death Certificate from St.Marthas hospital on same day,but i did not tried to get certificate from BBMP.Now to get Legal Heir Certificate in Chennai officials demand Death certificate from BBMP,am only son to my father & am yet to transfer properties in my name.

  39. Hi,

    I wanted my son name entered in the birth certificate, born in Oct – 2015.
    When I approached BBMP office they are saying that i need to go to Utility Building, Bangalore.

    Reason sighted is that the birth has happened in 2015 & any name update in birth certificate should have happened on or before 31-Dec of that year!!

    Is this true?

  40. Hi sir i want Death certificate of my uncle who passed away some ten years ago we don’t have contact with the family numbers of my uncle i need a death certificate of them pls suggest i have date of death and where it was burned i need a death certificate
    i think there family members might have taken pls suggest me

  41. My grandson was born on 31/08/2002 at Vidyaranyapura in Kaveri hospital.I have the certificates issued by the hospital &municipal office.The parents are in Abudhabi.Now they require the name of the child to be included in the birth certificate.
    Is it possible to do the same by obtaining application,school certificate from the parents&submit along with the original birth certificate.?

  42. Hi Sir, I need to collect my Wife Death Certificate who passed away at Kengeri location in June-16. Please let me know the procedure how to get it. I applied online & got SAKALA Approved number also.

  43. hi sir,

    my father died in kidwai banglore hospital, where should i get death certificate and what are all documents need to submite

  44. Hello sir,
    My son was born on 3rd June 2016. we didn’t decide on his name at that time and we have got his birth certificate without name. Now we want to get his name entered in the birth certificate. Can it be done online?

      1. hi,

        I do have the same issue as Akanksha. What is procedure (offline) to be followed. Is there a specific form for it?

  45. Hello Sir,

    My son born on 29th January 2011, has the name Nakul Borgaonkar. But we want to change his name to Nakul Swapnil Borgaonkar(add his father’s name as his middle name). This birth certificate was issued at Mayo Hall BBMP. I have been making the rounds for his name correction but in vain. As per the BBMP only the parents ID proofs and a joint photo affidavit and the applicants ID proof is necessary. I have been asked to submit our marriage certificate as my ID proof and have been told no other ID proof will suffice for my identity. Whereas my husbands photo ID was sufficient. Now after I submitted all the demanded documents they still rejected it saying my husbands documents have his name as Swapnil Shekhar Borgaonkar, whereas the birth certificate has Swapnil Borgaonkar.
    Please tell us how to go about it.

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. Yes Sir, Unfortunately I realize that. And to confirm that, there was a man who offered me help as well.
        The only reason we are running pillar to post is because the school is demanding this name correction.

  46. My daughter was born in banglore on 12th december 2007.
    her name according to the birth certificate is Aryasree .P
    what should i do in order to change her name to Aryasree jithesh in the birth certificate.

  47. Respected sir,I am Lalsingh i am from kalaburagi, i was born in 21/01/1991 at home only, iam staying in village how i can get Birth certificate please help me.

  48. Hello, i need to get my wife’s birth certificate, she was born in blore in malleshwaram, we live in Chennai and go not ve contacts in blore.
    Is there a way to apply online and get the certificate delivered in Chennai.

  49. Hi Sir

    My baby is born in Vellore (TN) i have not applied for the birth certificate and i dont have the Register No. of the baby which given in Hospital. please tell me the procedure to get the birth Certificate.

  50. hello sir, my father name is B R Ravi but in the birth cerificate it is showing B K Ravi. so how to correct my father’s initials in the birth certificate?

  51. Hi Basavaraj, i need help regarding my birth certificate.
    I was born in Kunigal taluk, now im staying in Banglore, i have my birth cerificate written in hand, how can i get it in printed??
    i should go to taluk office upload and get it or i can upload in any BBMP office?
    or any other way to upload online?
    please help me

  52. Hi Mr.Basavaraj,
    My Date of Birth is 26-06-1961 and My Birth Place is Vani Villas Hospital, Bangalore. Now I live in Chennai. I don’t have a Birth Certificate. If I have to get a Birth Certificate online what is the Procedure. In Chennai you can directly go to Corporation website and take a print out of your Birth Certificate. Is this facility available in Bangalore also. Please let me know.

  53. raghavacharyulu kv

    Can you please advise me where i can get the birth certificate for my son born on 07-08-1995 in command hospital bangaluru. I have only the certificate issued by the hospital.

    now it is required for applying for passport.

    kindly advise.

  54. Hi, I am shakeel from Pune. I recently applied for passport (at PSK Pune) but my application has been put on hold at Verification stage “B”. Reason – Original birth certificate that I presented is issued (duly signed and sealed) by REGISTRAR OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS, AIR FORCE STATION PUNE (as my father was in Air Force and I was borne in SSQ – Sick station qurter ). However, the verifier didn’t accept it and says that he will only accept birth certificate issued by PMC (Pune municipal corporation). I find that the birth certificate submitted has all the details and is as per the requirement asked for birth certificate in document advisory. Could you please tell me if the birth certificate I have mentioned is valid.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj, but the question here is about the validity of a document. The document advisory clearly says that “Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate by the Registrar of Births & Deaths is acceptable”. If it is so than why should one reproduce a document which is already valid that too without any justification. Is it not the responsibility of govt officials (in this case the psk verifier) to be well versed with the document advisory before scrutinizing documents. Because such un justified requests will only make system more complex and time consuming.

  55. My daughter is born in Andhra Pradesh and I am a resident of Bangalore.
    Can i apply for the birth certificate in Banglore BBMP office.

  56. Hi,
    I live in Mumbai but was born in Bangalore, now my parents got separated n don’t hv any contacts in banglore. I hv never visited bangalore. I some how got a piece of my birth certificate which has a stamp of k. Kamraj registration centre Mahanager palike banglore 42.
    I need to make my passport asap, plz let me whr am I suppose to go in bangalore and it would b a great help if I’ll get d offce address.
    Thank you

  57. Hi basavaraj. I was born in chikmagalur govt hospital and my dob is 6/1/1969. I don’t have birth certifate as my parents lost it when I was a kid. Now I need it for of withdrawal as I fall into pension scheme. Can I apply for the certificate in any nearby bbmp office and also what documents should I submit to bbmp? Please guide thank you

  58. Hello Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti, Im living in Vimanapura Bangalore & my father died natural death at home on 03 Jun 2016 in bangalore. I have not taken him to any hospital / doctor post death for doctor certificate. Further he has been buried at my native village in Tamil Nadu, where there is no system of issuing receipt from the crematorium or burial ground . Now i want to apply for my father death certificate in Bangalore. However, BBMP office is asking for Doctor certificate and receipt from the crematorium or burial ground. Can u guide me / give me the procedure how to get my father death certificate without paying bribe to any officials at BBMP. Thanks

  59. B.R.Ravichandra

    Dear Sir, my dob is 18/10/1966 i want to know my time of birth. Can you please help me from whereto get the details. I was born at Murugeshpalya, HAL, bangalore. You can send the details to the below email. Thanking you in advance for the help. Ravichandra

  60. Hello,

    For my Son’s school they want me to submit a copy of Birth certificate attested by notary. Can i get a duplicate copy of birth certificate from Bangalore One and submit .


