How to avail instant e-PAN online at free of cost?

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Now Income Tax Department started new facility of avail instant e-PAN online at free of cost. Those who have not PAN card can apply and avail e-PAN instantly at free of cost.

What is e-PAN?

e-PAN is a digitally signed PAN card issued in electronic format by Income Tax Department using Aadhaar e-KYC process. Hence, to avail this facility, you must have a valid Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar based e-KYC means it is a service provided by UIDAI for verification of an identity and address of Aadhaar holder. By using this facility, Income Tax Department will issue e-PAN instantly.

This is equally valid like PAN card. Hence, you no need to bother. However, IT Department will not issue you the separate physical PAN card. You can download the e-PAN by visiting the eFiling portal of IT Department.

Who can apply for e-PAN?

This facility of e-PAN is applicable to resident individuals only (except minors and others covered U/S 160 of IT Act 1961). This facility is not applicable for HUF, Firms, Trusts and Companies.

To avail this facility, you must have Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI and also the mobile number must be linked with Aadhaar number. Because you will receive OTP to the registered number while applying.

Your e-PAN will be generated using the data available with Aadhaar like Name, Date of Birth, Mobile number, and Address.

Hence, it is important for you to cross check the Aadhaar details before applying for e-PAN.

Also, foreign nationals are not eligible to avail this facility.

How to avail instant e-PAN online at free?

The process is completely paperless. There is no hardcopy sending process also. You have to upload the scanned image of the applicant.

You have to visit the IT Department e-Filing portal.

avail instant e-PAN online at free

There you will find the new link “Apply instant e-PAN“. Once you click there, you will find the below screen.avail e-PAN online instantly at free

Here, you have to fill the details as it is in Aadhaar. Then they will send you OTP to your Aadhaar registered mobile number. You have to authenticate the same.

After successful filling of e-PAN application, a 15 digit acknowledgement number will be generated and sent to your Aadhaar registered mobile number and to the Email ID which you mentioned in the application form.

After successful e-PAN allotment, the applicant will receive the SMS/Email alert. After this process, you can download the e-PAN by visiting the e-Filing portal. Here, you have to click on “Instant e-PAN” link and then click on “Check Instant e-PAN Status”. Here, you have to validate by entering the acknowledgement number sent to your mobile or Email.

I think this is the biggest relief to many individuals who are running behind middlemen or agents to avail their PAN card. This I think the huge relief to many. Let me know the user experience.

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42 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    Its the same problem of not getting validated on the income tax webpage after issuing of e-PAN. I got the e-PAN allocated for my start-up for which I had applied through MCA Portal as part of Spice+B form. I had been issued with a e-PAN on 16 OCT, 2020, but while applying for a Bank account, Bank (and later myself), realised that the PAN number still says “Not found in Records” even after a 5 days. How long will it take to get our E-Pan appear for the Bank guys to validate?


  2. generated epan through adhaar even though after 5 days efiling portal shows PAN does not exist i think efiling portal has technically errors

  3. 1.I have applied pan through application.can u tell me when I can have physical pan card?
    2.can I apply for e-pan in case I haven’t received pan card in time? it possible to apply e-pan even though we have applied earlier?

  4. i got my e-pan as given by NSDL however i cannot use it to open bank accounts as it says pan is not valid.i rechecked with NSDL again but there my pan is working(exist).if my pan is working why did they say pancard record not found in database

  5. I applied for PAN for my minor daughter, asked to submit physical copies of documents, however received a e-Pan and not a PAN card, just sharing my experience

  6. Sir I applied for pan card using adhar based e-kyc and got e-pan next day by email but without signature, do I need to send duly signed physical form to IT department for physical card.

  7. Hi Basavaraj,

    1)Can we take E-Pan for existing PAN?
    2)In EPF login PAN is in unverified status?How to make it as verified?Adhar is verfied in EPF already after that i made name correction to adhar card?
    3)I have linked PAN and Aadhar in ITD after that I have corrected my adhar old details or new one will be seed after correction new will get seede?.

  8. Sir,
    My name is Gowri. My father’s name is Vaidhaya moorthi. In my pan card it is noted as Gowri Vaidhya moorthi. But in the Aadhar card my name is V.Gowri.
    When I tried to get e-pan online, it says name mismtch. Kindly let me know how to solve it.

  9. Sir,

    First of all thank you Sir, for your guidance in respect of PAN related doubts which I used to receive in my e-mail . I would like to know that my name is S.R. VIDHYA SAGAR RAO ad in the AADHAAR CARD also same takes place. I would like to know while applying for PAN how I have to mention in the column provided for name as in AADHAAR, first name,middle name, lastname/surname. A line in reply will be very much helpful to me as well as one and all.
    Thanking you,


    1. Dear Rao,

      If you are applying newly, then apply it as per the name which appears in Aadhaar. If the name is wrong in Aadhaar, then first correct the name in Aadhaar and then go for apply of PAN.

  10. what will happen if bank will ask for original PAN for verification? since there will not be original PAN in this case ?

    1. Dear Ramawtar,
      The downloaded e-PAN is equally authentic. As of now, there was no concept of e-PAN. However, now IT Dept itself confirmed that both are same. You can show them the downloaded e-PAN.

      1. Banks are not accepting e-PAN. They do not know IT ACT 200. Unless or unless there is no explicit circular from RBI, bank refuses to accept it . BANK treats e-PAN as separate entity though as per IT Act 2000, there is no difference between electronic pan and physical pan

      2. hi sir,

        i have lost my pan card last few months back.

        applied for e-pan .

        can i use it to open bank account and for passport verification ?

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