What to do when shops charging more than MRP?

What to do when shops charging more than MRP? It is natural nowadays few shops, restaurants, public places like in Malls, Railway Stations, Temples, of in film theater that shops charge you more than MRP. How to handle such situations?

What is the meaning of Maximum Retail Price or MRP?

Maximum Retail Price or MRP is the HIGHEST price at which the product can be sold in India. This includes the cost of production, transportation, middlemen profit and also all applicable taxes.

However, shops or retailers can discount on MRP and sell it to attract customers. Remember that it includes the profit margin of retailers, transportation charges and preserving the product (like in freezers).

This rule applies to all packed products.

I tried to explain the same in a simple way through the below image.

shops charging more than MRPYou clearly understood that any price above the MRP is totally illegal. However, you find that few shops, restaurants or your own milkmen charge higher than the MRP.

I will share my own experience. Few A few years back when I visited Tirupati, I found that all shops selling items over the MRP. When I questioned the shop owners, they agitated at me and told the reason that it cost them more to bring items from down to the top of the hill.

I complained the same to Temple Authorities. But later I found that it is the nexus between those shops and the temple authorities. After all, it is the temple for RICH who hardly care for money right? 🙂

You may notice such selling where shops keep freezers to preserve the products like milk, curd, or cold drinks. They charge more than MRP and claim as if their right to charge as they have to spend money for the freezer.

None of us notice nor bother to check the price tags. It may be our negligence or we not value the money of extra charge. I thought to write this post long back. But I got an inspiration from the news item which I read recently.

It was the case between bakery shop which charged Rs.4 more than MRP (Rs.10) for cold drinks bottle and the customer. He sued the shop as well as the Pepsico India Private Limited. However, the Pepsico India Private Limited stayed away from this issue by saying “it is not within its knowledge if the bakery owner charged Rs 4 extra”. Also, the company said ““It has dutifully carried out its duty of printing the MRP on the bottle and its duty ends there,”. Hence, the complaint was not raised against the company but with the shopper.

Later when the customer approached the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, the forum in it’s verdict nicely quoted as “The customers need not pay extra charges as the law mandates that no one can rich at the cost of others,”. Also, it clearly mentioned “It is worth to note that any soft drink is required to be served chilled only. Demanding extra amount other than the MRP attracts deficiency in service and unfair trade practice.”

Finally, the forum ordered the penalty of Rs.2,500 to the shop owner for charging more than MRP.

I really appreciate the customer who took this initiative and knocked the consumer forum. It is not the matter of Rs.4 or Rs.400 but by neglecting or showing apathy towards such practices, we indirectly promoting illegal activity of these shoppers.

What if there are two MRPs for the same product?

When shoppers and manufacturers forced to follow the strict rule of NOT SELLING THE PRODUCT BEYOND MRP PRICE, they resorted to one more trick to fool the customers. They started to create two MRPs for the same product.

Let us say a packaged water bottle MRP is Rs.20 and easily available at the nearby grocery shop, then the same bottle priced at Rs.40 and made available for selling inside the airport and multiplex. You will just look at MRP and they are selling exactly at the MRP. So you blindly pay as if the price is correct.

But in reality, you are paying more than the actual price of the product. This price irregularity is rampant especially in airports, amusement parks, and multiplex. Because companies and shops know that people flock to such places for the sake of so-called ENJOYMENT. They never bother or never show their status by arguing for the sake of few rupees.

However, Government cracked on this also. Now the same product can’t be sold in a state with two MRP rates. Also, if you found two different MRPs for the same product, then the lowest price of that product is considered as TRUE MRP.

Where to complain when shops charging more than MRP?

Now coming back to the main topic of this post, let us understand the structure of Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

When can the consumer file the complaint?

Before that first, understand when we can raise the complaint. A complaint may be made in writing under the following circumstances-

  • Loss or damage is caused to the consumer due to unfair or restrictive trade practice of a trader or service provider;
  • The article purchased by a consumer is defective;
  • The services availed of by a consumer suffer from any deficiency;
  • A trader or service provider, as the case may be, has charged for the goods or for the service mentioned in the complaint a price in excess of the stipulated price;
  • Goods or services, which will be hazardous to life and safety, when used, are being offered for sale to the public

Who can file a Complaint?

  • Any consumer;
  • Any voluntary consumer association;
  • Central Government or any State Government;
  • One or more consumers, where there are numerous consumers having same interest
  • In the case of death of a consumer, his legal heir or representative.

Where to complain?

As per the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 a complaint can be filed in-

# District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF)- If the value of the claim is up to Rs.20 lakh.

# State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC)- If the value of the claim exceeds Rs.20 lakhs but is within Rs.1 Crore.

# National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) – If the value of the claim exceeds Rs.1 Crore.

Where to complain when shops charging more than MRP?

The lowest forum is District Forum. If you want to go against the ruling of District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, then you can knock the door of State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Same way if you are not satisfied with National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, then you have to knock the door of Supreme Court. However, there is a limit of days for such action. You have to file the appeal against lower forum within 30 days from the date of the receipt of orders.

How to file the complaint with consumer forum?

  • You can file the complaint on a plain paper.
  • Stamp paper is not required for declaration.
  • It should contain the details of the complainant and the opposite party.
  • The complaint can be registered, in person, by the complainant or through his authorized agent or by post addressed to the Redressal Agency.
  • It is not compulsory to engage a lawyer to file a case.
  • The fees charged are very nominal according to the value of the claim.

There is no need to engage a lawyer or any other pleader and consumer can himself or through his representative file and represent his complaint. The details you have to furnish in the complaint form are as below.

  • Name and complete address of the complainant.
  • Name and complete address of the opposite party/parties.
  • Date of purchase of goods or services availed.
  • Amount paid for the above purpose.
  • Particulars of goods purchased with numbers or details of services availed.
  • Details of c the complaint, whether it is against Unfair Trade Practice/supply of defective goods/deficiency in service provided / collection of excess price, should explicitly be mentioned in the complaint petition.
  • Bills/receipts and copies of connected correspondence, if any.
  • The relief sought for under this Act.
  • The complaint should be signed by the complainant or his authorized agent.

Is there any time limit to file the complaint in consumer forum?

You have to file the complaint within 2 years from the date of the cause of action/ deficiency in service/defect in goods arises. However, you may file after 2 years also, if you satisfy the forum that there are sufficient reasons for not filing the complaint within 2 years period.

Where to find the details of consumer forums?

Jago Grahak Jago-National Consumer Helpline

You can find the District Forum list HERE.

You can find the State Forum list HERE. Also, you can find the state Consumer Forum Helpline details HERE.

You can find the National Forum details HERE.

Along with all these facilities, now Consumer Forum set a national Toll-Free number and also the online complaint registration forum.

The Toll-Free number of Consumer Forum is 1800-11-4000. Timing: All Days Except National Holidays (09:30 AM To 05:30 PM).

Otherwise, you can send SMS to 8130009809. They will get back to you.

You can now register the complaint online and also can track your complaint. To avail this facility, you have to visit the Consumer Helpline portal and register it.

Finally, it is not the question of Rs.1 or Rs.5 of what they charge extra on MRP. However, it is the question of ethical business. If you not raise the voice against such bad practices, then it is you who has to suffer in long run. Take a simple step and complain against whoever selling more than MRP or practicing dual MRP practices.

I am looking forward for some successfull stories from all of you related to this post 🙂

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  1. I bought 1 litre nandini milk thru neighbour at 1 pm today .Fr 50rs mrp shop keeper charged 60 RS. So I called them @ 1 30 pm n asked abt over pricing. Shop person said dats deir price . Den I said it’s better to return n I returned at 2 30 pm. But dat lady denied to take it back n started yelling at me with abusive words..I was inspired by that 2,500 penalty case u explained. Even I want to raise complaint.but I dnt hv bill as small bakery in rural areas dnt hv bill fr buying milk

  2. Hello sir,
    I bought two amul buttermilk of half liter from local milk store its mrp was 15 rupees for half liter they charged me 18 rupees you should make law strong

  3. I’m from pune, last night I went to kirana shop n purchased Chitley Milk pouch, actual MRP is 28 but that retailer asked to pay ?30 .
    My question is that can retailers charge extra on milk products as cold storage charges?