  61. Your article is very useful. Good work.

    My son Date of Birth is 09-03-2010. We had taken his birth certificate from the registrar office which has empty space for name. We are changing his name now. Can I write the new name in the birth certificate and use or is there any procedure to change the name

    Please help

    1. There is a procedure called Name addition. Please approach the BBMP office. Since your kids name not registered anywhere you can mention the latest name while adding name to birth certificate. Please carry the old birth certificate.

  62. Sanjay kumar S

    HI Barbaraj,
    My parents have lost my birth certificate. I just have a photocopy of it, how can I apply for original birth certificate. I was born in 1994.

  63. hello mr . Basavaraj my parents did register my birth have lost my original birth certificate how can i get a copy of original birth certificate

  64. to one my Friend daughter born on 1993 when BMP Bangalore Mahanagar Palikae was there, now need to get the Birth Certificate, i h vae FOrm 9 Photocopy for reference.
    Please advise where to approach.

  65. Hello,

    I was born at home and my parents have not registered my birth .
    How can i obtain my birth and how long the whole procedure take.
    i stay in bangalore.

      1. Same case.. Kindly let me know the process.. its hard we know but whAT IS THE ACTUAL PROCESS!!


  66. Bharath Kumar Singh

    How do I get corrections in my birth certificate? It has spelling mistake of my dad’s name and name of my mother is one which is before her marriage. Should I get it corrected to attend passport interview?

  67. Hi Basavraj,

    Such a boon of a service have you started. I was born in Bengaluru in Vani Vilas hospital in 1947 but during that time there were no birth certificates issued but I need it now, a non availability of birth certificate from the municipality. I was thinking that I will have to make a trip there but when I opened the website to my joy, found this site of your’s. It is endorsed in my pass port that my birth place is Bangalore. Pl let me know how I should be going about. My mother had been to Bangalore only for the delivery & came back to Mumbai where my father was employed, though we did go during vacations to our house in fort near medical college. Ever since I have grown up in Mumbai & continue to live here.

  68. Hi I lost my wife and new born baby at different places. How do I get the death certificate of both online, it’s first time am applying and BBMP officials are asking me for FIR, Postmortem reports, Form 2 and cremation documents., all originals. Do I really need to submit all originals to BBMP to get death certificate of my wife n son ?? Can I apply online without any ? Please guide me as I don’t trust any at this point.

  69. Hi,
    I have birth certificate for my son from Upperpete, Bangalore BBMP office. In the birth certificate my son’s name expanded . However mine and my wife’s name’s initials not expanded as his parents. Can you let me know the process of expanding the initials in the birth certificate and how long it will take. Presently I am not in Bangalore what will be the process for the same?


    1. HI SIR,
      I have similar problem regarding my birth certificate, my mother name is expanded in my 10th memo and in birth certificate it is in short, i faced a problem when attend for passport document verification in passport seva kendra in Hyderabad.
      Can you let me know the process of changing name of my mother in birth certificate and how long it will take. Presently I am in Hyderabad, what will be the process for the same?

  70. Hello

    I got birth certificate of my son from hospital but i have not entered the name still within how many daya should i get it done? and where i need to go for this?

  71. HI Basavaraj,

    My Father-in-law expired on 18th of Dec15 on the way to hospital, doctor declared him dead and gave us a Brough Dead Certificate and as we are from telangana took body there and cremated now from where i can get Death Certificate as the officials there in Telangana say i have to get from Bangalore and BBMP Officials advice me to take in telangana so pls Advice where i can get.

    I have “Cremation Certificate” in Telangana and “Brought Dead Certificate” From KR Super Specialty Hospital where doctor confirms that as he is brought dead he is liable to send register his death in hospital.

    1. Ganesh,
      I’m going through a similar situation. I’m being sent from one office to another by BBMP and Police as we’ve done postmortem. Have you got the certificate? Please share your experience and right approach in such cases.

  72. Hi,

    I was born in telangana dist(on 1992) and state which is separated recently. I don’t have birth certificate and I was born in village and no registration done and moreover I did my 10th in Bangalore by getting transferred. I heard that, we cannot get dob certi here since I’m from diff state. If I do it in telangana state by submitting marks card (completed in karnataka) will be accepted?

    What are the different procedure to get dob certificate? Kindly help me out

  73. Hi Basvaraj
    i was born in Jeevan nursing home in yeshwanthpur in 80s but not sure about the date of birth,month or year, my father is no more and mother doesnt remember my dob, but says may be 1986/85/84 the nursing home is closed years back, i also tried in bbmp where i couldnt find my parents name , please help how to get my birth details or the certificate.

    Thank you

  74. puranjoy bhowmick

    Can anyone give me the exact information for how to get a death certificate when the registration for online death certificate extended more than 21days.. its for my maturnal uncle who had admitted in “VYDEHI INSTITUTE OF ONCOLOGY & RESEARCH CENTRE”… its so urgent… please help me out

      1. puranjoy bhowmick

        thanks to u sir….and just one more question.. we had got that certificate but don’t know where is the Municipal Corporation in Bangalore where we can submit it. I just want to know the address of MUNICIPAL CORPORATION of that location.

  75. Hi Basavaraj,

    I need your help with an issue. My Father expired on 26th Jan in Vydehi Hospital (Whitefield). I was issued a certificate by the hospital and was asked to collect the death certificate from a BBMP offfice.

    I went to Malleshwaram BBMP office (as I reside there) and was asked to go to Whitefield by one person and another advised me to go to Upprapet Death & Birth certificate office. My friend told me that I will need to go to Mahadevpura as the hospital comes under this Jurisdiction.

    Can you please advise where should I go & the documents I will need? Also, How much this should cost. Thanks.

    Sunny S

  76. Ashwani Chaitanya

    Hello Mr. Basavaraj. I think I have a peculiar case here. Please see if you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

    My uncle expired in Bangalore, and the death certificate has been sent to us by some local person along with the body. But as we are from Andhra Pradesh, the local authorities are asking for the death certificate in either English or Telugu. We tried to contact the Kannada house situated in Andhra Pradesh, who translated the death certificate for us, but the local officials are insisting on a original from THE REGISTRAR OF BIRTH AND DEATH of Bangalore. With some guidance and advice from a government official in AP., we wrote a letter to the registrar of B&D, (Bruhat, Banagalore Mahanagarapalika, whitefield subdivision-560066) stating our problem and requesting them to send a translated copy in English and we would pay for it. The address mentioned above is the address we have on the issued death certificate. But the courier was re-sent back to us, stating no one answered the door/ the address has changed.

    We have no idea how to know the right address or who to write to, now. Kindly advice in this regard. I would be very grateful for your assistance. Thank you. My phone:09246676495

      1. Ashwani Chaitanya

        Mr. Basavaraj, is it possible to atleast locate what BBMP offiee i should write to, please. As i do not have any friends over there nor do i speak kannada, its being very difficult to know the address to who i should write to.

        The address to which i already sent the letter has been redirected to my home instead of the new address of the BBMP and it is a bit urgent that i need to locate where i should write to.

        If you can just provide me the address, it be great as i can re write to the correct BBMP.

        Firstly i am not understanding what BRUHAT is. Is it the name of a place or a office? Secondly, if the address is wong, how can i find the right address of that particular place, because i do not understand these names.

