Best Health Insurance Companies in India-Based on IRDA Data

Recently I wrote a post regarding best term insurance available in market and claim settlement ratio of Life Insurers. Few felt that they need the same data for Health Insurance Companies too. So let us try to analyze these things from the available IRDA Data.

Note-IRDA released the Annual Report for 2013-14. To know more about the latest Best Health Insurance companies, visit below link.

First of all let us understand the business model of Life and Health Insurance. Both are entirely different businesses when it comes to managing. In Life Insurance your contract with Insurance company is for long term whereas in Health Insurance your contract is on yearly base. So here in health insurance claim settlement we need to consider the yearly premium collection too. That is the reason it felt by many that claim settlement ratio is not so important. But I tried to sum up all the data available from IRDA to arrive at insurance company business.

How many Health Insurance companies are there in India currently?

According to IRDA report 2012-2013, there are 17 Private Insurance companies who do business in General Health Insurance along with Health Insurance, 4 Public Sector biggies and 4 standalone insurance companies who’s core business in only Health Insurance.

Below is the table which describes the business volume and claim settlement ratio of each individual health insurance companies.

Best Health Insurnce Companies in India

(Note-All figures are in Lakh, data based on IRDA Annual Report 2012-2013)

Here in above sheet I differentiated companies in 3 categories as I said above and coloured differently for each category. Next I considered Group Insurance Schemes (excluding Govt sponsored), Family floater and Individual Health Insurance Schemes.

You notice that in group insurance segment private insurers are aggressive in claim settlement. But when it comes to family floater then general insurance companies and public sector companies are way ahead than standalone health insurance companies. Finally for individual health insurance category again public sector companies are very much aggressive.

Surprising part to me is, standalone companies claim settlement ratio for family floater and individual health insurance policies were low compare to others. This may be due to more scrutiny in settling claims due to their in house TPA.

Hope above table will be helpful for you in choosing a best health insurer.


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  1. Hi sir.hope all good at your end.this is MAHESH here,iam about to renew my max bhupa health insurance policy family floater companian with base insured for 7.5 lks to myself,spouse and one daughter (45 ,45 and 18 years subsequently) .today is last date for renewal.premium is 20,917/- per annum.kindly advise me.

  2. hello sir
    am mahesh planning to purchase health insurance policy for parents of age 60 ,50 and also brother ,me of age 30 and 25 years which is the best health insurance plan for us please suggest us

  3. Is it wise to take any New India assurance mediclaim policy online as their local branch is advising to get it from them to get better per their statement one may get difficulties during claim time..

    so , what’s your take on this.. shall i opt for online or Offline?

  4. I would like to take Mediclaim through New India assurance for my Wife & Son (New India Floater policy) so need some solutions which are cited below
    1) In my Son’s Birth certificate my wife’s maiden surname is mentioned along with her paternal address as she has not yet changed the same in any of the govt I card like Aadhaar , Voter ID but she has Marriage certificate with my surname and address
    2) So, during taking a new policy online which surname & address shall i mention for my wife is it her paternal one or post marriage one

    So, incase of any hospitalisation case of my son (hope not required at all) whether relationship of ,y son & wife can be proved based on the basis of birth certificate of my Son.

  5. Hi.. i would like to go for health insurance for my spouse and my baby 1 year..

    which one is the best

    which one has the best chance to get the claim?

  6. Dear Basu,

    Could you please publish an article or advise on Cancer Insuranec plan.
    Whether it is required and what are those available in India.
    How to choose the best one And how to choose from, among different companies.

    Pradipta Sahoo

  7. Sir, First of all God bless you for enlightening the aam admi with your in depth understanding in Health Insurance segment. Very honestly its extremely difficult for common man to decide between the zillions of options to choose from

    my questions,
    i happened to read the below link, can we rely these stats.

    from these reports, i find icici lombard to be a good choice, based on their track record and irda data
    please comment

    second q to you
    i am occasional drinker [ once in a week] and smoker [once in a month]
    do i declare these while filling the forms
    what if, i declare, will they reject all claims in future related to the above
    what if, i dont declare, will they still reject all claims in future related to the above
    Please comment

    1. Jestine-You can rely but the decision must be taken with both eyes open. You must declare your habits. If you do not declare, then you give enough room for insurers to find the faults and reject the claim. Why to take the risk?

  8. Hi Basunivesh,

    I have a pre -existing psychiatric illness(very minimal) and using tablets for the same.When i approached insurance companies to take medical insurance, theu rejected without issuing the policy stating that because of that illness.

    Almost 3 insurance companies rejected the same.Now how to take a medical insurance for me?

  9. Hello Basu , I have Apollo Munich optima restore health insurance (3 lac) + top up policy apollo Munich 6 lac for last 4 years.I have claimed insurance in first year for my surgery which they denied indicating it was preexisting condition which was not revealed during application and they add it as permanant exclusion from policy.I want to know should i change my policy now using portability option as 3 yrs are passed post surgery(its shoulder surgery ),or even new policy from other insurance provider will have same clause.Also,what will happen to top up policy if I change the base plan.Thanks for answer in advance

    1. Kunal-It is hard to suggest whether your new insurer will consider this as permanent exclusion or provide some relief of clause with limitation. I think it is better to stick with the existing insurer. Because such surgery is not again repetitive in nature (as per my knowledge).

      1. Dear Basu, my family is health covered under my employers group policy. I intend to retire in couple of years at the age of 50. will I be able to port out from the group policy then? or should I buy another policy separately? thanks. Naresh

  10. Hi Basvaraj,

    Finally I zeroed down on MaxBupa. But I am concern of its poor Claim ration. Policybazar website says its overall is just 57%. Should I worry about these figures? Can you please comment guide on market reputation of MaxBupa and latest claim ratio? I copmared it with Star and Apolo.

  11. Hello Sir,
    I bought Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance plan a year back, paid a premium of INR 4,598. According to age slabs, my premium should increase in 2018. I did not take any claim last year, in spite of that they have increased my premium to INR 5,634. The reason for raise is being told as increase in base rate. Can insurance companies increase base rates of ongoing policies? If it is so, then how can a person plan health insurance, as you never know what will be the premium that you’ll have to pay in coming years!!!

      1. Thankyou for your quick reply, Sir. Upon asking, they said they’ve revised the rates due to hike in medical treatment costs, and supposedly, have added some benefits that are irrelevant.

        1. Hi Binni

          Apollo is a good company but their es are very high. I checking. For my parents…. In 3 yrs they were increasing from 38k to 55 and then in next 4 yra to much higher. Its huge and unjustifiable. I found maxbupa and star and many others much better for similar services.

  12. Hi

    I am newly married and I want to buy a health insurance for me (30 yrs) and my wife(29 years) . After a week of extensive research we have zeroed on MAX Bupa Health companion and Apollo Munich Optima Restore.
    1. Can u please suggest which one is better? and also the reason for the same.
    2. What is the optimum cover for the medical insurance?


      1. Could you please be a little more elaborate? What is good and bad?
        I know the cover is the sum assured, what I am asking is what is the ideal cover one should have for a couple? and how does one decide it?

              1. honestly, you were seriously of no help.. Thanks a lot for not helping and giving all weird answers.
                I also read most of your answers in the comments section and understood that you never give proper and relevant answers. Whats the use of having a blog and being this so called ‘FINANCIAL ADVISOR’ when u don’t have or deliberately don’t want to give proper answers to readers questions.. I seriously regret wasting my time!!

                1. Raj-If you are looking for readymade answers, then SORRY this blog is not for YOU. You can find many such experts who BLINDLY give you READYMADE TIPS. But I can’t do such hazardous work. Rest you to decide because at the end it is your MONEY at risk NOT MINE.

                  1. haha.. That’s always your comeback isn’t it.You had said the same thing to someone in the comments below earlier also.
                    BTW I was not expecting any READYMADE TIPS or answers.
                    What I was expecting is that you advise me about the PROS and CONS for both apollo and max. I am not telling you to choose, that my job. I was just asking you about the plus n minus which either you don’t know or don’t want to share.
                    Was it that hard to interpret from my first query? All I wanted was genuine piece of advice out of experience or research. Both of which you obviously lack for sure. If you have done some research (which I have seriously started doubting now) then whats the issue in sharing it.

                    You answers are so absurd that I frankly don’t know what the reader should interpret out of it. which financial advisor replies ‘both are good and bad’ without even stating reasons for the same.

                    One things for sure, thanks to internet anyone with half baked knowledge like you can come up and write a blog and give such unhelpful and dim-witted so called advice.

                    1. Raj-Research will come out when I have data. Without knowing much about you, I can’t do or guide you. You are free to decide my EXPERIENCE and RESEARCH at your own thinking. I don’t want your certification also πŸ™‚ You buy the product, you experience the claims, then you will come to know the meaning of “EQUALLY GOOD AND BAD” πŸ™‚ Till that period ask to someone who can provide you ready made TIPS.
                      Thanks that you tagged me HALF BAKED. Because how can I be FULL BAKED without knowing the opposite person’s FULL BAKED data? You need ready made answers and my intention is to think on your own because it is you who suffer not me. Rest you decide πŸ™‚

                    2. Hi Raj,

                      I purchased my last term plan based on inputs from Basuvinesh blog on term plan. He patiently provided lot of good advises to me so I was luky on this regard. It was very helpful. Here also the Health Insurance blog is good and providing data which are useful. Still I could think Basu could have provided more accurate answer but it seems he is unwilling for some reasons :). Nevertheless his blogs are good and I am a now a fan of his blogs.

                      I am also on same page to you, I will share my research till now in case its of any help to you.

                    3. Hi Raj,

                      Even i am looking for a critical plan and a health plan for my parents. With help of Basuvinesh blogs and discussing with companies Sales guys, I zeroed down on Max Bupa (Heath companion variant 1), Apollo Munich and Star out of so many companies. As yours zeroed list and mine is similar so sharing my views, hope you will find useful and Basu will correct us where required ;).
                      1. Premium: Star is cheapest, I might go with it as their Optima plan is quite cheap with reasonable coverage. Some data collected so far in last 2 days, For 10 lakhs for 63 yrs/58 yrs parents, premium for floater HI is: Apollo= 48k, HDFC Ergo= 53k, Max Bupa= 42k, Religare=42.6k, Star comprehensive = 48k, Star Optima = 27k
                      2. IRDA data: but with my limited knowledge, IRDA data shows the Premium collected over year is less for Star so seems its not doing so good. Apollo and Max Bupa seems going better in Market in but their ICR is quite less for floater and individual HI. So now I am skeptical
                      3. Pre-disease: Apollo is good as 3 yrs waiting for pre-disease, Star & Max Bupa has 4 yrs. Max Bupa other variants 2&3 are less i.e. 3 days.
                      4. Riders: Star & Max Bupa has accidental benefit plus refill. Refill are there in few others also, just check. Apollo has critical rider.
                      5. Premium renewal revision: I dont like MaxBupa premium revision bracket. They increasing premium every year. I didnt check for Apollo. But Star has bracket wise range where for my 63 yrs old parent, locking for premium increase is 3 yrs. Apollo I didn’t check. Here Star score highest. MaxBupa lowest. Even MaxBUPA 2,3 yrs policy option is coming higher, may be correctly so check for your age brackets.
                      6. Most important medical test: Some like Apollo mandate test for senior or for lower age they dont need medical test for SI<5 Lakhs. Above they require. Star comprehensive doesnt require any medical test. Star Optima requires. Max Bupa told me they require for higher sum assurance also. BTW, I have nothing to hide and want my parents health reviewed, you may check for your preference.
                      7. Co-payment : check for this also. Some ask for high. Apollo is good here , they asked me only 15%. MaxBupa has option for 0. Star optima have option for 0 in comprehce but 20% in optima.
                      8. Cashless Network in my city: Most of them have tieup to similar set of hospitals in my city. Check for yours.
                      10. Sales quality: Star, Apollo, MaxBUPA very good. Religare worst as they didnt reply to my email form last 4 days.
                      11. Exclusion: Some of them like MaxBUPA have lot of exclusions.
                      12. No claim: Star is best as they increase the SI. Apollo is ok, just 5%. MaxBupa says 12.5% but actual its less.
                      13. Other benefits etc like Maternity I didn’t check as it was for my parents ?… you may like to. Check for caps on Room rents. Policy term is for Life in most cases, but they are anyway going to increase the premium, benefit is not like in Term plan.
                      BTW, Funny thing is while checking on internet, people are happy and cursing all companies depending on their experience :). So an advisor is right when he say both are good or bad. Hope this helps. Do share your exp also, as it may help people like me also. I will soon purchase one… may be Apollo (benefits) or Star (cheap) or MaxBupa (in between). Again I am not an expert nor willing to write a blog, but just sharing my gathered understanding till now. Its tiring exercise and you can never guarantee of not having bad exp. Just be truthful in filling all details.

                      Anyway do share which one you finally choose/choosen and the reasons for choosing over other.

  13. Hi Basunivesh,

    Firstly i congratulates for this good informative website. I really like it.

    Please help me out

    I need health insurance for my parents which was previously covered by my previous company at the copay of 20% with no additional premium(Wife, me and parents @2500Rs) but in my new company they are covered with high premium(40000 RS) for 5 lakhs. I am looking for reliable insurers and cost effective.

    I am sick of all insurance companies i had gone through insurances policy with high premium and having co pay and long standing preexisting disease for 3/4 years. recently i surfed insurance from PSUs they are price effective and with copay. in this situation i don’t want my parents uncovered when movement from companies. so i decided to take policy from outside and with copay.

    I selected two PSU which are cost effective PNB -oriental and Andhra bank arogadhaan and only confused with shall i go for family floater for parents or family floater for parents and spouse and me.

    1. my wife have one individual policy from (apollo munich).
    2. my wife company had covered me and my wife for 5 lakhs with copay.(apollo munich)
    3. In my company my wife and me are covered with copay of 20% and 5%.(apollo munich)

    I don’t have any seperate policy apart from my company and wife’s company. also I had check the insurer claim ratio is very high for PSU’s. Do they really settle the claim or straight forward reject as the rumors from private insurers.

    Please suggest me the best option.

    I will high appreciate your efforts towards my help!

    Its urgent as year is coming to close and i have to decide before 28th dec.


    1. Rajmani-You are going with the insurance which provided by tied with banks. Not sure how long they run the show. Instead, buy the health insurance from general insurer or standalone health insurance providers. Better to separate your parents from your family. If you combine, then it cost you more.

  14. I am planning to buy a new health insurance policy for my family.
    i am 34 my wife 32, elder daughter 10 and youngest daughter 6 year old, I have plan sum insured amount of Rs. 5 lac.
    So kindly give your valuable suggestion for which policy best for my family with avg. Premium (up to 15000/-) & having good claim settlement record in IRDA.

  15. My name is Atul, Age 31Yrs, i want buy family health insurance – Rs 3 lakhs . kindly suggest which is the best company & plan.

  16. I am 27 years old male, with history of ankle fracture 3 years back (post operated) and history of shoulder dislocation and fracture humerus (post operated) 3 months back. History of epilepsy, on medication for 3 months. My ankle is prone to develop arthritis changes and I might require arthroscopic debridement of ankle or even ankle replacement in coming 5-10 years. I want to have a health insurance with sum 7.5-10 lacs, no cap on room. The plan should cover the surgeries I mentioned, after 3-4 years. My sole aim of taking a plan is to cover these surgeries, so I want to know specifically if at all the above mentioned surgeries will be included in the plans. I would also like to know if there is any health plan that covers cost of lab investigations on OPD basis as well.

    Thanking you,
    Dr Rahul Chawla

      1. I might require surgery, not necessary that I would..may be after 5 years..may be after 10 years..depending on condition at that time…so wanted to opt for a plan that includes the above mentioned surgery after 4 years. Any suggestion regarding plans to opt for?

    1. Could you please delete above both of the comments in the form of questions I asked. Apprensive that the medical history could be an issue afterwards in the policy I m taking. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Basavraj, Thank you for your work in providing clarification and help to people. I want to buy family floater for myself (32 years) and my wife (28 years). My questions are-
    1. Should I choose standalone insurer like Apollo, Max Bupa etc. or Public insurer? Which one is better in terms of claim settlement?
    2. Does premium increase after every year? or some age group like when I cross 35 years age?
    3. Does premium increase if I claim in any one year?

      1. Thanks for quick response. Some more questions-
        1. I see that ICR is way higher for public insurer. Does that mean they do not just work for profit and reject fewer claims?or they may be wrong in term of their planning and end up paying more?
        2. I could not find genuine information on CSR for various insurer. Do you know latest CSR for Apollo, max Bupa, Oriental, United India Assurance? Is there a consolidate list?
        3. I want to take insurance for sum approx 25L. When I look at various comparison websites, only Apollo and Max Bupa provides insurance for such high amount. Does that mean only standalone insurer provides high amount insurance?

  18. Dear Sir,
    Please advise a good medi claim policy {Family Floater} for me. I am 49 years and my wife is 38 years old. And my son is 12 years old. We don’t have any health issues. The coverage would be 3 lakhs.

  19. Hi Sir,
    I have taken Oriental Family floater policy 2 years back. All my family members(myself+wife+son+father+mother) are included in this plan. Recently they have increased the premium amount from 13K to 24K. I opted this plan because it was providing 5 Lac rupees cover for all the members in Rs 13K.

    1. Is this plan good for my family protection or I should look for some other?
    2. Is their any information about the maximum renewable age, I tried to find but couldn’t found the same?

    I have bought this insurance through medimanage. I have opted for TPA service. Apart from this I have opted for Rs 2 Lac corporate insurance more for my parents by paying Rs 16K . Correct me if I have planned anything wrong.

    Thank you in advance!

  20. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I’m intending to buy a health insurance for my parents ( Age : 55 Yrs old).

    Can you suggest if going with Standalone Companies or Public Sector would be right ? And reasons behind it.


  21. Hello Sir
    I have a ULIP Policy, ICICI prudential health saver family floater policy. I am 37, my wife is 31 and we have a girl child of 5 years. Do i need to look for another policy? In that case what is ur opinion abour Religares, Care Insurance policy? Please opine

  22. Hi Basvaraj,

    I’m finalizing on health insurance plan for my family (myself, husband and 1 kid). I’m confused with Star, Max Bupa and ICICI Lombard.

    From you expertise, what do you suggest?

    I’m taking this plan for tax saver and to cover family’s usual medical expense (claimable).

  23. Hellow Sir,

    I am Working As Medical Representative Normally I’m Driving On Bike 6-8 Hr In Different Places. So, I Required Easy Claim Settlement Regarding Different Types Of Policies Such As 1) Health Insurance Policy (In Which Medi Claimed )And 2) Life Insurance (Natural Or Accidental Death Benefit Policy) For Me Which Protect My Wife, Daughter & Mummy.

      1. Thanking You For Replying My Comment But Which One Best Company For Health Insurance As Well As Life Insurance, Please Help Me Regarding Quires.

          1. Thanking Sir Again Replying My Quries But Regarding This Two Insurance Company i.e Apollo Munich & TATA Aig Which One Is Best.

  24. Hello Sir,

    I was comparing the premium charts of Religare care and optima restore for 10 lac SA. I could see that the premium go very high in Optima restore during old age. Can i assume that 30-35 years later also same premium “trend” would be around for Religare and Apollo, considering both are there in market then too.

    As of now i am inclined towards Apollo Munich, but this premium “trend” is making me consider Religare.