  4. Sir, I had visited a restaurant with my family. We had our lunch and ordered 4 cold drinks (10rs each).. When we got the bill they had charged 100 rs for 4 cold drinks.. When we asked the owner about it he enquired about it and returned 20 rs to us… Again we said we had taken 10rs cold drinks.. So the owner said the cold drink is 20rs in their restaurant and the mrp price which is 10rs is only available on the footpaths..
    For 4 cold drinks he had charged 40 rupees extra.. Exactly double of the Mrp..
    So he had provided the bill but later he refused to give it back…
    I have the video proof of the owner telling that the cold drink price is 20 in their restaurant..
    And also it’s been a month already since this incident..
    What should I do next.. Should I complain or leave it?

  5. Dear Sir,
    I’m from TN. Xerox shop was here. At the shop single side Xerox was as 8rupee and front and back xerox was 16 Rupees (not color xerox only black )

  6. 1 liter Water bottle price 30 rupees charged by seller in MGBS bus station, Hyderabad. In Arun Bakary near 43 platform.
    I ask for Bislaey water bottle, he gave bineri water bottle, and charges 30 rupees, when I argued, he gave back Rs.5/-, and finally told 1 Liter water bottle (Bineri, manufactured). Telangana Government not strict about the high prices, this is not first time, i face this situation. No improvement even lot of complaints from passengers end.

  7. I was travelling to latur to humnabad when the bus stops in nilanga taluka bus stad. I saw a cane juice shop name Navnath Rasvanti Grah. I went to have juice. They charge me 15rs for small use and throws glass. When i told him if you see outside juice center they are giving usual glass with 10rs and along everywhere there the prise was same but that bus stand shop selling it at high price.which also printed and hanged. When i asked that guy why you are charging 5rs extra then he started shouting on me and use abusing language .. and telling me every bust stop have this price.. do whatever you want to do..What to do in such case.. any suggestions.

  8. If the online application like flipcart sell product higher than the original price.. Like i ordered two cadbury chocolates and they gave me in Rs 210 and rs 40 for delivery charger but the original price of each chocalte is Rs 85. Moreover they hide the original price with black marker.. What can do now?

  9. Good morning sir…
    Sir i want to know that if the price is not mentioned on a product for eg(shirt,jeans)how to know the retailer is overcharging…

  10. Hello Basavaraj gaaru,
    I have an water bottle for 25 rupees, but MRP says it 20 only, when i checked with shopkeeper, he told charging special charges since I am in travel i don’t have other option, so i bought for 25 rupees i don’t have any bill for water bottle, how to complain on this case, any possibility

  11. Hello sir ,
    Today, I went to a Bajaj showroom in my locality to enquire about 2 wheeler

    They have told me the on road price is 1.69 lakhs. So I asked them about the detailed price list so they have said it like below

    Ex showroom price = 1.29 Lakhs

    RTO + Others = 15000+Rs

    Insurance = 13000+ Rs

    Registration charges(TR + PR) = 3000 Rs

    Accessories( engine guard rods + Body cover + Side view mirrors) = 10000+ Rs (Unbelievable)

    So, Total = 1.69 lakhs.

    I asked them, do not include these accessories cost as there is no right to dealers to force the customers to purchase at their outlet. So that I will purchase these separately with detailed invoice. But the sales persons are saying these are mandatorily purchased along with the vehicle.

    So, here my question is,

    Purchasing these accessories & insurance are not the choice of the customers ?

    I am happy to purchase the bike with ( ex showroom price + RTO Charges + Registration charges ) and wanted to take the insurance and accessories as per my choice. Is this not my right ?

    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Dear Kishore,
      Their margin is not in selling vehicles but in selling these accessories. Hence, you can buy the accessories and insurance as per your terms.

  12. Can a seller or online portal charge delivery charges in addition to MRP ?
    For example-: if product MPR is Rs.200 then seller or online portal is charging Rs.200 + Rs.40 = Rs.240/- as final amount which shows 200 as product price and rs. 40 as delivery charges ?
    If yes under which clause of and if not then under which clause.

  13. Sir I am studying in 8th standard and in my school canteen they are selling all items and snacks 5rs more than the mrp .Now I want to take action so can you please guide me in doing so

  14. Sir your blog is very informative and knowledgeable. I would like to ask that in my locality the shopkeepers are charging 100rs for a cigerate box and the MRP of it is 95rs so can I file a case for this matter ?

  15. Hi Sir,
    I have read your answers for all the scenarios. I have one doubt if mrp is hidden intentionally then in that case what action we can take against the shopkeeper?

  16. Sir, your article is good and informative, but I would like to have the following few points clarified please.
    1. Is the bill mandatory for filling of a case, if the shopkeeper is selling above the MRP? If Bill is mandatory, then which shopkeeper will issue a Bill stating the higher price? No shopkeeper is so foolish, then how do we prove the same without a Bill? The shopkeeper can very well say that he is not selling above the MRP, then what?
    2. If there’s no Bill, does the investigation person act as a dummy customer and genuinely verify the same? But the level of corruption prevailing in India would not let justice prevail, as both the investigation person and the shopkeeper will collude and the shopkeeper will go scotfree.
    3. Is there any solution to this?

    1. Dear Singh,
      To prove that shopkeepers charge more than MRP, you need proof and that can be easily proved through bill right?

  17. In my locality the shopkeepers are charging 1 rs. Extra on mrp of 500 ml Amul milk.they are charging 26 rs.instead of 25 rs mrp. On top that they argue that we will sell in this price only..take or leave…it is not about that extra 1 rs. But it is about something that they are asking us to pay forcefully because milk is a basic commodity.how can we stop this illegal practice.

    1. Dear Shilpa,
      You are 100% true and it is very much rampant across India. You can video and can raise a complaint against the shop.

  18. i have my bike spare parts from suzuki service centre and the spare parts have MRP of 892/- and they are charging 1562/- after giving me 20% discount as actual bill amount is 1953/- and while i questioned that why bill amount more than 892/- they tole me that our system generates the bill and it is handled by suzuki directly so amount is also decided from there only so they told me we can’t do anything as it handled by suzuki as i have spare parts also and bill also so what should i do these case can be in my favour?

  19. What is the maximum or minimum compensation i can get if the bill difference is only 5rs or 15rs extra,…

  20. Raghavendra J

    Hello Sir, this is Raghavendra from Mysore District Karnataka State I complaint against Xerox copy because for print white black copy per sheet they charge 2-5rs and they tell everything is high they don’t print better and they talking brutally corrupt and nowadays the corona comes and destroys our valuable persons and these types of people’s are still surviving and this is not end in Mysore so many Xerox centre are practicing these types of habits and they don’t think we got an opportunity to work with our valuable dreams but still these types of people’s are irritating us and how they get licence in that gov office also do same thing and not only for this every stationary shop also do the same thing and they charge more than a MRP rate upto 20% they took money from us because of those who have more many they spent but like us what we do and please help us…

    1. Dear Raghavendra,
      As on such services, MRP was not fixed or price was not fixed, no option but to either pay or search different shop.

  21. Balwinder singh

    Sir, I bought an inverter in 2020. The shopkeeper sends the product without knowing our choice. But after that the inverter was not working properly. We complained many times but the shopkeeper did nothing. Finally six months ago we returned the inverter for replacement. But now the shopkeepers do not give us inverters. They repeatedly make excuses. They say first collect the outstanding money from the neighbors. What to do now ???

  22. I bought a stationary item. There was a sticker put that said rupees 50 when I removed it the MRP was actually 40. They didn’t give me a receipt, can a video be a proof instead?