        Pls help me out. thank you.

  77. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to get a copy of my birth certificate as I lost it long back. I just born in Bangalore but grown up in mumbai. I don’t hv any contacts in Bangalore as my parents got separated. I want to make my passport. Kindly let me know how can I get a copy of my birth certificate through online or what b the right procedure for it. I hv a piece of by original birth certificate which has a stamp of k kamraj Rd Bangalore 42. Registration no is 276503. Plz help me.

  78. Mehboob Sardarsaheb Kadrooli

    sir I am MEHBOOB SARDARSAHEB AKDROLLI Ap / Sampgaon may Birth date 22/07/1980 So may pay rents is no sub meet may birth date how to riceve may Birth Cirtifecate, PLZ HELP Me

  79. Sir
    My daughter is 2 months old now. As per birth certificate it’s Haasini kv, we need to change it to haasini k. Please let me know wat procedure I have to follow to get it correct. is there any online facility to do so?

  80. Hi Sir

    My daughter was born 19-Nov-2013, and we took the birth certificate. So unfortunately in her birth certificate my middle name was missed out, and in my wife’s name the Sir name was missed out.

    Based on the check list of documents attested by notary, I went to the BBMP main office at majestic, but they refused to take the forms as they don’t entertain the name corrections in the birth certificate. Later they asked me to go to utility building bbmp office at MG road, there also no one was able to help me.

    Please let me know how to get this small correction in my name & my wife’s name done in my daughters birth certificate. It is really frustrating as I am trying by all means since last 6 months but no luck.


  81. Sir i have lost my birth certificate. I was born in gangavathi ….should i go back there or could get a duplicate one in bangalore itself??

  82. Hello – My daughter was born on 2-Oct-14 in Cradle Hospital Jayanagar. Hospital did give me birth certificate. As child name was not finalized, they mentioned the name baby of mother’s name. My name and my wife’s name are listed. Now my daughter’s namining ceremony is done. I want to add my daughter’s name to the birth certificate. What is the procedure? If I am required to go to BBMP office, should I go to Jayanagar BBMP office or any office in my area. Vidhpeeta circle BBMP office is close to me. Thank you for your quidance.

  83. I was born hassan dist small village (Marahally) I was born my home in village. so my father and mother not register my birth date. how to get my BC.

  84. there is one day difference in DOB of my matriculation certificate and birth certificate. plz suggest me how can i get changed DOB in my birth certificate

  85. Hi Sir,


    I am 1990 born with a birth certificate without my name. Unfortunately all my certificates except Aadhar card has different DOB. Also mother’s name has a missing initial in birth certificate.

    What is the procedure and documents required for:

    1. Addition of my name
    2. Correction of mother’s initials.

    And many many thanks to your support and patience in answering to so many people..!!

  86. HI Sir,

    My daughter was born on April 08 2015, birth certificate was issued in hospital on 3rd day itself but name was kept blank. Can you please guide me the process to get her name in birth certificate.

    I also went to BangaloreOne office as directed by the hospital. They asked me to go to the Utility Office in Mayo Hall. On asking them the reason for going there, they replied that they do not have “Edit Option”[I did not understand what actually they mean by that !!!] . Well, then as directected i went to the Utility office in Mayo Hall. There they told me to now, the slots are till 2014, from Jan 2016 onwards they will be starting for the 2015 borns. Strange !!! I really don’t understand the exact process. Can you please shower some light on this?

    Waiting for your reply !
    Thanks in Advance !


  87. HELLO SIR,
    i was born in the year 1993…. i need to get my name on the birth certificate….
    where can i get it done and how long would it take????

  88. Hi Sir, i was born on 1989 at K.C. General Hospital, Malleswaram, Bangalore, i don’t no the correct date and month so, how can i get the details please help me sir

  89. Can a person born someplace else in another state get a birth certificate in Bangalore for the region he was born in( that is not Bangalore). It is a matter of urgency and it is not possible to visit the home state to get the birth certificate. so, is there any way to get it in Bangalore. Please reply ASAP

  90. HI Sir,

    my daughter was born on July 30 2015, birth certificate was issued in hospital on 3rd day itself but name was kept blank can you please guide me the process to get her name in birth certificate i am staying near Indranagar bangalore
    Waiting for your reply
    thanks in advance

    Gurudatt B

  91. Dear Sir,

    My daughter’s DOB is 1/12/14. i wanted to apply for Birth certificate . i have one which they gave in Hospital & name is not there..
    Whats the procedure to apply & can i apply In Bangalore One and in how many days i ll get the Birth Certificate.

    now she is 11 month old.. can i do Adhara card & whats the procedure.

  92. Hello Sir,

    My daughter born on 3rd September 2014 and I have Birth Certificate with empty name. Now i want to add name to this.
    How can it be done? Thanks in advance

  93. Hi,
    I am 34 yrs old. I was born in Bangalore and have a old/torn birth certificate without my name on it. How do I go about applying for a birth certificate with my name and address on it.

  94. Hi Sir,
    My son was born on 26th aug 2015 at our residence because we were unable to reach hospital Where my wife was treated. Now hospital people denying to provide birth certificate because the child is born outside hospital. How to get birth certificate now. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  95. Hello Sir,

    My son was born on 3rd September 2013 in Bangalore. I got his birth certificate with in 2 months. My husband lost the certificate while travelling. Now I need a duplicate/second copy of the certificate. How do we get the same and what is the process?

  96. My daughter Arushi Singh was born in Air Force Command Hospital Bangalore on 01 May 2000 and birth certificate without name as well as with name i.e Arushi Singh was issued by Ulsoor Registrar. Now i want to change her name to Aarushi Singh ie i want to add one more ‘A’ in front of her name and wish to get another certificate issued from same Registrar. Request advice.

  97. Hi sir
    My daughter was borned in shimoga Karnataka got birth certificate also now I want to insert my daughter name in that certificate in Bangalore possible or not.

  98. sir i was born in bangalore on 27/03/95. i have no proof for my birth . i need a birth certificate for my passport . i only hv other documents like sslc marks card . driving lic . aadar card . etc . but no birth certificate. so please suggest me what should i do to get one

    1. DEEPASHRI. R.A.

      I was born on 18th August 1994 at Bangalore in a private Nursing Home. Name: Lakshmi Maternity Home, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003. what are all proceedure to get these birth certificate.

  99. Thanks for the valuable information…I have one original copy of my daughter’s birth certificate and I need more with her name included …do I have to visit some specific BBMP office as I stay on old airport road (can u provide me the address)or the nearest BBMP office, or Bangalore one.

  100. Hi sir i was born in bangalore rural district(My D.O.B 23-Feb-1992) in a primary health care centre(Govt-Where Senior Nurse is incharge),but my birth is not registered,now i need birth certificate for passport) what is the procedure to get the birth certificate,if i contact our area Panchayat office with necessary id and address proofs,will i get it?

  101. hi. My birth certificate got my mothers name wrong. I want to get it changed as all my other documents have the right name. And I need this birth certificate to be corrected immediately because I want to apply for a Tatkal passport ASAP, as I am leaving for my studies to UK in September and I need to apply for the visa letter with the passport number immediately. Please help on how to get this done, and how long it will take.

