How to encash or withdraw NSC bought from different Post Office?

You bought NSC (National Savings Certificate), but during maturity time, what if you are not in the same city or the post office from where you bought is too far? How to encash or withdraw NSC bought from different Post Office?

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This is the common concern faced by many. Because while buying we never know what will happen after 5 or 10 years. Either we may shift to a new city or the post office may be too far to reach. For a few, it is hard to visit that city. Because I found that few readers of my blog bought the NSC from South India like Bangalore or Chennai, but currently they are residing in Delhi, Kolkatta or Gurgaon. In this post I will try to simplify this common problem.

There are two aspects of this situation and they are as below.

1) If NSC is not yet matured-If this is the case, then first you have to think whether it is possible for you to reach the concerned post office easily. If not, then the second option is to apply for transfer. The process is as below.

  • Download the Form NC-32 from Post Office Portal. Using this form you can apply for transfer.
  • Provide the NSC details like name(s) in which the certificates were issued, serial number, date of issue and denomination, serial number of identity slip, and details of the issuing office.
  • Mention cases like transfer spoilt, issue of duplicate certificates etc.
  • Provide the nominee details also as you mentioned while buying it.
  • This form should be signed by the holder of NSC. If it either multiple or joint holding, then all such holders signature is required. In case of minor holders, the guardian must sign.
  • Submit this form to the nearest post office or where you want it to be transferred. Along with Form NC-32, also submit the photocopy of NSC and an ID Proof. The concerned post office will send the application post office where you originally bought it.
  • Usually, such transfer will take around 2-3 months.

2) If NSC is already matured-If the maturity date of the NSC has been already over, then to encash such NSC, there are again two ways to do it.

a) If both the encashing and original post office (from where you bought NSC) are connected with CBS Technology-

Luckily knowingly or unknowingly both the post offices are connected with CBS (Core Banking Solution) Technology, then it is a sigh of relief for you 🙂

Because if they are connected through CBS and have internet facility, then you just need to submit original NSC certificate and original identity proof to the post office where you want to encash. The concerned person will verify the authenticity using CBS and internet. Once the verification is done, then the money will be payable to you in the same post office immediately. That’s it !!

b) If either of the encashing and original post office (from where you bought NSC) is not connected with CBS Technology-

In this case you have to feel unlucky. Because it takes around 10-12 days officially. But in reality it may be delayed. The process is explained below.

  • Visit the post office along with original NSC, Identity Slip (issued during buying), identity proof and a handwritten application (I have not found any particular application).
  • Submit this to the branch, where you want to encash or withdraw the NSC.
  • They will verify the genuineness of the claim and process it immediately.
  • If you don’t have identity slip then it may take the below lengthy process.

They have to verify the authenticity of the claim. So they follow the below process.

# The postmaster where you submitted the NSC for encashment will first verify for “Register of lost/stolen certificates”. Upon satisfaction that this particular NSC is neither stolen or lost certificate, he will send the application to the divisional office. This they usually do it within 24 hours or in a working day.

# The concerned Divisional Office will forward the application to the parent Divisional Office of the Post Office which issued the certificate. This may take 48 hours or 2 working days.

# The Divisional Office will verify the authenticity of the claim and by consulting the issuing post office. This usually takes around 7 working days.

# After verification, they send back the application to the divisional office under where the application for encashment was submitted.

# Finally, the concerned Divisional Office after receipt of the application from the parent Divisional Office after due verification will communicate the same to post office where an application was submitted for encashment and payment will be made after following the due procedure as per the rules.

Hope this information will be useful for all.

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  1. Hi Sir,
    I bought 5 year NSC certificates from a post office in Delhi in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 12. Now all have matured. Also, because I did not withdraw closer to maturity the deposit have gone to senior saving account (I learnt this on a short visit to the Delhi post office). Now, I live in Bangalore. Please suggest if I can withdraw the matured amounts from a Bangalore post office.
    Thank you.

  2. Sir between the tenure period of my nsc i got married and my surname is changed in documents so will there be any problem on maturity? Pls tell me what can i do?

  3. Hello sir, Hope you are doing well. I have applied to transfer NSC bonds from Chennai post office to Hyderabad post office. They have charged 118 rs and no receipt was given and have told me that no receipt/acknowledgement will be given. Pls advise how to track the transfer details and how long will it take for transfer

  4. My dad purchase ncs in 1989.
    And they forget the date of maturity date and they keep that bond in a file.
    Now I get both those bonds in a file.
    And i visit with my dad 2 3 times post office in tripoliya bazar jaipur.
    But we did not get any response till date.

  5. on nsc mature the back side figure should be filled by the customer or employee of post per rule.

  6. Hello Sir,

    The post office cheque provided to withdraw the nsc amount has gotten out of date and was returned by the bank.

    Please let me know the procedure to get a new dated cheque or any other way to withdraw the matured nsc amount.