    1) What would be your suggestion about this?
    2) I remember reading that you prefer companies that use TPA for claim settlement, what could be the reason behind this preference?
    3) After going through the policy wordings of normal health insurance and Super tops, I feel if i have the corpus to take care of the deductible(eg 5 lac), then i should opt for a super top up of 10 lac instead of a normal health insurance. The premiums are really low and the features are quite similar. Do you share this view?

    And i must say that your blog has given a good insight about many topics.


    1. Anoop-As far as the premium chat is there, they can’t increase as and when they wish. I never said that to go with companies which have their TPA service. Hope you misunderstood it. If you afford Rs.5 lakh then go ahead. But you can insure that Rs.5 lakh also wisely. Just buying a base plan of Rs.5 lakh. Rest is left with you.

  25. Hi This is tushar mittal
    I am looking for a health insurance policy for myself (25yrs) , my father (51yrs) and my mother (46yrs, hypertension and surgical history of uterus removal).
    Where should i go public companies or private companies.
    being a public companies does it take long time to settle the claims..
    Can you please suggest me a good policy.. lesser caps and good settlement ratio?

  26. Hi Sir,

    I want to buy a health insurance for my mom age 53. She has a medical history 5 years ago on that time she undergo for a surgery. She was suffered from TB along with plural effusion. I want a good health policy for her, so that at the time of claim rejection should be none. Please suggest me a good health policy for her, Recently Coverfox suggested me a health insurance of oriental. Your suggestion required for the health plan. I think Religare offer a good plan, please suggest if I should go with Religare or any other else
    Thanks in Advance

      1. Please Suggest, If I am considering The New India Assurance health insurance or Oriental Health Insurance is best, please also suggest me about SBI general Health insurance

  27. dear sir,
    I have working as LIC agent since 6 years now I take General insuranc eagency,which company suited for me.

  28. Sir,
    I have purchased a family floater policy of 5 lakh from star health and already my company has provided a medi claim policy of 3 lakh for my family, now I want to know what are the ways to use this both for claim settlement.

      1. Sir,
        If the claim amount has exceeds the sum insured in case of corporate insurance in that case can I claim the balance amount from my own? if yes then how? please advise considering both the case i.e cashless and without cashless treatment.

  29. I am 27, residing in Varanasi, looking for a heath policy if 5L.
    Have shortlisted ICICI Lombard, and L&T Ins. Which one to go for?

  30. Hi,

    I need to buy an medical insurance for my mother who is 59 years old she doesn’t have any existing condition. My advisor is suggest L&T health insurance. I am not sure how they are ? Can anyone give me a feedback.


  31. Hi basavaraj ji,
    I am Truptesh Darji, age 29. I want family floater for me & my wife. I have compared few of the plans.
    1. Bharti AXA Smart Health Basic.
    2. Religare Care.
    3. Cignattk ProHealth Protect SB02.
    4. Mexbupa Health Companion.
    Which one is best among these?

  32. Respected Sir, I want to purchase health insurance policy for my son who is 20. Shall I go for Apollo optima restore or religare care with NCB super. Why Religare premium is 50%less than Apollo optima restore ?

  33. Basu,

    I currently have 2 floater policies with Apollo Munich (Optima Restore) policies. One is for me (46 yrs) and my son (16 yrs) and the other policy is for my wife (42 yrs) and my daughter (11). We took this policy for 10 Lakhs each and since we have not made any claims since the last 3 years we took this policy, out Bonus now is 100% and hence each policy is worth 20 lakhs each now.

    However I have always been worried about Optima restore because of the Bonus being reduced by 50% after a claim year.

    Now my financial advisor is advising me to take similar 2 floater policies with Max Bupa with 5 Lakhs each and add a floater of 20 or 30 lakhs (basically 2 policies for 5 lakhs individual limit for 2 people and another floater for each policy). He is suggesting Max Bupa Gold for me. While this plan is a little more expensive, I like the fact that there is no loading charges and also no bonus reduction. In addition, with portability, I assume there will be no waiting period also.

    Can you pls advise me if this is the right move to make ?

      1. Thanks for your response Basu. Based on your advise, I have gone ahead and renewed my policy with Apollo. However, I wanted to know from you your thoughts on why you chose Apollo over BUPA. Is it because of Claim settlement or Customer service or market feedback or something else? I would be interested to know the factor.

        Also, when I initially took the apollo policy in 2012, there was a loading factor of 19.83% that apollo charged me because of existing health conditions for me. I was fine with this. However after 3 years, inspite of no claims from my side, they have been increasing the loading factor along with my age. Now my loading factor stands @ 21,83% and is 2% more than what I paid when I initially took the policy. Not sure how more this is going to increase for me in the future. Would you still recommend me to stick to Apollo for the next 1 or 2 years also ? Pls let me know your thoughts.

  34. I wanted details of Health insurance and Not Mediclaim policies. What we want is how Life insurance companies who launch different health plans are different from those who specifically working in health insurance ……and not General and health.

    1. Direct is better than banks. For our experience people have been facing a few settlement issues with policies tied with banks. You can go for floater plan for your family . If you want PSU go for New India Assurance or National . If you are looking for private companies HDFC Ergo or Max Bupa are good.

      There are various options like Individual , Floater combinations etc , so its good to know understand and then buy the plan of your choice

  35. Hi Mr. Basu,
    Nice article however I have a different opinion to judge companies on their incurred claim ration. Higher incurred claim ratio means the company is in loss. That is the reason usually insurance companies load your premium when they incur a higher loss (even though you do not have any claims in previous years). Thus it becomes very tough for a client to continue the policy with loaded premium (specially when companies load premium when one files big claims). In my opinion claims reported vs settled can be one of the good parameter to check while buying any health insurance. Apart from it time taken to process cashless / reimbursement claims is another very good aspect to check while buying health insurance for your family.
    While buying insurance I should also understand that everything is not covered in the policy. There are certain exclusion & waiting periods in the policy on certain diseases.

    Dhiraj Rana
    Training Manager in a Health Insurance Company

  36. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the great information.

    I’m looking to get myself, wife, son, parents & parents-in-law insured in a new single floater policy. 3 of the 4 parents are between 61-65 years of age and have pre-existing hypertension (nothing else major). We do have currently ongoing age old policies from different insurance companies but all individual ones and with not so significant sum assured. Getting each one topped-up may not be as good as to opt instead for a single floater policy. Hence, looking for same.

    Could you suggest a good option ?
    Star health appears good for senior citizens, but recent public reviews and low claim ratios worry me a bit. What’s your take on this ?

    Thanks ahead,

      1. Thanks. Could you also suggest few good options for the floater policy I’m looking for (to cover all senior citizens along with primary family) ?

    1. for folks in family beyond 60 pls continue the existing plan. As they have previous history of hyper tension they may not get a new cover and even if they do it will come with waiting periods. For you 3 you can get cover with floater plan or heartbeat gold pan from Max Bupa

    2. Even after informing the Agent all about the diseases they have not informed the company and provided me the insurance . Next year before renewal I revalided the same and norticed that the agent had fooled me and he hasnt provided any supporting document which could help Star in declining the claim. On top when I addressed this this is the reply given by the company . They tell al lthe mistakes are customers and agents dosent have any role in this . This is how they ash away . So never go with a company which is already predecided to be with fraud agent and cheat customers

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      RE:- Policy no P/* Policy. Senior Citizen Red Carpet Policy

      We acknowledge your representation regarding the issue in incorporating PED in the above mentioned policy.

      In this connection, we would like to inform you that it is the responsibility of every customer to disclose all the previous medical history in the proposal form and our intermediary assist only to fill up the form.

      Informing orally to the agent/SM is not sufficient and the declaration of the previous medical history has to be mentioned in the proposal. The proposer has to verify the proposal before signing.

      At the time of taking our policy which is on..20*, you have not disclosed the medical history in the proposal form which amounts to non-disclosure of material facts leads to the violation of principle of utmost good faith and making the insurance contract voidable.

      We, based on your request vide telecom, advising you to submit the entire medical documents regarding the ailment which is to be incorporate as PED

      By evaluating the risk element, we will communicate you. Be extra cautious when you are planning to go with Star. I suggest you to take insurance with other companies .

  37. Hello Sir,
    As regards family floater mediclaim shall I go for Bajaj Allianz Ins. Co. or Nationalised Bank tied up Ins. co. Please advice.

    1. Maxbupa’s family floater is very good. Depending on your budget there are options of health companion and heartbeat gold

    1. Frd never buy your health insurance from 3 companies Religare,royal Sundram and star health .rest other companies are good u can go ahead .I’m telling you from my experience and rest choice is yours

      1. Vishal-How can you have health insurance from all these three companies. I head an individual will have only with one company. Why you split your health insurance among all these worst (according to you) companies?

  38. i took apollo munich family floter restore plan health nsurance ,but settelment ratio is very low ,what can i do for future .please give me your mobile no ,mail id

  39. Can an insurance company like max bupa (health companion plan)reject your policy issuance if you say that the insured person(my mom) has little symptons of artritis (RA) ? Currently arthiris is not major but doctor has suggested for physiotherapy. I am ok if they cover that after 3 years of waiting period but they said they cannot issue policy because of RA. My father has BP takes regular BP pills.
    Can you please suggest a suitable plan for ,my parents age 58 which can cover above disease ? I am ok with waiting period . Sum insured minimum 5 lakhs , City Pune

      1. But what if companies mention on their sties to accept all the pre-existing diseases after waiting period. But, actually they don’t. I think all these companies need to clarify on there exclusions part.

  40. Hi,
    I am looking for health insurance for my parents both aged 58 to be covered under section 80 D.
    My father takes BP pills regularly. Plz suggest a good insurance plan for sum insured 5 lakhs

      1. Hi ,

        My parents have yet to cross 60 for Senior Citizen plan.
        I just talked to a policy bazaar agent , they suggested for Max Bupa Health Companion
        Star Health Optima and Religare Care .
        Which one is good ? please suggest


  41. How is bharti AXA as a company? Do you think they will be able to scale up in India? Which is the best GI online site to book a policy

  42. hello my name is vikesh barla residing at port blair andaman nicobar island . i am new in mutual fund .please give some information regarding how to invest in franklin india high growth compnies fund through sip .how to invest online through direct plan . what are the forms are required to be fill . whom to approach

  43. Hi Sir,
    Could you please suggest a suitable family floater for for around 10 lacs coverage ? My age is 39, wife-31 and kid is 3 yrs.Wish to take the plan in Calcutta but it should be covered all India.None of us, till date have any existing ailment.Looking for a policy which is reasonable in premium and having no copayment and good coverage of cash less treatemen of maximum diseases and other anciliary facilities.
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Best Regards,

  44. Hello Basavaraju,
    I am a 56 years old with no health problems. I have taken Good health plan from New India Assurance company. Many people are advising to shift to Star Health or IFFCO. Please advise since when I become old claim settlement is important to me.

  45. Hey Sir

    I m vaibhav , 22years of age .Just started my job.Would like to know which company offers best health insurance for an individual…..was thinking about HDFC ERGO.

  46. Hello Basavaraj Sir. I greatly appreciate your writings that I’ve been following for a while. Your knowledge has really helped me in not falling into an unknown trap in the name of health insurance. I’d be very grateful if you could help me in the final leg of choosing my health insurance plan.

    I’m 34 yrs. old female residing in Delhi. These are the policies I’ve shortlisted for myself, listed according to preference with reasons –

    1. Max Bupa Health Companion – for 100% recharge benefit, no room rent capping, covers physiotherapy and AYUSH benefit too, no deduction in NCB even in claimed years, covers all daycare procedures. (but premium increases every year and concerned about their claim settlement ratio)

    2. HDFC Ergo Regain – for 100% restore benefit, no room rent capping, covers physiotherapy and AYUSH benefit too. pre/post is 60/90 days.

    3. Apollo Munich Optima Restore – for 100% restore benefit, no room rent capping, high NCB @ 50%, pre/post is 60/180 days. (but doesn’t cover physiotherapy, Ayush benefit expenses).
    Please help me choose the best one.

    Thankyou Sir.

      1. Its late, but I still want to thank you for your advice. I, eventually settled with Apollo Munich Easy Health. Thanks a lot for the good work you’re doing for others Sir. Be blessed!!!

  47. Hello Basavraj,

    Appreciate you as a policy advisor. I would like to go for family floater policy & short listed United India Insurance & New India Insurance.

    Could you pls. let me know, with which company from above I should go for insurance ?

    I am living at Baroda, Gujarat.

  48. Hi Basav,

    Want to take a family floater health insurance for me n my spouse & we are planning for child.
    Need your suggestion regarding two health insurance :
    a) National Parivar Mediclaim Plus – Premium is little bit higher.
    b) L & T Medisure classic – a new player in market, hence worrying for the service.

    Also please suggest if any other family floater option is there with more or same benefits & cheaper premium.



  49. Hi Sir,

    Its a very good blog.I want to take accidental insurance ,health insuramce and critical illness for me and my wife.And
    health insuramce and critical illness to my mother.

    My age is 36,wife age is 27 and mother age is 65.I am looking good insurance.Suggest me good insurance company.I am looking for 5 lack Sum insured.its should cover Ayush ayurvedic tratment.

  50. Sir, I’m living at Kolkata. I’m looking for a family floater policy (Me-35, Wife -35 & Son-05 years) for a sum of 5 Lacs with renewal upto 80 yrs. Interested in non private companies like National & United India but in confusion abt their CAPP ings & co payment. Pls suggest what policy should i opt/?

  51. Hi,

    I wanted to insure my mother who is 54 years of age for around 5 lakhs policy. She takes regular medication for hypertension but she is mostly healthy otherwise. Can you please suggest which is the best policy I should consider for her. We live in Goa in a city named Vasco. I wanted to take some policy within 15k and having minimum period to cover pre existing diseases with good reputation of covering during emergencies.

  52. I want to go for health insurance for following members:
    self (51 years)
    mother(71 years – diabetic)
    wife (43 years)
    sister (43 years)
    daughter(19 years)
    Which one to opt? Family floater or individual

  53. Dear Sir,

    I wish to take a Oriental family floater policy(Proposer will be me) for my parents completed age 59 (Father) and mother(56). My age is 30 yrs completed unmarried.
    Budget : around 30k pa.
    Medical history of father : daily medicines for BP, thyroid and acidity. Cataract operation done already on each eye. Thankfully Never admitted suddenly
    Medical history of mother : daily medicines for BP, thyroid and acidity. Cataract operation done already on one eye. Thankfully Never admitted suddenly
    Medical history of myself : admitted for jaundice in Feb -2012(claimed through group insurance of college). Admitted for appendicitis in May 2005(No claim made as I had no insurance).

    My queries are as follows. Do reply to each query.
    1. Which shud I take family floater or individual for my parents? Considering my parents age and history.

    2. Oriental doesn’t have a medical check up till the age of 60.Do I need to disclose the medicine and hospitalization history of my parents and mine while filling online?

    3. How much should be the sum assured?if I take family floater or individual?

    4. Can I add later my wife, child later?

    5. If I get admitted suddenly for some illness( not pre-existing) after 1 year, will the claim be accepted?

    1. Ronak-1) Family floater (for your parents ONLY). 2) Yes, better to disclose. 3) It is hard to say (as I don’t know the city you stay and other details). But ideally it is better to have more than Rs.5,00,000. 4) You buy an individual separate plan. After marriage switch to the family floater. Separate your parents insurance from your’s. 5) Yes, if it is not due to an existing disease.

  54. Dear Basavaraj,

    I would like to get your thoughts on Future Generali – Future Health Suraksha plan. This looks like a good plan with very competitive premiums. I was researching on plans for my parents aged 57 and 47 and was thinking of finalizing Apollo Easy Health or Tata AIG Mediprime until i stumbled on this on your blog. I saw the claim incurred ratio and took a further look into the policies.

    Any cons you see with Future Generali? Please share your comments. Thanks in advance!

    PS: Appreciate the time you take out to respond to folks like us and put your thoughts on so many subjects out there. Few of them are a real eye opener πŸ™‚

        1. Dear Singh,

          Did you end up buying from Future generali ? how is the experience with them? and any idea about their claim settlements?

  55. Thanks Basavaraj for the response for the earlier query!

    I have another question – My mother recently turned 66. I had applied for Medical Insurance with Star ( Medi Classic) which they rejected. She takes medicine for Asthma. What are the alternatives I have? Is there a chance to get insurance from L&T or Oriental?

  56. I would like to purchase one Individual Health Policy for my Son aged 22 years 6 months. He is presently studying. Which is better – New India Assurance or United India or Oriental Insurance or National Insurance or Any Private but Reliable Company with guaranteed and timely response.


  57. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am looking for insurance for my in-laws, ages – ( 62 & 63 yrs ). There is no preexisting illness. I was considering L&T medical insurance Medisure Classic family floater, SI 4 lakh because of its features but I am not able to get any figures on its Claim Settlement Ratio and the feedback on its service.

    Please suggest if L&T is a good choice or should I consider alternatives. Oriental is another insurer from PSU, I was considering.

    Also,Please suggest if I should go for a family floater policy Or with individual policies of 2-3 lac each.


  58. Hi,
    I am 35 years old and currently Diabetic. My father is planning to take a Health Insurance policy for me. We are living in Hyderabad. Can you please suggest me any good plans that are suitable for me. We are hoping to have a policy with least premium and reasonable coverage.

    With thanks,

  59. Sir,

    Myself 39 years, have hypertension. My wife 35 years have cholesterol and scoliosis. 6 year old kid. We would like family floater plan.
    I can afford premium upto Rs.20000/- per annum. I need life long cover.
    My questions are:
    1. How much amount of insurance coverage should I opt for
    2. Should i go for family floater from more than one companies. Will it be beneficial
    3. Private companies or public companies
    4. What all medical check ups needed.

    1. Sam-1) Ideally it should be equal to your yearly income. But there is no such standard formula regarding how much to buy.
      2) Stick to one company.
      3) Both are same. Before that understand your requirement.
      4) It depends on insurance company you opt.

  60. Sir, myself(47), spouse(44),son (16) & daughter (14) having mediclaim 2007 from New India Assurance for 2,2,1 &1 lakh respectively since 2005. Now i am looking for a best family floater for 5 Lakhs. I have done a claim for my self in November 2015 for URTI.
    Can you help me which is the best family floater without room rent cap. I can afford the premium upto 20K. My policy is going to expire on 16th January 2016. Before that i want to port the same to some other good company .
    I gone through STAR, RELIGARE, CIGNA TTK, UNITED INDIA, BUT Getting totally confused which to be used. Please help.

  61. Hi Mr Basu. Genuinely appreciate your efforts through this blog.

    Existing Scenario : I am a 36yr old doctor residing at Mumbai and my wife’s the same age. My parents are aged 68 and 67 years.
    My parents are covered under my brother’s company by a group insurance for SI of Rs 5lacs by Oriental Insurance Co.
    I have a ULHP from ICICI Prudential for 5 lacs (with moderate risk- Balancer fund) and
    my wife has the same SI of 5lacs from National Insurance.
    Mother – Has hypertension, Diabetes and Lupus. Other family members have no major illness

    Requirement : I want to increase the SI to Rs 10lacs each
    We plan to have a baby soon

    1. Is it wise for me to continue in ULHP or should I shift (port out)to pure health insurance? My annual premium is pretty steep at Rs 15000.
    2. As my mother has pre-existing illnesses, I was considering Star Red Carpet as the waiting period is 1 year as against 3-4 years elsewhere but there is clause for copayment (30% for non- pre-existing and 50% for pre-existing illness). Can you please suggest a better option?
    3. For my father, I thought of Religare / Star.
    4. Should I take super top- up family floater for parents to reduce premium?
    5. As me and my wife have diff companies with diff policy renewal dates, I was told by that I cannot take a floater top-up plan..So I must take individual super top ups.How do I add my children in future?
    6. Are govt companies like National prompt like pvt companies or else, one has to extend hospitalization till the cashless claim is processed..
    Please give me your valuable opinion at the earliest.

