Bangalore’s property revised guidance value

Recently Department of Stamps and Registration, Govt of Karnataka revised guidance value for properties belong to Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural and Ramanagara District. So let us view the heat of the same ­čÖé

Let us first understand what is the guidance value of property. It is the value below which you can’t register your property. ┬áBut there are few exception rules to it. Suppose Govt guidance value of the property you are interested to buy is around Rs.10,000 per square feet, but you felt that this is at the higher side than the market rate. If you showed the value is below than the guidance value then sub-registrar refers it to district registrar. District registrar after reviewing the property fix the guidance value. This value is final and you need to pay the tax on this. It may be equal or higher to guidance value. But usually the market value will be higher in all cases when one look at the madness about property investment.

In guidance value there are two types.

1) Land Value-This value is only for lands not for any constructed properties. Hence an open site value is measured as land value.

2) Composite Value-This value is for the constructed properties where it includes both land value as well as the value of buildings.

In Bangalore property guidance values are revised to the tune of 40% to 100% in some areas. It was revised last time in September 2011. By raising this value Govt is indirectly increasing its revenue. Also there is an expectation that the Govt is going to increase stamp duty and registration fee. Currently in Karnataka State stamp duty is 5% and 1% as registration fee. So total one need to pay 6% as the cost of registration.

Few feel that time being it will impact property investment. But going by the craze of the investors, I feel it as a temporary pause. Usually builders and developers increase their margins too based on the revision of guidance value. So it directly increases the property value in Bangalore. Let us find out guidance values of few popular areas of Bangalore (open sites).

Bangalore Property Revised Guidance Value
Bangalore Property Revised Guidance Value

As of now I come to know that the revised values will be applicable from August 12th 2013 (Times of India dated August 13th 2013). But there is no updation available from the Govt site. Also the above prices still showing as temporary rates subject revise based on the public opinion.


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  1. Parinitha Bhargav

    Probably everyone has a dream of getting a home constructed in Bengaluru. It is a very helpful in this regard. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for helping most people with their queries.
    Can you help me with the Govt. Guidance value for the location – BBMP KHATA NO. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Muncipal No.37,
    Panathur Village, Varthur hobli

  3. Recently I bought a property in Rajarajeshwari nagar got loan approval and done with all formalities with the builder now its a time for registration wondering how much the cost for registration Can anybody help on this, please, as i live abroad not sure how much cost is incurred.

  4. Hi,

    I need help. I registed one flat with around 1.8 lacks before march 2016 now builder is telling it is increased and required 3.4 lacks for registration from April 2016. Could you please help on the same. Is it correct that value of the property is increased with the double amount?

  5. How do I find out the guideline value for a property in particular road. I’m looking for a property say in 4th Cross, 14th Main, HAL 3rd stage. I could see in different websites the guideline value for an area like HAL 3rd stage. With in that depending on the Road width and nearness to main road access, does the guideline vary? How much is the approximate ratio of guideline to market value in Bangalore. Your inputs will be really helpful.

  6. I have shortlisted one resale flat to buy in Vinayaka nagar, Murugeshpalya near wind tunnel road. How should i arrive on the value of the flat to negotiate with the seller. it’s a 2 BHK flat of area 1250 sq ft and G+2 storey building and 12 years old. Total area of the building is 4800 sq ft and in each floor 4 houses are constructed. It is in between Total mall and old HAL airport. Kindly suggest me.

  7. What will be the stamp duty / registration charges if we are going to purchase a resale flat which is 8 years old in Bangalore.

  8. I purchased 30X40 site in Srikantapura village and registered in Madanayakana halli registrar office last week, i did not paid full amount, i have given cheque upto June, some one is telling without paying full amount, REGISTRATION will not be done, but they did i to me. how please let me know
    As it is my first property, i was not aware much about the land, one of my family friend guided me, i dont know whether he helped me or cheated, because i paid 1100 per sq feet and registration charges Rs. 96,000.00, after that i came to know i paid more and offcourse i have to take some loan from bank, as we are not rich people.
    I need below clarification
    1) as this is GRAM TANA site any problem in future
    2) without paying FULL amount, registration is possible?
    3) Any precaution, any papers to be collected from them
    Please help me out as i am not having proper food and sleep, because i am afraid whether these people will cheat be as i paid 8 lakhs already, and i have to pay still 5.2 lakhs, ple………. guide me

    1. Gayathri- 1) No problem if it is approved plan and NA conversion done with proper ownership. 2) Payment must be according to deed. I don’t know how much mentioned in deed and how much you paid to owner of property. Also how can he sign on deed without getting his full payment? Confusing question to me. 3) You have to check all documents before buying, if possible an expert lawyer.

