How to check status of PAN card active or not without login?

The IT Department recently confirmed that as on July 27, 11,44,211 PANs have been identified and deleted or deactivated in cases where multiple PANs were found allotted to one person. Hence, it is best for you to check status of PAN card active or not online without login.

What are the reasons for deactivating the PAN Card?

# The first major reason is that you might be holding multiple PAN cards. But as per the rule, one must have only one PAN card.

# Fake PAN card allotted to individuals who submitted false documents and succeeded in getting PAN card.

# Soon in future whoever unable to link Aadhaar with PAN card before 31st August, then such individuals PAN card will be blocked.

Hence, it is always best to check with your PAN card is active or not.

How to check status of PAN card active or not?

It is a simple process and for this, you no need to login to e-Filing portal also.

Step 1-Visit e-Filing Home Page. Then click on the link “Know your PAN”, which is available under Service on the homepage itself.

check status of PAN card active or not

Step 2-Now you have to enter your personal details which are mandatory like Surname, Status (like Individual or what), Gender, date of birth as per PAN records and your registered mobile number. Then click on the tab “Submit”.

Check PAN Card Status Online

Step 3-Then you will receive the OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile number. You have to enter in the place provided for and then click on the tab “Validate”.

Enter OTP to check PAN Status online

Step 4-Once you click on validate, then the screen looks like below. Here, you will find your PAN details like PAN number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, the status of citizen, your jurisdiction and at the end, under remark, you will find the status of PAN card active or not.

check PAN Card Validity Status

If you have multiple PAN numbers registered with your details, a notice will pop up like “There are multiple records for this query. Please provide additional information.” It will further ask you some more details such as your father’s name.

You can also check validity status of PAN card active or not by login into e-Filing portal -> Profile Settings -> My Profile -> PAN Details -> Jurisdiction Details -> Status.

If your PAN card has been blocked or deactivated, you need to contact your jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO) for re-activation of your PAN. You have to submit an Indemnity Bond, the copy of your PAN card and copies of last three years Income Tax Returns.

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  1. Sir,
    I have submitted in income tax office to deactivate and cancel the duplicate pan which created in instant epan. It’s been a month since no update on deactivation. How long will it take usually.

  2. Sir,

    We have a PAN card which is taking unknowingly of type “HUF”. Can you please let me know the process of converting this into an “Individual” PAN Card type? Should we first cancel/Surrender “HUF” and then apply for “Individual ” PAN card or we can apply new “Individual” and cancel the “HUF” after that? Can that be done through online ?

    Banks are saying its not accepting “HUF” PAN for some transactions.


  3. I have misplaced my PAN card, however I have the PAN card number.

    Just to know what is the procedure to get a new card with the same PAN card number?

  4. Hi sir I have only no my old pan card done 2008 I hd lost my pan card before some years .after I need to open my son joint account that’s I given old pan card submitted that pan card not clear ,and pan card not having phone no and aadhar link.
    I request here to take aadhar linking and phone no but that person made new pan card before one month I had requested to surrender old pan card iincome tax office shivaji nagar and income tax office Koramangala I had given request to surrender my old pan card , writing letter and notary and affidavit letter and my aadhar card police complint fir but right now also it’s showing my old pan card is active .
    New pan card done he online through that card not having my father name and my signature what to do what is the solution
    Please tell me sir

  5. Sir I got my pan on 11 nov but after 2.5 months it still shows invalid pan even though it is active in status on utiitsl and e filling portal.

  6. I am registring myself on Shram Suvidha Portal for ESIC only and I got a message repeating all the time that ” Not in ITD Database ” I even mailed them regarding this but failed to resolve my query, even I checked on Incometaxefiling portal whether my Pan is Active or Not, and It is still Active even I created account on IT website,

    Please suggest me how can I fix this Not in ITD Database availability Issue

  7. sir I have applied for pan and I have received my pan details in my mail but when I used it shows invalid pan and also there is no option in the e-filling website

  8. Respected sir. My pan is allotted day before yesterday but it is showing invalid and doesn’t exist. This is my problem or not

  9. Dear Basavaraj,

    I got my PAN card when I was working during 2006-2008 in India. Then I was abroad and came back to India and joined a new job in Nov 2019. Meanwhile, I got my Aadhaar card in 2018. Now I would like to check the PAN details. I checked in the following link:

    It shows: “PAN is active but the details are not matching with PAN database.”