    1. Dear Komal,
      Many shops do this malpractice. If you are successful in getting the proof, then you can complain.

  23. Namaskar ??
    Nivesh Basu Sir ji
    I’m from Mumbai – 78
    Abhi abhi maine Gokul cow milk liya half litre so shopkeeper took 26? for it which is more than MRP(25?) & I paid him cash.so now I wanna complain to abhi kya karu sir ji batayiye..??? ?

  24. Shopkeeper say if you want bill then the price will be higher then mrp . They say gst will be carged upon mrp .. it seems to be illegal .. can gst make anything price more then mrp

  25. I come through one product where one distribution company paste there label on product and write mfg by “original mfg co. ” But MRP is charging too high than MRP decide by Mfg is it illegal?

  26. Puneet Agarwal

    Sir i bought a pepsi of mrp 15 rs but the shopkeeper charged me rs 20. And he refused to give bill
    How can I take legal action against him.

  27. Altaf nazir sayyad

    Respected sir, i paid 1899 rupees for a cooler to a fake website still visible on google search whose address is fake, telephone number is not working nor email is valid. What to do in such a case? Please help.

  28. Aakash Sonkusare

    Shopkeeper near me charging ?2 extra per litre of milk, can I complain? Also he says no to UPI all of a sudden and says it is not working but when I said I dont have cash he was ready to accept through it.

  29. My father bought 2 toy gun at 1000rs both, but at home I saw mrp mentioned 182rs( each) on box. My father paid cash 1000rs without BILL. What to do In this case, do need to complain or try to get money back by returning the product.

  30. Is it allowed to change seperate tak in cigarette packet?

    Irish pub is adding 18 % tax for cigarette packet in there bill.

  31. I am a shop owner. I bought Milton Flasks from distributor. The product have new MRP sticker over old MRP (printed on box). Is it legal for company to stick new MRP label on old printed MRP on box?

    1. Dear Mahendra,
      Many do such things. However, they have all reasons to say so. If you are not satisfied, then the best option is to return it.

  32. Hello Sir ,

    I am going to purchase the shop in Pune . The market price of the shop is 45 lakhs but the owner of the shop is selling for 1.11 lakhs all in white money . But as you said in your article that it’s not fair to charge above market price .
    What should I do next ? Shall I buy the property now and complaint against seller or before buying the property.

  33. I visited a restaurant near Bombay hospital, Mumbai in which they charged me rs42.35
    On bill for the (glass) bottle of 7up of rs15-rs20 outside,and when I asked them that why are they charging me extra on the bottle they said that it was the cost for service, but I didn’t see any service mentioned in bill or mny information about quantity of liquid in the bottle they simply mentioned only brand name, and no matter what kind of service it is simply a glass and brining the bottle to your table can’t cost you extra 20 rupees.

  34. Hello sir , I bought a toy package from a shop .whose MRP was ?136 but the shopkeeper charged me ?450 above the MRP and also not giving pakka,hard bill. And first I checked in that the MRP was hidden by a marker.What action can I take ?

  35. Sir, I visited to District Consumer Disputes Redressal Office to complain against overcharge. But they suggested me to complain in PLA( Permanent Lok Adalat). Please tell me which is better-
    District Consumer Disputes Redressal

  36. Amey Kalamkar

    Hello Sir,
    Today i experienced a similar circumstance in which i purchased a coldrink of 20 rs(MRP) but the retailer asked me to give 22?, 2? for cooling. But i had only 20? so he refused to sell me a coldrink. so for 2 ? can i complain against him or not

  37. Hi Basu,
    Is there an online mode to complaint against a retailer for charging more than MRP? Please confirm.

  38. Hi,
    Here in Patna..some medical store are charging 46k for ‘Remedisivir’ medicine.
    What should i do?
    Unable to complain about it since neither police or government taking any action.

  39. Dear Sir,
    This time very critical pandemic is spearding more speed .during this pandemic some shopkeeper is saling his product much more price which is not actual market price .this time we need each other support .I want to say that shopkeeper sold his product market level price which is today not that more higher so we need to stop black marketing kindly suggest how to do it

  40. Hi a chicken shop person weights less as they have setup the weighing machine in such a way so it will show 1 kg on machine but when we check at home it’s 950grms only
    So where I can complaint against this I am from mumbai

  41. I purchased a LED TV in Rs 31000 but the MRP is 28000 Rs. Now what can I do ??
    Tell me Sir. I want refund all amount.

  42. Sushil Tankaria

    How can complaint when shopkeeper removed old MRP from box and tag new higher MRP on watch ? I just purchased a branded watch but then I found that MRP on box is removed ( rubed) and they tag higher MRP on watch ?

  43. Does this rule implies on the street hawkers as well. As there is no mrp tag on their product and there is no bill provided by them. We feel pity that they dont have shops and they are earning their livelihood on street but the fact is quite different. For example, a fruit vendor in our area sells all product more than double the price he gets from the wholeaale market. The fruit wholesale market is just 10kms from my place and these vendors get their product in a pooled truck to reduce cost. Yet they are charging more than double the price.We cant go and purchase from the wholesale market as they wont give one or two kgs… So what can we do ?

  44. I purchased jio phone from one local shop but they charge me extra price in Jio phone price in Reliance Jio has 1624 only but that local shop charge me 2000. but the original price only 1624 what can I do now

  45. I dont know why dairy products are charged 1-2rs extra then their original price in shops. They say its the fridge charge they take to keep it well enough. Can i inform abt this anywhere or its alwys that case we need to file

  46. Sir there is a toy shop near my house where they have erased original MRP on the product and selling as there wish by writing with a marker when i see the same product in online it is half the rate they sell hownto complain this matter as mrp is torn out and also when we complain do we need to court and all or just a complaint is enough the dept will look after everythin

  47. I bought somethings from a super store. On each product they charged me 5 rs extra . Mentioning CGST and SGST. Can i compalain regarding this as the shop is charging over mrp.

  48. Sir court would definately want a proof like bill or receipt.If I am buying a coke ie. 40rs +5rs.(extra),he won’t give me a bill then how will I prove in court ?

  49. I bought one wonder cake and little hearts biscuit packet in one shop. He get me Rs. 5/- more than mrp rate for this products.

  50. A bookseller in my town is selling N.C.E.R.Ts at rs 20 more than the MRP and when asked about it ,he is saying we are charging for the book cover that we have added. my query is whether i should complaint about this or not …as he is claiming he is charging for the cover in which the book is covered

  51. Dear Sir, What’s the penalty by Court/Govt if a repeated offence on MRP? I’ve a proven case of more than MRP. Even after a court verdict in my side with minimum amount penalized, the shop repeat the same high MRP to me. How much compensation can be claimed if the gap (MRP to their selling price) is around10 times?

  52. Can a consumer file a case on retailer if the Chinese product has less mrp and the product has been sold more than that

  53. I ordered sarees from a shopkeeper in surat and I online pay the advance payment to him . But he is not providing the product of the total amount. I ordered him a good of 43400 but he only pay me the 40382 and also send all the fake sarees that I will not ordered him. Please tell me the way how I can case againt him and reimbursement of my whole amount

  54. I recently bought a Hero bicycle from a shopkeeper. There is no MRP printed on the bicycle. However, Hero have quoted the price on their website. And shopkeeper has charged me more than that. Can I lodge a complaint against shopkeeper?

  55. I bought Jockey undergarments from a shop and shop has charged more than mrp I have bill of the shop with gst number but I do not know whether shop is proprietary or partnership and name of the owners. How do I file complaint with consumer forum?

  56. dear sir, I just filed a complaint in NCH against Bansal Supermarket for overcharge then MRP the product is Chilly powder whose original price is 69rs/- but they gave a tag of MRP 96rs/- and sold it for 86.40/- which is again more than MRP. it’s not about 20 or 25 rs it’s about the trust of a common man we trust such Supermarket brand and go for shopping to save money but they cheat us it’s not about me it’s about all. the total profit they made. the loss of a common middle-class man.

  57. Hi sir, I bought a product from a shop. Its mrp was 20 and the shopkeeper said 80 for that. When i asked why it is 80 he said that mrp is not put by them. They provided no bill. I only know the shop location and name. Can i file a complaint?