  7. Dear Sir
    The post master is adamant upon opening a bank savings account for encashment of matured NSC.
    Can I encash into my existing IPPB digital savings account?
    If not, are there any options to encash into existing bank savings accounts?

      1. Dear Sir,
        An Thiagarajan from Tamil Nadu
        Plz guide to get the matured NSC bond amt WITHOUT opening an Savings Account.
        Bcoz while I approach to get the amount, the Postmaster forced to open SB Account
        Am not interested to open it
        Thanks in advanced

  8. I have few nsc’s purchased at one post office . A few of them have already matured and its beyond 3+years. Can I have them encashed now. 1. Will they give me in cash or transfer it to my bank account. I do not have a post office account. 2. How do I know or calculate how much amount I’m entitled to get. 3. Will there be any deductions.

  9. Hi Sir,
    It was a very clean and crisp article about the NSC withdrawal and other related data.
    However the 2nd process where you have mentioned about the condition of non CBS branch ,the amount of time invested in my father’s case is almost more than 3 years and still the same in not encashed.
    The post office officials are merely not concerned about the senior citizens and not taking the things seriously.Even I have raised RTI against the same and the notices were sent to respective post office. While the parent branch post office is somewhat help ful,the branch where my father has submitted application is nothing than a nightmare.
    And even in 3 years they kept the Post office in non CBS mode as if they don’t want to upgrade .

  10. Hi,

    I have NSC from various post offices within the same district but different post offices. Al the NSC has been matured. Do I need to open Post Office Savings Account in all the post offices to encash it or a single account will do? Also, is there any provision of getting the maturity amount in another bank savings account?
    Kindly advice.

  11. Hello,
    A small question, while transferring the NSC from Hyderabad to Mumbai, I was asked to pay Rs. 118 per certificate as transfer charges.
    I wanted to check is this correct. Unfortunately I am unable to find this information anywhere on internet.
    Thanks so much for helping out so many people out there. You are a kind man.

  12. Sir, You have just mentioned that the presence of the NSC holder is mandatory at the time of encashment, but what if the holder is unable to go to the post office?

    Actually, my mother has a few NSCs in her name and they all have matured more than a year ago as she was unable to go the post office.

    Now what options do I have considering the above mentioned circumstances?

  13. On maturity of the NSC certificate, is it mandatory for the holder of the NSC certificate to be present at the post office at the time of encashment??

  14. I hv matured nsc which I want to encash but now they say.

    Your saving account with post office is inoperative.

    And it will become operative only from home branch.

    Which is in other state.

    Please help.

    Dinesh sen

  15. I have invested in NSC and its matured now. Is it possible to get the matured amount in my private bank savings account online. Or only payment by cash is possible.Please advise

  16. Hello,
    -Firstly, you have a great patience for replying to many.

    My query: I took NSC from Bangalore, now i am in Hyderabad. NSC is already matured. Can i keep it few more months (9-10 months) until i visit Bangalore Post office and then withdraw ?
    or any difficulty ?


  17. Dear sir,
    Nsc was matured last year, but not withdrawn. Today if I want to withdraw, then how much interest will I be getting.? Do I have to pay any penalty or exit load.
    It is in the name of my sis and she has asked me to liquidate. Am I allowed to do so?

  18. How to encash mature NSC when the holder is abroad and not likely to return in next 2-3 years ? Will you please enlighten me on this issue ?

  19. Hi, this is Abhishek Kejriwal from Hyderabad. I had purchased NSC from Pune yerwada PO (has CBS)around 6 years back. When I went to the Hyderabad Sanath Nagar PO (which has CBS), they said i’ll have to fill form 32, submit Rs.118 and provide copies of aadhaar and PAN. I think this is the process only if NSC is not matured right? My NSC which i got from Pune is already mature. Can you please help?

      1. Thanks a lot Basavaraj ji. Will go and challenge the Post office folks in that case and will ask them not to mislead people

  20. Dear Mr Basavaraj
    I have an old NSC which I found while sifting of my old papers and need to know it’s status.Is there any way I could trace out the status on line.I am in Mysore and the NSC pertains to a post office in Delhi.i have purchased it in 1999 and matured in 2005.Almost over 20 years now.It is of viii series. Thanks

  21. Hello, I wish to know whether tax deduction will be at source for NSC investment, also on maturity I can get the amount remitted to my bank account or will. It be cash ?
    And last , will there be a passbook like in case of Ppf. That will be given for NSC also ?

  22. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti
    The information given by you great , however I would like to know if there are any charges applicable when you want to encash NSC from a different office as source where you bought NSC ( in different state ) after maturity

  23. Sir, i hv requested for transfer of my nsc from assam to bihar gpo ..which has already matured. Have completed all formalities at patna gpo . 3 months have passed , but when i approached patna gpo informed my claim have been rejected. They didn’t provided any explanations. What shld i do.

