How to find Income Tax ward and circle?

With the advent of online tax filing it is much easier task to file your returns. But sometime there may be situations where you need to interact with income tax department to clarify their doubts or to raise the issues related to your tax filing. At that time you must first know about your tax ward and circle or about your assessing officer.

Income tax department made your life easy in finding the tax ward or circle of your PAN Card. But before proceeding further let us understand what do you mean by tax ward and circle and who is assessing officer.

Assessing Officer-He is the authorized person who make assessment of your return filed and if some clarification need then he will issue notice to you requesting for more data. Hence to assess each individual’s tax return, Income Tax Department set up different offices across India. These officers sit in these designated offices and will verify depending on the location they allotted and category of tax payers.

Designation of such officers may vary based on volume of income, nature of trade assigned by board. It may be like Income Tax Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner or Additional Commissioner.

Such individual offices of Assessing Officer is allotted a unique number to identify. This number is called Income Tax Ward/Range No./AO Code. They have the powers to scrutinize your returns and if possible request for additional information. Your income tax refund will also be approved by these AOs only. ย 

By going by above information, you noticed that how much important for you to know about your AO or tax ward and circle. Below is the procedure to find the same.

1) Visit the linkย Screen will be as below.

Know your Jurisdictional AO

You need to enter your PAN number and enter the Catpcha Code then press on tab “Submit”.

2) Next you will view the below image which mentions PAN holder name, Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, Jurisdiction and building.

Know your Jurisdictional AO-2

That’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ You need to file these details while filing income tax.


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  1. Namrata Shankar

    Hi sir, I read and understood all the details. Found the assessing officer. My mother as actually in the process of buying property and paid 1% tax. But govt changed it to .75% due to covid. Applied for refund but one of the documents required to submit is an undertaking from AO that there are no pending dues. Do we need to visit them personally?? Or can it be done via email. Being a senior citizen I would like her to have minimal contact as possible. Please advice

  2. Ao no. is 5 for Total income below Rs. 10 lakh
    – In the area of Districts of Begusarai
    – First name begin with the alphabet from A to M

    Ao no. is 6 for Total income below Rs. 10 lakh
    in the area of Districts of Begusarai
    – First name begin with the alphabet from N to Z

    My income is below 10 lakhs and my name is Krishna Kumar (starts with K) . which ao no. is appropriate for me…
    but i confused becoz my father’s name starts with M and his ao no. in pan card is 6…

  3. “1. Non companies
    – Income from sources other than income from business or profession
    – Total income below Rs. 10 lakh
    – In the area of Districts of Begusarai
    – First name begin with the alphabet from A to M

    2. Non companies
    – Income from business or profession
    – Total income below Rs. 10 lakh
    – having principal place of business or profession is within the territorial area of Districts of Begusarai
    – First name begin with the alphabet from A to M

    3. Company (including its MD or or director or manager or secretary)
    – Total income below Rs. 15 lakh
    – having its registered office or principal place of business in the Districts of Begusarai
    – First name begin with the alphabet from A to M”

    My income is below 10 lakhs and my name is Krishna Kumar (starts with K) . which ao code is appropriate for me…

  4. I am unable to find the full address of ITO, Ward No.23(4), Kolkata.
    I sent one letter to the above ITO as mentioned under Registered with A/D on 25/11/2017-but, that was returned today i.e.29/11/2017 by the postal department giving note of “Insufficient address”. I gave the address as ‘Income Tax Officer, Ward No:23(4), “Bamboo Villa”, 169, A.J.C.Bose Road, Kolkata-700014’ as obtained from the internet.
    Kindly help me by giving the full and correct address of the concerned ITO, Ward No. 23(4), Kolkata.

  5. Hello Sir,

    My relative got his PAN in Chennai when he was working here. Later on, he shifted to Canada but was filing his returns in India for rental income and interest income.Recently, he wanted to close his capital gain account scheme. So, he applied for Form G for closure of the account and submitted the form to the AO [non-corporate ward 23(4)]. But, now the AO has rejected the application saying the assessee does not fall under her jurisdiction since he is an NRI and has no salary income in India. Can you please let me know whether the assessee’s jurisdiction will fall under the business income or non-resident. Thank you

  6. Thanks for the write-up.

    My PAN was made in Assam. filled IT at Assam for 4 years. Got transferred from Assam to UP 5 years back. Have been filling ITR by mentioning AO of UP during the last 5 years. Still residing in UP & have not changed any address in PAN through NSDL.What AO should I mention this year? Who must be having my files? – Assam or UP?
    Please guide.