  58. Flipkart has charged me more than MRP for a laptop. MRP of laptop is Rs. 44908 and they charged me Rs. 47674
    This is completely illegal. I have all the proofs against it. Can I raised a complaint against it? If yes, how much compensation should I mention??

  59. Bhupinder Chugh

    How and where to write complaint for those shopkeepers who dont take digital payments like paytm or UPI. When asked they say “govt se jaa k poocho.. ” They r such arrogant people who never gives bill nor take payment from any digital currency. They always deal in cash.

  60. Hey so a shopkeeper has gave me the expired product and now he is denying to exchange it and I tried to contact the above number toll-free number
    But it constantly keep saying that the number is busy also I have leave a message but they didn’t contacted me yet what to do

  61. Can i raise complaint against local bakery shop near me for charging extra on every items which can be sold without MRP like eggs, cigarette, water can etc, compare to other shops in the same area. They do not provide any bills for any product we buy from the shop, in this can we will not have the bill. please suggest

  62. Gaurav Thapliyal

    If shopkeeper sells cold drink more than MRP. So what the consumer do if they charged 5 rs more

  63. Hi sir I sell my products on Snapdeal many customers return me used products by replacing new products in recent I sale a product of 1700
    But the customer create or change the MRP label and claim that it has a MRP OF 400 RS without my name gst no print on it

    How can I prove myself right I am a new seller on e commerse and customers make us fool in these kind of ways

    Kindly tell me a solution
    If someone puts any tag on it how can I belongs to it sir

  64. Hi sir, recently i bought a laptop worth Rs.70,624 but billed worth is Rs.70,999 which means 375 extra. But they given discount. After discount final paid amount is Rs.67,079. But in the bill MRP they mentioned is Rs.70,999 whereas on physical package MRP is 70,624. In this case they clearly billed more than MRP. I have the proof of document’s. Can i complaint on them? If yes How?

  65. Melliston Ferrao

    In my area wine shops are charging more than MRP and when I asked about it they say it’s chilling charges ? Who should I complain to ?

  66. Hello Sir,

    There’s a local shop in my neighborhood who charges extra cost for the milk products which is not even constant . Like he some time charges 10Rs. Extra or sometimes 8Rs. Well I pay using Google pay. Is Google pay paid history enough as a proof to complain? Please suggest

  67. Siddharth Sankar Rath

    If someone is selling at higher price than MRP what all proofs are required for filling complain in consumer forum


    there is a shop in my locality is not having the proper method for making the payment when we make payment through UPI they insist to make payment again giving some stupid excuses and for getting the refund they will keep giving the excuses for a long time. Apart from this they are selling the expired products. Please advise me what can I do for this.

    Thank You

  69. Sir in my area there are some mobile shops, I want to buy a phone but they are selling the same phone for Rs. 3000 extra on MRP
    And the MRP of the phone is Rs.17499. I asked them why so they said “lockdown Hain”.
    And they are selling all phones at Rs
    1000 extra.
    Some of my friends brought phone paying extra money but they are writing MRP on the bills. And they are taking cash they don’t take card payment or UPI payment. I’m not getting what should I do, please help sir

      1. Sir, I have bought a REDMI 9A (3Gb) smartphone near the shop and have been charged Rs 9,400 / – but when I searched the online India price of this smartphone, it showed 7,499, then I Complain to that shopkeeper and he replied that our price and online prices are different. What should I do? plz show me some guidelines ..

  70. Hi sir,

    I purchased Redmi mobile in MI Authorized store. Actual price of the mobile is INR 7,999/- inclusive of all taxes but the person charged me INR 8,300/- including tax and given a bill. I have sent mail regarding this issue to Mi. Yet to receive the response from them.

    Kindly suggest me the process and required documents for rasie the complaint.

  71. Hello sir,
    I bought a product in flipkart.
    Its listing price in flipkart is 349 rupess and they provide 42% off for this product final selling price 199 rupess.
    When I received this product I saw in box maximum retail price 150 rupess.
    My question is how can they sell and billmore then MRP.
    And seller is very clever because they didn’t provide return policy.
    its total big scam fraudulent.
    It seems like flipkart helps them.

    So I registered complain in consumerhelpline portal
    I have all the bill and product.
    So what wull be my next step.
    Bcz its a big scam.
    If we will not stop today in future it will create big billion scam.

  72. Hi sir , I’m having a doubt . Recently I purchased a branded shirt for 2000 on 50% discount. When I visited store , shopkeeper said that shirt cost is 4000 and offering me 50% . So , I purchased that shirt for 2000.
    After coming to home, I came to know that actual MRP of that shirt is only 3000. Can I complaint on this ?

  73. Ramanpreet Singh

    Hi Sir, normally every liquor shop is selling liquor over MRP and there is no bill issued..how can this filed?

  74. Dear Sir,
    in my village local shops are selling items more than MRP. like one item mrp is 45/-. They are selling at 55/-. They do not provide bill for that. for other items like milk/butter milk, curd they are selling MRP+(1-2 ruppees). Regarding that what can do to stop this. Could you suggest.

  75. Sir
    I run a supermarket, I sold out to customers on MRP price only. But he’s comparing with different brand. Like I have sonamaisuri rice with 75/- Kg. But same sonamaisuri rice 65/- kg in bigbasket. Customers saying I will complaint on consumer court. But here both brand is different, price is different.. I am selling on MRP only. Any issue with me Sir.

  76. Hello sir,
    My wife has gifted me a new mobile phone in lockdown period. As she has purchased it at cost of 21000+200 delivary charges which mrp is 19999 an bill is not provided can we take action against seller.. Please help me with ur suggestion what shall I do..

  77. Even concern department can come and ask or buy anything like this they will charge the same then u can understand
    Same thing happened in bangalore im working there due to lock down we stucked,
    For one noodles she charged me 15Rs where mrp is only 12 and same milk juices everything

      1. Sir, i went to a xerox shop and done a spiral binding of 150 pages and he took 160/- Rs from me. What to do now? When I ask others they were saying it cost no more than 50/-.

  78. Dear sir I have buy beer then shopker charge more then mrp I have discuss with him but there reply is so rude and they charge more the mrp is 625 and they charge 630 please let me know the possibilities to file the complaint

      1. Sir, there are many shops nearby the area i living and all of them charegs more than MRP for milk and other dairy products. They say that they need to keep in refidgrator so they will sell it more MRP. When someone deny to give, they give a rude reply that if you want then buy else go. They do not give bills/receipts. Can i complaint ? Do bills are must ?

  79. I bought tyre for my activa. On mrftyres website, the tyre I bought cost Rs 1100, but the retail shop owner sold it for Rs 1200, adjusted the claim of previous tyre. So, the bill does not mention the exact tyre I bought. Can anything be done.

  80. I complained online for a restro who was selling above the MRP, This is the reply I got
    “This is not an issue for complaint,, as per the order of Supreme Court of India under Civil Appeal no. 21790 OF 2017 the hotels or restaurants can charge more than MRP for bottled water or beverage.”

  81. Hello Sir , I went to a highway shop and asked for single piece biscuit price and he said 5rupees and its a local made salt biscuit which is not worth able for 5rupees. Is it possible for me to raise a complaint against that shop?

  82. Is it possible to raise a complaint on an online store such as bigbasket in the below mentioned scenario?
    An ice cream costs 357 rupees (mrp) , but it’s mentioned 375 on their portal. Plus , they slash down the price to 300 stating 20% discount.

  83. I purchased one bovonto half litter on salem busstand, Tamilnadu its cost is MRP 35 but they charged me Rs.45 . I want to file complaint. Help me to file complaint.

  84. We stopped in a shop in the National Highways, to buy some buiscuits and they sold Sunfeast dark fantasy for ?60 of which actual MRP is ?30, and mountain dew for ?80 of which actual MRP is ?38. When i asked why, they said we are selling for this price for a long time here. if u need it get it, other wise leave.. that’s how they replied. I’m new to the Legal complaints and stuffs. what should i do now. I’m ready to go any extent to make them sell it with the correct price. I have the exact location and name of the shop.