  24. If NSC passbook front page photo which contains all details is given to somebody, is there any risk where such a person can commit fraud if he knows PAN number and other details as well?

  25. Dear Basu sir,
    I don’t know much about NSC can you plz help me with how to withdraw NSC if the NSC holder (my granny) is no more and what are the documents to be submitted and is it transferable or any documents to be submitt. When I went to the post office they said you have to go and submit the death certificate and they didn’t said anything else Plz help
    Thank you !
    My whatsapp no. 9594188253

  26. Dear Sir,
    I have NSC which is getting matured on 16 -09-2020.(This month 16th). I am staying in the same city of purchase.
    Do i need to open saving account in Post office to get Maturity amount?

    How many days generally they take to transfer maturity amount from the date of submission of Physical NSC certificates?

    You can reply to my whatts app too on number +91 97220 51410

    Thanks & Regards : Jignesh shah

  27. Hi, I am not in india right now, but I have left all the possible authority documents and papers ready back home to get my NSC( that matured on march 31 2020,) to be encashed by my parents. Sending them to post office is not an option . Can anything be done online. Is there an official list of post office agents who do these things? TIA 🙂

  28. Dear Sir

    Can I make request to transfer nsc matured amount to my POSB saving account just sending a covering letter with original certificate?

  29. Toady my father approached main post office in Thane. He took NSC from Jalgaon. Because of lockdown he wants to encash at thane branch. The branch post employee stated that each certificate will attract Rs 118/- charges. So in all he said Rs. 11800/- for 100 certificates. This charge seems to be very high. Is that post employee correct?

      1. Dear Sir,

        These are account transfer charges including GST. He said they have to do same procedure as account transfer in case of NSC transfer.
        Probably they will issue receipt.

          1. Dear Sir,
            Will he get interest for the period after maturity till date of actual encashment? As a measure of health security of my father to avoid travel he may encash NSC much later after the maturity.

  30. Sir, I have NSC (70 nos. of certificates) maturing on 31.10.2020. they were taken in joint name with spouse at lucknow and now we are in Gujarat. Please tell if with the form all 70 certificates need to be photocopied and signed ..For submission to gujarat post office where we have joint saving account.

  31. Dear Sir,
    I have NSC, it will matured in March 2023. I purchases this NSC in March 2013.
    Now i am facing finacial issues. Can i withdraw my money without maturity.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I have NSC, it will matured in March 2023. I purchases this NSC in March 2013.
    Now i am facing finacial issues. Can i withdraw my money without maturity.

      1. Respected Sir,
        I bought my NSC in year 2013 on that time this type of rule was not there. We can simply withdraw money after 3 year. Then rule is followee on that. Because new rule was from 1-1-2015.
        Or there is any other way to withdraw money. Because due to lockdown my family is facing lots of finacial problem. If possible then help me sir.

  33. dear sir which scheme is good to invest post office MIS which give 6.6% interest or PMVVY of LIC which give 7.4% interest in long term as MIS is for 5 years and PMVVY is for 10 years.I have limited money please tell so that i do not repent in furture

  34. sir my father has opened a NSC in 2014 which has got matured in 2019 but due to some health issue he has not taken out the the matured amount.Unfortunately he died due to cancer.he has not done signature on NSC certificate.How can i withdraw the matured amount being his son.Please call me at 9934888345

  35. Dear Sir ,

    Thank you For the Article i have NSC it will be matured in march 2022 now i am facing financial issues i want to withdraw NSC amount i visited the post office where i applied for NSC the postmaster said you can not withdraw amount before maturity please advice

  36. I have xerox copy of NSC certificate but lost the originals.
    All are matured in 2018, is it possible to get the amount by showing xerox copy?

  37. I don’t have any saving account in any post office .
    I am also not staying near the post office from where I bought the NSC.
    How can I withdraw the same?
    Is there any online withdrawal option?
    On behalf of me any other person can withdraw the amount from the same post office?

  38. My nsc is going to mature through home branch so how they will give my maturity amount through cheque or I need to open saving account and they would transfer my nsc matutity amount to post office saving account?

  39. Hello Sir,

    I would like make some FDs in post office schemes, can I do it online ? I have SB account with one of the brach in Benguluru.

  40. I have my savings account in one of the post office. Can I go for opening nsc in different post office which doesn’t have savings account?

  41. Hi. Many thanks for your article. My mother whose nsc has matured has shifted residence to be with my sister and she has suffered stroke so can’t sign. What is the recommended procedure to withdraw maturity amount?

  42. Also the address in the NSC is a old one and I have been living in a new house where I have shifted 7 years back. The new house address is in Aadhaar, Voter ID and my College ID also. Is it enough for proof. Waiting for your favourable reply

  43. I have purchased two 6 year NSC in 29.12.2006 and it was matured in 2012. Till now I have not encashed. Kindly help me what I have to do.

