How to find Generic Medicine in India and save money?

We all know that how much it is difficult for us to allocate money towards our or parents monthly medical expenses.  Because a normal BP or Diabetic patient’s monthly medicine bill will be around Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000. So have you heard about Generic Medicines which are cheaper than what you buy from branded companies but of same content?

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines have the same chemical composition as branded medicines are and sold under the chemical name they contain instead of any particular name to them.  For example Paracetemol (content of chemical which is used when you have cold) is a generic medicine where as Crocin is a branded medicine.  So obviously Generic Medicines are very cheap than their branded counterparts. But the problem lies in marketing. Branded companies MRP usually includes cost of production+advertising cost+middlemen expenses. So they heavily lure middlemen and doctors to recommend their branded medicines in return providing them higher incentives. Hence most doctors and medical shops prefer to sell branded medicines than these generic medicines.

You may understand the real business structure of branded medicines in India and how companies, middlemen and doctors are playing with your health and money by watching this wonderful TV Episode of Satyameva Jayate programme run by famous actor Amir Khan.

A full details of this episode is available at Few can afford easily but what about poor or whose monthly medicine expenses are so high? Either they need to borrow money to survive or they can live without medicine.

Below are the list of sites where you can find the Generic Medicine name with respect to branded medicines.

Hope the above list will be helpful to you identifying the right Generic Medicine and saving your money. But at the same time try to consult your doctor before proceeding further.

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  1. could have been of great use if Brand name and its alternate Generic name list be given in the blog. for example Aten150 its generic name _______________

  2. Hi,
    Some of generic medicine have higher MRP printed on there brands. Bcz of some medical agency PPL take same printed price on medicines price instead discount price. How I can find generic medicine and price.

  3. Hello All,

    I am looking for Generic medical store in Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    Can someone please help me to find it out?

    Pankaj Bari

  4. I am in urgent need of Generic Medicines can anybody tell me the name & addresses with phone numbers of Generic Medical Stores in mumbai

    thanking you.

  5. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for sharing this info…
    Just wanted to know do we get the generic medicine from wholesellers, as I heard that now a days all the doctors are priscribing generic medicine and the shopkeeper (Medical Store) is earning more money.
    For Eg, if the price of the generic product is 10 Rs per strip, the Shopkeeper is selling it at 25-30 Rs…so he is also a cheater rite..

    So just wanted to know can we buy the generic products from the wholeseller directly..???

  6. Its a great point raised in this Forum.. Thank you very much for sharing this info.. I think all Indian Citizen should be aware of this which can prevent the drainage of their hard earned money for costly branded medicine.. Will try to implement and spread the knowledge as much as possible…

  7. the last point is not a valid point as th doctors are one of the reason for this fiasco. They willingly and knowingly prescribe costly and branded medicine as they get huge kickbacks in terms of gifts and vouchers. For a proper resolution to this problems the doctors will have to think about the cost-binifit of the patient who is paying his/her fee instead ofthe medicine company who gives them some paltry gift.

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