Allotted two UAN numbers -How to merge or deactivate EPF UAN?

It is common that employees end up with having two UAN numbers. UAN is the unique number. Hence, having two UAN numbers or more than two is not allowed. How to merge or deactivate such multiple EPF UAN numbers?


# EPF launched a SINGLE form for EPF Withdrawal, EPF Advance withdrawal and EPS claim, where you can withdraw EPF without EMPLOYER SIGNATURE. Refer my latest post on the same at “EPF Composite Claim Form -Single form to withdraw EPF without employer“.

# EPF UAN Unified Portal-Now you can download EPF Passbook/UAN Card in a single portal instantly. Also, you can change your email and mobile number linked to your UAN. Refer the complete details at “How to download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly?“.

What is EPF UAN number?

EPF Universal Account Number or EPF UAN is a unique number allotted by EPFO. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple EPF accounts allotted to an employee by different companies he works. The main idea is to link multiple EPF numbers allotted to a single employee under single Universal Account Number. This will help the employee to view details of all the EPF accounts linked to it.

If an employee is already allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) then he is required to provide the same on joining  the new company to enable the employer to in-turn mark the newly allotted EPF number to the already allotted Universal Identification Number (UAN).

Why two UAN numbers allotted?

As I said above, UAN number is unique to an employee. But due to some procedural errors or employee fault, there are many cases that two or more UAN numbers allotted to a single employee. There are two reasons to it.

# Employee will not share his existing UAN number– While joining the new company, employee hide his past EPF account details or UAN number. This may be due to some issues with past employer. Otherwise, he don’t want to show his past experience to the new employee.

This leads to the generation of new UAN by the new employer. Hence, such employees end up in holding two UAN numbers.

# Previous employer will not update the exit date– If your previous employer will not update the exit date or last working date from his organization, then the new company where you will join will automatically generate new UAN.

How to merge or deactivate two UAN numbers?

There are two ways to do it. One is a simple one but time-consuming. The recent one (updated by EPFO on 21st September, 2016) is very useful to resolve the issue. Hence, in this post, I will share you both the process.

# First Method-Employee has to immediately report the matter either to an employer OR to EPFO through email to [email protected] by mentioning, both – current UAN and your previous UAN. After verification, the previous UAN allotted to you will be blocked and the current UAN will be kept active. Later, an employee will be required to submit the claim to get a transfer of service and fund to the current UAN.

# Second Method-This is purely automatic one and started to apply for all future procedures. I tried to explain this new method process flow in below image.

Two UAN Numbers - Merging or deactivating of EPF UAN

  • The employee should be advised to apply for EPF transfer from previous EPF account to the new EPF account. This can be done ONLINE using OTCP portal of EPFO.
  • The EPFO’s system would then automatically identify such cases where the EPF transfer has been effected from one EPF account to another and have two different UANs attached to these EPF accounts of the same employee. This is as said automatic one and will be processed on a periodic basis.
  • All such identified old EPF UAN numbers, from which EPF transfer has been effected to EPF account having different EPF UAN (new EPF UAN), will be deactivated. After this, the old UAN numbers will cease to exist and are blocked for further use.
  • This procedure of merging multiple UAN numbers will be carried out by EPFO on a periodic basis and can also be performed even when no requests have been received from its members.
  • After this, employee previous EPF account will be linked to the new UAN.
  • The employee will receive information about the deactivated status of his previous UAN by SMS to the registered mobile number. The employee will be requested to activate the new UAN (if it is not done) to get the updated status of his EPF account.
  • Sometimes, there are chances that employee may have to receive some EPF arrears from his past employers, in such cases, since the system knows the new UAN against the deactivated UAN, the system would automatically populate the new UAN in the ECR (after punching the previous UAN or EPF number by the previous employer) and the statutory contribution by the employer against the arrears can be remitted against new UAN only.

As per above mentioned two methods, I feel the second method the best one. But the only thing you have to do is to request for EPF transfer. Rest of the process is an automatic one. Also, keep in mind that both UAN must have updated KYC details like mobile phone number or email id. This will actually leads to the receiving updates regularly.

Hope this information will be helpful to many. Let me know if you have any concerns.

NoteEPF Grievance Cell -Lodge EPF related complaints online

1,019 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have used method 2 to transfer PF Amount from Older UAN to active UAN. PF Amount successfully transferred.But still the older UAN is still active.

    Please clarify how to proceed? Do i need to inform EPFO to deactivate Older UAN (Method1)?

  2. Sir,i havebeen working last 1year in one company.(veremax limited).recently my old employer (super tech electrical)
    Wrongly create other pf number in my UAN number and nxt month he given date of exit.when i goes to online service in pf portal system shows super tech electrical pf number.but nw i working veremax to delete super tech electrical of number

  3. Sir
    I have a deactivated UAN number and am unable to transfer the funds via my active IAN number as the pls UAN is not aadhar seeded, I submitted joint declaration form to PF office s month back but they are yet to update the data. Please guide me as to how to take this forward

  4. Hello sir , I worked for a 4 months in one company and aslo withdraw my pf and I got selected in another company so I don’t want to disclose to this company . So if I have not provide my UAN and pf details to my current company can they create new or any problem is there. i am worried because I get know like they can identify because of our pan and aadhar card link .
    Please reply sir it’s argent.

    1. Dear Renuka,
      They can create new UAN. However, I am not sure of whether it will create a new problem or not in future. Better to avoid such things.