  44. Dear Sir
    NSC matured 2.5 years ago. Guess the maturity cheque was collected but not credited in the bank in which it was deposited. Basically, the proceeds have not been received.
    Although the original certificates are not available since they were submitted while collecting the maturity cheque, copies of the same are there.
    What can be done to receive maturity proceeds now?

      1. Thank you Sir. The only problem was we have moved away from that post office & I was wondering if any authority letters or supporting documents would work with someone else’s help. Also, if anything can be done online or other PO helpline numbers.

  45. Dear Sir,
    My NSC will mature in the next 6 months but I am moving abroad so please tell me how I can withdraw in this scenario. Can I ask my friend to do it on my behalf?
    Thanks a lot

  46. Dear Sir, I am Sam , did MSC of 10000Rs in 2011 from Hyderabad, the maturity date was on Feb 2017, Before that I transferred the nsc in West bengal. But when I went to encash the amount from the concerned post office, they are saying they have no idea. Till then I am moving around without money… please suggest. Thanks

  47. Hello sir, i bought nsc in 2013 from uttarakhand and now I’m in Delhi when I visited to delhi post office they checked all information related NSC and gave me cheque along with transfer form for sending the application the post office from where I got nsc in 2013. Can you please tell me what would be next process to withdraw the amount?

  48. Please download video in YouTube how to fill NC 32 form to transfer NSC certificates from one post office to another post office while explaining denomination meaning and each column

  49. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the information. I have purchased NSC in 2014 from Mumbai and which matures in Dec 2019. I am currently living in Bangalore.My certificates dont have 10 digit account number mentioned on it. Is there any problem in transferring and encashing without it.

    Thanks in advance.

  50. Sir I have purchased NSC from Akurdi post office, Pune which has matured on 20 December 2018, when I visited GPO, Pune they suggested me to visit to Akurdi post office saying that the NSC can only be encashed from where it is purchased. When I spoke about the conditions as written by you in your article they informed that transfer of NSC is applicable only when city is changed, if NSC was purchased from same city then transfer is not possible. Is it correct.

  51. I have taken NSC certificate which matured this month. When I went to withdraw the same, they are saying that they won’t give me the money, instead I have to open a saving account with the Post Office and they will transfer the money to it. But I want the money for some personal use. Is it a rule now that we have to open a Savings Account?

  52. I had purchased a NSC in demat format through NSDL for Rs.10,00,000/-. Maturity dated was 03.08.2011. They have paid my dues only on 2017. Could you tell me whether I would claim interest for the delayed period @ 18%.

  53. My father have 11 NSC at kolkata , in which 5 are with out nominee.I have legal hair certificate, affidavit,Indemnity letter,Letter of Disclaimer in my favour . How to claim them. Please help.

  54. If a postal agent issue a fake pass book without sub postmaster signature.but use office stamp making from outside ,then postmaster be penalized after retirement

  55. Hello,
    I have NSC taken in Jan 2013 and it has got matured in Jan 2018. I got it done in Madikeri, Karnataka. Now i work in Mumbai, when i went to the Mumbai post office in Marine Lines they mentioned that the certificates are not updated with the new 10 digit ac number by the Madikeri Branch. Hence i have to go to the Madikeri Branch. How can you help me on this.

    1. Dear Lekha,
      Either visit to Madikeri branch and submit for surrender request or request first for transfer from Madikeri to Mumbai and apply for withdrawal. But the best option is to visit Madikeri branch and submit for surrender.

  56. Post office has given me wrong check instead of 60214 they have given me the cheque of 6214, now they are not helping. What to do?

      1. Dear sir, I have some NSC certificate numbers for Rs 30000 which I took around 2005, 2006. I do not have the certificate and do not know whether i have redeemed.. Is there a way to find whether the certificates has been redeemed or not by tracking the NSC numbers alone? Appreciate help

  57. Hi,
    I had purchased NSC from Pune(CBS enabled) and at present I stay in Mumbai. When I visited thane head P.O.(CBS enabled) to withdraw my matured NSC they said that my signature is not uploaded in the system due to which they won’t be able to handover check. They asked me to visit Pune P.O. from where I purchased NSC. Is there any other way to withdraw from Mumbai itself?

  58. Dear Sir,
    My NSC matured. I do not have saving a/c in post office. Post office is saying that we can’t give you CASH or CHEQUE of maturity amount. For that you have to open saving a/c in post office, then we will transfer the maturity amount to your post office saving a/c. I just want to confirm the rule. Please help !!

  59. Hi,

    I lost my NSC document and number ..Last 6 Years back i purchase NSC ..

    How to get it as i went to post office for the same asking to verify with any details like pan or mobile number ..He replied to get only NSC document else nothing..

    Please advise.