  85. So today I went to buy disposable cups, the shopkeeper charged me ?8 for a cup which later I found out that it would cost only ?4. Also the shopkeeper tried to charge me ?300 for 21 whereas the price should be ?168. After telling him that it’s wrong he still acted like his calculation is right finally after I showed him the calculation he agreed and gave me the money. Though again he forgot me return me ?10. Later on when I went back to give him some cups for giving me back cash he accused me for taking extra cups and finally giving me back around ?60 for the cups I wanted to return. I really want to do something about this but I’m unsure please guide me through this if you can .

  86. Sir, is it illegal if the shopkeeper is charging me extra for GST on MRP or whatever price he’s selling the product at, if I’m asking for the bill? This is the case of every shop nowadays. And can I complaint about the same on the given toll free number?

  87. Sir the Araghar wine shop in dehradun is selling alcohol above MRP . If the price of beer is 180 INR they sell it for 190 INR on a margin of illegal 10 INR per bottle of alcohol sold . When asked questions and told this is wrong to sell something above MRP they say rate has increased then they start argue and misbehave as if jo karna hai karlo kisi ka baap bhi humara kuch nhi ukhaad sakta and they are also drunk while on duty I don’t want to get involved but I was not happy of this unethical business as we work very hard to earn even 1rupee . I think some action should be taken against unethical business . Thank you for understanding this

  88. I have purchased a butter milk, it’s original MRP is Rs.7 but they charged me 10. I asked for change he said we are charging only 10 and ruddly plucking the butter milk pocket and giving back 10 rs. As iam in hospital and it is needy I took the packet and also took bill for the same. Plz help me to complaint online.

  89. Firstly ,thnk u so much for this article. Ok ,so today i go in cafe , where i ordered maggi and beer , Maggi is 75 rupees and fruit beer is 69 written MRP, bt they gave me 149 rupees bill for fruit beer and 75 for maggi. I am shocked with this bill ,when i complaint about this to cafe manager ,he said , they are selling as they want , if i want to take products from their cafe ,then ok ,if no then they dnt care. I said that ,it is illegal ,bt they said ,u can do anything, we dnt care. I have bill and photo of fruit beer bottle price tag.What to do now sir , hw to start .

  90. Firstly, I would like to thank you for this article on this very much valid subject.Now coming to my question, will the complaint hold up in court if there is no valid bill for submission as proof ? As you may know almost all shops in Railway Stations or Bus Stands don’t issue bills for the products which they sell.

  91. Hello,sir in a sweet shop the owner is charging more than the mrp like the price of appy fizz (cold drink) is 35/- but he is charging 40/- ! But it is in my village can my comlaint will be reached??

  92. Jitendra kumar

    Hi sir good evening
    Thanks for this valuable information
    I want to file a case against a hospital for negligence due to which I lost my new born baby girl born on 31 Aug 2017
    Thanks a lot sir plz help me for the humanity as this is hia regular business and the innocent rural people even can not get it they just leave it to the god

  93. Abhinav Bhardwaj

    I want to file a complaint against a shopkeeper who charged 18 rupees for 300 ml pepsi bottle with mrp 15 rs. and talked very rudely when I gave him even 17 rs per bottle i.e I paid him 34 rs for two bottles of cold drinks but he didn’t agree moreover he took 500 rs from me and gave me change for just 2 rs how cheap and shameless creature. I want to teach him a lesson . What should I do dear Badava raj tell me briefly ??

  94. Sir,
    Butter milk of mother dairy and amul rae been charging more than their MRP. . Isn’t it illegal. . ?? What can be done for this. . ?? It is not that we can not afford a rupee more or two than MRP but it is just not fair nd spporting it as well. . !! Please suggest some thing asap. . !!

  95. Unidentified seeker

    If there has been a common continuous practice of charging more than MRP for every single commodity by a group of shops in midway of a journey and if they have got back up from some powerful people or may be the owner of those shops is politically rich, then would thay Consumer court solution be helpful. Because me as a student do not have much money as well as time to fight them till Supreme court.
    Any suggestions.
    Thank you

  96. I have video clip as proof that person is charging 5rs extra than mrp for 20rs bottle but number which are provided in blog are not getting connected. What should i do?

  97. In our mandal the meeseva shops, and Xerox shops are charging 10 rupees per a print . 2 rupees per inside Xerox and 4 rupees for 2side Xerox in black and white.is there any action to restrict the charges for Xerox.

  98. Jithendra Palyam

    Dear basawaraj,
    I have the same soft drink problem in my home town but the issue is that they won’t provide any bill for the evidence so plz suggest me to get the proper evidence to complain. What about the Evidence like video clip of the conversation between me and the shopkeeper about the MRP.
    Plz respond.

    1. I am Ugesh from Tamil Nadu, I bought hindu newspaper today at nearby shop, they are charging Rs. 10 instead cover price of that paper is Rs. 6 only. Can I able to complain,There is no bill. Pls reply.

  99. Hi today i purchased few product from ring road ram nagar dhaba they all selling all product from above of it’s written price and as per govt rule no one can sold product from above mrp when I asked from person he told everybody paid above from mrp.

  100. I have buy Bluetooth speaker from nehru place in delhi and shopkeeper sell me a product for 1500 and product mrp is 1399. I have bill also.Can is any chance for filling complaint and can i get my money back???

  101. How much compensation can One Demand and what will the Consumer Forum fine idf Inlodge a complaint of Over MRP selling. The difference in Bill and MRP is just Re.1 still it matters though.

  102. Gaurav Sharma

    There are blogs which raises questions,doubts but dont(cant) have answers.I would say this a complete post and very very crucial for every Indian customer.As you wrote “either its our negligence or we dont value money”.We shout over and over against corruption and Excess MRP is one of it which happens daily under our nose and we are part of it.(Sadly we dont realize or dont want to be realized).
    This post is going to help a lot.

    Thank You So Much

      1. I want to ask Question . I bought a product from Reliance Smart. The product wad priced above MRP. In this case the amount is small. But MRP is the rule. So how can I file a complaint and how much compensation should I demand. Like the difference is few Rupees.

    1. There will be no point in wasting your time in consumer redressal forums as supreme court ruling over rides all lower courts. Supreme court has allowed sale of products above MRP…nothing u can do about it.
      You could chose not to buy it.

  103. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Actually we have no complaint against Amul or GMMFC because Amul is not aware of this. But these shopkeepers are charged extra amount than MRP. I don’t know if I can get support from other villagers or not because one of the shopkeeper is politically power. He is misusing the political advantage. If I need to filed complaint against them then I need to collect strong evidence and/or eye witness.
    In this case can I complaint against them with hiding my identity? Or can you please give a name of agency to which I can send information about them and they will take action? Please send me any single idea or information.
    Thanks in advance.

  104. Hello Basavaraj,
    In my village there are 3 to 4 shopkeepers selling on more than MRP of Amul products like Milk, Butter milk, Dahi etc. As we know these all are necessary goods and humans need everyday this type of products. All villagers need to pay or forced to pay overpriced for this.
    Amul Gold charged at Rs.27 instead of RS.26 MRP.
    Amul Butter milk charged at Rs. 12 against MRP of RS. 10 and same with other similar Amul products.
    Can you please guide me that how to complaint on it? How I can prove it at consumer Forum? they are not giving any bill or cash memo.


    I have one interesting matter related to MRP. I purchased a food supplement which was offered at Amazon by some seller quoting MRP about Rs. 2900 and discount 50%. The final delivery price was about Rs. 1435 with free home delivery. I purchased and paid through Net Banking. i received the product and opened and started consuming food supplement.
    Two days later i was shocked to see that the product had no MRP printed on it. on the Invoice the MRP was not given and there was no mention of discount.
    When inquired from seller at Amazon they replied me that as the product was imported from USA it does not carry MRP. After few replies they stopped replying now. Please tell me where can i complain as i have no problem with the product but i feel cheated as the bogus MRP was shown and fake discount was shown. the actual price of the same product of the same company in US is $15
    what all you suggest? shall i take action against the seller only or against Amazon also?
    Also that some of my other purchcassed products at Amazon do not carry MRP.