  9. Hi Basav,

    I am purchasing a constructed house at NGEF Layout (Sadanandanagar). The site was alloted to current owner via NGEF Employees housing Society. Its having A khata, Title Deed, ECs, Extracts, PC,… all is fine. But, as i am applying for loan with SBI, the bank is asking for Conversion letter. The owner also does not have this and it looks like none of houses there have this particular letter. Owner has been staying in the property from 93 onwards and the site was alloted during 86-87. Not sure why the bank needs this, when all the papers are fine.

    Owner and myself, also tried approaching BDA office, DC’s office for this letter. BDA says, conversion will be in DC’s office, where as when contacted the DC office, they there is no conversion for this.

    Not sure, how to get this or any alternate letter to fulfill banks needs?


  10. I am planning to buy a flat located at Off Sarjapur road near Carmelaram Railway Station(After Flyover/Back side of Decathlon), Builder mentioned that its BDA approved-Panchayath A katha (Builder informed that this land in Koadthi Village So Panjayath A katha we have and this land not yet under BBMP limit, It may come in future). Also builder mentioned that this project approved all major banks like SBI,HDFC,LIC, ICICI, IDBI and Axis Bank. Is it right choice to buy this flat? Kindly suggest.

      1. Just Need to understand that buying BDA approved project with Pachayath A katha flat having any problem in current and in future or not? also Can You suggest any expert lawyer name to whom I can approach with documents?

  11. Hi,

    I am about to buy a flat near whitefield area. Will the guideline value be increased from November 1st 2014? Or will there be some time (10-15 days atleast) after the decision is being published? Also what is the best way to get the update immediately if the guideline value gets increased – Any link or website ?


  12. Hi Basavaraj,

    This is my first property and I have to register my flat this this week. Cost of my flat is 2400000. How much will be the tax, vat and what is the total cost of registration please.

    I know nothing about properties and I am in serious need of help.


  13. SBI home loan/land loan process, including documents, what is the best fin institution for land loan(no construction plan, investment purpose) in BMRDA area.

  14. Can you also post all kinds of charges one needs to pay while buying a new flat?


    Service tax
    registration (you mentioned its 6%)
    Any others?

      1. Thanks for the reply, one more similar query, only with GPA can anyone get ‘B’ khata in his name or he has to produce the title deed of the person who gave the GPA?

  15. Hi
    Just wanted to understand, how i will know whether the Khata that i have for my property is KHATA A or KHATA B.

    Please help me to understand the same

    Kind regards

      1. Hi
        I just checked in Khata certificate and khata Extract as well.. it was not mentioned anywhere.. It has Unique Property Identification number allotted (PID number allotted)

        Please guide


          1. Hi
            No, it just says.. this certifies that khata of this property belongs to……….. …with PID no……
            Please refer to this PID number for further correspondance.. BMP

  16. How does one find out the govt. rate to be used for registry when buying a resale flat in Bangalore. I am looking at buying one near Kundanahalli gate (near Varthur main road). I will appreciate your thoughts. I also want to find ourt do you provide services to take care of all the lagal steps to buy a flat in Bangalore? Thanks for your help.

  17. Hi recently brought a investment property in Central Bangalore it is 15 year old basic apartment in a good area what surprised me is the guideline value is around 7500 per sqft plus carp parking. 250000 so the guideline value according to lawyer is in excess of 1.3 cr however I purchased the apartment for 95 Lakh so ended up paying stamp duty on the guideline value

    My issue is yes new apartment inside 5 years in the area i brought is anywhere between 7500 to 14000 depending on the project however the flat I brought is nowhere near 7500 value

    In chennai old apartment guideline value is calculated on the age of the building the UDS factor which is fairer
    In case if Bangalore it is one flat rate for any age flat in the area

    Pls advice in this regards

  18. Basavaraj,

    Do you have any private office ? What’s your email id? Could I know the revised guidance value of Huskur and Gottumaranahalli village in sarjapura hobli, Bangalore ? What are the financial services do you offer? Kindly mail me – Koshy

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