  60. Hi,

    My NSC has been matured since long, but due to in different city and near by office is not available in online unable to withdraw the amount, if i withdraw the NSC after long time, will it be ok ? if yes will i get interest rate till the date it is with post office?

  61. Hi,

    I have bought a NSC in 2013 Jan from Shimoga PO which did not have CBS. So my NSC certificate has a local NSC account number. But now the PO is upgraded to CBS but I dont have the new ( After CBS) NSC account number on my certificate.

    Now If i give my NSC certificate to any CBS enabled PO in Bengaluru, Can they still process it?

    Also, whats the mode of payment from post office? Do they give any cheque or should I open Savings bank account at post office and get the amount transferred to it?

  62. Sir..Is it good to have a Post office savings account also for people trying to invest in NSC? I heard opening NSC is much easier if you have a Post office savings account also. Some were saying that you can actually transfer money from savings account to Open NSC in the post office rather than buying NSC using direct cash.

    Kindly clarify. Thank you.

  63. My nsc is from Agra and I now reside in Pune. I want to link it with Aadhar but I dont have KIP ID (that is account no. Details of my nsc). I have physical nsc certificates.
    What can I do to link it with aadhar ?

  64. My Nsc’s are matured and I gave appln +xerox copy of Nsc + aadhar + Pan to local PO in WB to bring matured sum from Maharashtra, but after 1 month all my appln returned, writing remark ‘ pl go thru’ the dept procedure’ It has come back from WB postal head office. then I tried for searching Nsc’s from their net and found my name and regd no, but my sign scan is not readable and no my photo is found, for that it cannot verify me. Now pl give me solution.

  65. Is it possible to direct encash the amount of matured NSC’s to my post office savings bank account of other state?

  66. Hi Friends,

    I bought 3 NSC certificates from Ahmedabad 6 years back and all are matured now.Now I am shifted to Kerala and approached Thrissur PO to enxash.

    Now it is noticed that my name is written as JOHAN instead of JOHN.Kindly help me how can I get it corrected to JOHN.



  67. hi brother, i am having a kisan vikas patra and nsc in bar po. in uttarpradesh. am residing in kerala now. for some other purpose, am goint to bar so , will it be better if i encash the kisan vikash patra and Nsc from the branch where it was issued. As i will be coming back in 2 days, can it be done within this time period??

  68. I want to encash my matured NSC at different city. Both city post office are net connect but the original post office has not uploaded the particulars of my NSC. What are my options. My representation by friend did not work

  69. Hi ,

    recently i joined in NSC. but no i need of money . can i with draw that amount ?? I should wait for 5 years ??

    Any alternative to take that amount ??

    Please help me

  70. I purchased NSC in March 2012 at Rangia Post office, Kamrup and presently residing at Duliajan Dibrugarh, as my NSC is matured on March 2017 , I applied to claim at Duliajan PO and they asked me to apply for transfer of certificates although both the branches are CBS branch . I applied for transfer but to my utter dissapointment still (25 May 2017) it was not transferred to Duliajan PO.
    If this is the pace of India post under Govt of India, why should we the new generation opt to invest here.

  71. sir my nsc mature date is 16.01.2015 but i am not encase right now what happen when i encase i founde any intrest

  72. Sir,
    Post office has issued a Cheque against a matured NSC. But I want to amount in Cash as I am not holding the account and I am also not residing in the same city. Kindly suggest me the solution

  73. Hi I purchaased NSC in the year 2011. Post office says can’t bee cashed before completion of 6 years. Is it true.

  74. Hi Sir,
    If you come across anyone who has sucessfully clamied any NSC from DELHI- NCR from any of the branch , please do publish the same. it will be of great help. As most of the Head Post offices are not entertaining in any form.

      1. Hi sir,
        warm regards !!

        i have ccome across one of the website and it claim to pay the NSC amount in cash by taking the certificates . can you have a look once and review it .

    1. Hi,
      I had purchased one NSC from Bangalore and after 5-6 years i was posted to delhi. So after maturity i contacted many post offices in delhi but they were not able to help as they were not familiarized with the system. Luckily i visited GPO near Kashmiri gate. There i was finally able to encash my NSC and got the cheque on the same day.
      Things you require:
      The old NSC document no. will not work, so i sent the scanned copy of the document to my frd in bangalore and he contacted the post office there and got the CIF No. and other details as per CBS. With these details my transaction was smooth. In case of any query please contact the post office in delhi gpo, they will surely help
      Hope it works.

  75. I have lost my two NSC certificates, and I don’t have a copy of it or the serial number etc. I had purchased the NSC from Mumbai. Please inform how can I check/get a encash my money.

  76. Hi..
    There i have bought a NSC five year ago with a incorrect voter id in which my name is ram (which is voter id mistake by gov.) but when it will correct with name shubham kr. then with ….this id i have all my id s like(addhar ,pan card, even an account in post office bank) that NSC had matured last week. So i go to post office bank to withdrawl that NSC but they rfuse to withdrawl they need a bank account to withdrawl it … when i gave him the account name with shubham kr . they thought it is not possible to withdrawl NSC in another name account.
    you need an account with ram.