    Now, when I have used to link my Aadhaar to PAN it worked and in, it shows that “your PAN is linked to your Aadhaar number XXXX XXXX ….

    Now, not sure how to update my PAN in the PAN database.
    Kindly advice.


  10. PAN is Active but the details are not matching with PAN databases. I am getting message while verifying my PAN card. What does it means? Can u pls explain?

      1. As per my knowledge my details are correct. If not how can I check it and where can I correct it. what is the procedure? Can u pls explain?

    1. Hi Nithya,

      You might have corrected some information on your PAN Card recently. or you have applied a new pan card and linked it to your Aadhar card.


  11. Hi sir , I have been registered a pan cards 4months before . I didn’t get any message any call that I registered again with same details again I’m not getting it .. it’s an emergency so what should I do now?

  12. Sir,I have two pancards.i surrendered old one in online process.i checked the status about that after 25 days it shows still active.what is reason it doesn’t deactive?and what can I do? After application my application (Change/currection of pan) was approved by NSDL and I got new pancard also.

  13. Dear Sir,
    It is so nice to see you that you have been responding answers.
    Iam moving out of country and from 2017 I have stopped using my PAN, what should I do to surrender my PAN.
    Any letter to be drafted and the process please I was not able to get any response anywhere else.
    I have sent query in the income tax login but they are saying you cannot surrender the PAN.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Sir..,
    There is 2 pan cards on my name ….i was closed one of them …how cloud i know weather it’s(old pan card) closed or not??

    Please help me on my query …
    My email id is:[email protected]

    I appreciate your help …
    Thank You,
    Bhaskara Reddy

      1. Hello Sir,
        I was tried ….but i couldn’t able to see the status …is there any other way to get the status .. weather it is closed or Not?

        Thank You,

  15. Sir,
    I’ve applied for PAN recently and I received a message regarding the PAN number and message says that the pan card will be dispatch shortly and PAN Card number is provided. I’ve used that number in opening an account online but the website is showing that it is invalid pan.
    What I’ve to do sir.. Is there anyway?

  16. Sir,i have verified whether my father’s pan is active or not.After going through process it displayed that pan is active but details are not matching.whats the reason?

  17. Good morning Sir
    I have applied for my mother pan card but it not received yet when I checked the stutus of pan it’s showing the reason that consignee not available and again I followed the steps as As u said at the top but in website the pan stutus ins not available there is no option to search regarding pan

  18. HI,
    Pan card is active but details are not matching with pan database IS THE MESSAGE FROM EFILING WEBSITE.

  19. Sir, I have allotted an pan card which was lost. I applied for new pan card and surrender my old pan card through authorised dealer. Accordingly new pan card has been issued to me with new number. Now I am trying to check that old pan card surrender or not. In this regard I have contacted NDSL but they are also not giving suitable reply of surrender of my old card. Pl give me solution for checking of surrender of my old pan card. Accordingly give Tele no or email or web site where I will check surrender of my old pan card and confirmation cert.

  20. Hi sir I received pan on 7th September still date.but i am unable to do the shows the website says “PAN does not exist” can u please help me

  21. I have been allotted my PAN Number and have received the e-PAN Card, but when I check the same on the website of Income Tax Department, it says “No records found for the provided details”. I even tried to find who is my AO, but the website says “PAN does not exist”

    Can you please help with this

  22. Hi Sir,

    I get an error message “No records for the provided details” when I try to get pan details from Know your Pan on the website. But when I checked on the Know your Jurisdiction, I get the pan is active but the name is different. Should it be my name or the Assessment officer’s name. Do I need to contact the IT dept?.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Thanks for your response. I got my PAN details. IT helpdesk asked me to interchange first name and surname when filling out the fields. It’s a software bug.

  23. Hii sir,

    how can i check my mother pan card status if her mobile number is lost….
    please help me….

    Thanks in advance.

  24. hi sir,

    i have my pan card, when i tried see the status of my pan if it is active or not? am not able to see in know yout pan.
    could you please help me?
    am not able to link pan card in uan as well.

    Thanks in advance!!

  25. Hii Sir….!!
    How to know when pancard is made & How to check my photo,

    I want to take loan But Bank employee is u took loan already…!!

  26. Dear Sir,
    I had 2 pan cards, i applied online cancellation of my 2nd pan card. I check my application status that is IT dept. Accept your query and process is under process showing . After few days we recd my right pan card copy. But my online multiple pan card status is not rectified. What i can do for this.