  62. Dear Sir

    Please advise a good Health insurance policy for me 55 years ( preexisting conditions Hypertension and diabetic 2 ) my mother 70 years (preexisting conditions Hypertension and diabetic 2) wife 48 years and a son 22 years coverage between 7 lakh to 7.5 lakh. Should I go for family floater or individual -plan. please give your valubale advise

    1. Nadee-Opt individual plan for your mother (It is hard to get the insurance for her age, but try your luck). In your case go with family floater. My choice will be public sector companies and in private Apollo, Max or Religare.

  63. Dear Sir,

    My mother age is 59 and she is fit n fine. I wish to buy a health insurance scheme for her to counter the unforseen medical problems. Please suggest the best.

  64. Hello Sir,

    I have gone through the above schedule and discussion tags, comparing Incurred claim ratio b/w apollo, max bupa, religare, star , future generali and universal sompo I concluded religare, star, future generali and universal sompo has much better ratio than other.

    I want to take an family floater policy for me and my husband. Kindly suggest which company policy should we opt for?
    Also please tell me if there is any policy which covers maternity expense also and how about if we go for national and united insurance.

  65. Sir,

    I am working in a private company . i want my family to be covered with health insurance and it should be long term .
    a family is about – wife 31 years , two daughters – 3 year and 9 year and father – 63 years and mother 51 years

    we are confused and kindly suggest some good health insurance for our family

    1. Sundar-First separate your parents from your family. Buy them separate senior citizen health insurance plans and for you typical family floater. I suggest public sector companies for your parents and for you Star, Apollo, MaxBupa or Religare.

      1. HI Basavaraj,

        1. Is there any specific reason for recommending public companies for senior citizens (father 63 yrs and mother 58 yrs)?
        2. Any recommendation of public sector companies with good services?

        1. Nadeem-1) Claims may be easier and also the pricing of hospitals will be bit lesser than if you own private sector health insurance.
          2) Only few there in this sector. I can’t name any specific.

  66. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am planning to take a Health Insurance policy for my parents both aged round 58-59 years. I have considered to buy Apollo Munich Optima Restore policy considering the benefits they offer. But after going through this article by IRDA on the claim incurred ratio, I am considering National Insurance Company too since their claim incurred ratio looks to be on a higher side which is important factor for me to consider as they are close to 60 years of age. But this report published by IRDA doesnt indicate the ‘Claim Settlement Ratio’ which gives info about claims processed Vs Claims submitted. I wanted to check this ratio of both Apollo and National Insurance and accordingly decide which one to go ahead with. Do you have this info? If yes, please provide and also suggest me which one to go ahead with among the above mentioned options by me.


  67. DEAR sir,i am a 46 year old, my wife is 45 years, and 2 child.1st child is 13 years,2nd child is 8 years.
    pl.sujjest me which company health policy is best for me.also advise me floater is best or individual is best.
    thanks for your help in advance.
    best regrds

  68. I am 60 years old and have pre-existing heart disease and taking medicines (no heart attack, stent etc). Based on the search, I found the following policies found attractive.
    a) Star Health Cardiac Care; b)Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet.

    My questions are:
    1)Star Health Care is meant for some one already suffered by an heart attack. This is not the case for me. Can I buy it or go for Senior Citizen Red Carpet?
    2) The policy premium of above policies are higher and there are limitations in coverage, therefore, I want to stop it after 4 years. Hence, I buy another policy now covering me and my wife (both ) in addition to the above mentioned policy. It means I will be covered by two policies for 4 years. Ultimately, me and my wife will be covered with lesser yearly premium and better coverage terms after 4 years. Is it correct planning, any legal issue in it?

    Thank you

  69. HI,
    My Father & Mother are 52 & 47 respectively.
    They are taking medicines for Thyroid. I have my Company policy cover for Parents Wife & myself for 5 Lakhs.

    I am looking to buy Floater for parents for 4-5 lakhs. They are in Nagpur.

    Please check if you can suggest :
    1) Floater or individual for Parents
    2) 4 lakhs or 5 lakhs
    3) Good Health insurance company & plan
    4) Buy from Agent (like coverfox,etc) Direct from company is good

    I have compared many companies but not able to come to conclusion.


    1. Rohit-If they have some health issues then it is hard for them to get insurance. I suggest to buy separate family floater for both of them. Check with public sector companies. If none of them come to your help within your budget, then I suggest to opt for super top up options.

      1. Thanks. But I said they dont have any health issue. Only Doctor has suggested to take medicines for Thyroid. Otherwise they are completely fine.
        And all the companies like ICICI, Bajaj, Apollo, Religare, HDFC . ready to give policy.

        Just i need your support to know which company is preferable.

  70. Dear Sir,

    I want to know about the Cigna-TTK Healthcare Plane ? What is your comment about Cigna-TTK ? I want to e take a 5 lacks policy for me, my wife and our child .. Please share your comment…


    Debajit Sarma

  71. Hi Basavaraj

    Thank You very much for this article. It helped me better understand the health insurance ecosystem.

    I had an individual Bharti Axa basic health plan with Rs. 2 lac sum insured which expired on 29 september 2015 after three continuous renewal. I got married in June this month and thought of going for a suitable family floater plan. After searching for several polices, I found Universal Sompo individual essential to have the most benefits (including maternity and convalescence benefits) and lowest premiums. However, I am concerned with regards to the claim settlement track record of the company as it is not a well known company in India. Would you recommend going for Universal Sompo?

    Also is it possible to shift from one company (group floater) to other so that I don’t have to serve the waiting period again.

    1. Hi Basavaraj, the claim settlement for individual insurance was eye opener, which was amazing analysis. I am looking a health insurance for my mother who is 61 and perfectly healthy with no pre-existing condition, so i don’t want to spend much on premium for 3 lac coverage. Can u suggest public and private insurance which is under 15 k per year?

  72. Hi Bro,

    I wanted to buy a Health Insurance policy, I Shortlisted 3 Companies
    Max, Apollo , Religare.
    Plz suggest which one is best in term of claim settlement,
    only one difference i found in max, will increase premium every year.
    and my my second question is i also wanted to buy super top up, so i can go with L&T or Not.

    Kindly suggest

    Thanks in Advance.

  73. Hello Sir,

    Feeling great to find you here to get resolved my queries about Health Insurance.

    I have a medi claim policy of New India, with sum assured of 1 Lakh. Rs., by last six years. Eight months back, I had gone through a hip replacement surgery (Left Leg) & I am perfectly fit & fine now. For this I got a full claim of 1 lakh Rs. as the total bill was 2.85 lakhs. Now I want to get insured for about 5 Lkhs. but as per New India rules I can not increase the sum assured for next 2 years as insurance has been claimed this year. So I want to shift to another insurance company for multiple reasons as follows.

    1) The New India premium is costly than other private insurance companies.
    2) If I wait for two years, then It will take 2 + 4 total 6 years to get eligible for getting insured for PREEXISTING diseases.
    3) It’s good to get all processing through online, nowadays, instead of chasing policy agent.
    4) Today I am 44 yrs 7 months. If I shift to other insurance company I will be saving myself going through medical tests as it is mandatory after 45 yrs for some companies.

    Considering all this what is the best insurance, in your opinion, for me. Sometimes I feel that I may have to go for knee replacement (for right leg), in next 4 -5 years. I just want to get eligible for availing this claim benefit before that. Apart from this I don’t have any other health related issues.

    I was just thinking of Apollo, Star or HDFC Euro.
    Is any one of them fits best for me?

    Your opinion will be of great help. Please comment.

    Tanks & regards

    P. S. : Is it true that in case of preexisting disease you can’t buy insurance online?

    1. Atul-What I suggest is, let the current health insurance be continued and buy the new one with declaration of current health issue. What will happen in this case is, your future knee replacement cost will be reimbursed with existing insurance if the claim is within a 4-5 years. If the period is beyond that, then you get the full benefit from old and new insurance. Because all insurance companies issue you a policy with a condition of waiting period. Hence, you may feel hard to get reimbursement for your immediate medical cost.
      Check with existing insurer about the super top up facility available or not. If it is, then go for top up or super top up facility with same insurer. This may relieve your headache and also cost. There is no such rule that with pre-existing diseases you can’t buy insurance online. You can buy it but with exclusions.

  74. Sir,
    i am searching for health insurence policy.. every insurence companies telling same befits and approximately same premium cost..

    but when i read the reviews regarding their companies many people wrote very badly..

    i am totally confused to take policy…

    star, L&T, relighare,appolo all are apoke to me and told their benefits,.. but customers who already took their policy saying that there are many claiming issues. if i raise same point with policy employees they are saying it is not like that..

    what shoould i do?? on what basis i can select health insurence policy???

    please sir.. give me suggestion…

    thank youu

    1. Chand-When you check the reviews, dig in deep and find for what purpose they rejected the claim. In many cases, especially in India, people think of health insurance only before they find any such health issues which costing them. They look for health insurance and end result is rejection. At the same time, many in wrong belief that for whatever claim, insurance company is there to pay the dues. It is not like that. You must understand how it works and what are exclusions. If your claim is right one, then forget about insurance company, even GOD can’t protect them in paying.

  75. Hi Basu,

    I appreciate this blog, it’s quite helpful.

    I am looking for Health Insurance for my mother who has recently undergone Spinal surgery. I have approached Apollo Munich, they said they cant offer her policy due to Spinal surgery and similar response from ICICI Lombard. Based on discussion so far, Bajaj Allianz and Max Bupa look promising, with 2 years waiting period.

    I know we don’t have much choice due to her pre-existing condition, but wanted to check with you if you can suggest any other Health Insurance provider who offer Insurance for people with Pre-existing condition.



  76. Dear Basavraj Ji, I am thinking of taking religare heath insurance family floater policy for 25 lacs. Do suggest me is choosing Religare is a right decision now and also for future in case there is a requirement.

    Anil N

  77. I am looking for a health insurance policy for my grandmother who is 74 years old. She doesn’t have an existing insurance policy. She has no pre-existing diseases as far as my knowledge goes. I would like to have a cover of about 3-3.5 lakhs for her. I would still like to have her go through a pre-insurance medical test just to confirm she has no ailments which can result in a claim being rejected in future. Researching online I could only find offerings from private insurance companies. I am not quite sure which one to go for and what their claim settlement track record is like in individual insurance policies(especially policies for the elderly). If possible I would prefer the lowest co-payment possible and not an insanely high premium(Not more than 25-30k ideally).
    Could you suggest which would be the best option to go for?

  78. dear sir which company is better from these companies in the basis of network kospitals , service, clam ratio , biggest company in india and with out tpa
    please send reply
    thanks N.Sreenivasulu
    ANDHRAPRADESH & Telangana States

    1. Dear sir which health insurance company is better from these companies like Apollo Munich, Cignattk, Maxbupa, Riligare and Star health on basic information of claims ratio, services, network hospitals, good product for people and low premium but maximum which is better company from sreenivasulu

        1. As for tell maximum, but not 100 percentage give rank from these companies like Apollo Munich, Cignattk, Maxbupa, Riligare and Star health give rank for above component as your information

  79. hi Basavaraj,
    hope you are doing well , my name is ram tiwari and i am 35 years old i want want to take a 3 lac health insurance policy foe me my wife and my son , please inform me about the best plan available . I have checked with HDFC ergo and Max bupa but i am confused please help, thank you

    1. hi Basavaraj,
      hope you are doing well , my name is ram tiwari and i am 35 years old i want want to take a 3 lac health insurance policy foe me my wife and my son , please inform me about the best plan available . I have checked with HDFC ergo and Max bupa but I am confused in choosing the insurance company ? which company should i go with HDFC ergo or Max Bupa ? please reply in selecting one, please suggest, thank you in advance!

  80. Hello Basu
    I have a medical policy from bank group insurance through Universal samphoo
    covered 4 lakhs and now three continious year without claim over . this is family floater policy. now i am eligible for pre exhisting disease .
    when I buy this policy, after 3 months I met with BP and start takikng BP medicine and my wife after one year taking BP and thyroid medicine ( .25 ) as per Dr advice . The policy was without medical checkup . My age is 52 and my wife age is 50 and my daughter age is 22 apart medicine there is No health issue. During the second year I was hospitalised with Dengue fever there was problem ( Delay ) with claim settlement. I have to wait for full day in the hospital.
    1. My question is I want to raise SI amount for another 3-4 lakhs due to costly medical expences with less premium

    the same company will do it or not
    2. After 55 years there is Co-payment of 20% . But I want a policy without co-payment suggest good insurance company with less premium Because in this policy the premium is 9k
    3. My worried is whether the insurance company will do my insurance or not

    Sir you are requested to suggest me
    thank You

    1. Praveen-1) This being a group insurance, I suggest to raise your doubts with bank. Because I don’t know the details of plan. 2) I don’t think they allow you to continue with less co-payment. 3) Check with bank.

      1. sir
        can I buy super top up plan
        If yes than what is super top up plan
        and which health service provider is good PSU or Private

  81. Hi Sir,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I have Dedicated health insurance policy (DHS) of 4 Lakhs. i got this policy through my current company. its a cashless insurance policy and it will expire in a month. i would like to renewal but our company is planning to proceed with a different company insurance policy. i spoke with DHS customer care people that i am interested to continue the policy and they said its should be done through my current company only. But my current company was not interested to go with that policy. i dont now the reasons. but we really like that policy. is there any possibility to continue the policy or else do let me know the best policy for me and my wife and parents. I am planning to take health insurance for my family and that should be Cash less medicalim policy. Please suggest.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

    1. Chaitanya-There is no such product or company called DEDICATED HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY. Yes, it is purely your employer’s call to continue or go with new insurance company. Also, you can not single handedly continue this policy on your own. Because your policy comes under Group Insurance. If apart from your employer insurance, you want to have your own then check with Star, Apollo, MaxBupa, National, Religare.

  82. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge here. I have spent some time on researching a new policy for my parents.

    Can you help me in finding an answer to below mentioned questions?


    Father – 59 years (Paralysed 15 years back) but has been fit since his paralysis stroke.

    Mother: 53- Fit

    I was thinking to buy insurance for my parents for a family floater plant. Since most of the companies claim that they could insure people with pre-existing diseases, I knocked doors of all the private companies including Max Buppa, Star Health, bajaj, ICICI Leombard, HDFC Egro etc. The strage thing about all these private clowns is that they say and write something but mean something. I called everyone and ,after hearing that father haa paralysis stroke, 15 years back everyone has denied me an insurance.

    The worst is bajaj who never replies to e-mails and I wish they had any courtesy, if at all.

    Now, I have moved on to private. After visiting National health Insuarce’s offce, they recommed that you buy an insurance policy through banks and that would be without a medical check up so they could avoid paper work and we could avoid medical tests though I am fine getting medical tests so that we get it right.

    Can you explain what are consequences if we buy a health insuarnce floater policy through bank-say Bank of India? I know that the policy would bbe actually given by National Health Insurance.

    Are there any downsides of buying through bank? What are they?

    Having gone through stats, Public Health Insurance Companies seem to be reasonable whilst claiming back. What would you recommend?

    Though I don’t have much choice for my father, would you recommend buying a separate policy for my mother from private company?

    Which of the public companies out of 4 is the best in terms of services or claim setllements?

    I would appreciate if you can help me and would be more than happy to pay any consultancy charges to you for sharing your knowledge.

    Many thanks,


    1. Yaman-Sad to hear about your stories. But again public sector Nation Health played a trick here. When you buy a regular health insurance from them and claim arrives, in that case they may be under loss. Just to avoid this, they recommended a group insurance offered by a bank. By doing this, even if claim arises then their loss is less. Please check the plan features offered by bank. If it really suites to you then go ahead. My suggestion is to separate your mother from father insurance policy. Buy the insurance for your mother from private or public sector companies of your choice. In my view, all public and private sector companies are equally good and bad.

  83. My credit card company is giving me a no-medical checkup insurance (Individual policy) for my parents aged 56 and 52. I have options to select from New India Assurance and Royal Sundaram. Royal Sundaram is cheaper than New India. looking at your claim settlement ration, I feel the Govt controlled New India is better. Can you give me your points on this.
    Just want to tell you that, you doing a great job. Helping thousands off people. These informations are unknown to common man. Keep it up.

  84. Hi,
    I m looking for a family floater plan for my self & wife. Sum assured 3 lacs. we need cashless & best facilities.

    Please suggest me which insurance company give me best deal ,m confuse betwen Cigna TTk And Apollo .

    1. Hi,
      I m looking for a family floater plan for my self & wife. Sum assured 3 lacs. we need cashless & best facilities.

      Please suggest me which insurance company give me best deal ,m confuse betwen Cigna TTk And Apollo .

      Dear Sir Cigna TTk is Good company or not.

    2. I have healthinsurance from new india since last 15 years for Rs.2.5 lacks. Last year I had an accident and admitted in hospital for three days. My hospital bill was total 150000 . But on the basis of room rent limit new india considered only Rs.69000. They deducted even from operation charges. I have renewed my policy but from next year I want to port my policy in some other company where I dont have to bother about room rent limits. And I also want to increase limits from Rs.2.5 lacks to Rs.5.00 lacks. Would you suggest me good company with good healthcare plan.

  85. Me and my wife 38 years old with 2 children… 1 child is 2 years and other is 12 years …which is best policy for whole life…should cover up to end of life……budget no problom….

  86. Hello Basavaraj,

    Firstly thanks for your effort. Me and my wife 29 yrs old. Still we don’t have children. Which would be best policy for us. It should cover maternity bills etc.I can spend 10 to 15 k/year.


  87. My mom is 62, is a heart patient (no heart attack in past), is diabetic, and has blood pressure. I want to go for an online health insurance policy for my mon, for a sum assured of 5 lakh. Can you suggest the best one

    1. Mahesh-Considering the health issues, I think insurers may either reject the proposal or issue a policy with high premium. Check with insurers like National Insurance, New India, Star, Apollo, MaxBupa or Religare.

      1. Thanks for reply, Sir. According to the article mentioned above, we have only discussed about claim incurred ratio. Is claim settlement ratio required to be looked upon, while deciding which company is better

          1. Thank you Sir. Among the 4 companies suggested by you, New India Assurance is the company which has highest Claims Incurred Ratio, however, it is the company which also has inhouse TPA. You think I should go for it? If I go for family floater, which will include my parent, pre existing disease is considered from day 1. You think that will be better than a separate Senior Citizen policy with waiting period of 2 or 4 years?

  88. Dear Mr. Basavaraj

    First let me praise you for such a worthwhile effort – you’re doing a good work.

    Now lets come to my queries.

    1. I am looking for a mediclaim policy for my father and mother only (66 and 54 respectively). They already have a floater plan for themselves (sum insured 1lakh under National Insurance) and originally it was in my fathers name (as a proposer). Now if I want to change the name of proposer of the exisiting policy from my father to myself (to avail 80D tax benifits), can I do that?