  102. Hello Basu,

    Very nice article indeed. I have a quick query. My daughter was born on July 21st 2015 at Apollo hospital and during discharge, hospital staff gave me the acknowledgement of the birth certificate and asked me to check with BBMP office to get the actual birth certificate. My question is,
    1. can’t hospital issue the birth certificate ?
    2. If not, can I register for the birth certificate online ? I logged into bbmpone website and didn’t find any links to register to the birth certificate.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  103. Hi,

    I want to include my daughter name in Birth Certificate. DOB : 01-Feb-2014. I have the birth certificate without name. How to include the name in Birth certificate. My daughter born in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore.


  104. Hi sir,

    I have produced my birth certificate while applying passport but in passport office they told it seems to be doubtful so they told me to contact bbmp office near upparpet to clear my birth certificate so please help me regarding this issue.

    I got a mail from passport office as below

    The Police report is clear, However, the Birth Certificate seems doubtful. So, for the genuiness, we have refered to the Joint director (statistics) BBMP Office Upparpet police station, Majestic, Back side Tank Bund road on 10/06/2015 and awaiting for the reply. You may check with them, to send the reply soon.

    1. I need to get birth certificate of my son.. Born at Meerut (uttar pradesh) in 2009, can it be applied and issued from bangalore

  105. Where do i collect certificate , death occurred on 30 th March 1997.
    Cremated at Srirampura , house in rmv bangalore 94.

  106. I was born on 1994 under ulsoor sub health center(BANGALORE) and it has been written in kannada in my birth certificate. But now i have resided in Tamilnadu, here they don’t know to read kannada. how to translate it in english. It is needed to do my passport. Please help through this

    1. Nethra-You can’t translate the certificate and get approval from the Karnataka state. Let them try Kannada language 🙂 I think you can affidavit the wordings mentioned in that Kannada certificate. I am not sure whether this may be solution. But suggest you to consult any lawyer on this.

  107. zameer shaikh

    Sir ,

    I am zameer here i needed my moms Birth Certificate she was born in Vanivilas Hospital Bangalore,

    now we all shifted to Pune long back, what is the procedure to get it

    Please help me

    1. Zameer-First get the certificate from hospital. Once they issue the same, then you have to go to BBMP and get it. Otherwise, check with BBMP whether your mother’s DOB is already registered or not.

      1. zameer shaikh


        i called Vanivilas Hospital Bangalore where my mom was born they said talk to BBMP, they are not giving proper answers

        and about BBMP, i am on the BBMP page it is asking for user name and password

  108. N.Venkataraman

    I am based in Chennai. My daughter expired in Bangalore a year back. She was cremated in the electric crematorium at Hebbal on 26th June 2014 by her husband. I was also present. Due to some misunderstanding between me and my Son in law, he is not parting with the death certificate. I require it in Chennai to obtain her insurance claim. How can I get the certificate. Can you suggest the way?

  109. Hi, I was born in 1996. I have a birth certificate but it does not have my name (I wasn’t named when the certificate was made). Moreover, it has my old address. Hence, this document is not valid. I need it to apply for passport. So
    1. What is the procedure to get the birth certificate with my name on it?
    2. With the correct address?

  110. dear sir,
    i was born in the year 1992 in bangalore,i was born at home and my parents were not so educated and did not register my birth anywhere in our local authorities,now i need my birth certificate for the passport purpose,so can u pls suggest me the procedure to obtain my certificate.

  111. My daughter born in 1992 at command hospital bangalore. I have not collected her birth certificate. She has 10th certificate, adhar card but she now require birth certificate for passport.
    Could you [lease tell how to get it?

  112. Hi

    I have been born on 1986 I have not got my birth certificate yet.
    I have born on a village near kurubarahalli madhugiri tumkur district
    Please tell me , what should i do next. I am out of ideas. right now i am working in abroad.

    Its really disturbing my steps for applying for the further educationt.

  113. Dear sir.
    I m mridul das from karimganj Assam
    How to get my daughter birthday certificate from vanivilashospital Bangalore
    Bron ..19/08/2011

  114. Hi sir Vijay Here.
    I was born on 05/04/1994 at pandavapura Taluk Mandya district Karnataka. .My parent’s wouldn’t registr when I was born because of their illiteracy. I don’t have birth certificate and I require it now to get a job ..
    I hv 10th marksheet pan card Tc adhar everything.

    Can u tell me How can I get this .?

    1. Vijay-If it is not registered then I think hard to get. However, visit the concerned local Govt office and provide the details of existing proofs to get the birth certificate. But I am not sure about getting.

  115. Dear sir
    I m mridul das from karimganj Assam
    My daughter bron 19 08 2011 vanivilashospital Bangalore so how to get my daughter birthday certificate
    Sl no.6347
    W name. clw
    M.Name. Bijashree das
    F.Name . mridul das
    Baby sex. female
    Bron time.02:15am
    Delivery. normally
    Doc.Name. lakhmi
    Oprtor.Name . manjunath.s

  116. Hi sir I m mridul das from karimganj assam
    I want to my daughter birthday certificate from vanivilashospital Bangalore how to get online my daughter birthday certificate

  117. Hello Sir,

    This article is very useful for most of the people like me.

    My wife was born in 1992 in Bangalore and she don’t have her birth certificate. she has aadhaar Card, SSLC marks card. But need the birth certificate for passport. can you please suggest me with. how to get the birth certificate. where/whom to contact for the same.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  118. Hello sir, my daughter is born on may 25th 2014 in cloudbine jaynagar. In birth certificate name is not present. I want to add her name in certificate. Please suggest procedure.

  119. I was born at small village after 2 years of my birth came and brought up in bangalore and now I want to my birth certificate and how can I get that can you suggest?

  120. I born in chennai , I have a birth certificate from hospital without my name and I studied in bangalore and leaving in bangalore .. I want a birth certificate in bangalore to apply passport.

  121. Hi Mr.Basavaraj….
    Great work. i have a small query. am from Blr working in KSA, my son was born here in 2013.
    i have a birth certificate issued by Indian consulate here…do i need to have another one from BBMp also?
    if yes, plz tell me the procedure..
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi i saw you spreading news about BBMP issues . I have one case please suggest me how to go about .

      My sis last her husband about 20 days back and he died with massive heart attack . For safer side their was an Fir filed for post mortum . know i want to take death certificate , but i am not getting support from any one help for solution .

      I visited BBMP office to submit for death certificate .they said i should get report from police station to get certificate . and I visited police station they said it will take 7 days to give the report as they have to bring report from hospital and write the same.

      i need to submit docs to all necessary offices for further process . can you please help me .

  122. There is no online service available for applying birth certificate online. I have called up bangaloreone and asked them. they said till now it is not implemented.
    Do we have any other site where we can apply online?

    1. Umesh-It was introduced at that time to get it at hospital itself and it is running. Online in the sense data sharing will be done by hospital and BBMP. You receive it at hospital. This is what I told above.