  27. I m student and as i have not income so i not filed any return yet, now i lost my pancard,
    I dont know pancard number,
    I tried to get num from eportal incometax site,by “knor your pan”
    But there results shown ” no record found” ..

    Now what to do for filing return .as i want file return now.

  28. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thanks for running this site with some valuable inputs. Quick question. I have a PAN card in which for the past 4 years I havent filed any taxes. How lilely ia that the PAN card would have been deactivated? The reason I hadnt filed my taxes is because post working for a while I went on to study for 2 years and then went off abroad to work so technically had no taxes to file in India. I checked through KYP and it says no records found. Could you let me know your comments and advice on this. Your valuable inputs are appreciated. Thanks.

  29. I’ve been applied for photo correction ( Minor to major) but it’s already been 3 months since i applied and i haven’t receive any PAN card neither objection letter (because the center owner where i applied said, there they shows mismatched name or something so i should of receive some objection letter) so what should i do ? i need PAN card !!


  31. how long it will take to get duplicate PAN card/changes in PAN card to deliver.i have applied in 5th JAN 2018.but still i have not got it.

    what is the duration ,please suggest me

  32. Sir,from link Aadhar it says your pan card is linked with Aadhar but from know your pan it says that there is no record for your provided details… please help me I cannot do GST registration

      1. Thank you very much sir…, with your help I found that my middle name was written in full (MALSAWM) but in the front of my pan card my middle was (MS) so thanks slot and may GOD bless you

  33. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for a Loan. The loan deptt. said me I have 2 Pan cards. But I am handling only one Pan Card which I have recd. on my postal address. I don’t know about second Pan card. When it was issued. I was not recd. the second Pan card. Pls, tell me how can I know my Pan card no. and how can I cancell it.

  34. sir my name is CHANDAN KR PAL i have a aadhar card on same name and also others documents has same name but when i apply for pan card in online its sumitted.but After 2-3 days the news is getting canceled for my name ‘KR’.sir please help me how to get my PAN ?

  35. I Had applied PAN Card in 2016, it is not Delivered ,but i got the PAN Number by Tracking the same acknowledge means in 2018 i have applied for the same PAN Number, can it be delivered now.?
    Please Suggest me.

  36. Hi

    I recently surrendered my duplicate pan through NSDL center and i got the letter from Income tax department with NEW PANCARD( it is having my default pan card same number).How to check the other pan is deactivated? Actually I dont know the details provided for the duplicate pan ,only i have the pan number .Kindly help

      1. My issue is also same.. I received new pan copy with same number, but another pan card which I wanted to surrender is still showing active.. plz advise how long does it take to get that surrender and status changes on know your pan web site from active to deactivated.. it has been more than month and i did this by online e-sign option.. is there any way to follow-up on this, if so then whom / where to reach out..

  37. Hi Sir,

    I’ve two pan cards PAN1 and PAN2. I surrendered PAN1 via online application through NDSL and have acknowledgement number(881051283516633) for the same. After that I found that my PAN1 is linked to adhaar. Could you please tell me that if they cancel or de-activate my PAN1 then I would be able to link my PAN2 or not or it will be automatically linked to my adhar.

      1. How much time will they take to cancel the pan? As the status is showing in process since last 3 days.

  38. Sir i have surrendered one of my pan card. Intially i was having two pan cards now i have applied for loan but still both pan cards are active .i want to know how i should get one of the pan card to be closed.

  39. Hi ,
    I have applied for pan card on 22 nd December through UTI. When will I get the pan card or atleast my pan number.

  40. Hi,

    I applied online for the surrender the pan card . It shows that my application is process successfully . But when i am checking the pan card status then also i am able to find out that my pan card still in active state . Can you please guide me what i need to do for the same. Due to that i am not able to get the loan also.

  41. I was applying for PAN through the NSDL website. And in the last step of Authentication of Aadhaar for PAN Card, the website is not working. It shows the message ‘The request is unable to be processed. Try again later’. I tried several times and it still isn’t working. I sent a complaint to the website, but still nothing has happened. My application is incomplete. What do I do?

      1. Hi,

        I applied with the offline method with the written application as well as copy of both the pan card. Still result is same. Once i call to customer care they respond me that i need to communicate with mt circle pan officer. For the same. Can you please help me what is the exact process for the same.

          1. Hi,

            Thanks for quick reply.. What i am thinking that i will wait till this friday on saturday i am going to visit Income tax office for the same..