    2. Suppose I want to start a new, seperate policy for my parents alongside the existing one. Now my father is determined for a PSU (he was a govt. employee and doesn’t “trust” private cos) insurance. So, out of the 4 PSUs, which one you would suggest – can I have a 2nd policy under National Insurance? I am happy with their previous settlement procedures. But as far as I know they only have “Varistha” mediclaim for sr. citizens and for that policy the sum insured is fixed at 1 lakh (2 lakh for critical).
    So, can you suggest a suitable plan within these 4 PSUs which will provide a new policy beyond 65 yrs, and will have the option to increase the upper limit?

    Thanks in advance

    Shantanab Banerjee

      1. I wanted to avail 80 D tax benifits for myself, as the current proposer in the existing policy is my father, I can not avail it unless I become proposer myself. So I was thinking of starting a new one

  89. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,
    Thank you for a nice article regarding the health insurance. I was looking for health insurance for my mother, age 59 with no pre existing disease. The options I was looking was Optima Restore from Apollo Munich and Medi classsic from Star
    I would like to know if there are any other options I should look at, which I may be missing out.
    Kindly request your opinion on the same.
    Thank you

  90. Dear Basavaraj,
    I want to buy family floater health insurance plan for myself(42), Wife (37), Daughter (1 month) . We are already covered by companies group insurance but want to start my own which will help me also after retirement.
    1) Please advice a good company with a low premium which would cover all imp needs.
    2) Do I need to take a separate critical illness policy or just an add on.

    A. DMello

  91. Sir,

    Can I take 2 floater health insurance policies, one myself as proposer jointly with my wife and another my wife as proposer jointly with me from the same company? Is it permissible?


      1. Sir,

        The logic is, just in case after the demise of the senior most member i.e; me, if the insurance company does not renew the policy for my wife? At that time she would be too old to get a new health insurance policy. So I thought this method would be helpful.

        Your comments please.


  92. Hi, I am Ramesh Chandra, 42 yrs old working in pvt company. I am having health coverage fm my company still want to buy health insurance of 3 -5 Lac for my entire family ( 2 ad + 3 kids ). I am looking for good company with moderate premium. please suggest me which one is good and better

    I am searching the net from last few months and short-listed few companies

    1. Apolo Munich
    2. STAR Health
    3. Max Bupa
    4. Bazaz Alianz

  93. sir
    i am looking for health insurance for my parents & my familywith coverage of 3 to 5 lacs.please suggest:
    a)my father is 72years old & he is diabetic .
    b)my mother is 66years old & she is taking blood pressure medicine
    c)i am 42years , my wife is 39 years old & my son is 12years
    i want cash it good to have family policy.

    1. Amit-You can look for senior citizen health insurance from star, apollo or MaxBupa. You can have it separately for your own family by the same company. Religare care is also a good option.

      1. shree shyam namaha
        thanks for your advice.i talk to max bupa.they are saying they do not have TPA .they settle their claim directly.
        is it good to for it.please suggest some PSU cos also.which one is good PSU Vs PVT

          1. sir,
            i am getting national insurance health individual policy for my parents is it good:
            National Insurance – Varistha
            5 Lac Individual
            Mr. K sureka
            Mrs. Sureka

            i am in the process of finalisation.please suggest

  94. Hi Sir,
    Iam Gaurav, age 31, I am looking for best health insurance plan for me and for my spouse, looking out for 5 lakhs coverage and if it can also cover the maternity expenses.

    I have searched but I want to know should I go for public sector or not?

    I heard a lot about Oriental & New India Insurance, so which one is better?

    If I look for Private sector then which one would be best / Public sector or Pvt sector?

    Please suggest which is the best insurer.

    Thank you …

    1. Gaurav-Before proceeding or thinking too much about public or private, first decide your requirement (apart from sum insured). In my view both the public sector companies are best (which you mentioned).

  95. Sir,

    I am 53 years old and my wife who is a house wife 46 years old. I have decided to take a health Insurance for a SI of Rs.10 Lakh under Floater policy with Religare Care. I live in Chennai. Kindly advise whether

    1. I should go for Individual or Floater policy considering our age. The reason I am asking this is if any untoward thing happens to me say after some years, then the policy will be terminated. Then my wife has to take a Health Insurance policy once again and have to wait for 4 years or so to clear the pre existing disease period clause.

    2. In case you advise me to go for individual policy should I go for Rs.5 Lakh each or Rs.10 Lakh each taking in to consideration the escalating medical costs.



    1. Sir,

      Let me elaborate my doubt.

      I read somewhere that family floater policy may be cheaper but risky. Since I am the proposer after the proposer’s death say after 20 years, at that point the policy cannot be renewed further. Since most floater policies make no specific provision for continuing cover of the surviving members in case of the unfortunate death of the senior-most member/proposer. If my wife then decides to take a fresh cover it is going to cost a fortune regardless of the fact she was covered for 20 years and even if she has had no major ailment in that duration. At that stage my wife will need to take a fresh policy without having the benefit of their claim history and preexisting disease cover that comes from continuous renewal of the policy that she had got under the family floater policy.

      Since a continuous cover and claim history is critical in this category is it wise to buy a individual policy?

      This is my doubt. Could you please more light on this.


  96. Hi,
    I m looking for a family floater plan for my self & wife. Sum assured 4-5 lacs. we need cashless & best facilities

    Confused between Religare NCB option & Cigna TTK, which one should i go in for

  97. Dear Basavraj,

    I m 37 yr i am planning to take floater health insurance soon for my family(2 adult and 1 kid).
    Religare is good option but doesnt look good to me as they have limit on room as most economical single private room, which will be definitely non ac private room in any hospital. I consider atleast room must be ac single private room. Star health is also good option but it does not give sufficient no claim bonus and premium is also high.

    Have selected Max Bupa companion for 7 lak. Please advise if Max Bupa will be right choice. I had hospitalization 2-3 yrs before due to multiple fracture in my elbow resulting from accident. Should i need to declare this and will there be increase in premium due to this declaration.

    1. Bhavesh-Before deciding the insurance, first check what will be the usual cost of a room rent in your area. Based on that check which gives offers best when it comes to room rent limit. If you feel MaxBupa good, then go ahead. Accidental hospitalization is not considered as an existing disease. Hence, I think you can avoid to mention (unless there is a specific question on the same).

  98. Hi Sir, my self Mahesh age 31, I am looking for best health insurance plan for me and for my spouse, looking out for 3 to 4lakh amount and its shud cover the meternity expenses, pls suggest which is the best insurer. thank you …

      1. I have gone through the max bupa, for two years they are charging around 16k for both including the meternity benefits after 2 continuous years. shall I take this plan. because other plans are costing more…pls suggest shall I go with max bupa heartbeat silver plan..
        Thank you

    1. Dear Basavraj,

      I m 37 yr i am planning to take floater health insurance soon for my family(2 adult and 1 kid).
      Religare is good option but doesnt look good to me as they have limit on room as most economical single private room, which will be definitely non ac private room in any hospital. I consider atleast room must be ac single private room. Star health is also good option but it does not give sufficient no claim bonus and premium is also high.

      Have selected Max Bupa companion for 7 lak. Please advise if Max Bupa will be right choice.

  99. Hi
    I m 30.
    Which is best term and health insurance plan for me
    I wanna 2-3 Lakh insurance on health insurance with 2500-3000 yearly premium
    1 crore life sure amount on 8-9 k Per annual
    Which is the best insurance company with good facility & Claim Settlement Ratio


  100. Sir,

    I intend to take a Religare-Care Health Insurance policy for me aged 53 years and my wife aged 46 years for a SI of Rs.10 Lakhs. I have 3 doubts as under:

    1. Is Rs.10 Lakh coverage sufficient taking in to consideration the inflation rate after say about 20 years from now. Should going for Rs.20 Lakh coverage be more prudent?

    2. I understand even though I take a coverage for Rs.20 Lakh my claim won’t be entertained if I /or my wife is hospitalised for a critical illness. Is my understanding correct?

    3. If that be so should I again go for another critical illness cover from Religare-Assure.

    I would be grateful if you could clear my confusion. Thanks.

    1. Vasavan-1) Ideal cover must be around 50% of your salary. However, I suggest to look at the cost of medical hospitalization in your stay and then decide. There is no standard rule.
      2) Yes, it depends on case to case.
      3) If you have family history of critical illness then better to have it.

      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        I have similar question to point #2. I have Health Insurance cover for Rs 10 Lakhs. Do I need to take additional critical illness cover? Will critical illness not covered as part of health insurance policy?


        1. Muni-Hospitalization will only be covered in health insurance, but not the cases where one will be bedridden due to critical illness or accidents. Hence, we propose to buy both critical and accidental. Hence, if you have family history of such critical illness diseases, then better to buy.

  101. Hello,

    I am 44 Years old and my wife is 37. We have a daughter who is 11.

    I already have a Health Insurance of 5 Lakhs through my employer. I plan to take a family floater policy of my own which I will continue after my retirement. I have heard that it might be difficult to get a new policy once I retire with a high coverage. My criteria are:

    1. Sum Insured – 15 Lakhs

    2. Co-Pay of about 3 Lakhs. Since I already have a health insurance through my employer and most likely will have it till I retire – I want to opt for co-pay to reduce premium. Once I am close to retirement – I can then buy another policy for about 5 Lakhs to cover for the co-pay amount. Is it possible to remove the co-pay clause later once I retire?

    3. Recharge option if available

    4. Do not need any daily cash, ambulance cost, personal accident cover (as I have a term policy) to reduce the premium.

    5. Critical Illness coverage (is it necessary?)

    Do you think I am thinking on the right lines. Since, we are already covered by my employer – should I buy the plan now or wait for a few more years.

    Please advice. It would also help if you can suggest the right insurance plan that would meet my needs

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    1. Dear sir yes,

      You are thinking good for taking a personal policy because
      after retirement your premium is to high

    2. AK-1) It is possible. 2) Co-payment is fixed. Neither you can remove or add it. It depends on insurance company. 3) Yes, this is possible. 4) Why you don’t need all these? 5) Better to buy it separately.
      You must have your own health insurance and you are on right track.

  102. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,
    Thank you very much for all the information. I am having a family floater policy for my parents (59 and 58 years old) through Bank Of Baroda and it is provided by National Insurance Company. The insurance cover is 3 lakh Rs. I wanted to have your feedback on following issues.

    1) Are the services of the insurance providers for policies taken through Banks (as in my case) poorer than that taken directly through the company ? This is the fact provided by most agents to me as an explanation for the low premiums of these plans.

    2) I want to increase the coverage of my parents to upto 10 lakhs. I would like to obtain your suggestion as to which is the best option of the following:
    a) Taking a new policy directly from an insurance provider
    b) Taking a new policy from a different bank
    c) Taking a top up plan

    Kindly provide your feedback. It will be greatly useful to me.

    1. Shyamsundar- 1) The policy you bought through Bank is considered as groups insurance. They treat both the policies equally. But check the features difference between individual policy to group insurance policies.
      2) Better you buy a new policy directly from an insurer.

  103. Sir,

    Around 9 months before my father aged 55 has been hospitalized for paralyses stroke. He was treated and everything went on well. Recently, a week back, he developped some chest pain and after doing ecg, it showed abnormal and we rushed him to the hospital. They implanted a stunt now. I have checked with online health insurance brokers that if they can advise me any plan available for such condition. They said none of the insurance company will give policy.

    However, after realizing, i wanted to do a policy now for my family ( me, spouse and daughter) though my company provides coverage for 1 lakh only for me. After going through lot of reviews and stats online, I’m choosing Religare for 5 lakhs coverage and wanted to take separate policy for my mom who is 46 now with no health issues. Can you please advise how can i go with my fathers case?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Kiran-It is difficult to get cover for your father (at least even with excluding of existing diseases). One trick is, you can ask your employer if they provide any insurance for parents and you can go through them by paying from your pocket (It may be bit costlier but claim process will be easy).

  104. Sir, a sequel to my previous question. I forgot to mention Apollo Munich -Optima Restore in my previous question. Kindly advise which of the following 3 are best. Religare – Care, ICICI Lombard-i Health and Apollo Munich – Optima Restore. Thanks.

  105. Sir,

    I am 55 years old and my wife is 46 years old. I want to take a Health insurance policy. I have zeroed in on Religare -Care and ICICI Lombard-i Health. Kindly advise which one should I go for. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  106. my father is diabetic from past 2 years his age is 46 and use medicine for diabetics
    (not insulin) i want to know the best health insurance for him where all diabetic related problems are covered as soon as possible . his diabetics till now is under control. also recommend if there is a insurance plan where the covered members can be me(24) my father (46 diabetic) my mother (42 perfectly fine) my brother(20) and my grandmother (65 not necessary to include her we can take a seperate plan for her).
    or should i go for 2 different plans for my parents and myself

    1. Dear nitish ,

      In Star Health there is a Policy called Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy.
      In Which Under PLAN A diabetes related Hospitalization covered from Day 1 and in Plan B diabetes related Hospitalization covered from 15 months.
      For Grand Mother We have Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan …in which policy is given without any medical.

        1. Ya Sir in this Plan Maximum Entry age is 65 Yrs , But there is No Exit Age .
          So if customer already having diabetes and age is less than 65 Yrs can go for this policy.

  107. Hello Basavaraj,

    Could you please advise if its wise to buy the group health insurance from SBI General instead of Apollo/Max Bupa for my parents(father – 65 and mother 53)? As a back up I am having 2 Lakh floater from NIC Group health from my organization. My plan is to move out from this once the 4 year waiting period gets over in SBI. Please comment on the service by Icare(TPA for SBI in Karnataka) and claim settlement ratio.

  108. I want to buy family floater mediclaim. I am confused between Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard and National Insurance Co. I prefer to have a less waiting time, low premium and good claim settlement ratio. Please suggest from these plans or other

  109. Hello sir,
    I want to buy health insurance for coverage of my wife and one daughter. I am looking for company which cover maternity benefit. please suggest me which one is good and better service.

    1. Pranav-All insurers these days covers maternity coverage. However, they come with waiting period. Like for Religare it is 24 months, Apollo for 4 years or MaxBupa with 2 years. Hence, buy the plan which suits your pregnancy planning.

  110. I have zeroed down on Apollo Munich health insurance but you chart on claim incurred ratio for family floater has scared me. I downloaded the IRDA report of 2012-13 but could not find these numbers. Can you please help me see these numbers on the report? Page number would be really helpful.

  111. Dear Mr. Basavaraj Tongatti,

    I must say you are doing great work by helping common people like me to take a decision regarding medical policy. Your thread is quite informative and impressive.

    Now my question :-D..

    I am 30 yrs old and my wife is 29. I want to take a floating policy for me and my wife. I need the policy from a company that should not reject my claim for petty reasons. I am ready to pay more premium for a company that has a higher claim settlement ratio.

    I am searching the net from last few months and short-listed few companies
    1. Religare
    2. STAR Health
    3. Cigna TTK
    4. L&T Insurance

    I am also confused that should I go for a dedicated health insurance company or a general insurance company?

    Please help me out.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rahul, Delhi

  112. This job is not only done by you, just go through other sites and you will realize that other ad-visors are far better than you, they are not diplomat but genuinely giving out their true knowledge and helping others. Tell me 1 thing if i would have known about where to invest? What policy should be taken? etc etc then why would i waste my time in writing you and asking for your solutions …. TO GET YOUR DIPLOMATIC ANSWERS??? NO I DON’T THINK SO…. Being diplomatic is really not helping others….Try to be human and genuine because show off business doesn’t last longer…

    1. Pooja-Your journey starts with understanding what you need. Hence, without knowing what you need how can I guide you? Thanks for comparing other advisors and rating them higher than me πŸ™‚ In one word I can say is “LOOKING FOR READY MADE SOLUTION” is most dangerous and especially when it comes to investment. If you still not able to understand then I wish God can only protect you. I am human being and at the same time, I am not here to show off my business or selling anything. Am I said anywhere or forced anyone to BUY my service?? NEVER πŸ™‚

      1. I am not looking for ready made solutions but you did not even suggested few of the companies… When you say “go ahead with so & so company if you think that will match your requirements” … don’t you think indirectly you are suggesting something not knowing weather the company is good or bad… Is this a kind of solution that you give?? Come on don’t be so diplomatic!!

        1. Pooja-When I say STAR is worst and instead Apollo or Religare is best then again how you shortlist? At the same time if I say STAR is bad and the so-called person of your’s who is not an expert advise you to go for STAR then which one you follow? Finally, it is the company which you trust (some bias). I saw many people when I name a particular company then they have bad experience with them. For example, if I say ICICI Life or ICICI Mutual Fund is good then due to their bad experience with ICICI Bank they judge the other two businesses of the company in the same manner. That is the reason it is always find out your requirement, affordability and finally comfort with a company. These all are not generic but specific to an individual. Naming few companies is not a big issue…whether it will be useful for the end user or not? The person who recommended you the STAR is doing that as a customer of that company or salesman of that company? First understand for what purpose he is recommending that particular company ALONE. Conflict of interest may drag you in buying a wrong product. For your information, I have a some bad experience with STAR. Hence, now I am with Religare for my family health insurance πŸ™‚ Now judge yourself !!!

          1. Dear Sir,
            I myself seen my dads claim is been settled in Star without even a follow up.
            It was reimbursement case in 21st day from discharge the amount was credited into my account.
            I don’t think other than Star Health no other company will settle the claim this fast.
            Now Star Health also introduced Second Opinion option in which within some hours customers get assistance from the Co doctors about the treatment or Surgeries.
            This something which is different from other companies.

  113. Hi,

    I am inclined to L&T health insurance mainly because:
    1) Policy wordings look good ( Not ambiguous )
    2) L&T’s reputation in general in spite of being new to insurance field.
    3) I am a L&T employee so might get some concession as well :D.

    My age is 30 , I am already covered under corporate scheme and looking for additional cover just to be on safer side.

    What is major difference between Medisure classic and prime?.

    I found a few which are of not of great importance for me. Noting them down as they might help others.

    1. Waiting period (prime : 2yrs vs classic : 3 yrs)
    2. Health Check up frequency and limit.
    3. pre post hospitalisation periods .
    4. Daily cash cover
    5. Organ donor coverage
    6. Sub limits for room rent and critical illness cover (Which they r providing at cheap cost even for classic)
    7. Max Sum assured (I guess this can be brought as top up in future)

    Then why prime costs almost double as that of classic ? Am I missing something big here?
    With no claim bonus + critical care benefit I would be covered for 12.5L in few years.
    Would you suggest any other competitive plan similar to medisure classis which would suffice my needs?


  114. Thanks for an insightful comments and write-up. I have a a few questions on family floater health insurance plan.

    What are the parameters I should consider before buying an health insurance for my family. Following came to my mind.

    – Swiftness in claims processing
    – % of claim processed successfully
    – For how many years, pre-existing illnesses are not covered
    – Any sub-limits on specific procedures
    – Any sub-limits on room rent
    – Do they increase premiums based on the claims
    – Do they cover health checkup?
    – # of hospitals where they have cashless facility

    Did I miss anything obvious and important that I should consider?

    I have received high recommendation on Star Health from my friends on claims processing but for family floater plans, their claim ratio is 67%. How do I read this data? Does it mean that they are fairly strict in processing claims or does it mean that they charge higher premiums. What’s your experience with Star?