  77. NSC is matured…

    Do we need to have a saving a/c in post to get the matured amt. ?
    What if a person in post insist for this ….

    Do We have a mode / Channel to complain about the service….

  78. I have purchased NSC certificate of amount Rs. 50000 that is going to be matured on 24th April 2017. I am purchased NSC from kerala, kannur, Now I am living in delhi . I have heard that recently the post offices are connected through CBS. My doubt is may I encashment from Delhi ?

      1. Thank you for your reply to me, please clarify me all post offices in kannur district are connected undee CBS ?

        may I get encashment any from delhi ?

  79. Hi Basu – Appreciate your time for helping people around. I would seek your help and advise. I purchased NSC back in 2011 from Bangalore post office and they are matured now. I’m currently living in US and a native of Hyderabad. I cannot goto Bangalore post office in person to withdraw neither i have any one to pay a visit on my behalf.

    What is the process to encash my NSC’s staying in US? Please advise.


  80. Thank you so much for the answers that you gave to multiple others. It did answer most of my questions. My situation is my father purchased multiple certificates and they all had matured between 1991 & 1993.He passed away in 2013. The certificates were with my mother and she always wanted to keep it for urgent requirement of cash without realizing that it will possibly not fetch any interest. Here are my questions
    1) My father never made a will, how do I prove that my mother is his legal heir
    2) My mother is elderly she will not be able to travel to post office can I or my sibling go on her behalf?
    3) We are unsure where these were purchased, we know its Rajasthan, Udaipur not sure which post office, is there a way that we can look at the certificate and determine which post office it was purchased from? (We no longer reside in Rajasthan, but I do visit for work related purpose, if no other option I can visit)
    4) Will the interest from the maturity date till now be paid when we claim the certificate?

  81. Hi,

    My NSC Got lost two years back. Since two years were left for maturuty I just submitted FIR in Post Office. Now after two years when NSC got matured on Nov 35th 2016 I cant get transfer in my account since I have to follow lengthy procedure of nearly six months.

    Is thre any way out for this except following lengthy procedure since I am in urgent need of cash.



  82. My Father had taken some NSC in 2009 which matured in 2015. He expired in Aug 2016. During the last 2 yrs he had Alzheimer’s disease and did not remember of the certificates. After his demise, we found them. The NSC are in joint names of my mother and he. My mother is old and in a physically incapable to go there to claim the maturity amount. Can I go there to claim this amount on her behalf with a authority letter? Do I need a legal Heir Certificate? Do the post office hand over the maturity amount to a 3rd person ( in this case her son )?

    1. Shirish-First you have to submit the death information of your father and let your mother be first holder. With the help of some Postal agents (who act as guarantor), you can claim the NSC with the signature of your mother.

  83. Sir, My daughter had bought NSCs worth 25k way back in 2009 from Sakinaka post office in Mumbai. When I approached my local cbs enabled p.o in Kolkata for encashment they sent these to Sakinaka post office for verification. Sakinaka post office in turn, replied to Kolkata post office that the cfts have not been migrated.And I have to approach Sakinaka post office for encashment. Kindly advise how to get the matured value of the NSCs . Regards. K.k .roy

  84. Hi,
    For my very old Mom in law the identity slip is not available. I don’t know if she got it in the first place and lost it or did not get it at all.
    She got the cert from a delhi PO and wants to get the maturity amount in Mumbai. What is the process if the identity slip is not available for getting the payment after maturity.

    1. Niraj-First let her request for transfer that from Delhi to Mumbai. If both branches are CBS connected then she can apply for encashment at Mumbai. In my view, she has to submit some KYC proofs and an affidavit. Check with Post Officials.

  85. Hi Sir,

    My NSC matured two months back. Now when i approach the PO he want me to sign the NSC and also my tax returns. So I have two questions:

    1. How do i verify which signature i used 5 years back? I dont remember because i have a few.
    2. Do they really need my tax returns? What if i dont have them? What are the alternates?


  86. -Can i encash a NSC from different post office branch in case of deceased, please let me know.

    more info NSC was purchased in Bihar and presently in Delhi NCR , it was in the name of my dad and there is no nominee.

    i have visited local post office but they also dont have much knowledge about it.

    1. Farhan-You are not allowed to withdraw if it is non CBS branch. Also, the complication is your father is no more. Hence, the process is bit lengthy. You have to contact the Bihar Post Office itself.

      1. Thank you sir for your valuable feedback, & the home branch is CBS and where i have approaced is also CBS is it still complicated.

        Thanks in advance.

  87. I am interested to invest in NSC against my existing account number , being a other state person can I be able to do & what sort of document I need to have.