  7. Lourembam Miranjit singh

    Sir I’m applying for my new pan but I got confused for choosing AO code they says that name begining with (A to D) (E to K)etc… It would be my name or other something? Sir please help me I need your kind information.. sir please send me into my email id.

      1. Sir,

        I got My PAN while I was working in Chennai, but later on i shifted to Bangalore and then to Bombay. From last 5 years I am in Bombay and I changed my profession from MNC’s to NGO (as a voluntary servant). Since I was not an employ and not earning any money, I did not submit any ITR.

        When I stopped working I have put all my savings in a deposit. But 10% on the interest is taken as TDS every year. Last year I noticed it and applied for ITR for 2016-17AY and 2017-18AY. To submit ITR for the previous (to get the TDC as refund) I need to change my PAN AO from chennai to Mumbai.

        Whom to approach for this. can you kindly guide me for this. Currently I am staying at the below address:
        7 KM Munshi Marg. Girgoan Chowpatty,Mumbai 400007.

  8. Sir,
    Thank You for your prompt response. Here are the 4 Hyd AO Codes as obtained from the net. (Kindly refer the attachment sent by email. ) Please advise me which one to select out of these 4 codes.
    Thanks & Regards
    BK Murti

  9. My son is holding a US Passport. He wants to apply for a PAN CARD on line. How do we know the exact AO Code etc to continue with the application process. The residential address is at Hyderabad and the list shows 4 Numbers. Can you please help us? Thanks & Regards

  10. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,


      1. Please check yourself. Something has changed. It’s no longer as you suggested. We are now asked to log-in using PAN and Password. Then we are taken to our page where there’s no way of finding Jurisdiction.

        Since my PAN has been de-activated for reasons unknown, I’m asked to contact my AO. For that I need to know my jurisdiction ward etc. I have been filing returns online for years and have no idea who my AO is.

        Please help!

  11. Dear Sir, your blog is very useful. Is it mandatory to change the AO officer. Previously I was working in Thane ( Near Mumbai) and my present AO shown is of Thane. However I moved to pune 6 years back. I was filing on-line returns and was not aware of AO change. My question is – Is it mandatory to change AO ? I know practically we should have AO near where you are residing so that u can approch them whenever required. However is it mandatory to change AO? Is this very complicated process ?

  12. Mr Basavaraj,
    Thanks for the
    I am currently in hyderabad. I used to live in pune and my assessing officer is from pune IT ward. I have received notice (u/s 143(2))from the hyderabad office as well as pune office. who should i communicate with>

  13. Dear Sir,
    I am a retired Air Force officer who now lives overseas and is an overseas citizen. I am applying for PAN card using 49AA. So for AO code purposes am I supposed to use “Defense Personnel”? If not, what code do I use?

      1. As my files are still lying at Amritsar, but the Amritsar department want to know the AO Ward and CIT of my new place, how do I check who will be new AO Ward and CIT …

  14. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had made a mistake while filing IT returns for 2013-14 assessment year. (Mistake was instead of ‘Income under head salaries’ I had put “Gross salary number” which resulted in notice to pay extra). But even after couple of rectification requests it wasnt processed and now it has to be accessed by Jurisdictional Assessing Officer. When I checked how to contact AO, got below information. Will sending out email with Form16 and explaining the mistake made will be fine or should I try to meet Officer in person ? Any idea about whether we can expect quick email response from AO ?

    Area Code KAR
    AO Type W
    Range Code 111
    AO Number 1
    Jurisdiction WARD 1(2)(1), BANGALORE
    Building Name –
    Email ID [email protected]


  15. anubhab bhattacharyya

    i am applying for a pan card for the first time, and through online
    i am being asked for the AO code for my area..i am from kolkata and my house pincode is 700032. now i am spotting two places where this pincode feature– one saying ‘cases above 20 lakhs’ and other saying ‘cases below 20 lakhs’…am confused. how to tell apart Wards from Circles? would be great if you could help out.
    thanking you, anubhab

  16. Hi, i recently shifted from indore to ghaziabad, can u tell me if i have to mention my indore address or my new one in form 15g for claiming PF?


    Dear Mr. Basavvaraj,

    Thanks for your very informative blog.