    1. Pratyush-Usually pre-existing diseases covered after 4 years of being with an insurer. Insurers now can’t load premium due to claim (as per IRDA regulations). It usually almost same when it comes to providing cashless facility. You can to check the co-payment clause also. I personally had a insurance with Star. However, in case of hospitalization they settle the claim only after personal visit. This I feel some delaying tactic. Hence, I moved to Religare. But here I am not recommending any particular company. It is purely your decision.

    2. go for Apollo munich optima restore-
      *automatic restore upto 100% sum insured.
      example-if your sum insured is 2 lakh,and u have exhausted your full sum insured,at the time of claim,then u will get same insuredi.e-2 lakh

      *pre and post hospitalisation-60 & 180 days.

      *no room rent capping/limit.

      *no sub limit on diseases.

      *no co-payment for claim.

  115. Hi! i want to take health insurance for my parents . My Dad is 54 years and mom is 51 years. So can you please suggest about what health insurance should i take for them that will be in budget and there will be no co-pay or limitations. Some one suggested me about HDFC Ergo but i am very confused about the claim settlement issues. So shall i go for H.D.F.C Ergo or go for some other company. Please suggest.

      1. I am confused about its service. Especially on the time of settlement. I have also read its reviews that it is not so recommended for health wise. I want to take best health insurance policy for my parents. Please suggest.

          1. I think you are being very diplomatic. I was expecting that you would help me by suggesting about few companies but may be you don’t want to take any particular companion’s name due to whatever reason. Anyways thanks for not suggesting. Carry on you are definitely a good diplomatic financial ad-visor.

              1. Daer Basavaraj,

                You can suggest company name on the base of company track record / history record. We know what we want but we don’t know which company’s record is good in terms of service, claim settlement process. If you provide which company is good and which company is bad in specific feature or service then it will really help.

                1. Yogesh-All companies are good as well as bad. Because they are here to run their business. Hence, they try to find the reasons for rejection. The solution to this problem is be perfect in disclosure and genuine. Rest of all depends on case to case. Because we don’t when we get bad time to use health insurance and at the same time insuers reasons too.

                  1. Pooja-You decide on your own who is better. The doctor who go through all tests, identify the cause and finally prescribe or the doctor who give you the prescribtion over phone or through mail πŸ™‚ Decision is yours !!!

                    1. If you are really an advisor then you should suggest something rather then being diplomatic. A person who is not a professional advisor is suggesting me company on your behalf and you who is claiming to be “a so called financial advisor” is being diplomat. I dont understand why you have opened such site to help people or to give diplomatic answers….

                    2. I went through went your site and observed that not only to me but you have given diplomatic reply to almost every one.Sorry to say but financial advisors are not diplomats they study the details and share spontaneous solutions to people.

                    3. Pooja-Whether the opposite person able to share THE DETAILS fully in this forum of commenting? Providing financial solutions is not an easy task madam. If I do such SPONTANEOUS SOLUTIONS then it harms you than me. At the same time don’t try to look at READY MADE answers. In long run it will be dangerous for you. Try to understand yourself and learn…learn and learn is the solution for you πŸ™‚

                  2. Thanks Pooja,

                    I suggest customer to Star health only on the Basis of reality.
                    I myself seen fast processing claims only from Star Health Insurance compared with any other companies.
                    In today s date what we want is a health Insurance Company which assists us during Hospitalization .
                    For this I am 101% sure to go only for Star Health Insurance.
                    and proofs are here

                    1. Kalai-But do you know they settle the claim only after their manual visit to hospital? If there is any delay in their visit then hospital bills shoot up. Instead of 24 hours stay, hospitals may charge next day charge too. Who will bear that cost? This is based on my OWN experience πŸ™‚

                    2. Sir , Manual visit is done once the customer is admitted to the hospital.
                      But For the balance bill or final bill no Visit is been done .
                      I am sure this is not with Star Health

  116. Hi Basu,

    Can you please explain me about Maxbupa Health insurance. How good it is compared to all other health insurance companies?

    1. Shyla-It is equally good and bad. It is good if the features and price looks perfect to you. Otherwise a big NO. But I suggest you first to understand the requirement. Then chose a plan.

  117. Hello Sir,

    I have been reading your article on investment, insurance etc. They are very informative and useful.I want your advice with respect to medical and life insurance. Im 31 yrs old and My husband is 32.With respect to online life insurance which one is better LIC or HDFC. And With respect to health insurance is Oriental insurance,New India Insurance or Bajaj Health Insurance which is better. His company covers him under Oriental Insurance . So should we opt for Bajaj?
    Because we thought we already have one insurance wt PSU .
    Thanks In advance. Your comments Please..

    1. Nidhi-Regarding Life Insurance, both the companies are good. For health insurance, first you check with the two public sector companies (which you mentioned). I don’t think having two health insurance policies under PSU will create any problem for you.

  118. Hi Basavaraj,,

    I am having Apollo optima restore and now planning to switch over to max bupa companion is it good decision..pls comment?

      1. in appolo optima restore below 15 lacs , yearly health check up not aviliable , but in max bupa companion it is aviliable.

        I am told from settlement , and in cash less benefit also max bupa is better than apollo , response time in max bupa is faster than apollo.. please guide..i i want to continue.,.any policy..I get associated for longer..time

        1. Sanku, Don’t switch Max Bupa has worst customer service and they will reject your claim on silly things. My advice stick with Apollo.

  119. Hi Basavaraj,
    When you say Religare, do you mean Religare or Aegon Religare ?, how are they different ? ,i see that they both offer different products , ie, Religare has Care, Assure etc. but Aegon Religare has iHealth . Please educate me on this . Much appreciate it.

  120. Hi,

    Dear I am not understanding your logic of marking a company in green whose claim incured ratio is 90 % or 100% because a company whose claim incured ratio is more then 100% it means they are collecting net premium 100 Rs and they are paying claim of more then 100 Rs It means that company in loss and your are marking that company in green……

    Its like that I am earning 100 rs and my expance is 100+ and you are saying Good to me and making green to me…….

    Requested you to Please give information on correct way as lots of people following your blog…..

    1. Rohit-When you look in insurer perspective then you feel such misunderstanding. However, being an insured, I always look for the insurance company which settles my claim. Hence, the highest claim settled company for me is good right?

      1. But sir if company has claim ratio of more than 100% then there into loss….then how will they settle the claim

  121. Hi,

    I am currently working in a private sector company and it provides a health insurance – National. Its a group insurance plan covered by company. Now when I move out, they say company can give a certificate that I was a policy holder. As I was working in the company for over 10 years and National has our health record. Will they be able to help to continue on National Health Insurance policy? Will they provide waiver benefits on waiting periods as I am an existing member and they have our health records?

    Can you advise if any company offers such an option to purchase a family floater with info on Group Insurance policy?

    1. No sir you wont get the continuous benefits because the policy which you were enrolled was of group insurance and the policy which is available in market is of retail policy which has completely different clause.
      You need to follow the same waiting period as per the insurance company guidelines.
      Please take the retail policy as early when you are healthy and Never Depend upon the company insurance policy.

  122. Hi Guys!

    I just want to say one thing to you all while buying a policy please go through the service provider background .

    And A Humble Request to you all ….Never Buy From Royal Sundram .

    They are just fast in taking money from you when it comes to payment they will never do what they said.
    You will come to know exception everytime when it comes to render services in IN Network as well as reimbursment.


  123. Hello sir,

    I m planning to buy mediclaim…
    Apollo optima restore has ” no claim based loading” ..
    Does it mean that ” no loading at all’ eg no age based loading ?

    Pl guide as which company has plans totally “loading free” .

    & how to get claim settlement ratio for each plan?

    Shd I go for PSU or private? Pl guide me which companies u would recommend…

    With regards,

    1. Hema-Currently all health insurance companies offer “No Claim Based Loading”. Hence, no need to worry about that. No claim based loading means, let us say this year your policy comes for claim due to your hospitalization then based on claim they settle, they will not raise the premium next year. Age based loading is applicable to all insurance companies. No escape for you in that. To me all PSU or Private companies are same. First understand your requirement and based on that chose a product and company.

      1. Thanks sir for the prompt guidance.

        (1) For policyholders (for years) As the age advances, how much the premium rises ? does the company display such agewise premium-charts..? so tjhat new buyers know approximate how much they will be charged when they “not-earning”

        can u suggest me companies based on this?

        I m more focused on Tata & Apollo.

        Pl guide

        1. Sir,
          I m 44_years old, will be 45 in June & I want insurance cover of 5 lac.

          If I choose tata mediprime , will I need to get pre policy medical test?

          I kind of confused between tata mediprime & Apollo restore…I m thinking abt policy which is help as I advance in age.

          Pl guide.

          1. Hello Sir,

            Different options coming up in mind.

            I read abt super top up of L&T medisure…

            (1) how is this policy or any other super top up better?

            (2) If Super-tops are good, then Can I buy say L&T / any other Super
            i.e ONLY SUPER-Top up of 20 lac with 5 lac deductible( paid by me when claim comes which i hope never comes).

            Super tops being @ low cost. I checked for 20 Lac ,it’s 9K.

            (3) Asked this as
            Apollo restore just shoots up premium at 60 yrs. onwards in each subsequent slab (with 8K more) …resulting in nearly 63K …for >80

            Pl guide..

            I am really grateful for ur prompt replies & guidance.

            with heartfelt regards

            where as Tata stays at 50k …. for > 70

            1. Hema-Super Top Up is actually a best option. If you are very much inclined to this feature then go ahead and buy with L&T. Regarding premium rates loading after a certain age, it is purely an actuaries decision, which you and me can’t say. Each offer comes with a price, especially in case of health insurance. Hence, look for what is your requirement and based on that buy it. Going by your concern, I feel L&T is a better option.

                1. Hello Sir,

                  u r right…abt inflations in medical cost.

                  As u said & due to restore feature, I chose Apollo optima restore… But surprisingly found that, it’s network of hospital doesnt include the nearby known hospitals from our area… i.e. the asian heart, Guru nanak Hospital

                  But it’s in TATA, which is without Restore..

                  Due to this issue, in case of claim, it will be NOT cashless …… So paying from self pocket, gathering bills, delivering them. They dont seem to have any collection officer; the feature which I feel will be very helpful , in case of insured patient are elderly & live alone.

                  (1) in this scenario, shd I choose Tata or Apollo?
                  (2)Do these list of hospital networks get added ?
                  (3) how is L& T super top up plan? claim ratio?

                  Sir, I know I am sending lot of questions to u in installments.. But I am so relieved that some one expert is being with us.

                  I really want to thank you a million times from all of us who are getting your guidance.
                  AND Your blog & questions & answers all are adding to our knowledge abt policy.

                  With regards always,

                  1. Sir,

                    I want to share my friend’s exp.

                    Apollo person told her that since she had undergone piles procedure some 2 years back , she cant apply online for policy .

                    executive will come at her place & get form filled & get all documents & premium cheque & cancelled cheque.

                    Is it real procedure?

                    with regards

                    1. Sir,
                      the policies are showing cover for day care procedures eg. chemo… But Name of “Tata memorial” which is known for cancer treatment is missing in the list.

                      In that case , if the person goes in Tata memorial, will he not be covered for chemo? or is it reimburse?

                      with regards

                    2. Hema-They saying so because they want your policy to be through an agent. In this way agent will earn some commission. If online buying not advisable to her then they might have suggested her for medical check up and other formalities to understand the RISK. However, in this I feel offline selling is going on that online.

                  2. Hema-If your concern mainly is about cashless then you can avoid Apollo. In future they MAY add the hospital which is nearer to you. L&T is good and if you feel the features matching to you then go ahead.

                    1. Sir,

                      I am kind of deciding to go for Apollo due to restore & hospital list can change too…& hope they include nearby hospitals…if after 4-5 years too, they don’t include , then I may have to port to another …..

                      (1) am I thinking right?

                      Abt my friend, they have nt mentioned medical test…said only executive will collect the form, cheque, document proofs….so u r right…it must be commission issue.

                      Is “piles in past” usually an case for medical test or offline?

                      (2) is l & t super top up’s claim ratio good? Would you suggest it?

                      With regards

                    2. Hema-Go ahead with Apollo. Usually some companies collect the documents by some individual. If there is no premium difference then you can handover the documents with agents too. There is no such data as of now to justify that super top up plans have higher or lower incurred ratio.

            2. Can my friend try online now?

              Is there entry , where she can mention the past piles in online form?

              If it has some check, the system will nt c accept the proposal , right?
              Shd She call the executive?

              In such cases, what would happen if tried online?

              Pl guide.

              With regards

              1. That’s I want to ask after the apollo person’s ” executive will xlcome” if she tries online..will there be any negative repuccursion? Policy negation or difficulty at claims?

                  1. for myself, can I go ahead with apollo + L&T super top?

                    Or should I go for apollo & wait some time more to decide on L&T?

                    (2) r super tops necessary to be ready for medical inflation? & if yes, what should be the timing to buy it?

                    what should be the strategy?

                    (3) r these medical hospital network lists changed/added/ & …deleting some hopitals too ?

                    with regards

                    1. Hema-There is no such thumb rule which states that one must have THIS much of health insurance. It purely depends on the facility you look for in hospital and family history of health. Hence, if your concern is super top-up then go with L&T and concern is cashless benefit then Apollo. Timing and Strategy to buy health insurance?? I think it is effect of over researching. I can’t say or look for any good Mahurat to buy it. Insurance companies may add or delete the list of hospitals.

                    1. Hello sir,

                      Usually what’s the procedure of online buying of policy? How to give proofs etc?

                      (2) if agent comes, can the policy be renewed online? & then premium will be lesser as excluding agent?

                      With regards

                    2. Hema-You have to fill details and pay the premium online. Usually, documents will be collected by a representative of the company or you have to send copies to them (either hard or soft copies). Nowadays even offline policies can also be renewed online. So don’t worry about that.

                    3. Hello sir.

                      I asked the person & premium Question…as I don’t know if then it will be offline policy or online..that is if person comes with form to be filled & payment is offline

                      Is it offline?

                      Don’t know premium diff bet online & offline…

                    4. Hema-I don’t know why this confusion. Check the premium online and then the same with for what they are offering you. If there is no difference then it does not matters you anymore. If it differs then you have right to ask them.

  124. I want a health insurance as well as life insurance. Health insurance of myself, my wife and a 4yrs old son. my age is 33yrs wife age 31 yrs. suggest me the best insurance plan. in second case I want a coverage of 10000000 within 10 yrs time.

  125. Mr basu at the time of taking policy I have disclosed that I am having piles but my first claim comes of colitis after 3 doc has given justification that piles and colitis are not related to each other but religare people are saying that your problem is connected to each other.when I marked a mail to grievance officer nobody is calling me nor replying me .and I got a call in which one person told me that go to ombdusman court.sorry our grievance officer is very busy and they don’t talk with I’m very upset with the services of religare claims settlement

    1. Sakshi-No need of ombudsmen, a simple complaint with IRDA or legal notice to bend them to consumer court is enough. Also, why can’t you call to them? Write a mail or letter and get the reply as a proof. It may happen with other insurers too as it involves technical understanding rather than service issue.

  126. I have taken health policy from religare and they have rejected my claim on flimsy grounds.frds never buy your health policy with religare.serious advice to all.

  127. Hi
    I am planning to take medicalim for 4 family members. But dont suggest religare i feel somehow you connected with this company ( Based on your past comments- IRDA fine).

    Give correct suggestion for me.

    Anand from chennai

    1. Muruganandan-I said that I personally have a policy with Religare. It does not mean that I connected to Religare to promote their product. If you doubt my motives, then sorry I too can’t suggest you. Based on above data and your requirement, you can select of your own.

  128. Hi Sir,
    My age 33 years, wife-27 years, childrens (Twins-girls)-3 years, now i am planning for one more child, i will pay 10,000-12,000 per year. so suggest me best company & plan

      1. Hi Sir, Thnx for responding

        Insurence for 5,00,000 lakhs

        Tell best Health insurence company, which is hasslefree

        1. Actually, i took Star Health Optima in 2011 (paid 5,000… i think),

          but i neglected and discontinued (my friends told me, no company is giving proper payment, so i discontinued)

          Now, i realized that it is necessary.

            1. Hi Sir,

              I asked Star customercare, They are telling to take new Policy.

              So, kindly suggest me Which company Health insurence Plan is Best, and
              i want insurence upto 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 and premium 10,000-12,000

  129. Hello sir I am planning to buy a Mediclaim for myself 25, Wife 25, kid 1 & Mother 45 which is the hasslefree Mediclaim company as of now have just checked the deals for National Insurance & Bharti-Axa may i request you to please let me know which is best as of now we all are healthy.


  130. Dear Sir,

    I want to purchase a family floater of 10 lac SI.I have shortlisted Religare Care & Max Bupa Health Companion.

    Which one should i go for , considering the claim settlement track record of both companies?Pl advice , if i should go for some other policy?


  131. Hello Sir,

    I am working for a private company in which health insurance covers for myself, wife and kid only but not my mother. I want to buy a health insurance for my mother who is 54 yrs old. I want a health insurance policy which have good track record and should be renewable through the lifetime.

    Could you please suggest me good health insurance policy for my mother?

  132. Hi,
    I have bajaj allianz family floter star package plan with 5 lack health guard covered for the last 2 years, now it is it’s renewal time, what would you suggest me. Should I continue with this or I also want to switch with national or oriental. Please suggest me..

      1. I want to open individual health insurance for my mother
        54 yrs age old the cover is 5 lahk i want to open policy in which company any suggestion i checked premium in public sector company website new india charge rs18000 and oriental charge around rs 11000 i am confused i want lifetime cover for mother i will renew every year need ur help

          1. But in oriental the policy renewal is till 80 yrs will it be good choice for my mother who is currently 54 yrs will it be good choice or policy with life renewal can it will be good choice which govt health insurance company is offering

              1. Thanks alot great help
                my hearty wishes for ur great job in good financial literacy spreading among people????????????????

  133. Hello sir I am planning to buy a Mediclaim for myself 29, Wife 26, Son 4 & Mother 56 which is the hasslefree Mediclaim company as of now have just checked the deals for Max Bupa & Star may i request you to please let me know which is best as of now we all are healthy.

  134. my suppose is 34
    elder daughter is 10yrs
    younger is 5yrs
    planing to have family health insurance 3lac
    please suggest ???

  135. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the article, it is very informative.

    I am 35 years old and looking for an individual Health Insurance Policy for an insured sum of Rs. 5 lacs. I have done my research but instead of helping me nail down a plan it has left me more confused. Can you please suggest an appropriate policy for me.


  136. why claim settlement ratio is too low in private sector company compare to PSU.?
    Is there we need to watch claim settlement data before purchase the health insurance.

  137. I am trying to buy a health insurance for my 60-year old diabetic father and my mother. I have shortlisted ICICI Lombard and Star Health Insurance. But, I am unable to decide which one to go for. Which one do you suggest in terms of coverage, claim settlement, services, etc

  138. Dear Sir,

    Last year i have purchased optima restore health insurance policy (Rs.5 L) for me , spouse and child. Should i re-new and continue with Apollo Munich this year also (or) shall i switch to STAR. Please suggest me?


  139. My Mother is diabitic . icici lombard has rejected her policy without doing pre policy health check up. Suggest some other company.

  140. Hi Basu,

    I am having Religare iTerm Plan which covers Critical illness & accidental rider too. My wife is having Corporate Health Insurance of Rs.3 Lacs,

    I am planning to purchase insurance policies as under –
    1. Family floater (Health Insurance) from my own for Rs.5 Lacs.
    2. Critical Illness Insurance for me & my spouse (Individual 2 Policies)
    3. Term Plan for my spouse.