        Thanks for so fast reply. i have registered a complaint today via department of consumer affairs on line complaint cell. According to their suggestions i made repeat complaint for last time. If the amazon or the seller do not reply the Ministry will take action as per rules. Thanks a lot for your interest. I will keep posting latest development in this case for general interest. I feel a more comprehensive approach needed to be taken for consumer awareness in case of on line selling sites. Consumer must know the rules and acts in this regards. If permitted then i will post the links for such literature.

  106. I will give you the shop address, who s selling more then MRP price . Send your officers for check .it will prove right there . If this works I am ready to give information. Because I have huge fight with shopkeeper . owner was very rude to me .

            1. Kiran-I am here to share this information to public. I am here to share how you can approach the authorized Government Organization. I can’t handhold each individual. Rather I share information and you have to HELP YOURSELF. If you don’t do that also, then even GOD can’t help you.

              1. God can’t hlep me , that’s why I am asking you . What your telling we can get fr google . Soo atleast provide some number to complain

                1. Of course god is not going to help u..God is busy helping the sellers in making extra money!

                  To get things sorted , u need to complain to the consumer forum and also to the legal metrology department. But for that…u need a purchase bill, which I believe you haven’t recieved..
                  without bill ,Ur chances are bleak.

              2. Kulvinder Singh

                I bought a smartphone on 8th May 2020 (yesterday). Its MRP is 13999 but he took advantage of my compulsion And charged me 14500.
                I am having the bill of that purchase and the box of mobile with MRP.
                I want to teach that mobile seller a lesson. Can I complain against him and is it possible to get the money overpaid money back?

    1. Our country no proper enforcement body against such consumer concerns. All this discussions in this blog is not going to take u anywhere..if u want action, u have run door to door and suffering the consequential monetary loss, only to be told by the court that u have enjoyed the sellers service and ambience . So it’s justified that he can sell u items above MRP, as ruled by the supreme court in December 2017.

  107. I have seen so many wine shopes who charge 30-40 rs more than MRP of bears and liquor. Is it illegal or wine sellers are allowed to charge more than MRP. Can we complain about this?

      1. Supreme court has allowed sale of bottled water above MRP in restaurant and hotels as on December 2017, considering the service offered by the hotels.

        The same logic applies here in case of wine. IF wine is bought directly from a government outlet meant for selling foreign liquor ( where people are seen standing in long que ), then only MRP can be charged …However if u have gone to a bar and enjoyed their AC and their ambience, then court is likely to rule in favour of the bar. As discussed earlier , this is an absurd ruling and there is no clear cut definition of what is considered as service.
        Your comments please.

  108. Kuldeep Singh

    Moral of the story! where we can complain about such incidents. please give us brief details Example.Mail Id or contact no or website.

        1. How is it different issue..? Plz clarify.
          The concern is about products being sold more than MRP wherein the recent court ruling says it very much legal to charge over MRP in hotels , restaurant, etc.
          Is there any point in fighting it out in consumer forum level when the supreme court clearly rules in favour of selling stuffs over MRP?

            1. The supreme courts argument is buying from a hotel or restaurant or
              malls “involves a service element, including ambience, cutlery and service”..

              In this context , are we not enjoying the comfort of air condition if we buy water from a super market, so isn’t the super market owner justified in selling it above MRP?
              The supreme court decision is senseless and ill defined as anyone can claim that their shop also offers service and ambience hence can sell above MRP.
              Plz share if u are aware of any clear guidelines as to who can sell and who cannot sell above MRP, so that people don’t create unnecessary arguments with shop keepers in this regard.

                1. Anyone can claim they are offering service by providing air conditioned super market with a small area to sit down and have snack. the law is vague here..no proper guidelines.

                  One more doubt – since u said it’s the service part involved, won’t there be a tax to the service offered ? If one were to ask for bill, the bill should contain GST on top of the MRP. What is the legality in that ? MRP is supposed to be inclusive of all GSTs . Then how can it be legal to put a GST on top of the MRP ?

                  1. Ramiz-Regarding your one more doubt, GST should not surpass MRP (and can’t be shown separately). However, for service part they can charge additionally the GST. Yes, I know that ruling is vogue. However, it is wrong to say so without reading full judgement

  109. Hi ,

    I went to buy a cool drink bottle in stall no 10 MGBS hyderabad. He charged me 50 rs where the MRP is just 40. When asked here the prices will be high. When I said i will give complaint on this. Ge rudely said do whatever you want nothing will be done to us. Finally i didn’t buy the product also they will not give any receipt if we buy anything. Will there be any chance of taking action against it?


  110. Hey, article was very helpful. So this happens when I was travelling from hyderabad to vizag the bus stopped at a highway dabha (Hotel) so I bought a biscuit packet he charged me more than mrp can I file a complaint in this case?

  111. Satish kumar singh

    Hypercity retail charge me more than MRP on two product . I have done online complain though website of consumer forem. After two days get call from Hypercity and they are ready to pay price difference which is Rs 15 & Rs 30 .
    It is unfair .I don’t know how many times they charged more than MRP to me and to other costumers.
    What should be my next step ??

  112. Thanks for your useful information and I have recorded the video and what next step I should take.please help me and will it take so much of procedures ??

  113. Nykaa is a popular website for beauty supplies but in my recent packet i discovered that the bill charged me more than the actual MRP of the product.
    And the amount they charged was after giving me 10% discount, this means if they didn’t have given me discount they were charging rs. 14 more than the actual proce. How and where can i complaint a have both the product as well as the bill from nykaa?

  114. I didn’t understand where exactly to file complaint for the shopkeepers Charging 1-2 rs extra than the MRP can you pls provide the link here again ?

  115. I Bought a biscuit packet of MRP 15 in vishnavi bekary at bus stand of Nizamabad, shopkeeper charging 5 Rs. Extra, they are saying we have to pay rental in lakhs.

  116. Most times, doctors don’t give any payment receipt, and when you ask them to, they give you a receipt like”Received with thanks…” Etc without any mention of tax details and GST or TIN number. They mint millions, but they would.be evading huge taxes I suspect, there by loss of revenue to the govt exchequer.

    It would be helpful if you can provide some insights on how does taxation generally work on medical practitioners and what type of tax invoice are they legally liable to provide?

  117. Family supermart in Bellandur area of Bangalore charged me 1 rupee above MRP for 500ml milk that is 19 instead of 18. Upon agitation, they justified that Nandini don’t supply in malls, and they distribute only via their cool joints. That’s why they are charging 1 rupee extra. In the bill, they have just mentioned that it’s milk with whatever amount they have charged me, but it doesn’t have mention of Nandini milk. And they would be having other brand milk in their mall with MRP as 19.

    Your thoughts on how effective complain would be?

  118. Sir, what to do if the seller after charging more than the MRP doesn’t gives us the receipt as a proof.

    for eg: Once in a small hotel at the side of highway so called “Bhojnalaya” in Indian language I purchased a bottle of cold drink having MRP ?30 but the owner of that hotel charged me ?5 extra telling me that he charges extra money for keeping them cold in refrigerator. I resisted but he started abusing me, I asked him to give me a written note for proof but he didn’t.
    So finally I had no option except giving him that extra money.

    So please tell me what to do in such situations

    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    Thank you!!

  119. hlo sir the shopkeeper charges extra money than the mrp of sudha panir what i do please tell me i don’t know anything about this please guide me……for this I thankful to you

  120. Hello Sir,
    The shopkeeper in my locality charges 1Rupee extra on MRP of every milk pouch he sells,is it legal and if not.
    After complaining how can I prove it(I have red your comments on this post where you say proof is must.)as we don’t get bill on milk pouches.
    And it’s the same issue while buying top-up vouchers as well.What is best way to tackle this?
    What are the complaining chargers regarding both issue?

