Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day Offer-Is it really a good deal?

Today Flipkart announced the Big Billion Day offer with much publicity and opening our eyes on such big offers. Fewer claiming it as a fraud, but how to understand whether the pricing is truly at a discount or it is hype? Discounts range from 30% to 90%. So is this possible?

There is a Google Chrome extension from Buy Hatke. You just need to add it to your Google Chrome. This will give the price comparative option, historical price of a product from today’s date to past and whether buying today actually makes sense or not.  It is hard for me to do all product comparison. However, I selected two products randomly for arriving at any decision.

First, I selected the product called “Nike Air Vapour Indoor Court Shoes Tennis Shoes” and below is the image proof of what they are quoting.


In the below image now compare how they priced it before this offer. Up to 4th October 2014 price of this product was at Rs.3, 177 and suddenly the price raised to Rs.5, 295 on 5th October 2014. Therefore, 40% discount on Rs.5, 295 will be Rs.3, 177 i.e. the existing price of what it was on 4th October 2014 🙂

Flipkart 1

However, do not be in the inside judgmental mode after surprising price manipulation from Flipkart. There are a few good deals also. For example, few products are really down today.

Now the next product I selected was “Sony Xperia ZR (White)” which Flipkart claiming to be available at 30% discount and below the image will prove the same.


In below image you will find that the price on 5th October 2014 was Rs.18, 999 and today the price is actually slashed to 30% i.e. Rs. 15,999. In addition, you will find that the average price of a product priced at around Rs.19, 000 that is currently available at Rs.15, 999. So a true discount 🙂

Flipkart 1

So today’s Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Offer was not at all bad offer for a few products and very bad for a few. Those who bought the product with good price, knowledge and comparison with the best price to today or with other online sellers then they may be happy. But for the rest it is….

Moral of a story-Never buy products based on huge attractive Tags like 30% to 90% discounts. Instead, do your own research and if they are really discounted and moreover, they are very much necessary then buying it. Otherwise a BIG NO!!!

Note-I have not done the all product comparison. Also, I am not sure the above selected products are part of this offer or not as I found it confusing for the first timer like me. It is just a comparative study which gives you an insight about how the prices vary during big offer days 🙂

21 thoughts on “Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day Offer-Is it really a good deal?”

  1. hi basu,

    i am following your blog since aug 14, in my opinion among all the blogs you are the best. now i am requesting you please write briefly about what is systematic withdrawal plan ? which plan is the best for us

    please inform us as early as possible

    1. Atanu-There is no best plan for SWT as you are withdrawing at regular interval from the accumulated corpus. Hence no question of best plan to opt SWT. Instead you need to think best plan to invest 🙂

  2. As per my Opinion or Experience of Online Shopping. There are thousands of Shopping web but trustworthy is very few.
    So. before buying anything you have to Googling and read user reviews also. Further Always search coupon code in google for respective web to get discount. Also shopping webs are giving good offers at different time. So you have to pickup right product at right time to get on good price. Undoubtabley, Flipkart has given good offers in big billion day but not in all products. So before buying anything you just made a habit googling you will never feel cheated and if you feel then return the product and or exercise guarantee option.

  3. Flipkart is making cheap publicity in the name of BIG BILLON OFFER .They increasing value of product and giving discount. I have tried 3 products to BUY but it’s not adding to my cart.
    How many of you got product in “Steal Deal offer” pls reply

    1. Vikas-Thanks for sharing your views. To be frank I am not a big fan of online shopping. The only product which I bought online in my lifetime is my PC Anti Virus Software. So can’t share my own experience 🙂

  4. I have placed an order of Sony LED TV, MRP is 45000, other sellers are selling for 43000, in big billion offer the TV was Rs 30000.
    But without my knowledge they have cancelled the order and when I checked they said due to high demand they are not able to fulfill the order.
    Same think is happening for others as well they are not delivering the product instead they are cancelling the orders and the refund will happen after 10 days.

    Its a FLOPKART.

    1. Sreekanth Yelicherla

      Thank flipkart for that. SONY and TOSHIBA have been rejecting any warranties for products bought online. Though it may appear only 1 year is warranty, a warranty is an insurance.

  5. Murlidhar Tadas

    Thanks Mr Basavaraj for your valuable suggestions. Will keep it in mind before purchasing in discounts shown period.

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