  123. Respected sir…. pls suggest me…

    I took birth in Ramnagar district, channapatna tq@1993…i lost my birth certificate…
    so pls suggest me how can I get a copy of my birth certificate in Bangalore…wat r d steps to be followed???

    kindly help…

  124. Hi Basavaraj , u r doing a good job here !

    My daughter was born on 01/04/2010 in manipal hospital. bangalore.
    Only last year we applied for her birth certificate , before school admission, but didn’t enter her name there . Manually name was written by us . Now in Bangalore one , I m not able to update her name into birth certificate .
    I m told to go to Upparpet office near Majestic. Can you let me know what documents do I need to carry there ? Study certificate from her school is needed ? What other documents ?
    Thanks in advance !


  125. In my birth certificate my dad has write my name. While appling passport there have request me to submit fresh birth certificate as there was a mismatch in hand writing & Ink. Can some one help me where i can get my birth certificate. & Let me know how long time it takes to my work done.
    i stay in bangalore location & Same is my birth place

  126. Hi,
    My daughter was born in the year 2013. However i have lost her birth certificate. How will I get another one? what documents should I submit. Should I go to the same BBMP office? I dont know in which BBMP office my husband has registered her birth.

  127. Hi Sir,

    My grand Father had expired on 04-06-2006. and we have a crematorium certificate
    so we want to apply for death certificate were can i done this
    corporation officers saying go through lawyer so that u get done certificate
    so please help us or guide wer can i get it done.

  128. K c ramaiah reddy

    My son born on 28/09/1984 in HAL Hospital now he is in USA he needs birth certificate from BBMP for purpose of green card will you kindly help me how to get I am an BSNL read official thank you and regards

  129. Sir, My daughter has recently shifted to Singapore and I intend visiting her end of this month. She wants to apply for a long term visa for me but is facing problem as her birth certificate which was issued in 1985 does not show her name. Back then the BBMP people had filled up the form saying female child. I want her name to be inserted in the birth certificate. They are not accepting her tenth marks card which shows the parents name as well. Please help.

  130. Sir,

    My husband has lost his birth certificate. The hospital he was born no longer exist. He was born in 1979 in Bangalore.we have his tenth marks card but we need his birth certificate also. Whom should we contact ? Please suggest.

    Thank you

  131. hello sir,
    how to get orginal birth certificate but i have the xerox copy of birth certificate i dont have orginal….in passport office they r asking me the orginal…..what to do now???and how do i get the orginal?

  132. Hi Sir,

    My Father-in-law had expired at Narayana Hrudayala Hospital Bangalore on 23-05-2015. Hospital has provided the death report. Can I apply for the Death Certificate at BangaloreOne center at my area (Yeshwanthpur). I have seen the facility is available at BangaloreOne site.


  133. Hi Sir,

    Thank your your time and service.

    I need to add my son’s name in the Birth certificate. Could you help me in guiding it? Can I do it online ?He is 2013 born.

    Thanks in Advance

  134. sir,

    i dont have a birth certificate. so i need to apply, can you please procedure to what and all the documents need to submit.

    i am 1990 born. hospital where i born doesn’t have a data in records because they mentioned saying that, after 5 years will not be kept any records with us and will submit to head office.

    please help me out.


  135. Dear Sir,

    I have collected all the documents for submission to BBMP office to get the parents name changed in my daughter’s birth certificate. The documents are the following:
    1) Hospital letter mentioning correct name of both Mother and father
    2) Name change Affidavit for both mother and father
    2) ID proofs – Passport /Pan Card
    4) Old Birth Certificate copy

    My queries are the following:
    1) Are the above mentioned documents sufficient to get the birth certificate corrected?
    2) Can I get the corrected birth certificate the same day on submission of documents?
    3) I have appointment in passport office on 29th April 2015. In case, I do not get the corrected birth certificate by this date, can the hospital letter be produced as a documentary proof for corrected names?

    Kindly respond asap.

    Thanks & Regards,

  136. I have to get teh birth certificate done for girl born in Feb 2007 as she does not have a borth certificate, She was born in Bangalore. Sir can you please explain the procedure for the same please

  137. I delivered baby last year, November month. I couldn’t apply for birth certificate from hospital as there were some issues. I would like to know how can I apply for birth certificate whole procedure and fees, late fees.
    Thank you in advance

  138. dear Sir,

    I had approached for corrections in my daughter’s birth certificate who was born in 2004. So I had to visit BBMP upparpet division Mother’s name and child name had to be corrected. I had submitted old BC, study certificate my ID /Child’s name change affidavit and address proof. After so much of running around they are now asking for Joint affidavit of me and my daughter with photo as I’m now single parent. when I consulted my advocate, daughter is minor no need of joint affidavit.
    Please suggest what is the correct format of affidavit where in it states the relationship of me and my daughter

    Thank You

  139. Hi,
    Please let me know whether jayanagar birth registration office works on saturday. They have asked me to collect certificate on next thursday.

  140. Hello sir,
    I delivered baby last year, March month. I couldn’t apply for birth certificate from hospital as there were some issues. I would like to know how can I apply for birth certificate whole procedure and fees, late fees.
    Thank you in advance

  141. Hi , I’ve all my documents in the date of may 25th 1990..but I’m born on august 25th 1990, i need to get my birth certificate for the passport. but if i change the date in the birth certificate as august , the remaining documents including SSLC markscard, pan card and voter id won’t match the birth date. so what should i do . Please help

  142. sanjay gehlot h

    Hi Sir

    hi sir i have recently got married and my wife home town is madya pradesh gwalior the reason for writing request is her actual age is 2 jun 1989 she does not have birth certificate in school it happened a spelling mistake they wrote 2 jun 1987 that is 2 year behind it is contuined from there after how can she changed are thre possible ways it can be changednow where she works also has same issue please help what can be done

  143. Hello Sir,

    My daughter was born on Feb 6,2015 , I have the hospital issued Birth Certificate , I went to one of the Bangalore One center which was near to my home , they said they will issue the certificate but it would be around Rs.300 for 3 Copies(without inclusion of baby name), whereas it would charge around Rs.1000 for inclusion of name. Are Bangalore One over charging for the certificates? How much it would cost in BBMP Office?

    Looking for your help

    1. Prabhakaran-Charges are already discussed. For revised charges you can visit BBMP site. But I am sure that they asking you more. Simple to bring the truth is, say them that you are ready to pay Rs.1,000 but you need full receipt. If they not agree then say a word that you are going to inform it to Lokayukta. They bend easily…but need someone to make them bend.

    2. Prabhakaran for sure they are charging you more. The nominal fee is within 100 rs for 2 copies with or without name. Rs 10 for every extra copy. Please visit nearest BBMP office, they shall provide you further details.

  144. Hello Sir,

    I have a query. In my both kids birth certicates, I have made a mistake of not including my wife’s name in full. It is only partially included. Now, it needs to be corrected. One kid already 2 and half and the other is just 9 months. Can you tell what procedude should I follow. Both were born in Bangalore and we continue to live in Bangalore.

    Thanks a lot.


  145. Sir,

    I want death certificate of my mother from BBMP. She expired in hospital at Bangalore. But my Late father’s spelling is different from actual as mentioned by Hospital’s death certificate. The BBMP people are harassenting me and they are not giving me mother’s death certificate. Even the hospital has given correct spellinbg of my father in their duplicate death certificate. Are the BBMP people dong this thing for bribe. What to do Sir. Please suggest me.