    I moved from Delhi to Bangalore for good. This year I filed ITR online from Bangalore. I had left the AO details
    blank. The Acknowledgement still shows AO from CIRCLE 52(1), DELHI though I have changed address in PAN
    to my Bangalore address. I want find postal & E-mail address of AO at Delhi.

    How can I get AO changed to Bangalore & get my old ITR papers transferred fro AO at Delhi to AO at Bangalore as
    Refund for FY 2009-10 is still pending. This ITR was filed manually. I do not know who will be my AO at Bangalore & what are his/her contact details.

    Your guidance will be very helpful.

    Thanking you. Best regards, RAKESH


      Sir, thanks for your reply. Kindly let me know IT helpdesk contact details. Is it auto answer facility or an operator replies the query?

  18. M Chandra Sekhar

    I was working earlier in Indore and my AO office shows as ITO Dhar. 3 years back I moved to Bangalore. SO will my AO be same or will be changed to Bangalore AO.

  19. Very useful information on the site. Is it possible to advise me the contact details of DCIT Cir. 70(1) at Civic Center New Delhi .


  20. Private tuition, Individual (P) / kolkata -700030, first word of name start “S”, below 5 lakhs. Pl. inform me A O code /range/type/ area.

  21. Hello ,

    Iam trying to find the AO type,AO number, ward / circle information etc, and i used ” Know your judisctriction link to find them..I’m able to see all the information like AO type,number,range .. but where exactly i should check the ward/circle.

    For example: If my Jurisdiction is : NONCOR WD23(5) CHE (TBM)
    Then my ward number will be : 23, can you pls help in saying if my assumption is correct.

    Many thanks in advance!!

      1. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ .
        I see that as a mandatory column to fill in Form15G, thanks once again for confirming .


  22. I got following AO details after putting my PAN.

    Area Code: KAR
    AO Type: W
    Range Code: 223
    AO Number: 3
    Jurisdiction: “Ward 1&TPS,KOLLAM”.
    My Dout Is In ITR Can I Enter Just Ward 1 Only Or That Full Details ?

  23. Hi,

    I got following AO details after putting my PAN. But facing issue to get the address of AO.

    Area Code: KAR
    AO Type: W
    Range Code: 223
    AO Number: 3
    Jurisdiction: WARD 4(2)(3),BANGALORE
    Building Name:
    Email ID: [email protected]

    Nothing has been mentioned in building name. How I can get the address of AO so that I can visit? Please help.

  24. Hi

    Just want to inquire about ITR verification process whether one has actual filed the ITR or not.

    that too without using user ID and password of that PAN card.

    please advise.

      1. Sir, I too have the same doubt, I am working in a Finance Co, How can I verify if the copy of ITR – V, given to me is genuine of not and how to check the actual income shown in ITR.

        Kindly guide



  25. Sir
    I am satish.
    My AY 12-13. Wasn’t refunded. Because CA has filed my details wrongly.
    I was in Delhi in 12-13 at that time.
    But I now I am in Chennai.
    I have tried to change My jurisdiction by pan card. But it didn’t change.
    Now recently visited IT in chennai. They clearly told your files are in Delhi. So we can’t help.
    I told my junior to visit delhi IT. But they told I don’t have your file and told be me to change My jurisdiction
    to Chennai.
    Now how to get my refund or how to change My jurisdiction.

    Advance thanks

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        What type of complaint need to be raised and where should I need to raise.

        What are the first step.
        Should I need to change jurisdiction first then I raise the complaint or viceversa

        Thanks in advance.

  26. sir
    i want apply for pan card for my ngo which is registered in society act,, at the time of filling pan card form society option is not awailable what to do


  27. Hello sir ,
    Thank you for such an informative article. I have a query if you can help me. I submitted ITR for AY 08-09 in Gurgaon IT office. My pan card is registered in Delhi. I have not received the refund yet. issue is Gurgaon IT office is saying that pan is not in their jurisdiction so they cannot process refund. When I contacted Delhi ITO they are saying they cannot process refund as the ITR is with Gurgaon. This is going on for last 10 year. Can you help me understand what is the rule in this regard and how I get the refund.

    Thanks &Regards

  28. Hey, I want to apply for a PAN card. I couldn’t find my AO code as my area Chanakyapuri is not given in the list provided. I don’t have any income, I’m a student.