    Now my questions are –
    1. My iterm plan of religare covers accidental cover so should i buy plain accidental policy for me & my spouse? if yes pls suggest company & its plan

    2. Should i buy separate Critical illness policy for both? if yes pls suggest company & its plan

    3. Which term plan should i buy for my spouse? should i choose riders with it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Shreyas-1) Yes, better to purchase. There is no special logic involved. So you can buy from any company of your comfort. You can refer my earlier post “Best Accidental Insurance Policy in India-How to choose them?“. 2) Yes, but I think Rs.2 lakh is too small. Hence if possible raise it. 3) The list of term insruance plans are available in my earlier post of “Best online Term Insurance Plans in India for 2015-A comparative list“. When you are planning for separate accidental and critical insurance plans then why to go for riders?

  141. Hi Basavraj,

    This is the good tablular information. Now based on that, I need you opinion.
    I want to buy a health insurance plan for me, spouse, and parents.
    My concenrn is not about low premium. I am ok if it is bit high. My major conern is it should be hassle free.
    Which also covers pre existing medical issues.
    Should I go for Private cos like Star health, which shows claim ration is very low, but customer satisfaction award and all.

    I should go for National, Future Genrali, or Relaince which has higher claim settelment ration.


    1. Ketan-First hurdle for you is, all insurers not cover the pre existing issues. Hassle free claim again depends on type of claim. So I suggest you check with Apollo, National, Religare, United India.

      1. Sir please suggest me a family plan for Rs 10lakh i already have a 3 lakh plan from maxbupa i want to port

  142. PLz suggest me Family floater plan .
    my age 29 & my wife age 27
    i want 5 lakh cover
    is raligare best…
    or i prefer oriental or any other ?

    plz suggest

  143. Dear Basu,

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

    I am looking for a health insurance Plan for my Father (63) and mother (57).
    I have zeroed to Religare Health Insurance Plan due to its some great feathures like no cap on room and ICU charges,Auto recharge of the policy Sum Insured if exhausted,health check-ups for insured members every year and No ‘Claim based’ loading ever & Get Lifetime renewability.

    But worried about some negative reviews about claim settlement and don’t want to buy any plan which can’t be used when its needed.

    Please guide me.

  144. Dear Basavaraj,

    Thank you for your expertise sharing.

    1) In general, which company is better, one which depends on TPA or which has in-house settlement process?

    2) As I do not have enough bank balance, cashless is my preferred mode. (I took floater policy for parents 57 and 54 years old for 7 lakhs from a standalone health insurer.). In principal, I would like to go for PSU insurer, but their websites doesnt display a list of network hospitals and work on TPA model. As I understand, TPAs have their own network hospitals. If I opt for PSU insurer, will I know the TPA by whom the policy will be handled, before making premium payment. Do one has a choice to select a TPA?

    3) I am skeptical of private companies, is it safe to continue with private insureres?


    1. NKP- 1) I prefer TPA. 2) Even if a cashless option, you have to pay due to co-payment, room rent and few other caps. Hence owning health insurance will not make you fully worry free. But you must create an emergency fund also. Depending completely on health insurance may be dangerous. PSUs may not displayed the list of hospitals. But all general insurers offer your cashless facility. Check with them by calling. 4) All are equally good and bad. Because they are into business but not doing any social service.

  145. Dear Basavaraj,

    Excellent Article !!

    Just need your opinion.

    I am planning to opt for Critical Care Insurance…..I am 26 and my wife is 23 years and would like to opt either under family floater or Individual whichever is good.

    I have narrowed down Religare Assure ( 20 diseases) , Max Bupa Health Assurance critical cover ( 20 diseases) and HDFC ergo Platinum critical cover ( 15 Diseases)

    Max bupa offers the cheapest of them all followed by Religare and HDFC.

    Can you tell me whether I have made the right choice both in terms of brand and Claim settlement ?

    Can I rely on these private insurers ?


  146. Dear Sir,

    I am planning for a Medical insurance for me & my family(myself, spouse and baby girl). I am 38 yrs old. I would like to have a medical insurance policy with affordable premium and hassle free claims.

    1. For best Claim settlement and for reasonable premium.. go for STAR HEALTH INSURANCE….
      Star Health Insurance wins Customer Satisfaction award at the BFSI Leadership Summit Award 2015.
      Awarded Most Promising Health Insurance Company of 2014.
      Awarded Claims Service Company of the Year 2014.

  147. Hi Basu,

    Thanks a lot for creating such a nice forum where one gets knowledge about insurance and take the best as per the need.

    I am planning to take health insurance for my parents who are senoir citizen (Father, 74 & Mother 64). earlier I have shortlisted plans from Bajaj, StarHealth and Oriental but looking at the health insurance settlement ratio, I am thinking to buy mediclaim policy from PSUs. what is your seggestion ?

    Most of the PSUs operates via TPA channel, so it is fine to go ahead with TPAs


  148. Hi Basavaraj
    Thank you for the info
    I am looking for family floater like where as i want to include myself 33 my wife 32 and kid 6 years in one policy which is best according the cashless and also best upper age limit as i am looking for longer period
    Second is for my parents father 65 and mother 59 age. Please guide.

      1. sir
        i am 23 years old and my wife is 22. i want a health insurance for both of us. i am confusing between religare, hdfc ergo and star health.. i am also confused about restore benefit given by them.
        please suggest me which policy i have choose?

        thank you

  149. Hi Basavraj – first, you are a very patient man to answer all these questions ! Thank you – great service you are doing to all of us.

    I read few of the Q&A above, and little confused and thus my question below.

    Background – About 2 years ago (before I turned 45), I bought 2 policies – one for me & my 14 year old daughter and 2nd for my wife and 9 year old son – Optima Restore Floater from Apollo Munich. It is due for renewal now – and the total premium for 5L + 5L “multiplier benefit” we have earned = 10L of total coverage – am I understanding this correct?

    From my office, I have 3L of family floater coverage.

    So I think we have 13L of coverage right now – correct?

    In some of the answers above you mentioned Apollo Munich to be a “good” company, however your chart / table in article above shows their claim how these companies claim settlement ration is low for Family Floater policies – no?

    So, given my age 45+, considering long term implications, should I bite the bullet and switch to a public insurance company or continue with Apollo Munich?

    And lastly, what is the risk of these MNC private companies not being around, say 10-20 years from now? Since we will be even older then and costs will be higher – (or even eligibility / preexisting condition etc will come into picture).

    Thanks again for your good work.


    1. Mukund-Apollo claim incurred ratio is not alone for Optima Restore plan. So how you arrived to conclusion that it is to that particular plan only? I don’t see any risk of buying from private companies.

  150. The above table is not clearly understood can you pls explain whats that green colour represent in brief??

  151. Sir from the above table i could not understand few things.

    1.what that green colour represents??

    Can you pls explain the chart/table above briefly.

  152. Hi i have taken HDFC ergo in 2013 for 2 years of Rs.13000 and is due for renewal this year august 2015. Pls suggest whether to continue with the same . Also planning to switch over to united india insurance. But bit confused pls suggest sir. In the above disucssion it seems HDFC ergo is not at all considered, isn’t good??

    Waiting for your suggestions

  153. Frds plz plz plz never buy any health policy with religare company .plz buy from any other company but don’t go with religare.this is my serious advice to all who need want to purchase health policy .

  154. Dear sir,

    I am 35 years old and want a health insurance for my family (spouse and two kids). I tried comparing and was presented with few options such as Religare, Apollo Munich, CignaTTK. The sales agent from policy bazaar is pushing me for CignaTTK. I compared the plan on paper and indeed it looks better, but I am apprehensive as I have not heard much about the company and most of the people I know have either gone with Religare or Apollo Munich. I see that CignaTTK has not been mentioned at all in the above data. The kind of sales push they are making makes me nervous that I am being setup for a trap. Need your advice.

    P.S. I have Hypertension and my wife has Thyroid issue, As per agent Religare will reject my application on this background itself.

      1. Never Buy Apollo Munich Because many Problem when you need claim.
        The cashless approval delay.

        Choose Future Generali and ICICI Lombard Max Bupa but never buy Apollo Munich.

        1. Dear Satyapal,

          You have said not to buy ApolloMunich policy.

          Grateful if you can explain and give reasons for the same. I am seriously looking at Religare health insurance or Apollo Munich. Your experience will help me to decide.

          Thank You


    1. Cignattk having good plans as per your requirments, Company may chanrge loading for pre exiting illness also there will be waiting period for pre existing disease as per plan.

  155. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the excellent info and your answers.
    My parents are travelling to UK to visit my sister and they are planning to be there for about 6 months. Both are in their 70s and have some health issues. There is a chance that my mom may need consultation or treatment. She has had cancer.
    I am looking for suitable travel insurance and I am open for both private and public sector ones. Which ones would you recommend in terms of service, benefits, value for money and easy to deal with?

    Also , where can I find the latest travel settlement ratios of Travel Insurance providers?

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you for the link but I am afraid this is not very useful in deciding.
        There are other aspects like quality of service, reliability, and Claim settlement ratios. These are the most important ones and you have not covered in them.
        Can you please let me know where I can find the claim settlement ratio for the Travel Insurance Providers for 2013-2014?

        Thank you.

  156. Sir now a days all insurance are increasing their relatives are having policy of national insurance unka premium 26 percent bad gaya hai.basu sir saari companies premium high karte jaa rahein gain now days.kya koi bhi company much bhi anab shabab premium bada sakti hai koi rokne wala nhi hai

    1. Priyanka-They will not do like that. But there is age slab like 30 Yrs to 45 Yrs one slab and so on. So once the senior person of a family floater comes into next slab then automatically premium will raise. Also nowadays claim based loading abolished. Hence check out why they increased the premium.

  157. Hello,I am looking for the best parental heath insurance fOr the sum insured upto 4-5 lakh per annum.Father age is 55 and Mothers age is 50 however My father is a BP patient.

    I Have contacted financial advisors and everyone has different views.Please tell me out of these 3 which is the best?

    Cigna health insurance
    Star Health premium FHO
    Oriental Insurance

    Out of these Should I go for cigna or any other??please suggest

  158. Frds plz believe me I have taken health policy from new company universal sompo for me and my family .believe they are settling all my claims very fast.this company is a joint venture of all Indian banks and Japanese insurer.universal sompohealth policy services are excellent.frds if u r looking for health policy plz go with universal sompo

  159. Hi,
    I have to purchase a health insurance plan for me nd my husband our age is 27. i want a plan which also covered maternity withother diseases nd surgeries nd we have to invest 15k aannually for both of us,so plz suggest me which plan is beneficial for us

    Reply soon.
    Thank u

      1. sir,
        I am married and i am in merchant navy. I wan to take health insurance for me and my wife. so please guide me, that which insurance policy is benefit for me. Thanks

      2. Hi,
        I have New India Mediclaim 2012 policy. Have taken 7 lac SA coverage for me{dob 11.1.76} and my son {6yrs age}, and for my spouse {dob 01.01.79} of 5 lac cover separetely.

        I need to know which health insurance policy is good to port.? Is NIA good to stay with. My concern is i am turning 40 now so this is the only time i shud go for a good healthcare provider in Mumbai. Do let me know ur suggestions.
        how are LT Medisure,Tata Mediprime or IHO {Indian Healt Org } etc.

  160. Hi ,

    I require health insurance for my parents (monther and father) and brother upto 3 -5 lac.
    Mother is year 50 , father is 52 year and brother is 18 years old .
    So please suggest from where (heath insurance company ) I should buy ?


      1. Thanks for reply .

        Is religare right option or Max bupa in my case ?

        my father is BP patient and mother is thyroid.

        after considering the above what you’ll suggest ?

        Should I go with religare or Maxbupa or anyother ?

        Waiting for helpful answer .

  161. Hello Sir,

    Very well written article. Currently I am 28 years and my wife is 25 yrs. We both are fit and fine and looking to take a health insurance policy with a SI of 5 lakhs. Whenever I am trying to get a health insurance recommendation, all the websites were giving me the option of Religare Care only. On paper the features of Religare seem to be very good, but according to my own research I can see that public sector companies are hassle free and liberal in settling the claims. Can I go with Religare or is it best to go with a PSU? (Mostly National Insurance). Waiting for your reply.


    1. Raj-To be frank I have my own with Religare. Not because I am against public sector, but the features of Religare looks perfect to me. So if you feel public sectors are good then go ahead. But they are too rigid when it comes to plan features and convenience of providing service.

  162. Hi,
    I am Amit, want a critical illness insurance plan (Rs.5.00 Lakh) my parents age 63 yrs and 56 Yrs. Is any Govt. companies will provides the critical illness insurance or I have to go with private. Kindly suggest me the insurance company.

  163. hi ths is ravish here…currently i have mediclaim policy for me (age 29) and my mother (61) through national…..the policy was purchased by my dad…but as he passed away i dont have much info abt the company national,,,,,,,someone suggested me to with religare….so i am little confused as to whether to renew with natioanal or to go with any other company……which is better governement or private…kindly suggest which company would be better according to u out of the lot

  164. Dear Sir,
    Could please give advice on Religare “CARE” policy for my parents.My father is 64 yrs old & mother is 61 yrs old. I studied this policy, looks good but I am not aware of claim settlement ratio for this company. I think it is new in this health insurance sector. How much I can trust on religare??. any other suggestion for my parents health policy.

      1. Hi sir, I am getting less income now a days. I have just started working as an insurance agent. I need more suggestions from u sir.. How could I get more business… Any other business plan do u have such to recommend me.. I am an agent for Religare Health Insurance. What are the better ways to approach customers and get more customers.

      2. Respected Sir,

        Where can we find details about Claim Settlement Ratio of the general insurance companies and standalone health insurance companies. The details you have provided is for Incurred claim Ratio. I need information regarding Claim Settlement Ratio. I have checked IRDA Annual Report, but i can only find Incurred Claim Ratio details and not Claim Settlement Ratio. Please help me. I am thinking of buying a policy for my mother (57). My options are ICICI Lombard ihealth and Religare Care. Which one is better?
        Thanking you,

  165. Sir,

    Any feedback/ review on the Oriental insurance – Happy Family Floater.

    I am 27, and i am looking to cover me and my wife(also aged 27)
    Since i expect medical costs to go up as we grow older i think its best to opt for the 10 lac cover.
    I have a quote from Tata Aig at 12k+ premium per annum and from Oriental at 17+ per annum.
    The difference is 5k- also i cant tell the difference- which is better- or shud i check with others like Hdfc Ergo or star etc etc

  166. I want to buy a health insurance for 5 of us (parents, spouse & kid). But confused from where to take, public sector or private sector. Please suggest me from which company to buy

  167. Hi Basavaraj,

    I would like to your advise to buy best health policy.

    1. which one is best government company or Private sector?
    2. I like prefer family floated. would like to cover myself, spouse and child.
    3. which company provide best services ?

  168. Hi,

    I am S Kamaraj, tied up with Apollo Munich Health Insurance Policy. If any body interested to know about products. Please let me know. I will explain the Product. Not a compulsion. In-case if you feel worthy you may avail it. My Mobile Number is 9940887799.

  169. sir,

    kindly guide me for buying a health insurance . my mama is 59 years old . my father had got cancer so i do know about the expenses and i want my mother to covered enough atleast for critical disease like cancer and heart problem . though she has no complication of sugar bp or any other critical disease … kindly suggest . thanks in advance


  170. Hello, Basavaraj
    My age is 25 year . I want a health cover worth Rs 200000. My main worry is claim settlement. Please suggest me the best company.
    Also, my friend has a Bharati AXA smart health plan. Please suggest that he should continue with that plan or not.

  171. Hi Basu,

    First of all, thanks for all the information that you provide on your website. Great work indeed!!!

    I wanted to buy a Health Insurance for my parents aged – 59 and 56 and went through a number of websites and plans.
    Finally I am planning to buy MAX BUPA FAMILY FIRST policy which has premium of 33k for the Sum Insured I require.

    Can you please let me know the percentage of increase in premium in MAX BUPA if you have any idea about it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mayur Bansal

  172. Hi,

    I am planning to have a health insurance for my mother (age 60 yrs) who has diabetes since 4-5 yrs but in control. I had gone through different plans but all have waiting period of nearly 4 yrs for pre-existing diseases or co payment. Can you suggest me a plan of 4-5 lacs. How about religare care or there is anything better than that. Pl suggest.



    1. Plz never buy any buy health policy from religare.I request u that buy policy from any company but don’t buy from religare.

  173. Dear Basavaraj,

    I want to cover my mother edge 55 year. Please suggest me some good plan and also from which PSU insurance company to buy health Insurance.


  174. Dear Basavaraj,

    I Am 37 Years Old , My Wife Is 32 And Have One Son Aged 5 Yrs. Could You Please Suggest The Best Health Insurance Policy For My Family. A Floater Will Do. My Main Concerns Are…..
    1. Claim Settlement Ratio.
    2. Can Include One More Additional Child In Future.
    3. Easier Coverage Of Pre Existing Disease.
    4. Ease Of Renewability.
    5. Cover Most Of Illness And Surgeries.

    Many Thanks For Your Valuable Advice In Advance.
    Basawaraj Tegnoor.

  175. this is the net income and the claim against it. how can it help me to select the best mediclaim co? we need claim settlement ratio that is no. of claims settled against the no. of total claims of each co. then only we can know if the cois good in settlement of claims and decide on the best one.

  176. Basavraj,

    Great to hear from you and your initiative. I am an FRM and a CFA (Level III, Candidate). I am doing some research on the following on which I believe you may be the right guide:

    1. The Market size in terms of Mass, Corporate (EBA) and Retail. With their respective growths
    2. The major determinants of growth on the above segment basis
    3. Broker’s role in the same and the prominent brokers.
    4. Critical Success factors of Brokers
    5. The proportion based and facultative based Premium handled by the Brokers
    6. Top 5 Brokers in India and their market share
    7.The pie of Re Insurer, Group Mediclaim, Retail Policies int he Broker’s market

    Would appreciate if you could guide me.



  177. This table is a bit mislieading, couldn’t find the claim settlement ratio in the table, i could only find claim incurred ratio which is very different from claim settlement ratio.

    1. Anoop-For your information in Health Insurance there will not be concept of claim settlement, instead claim incurred. Please go through below comments. You will find the difference. Also try to understand the difference between these two.

  178. The link that I had posted was a good one. Why are you not showing it in your comments.
    Adding to it the Star Insurance that you keep recommending has lots of restrictions mention it as disclaimer.

  179. Kindly let me know the best 5 insurance companies in public and private sector for non life insurance i.e. health insurance, whether cashless or not doesn’t matter. Also let me know approximate premiums for individual insurance and floater plan.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sanket Sudke

  180. sir i m having health insurance for me ,my wife and my 5 year old kid of Rs 1.25 lakh individually at national insurance for past six years without claim. sir the health policies that are tied with nationalized banks have health policy in which the premium is not increased with age and any one of the inured can avail the whole of the sum assured that i cant do in Parivar in National insurance. i want to have a family floater now after porting . so please suggest me if i can go for health policies like bank of India, bank of Borodha or UCO bank which are tied with national insurance. please advise me sir.
    my age is 37 and wife is 37 and kid is 5 year.

