How to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth?

How to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth? Many of us or our parents might be invested in LIC Plans. But due to some issues, we may forget the policy details or lost the bond itself.  Let us find out the possibilities.

Why we forget LIC Policy Number?

In many cases, I found that the major reason is lost of the policy document and even LIC receipts. In such a situation policyholders find it hard to find out their LIC policy number. Also, many policyholders never share their policy details with family. In case of sudden demise of the policyholder, the family or nominee face the difficulties to find LIC policy number of the deceased.

If you have created the login to LIC portal, then it is easy to identify the policy number. Otherwise, it is one of the biggest headaches for buyers to identify their policy number.

How to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth?

In this post, I will try to explain you the ways through which you can find LIC policy number by name and date of birth. Do remember that use the same name (name format) and date of birth which you provided while buying an LIC policy.

Date of birth along with name is also mandatory. Because in the same name, we may find two different persons. Hence, providing the date of birth is also mandatory.

# By login to LIC portal

If you created the login to LIC portal and you know the login credentials, then by login you can easily find out the policy number without any hurdle.

# Contact your Agent

The best and easiest way is to contact your agent. Provide him your name and date of birth (as per LIC records). Using his business details or by login to agent portal, he will easily find out the policy number and can share you.

# Visit the Home Branch

If you neither created the login to LIC portal nor you are in not touch with your agent, then the next process is to approach the home branch (where you purchased the policy branch and where your policy dockets remained).

They will verify the genuineness of seeking the policy number. Based on their verification, they will share you your policy number.

# Visit any LIC Branch

If you are unable to visit the home branch of LIC, then you can try to visit the nearest LIC branch of your area. Provide the name and date of birth of policyholder. Again, LIC officials verify the genuineness of seeker. Based on that they will share you the details.

# Visiting the Unclaimed and Outstanding option of LIC

If you unclaimed the policy payment by LIC or there is an outstanding from LIC to be payable to the policyholder, then you can use this option. For this purpose, your name and date of birth (as per policy records) are enough.

Unclaimed insurance policy money means the money which has been remained unclaimed beyond 6 months from the claim settlement due date. Do remember that this information will be updated by LIC on half yearly basis. It may be due to any of the reasons.

Death claim, Maturity claim, Survival benefit (related to Money-Back policies), Premium due for refund, Premium deposit not adjusted against premium or Indemnity claims etc.

The procedure is simple. Visit the LIC Unclaimed Policy Status Link. Key the mandatory details like Policyholder’s name and date of birth. You will get the unclaimed and outstanding amounts of policyholders along with policy number.

find LIC policy number by name and date of birth

Note:-Your policy number is personal details, which LIC will not share to public openly. Hence, there is no such facility available as of now, through which you can find LIC policy number by name and date of birth online.

You have to try above methods one by one to find LIC policy number by name and date of birth. To avoid facing such difficulty, I suggest you to keep your policy documents safe and share the policy details with your family and nominee.

Some tips to avoid such situations:-

  • Maintain records of all your insurance and investment details at one place.
  • Share such details with your family regularly.
  • Update your contact details like phone number and email details to all your policies.
  • Track the policy details regularly to know when is the policy due date, survival benefit receiving date and maturity date.
  • Try to create a login to avoid forgetting of policy number.

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  1. My name annpurna maurya mai churhat ki thi meri lic policy mere pass nhi h to mai copy lena chahti hoo lic ki

  2. I have not received lic policy bond of single premium paid in March,1915 in the name of Anushree Banerjee, dob: 17/12/1989
    Pl help me in getting policy number.

  3. Sir i forget my LIC superannuation scheme annuity number and I am not getting my quaterly pension from last 2 quaters

  4. Sir ,

    Is Sum assured value is same as notional cash option. Im trying to submit my claim as nominee but in that there is a column to fill other policies. In other policy i found this.

    It says Insatalment premium and notional cash option and Rsxxx and Rsxxxx

    so is it same as sum assured policy matured in 2001

  5. Basavaraj Tonagatti Gi
    I am Vivek Maurya My policy is already is lapess mode. total 5 installment but 4 installation is fully padup only 1 installment is not padup 97343? +21453 Latepayment processing fee.
    I am Interested now Policy ended up.
    So Surrender amount is 357687?
    What is Insurance Sir ???????
    Fully waste Sir
    Mo. 8565991750
    Vivek maurya
    . Jaunpur utter pradesh

  6. SIR, entering the name and DOB and clicking submit on the above given website doesn’t show up anything. What shall I do sir?

  7. Hello sir, I am from Dibrugarh Assam, my father was a doctor in assam and was dead in 1989, he has a LICI policy in state government, but after her dead we don’t know the policy number, can you HELP us….

  8. I purchased LIC premium policy and later on due to financial circumstances I couldn’t pay it. So how can they denied to pay me back my money?

  9. Hi Sir,
    I have a jeevan saral policy and already paid premium till 7.5 year and now unable to pay premium for long term .So i have planned to stop the premium but take maturity after 21 year as per term policy in my LIC bond. So in that case should i eligible for LA as provided by LIC ? Shall i get premium after 21 year with a combination of MSA(8 years)+LA (on the basis of 21 year declaration)

    Can i do that ?is it beneficial instead of surrender this policy ?

  10. My father name is Gopal Chandra Basuli. But in this moment my father wants to know his LIC policy number. How is it possible?

  11. Q to know details of policy , by policy number ?
    Q2. Read your article, and found that my name is appearing in the unclaimed ” section. But no details of policy or servicing branch is shown . How to get these details


  12. Sir I have forget my policy numar I have urgent to know about policy number I don’t pay my half yearly priyam .so ple send tall me how to find it…

    1. Rewanand-Redemption means withdrawing from the investment (selling mutual fund units and taking money back from any product). Collateral in simple term as pledging. For example, you pledge the property or asset to get the loan from the bank.

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