EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) Forms-Simplified

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When it comes to availing the service related to one’s EPF account, lot of salaried will face difficulty in choosing the forms. To make it simple, I tried to categorize them based on what EPFO done, but in a simple manner for better understanding and usage.

EPF Forms are simplified in these five categories as below.

1) Working in an establishment

These forms are applied to members who are working currently and for such organization EPF act applies. Here again there are three subcategories based on the membership requirement.

  • Need an advance from EPF Fund. This form is called as Form 13. Details about this advance and withdrawal is already being covered in my previous post “All about EPF (Employee Provident Fund) advance withdrawal”
  • Paying LIC premium through PF Account. To avail this, one need to fill the Form 14. But no information is available on EPF site about how once can avail this facility.
  • To settle your pension fund if you crossed 58 years of age.

a) Form 10D can be used by members who have completed 10 years of eligible service.

b) Form 10C can be used by members who have not completed 10 years of eligible service.

2) Left one company and joined another-Previous the form used to call as “Form 13” but currently the form is revised and named as “Transfer Claim Form“.  New feature of a form is, the form can be presented after verification, either through present employer or previous. Previously member has to submit this verified form only to current employer.

This form can be either submitted online or offline. But as of today online submission is yet to take shape. Reason for the delay is, it requires a digital signature of employers. But once this online submission form will take start, one can easily apply transfer of their EPF account from a previous employer to current employer.  This will further reduce the transfer process fast which is currently 30 days. Let us hope it gets started sooner 🙂

3) Left the job but not working anywhere-Here again so many sub-categories are there. I will try to elaborate all in one line.

  • Age is below 50 years.

If one completed either 10 years of eligible service or less, in both the cases can  use Form 19 for settlement of EPF claims and Form 10C can be used to settle pension scheme.

  • Age is above 50 years but below 58 years

If one completed 10 years of eligible service then they can use same Form 19 and the Form 10C along with Form 10D. But your service is less than 10 years then Form 19 and the Form 10C are enough.

  • Age is above 58 years

If one completed 10 years of eligible service then they can use Form 19 and also Form 10D. But if it is less than 10 years then they can use Form 19 and the Form 10C.

4) If one is leaving a job due to physical disability

  • If age is below 58 years then Form 19 and also Form 10D.
  • If age is above 58 years then

If one completed 10 years of eligible service then they can use Form 19 and also Form 10D. But if it is less than 10 years then they can use Form 19 and the Form 10C.

5) If a member has died-Here again depend on the case there are four subcategories are done.

  • If a member died while in service but before attaining 58 years of age-One can use Form 20Form 10D along with Form 5IF.
  • If a member died while in service but after 58 years of age-

If member completed 10 years of service then Form 20, Form 10D along with Form 5IF. If member not completed 10 years of service then one can use Form 20, Form 10C along with Form 5IF.

  • If a member died away from service before 58 years of age-In this case one can use Form 20 and Form 10D .
  • If a member died away from service after 58 years of age-

If member service completed 10 years then Form 20 and Form 10D. But if the service is not less than 10 years then Form 20 and Form 10C.

List of All Forms and Links

1) Form 13

2) Form 14

3) Form 10C

4) Form 10D

5) Form 19

6) Form 20

7) Form 5IF

I created the link to view the respective forms as and when I mentioned them. Hope this will simplify the understanding of all forms related to your EPF account.

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37 Responses

  1. Hello Sir
    I worked for Company 1 from July 1985 Till September 1998. I have certificate from last company. Information is NOT online

    I Joined another company in January 2012 retired on Jan 2021. This information is on line in EPFO.

    Please let me know which form to fill?

  2. I resigned from my company after 15 years of service. I never received scheme certificate. I have now completed 58 years. After lots of request my company submitted form 10C to EPF office. But now EPF office is asking to submit directly Form 10D. Is this OK?

  3. my father expire on 2011 i submit 10D for for pension they said that as per circular dated 21-08-2009 my father service is less than 10 years my father pension become zero they said that pls submit 10c form and get withdrowal benifit so tell mi what amount i get for pension how to calculate pls help me

  4. my father expire on 2011 i submit 10D for for pension they said that as per circular dated 21-08-2009 my father service is less than 10 years my father pension become zero pls help me for this

  5. I have worked for 2 years 6 months in a MNC.I want to withdraw my PF before 5 yrs of my date of joining,whether it is taxable or not?

  6. Sir i have resigned from my first company in april 2015,but after april 2015 my company changed its name so i have to wait for my my both pf and pension transfer,now on june 2016 l filled my both pf and pension withdrawl form but still now my amount has not yet credited in my account how to check online pls reply,how much time it takes for settlement.

      1. Sir i have checked in EPFO grievance cell as u told me earlier but in my claim status nothing is updated pls give me other solution

          1. Sir i checked my claim status but no results found comes on the screen after submitting my pf account number,pls give me suggestion how to check

    1. I have resigned from pharma company after working there for 11yrs from my passbook i got my epf balance but how can i check my pension status,according to u how much amount should i get of my pension is there any table to calculate,pls reply

        1. In passbook pension contribution shows as 4200 but how can i get such less amount for 11 yrs service how to check my pension status

    2. I submited my pf withdrawl form to my company on 01/06/2016 but today i made enquiry in pf office they told me that my pf form has not yet received in pf office,what action should i take pls suggest me.

  7. Hi sir I have worked private company for less than 5 ,years. Jan 2016 i left job . My salry id less than 10k .so kindly suggest what are the FORMS I want to submit to withdraw full amount. Can I withdraw pension part amount also? I wethere I want to submit tax deduction forms kindly suggest me. Thank you

  8. Hi,
    I have around 4.5 years of service & om 9th march-16 i had submitted my Form 19,Form 10C & Form 15. recently i had received an message that Form 10C has rejected. What does that mean? I had discussed with my colleague about this, he said to visit PF office & enquiry. Please help me.

  9. Hi, I have left job at 1st employer during July 2012, Joined 2nd on September 2013 nd left job there November 2014. Now unemployed,. To withdraw PF, Either transfer from 1st to 2nd and withdraw from 2nd or submit forms (19 & 10c) at both to withdraw parallely from both? Don’t have continuous service, so will form 10c help in retaining?

  10. Thanks a lot for crystal clear information ..very much helpful.

    just a question..I went through online filling forms given by Nitin Gupta in above feedback chain. Will PF office accept my withdrawal claim if i entered all details online and get printed output and submit it with signature and stamp ? ( as I have heard that forms must be hand written filled )


  11. You can fill the details online at EPF Online, after completing details, Download the generated PDF document, Write the bank account number and cross sign it after pasting revenue stamp and share it with the old employer.

  12. i have service of 9years and 5 months and retired at the age of 58. i have scheme certificate of previous company.
    now,i want to know which form i fill up-10c and 19 or 10d and 19 or both ?

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