      1. I want to apply for a PAN card. How do I find my AO ? I have to state that in my 49A Form. I donโ€™t have any income, Iโ€™m a student.

          1. sir i don’t understand the aocode, circle, ward etc in the list til website….. name of applicant is baishali chattaraj , student which one i should choose from the list plz help

  29. Sir, on my pan card jurisdication address is delhi as earlier i was living in delhi. But recently i got state govt. Job in u.p on behalf of u.p domicile.Will it create any problem that why jurisdiction is of delhi and not of U.P .?

  30. Hi Basavaraj,

    I found ” WARD 50(2), Kolkata ” as my jurisdiction. But on 15G form of SBI, it is asked for ” Assessed in which Ward/Circle: “. Are these two same ?

  31. Karamjeet Sandhu

    Sir ,
    My ward is 34(1)(5), Mumbai
    Range code is 346
    AO is 5
    What could be the correspondence address to make them a letter for wrongly filled IT e-form (Refund issue).

  32. Hi Basavaraj,

    I got my PAN card issued in Gujarat and due to standard procedures their (and oversight from my end) they put father’s name as my middle name which is not the case in any of my other documents (Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar, Bank Account etc.).

    How can I not get my details edited in my PAN Card?

  33. Sir, while applying for a new pan card, what should a person who has no income from any sources apply so as to get the correct ward/circle. All wards define only salaried, corporate, practitioners etc.


    Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    I have to change address in PAN card as I have moved from Delhi to Bangalore. For this I will fill
    the prescribed form & submit it through a TIN-FC at Bangalore. But, as per the discussions in this forum
    it seems, NSDL does not change the A.O. details & I will have to contact my A.O. at Delhi for requesting the transfer.
    How can I find the postal address of my A.O. at Delhi? Thanking you. Best regards, RAKESH

          1. RAKESH KUMAR JAIN

            Sorry Sir for my ignorance. So, which one is IT Portal? Can you please suggest me
            URL for IT Portal? Best regards, RAKESH

  35. Hello,

    I did my PAN card almost 9 years back and at that time I was posted in Assam.
    Recently, I changed the same Address of Assessee of my PAN card from NSDL and now the profile part of Income tax website, the Address of Assessee is showing as the new address.

    But, still now the jurisdiction Accessing officer shows the old address. I had two queries:
    1) Do I need to do anything more to transfer/change the Accessing Jurisdiction Officer from earlier place to the new one?
    2) If there is nothing more required, then how much time it takes the Accessing Jurisdiction Officer to be changed?

  36. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thanks for the useful info in your post above. I had recently applied for an address change in my PAN card as I have been staying with my son in Bangalore for the past 3-4 years. Few days back I recd the new PAN card at the new address but the AO in the income tax site still shows the old one. Can you please let me know based on your exp if the AO changes immediately on PAN address change and how much time it takes to reflect on the income tax website.

    Thanks a lot,

    Best Regards,

  37. SIR,

  38. Hi,

    I want to change the IT jurisdiction to Ernakulam, Kerala (my current location) from Bangalore, Karnataka (address when I applied for PAN Card). How do I go about it?Please advise.

    Thanking you in advance.


  39. i am applying for pan card and i am an individual with currently no salary .so what would be my ao residence is at badlapur,kalyan.

      1. But Basavaraj pls see the excel document..all the ao code,ao type,ao number depends on the salary..but we are having no salary..what we have to choose?

  40. Hello,

    What is the difference between Salary Ward & IT Ward?
    When you click on Know Your Jurisdictional AO, you can check your Jurisdiction. But how can you search your Salary Ward?
    Again, where is this Salary Ward number used?

  41. Want to know the PAN Number his ward details etc of Mr Subhash Chand Rawal s/o Ved Parkash, who has been declared PROCLAIMED OFFENDER in a criminal/Civil case for the recovery of amount in a fraud case .On Facebook he appears with CM Vasundra Raje and Sh Vijay Goel BJP leader in Delhi, but still PO .Look at the working of police department.He is evading his arrest and property attachment .
    Address given by him is:
    1. MD of Shri Ram Properties, A-78, 40 feet Road, Phase -II, Near Palam Vihar, Opposite ACP Office, GURGAON
    2.A-9, Bajghera Chowk, New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

    Wold you plz help to find his PAN Number etc .Looking forward ……….