    1. Not to worry Amar…Had a similar experience at BBMP post my dad’s death…To just add initials of my grand father in the death certificate, I had to pay 500rs bribe…!!
      Since then I hate to visit any Govt. office…But few cases, you cannot avoid…
      First of all, you will be sufferring for losing a very closed person and on top of that, the Govt. officials make things worst…

      The only thing I can advise you is be bold, go straight and ask that BBMP person what else he wants? Does he want any further documents from hospital or any affidivit? or any documents that has ur mother and father’s name together for them to correct it? (This can be a valid ration card/her voter ID card)

      Also Control your emotions and ask how much will the overall charges be..? (this is nice way of saying how much bribe he wants…:) )…

      – Chill maadi

  146. I need death certificate of my husband who passed away on Jan 25., 2015. My father in law is having it. He is not willing to give me the copy. How should i go about it. My FIL as well as my SIL’s have full control of my husband’s documents like bank accounts , apartment documents, his insurance etc… i have a one and a half yr old daughter. how should i try to get it back. can they claim my husband’s pension, insurance and PF? I am too worried about it. How to proceed further…pls advice

    1. Sowmya-Sorry for your husband’s sudden demise. You visit to hospital where he was last declared as dead. Take the certificate from the doctor stating that you are the wife. Once they issue it then go to BBMP office and let them issue the certificate. No need to worry about claiming on property or assets of your husband. Because you are the first legal heir of all his assets. Father and mother will come later. So don’t worry. Be strong and face with courage. God and all our wishes are with you. Best of luck for your future.

  147. Hi
    I hv provided a wrong dob in my 10th standard nd that date of birth has been continued… Now I need a birth certificate for my passport and the date of birth doesn’t match… Could you please suggest what can be done and how could I get a birth certificate.

  148. Hi sir ,

    In my mother’s death certificate ,my father’s name has to be corrected ,just 3 letter has to be added at end of name
    when i went to BBMP ,they said in death certificate they cannot do name correction.Is there any way i can get a death certification with right name

  149. Good that it is made online..Hate to visit Govt. offices and wait all day to get 1 certificate (and on top of it, bribe them as well)…!

    Luckily got my daughter’s Birth certificate from Hospital..
    Now, to add her name to the certificate, Hospital is asking me to visit the BBMP office..
    Hearing this itself made me sick..Crossing fingers with a hope that magic happens and the Govt. officials provide a swift service without taking bribe..:)


    1. Got a chance to finally visit BBMP office and to my suprise, things went on smoothly..
      So, thought of sharing my experience so that others can benefit…!

      My daughter was born at cloudnine malleswaram…through online service at the hospital we got the birth certificate but without the name (also we had not selected a name at birth time)..

      After 5months when we finialized the name, I had to visit the BBMP office (Note: this is based on the area of the hospital)…For malleswaram area, bbmp office is opposite to Mantri mall..enter that bbmp office, and ask the security guard for ‘birth certificate update’ he will point you to the correct building, it is in first floor…

      Carry the online birth certificate provided at hospital and a photocopy of the same…

      Go inside and say you want to include the name in birth certificate. He will give you a ‘name inclusion form’ (Note: This form is free..!!)..fill in all the details like Baby Name, father,mother Name, address details and sign on the back of the form…
      As mentioned in that form – for 0-6yrs – no documents are required, for 7-15yrs – School certificate is required.

      Now give the signed form to that person and the birth certificate photocopy..he will pin it..
      and on the backside of original certificate, he will write the babyname, date of submission and the date when we will have to collect the updated certificate and will return back the original certificate(It is almost 3 weeks timeframe)..
      He also wrote 50rs and collected the same..(I think it is the actual charge)…

      After 3 weeks, I can collect the updated birth certificate from any bangalore one centre its seems..

      Don’t know what is in store at bangalore one, but till now my overall experience is smooth…hope this carry forwards…Will update back my bangalore one experience shortly…! 🙂

      – Sandeep

        1. Well, exactly after 3 weeks I went to a Bangalore One centre to verify if the name has been updated…but sadly it wasn’t…

          Now everything is in a database, all they have to do is open the record, update the name and save the record.. Not even 1min job, and still they have not done it even after 3 weeks…felt really bad about the political and government system….
          Everyone thinks that Software Engineers are highly paid without much work and things like that…but we really work hard to make this world a better place to live…but ultimately, we are not benefited if it is not implemented properly by the govt…

          Not sure what to do, I waited for another week and visited bangalore one office…to my surprise, it was updated…:)
          First copy charge – 58rs, additional copy-10rs…

          FYI, Nagarbhavi Bangalore one centre is in 1st floor of BDA complex, ring road. Go to counter 8 for any queries related to birth/death certificate…

  150. Hello Sir,

    I lost my birth certificate, I am born in the year 1989. In order to get my passport done it is mandatory to produce the birth certificate. When i enquired in BMBP , Municipal and Taluk office they say there no entry on my name and few say the record is lost so they cannot help. From hospital i recieved a confirmation letter on my birth.

    Could you please advise, what could be the best practise to get my birth certificate.?

    1. Shruti-BBMP or any official, it is their responsibility to keep records safe. So if they lost it then they need to pay the penalty. You submit the request and let them give all in written reply. Lethargic attitude of Govt employees. You need to some harsh words to make them active.

  151. Hi Basvaraj,
    I have my BCissued from BBMP with my parents name & date.
    The same info is in my Matriculation ( SSLC ) marks card.
    The only thing missing in my BC is my name.
    How do i get it included in my BC.

    Awaiting your response,


  152. hi sir
    i request you to guide me
    i have two kids my problum is when i married my name was Neha and that is in my kids birth certificate now i got divorced eight year back and now my name is changed to sonia i have affidavit and paper cutting too all my account pan card is in my new name but my kids birth certificate is in old name neha . now it is very difficult to open their bank account or to apply a passport for them as i dont have any document in my old name leaving birth certificate . i will be very thankful to you if u help me by guiding how to change the name in birth certificat so that i can make their passport and bank account.
    thank you

    1. Soni-If you have all valid documents like affidavit and paper publication then why can’t you submit those to concerned authority who issued the birth certificate? They have to change it to your new name.

  153. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have applied for Mothers Name correction in my Child’s birth certificate issued in 2010 at MG road office. I have provided them with application and mothers documents they have asked: 10th Marks card, Aadhar card, Letter from Manipal hospital addressed to BBMP, Affidavit. I also have my passport with spouse name. After 20 days, they have rejected my application and issued “Himbahara” letter. But they have not mentioned any exact reason. But orally they asked me to come back and request again. Going to court will cost you more. I don’t understand when they can’t update the mothers name, then why they asked me to submit all the required documents with fees.
    Please advice.


  154. My baby was born on 24th june 2014 at acura hospital, bangalore. Yhey asked us to fill a form there. We inquired about the birth certificate and they said they are not responsible for the same. I then applied for it through the recently launched karnatakaOne app and it got rejected without stating any reason. I called up the customer care and got a reply that even they do not know the reason of rejection. I then tried through bangaloreOne because I’d read somewhere that it cud be done there. But there also i was told that this service is not available with them. Now i dont know where to apply. Please help.