  121. I bought activa from shanti honda pune . They are offering standard accessories for price .
    I found that side stand of activa was of 411 +28 %gst
    Whereas on side stand packet it MRP was 315 .(marketed by honda)

    I took photograph of that MRP sticker and sales invoice of another customer where stand was charged as 411+gst

    Can I sue agency for unfair trade practice

  122. Hi. I have faced a similar problem in a service apartment where I stayed. Stuffs being charged more than MRP and claiming it as their right ..on top of that ..they have added GST also.
    The hotel is in a different district from mine. . I want to complain but the hassle of going to court is what’s keeping me away…do I have to go to court for this ?

  123. If the shop charge more than M.R.P and after my complaint they want to settle among ourselves without notifying Consumer Forum. Can i ask for reparations? Is legal to ask for reparations?

  124. Dear Basavaraj ji

    Can you please guide me to some good lawyers in Mumbai who are experienced with such cases?


    Ashok Kumar

  125. Recently I have purchased an ethnic attire from a store(boutique) on MG Road Pune which cost almost Rs 4495.
    After a few days, I saw the same piece (same fabric/same pattern) in Bhopal and the cost for the same – Rs2700.
    I was totally shocked regarding price difference. It’s like if we are purchasing it from a boutique they can charge as much as they want.Ultimately, they are fooling the customers.
    I just want your suggestion what should be done?
    If difference was of Rs500, I wouldn’t have reacted but here difference is Rs 1800 and this means they are simply taking disadvantage of customers like if they are paying just grab from them. Now, I have learnt we must search or survey the market before buying anything.

      1. I totally agree but my concern is other customers should not be fooled in same manner.
        There is no way through which we can stop the owner using such malpractice in future?

  126. I bought product from reliance fresh,they have charged 9 rs. More tHan MRP, ean number is on product and on bill,i have bill,what are your suggestions on this,i want to file a complaint for compensation.For how much amount i should file compensation as i was also not satisfied when they charged me 19 Rs for carry bag.

    1. Dipika-Charing carry bags is their decision and as a customer, it is up to you to decide to buy or not. However, if they are charging you more than the MRP then you can sue them. Refer above post for the process.

  127. Sir,

    Vendors are charging 3 times the price of bottled drinks in malls by putting label “Distributed through select channels”. I have the bill from the mall for same item, another bill from Hypecity and the picture of MRP.

    How can I go about raising the complaint.

    The product in question here is a bottle of ‘Nimboo’, which sells for Rs 25 in retail shops but in malls it is sold at Rs 70


    Ashok Kumar

      1. Thank You Sir

        I do have the proof. In fact this practice is quite prevent and collecting several proofs is not difficult.

        In order to file complaint, I do not just wish to seek refund of excess amount but 1). stopping this practice
        2). Fine for collecting excess amount by various companies.

        I am willing to devote some time a make a water tight case and would appreciate your advice on the same.

        I propose following strategy

        1. File a complaint to outlet charging excess amount and wait for their reponse

        2. Meanwhile, also write to defaulting company producing goods and wait for their response

        3. Also in the meantime, file a complaint as directed by you

        Is it possible to file a PIL as this is a chronic and perennial problem for selling all goods inside malls

        would appreciate your response

        Ashok Kumar

  128. Hi Sir
    I have booked a Branded Watch from a well known established company called Ethos, the company requested the full payment on booking its about Rs 783700/- by the time of booking the waiting period was about 8 months and due on October, now the company is demanding Rs 200,000/- premium to deliver the watch if not they will consider to give back the money. Its ruthless from such a big company to demand like this and when i requested them to give in writing they are refusing to do. Please advise.

      1. Sir I visited to Consumer Disputes Redressal for complain overcharging. But they suggested me to complain in PLA ( Permanent Lok Adalat). Plz tell me which is better –
        PLA or District Consumer Disputes Redressal

  129. Atiurrahman khan

    Maine ek shop se britania nutrichoice biscuit khreeda, aur us biscuit ke Saath ek saffola oats Ka 30gm Ka packet free hai, but shop owner mujhe Woh free stuff Nahi De Raha hai, is ke liye complaint Kar sakte Hain Ka? Aur bread biscuit ke shop se toh bill Kabhi Nahi milta toh kaise complaint karney Ka? Thank you so much sir, for this informative article

      1. Atiurrahman khan

        But we don’t get bill on purchasing a 20rs biscuit, and my question was can we lodge a complaint on missing free stuff with biscuit?

          1. Proof ki BAAT hai agar toh,
            agar maine bill liya bhi, toh bhi kaise prove karunga ke shop owner mujhe biscuit ke Saath Jo free stuff milna Chahiye Woh Nahi De Raha hai, Woh toh seedhe bol Sakta hai ke, Maine(the shop owner) biscuit ke Saath Jo free milna Chahiye Woh De Diya hai?

  130. Is it necessary to have a bill to register a complaint so we can produce it as a proof or can we register a complaint even without it?
    And what happens after the complaint registration? Do the shopkeeper and i both need to go the court to resolve this?

  131. Today i have been charged 5 Rs extra on water bottle, when enquired person said that its they and wish to charge, it is at Venkateshwara Bar & Restaurant near uppal depot. Please action on this

  132. I have purchased a lens in Vasan eye care and they charged me 2600+GST as 12% so total is 2910 I think. I have made the payment through my credit card and go the bill for it.

    When I received the lens in the pack it is mentioned that MRP is 1299 for the left side and same for the right side too so total should be 2598. They have charged more than that. Hospital is not responding to it properly.

    I also checked whether the product is produced before GST implementation but unfortunately it is imported after GST implementation. Can i go and file the case ? Will I get back the money ??

  133. sir ek shopkeeper nai mujha moto g5 plus mobile 14600 rs ka sale kr diya or es phone ka price online 12999 hai main complain kha send kru plz help me……….

  134. On 14.09.2017 i was purchased asian paints of 1 litre (2 Nos.) charged Rs. 150/- each while the MRP was Rs. 149/-. Again when purchased the same item of 1 litre (1 Nos.) on 15.09.17 charged Rs. 140/- against the same MRP. I have Invoice for both. Can I complain for both issue (1) more than MRP (2) Two different rate for same item by same shop.

  135. I was charged Rs.6/- extra over MRP of a water bottle at KSRTC bus stop Hassan karnataka. I don’t have any proof. I argued with shopkeeper but they said some nonsense reasons like electricity,cooling charges etc..how can I complain against shopkeeper!? Without proof if it’s possible plz help me.

  136. I was charged Rs 5 more for bottled fruit juice where the MRP was Rs 35 but in Bakery the guy took Rs 40 later asking why, so he told if you are interested take or else return.I was shocked for his arrogant answer and i returned and took in other shop.i have observed the same in Chikmagalur Bus Stand if asked they say we have to pay high rents so we are charging it to consumers.Is this good.

  137. Was overcharged for Rs. 1 for every 500 ml milk packet today at Krishna Dairy, Dhobi Talao, Marine Lines, Mumbai. When I asked the reason, u the shopkeeper told everywhere it is the same and I refused to give milk. Filing complaint with district consumer forum tomorrow. Thanks for the guidance.

  138. Hi Basu, All the branded restaurant chains, Multiplex, Airports are still abnormally charging. Isnt this very prevalent and done in Public? Why is that no action taken. Will a complaint against any such people really be of any help? I am still shocked that one has to raise a complaint though they are being done very openly outright in each of their outlets

  139. Hi Basu

    I was at Hassan district bus stand in Karnataka where a shop keeper was charging 23 for water bottle which was of 19 rupees MRP so I said no went back then I thought of complaining this to consumer forum so took pic of his shop for details but saw that and fought with me took my phone deleted photo local people supported him.. in this case what I can do.
    Please suggest… I am fed up with this kind of people … As you said we already suffering with this non MRP

  140. Sir i have a question that is now a days many toys shop have china product are sold and on that product mrp is given which is to less for ex. a 7feet teedy which has a original price tag of mrp 50 only but is sold at 700 to 1000 rs how can this be possible as the toy shop owner print and charges there own mrp.