    Sir I was living in Bharuch between 1982 to 2010. My address in PAN was Bharuch. My ward and AO of income tax office was Bharuch After my retirement in 2010 I have relocated at Ahmedabad and got my residential address of PAN from Bharuch to Ahmedabad. I am filing my IT return online showing new address of Ahmedabad since 2012. But till date my AO office and jurisdiction of Income tax office is not changed from Bharuch to Ahmedabad and it shows as Bharuch only. Since my new address is in Ahmedabad and my PAN address is also changed… when my jurisdiction of income tax office would get changed If it does not change.. is there any problem.. ? Please reply.

  43. Dear Sir,
    I was received an intimation u/s 143(1) of IT Act dated 28/7/2014 for payment of tax of Rs.35250/- for my IT return for the assessment year 2013-14. However, as the tax deducted by my employer (which was also reflected in form 26AS) was not shown properly in the computation sheet and the authority was claimed some amount under sec. 234B & 234C I was submitted a rectification request through online on 11/8/2014 after recalculating the tax liability and making payment of the tax which was claimed by the IT authority. However, rectification order dated 8/12/2014 does not take in to account the amount already deducted and deposited by my employer and the order again demanded the amount. After that for my return for the AY 2014-15 I got some refund which was directed credited to my account. But now in the intimation letter under sec.245 for the assessment year 2015-16 I have been informed that the return has been processed at CPC and the same has resulted in refund however the refund so determined will be adjusted against the outstanding demand if no response submitted online within 30 days. On the basis of the direction given in the intimation letter I have now submitted my response online for the outstanding demands indicating the demand as partially correct and giving information about BSR Code, Date of payment, serial no and amount.
    In view of above kindly advise me whether the reponse for outstanding demand as made online will be sufficient to rectify the discrepency in my case or I have to againg submit a rectification request or to write to the AO. Please guide as the amount demanded is quite high and actually deposited by my employer (also reflected in 26AS).

  44. Hi,

    I received an income tax demand on e filing website for AY 2011-12 which is incorrect as I have paid all the taxes in that year and the same is reflecting in my 26 AS also. I have spoken to income tax toll free no, they have asked to meet the AO as I have filed the ITR manually in that FY. Can I go and meet the AO directly any time in the income tax office time, or there is some specific time to meet the AO. I am asking this because I am in Ghaziabad and my AO is in Gurgaon, so I have to go there to meet him in weekdays only.

  45. Hi sir,
    Pan card applied in online .
    Acknowledgment form send to nsdl office address in speed post .. but I do the mistake in(ward) ao codes & range code & area code … How can I change codes?? Pl reply

  46. I want to apply for new PAN but I don’t know the AO code of my area … Can you please help me
    Area- Indirapuram,Ghazibad

    1. Neeraj Kumar Verma

      Sir I had filed ITR return in A.Y 2013 – 2014 for my PAN ADSPV4027B but till now refund not transfer in my account. kindly give online procedure to communicate for this

  47. by mistake I wrote my income tax ward as 40(1) while online it is showing as 64(3) during e-filing. what should I do?


    I am recently transferred to bangalore working in central govt. my PAN is issued from delhi all these years i have been filling my ward as 42(1). but this time i filled my ward as 14(1) it was by mistake. can you please guide me what should i do for correction?

  49. Sheelendra Mishra

    My Pan no is Delhi based.2002 yr of issue . I work in CPSU. For 2002-06, i filed my return in Delhi. Then i got transferred to Haridwar. I filed return there from 2007-12. Again since 2013 I have been filing my return in Delhi upon my retransfer to Delhi. However as my PAN card is Delhi based ,my Assessing Officer should have been in Delhi. But as per Income tax site it is showing Haridwar. I have been working in the same company since 2002. What is the solution.

  50. Hello sir,
    Previously I was posted in bhandara Maharashtra. Now I have been transferred to Indore Madhya Pradesh. I am working in same company.
    When I checked my AO details on website you mentioned. It shows ward/AO as bhandara.
    Is it necessary to change my AO details.
    Address in my PAN is of Nagpur my native place.

  51. Hello ,
    I want to make a new pan card online. My residential address is Murdeshwar, a village in Bhatkal(Karnataka). But I am working in Udupi, karnataka(Fresh joining).
    My question is , Which AO code should I search? Based on Residential address or Official Address?
    Thank you.

