BasuNivesh second Birthday !!!

I am happy to share with you that today this small initiative of spreading financial planning awareness celebrating its journey of two years. When I look back 11th Dec 2011 to today, I am amazed the way you all supported me in this journey.

BirthdayI may claim previous year as a technological advance year for my blog. Because I moved this blog from free WordPress theme to paid Genesis framework platform, which ranks top among the available platforms. I felt this investment as a genuine and worth. At the same I got the Google Adsense approval to display advertisements on this platform after a long review about quality and content. This way I started earning some revenue from this blog.

I am thankful to all who continuously monitored my posts and comments and supported me. Few supportive, educational and eye opener for me and few harsh. But I welcome all comments and opinions as if I am learner but not an expert.

Below is the list of my selective posts of the last one year which I feel worth to read.
1) Tax Free Bonds-Who can invest?

2) One Idiot-Movie on importance of Financial Planning by IDFC Foundation

3) Spending Vs Saving-Battle of Mind

4) SBI Tax Saving Deposit-Why effective yield is so high?

5) LIC Policies-How to calculate returns?

6) FREE!!!-Effect on your Finance

7) All about Public Provident Fund (PPF)

8) Taxation of Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

9) How much safe is your Co-Operative Bank?

10) Nominee rights-Different rules for different products !!!

11) Online Term Insurance-How you are choosing Insurance Company?

12) Cheque dishonour-What it mean?

13) Home Equity Loan or Top-Up Loan-Why to take?

14) Life Insurance Vs Mutual Fund Agents-Who earns more?

15) Do you test your Financial Planner?

16) How much returns a planner can generate for you?

17) Income-Saving-Investment-Are you on track?

18) Power Of Attorney (POA) for Demat and Trading Account-Is it mandatory?

19) Why USA Federal Reserve impacting the Indian equity market?

20) Equity Investment and our behavior

21) Why I am not a millionaire?

22) Financial Planners Fees-Paying for planners service or lifestyle?

23) Why Bank FDs show Annualised Yield instead of CAGR?

24) Online Term Plans-Are they fair priced?

25) Gold Jewellery-Are you getting the right value?

Hope you all support the same way and encourage me in spreading this awareness.

20 Responses

  1. hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,
    i want to know whether SBI Flexi Deposit better to invest or recurring deposit is better to invest?

  2. Hello Basavaraj,

    I’m having LIC Jeevan Anand policy table # 149. i started paying Rs.20,000 per quarter from 28th Sept 2011 as premium under 13 Policies each has its own sum assured amount (Total SA is 15L for all policies) and first policy last payment date is 28/06/2027 and 13th policy last payment date is 28/06/2039.

    when i took this policy that agent told me you’ll get approx 25L after 16 yrs i.e. at 2027. but when I saw my LIC bonds its having 13 policies having different dates and diff. SA.

    Could you please let me know how much amount i’ll get after 16 yrs and suggest me am i taken correct decision about this plan ?

    Thanks in advance…

    1. Ashok-Please let me know the term, start date and the Sum Assured of each plan. If you don’t want to share this information on this public platform then you can mail me personally to my mail [email protected]. Then I will let you know how much you can expect from these plans. Yes you made a wrong decision. But it does not mean that there is no way to come out. So we discuss and chart out a plan.

  3. Congratulations Basavaraj!!!
    Really nice blog with lot of useful information
    I have been following your blog and whenever friends asked me any financial advise i suggested your blog only
    Keep going and all the best 🙂 🙂

  4. Dear Brother Basavaraj (BasuNivesh)
    Even the smallest journey started with a small, single step – Forward!!! May your Two-year journey grow ahead by leaps and bounds and may you continue to enlighten many “financial novices” like me on financially relevant topics….! Go ahead, Basu we are all with you and support your every move, we cheer you onward on your chosen goal of providing “Financial Literacy” to all your readers. Best wishes & regards… God bless you …!!!

  5. Wish u Successful completion of 2nd year & thanks for sharing of knowledge to all who required and best wish for further future success of this blog.

  6. Hi Basu !

    A best wishes to you and all the best for future posts. Keep going and give us right direction on investments.

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