  88. helllo sir . i have my father’s nsc matured this september who expired in jan2013. so we went to the post office from where it was bought . but instead of looking for death certificate they are asking for two individuals who can be there at post office for proving our identity to be eligible to withdraw the amount. you know its much harder now a days that we get our two neighbours to post office and make them wait in queue for along time. infact we had another nsc of my father last year at another branch they asked only for death certificate and my mother’s identity proof and we easily got the amount . so why such problems this time? is there any other way to withdraw without making our neighbors in troble?

  89. My father had bought NSC worth 20 Lacs, but with post master advice he did for 10 years instead of 5 years. He is retired 3 years back, and this was his retirement money.
    Now he is hospitalized for last 15 days at Apollo Kolkata. We need money very badly as he has no liquid money.
    Post Master is saying he needs court order to liquidate.
    Please guide how to make a Court order.

    Amit Prasad

  90. Sir,
    My nsc has matured in 2013 in my local post office in kolkata. Right now I am living in california,usa and planned to visit Kolkata pretty soon. I tried to find out the information of how to get my matured money through my family and friends and found out that I need to open a Post Office saving account for that. Also i found out that it s takes a long time to open an account.
    I will be there for 3 weeks and I afraid what is going to happen if it takes long time. Is there a way that I open the account in any Head Post Office in kolkata or other city so it might be faster to open the account and then I submit my papers to the local post office to get the maturity value or do I have to open the account from my local post office where from i bought it.
    I am realy worried about it and dont know what to do?
    Please advice me I will be appriciate you. Also let you know that I am currently a permanent resident here and i have Indian passport and pan card with me.

  91. I have puchased NSC certificate of amount Rs. 30000 that is going to be matured on 24th december 2016. I have heard that recently the post offices are connected through CBS. Do I have to open an account in my post office before I produce the NSC certificate there or should I go directly with my NSC certificates and they will handover the money?

  92. Sir my NSC Mature date will be 2024 and but i will withdrawal in 2016.
    It was created in 2015.
    Sir what we do????

  93. Hi Basavraj,

    Could you please tell me the procedure to transfer NSC certificate from my name to my son name and how much time it takes to transfer.

    What are all documents and forms need to be filled for the same.

      1. The reason is I’m buying a flat and as per my current salary the eligible loan amount is less. Then I informed about NSC in my mother’s name. The bank informed to get it transferred in my name so that I’ll be eligible for more loan amount against the NSC as security and also if its in my name I can avail home loan tax benefits.

  94. Hi Basavaraj…

    I had a basic query about maturity amount.

    If my investment in NSC is 50000 and the amount on maturity is approx. 75000, then does this mean i can encash the entire amount (minus the tax on interest of last year) OR i can just encash the original amount of 50000 while the rest is reinvested to buy NSC again. How is it ? What are the rules of maturity amount claim?

    Thanks for your help.


  95. There is again process change in encash matured NSC. I bought NSC in Delhi and currently I am in Bangalore both branches are CBS. I went to Post Office yesterday to encash my NSC but I came to know that it will take minimum 10 days. We have to submit photo copies of ID Proof, NSC certificates and post office savings accounts passbook. Postmaster said that they will verify in head office and give a call to me after that again I have to go to post office with original NSC certificate then they will transfer the money to my savings account. Hope I get my money without further trouble.

  96. I have matured nsc. I went to two out of state post office both said it can only be redeemed from mother postoffice from where i have purchased these.i tried to redeem my nsc in delhi where as i bought then from maharashtra

  97. I am from Kolkata but recently staying at Hyderabad for 5 months due to office works. I stay in hostel and do not have proper address proof for Hyderabad location except Hostel bills. Can I open NSC account in Hyderabad PO?

  98. I have purchaces NSC certificates from Bidar, Karnataka and now the bonds metured. shall I take amout from Bangalore directly as explained above

  99. I have few NSCs in my wife’s name which she took before marriage.
    So, scenario is, there are 10 NSCs in the name of Miss Neha XXXX and after marriage the name/bank accounts/PAN/Passport all documents have been changed to Mrs. Neha YYYY.
    My doubt is when NSC matures then the cheque would be given in the name of Neha XXXX or can I get it changed using the Marriage certificate. How much hassle would that be?

  100. Hi,

    Very useful blog and information.

    I have a NSC certificate which has matured. I have since moved aboard and unable to visit post office in person. Can you please advice how I can claim the amount.

  101. my father purchased nsc from obra thermal branch in 2010 .and now he trying to en cash it form Delhi HO . but he fails because he not getting sol id of that branch .so how can i get the sol id of that branch .
    i have called many times to branch and post master but they not answering (the branch have CBS )

  102. Must say, a really fantastic blog to read with real time experience of users and advice from Sh Bhasavaraj.

  103. I have lost my NSC certificate which i bought in 2002. and I don’t have any proof of my NSC certificate . so what can I do????