  52. Hi I lives in korba cg, n never lives in delhi but I pan strucks in delhi IT office due to this my refund blocked now in cg IT officials r helpless replied they can’t help I personally have to visit Delhi, in this e world travelling for such a sily thing is of no use n customer care as well korba IT office helpless providing me exact address for communication for ward no 29(2) delhi so th at I can correspond with them – 9993116754

  53. Hi Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

    I am from Dehradun and my PAN has been created on my permanent address of DDN. Currently i am working in Chandigarh.
    Please advise me in which ward should I submit my online return whether in DDn ward or in Chandigarh ward?



  54. I have received a demand notice u/s 245 for AY 2013-14 although no intimation has been received till date u/s 143(1). The pending demand has been uploaded by the jurisdictional AO.

    I have sufficient proof that there should be no demand liability in my case and in fact I should have been refunded about Rs. 62,000 having paid advance tax as well as TDS having been deposited (and appearing correctly in Form 26AS).

    Anyhow I checked on the IT website and have seen my AO is Type W, AO No. 2 in Ward 30 (1) in Delhi and Range Code is 53. The only problem is that no Building or address is mentioned. How do I contact the AO without knowing where to find him. Please help.

  55. dear sir,my refundable amount is not refund in my account assensening officer not cleared,ward my transfer but not cleard office where,how can i refund my refund ,I wrote a letter to assenseing officer but nothing reply

  56. What office does it mean when Jurisdiction Office says Delhi Circle 70 (1). There is no Building name or address?
    How can they provide incomplete details? I am in South Delhi and need to visit the Jurisdiction office.

    This is so frustrating
    Cn Someone help?


      1. The link you have provided is useful although it still requires extensive search within the database. Google did not help. I tried all combinations. No use.

  57. The full details of my Assessing Officer is not mentioned on their website. Jurisdiction is given as 68(2) Delhi but no building name is given. How do I ascertain where he sits?

    1. At another place, my range No. is 74 and ward is 44(2). So, how do I know which is correct and where I should go to submit relevant papers for rectification of the challan?

  58. Dear Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti ,
    I find your blog very informative, please do continue to educate us.
    I recently retired and have now settled down at my home town. While on transferrable Central Govt Service, my ward circle was at Delhi. I seek you advice regarding the procedure to be followed to transfer ones Ward Circle from one city to another
    On visiting the local IT Commissioner’s office, I was adviced to initially submit an application at their Help desk requesting for the transfer of the ward circle. Then after a couple of monts silence from IT department, on query, they adviced me to submit the application to the current Circle AO (i.e., Delhi).
    I happened to visit Delhi recently and took my application to the help desk at โ€œBโ€ Block, Pratyaksh Kar Bhavan, Dr SP M Civic Centre, Minto Road, New Delhi , since my Circle AO’s office is situated in this block.
    My application was not accepted with the advice that I must specify the exact Circle that I wish to be transferred to.
    Please do let me know the procedure to determine the applicable Ward Circle at my new address in the new city.
    I am not able to travel much now, and to meet any future requirement to meet with my concerned AO regarding future IT related issues, I consider it prudent to have the Ward Circle transferred to the city of my permanent residence, post retirement.
    Please advice.

  59. Hi,
    I got my PAN card created from Aligarh 3 yrs back. Then in late 2012, I shifted to Ghaziabad and also got the address changed in my PAN card details.
    But when I check my Jurisdiction from
    it is still showing it as Aligarh.

    So my questions are:-
    1) Doesn’t Jurisdiction should automatically get changed when I applied from change in address.
    2) What should I now do to get the Jurisdiction corrected ?

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for Reply.
        Can you please provide/suggest/link a sample for letter for such correction.
        Also can it be done via post.


          1. Hi,

            What are the negative scenarios in case I do not change the place of Jurisdiction ( as everything is now online).
            Can it cause me some problem in future, if I leave at as Aligarh ( instead of changing to Ghaziabad)

            Thanks again,

  60. Hi Sir,

    I was posted in Bangalore, when I applied for PAN card. So as per details available on, my Jurisdiction is Bangalore.

    Now I moved to Delhi, and would like to change the Jurisdiction to Delhi office. Can you please let me know the process to change Jurisdiction.

    Thanks in Advance,

  61. Hi basavraj,

    how can I change my ward number mentioned in the PAN card.
    Actually where I live, for the same place my Ward number.
    I want to correct it, how can I go for the same.
    What all forms I need to submit. Please do let me know.