            Thanks And Regards
            Himanshu Baijal

  42. I was applying for PAN through the NSDL website. And in the last step of Authentication of Aadhaar for PAN Card, the website is not working. It shows the message ‘The request is unable to be processed. Try again later’. I tried several times and it still isn’t working. I sent a complaint to the website, but still nothing has happened. My application is incomplete. What do I do?

      1. Okay. Actually I tried it right now and it worked but after the OTP was send there was no space to enter the OTP and after trying 4 times. It showed that “You cannot proceed with E-sign.Kindly proceed with generating physical application and sent the application to the mentioned address in next page”. So I wanted to ask that, I paid for the application via net-banking and the payment was done. So if I go with the physical application to a centre, WILL THEY CHARGE ME AGAIN? As I have no acknowledgement receipt.

  43. I have 2 pan numbers issued on my name. The first pan card not delivered on my address and I don’t have the acknowledgement number.
    Then I have applied for the 2nd time and got my pan card but I don’t have any information (pan number, acknowledgement no. ). Now when I check my pan in e-filing site it shows it is rejected. If I want to surrender my 1st pan no from where to get my 1st pan no.

    1. To
      The Income Tax Officer,

      Dated, Balurghat, the 25th day of November-2017.

      Sub:- Activated the PAN card No. ACWPR7501H in accordance to the System of Income Tax Authority.

      Respected Sir,

      I, Smt. Mondira Roy, Asstt. Headmistress, Hili Girls’ High School, Hili, Dakshin Dinajpur, my date of birth 15/01/1960, D/O. Lt. Binod Bihari Chakraborty, W/O. Shri Suvrangshu Roy, residing at Rathtala, Chakbhabani, P.O. & P.S. Balurghat, Dist. Dakshin Dinajpur, beg to state regarding my PAN card.
      That I am facing some problem to submitting the on line return form. I, therefore pray to you, kindly rectify the anomalies of my PAN card in your system and active my PAN card vide No. ACWPR7501H.

      In this regard I am submitting an Affidavit for your kind perusal and consideration.

      Enclo:- One Affidavit.
      Yours faithfully,

      ( MONDIRA ROY )
      Rathtala, Chakbhabani,
      Balurghat, Dakshin Dinajpur.


      I, Mondira Roy, date of birth 15/01/1960, D/O. Lt. Binod Bihari Chakraborty, W/O. Shri Suvrangshu Roy, residing at Rathtala, Chakbhabani, P.O. & P.S. Balurghat, Dist. Dakshin Dinajpur, by faith-Hindu, by Nationality-Indian, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:-
      1. That one PAN card has been issued in my name, vide No. ACWPR7501H, which is in my custody and I use the said PAN card in everywhere and also deducted my income tax from very beginning to till now in this PAN card number.

      2. That subsequently one another PAN card has been also issued in my name, vide No. AEWPR6858P, which was return back by me instantly to your department on that time.

      3. That from last year, when I try to submit my I.T.RETURN through ON LINE, then I observed that my original (possessing by me) PAN card vide No. ACWPR7501H is not in active mode.

      4. That I want to lock & deleted the second issue PAN card vide No. AEWPR6858P.

      5. That I also want to get active my original PAN card, vide No. ACWPR7501H, which is possessed by me.
      The above statements are true to the best
      of my knowledge & belief.

      Identified by me

      Balurghat Court, Dakshin Dinajpur.

  44. I lost my pand and apply for duplicate but I got one more new pan card, I want to surrender second card can you please. Tell me the process to surrender second card

  45. Hello Sir…
    I have applied pan card 3 years ago through agent…… I have receive pan number…… But I didn’t recieve pan card.. I forgot pan number and acknowledgment number also….

    What I have to do….
    Can I apply new pan card…..

  46. I have applied for Pancard for the first time on 5 nov 2017 ( yesterday). Now today I got email from NSDL with acknowledgment and transaction document. I am trying for tracking the pancard it is showing “no records found”. Please any suggestion…

  47. After filled in know your pan details to check my pancard “ACTIVE” or “deactive” it showed me as “your session has expired” and ask me to filling the details again.please help me Sir.