  104. My husband bought 6 yrs NSC bond before our marriage at Chennai and its validity ending this March-16. Fortunately he has died 2 yrs before and am having the original NSC. I don’t know whether he has declared any nominee name in the register at the time of buying the certificate. As I am his legal heir living in Tiruppur, I don’t know how to claim this amount from Chennai. Kindly suggest me how & where to approach ?

  105. Very useful article on NSC… thanks.

    I have on more question:
    Can you please tell me whether I’ll get the premium already paid on account of PLI ( Santosh: Endowment Assurance)? It’s 7 yrs old & still active.

      1. Interestingly, The post office refused to encash my NSC saying I need to open a Post Office Bank Account and NSC amount can only be transferred to the account.
        I asked for a banker’s cheque but that was refused too.

  106. Once again a good article on NSC of post office. I think your site will be referred first before purchasing the NSC or other saving instruments. I have a question recently i did an andhrabank RD Plus, already have one FD in SBI and interested to invest in NSC. According to you whether RD in abnk, Fixed deposit in a bank and post offfice Schemes Like NSC viii, ix issues which will fetch good return and it is tax free.

  107. Thanks Basavaraj for this article. I am going to face this next year. I have to figure out whether both branches are CBS enabled. If not, I am worried already!!

      1. As my NSC got matured sometime back, i went to Post office to withdraw it. Before going itself, I checked whether post office where I purchased NSC and where I am going to withdraw are connected with CBS technology, and yes, they were and I felt happy about it. So last Saturday I went at 11:30, and stood in queue only to realize that queue moves slower than snail. Finally at 2 pm i got to the counter only to be rejected by the officer. She bluntly said, since it is from another branch, they can’t do the necessary. I argued that since both branches are under CBS, they should. She told again, their software “Finacle” got installed only last month and hence can’t see my signature and she can’t do anything about it. I was asked to go to head post office. I will try this Saturday.

        Thought of sharing my experience since we are on the same topic.


          1. Exactly Basavaraj. I could see the pain in some of senior citizen’s face. They also waited for long hours and at counters they are told to come again another day to collect the cheque. By looking at their plight I could console myself. I asked for the feedback form in the counter, they could not provide me one. Unfortunately even in 2016 they follow double entry : In books and in computers!!

            Any way trying again tomorrow at head office and will update.

            1. Suresh-Don’t simply try. Sit in front of him and show some voice. Then only they budge. I have such service. That’s the reason, I don’t have a single transaction from Post Office or Nationalized Banks.

              1. Dear Basavaraj,

                Second update. Today I went to Head Post office and could finally get the cheque, though had to stand in queue for 1.5 hour. Luckily I had taken address proof along with PAN card copy.
                Thanks for the article and support once again.


              2. Thanks Basavraj for your valuable info. I am a victim of these type of situation. My 3 NSC got matured on December 15. It was purchased from Berhampur, Odisha but now I have been transferred to Kolkata. I have already visited nearby 3 post office but all are in vein. When I do argument with them that I have already encashed 6 NSC in this way but they are not ready to hear anything practically one POST MASTER asked me whether he is working in PO or me!!! Tomorrow I will visit again along with application and will ask the PO to write on that application that “he is unable to help me”. Later will see what can be done. Please suggest whether I am in right path or not. Now I have promised never to PO.

                1. My NSC were matured in the month of March’16. When I approached the place where I had taken my NSC’s from i.e Kolkata Park Street they cooked up a story that the cheque book is over so u have to come back again. Presently I am living in Delhi, I travelled all the way to Kolkata just to get the matured amount.
                  Then they again told me you can get the matured amount collected even in Delhi. I went to the nearest Post Office, they denied and told me you have to collect it only from the place that you purchased it, I again went to Kolkata, this time again another story. Again I approached the Post Office which has the CBS facility, they told me to go to the Head Officem which is in Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon.

                  I plan to go there but I am fully aware that they wont give me my money.

                  I have spent all the interest amount which I was due on travelling to just collect the money.

                  Our system is disgusting, no one wants to do the work of another post office.
                  I have thought to open a savings account with the post office to see if it works .


                  Hi Pabir,

                  The branch from where I took the certificates are not willing to help what more can you expect from other branches out of the state.

                  Our mentally sucks not the system. the system has been made for our convenience but these sick employees don’t want to give you the money that you gave them.

                  1. Hi Dipitesh,
                    Really it is very painful. I will try to do it from other PO only. I want to see till. Already I have submitted the application letter to them.

          1. Hi sir, i have an NSC in name of my sister. Now, its matured and amount has been issued through cheque. However, there is mismatch between sirname of my sister’s bank account details and cheque issued by post office. Therefore, Bank is not accepting cheque as well as post office is not able to issue new cheque. What to do sir? Plaese suggest alternative for withdrawing amount.

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