  155. Hello Sir ,
    I have got my birth certificate from st.mary’s maternity home chamarajpet bangalore dated back to 1991.I have got almost all the info like BBMP office seal n everything..The only thing which is missing is my important name. Sir i want to add that name can you please guide me through it. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  156. Hi Sir
    Thanks for sharing the information . Could you please help me with the procedure after getting the affidavit done from the Layer and paper publication (Which I did TOI and Vijaya )What else needs to be done to update the New or changed Name in BBMP Birth record database .It would be great help.

    Ghanshyam M

  157. Hi Sir,
    I want to change my 2 years old son name on the birth certificate issued by chief Register of Birth and deaths from BBMP.Could you please help me with procedure on How to obtain the fresh copy with changed name .Where to apply and all the neccessary details

  158. Hi Sir,

    One of my relative died in 1994. We don’t have his death certificate. As per my knowledge, Bangalore One gives death certificates for deaths only after 2010. Can you please tell me how to get old death certificates.

    Kind Regards,
    Harish Desai

  159. Sir,
    Thankx for helping in regards of PF last time. I m born in year 1989 ,in my birth certificate wrong name is entered whereas i had pubhish my name in gov. gazettee for change in name although pune birth death department is not ready to change and add the alias to the name. i dont want old name and the officer r also not providing much information… what i can do more to get replacement in my name.

  160. Hi Dear Sir,

    Could you please solve my problem in mentioned below..!!

    My name is Gopal Sharma and i am from Nepal. and I was born in Delhi in home, not in Hospital 🙂 So my father could not apply for my birth certificate since i born i am living in Delhi and i came in Bangalore on 2004. and i was born in 1991. So can i apply for my birth certificate ?? . i know it is critical question to answer to you. as i am not from India. but as per the Indian low says after July 1989 if non Indian people born, they are an INDIAN !!..

    Please answer Sir
    Thank you

  161. Dear sir.

    i don’t have birth Certificate nw i want my birth certificate sir be coz of i have to apply passport sir plz how i will get certificate sir .

  162. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to get Passport done for my parents, but the valid date of birth proof is only birth certificate or marks cards. But my parents have neither.
    How can I get the birth certificate done for them.
    Please advice.

  163. Hi this is Asif pasha my question is how to change parents name in birth certificate. My date of birth is 13.07.1989 I got birth certificate in that parents name mentioned wrongly please help us how to change.

  164. Hi..I was born on 1990 & I need to apply for to apply for birth certificate, I’m resident of chamarajanagar. I don’t know whether my birth is registered in hospital or not

  165. Dear Sir,

    thank you for this information. my son was born on 23rd december 2012 and i have a certificate issued by the hospital. they instructed me to visit the BBMP office to take the main birth certificate. can i take the same online?
    if yes, how can i do it?
    if no, which BBMP office i should visit?

    thank you in advance for your help.

  166. Hi,

    My kid born on 3rd october 2014 in Bengaluru at Private hospital. We are from Bellary and want to know where and how to get my kid birth certificate. thank you

  167. MOhideen Hameedhulla

    Dear Sir ,

    I am hameedhulla from tamilnadu , I born 1991 in Bangalore Sevakasatra Hospital , I got my birth certificate But my name is not mentioned in my certificate , i want to insert my name in my certificate , can u tell me the procedure please….

      1. MOhideen Hameedhulla

        Thank You Very Much For your reply sir
        i am staying in tamilnadu , from tamilnadu i have any option to solve my problem let me know sir please

  168. Hi Basavaraj,

    My actual birthday is 20-06-1989 in Sirsi and from birth I’m staying in Bangalore, but my all education certificate BOD mention 12-12-1989, I need to get my birth certificate has 12-12-1989. How do I apply? Whom to contact? What I need to do since I don’t have any idea for getting this. Please suggest

  169. sir, my son was born on 13-11-1998,i lost his bbmp birth cer, but i have an affidavit produced during school admission,how can i get bbmp birth certificate.any how i realized that bbmp birth cer didnt contain his name and now i want to apply for his passport, they are asking birth certificate with name,can i apply it now

  170. Sir, Need your help on this…. Birth certificate of my 5 year old son has spelling mistake in father’s name… certificate was collected from bbmp office .
    will this spelling mistake create problem in applying for passport?
    now we live in mumbai, so how can i get spelling rectified or obtain new birth certificate? is it possible to get it done online or i will have to travel all the way to banaglore.

    Thank you in advance.

  171. Hi, my sister was born in 1992 June. Can I download the e-birth certificate ? Is there such a provision. There is a provision to download birth certificates for people born in Chennai post 1990 .

  172. This article was not at all useful. I was lookijg for a simple answer on how to get a birth or death certificate online in bangalore. Just the procedure. Not looking for a lecture on what is the importancs and blah blah blah. The heading of the topic and the context does not match. Going forward if you really want to help someone or guide someone then just talk to the point and the the crap. Useless article and waste of my precious time.

    1. SR-Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I respect your views. But may I know how many Indians actually know the importance of birth and death certificate? Knowing by one person is not enough friend…so this detailed explanation 🙂

  173. Dear Basavaraj

    My daughter was born in Cloud Nine old airport road in Oct 2012. I got the BBMP birth certificate from there but without name. Now i want to insert the name. What is the procedure for that and how long does it take ?


  174. Sir,
    I born in 1989 so birth certi is cumplusory for passport but i don’t have it .i have a affidavit for it instead but my name in affidavit is without initials can u guide me to get birth certificate now

  175. Hi,

    My name is Joseph. My wife expired in 2010 and the certificate issued by Doctors is in the name of Lalitha Raj and the death certificate is issued in the name of Lalitha Raj. But my passport has Lalitha Joseph Raj. When I wanted to remove her name from the Passport office the authorities have asked me to bring the death certificate in the name of Laltha Joseph Raj.

    Please advise me , where can I get this correction done.



  176. My father expired in an old age home at Carmelaram, Sarjapur, Bangalore on Jul 24, 2014. He was buried the next day at Kalpalli, Frazer Town. I have the doctor’s death certificate from the old age home. I approached the panchayat at Kodathi Gate but they have informed me that now it is not under Panchayat but I need to go to BBMP. I visited the BBMP offices at Doddakanelli, close to Carmelaram and also the BBMP office at Bellandur. Nobody is clear from where to get the BBMP death certificate and they are making me run pillar to post. Can you advise which BBMP office I need to visit. Or can I get it from Bangalore One?

    1. Dsa-I am not aware about exact limitation of each BBMP officials. Instead I suggest you to use one trick. Instead first sharing your work ask them whether the concerned area will come under their limit or not. If they yes then submit the application. I know the difficulty to make them to work. Because they are GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

  177. Hi Basvaraj,

    My brother-in-law recently passed away in hospital in Bangalore.They issued the Death report and informed BBMP office also.
    We stay at Hyderabad,so now we need to take death certificate from Mahadevapura BBMP.
    Usually How many days it will take to issue Death certificate once we submit Death report and summary and whom we need to contact in BBMP office.Please advise us,so that we will plan to come to Bangalore.


  178. Sir, my baby was born on 12th Aug 2014 at green View Hospital near HSR Layout, they have charged a sum of Rs 250 for birth certificate and has issued a hospital certificate (not BBMP copy) and has asked me to collect the BBMP copy from nearest BBMP office. R.No is written on the back side of the hospital certificate. Will I get the Govt certificate if I visit the nearest BBMP office. Also baby name was not entered while filling online data for the certificate at the hospital, now we want to include baby name in the Govt certificate. Plz suggest.