  181. Recentaly i have to buy a policy from policy bazar he offerd me that if u book this policy then u get extra 1 lack benifit in policy but i have to find in hard copy no any thing mension their. This is indivisul policy for me. Please sugest me

  182. Frds i beg u plz never buy health policy from religare..u take policy from any company but dont go with religare..soon they are exitingfrom life buisness and king of chorz

  183. Hi Basu,

    Could you please share your critical analysis on National Insurance’s “National Mediclaim Plus” policy (note the ‘plus’).
    This seems to provide the best of features + claim settlement ratios, but at a higher premium. I think its a good policy if one can afford the premium, considering this comes from National Insurance.


  184. Dear Basu,

    I want to start SIP of Rs.5k-6k/pm. (around 500 to 1000 for one fund). I have shortlisted some funds for SIPs

    Axis Equity -G
    Birla SL Top 100 -G
    Birla Sun Life Equity Fund-G
    Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund-G
    BNP Paribas Equity -G
    Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Reg -G
    Franklin India High Grth Companies -G
    HDFC Top 200-G
    ICICI Pru Dynamic -G
    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Inst I-G
    Reliance Small Cap -G
    UTI Equity -G

    Kindly suggest which to go for from the above list and even which is not mentioned in the list?

    1. Shreyas-Have these two funds, that is enough diversification. Do you know by having too many funds actually you are creating confusion for yourself.
      1) Franklin India Bluechip Fund-G and 2) HDFC Midcap Opp Fund-G. One large cap and another small and mid cap fund. That’s enough.

  185. Hello Sir,

    Can you please guide me. I want to take Health insurance for my parent. How can I avail it in tax rebate.
    I have to take the insurance on my name or parent’s name. What the process of avail the tax rebate.
    My parent age 49 and 44. Please suggest me plan. I have to take Family floater plan.

    Since 2 year I have HDFC ERGO’s Health Suraksha Plan (Family Floater), which is going to complete on this Feb.

    Should I carry it or switch to other. Please guide me to take insurance for me and my parent.

      1. Thanks for your reply,

        I already read all your blog and I like very much. These help me lot to learn finance related. Really thanks for sharing knowledge.

        I’m not switching from HDFC. I want to buy a health insurance for my parent, as HDFC cover me not my parent. I want to buy a separate plan for parent on their name. Can I avail the tax benefit. Please suggest me plan.


  186. Dear Basu,
    Thanks for the article. I have one small doubt. The ‘incurred claim ratio’ is the ratio of the claim settled to the premium received. We are not in a position to get to know whether they are settling maximum claims. Is it not better if we can get hold of the ‘claim settlement ratio’ which is the claims received vs that settled so that we get a better idea on which insurance company is settling the claims better.


    Suresh Varma

  187. Sir

    My father is around 73 years and my mother 70 years. Could you pl suggest good health insurance policy for them ?

  188. Hi,

    I have taken Easy Health Plan for my father age 58 from Apollo Munich.The policy issue date is 12 Sep.2014. My father undergone pre policy health checkup and at that time all medical reports came normal . He has no high B.P, no Diabetic, no Cholesterol,E.C.G is also normal. Also my father did not hide any disease in the proposal form .He is fit & fine no health issues in the past.
    But on 24 sep2014 he is suffered chestpain & admitted to hospital, Doctors perform angiography & in the test 1 blokage found & then doctors done angioplasty, now he is stable. My father has employer health insurance so I made claim & claim is approved.
    Can I inform my father post policy heath condition to Apollo? if yes then Apollo will increase premium or rejected policy at the time of renewal? My fear is that if I do not inform the Apollo then if there is claim in near future there is chance of Apollo will reject the claim?
    Please advise me what should be I do in the above case.
    Apollo has no claim based loading & I have not made claim yet so can they then increase premium on the basis of current health history after issuing health policy. Please advise.

    Can you explain me following clause in Apollo easy health policy document.

    .Loadings & Discounts:

    We may apply a risk loading on the premium payable (based upon the
    declarations made in the proposal form and the health status of the persons
    proposed for insurance). The maximum risk loading applicable for an individual
    shall not exceed above 100% per diagnosis / medical condition and an overall
    risk loading of over 150% per person. These loadings are applied from
    Commencement Date of the Policy including subsequent renewal(s) with Us or
    on the receipt of the request of increase in Sum Insured (for the increased Sum
    We will inform You about the applicable risk loading through a counter offer
    letter. You need to revert to Us with consent and additional premium (if any),
    within 7 days of the receipt of such counter offer letter. In case, you neither
    accept the counter offer nor revert to Us within 7days, We shall cancel Your
    application and refund the premium paid within next 7 days.
    Please note that We will issue Policy only after getting Your consent and
    additional premium (if any).

    Also I have received soft copy of the policy but physical documents not received yet due to my home is locked. now Apollo will be sending documents again.

  189. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy a policy.What is your opinion on Star Health Optima,Apollo Munich and Max Bupa?? How do you rank them??

  190. frds i spoke to some agent he told me that when u are admiited in hospital and the doctor makes diagnosis of your problem then the insurance company pays u but if u are getting admitted for investigation purpose..then no company will you…please always read the policy terms and conditions properly….frds its my serious advice to you dont buy health or life plan with religare….and u can take policy from any other company…..frds this is my serious advice to all ….wishing u all good health and prosperity..

    1. Sir,
      If you please you can call on toll free number 180030103333 and talk to sooraj Tiwari of Max bupa may be you will find any suitable plan.

  191. hiii friends please tell me how religare health insurance is? my friend told me to cancel policy as it has poor performance in life insurance please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. frds if you want to health policy plz go with universal sompo health insurance..the company settles all the claims within 10 days of time and belive me that this company is not having branding like others company have…sompo is largest insurer in world..belive me frds japan is the most rich and most honest in world…the biggest feature of universal sompo is that it is covering all diseases after 1 year and other companies cover after 2 years.. And the second biigest advantage is that there is no sublimits or restiction on room category or room rent,,,,plz take health policy with universal sompo….claim settlement ratio is also excellent ….these companies like appolo ,star bajaj take lot of time but sompo settles claims very fast..

  193. mr basu i would like to tell you that irda has fined 40 lakh on religare for violating rules…this is the latest news i would like to tell you…so dont go with this cheater religare…

    1. Pradeep-If you feel Religare is worst company then I am not here to defend that company too πŸ™‚ Fining from IRDA is regular job, whenever they feel so they penalize the companies even to LIC too. So no comment on that.

    2. Basav

      Pls elaborate in short words to our friends before buying health insurance. so that they will not be cheated from the agents.

      1 Co-payment
      2 Restoration
      3 Loading
      4 sub limits
      5 room rent policy

      etc. guys pls understand this first and then buy health insurance.

      Selling strategies

      Most of the agents sell there products by brand name specially LIC agents

      beaware from policy bazar calls. they sell the product from which they are having good commission.

      false information these officers are giving, I was tracked a policy bazar guy while giving false information about the restoration benefit.


  194. Dear sir i think your interpretation is wrong this is not claim settlement ratio this is claim incurred ratio which mean claim incurred against premium recieved by co. Claim incurred mean claim recieved by co. Not paid so pls recheck your opinion those you put under green they have pathetic performance

  195. mr basav raj i have got my health claim from religare through consumer forum….frdss plz plz plz dont buy health insurance from religare…..this is the worst ..u know their grievance officers never reply…they have totally unexperienced underwriter and unexperienced staff..frds beleive me im not trying to defame religare ….plzz frds dont go with religare and im saying u take insurance from any other company…u know when u or your relative are in most need of health money and they refuse to give u …then you will hit your head pillar to pillar like me….im saying that u go with any company but plz plz plz dont go descision is yours

  196. hi
    i want to know about health insurance .which is better star health or religare health insurance .premium wise religare is better.

  197. Hello Sir,

    I find this very informative. I am an ex servicemen and have ECHS facility for self and family. But I want to purchase a health policy for whole family, with a view that in case of emergency we should not have to run pillar to post. Needs your sincere suggestions for a health insurance company and also needs that the insurance company should carry out our thorough medical examination and all necessary formalities carefully lest to create problem at the time of settlement. I am 50 yr, wife 50 yr son 22 yr old

    Please reply


  198. sir,

    Currently I am working in an MNC and have 2.5 lakhs (me-38 yrs, wife-36 yrs and 9 yr kid) insurance from new india assurance (thru mediassist) – Company group insurance. I have no health issues as of now.

    I am planning to quit my job to become an entrepreneur. I am mainly looking at claim settlement ratio. All other things are less important. Hence I am looking for a family floater and also one critical illness plan. Looking at the above table it looks like I might have to go for two government insurance policies and dump new india assurance (very less settlement for family floater/individual).

    Please suggest which is a good plan for me. Also suggest a good critical illness plan (covering 10-20 critical illness’s).

    thanks in advance

      1. I believe thats the most important followed by critical illness/accident inclusion, NCB benefit.

        As I am planning to be on my own (without depending on job), I want to be prepared for any health hazards (not in my control but can suck out a lot of money).

        Please let me know your opinion…

  199. Which company best in public sector National Insurance ,United Insurance, The new India Insurance.
    Claim settlement & service.

  200. mr basu plz tell me the claim status of hdfc ergo…max bupa premium is very high…im planning to buy health policy from tata aig or bajaj allianz or hdfc ergo..i need your comments in claim settlement of these companies

  201. Sir,
    I need help in choosing best health insurance policy.(For family)
    I ma diabetic since last 7 years. My age is 43 years, My spouse age:39 yrs, My kids age is 12 years.
    I am looking for sum assured 5 lakhs which would grow upto 10 lakhs in view of no claim
    as my family is insured by my office… and the claim if any would be only after my retirement i.e. after 15 years.
    I need lifelong renewal policy.
    I have heard some companies increase their yearly premium.
    I need guidance from you,

    1. Salil-You can check with National Insurance, United Insurance, Star, Apollo or MaxBupa. Currently all most all companies offer lifelong renewal. So no need to worry. Also premiums will not be increased on yearly base but based on age slab. So don’t worry about that.

      1. hello don’t buy apollo munich health insurance because this company claim settlement ratio very low and many number of claim rejected

          1. Never buy Apollo Health Insurance because I face Problem
            I buy Apollo munich healtgh incurance in sep 13 and one policy buy Icici lombard apr 14 I admitted in hospit in network with apollo buy not aproval found cashless in 4 day after discharge when i claim with apollo my claim reject buy same document accept Icici Lombard and give me full settelment my claim amount so please check once again if you buy any apollo policy if you already apollo policy holder please port your policy other health insurance company and check claim ratio below url


            only read and ask why familly and induval claim ratio below 45%

            because corporate plan is difrent and personal plan is difrent

            my number is 9867446071

  202. Hello Basu,

    I need family floater health insurance myself(36),wife(31) & daughter(3).
    Prime importance is claim settlement reputation. Is it better to go with PUBLIC or PRIVATE sectors considering better claim settlement.

    Should not happen that private sector companies try to avoid claims by finding even minor concern to prove it exclusion (Pre-existing) etc.

    Please suggest me best ONE less than Rs15000/ann

  203. Hello

    Thanks for replying my earlier query, As i mentioned earlier i have apollo standard policy, one of the reason i am looking to port the policy is it does not cover one of the leading hospital in delhi which is Ganga ram hospital. Please suggest me which company is better where i can port. I am from delhi

  204. Hello

    I have a medical plan of 5,00000 from apollo and i am looking to port it to some other company I am trying to understand which is a good medical insurance plan as of now.
    I am looking for a family floater for me, my wife and seven year old kid, My age is 36 yrs.
    Also please let me know are there additional things i should keep in mind before i port the policy.
    So far i havnt used any claim but i am annoyed with there customer service team which is not up to the mark.
    Your assistance will be appreciated, I am from delhi Thanks

    1. Amit-If you don’t have any prior claims then how you come to judgement that Apollo have bad customer service? By questioning this, I am not insisting you to stay with Apollo. But without no valid reasons why to opt another insurance company?

  205. Dear Basu,

    Given report says incurred claims and incurred claim ratio. I would be thankful if you could share claim settlement ratio for health as well as motor insurance

    Thanks a lot


  206. HI,

    I want to buy a health insurance for my father…. he is aged 59 years and is a diabetic patient…. Can you suggest a good company to go for?

    1. Hi Sir, If u want to any medical policy than contact me on this no. 9899396267 because i have west health insurance plan. i am a health insurance advisor of star health& allied insurance company

  207. Hello,

    If you want new health insurance pleas read this.

    I already 3 health policy holder Apollo Munich , Icici Lombard and max bupa.

    All plan is family floater Plan.

    My Spouse Admitted in Sanjeevani Surgical and general hospital this hospital listed in all insurance company.

    First I claim with Apollo Munich for cashless my cashless claim reject some report required. I submit report again again reject my claim given same region admission require region I again submit doctor latter with patient Problem and why admitted and how may time required hospitalization after reject my claim this is total process 4 days not any body come in hospital check if any query what is require or check . this above case is facing apollo munich health insurance. The claim number is – Claim Number is- Claim Id: 211683
    My Apollo Policy No: 900001/11051/1000417293 date of admission 04/07/2014 date of discharge 08/07/2014

    After Discharge my spouse i submit all bill for Reimbursement with Icici lombard my claim amount is rs . 28728.00

    My claim Approval Rs. 22566.00 and 6162 Disallowed because my plan is room rent limited 3000.00 per but i chooc 4500.00 my room rent per day so 6150.00 not pay me Icici lombard and all claim settle in only 7 days after settle icici lombard all claim.

    I sent balance amount rs 6150.00 apply with Apollo Munich The apollo Munich Sowing only rs 1980.00 claimed amount How to check this because this is only room rent charges not and deducted amount. after 30 days my claim reject again given region this case not require hospitalization.

    When I ask how to settle my claim Icici Lombard If this case hospitalization not require inform me our policy is different.

    So please first check and again buy any health policy with Apollo Munich.

    Any More Information You can call me – 09867446071 8828549348

    or mail – [email protected]

    I request you please share this all your family and friend.

    Satyapal Yadav
    [email protected]

      1. My first policy Apollo cover rs 200000 and member is 3 me my spouse and my 1 son


        1. Satyapal-You have not shared you reasons or health issues you undergone which you are claiming to be Apollo rejected but ICICI accepted. Also when you are saying all are fit then are you asking me about future claims or something happened within your family?

          1. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

            For your information Me and my family fit and i have medical test report after taken Apollo and Icici Lombard Policy How to say me health issues you undergone. I ask you you are fit and final this time but tomorrow you facing fever or materia and insurance company ask you why are you stay in mosquito bit you. you not declarer you stay with mosquito you have any answer.

            Because Me and my family totally fit and final but Apollo Munich no want pay claim amount.

            I changeling you and Apollo doctor any declare any pre health issue me and my family before taking policy .

  208. Hi,

    I have a health insurance with Oriental for past 3 years that was taken via my employer. (Group insurance – including my family).

    Now, i am thinking of switching to another company, so i decided to take a health insurance by myself (not via employer)., is is possible to take the policy with other company using the No claim benefits of past 3 years with oriental ?


  209. What do u mean by “aggressive.”
    I am about to take a health policy for myself and I got turned down because of my pre existing ailment ,(actually o underwent a surgery 4 years ago)by icici Lombard.

    Do you think I should worry as others also would act the same way.

      1. Sorry.
        I applied to icici and was turned down as I had a congenital problem (incidental finding)which I got operated in 2010 just to avert problems in future life in 40s,but I have had no problems before or after the operation till date.but the company never asked for my reports to see my actual condition.

        Do you think someone at icici just didn’t like the word “congenital problem “and rejected my proposal without seeing the details?

        If so should I be worried about other companies also rejecting me?

        And last which company to apply now?is the claim incurred ratio strict indicator of a companies claim settlement credentials?

        Sorry to exceed my quota of questions but I am anxious as I got rejected.

          1. I am 25…what general insurance company do you see as good for applying..keeping in view my preexisting condition, I want avg 2 year exclusion for same,top up facility,domiciliary care,no co payment,cover of 10 lacs.

            1. Hi Abhishek if you are Staying in Mumbai you can call me on my no 9664377889..I will check and assit you on this matter.

  210. Hi, i want a health insurance for my parents. My father is 59 & my mother is 56. Please suggest me for getting the best health insurance plan.


  211. im not trying to defame religare health insurance but u ask any person who wants to share his or experience in claims with religare…belive me im not life insurance aegon religare has worst settlement i wrong?.pradeep is my bro and he is searching for a new health insurance plan for our family..

    1. Sneha-Then why can’t you both raised the issue separately? Also if Religare is such worst service then you have option to raise your voice to IRDA. I hope they will resolve your issue. But at the same time, I am clearing it that I am not here to promote any particular product.

  212. im going to share my bad experience of claims with religare…at the time i disclosed my medical reports with them at the time of taking..they said we will put this disease in your policy as and that disease is piles…i was not having piles but their manager said that u must take this disease in your policy or your policy will be cancelled….then after after 9 month a a claims comes of some other disease..after 9 months of time they are sending me a prexisting disease letter of some other disease for which i have claimed….they are sending a letter for jaundice as prexisting disease after 9 months….im asking u if the insurance company wants to put any disease prexisting in my policy then they have to send the letter to me in 1 month of policy and i have shared my medical reports also with them….their ceo mr anuj gulati and grievance officer mr never talks to the customer for their problem and this company is full of donkeys staff ….im going to file the case in consumer court against them…in life insurance also this is worst and they have come in health insurance….please recommend me some good company….anyone wants to share experience about new companies like l and t , tata aig or india first mediclaim policy….

    1. the companies like religare must be fined heavy penalties.this company religare is biggest fraud and cheater which has come in health insurance to eat the money of innocent people…mr basu i need a good company health policy …..plzz recommend me

      1. Pradeep-I feel something wrong with you and Sneha. I feel both of you are either same person or different but using the same internet connection to malign or defame Religare. Because you both IP Address is matching πŸ™‚ So don’t play such games at least on this platform. Stop behaving such game. If it is genuine then you can share, but intentional will not be allowed. Sorry.

    2. Sneha-I feel something wrong with you and Pradeep. I feel both of you are either same person or different but using the same internet connection to malign or defame Religare. Because you both IP Address is matching πŸ™‚ So don’t play such games at least on this platform. Stop behaving such game. If it is genuine then you can share, but intentional will not be allowed. Sorry.

    3. Hi Sneha

      Very sorry to say about all this,if u want to take health plan from any other company,plz tell about your requirements and ur family size,age,etc…


  213. religare is biggest chaeter…they are not settling my claim and they rejecting my claim on flimsy moving to consumer court..plz frds never buy health insurance from this company…

  214. Hello sir,
    I am 24 year old.My income is 5,16,000 rupees per year.I think about health insurance plan.Which insurance company is best for me at this age and also suggest me the plan of that company.

    1. Hello Dharmesh

      There are so many companies offering good plans.
      Its on you which features you want to buy.?.

      I am a health insurance advisor.

      For any query call on 9837907175,9319617172


  215. Hi,

    I have medical policy for parents from United India Insurance Company Ltd since last 5 years through one of the TPA.

    I have come to know that TPA is charging almost 50% more amount than actual premium saying that these are TPA charges.

    I would like to know that whether i can switch the policy direct to UIICL without any TPA ? is there such option available ?
    Can i switch from UIICL to any other company with same benefits ?

    Please assist me.

      1. Hello Sir,

        I have paid around 10k premium but while checking the policy received from UIICL , The amount mentioned was around 6k only.

        When i enquired to my agent, he gave me one receipt from TPA on plain paper with full of 10k.