  141. I was charged rs5 extra over mrp of a water bottle in a restaurant. I have only the receipt as a proof. Is there anything i can or should do about it?

  142. Sir, I bought a water bottle for MRP Rs.20. And I was charged Gst over that… is that reasonable charging so above the mrp?!

  143. Dear sir.. I have been cheated by H&R Johnson tiles.. MRP was rs 450 and they have billed at 510..i have proof..

  144. I was charged Rs 40 plus taxes by a restaurant for a bottle of water priced at Rs 20, I have filed an online complaint on http://consumerhelpline.gov.in/index.php. Just want to know thriugh this forum has anyone raised any complaint online and got a positive response???

    What is the time frame in which consumer complaints are addressed online?

    I am afraid this complaint will fall on deaf ears and nobody will check it as I have posted it online


    i already filed complaint against a shopkeeper, selling a mobile phone (MRP 999) FOR 1100, saying GST has been applied. My question is what is the maximum punishment could be given for such unethical act as am not looking forward to accept any compensation or excess amount back , i wish the comsumer forum where i registered my complaint set up an example by punishing the shopkeeper.

  146. do i have to pay above mrp eg say water bottle chips packet at airport or ISBT or Railway station?if the seller does not sell what to do that has an immediate effect??

    1. Lakshay-Ask them for the receipt at which they are selling. Take the proof as much as possible and raise your voice as I explained above. None of them have rights to sell the products above MRP.

      1. but they do not give receipt in such cases and what if they deny selling to me when asked for bill whom should i report as i dont have any proof

  147. Great info. I’ll give it a try. Hope it’s not too cumbersome.
    Many thanks for the efforts in putting forward all these details as an active consumer.

  148. Thanks for very informative article.
    I had bought a product valued around 10,000 from timtara.com online in Dec. 2013 (GOSF) but returned the product after talking with customer careas it arrived too late. Customer care representative promised to return money. But it never happened. Can i do anything now?

  149. Dear Basu,

    Firstly I would like to appreciate you for giving us this valuable information.
    In few cases, we used to buy products with no MRP mentioned on it, for example Mobile accessories…. Etc…, in such situations what should we can do?


  150. While I appreciate the information provided by you, I find the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act as well as filing cases with the District/State/National Consumer Forums too cumbersome. Wish the laws would make it much easier for common folks to file cases online and present evidence of malpractice at the time of hearing of the case in the Forum.

    Also, in some cases it seems difficult to prove the malpractice, as some items are bought in cash without any bill/receipt. For instance, almost all shops in the locality I live in (Mumbai suburbs) charge Re 1 extra on Amul 500 ml milk packets. This is going on for years, and I have also written to Amul on some email ID mentioned on the packet long ago but didn’t get any reply from them. Being a working professional, I don’t have the time to a file case in this matter, not the legal support to do so. However, had the Consumer Protection Act provided for online filing of such cases, I may still not have filed one complaint, as no local shopkeeper gives a bill/invoice for items like milk purchased from the shop. Ideally, I would have liked the manufacturer (Amul, in this case) to take up the matter through their own distribution channels and staff. But, it’s a pity they didn’t even bother to respond to my email.

    So, as in most cases in India, there is a world of difference between having laws and their poor implementation, which is made extremely cumbersome by the Govt.

    1. Taxmann Publications

      It’s time people should come forward and report this kind of malicious practices. You should immediately abstain from buying an inflated product from a shopkeeper.

  151. It’s a great effort by you to make people aware about this illegal practice.. Before I used to thought that it’s only me who feels this is illegal. This type of practice is rampant in hotels and restaurants.

    But I have a query.. If we purchase any such products from our local store or pan Wala store they don’t provide with any valid cash memo/receipt. If we force they ignore to sell. In this situation what proof can we collect as an evidence that we purchased the product from that particular store ?

  152. Hi Basu,
    Thanks for the information. I just wanted to check if you can file the complain without a receipt. I have had arguments with shopkeepers on MRP, and they refuse to give receipt when they are charging over MRP.


  153. Hi Basu,

    Nice article. Just one suggestion without undermining your honourable efforts.

    I would surely recommend everyone to follow your adivce, especially educated customers like us whenever possible to take up the issue with consumer forum.

    On the other hand, the shop keepers do it because it is easy for them and there is no fear of the law, also as the lawmakers are involved and a lot more reasons favouring them. However, for a customer the hassles of going through a consumer court, arguing with shop keepers, time constraints if travelling etc face lot of difficulties.

    In short we all know how the system works. The odds are heavily against the customers.
    However, one small suggestion I would like to make is customers should if possible buy the items near home or other place at MRP when they begin their travel etc.

    So if most of the people who travel or stop buying from shops charge more than MRP, then surely things are bound to change.

    I know its a long shot but it has its own advantages as well.

    1. Ashok-I completely agree on “However, one small suggestion I would like to make is customers should if possible buy the items near home or other place at MRP when they begin their travel etc.”. But do the current trendy generation follow your suggestion? They have to buy in big malls and update in social media about their status right? 🙂

  154. sankarasubramanian

    Thanks for the information. Still in airports we can find selling products more than the mrp. The practice of selling more than the mrp has not been questioned by any one.

      1. Sir my mom recharged her prepaid number with a local retailer , actual price is 49? ,but he charged 70? ,i dnt hv a bill can i complain

  155. Once again a hearty congrats to u Basava, just one word for your such eye-opening post-U R THE TRUE INDIAN….. who forced his Indian friends to take a bold step against this open ‘dadagiri’. Only in India, we found such audacity because in all other countries they shouldn’t be allowed such bold open cheating to peoples, where the cost of Mineral water consists its hidden prize whether in the name of freezing or to lift highs at hills places. Now the thing is we all are aware of consumer forum but how many of us feel that urge to take that headache of such things because we love to stay in our safe net of CALMNESS where we get ready to pay few extra also to those shopkeepers. So wishing ur post may awaken once again to all of us……………… thanks keep it up

      1. Sir, I seen that you have said , ” all the soft drinks need RO be served chilled”..and so there is no legality to sell this products higher than the MRP….

        Sir , ice creams are delivered to a shop seller in frozen condition and the shop keeper also stores it in a freezer which is mandatory , otherwise the product will b spoiled..( that’s y the dealer gives the shop keeper a minimum.of 17% down from the mrp)

        Whereas any soft drink.is not deliver in chilled temperature tongue shopkeeper and the shop keeper need.to.store it in a refrigerator as the shelf life and eezpiry is marked at room.temperature.

        So the shop keeper adding value to that product by keeping it in the refrigerator so as the customer gets the benefit of drinking chilled…and quenching the thirst ( the dealer gives a 9% down from the mrp to the shopkeeper ,whereas for ice cream.its 17%)

        So its a fair decision by the shopkeepers to add a price to the value addition.. If.not the manufacturer should be allowed to print 2 mrp ( one for regular and one for chilled).

        Please think ovee it sir,
        [email protected]

          1. Sir ,
            Salem – Ulundurpettai Hwy, Chinnakavundapuram, Tamil Nadu 636106

            Ayothy classic bakery in this above location.. Has charged me 5 Rs more than the MRP… For no reason… I asked the shop keeper, it’s mrp is 15 but why your asking 20..he replied that here it it 20..kindly take some action..

              1. Sir ,

                  1. In Chennai all shops selling double the rate. All the fraud shops. Evanga epadilam pannuranga evangaluku ethum Vara matenguthu. Street dogs evangaluku vanthu savanum.

                    1. In my area every time If have to do a phone recharge the shopkeeper asks us to give 1rs extra for any recharge, I asked him but he doesn’t give me any reason just says if u want so take or else go to another shop (rudely) , can I complain and what could he has to face if I complain,

                      thank you

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