  48. Hi sir,
    I had applied for PAN card 25 days back but I taught to check status of my PAN card through Name and DOB but it is coming like invalid search option may I know the reason
    And also it is showing like active, what is it means
    Please guide me
    Thanks in advance

  49. Hi,
    I ve 2 pan cards. One was applied 12years back and it was having my wrong date of birth later I lost it somewhere. I wasn’t aware of the process and applied for a new pan card last year and am using it currently. Now I got my old card recently. How can I check if my old card is still active? As I haven’t used it since years does it mean it’s inactive? Or do I need to submit some document to deactivate it?

  50. Someone else’s Pan card is being displayed. Seems like there is someone else too has the same Name and DOB as mine. I am from Chennai and he is from Trivandrum. When i check via know your pan. His details are shown not mine. How do i check mine now?

      1. I have 2 pan cards on my name. When I applied for the 1st pan card. I never got it. I don’t have any acknowledgement for that either. When I was applying for the 2nd pan card, the agent was suppose to cancel the first pan card. Years later when I checked the income tax website, I can see my first pan number which I have never used. I want to cancel that.

  51. Hello well I just removed my pancard around few months back as I turned 18th and my previous pancard was removed when I was minor and now My new pan card I have removed it does not show up in know your pan card I have got a query what to do for it

  52. Sir I have linked pan with Aadhar on offline mode so I need to again do it in online mode because in offline I have got the message linked successfuly

  53. Please help me to get the details of my PAN. I have got pan card (hard copy), but it is unable to link with Aadhar Card. Even aadhar was showing invalidity. I have got updated the aadhar details. But now PAN card details put in the online status shows no record found.

      1. After filled in know your pan details to check my pancard “ACTIVE” or “deactive” it showed me as “no records found for provided details”
        But when I tried to know jurisdiction AO details and It show status “active” is it weight . Please sir tell me.

  54. Hello team,

    I am getting an error message as No Records for the provided details. However, my details are correct. I verified these details on – Myprofile settings.

    There it is mentioned as active for my PAN Card. Can you please suggest me how to proceed.

    1. I got the same error. I tried switching the data in my Surname and First Name. It worked and is now showing me as active in the results. You may try the same.

  55. Dear Mr.Tonagatti, just wanted to thank you sincerely for pictorially detailing the process of PAN card authentication. God bless and sincerely appreciated!

  56. Sir,

    I have lost my pan card registered mobile No. & I have new mobile No. and don’t know earlier No.

    How could I check my pan card active or not.

  57. Hi Sir,

    My Gender details is not updated on EPFO , So Aadhar is not linking . Is that the same reason for not linking of PAN Card also.. and tell me how to update gender details in EPFO

  58. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for nice article. I have query my parents never file ITR dose in that case it is mandatory to link the Aadhaar to PAN. They had always submitted the PAN & Aadhaar to all financial instruction when need. There total income is less than 2.5 lakhs per year.

    Request you to please provide your valuable suggestion.


  59. Hey Basavaraj,

    After reading your article and submitting the OTP as mentioned above, it showed me as “no records found” but when I tried from the “My Profile” tab under e-fillings website, it is showing Status as “Active” under the Jurisdiction Details. I hope this is fine. Can you please confirm?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Hello sir, my mother applied for pan card and not received yet. It’s been already 5 months since my mother applied for the pan

  61. Hi there

    I filled all my details & got the OTP.
    After submitting the OTP, it shows no records found
    What does that mean???

    1. My fellow citizens , please dont worry if it shows “no records”, that clearly means atleast there are no duplicate pan cards on your number. Moreover this is either a huge hoax or it is the technical failure of the site. This is just to make people link aadhar with PAN, forcefully. My father and my relatives are paying taxes for last 30 years as far as I remember and for them too its showing NO RECORDS. This is a blunder of high misquality.

      1. Hi,

        I have checked the status. People who don’t have surname in PAN should put their first name in the surname and keep first name blank.

        It is working this way.


  62. Hi sir, im suffering from a problem. My mother’s pan and aadhar card date of birth details wrong, i tried online for correction, but in the end money deducted twice but nsdl website flashing message u can not proceed..i failed twice, what should i do, i have submitted photo, sign, evry document…poor me and worst system…pls guide me..i will b thankful

      1. I got the pan card but while I’m searching it in e filling site after entering my details it shows that “no matching records found ”
        Why I’m getting like that?

          1. HI Sir,
            i surrendered my pan card.when i approach to the assesment officer they said they have already processed request.but in the system its still showing as active
            pls advise

              1. I got pan card number before one month and now it is showing involved number…. What can I do sir????

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