  179. Dear Mr. Basvaraj :

    My son was born on july 6th 2013 in Gunasheela – Banshankri and they have given us a birth certificate. Later I have also procured Birth Certificate from BBMP – Chief Registrar of Births & Deaths with no name mentioned. Now can I approach any BBMP office in Bangalore to get the name registered in the Birth Certificate. I live in Hebbal .

    Also please do let me know the process. Appreciate your reply.


  180. Please avdise how to download the Birth Certificate from BBMP website. Initial copy was provided by the hospital.

  181. Dear Sir,

    This is really good and informative blog. I have one question. My father-in-law got died last month at home in Bengaluru and my home comes under Gram Panchayat. Can you please suggest what process i should follow? Where I should reach for Death Certificate and with which documents?

    Thanks in Advance!

  182. Mr. Basavraj,

    My son was born on 11 pr April 2011. I have a birth certificate but his name is spelt wrong. How do i correct it. I am not in Bangalore as well. This is creating a lot of tension. Can you please advice.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Pratibha-Please go to BBMP office with the other documents which depict the correct name and raise request with officials. But you being outside Bangalore, it is hard part to get it done from the worst officials of earth 🙂

  183. Dear Basavaraj,
    I was born in defense hospital in Bangalore on 11th May 1983, and currently residing in Chennai.
    I don’t have my birth certificate but now I need it.
    I’ve proof of birth from the hospital along with the date.
    Could you please help me with the procedure to get Birth Certificate.
    Thanks in advance.

      1. Could you please share the contact detail of the same.
        What could be the approximate cost to get it?
        Should I go inperson to get it are, or in case of my non availability do my father shall go and get it?

  184. Hi Basavaraj, do you mind guiding me how to get the birth certificate? I already have my passport , I was born at home and there was no registration done, currently I need birth certificate for some documentation overseas, I was born in Kolar.



  185. Sir my son 11 months I have got birth certificate without name , now I want add name can you please tell me the procedure

  186. Dear Sir,

    Please help me. My husband passed away on 24th Nov 2013 on the way to hospital due to heart attack. I am trying to apply for a death certificate and have been running around and not getting a proper response. Please some body help me. I have only the copies of post mortem report thats all. The issue is I was not in good terms with my brother in law and during the event they had done the formalities of the crematorium. Now since the death happened on the way the hospital has not registered. Now my in laws says that they have destroyed all the documents like the crematorium report as it was painful to see them. And I approached the Kalpally crematorium they say they dont keep copies. Please help me . I am really helpless.

    1. Shilpa-You can contact hospital authorities and ask them to issue death certificate by doctor who last visited him and declared dead. By getting that certificate along with post mortem report, you can visit BBMP. They will issue death certificate.

      1. Thank you sir for your prompt reply. I tried this but they are saying that since the case has not been registered in BBMP they need the crematorium certificate. I had been to the crematorium and say are telling they dont have the copies and asked me to go to Upperpet and get the copy. When I went to Upperpet they sent me to Utility Building there i was not getting a proper response. Do you have any idea how I can get the crematorium papers.

          1. Thank you sir for the response. At last after a long struggle running around the offices I managed to get the certificate. I had the certificate from hospital but that was not sufficient. At last based on a posting i saw on web approched Ulsoor BBMP office. He directed me to get an FIR from police station and with that they issued me the certificate. But I have understood one thing is only money works. Thank you again for your support. Nice to see good exits in the form of people like you who are ready to help people.

            1. Shilpa-Good to hear that you got it. But sad part is the line you mentioned “But I have understood one thing is only money works”. Please don’t dishearten. Because it is your right, so fight for it. I know it is hard at this stage of life. But I once again suggesting you that if you have not done anything wrong then never ever budge to any pressure, even if god comes in front of you. Best of luck for your future.

  187. Hai,
    i have my birth certificate but in certificate there is no name of mine, so what shd i do to get my name in certificate… ?

  188. Where does one add name on birth certificate as i guess the birth certificate issued at Hospital doesnt have name mentioned coz its too early to name a baby in hospital itself

  189. sir
    I was born 02-10-1990 in st john’s hospital in bangalore… so many days I did not took my birth certificate but I need now for passport… so I went their and took BC from hospital… in the certificate my mom is sharadha bai but original name is sharadha their entered in record wrong… so I gave affidavit and required id proof everything to change the name. so this is enough na to get my BC pls reply for my problem…. and then I have to give this documents again to bbmp office or wt. or else their I’ll only gv directly to bbmp office

    and affidavit can gv from my side… na…. sir

    1. Vinod-That is suffice to provide necessary proof and affidavit regarding name change of your mother. Once you get the certificate from hospital then submit the same with BBMP to get birth certificate.

  190. Sayyad shafiulla

    Hi. Its sayyad and my date of birth is 14.2.1992 my passport application got rejected because I don’t have my birth certificate as I was born in home my parents didn’t applied for birth certificates and without birth certificate they have admitted to me in govt school and in passport office I can’t share this whole thing:) to get my passport I need birth certificate and they are not considering my SSLC marks card or transfer certificate of college as a age proof they are asking me to apply for a birth certificate and get that to have birth certificate:( please help me to get birth certificate wit the full procedure:) Thanking you sayyad..

      1. Dear Sir,

        I’m also facing a similar problem, visited the BBMP & the concern person over there asked to put an appeal in magistrate court for the fresh issuance of birth certificate.

        In additional the concern person stated that the school details, educational certificates & affidavit is not considered as a valid document for the issuance of birth certificate.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Raghu B C

  191. My father expired on January 23rd 1997 at home, i don’t know its registered or not. we need death certificate now, so where to get registration n get certificate

    1. Hi Sir,

      My father expired on march 31st 2002 in Victoria Hospital , i don’t know its registered or not. we need death certificate now, so where to get registration n get certificate.


      1. Suma-Please first confirm your father’s death date. Because in one comment you are claiming it to be 1997 and in another it is 2002. Anyhow if your father died in Victoria Hospital then they will issue the certificate of death, which you need to register with BBMP and get certificate from them.

  192. Hi Sir,

    My Grand mother had a natural death on 20 Sept 2012. it was a bandh in Bangalore on that day so we could not approach any doctor as none of them were available due to bandh. we only have a burial certificate given to us from the office of the graveyard where we had buried her. when we tried to make the death certificate, we were asked to provide a death cause certificate signed by a doctor. As the doctors were not available on her death day, we are not able to provide the same. Kindly let us know the procedure to make the death certificate in this case.


  193. Hi Sir,

    I have a certificate issued from Broadway road registration center, but it does not have my name in it and also My dad’s name is spelled incorrectly, Now I it to apply my passport.
    Can I get a new birth certificate issued by BBMP? I stay near bommanahalli Bangalore.

      1. There is a seal on it which says Broadway road registration for birth & death, corporation of city Bangalore.

  194. My Son was born on May 21, 2014 in Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal. They issued a ‘hospital’ birth certificate however i need a Karnataka government birth certificate. Where do i obtain it from?