        I have raised the same question that why the full amount is not paid to UIICL, Then agent informed me that there is TPA charge which never comes to UIICL.

        I would like you to help me to get to know the same thing.

        I think ,My agent/TPA are cheating me.

        1. Nilesh-I am hearing it first time and infact shocked to know this. This is nothing but complete mis-selling. Can you provide the TPA name and Health Insurance company along with product you opted?

          1. Sir,

            The policy is from UIICL and TPA is veritas insurance services pvt ltd.

            Would you help me to understand whether i can make complain to UIICL regarding this or any other institutions.
            Whether i can get back the extra amount paid from Veritas.

            Please help me.

            I have proof of all receipts provided by them and UIICL policy .


  216. religare is the biggest fraud and cheater in the insurance industry..this company has done miselling with me..plzzzz frds dont buy any policy frm religare…after marking many mails their grievance officer does not reply….im not getting my money back..

  217. Hi Basavraj,

    I have Oriental Family Floater plan for my parents since 2 years. I have put myself as the proposer then and got it for less premium of Rs. 17K for 6 Lakhs sum assured. But since this year, the premium got increased by considering my fathers age which is highest among all the insured persons in the plan. My father’s age is 59 and mothers age is 52.

    So, I am considering the option of portability to Apollo Munich Family floater with 5 Lakhs sum assured which has premium of Rs. 23K and it gives 15% discount if I pay for 2 years at one time. It has other benefits like life long renewal, pre hospitalization of 60 days and post hospitalization of 90 days, 144 day-care procedures covered etc.

    Do you think Apollo Munich is better than Oriental family floater in terms of service, cash-less claims, claim settlement and coverage of diseases? Please advise

    1. Phani-First understand why they raised the premium rate. Because during initial year of proposal also they had issued the policy considering oldest person of family but not you. So check out the reason for such raise. As far as Apollo Munich is concerned, yes it is good company offering some unique features.

      1. I actually took it online through a TPA called Medimanage. I got an email around May this year that premium is calculated based on highest aged person starting this year and so premium has increased. The real reason why they gave it for lower premium is not sure

  218. yes sneha and vishal are absolutely right….relgare is the worst company and im porting my policy to max bupa………does any one has experience with max bupa…

  219. im crying after taking policy from religare….their grievance officer never listens or reply to customers…even after doing lots of mails to their ceo anuj gulati ..there is no reply…i would advise you friends take insurance from any other company but dont go with religare otherwise u will repent

  220. Hi,

    I am 30, wife 29 and son 1 year. Any suggestion for the good health insurance although we are covered by my employer with 5lac sum assured. Do we really need to but another health insurance as we are already convered through employer.

    Please suggest…


  221. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have a Max bupa helath care plan with sum assured of Rs. 2 lacs. In September 2014 one year will be completed I got a call from Max bupa regarding renewal of policy but I studied and search a lot and came to conlusion that the premisum is 50 percent more in comparision of other players. So some one suggest me to go with Star optima restore plan. Is it good company to go by using Portability.

    Virendra Sharma

    1. You can go for star health insurance which has a good service and best plans…
      for more info you can call me on 0

    2. Hi Virendra

      No Star is not a good company to opt because its claim settelment ratio is not good its below 75%.
      U can go with L&T and Apollo Munich….

      For more knowledge regarding Health Insurance anybody can call me anytime on 9837907175,9319617172.


      1. Hi,
        Have insured with reliance health, a family floater. taken recently, insurance portability is applicable post term or within? please advice

          1. Hi,
            Regret for the delay,
            Post opting reliance health, most of my wellwishes adviced to go for a portability. Reliance health post sales, service is not to mark it seems. Your views !!!!

              1. Hi,
                Fine !!!!
                What about portability, Can it be possible within the term.

                Dear All,

                Please do share your personal experience with reliance health…

                1. Hi,
                  You have taken it wrong., have taken a health insurance two months before, now is it possible to do portability within stipulated cover period. Please advise.

                    1. Dear Kumar

                      U need to fill the portability form before 45 days of the renewal of ur current policy….

                      For any queries call anytime on 9837907175,9319617172.


  222. plzz pllz pllz never 2 buy health insurance from religare…this is the worst company in all health insurance..when u will be in problem no one will reply you…

    1. Hello,
      What happened? Can you pls provide more details? I am also planning to buy health insurance from religare and noticed your comment.


      1. You can go for star health insurance which has a good service and best plans…
        for more info you can call me on 9664377889

      2. Hi Rajat

        If u are looking for a good health insurance plan,plz call me once on 9837907175,9319617172.
        I ll clear all ur queries and help u to buy a good plan.


          1. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti

            I am here only to get more knowledge and to share my experience with others and not to promote my business,I am getting calls from this and I have only suggested the best plans as per their requirement,,.,.And If anybody wants to take a health insurance then why dont with me,as I will not charge or not charging extra amount from them….

            Ur views?…,


            1. Nitin-Thanks but if your aim is to share the knowledge then do you feel sharing contact numbers is in right spirit. I am neither hurting your business nor your feelings. But do share this opportunity to get name by sharing your valuable knowledge. Business is secondary part.

              1. Dear

                Thanks for ur reply,but I am not directly asking for the business,I am sharing my number so that anyone wants something to ask can call me and If he/she feels that I have a good knowledge and can give them good services then why dont they buy insurance from me premium will be the same whether they buy from me or from anyone. ?..

                I think u know that in this fast and busy world everybody wants service?.


  223. Dear Sir,
    I would like to take a Insurance for my Father (58) and Mother (56). I had shifted to a new company 3 months back who offer Insurance cover for my Spouse alone. Last month my father got hospitalized for heart ailment and i had bear all the expenses.

    According to the doctor he might have to get admitted if he faces any problem and I don’t any insurance cover for him. If a take a policy for him today and in a worst case scenario if i need to admit my father in hospital in 2 weeks or so, will he covered from day 1 of the policy or is there a minimum wait period before i can apply a claim.

    1. Prasanna-It is hard to get cover your father with the kind of ailment and that too within 2 weeks of time. First thing, there will be usually a 30 days waiting period for normal diseases. But in case of existing diseases waiting period will increase to 3-4 years. So you need to bear the cost of this medication. This the negligence cost you are going to pay for not having your own insurance cover, instead depending on employer insurance. Sorry to say such hard words at this juncture of your life, but it is reality.

      1. Hi Prasanna ,
        Basavaraj Sir told is correct that we should not never depend upon the employers for health insurance.
        But at this time you have a better option for future with Star Health Insurance Cardiac Care plan.
        Any person aged between 10 years to 65 years and who has undergone for the first time PTCA (Stenting) or CABG (By-pass) within 4 years prior to the date of policy purchase can take this insurance.
        Cardiac ailments covered after 90 days which is less compared to any other policy in the Market.
        If you have any query about the policy please call…9664377889.

  224. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest a good mediclaim for My parents.
    My father is 49 and mother 43.

    The consultant from my company suggested Me iffco tokio.
    Kindly advise.

    1. You can go for star health insurance which has a good service and best plans…
      for more info you can call me on 9664377889

  225. Hi Basavaraj

    I am 24 , working and looking for an individual health insurance policy after getting blown away by my medical costs due to typhoid. My questions are:

    1. Take policy from Banks Like PNB tied up with Oriental. Bank of Baroda with National Insurance etc. or go for Private companies with inhouse TPAs like Star, Max Bupa?

    2. Which is better star or max bupa, and will I really get the money at times of crisis hassel free/ are they reliable? Which among them has higher CSR?

    3. Suggest one health insurance policy for me?


      1. You can go for star health insurance which has a good service and best plans…
        for more info you can call me on 9664377889

  226. Hi,

    My husband and I are 31 and we have 2 daughters aged 3 years and 10 month. I am planning to buy Religare health care plan for 10 lacs through policy bazaar for which premium is 19073 rs yearly. Please advice me if it is a good deal as I am more concerned on the claim settlements in future. We don’t have pre-existing diseases as such but since last 15 days my husband is feeling mild chest pains and doc suggested that it is because of his busy and stressful lifestyle. I am also concerned of their auto recharge policy where we cant use recharge on the same illness for which claim was already made in that policy year.

    Please please advice ASAP. I am waiting for your reply πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Anamika S,

      Even i am planning to buy the same Religare Care policy and i have read the T&C also. what your concern is ‘what if full sum insured got over and for same Illness or disease’. so here you are taking a policy for 10 Lac and the major heart operation in very good hospital like Columbia asia will cost you max to 8 lac. so still 2 lac is there for you to use.
      and it says also The Recharge will be available only for future claims. so my assumption is if 10 lac is over they will still recharge you with 10 lac. but the same person will not be able to you it for same disease that year only, but others will be able to use that 10 lac and use if need comes… so in same year i think the person will not get admitted twice for same illness.. if so then its hospital problem πŸ™‚ change the hospital πŸ˜€
      what i have put my comments thinking it will help you decide.
      i did lot of reading of T&C in each insurance comp like icici lombard, Apollo Restore, Reliance Health Care and few more… πŸ™‚
      only thing i found is Religare Care is having this Restore option, other comp is Apollo and premium is also less in this compare to Apollo, other wise Apollo is also good i have to say.
      i am just planning to take for only 5 lac as we are only 3 members

      1. Thanks Basavraj and Sachin!

        This is not just about heart issues. We need to think on other ailments like cancer too. We can’t predict the future,right? I don’t think 10L is sufficient amount for cancer treatments as patient might have to go under chemos repeatedly.. and in this case Religare will not provide the recharge amount.


        Mu husbands tests are done and he has been given 1 months medicines. But looking at the corporate lifestyle and stress what policy you will suggest. We never know when one has to go undergo angiography and then angioplasty.

        I am super confused now what to buy. Can you please please suggest me the good plans? Please mention the full name of the plans so that I dont have to bug you again πŸ™‚ btw my budget is upto 25thousand yearly πŸ™‚

        Thanks so much in advance..

        1. Anamika-“But looking at the corporate lifestyle and stress what policy you will suggest”-My suggestion is why not we follow the basic principle of our health? Preventation is better than cure? It is the lifestyle we created our self not others. If successful people of this earth can manage more work with complete healthy lifestyle then why we normal people can’t? It is our mindset which made to follow blindly….work for 12 hrs…enjoy weekends by lying on chair or bed…watch TV and in evening input the so called junk foods.
          By mere few data about your husband I can’t suggest a plan. But at the same time I suggest to act on this immediately. In reality I doubt any insurance company will offer coverage to a person if they find risk involved is more. There are here to do business but not social work. So never ever think at one side. Please do more data to arrive at suggestion.

        2. Hi Anamika

          If U think 10 lac is not a sufficient amount for ur family then go for a top up plan.
          It costs low comaparing the single plan of 15-20 lacs.

          For ur family of 2 adults and 2 child u can take 25 lacs cover in just Rs.18344.

          I am a health insurance advisor.

          For any query plz call on 9837907175,9319617172.


  227. Hello Sir,

    I am having Floater plan of Rs.5lakh with National Insurance -Myself(41yrs), wife (40yrs) & 2 daughters (15yrs & 10 yrs).
    Now I want to take one more policy for me & my wife. So, kindly suggest me between the below policies I already shortlisted.

    1. Apollo Optima Restore – 10lakhs + 10 lakhs
    2. Max Bupa Family First (GOLD) – 5 lakhs + 5 lakhs + (20 lakhs Floater)

    Out of these two, which one is better and if you can advice me any policy of Star healthcare because I noticed while reading other persons reviews. you mostly suggest for these three companies.

    Please reply,


  228. Hi,

    I’m planning for a coversgae for mom , she is aged 53, I checked with religare and the quote is 14k. Is there a better plan?
    also My dad had a bypass surgey 2 years before, he is 59 now, which plan do u suggest??
    Please advise

  229. Hi,

    I have recently taken a Max Bupa health insurance plan in Nov 13 ( Family first silver 5 lakhs + 15 lakhs ) . We are a family of 4 – 2 adults (I am 42 years and my wife being 36 years and 2 children : aged 11 and 6 years . Premium paid is approx 26,000 Rs

    I previously had the New India Assurance health insurance for which I was paying approx 25,000 Rs for a sum insured of 5 lakhs each ( for myself, my wife and my 11 year old daughter ) and 2 lakhs for my 6 year old Son . Total insured amount for family thus being 17 Lakhs

    The Max Bupa insurance covers each of us for 5 lakhs with a floater of 15 lakhs for each policy . 2 policies are taken to make use of the floater ( I and My daughter are on one policy and my wife and son on another ) . The total insured is thus 50 lakhs ( 20 lakhs + 30 lakhs as a floater ) .

    Do you think this is a step in the right direction ? as my New India policy will stand deactivated . Also is it generally a practice to have more than 1 health insurance policy ? Is Bajaj a good option to consider ?


    1. Deepak-If your New India policy deactivated then why you are worrying about that? Regarding MaxBupa, it is good plan and you can continue. But at the same time do remember that to review your insurance coverage once in a 5 years at least.

  230. Dear Sir,
    I want to get a medical insurance for my family comprising of 3 member including me.
    We are healthy and fit till now.
    What is your suggestion about the coverage amount ( 3 lakh/5 lakh or more) .
    Also kindly suggest me the best company for this.
    It should be cashless hospitalization and less problem creating.


      1. Dear Sir
        We dont have any medial history.
        We all are fit and fine.
        Just for emergency we need the coverage.


        1. Hi Mr. Alok

          I am a certified financial planner.I will help u to buy a good health plan.

          For details call on 9837907175,9319617172.


  231. I am 55 yrs (DOB-18/10/1958) old male & till now working in PSU Company and desires the family floater Health Insurance for myself & my wife ( DOB-05/11/1963) from suitable insurance company.
    I have diabetic around 115 /200 on medicine and absolutely no problem . My wife is ok in all respect.
    We will be more happier if we don’t have to go to any hospital for treatment but at the same time we desire to get all the possible (almost 100 % if possible) when it is needed on any day , any time without having any or minimum money with us for whole life time.
    The health policy of reputed company should
    -> provide the cashless facility for all the care generally required in old age say after 60 years age like organ /joint replacement, sugar, heart attack ( bye pass , open surgery of any available treatment) ,any treatment related to brain hammer age, dialysis, ambulance /room on hospitalization etc
    -> provide as far as possible, cost of health check up of insured person(s) at regular interval & medicine. I know such facility is generally not available but we expect any expert may please advise.
    -> be reputed in provide optimum service and promptly deal to settle the issue before & after .
    Remarks :- So far the category of city is concerned whether same will be considered on the basis of resident of assured person or the city where the treatment done in hospital.
    We shall be thankful if any expert may please advise the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY & its said POLICY by name along with amount of Sum to be Insured ( say 5 – 7 Lacs) and its yearly premium in India.

  232. Dear sir,
    I m 32 yrs nd my wife is 24 nd my baby girl is 4 month…we have group insurance ( united india) from my employer about 1lac. I m thinking if i fall in ESI range in future then we have lost group insurance facility….so . Now want to buy a cheap nd best health plan which is suitable for us.please mention the plan name …what shoud be better to buy it in online or offline?

  233. I wanted to know any Health insurance policies who can cover day to day expenses on Health Check up, Medical Tests and medicines without 1 day compulsory hospitalization in hospital.

    1. Max Bupa Platinum policy covers the day to day medical expenses, cost of medical tests and specialist Doctor’s consultation fees along with normal health insurance coverage. Contact me to know more #9830018857

  234. Sir
    M just married n m looking for health insurance which can cover maternity., born baby medical, pre and post hospitalizations, critical illness, medicine n doctor consultancy fee , check up like ecg,MRI etc ,lesser waiting period and excellent claim settlement.kindly recommend best health insurance or suggest what suitable step should I take to overcome any health related concern for me n my new life


    1. Satya you can go for Star Comprehensive Policy which has maternity benefits and benefits too…

    2. Max Bupa Health Insurance covers all of your recuirements. Please contact me to know more #9830018857

    3. Hi Satya

      U can go for L&T Medissure Prime.
      It covers all u need
      Maternity ,lesser waiting period,double sum in critical illness,all day care procedures…

      For more details nd features Call


  235. Dude
    U need to understand the definition of incurred claims ratio. It means ratio of earned premium in Rs. to claims amount paid. Hence it has no relation to how good or bad a particular company is. A companies generally earn huge premium in group policies but pay even larger amounts in this because it includes corporates where the pre-existing and other claims are payable. Hence incurred claims ratio is not a correct indicator.
    Also a company might not do great business in a year and yet pay good amount of claims, boosting the overall incurred claims ratio. Hence incurred claims ratio is not the correct parameter to judge quality of service of heath insurance company.

    The correct parameter to identify quality of service of health insurance company is claims ratio ( which is % of claims accepted). Unfortunately, IRDA does not publish this figure for health insurance companies.

  236. Hi.

    I want to purchase the individual mediclaim policy which include 3 lakh cover and in nearby future i am going to be marrrying and after that we plan for the child .please suggest the cheap and the best policy .Should i go for the private or public companies.
    Also in case of any mishappening can my company gives me the salary if i am on the leave and the company claims my salary from the insurance company.pls suggest this also.i am very confused..???

    1. Mishappening means if i am ill and suffering from any disease and not been able to join office and take the leave supposingly 2 months.Then in that case can my company reimburse me the salary and they take it back from the insurance compamy?

      My question is that is there any facility for this claim in any of the insurance policy??

      1. Anshul-No that will not be here and also no insurance policy provide such benefits. But you can check for accidental insurance policies where they pay you sum lumpsum as educational expenses of kids during accidental period.

  237. hi sir,

    i want to buy a health policy (family floater) for me 34, wife 34 and a kid 3 years of Rs. 5 lacs , but i am confused between public sector players like NATIONAL INSURANCE/ UNITED INDIA ASSURANCE or private insurers like STAR HEALTH/ APOLLO MUNICH. Based on your table for settlement ratios and performance which should i opt for??? i want to have a policy with faster claim settlements, less premium and good services.
    Also, star health is offering a RESTORATION BENEFIT EQUAL TO THE SUM ASSURED in case the sum assured is consumed up prior to next renewal date AND THAT TOO WITH A LESS PREMIUM. Is it worth taking if we take its performance (according to your table) into account as compared to NATIONAL/ UNITED/ APOLLO..????
    or else what should i opt for????


    1. Vineet-All are equally good but choose the product if the features they offer you exactly matches. Private insurers claim process depends on TPA, whereas standalone insurance companies like Star or Apollo have their own in house claim settlement process. So they may provide you better service.

  238. Hiii Basavaraj

    After doing a bit of research & as per your advice, i m planning to go for star health instead of max bupa for a family floater plan(me, mother & father) having sum insured value of 3 lacs….they are offering the premium amount to be, please suggest is it worth or not to go for star health in terms of their performance & claims reputation.


  239. Sir
    As per your recommendation I bought hdfc term plan n now m looking for buy a health insurance for me ,my wife n right now no kid..

    I have thyroid and my mother gone through heart artillery operation , father have bp. Parents are already insured .kindly suggest for me suitable health plan who can cover me my wife n our baby with what minimum sum assured.

    Or will it be ok to buy separate health plan .as my age is 33 and my wife 25.kindly suggest


        1. Satya-You can go for floater plans based on your budget and requirement within these companies. Also they just offer one or two products within same company. So you will not find it difficult. If you still feel difficulty then let me know after your shortlisting.

  240. sir,

    I have mediclaim of 200000. I want to increase it. I came accross super top up plan of lt insurance. can u guide on supertop up plan!?