How to file complaint against LIC online?

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How to file complaint against LIC online? What is the process and whom to approach at first to file a complaint against LIC?

How to file complaint against LIC online

Many of us have knowingly or unknowingly purchased LIC policies. You may be facing certain service-related issues, claim issues, or survival benefit payment issues. For all these, there is a mechanism set by LIC to resolve your issues.

How to file complaint against LIC online?

The saddest part is that as of now, the policyholder can’t file complaint against LIC online. It is strange that being one of the oldest organizations in India, LIC not offers an online grievance mechanism.

a) Grievance Redressal Officers

Grievance Redressal Officers have been designated at all levels of the Organisation. LIC just provides the list of those officers below.

At the Branch level: The Sr/Branch manager – Click here for the list 
At the Divisional level: Manager, CRM – Click here for the list 
At the Zonal level: The Regional Manager CRM – Click here for the list 
At the Central level: The Executive Director – CRM Click here for the list 
For P&GS policies:
At the Zonal level: Click here for the list
At the Unit level: Click here for the list

As per LIC, policyholders personally contact these designated Officials and seek redressal of their grievances. However, the missing part is when one has to approach the next level of complaint. Also, if one complains at the branch level, then whether they issue any reference number or not. A completely unknown and unclear process.

The respective Grievance Redressal Officers are available at their Offices for personal interviews with the customers on all Mondays between 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., except on holidays without prior appointment.

You have to meet the Grievance Redressal Officers on other days also with a prior appointment.

The names of the Grievance Redressal Officers are displayed in the respective Offices and are periodically published in the local newspapers. How many of us actually track the local newspapers for such news? Hence, the best option is to visit the branch offices.

b) Claims Dispute Redressal Committees

Whenever your claim is rejected, then you have an opportunity to appeal for review. The Claims Dispute Redressal Committee is functioning at the Corporate Level and all eight Zonal offices. The Central Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee [CO CDRC] is functional at Central Office, Mumbai and the Zonal Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee [ZO CDRC] is functioning in all Zonal Offices located at Delhi, Kanpur, Bhopal, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Patna.

The Committee consists of senior officials at the Zonal/Central Office and a retired District/ High Court Judge. 
Whenever a claim is repudiated, the claimant is explicitly informed of the grounds of repudiation and provided with the address of the Zonal Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee (ZO-CDRC) to prefer his/her appeal.

If the decision to repudiate the claim is upheld by the said Committee, then depending on the net claim amount, the claimant is either provided with the address of the Insurance Ombudsman or with the address of the Central Office -Claims Dispute Redressal Committee (CO CDRC).
Again, if the decision to repudiate the claim is upheld by the CO-CDRC, the claimant is provided with the address of the Insurance Ombudsman to whom the claimant may prefer an appeal. (for details, please click on Insurance Ombudsman).

It is clearly mentioned on the Insurance Ombudsman website when you can approach the Ombudsman. Better if you first refer to the FAQs mentioned and then can proceed.

C) Policyholder Councils And Zonal Advisory Boards

In all the 113 Divisional Centres, Policyholders’ Councils have been established. Three policyholders of the area represent the interest of the policyholders and interact with the Divisional Management on consumer concerns. Similarly, at all the eight Zonal Centres, Zonal Advisory Boards are functioning.

Conclusion – It is sad to know that after being for so long in this industry as a leader, as of now, LIC is unable to come up with an online grievance cell. Many buy policies and then move to other places or countries. For such people, it is hard to visit the home branch to resolve their issues. It is unbelievable that in this age of internet, LIC still asking the policyholders to visit the branch to resolve their issues.

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  1. Thanks for sharing . Actually we require awareness and initiative to complain against these financial super powers . Not just LIC. But almost all sub sectors of Financial Institutions. Do share a similar article for Banks, Mutual Funds, and Private Insurance Companies.


    1. Dear Abhijit,
      Yes, I really appreciate your views. Defenitely, I will cover your inputs in my future posts.

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