  62. Dear Sir,

    This is with regards to outstandind demand from Income tax office for tax payable. For AY2012-13, I have paid all my taxes.TDS has been deducted but it is under two different TAN no while during that period I worked for thw same company.I was supposed to pay tax amount of Rs 122891 and TDS of same amount was deduceted (Rs 45000 and Rs 77891).
    I can see the same under 26AS form on website that all taxes has been paid. But CPC is unable to see and according to them only Rs 77891 has been paid and they are demanding remaining amount(which alread has been deducted from my salary but under diffrenet TAN NO).

    After notice, i had filed the rectification request but that was of no use.Following is the rely from CPC
    ” The assessee is required to view the taxcredits available in form 26AS in the MY Account TAB after logging into the website and enter the exact details in the respective schedules by opeing the MY ACCOUNT TAB therein and selecting “TAX payer is correcting data for tax credit mismatch only under the rectification requst type.

    The assessee is required to generate and upload the rectification XML.If the tax payments claimed are not available in assesses account.As per form 26AS,the Assessee has to get the same corrected by the bank/deductor and also get the corrected data uploaded to OLTAS/NSDL DATABASE .The assessee is then required to file an online rectification request by opening the same ‘MY ACCOUNT TAB therein ticking the category-TAX credit mismatch box under the request type- NO FURTHER DATA CORRECTION REQUIRED <REPROCESS THE CASE"

    Now, for AY2014-15, I am supposed to get therefund of Rs 15000 but I received the intimation that they will adjust this amount with outstanding amount from AY2012-13.I have been asked by CPC to contact my AO but I do not have his contact no or e mail .Only he can do something that too it has to be done within 15 days and deadline is 3rd September'14.

    I find it completely absurd and I do not have any clue what to do.I kindly request you to guide me.

    Thanking you

    Warm Regards,

    1. Pranay-It happens sometime. Because IT Dept guys are not gods and they are very much commit mistakes like me and you ๐Ÿ™‚ So my suggestion is to contact your concerned account officer of ward (if possible by taking help of CA or tax expert) and resolve the issue by proof.

  63. please sir tell me about my ward circle.. i am a central goverment employee. and at this time i am posted at ranikhet. and my pan card issued on my home town adress. then what i fill ward circle and place in itr form according to place or pan adress.

  64. my pan no. is issued to different ward no by income tax office, now my refund orders are pending as A is telling your ward is B, while B is telling i cannot see our return details as you have filed ur it returns in A ward. so plz suggest me how to transfer from wrong ward to right ward or any other alternative.

    1. Anil-If you filed your return with A then inform the assessing officer that it was wrongly filed with him/her. So requesting to transfer the records to ward B (providing address proof and PAN details). Once the record transferred then request for refund with ward B. Also I don’t see any hurdle as filing of return is online now. But let follow the process as I said above and reply here to know more or guide you in better way.

  65. virender yadav

    Dear sir,

    I have housing loan of 25L, do you think i can avail both Interest/principal tax rebate along with loss on housing property. it is self occupied property

    Thanks for you help in advance.


      1. virender yadav

        Thanks for your response. I am not very clear about this clause, i gone through some arcticle and wanted to confirm with you before declaring anything.
        Say, the flat i bought is occupied by me and i am paying housing loan EMI 27000/-(25L) on the same.
        So, do you think i can avail loss on housing property as per below:
        Interest paid: 150000
        Rental value: NIL (as it is self occupied)
        it give me value -150000 loss on housing property.

        Is this true or i am doing some mistake.

        1. Virender-How can interest paid on loan will be loss to you? It will not come under loss. But you can avail deduction of principal and interest from your taxable income. Under Sec 24 of income tax upto Rs.1,50,000 of interest in a single financial year is claimed for deduction from your income. Also principal paid in a year is eligible for deduction of up to Rs.1,00,000 under Sec 80c.

          1. virender yadav

            Hi Sir,

            I am confuse with the clause “income from house property” Deduction Under Section 24:

            1) interest on Housing loan ( i have decleard in annual tax decleration).
            2) Loss from house property ?, what it means, i have followed few arcticles but not able to understand it.

            Please help me with this.

  66. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the useful information. I checked my IT ward which is set to Kolkata possibly because I was working there when I filed my first returns. Now that I have moved to a different state, should I specify a different ward or continue to use Kolkata?


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