  5. Hi,
    This is Tejaswini
    Previously i have PF account nd UAN number but while i was joining in a new company i don’t want to give my previous company details and PF details so i say that i don’t have PFaccount and UAN number , can other company creates one more PF account with New UAN number or else it will say that this person is already having PF account nd UANnumber, plz suggest me for the above problem

  6. Hi, I have worked for a company in the year 2007 to 2009 I do have a pf number does it have a UAN number, during that time I was not having PAN or Adhar Number.
    I have given my name as Sudarshan R where my current active UAN account has name as Sudarshan Ramprasad as per Adhar, how to correct the basic details in my old pf for transfer to my current UAN account. Pls advise

  7. Sir,
    I have worked with 2 organisations, previous for 5 months & current for 4.5 years.
    My new employer created new UAN.
    So I applied for online PF Settlement & withdraw PF contribution from previous account.
    After PF settelement, when I tried merging both accounts { EPFO member home -> Services -> One employee – One EPF account}, I got the message “Online claim request cannot be processed as :- Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”

    So now I have 3 questions
    1) Can I withdraw pension contribution from previous account (5 months job)?
    2) If can’t withdraw then how to deactivate previous UAN & how much time it will take?
    3) Can I link Aadhar card with existing UAN? ( It’s already linked with previous UAN)

    Pls Help

  8. I am having two UAN numbers, PF amount is successfully transferred from old UAN to New UAN. But service history of OLD UAN is not updated in NEW UAN.
    As when I transferred EPF from the old UAN to the new UAN, the Whole PF amount is transferred but not EPS amount. And If service history will not be updated then how to know my EPS history?
    I am contributing to EPS for more than 12years, but the current UAN shows only 6+years of service history (i.e. Of present employer). Am I now eligible for getting a pension?

  9. I have not shown my 1st work experience in my present company. But i have shown only the recent work experience. I have two uan. The 1st work experience is in another uan and my present company is in another uan.. So when I transfer my 1st company pf to my present company uan, will my present company come to know about the 1st work experience. Will anything happen to my present job? Please answer.

  10. Hello Sir,
    I have 2 UAN accounts and I have left the jobs and left India. I tried transferring old account to the new one but that transfer failed due to some bank account verification failure, which I corrected. Now the transfer is on hold and I am unable to re-initiate the transfer. Epf grievances is not responding. Can i initiate separate withdrawal from both the accounts?

  11. The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs : 100157XXXXXX, 100613XXXXXX (with different demographic details). If these UANs are yours, then please get the basic details corrected in your other UANs and link them with your Aadhar for transfer of your accounts to the present one. If this bank account is not yours then please add your correct bank account and get it approved by the employer to avail online claim facility.

    What shld i do now

      1. I am still confused what action needs to be taken as i also got same error and my employer is unable to help me out and i am stuck.

      2. Hi Sir,

        I have also received the same message when I am claiming my PF amount.

        (The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs : 10025156XXXX (with different demographic details). If these UANs are yours, then please get the basic details corrected in your other UANs and link them with your Aadhar for transfer of your accounts to the present one. If this bank account is not yours then please add your correct bank account and get it approved by the employer to avail online claim facility.)

        Can you please brief us what action to be taken from my end.

  12. Hi sir, trying to request transfer of old uan into new uah but the get otp option is not enabled. Any thoughts on why?

  13. Hello Sir , i am also having two UANs , one is very old and it is not adhar veriied also and it has only service history of 2 months . my new uan is verified and has service history of 6 years. I do not want to link these UANs as i dont claim the experience anywhere from first one . So will there be any problem later while claiming my new UAN amount . ?

    Why i cant merg two UAN is that the ate of exit in my old uan is 24 november and date of joining in my new uan is 28 october , so it will give error if i merge thats why i dont want to merge .

    please suggest what should i do ?

      1. Dear sir,

        The issue I am facing is the bank account in my old and new UAN accounts is same.
        So under claims section, I am getting error “BAnk account linked to 2 UANs”.
        If I give new bank account detail in my new UAN, will this resolve the issue?
        Please suggest.

  14. Respected sir,
    Sir my uan activate is old trust.but old trust pf amount transferred to new trust.but new trust transferred to amount not activate the old Uan ,my resigned my pf amount how to claim the online.kindly do help

  15. Hi Sir, actually I have 2 UAN number. I was applied PF advance on 14th April 2020 both the account in same time. Today I got approved SMS from EPF for only one account . What happening another UAN number? ( Aadhar & Mobile number is same for both UAN)

  16. Hi Sir,

    My last working in old company was 10th match 2020, and joined new company on 11th March 2020.

    My previous employer not updated my exist date on PF portal.

    And my current employer I am unable to submit PF amount into your UAN ID..system not allowed him. I would like to know is this bcz on my exist date not updated by previous employer?

  17. Hi Sir , I have reasigned and hold a active UAN with the exempted company. Can i request for a new UAN to the new unexempted company since i want to withdraw my PF and pension from the old exempted company.

  18. Hi Sir,
    I have gone through your complete blog

    Me too having two UAN nubers and from old uan to new UAN PF amount transferred successfully but service history is not transfered. I requested my employer to merge my two uans and they suggested that directly contact with EPFO office along with I have raised request in grivence cell online and sent mail to epfo, till now service history is not transferred.
    1. Am I need to visit epfo office?
    2. Old UAN having service history 6years and new UAN having 2.8 years if I withdraw PF advance for house buying/construction will it be consider for TDS? Or they will check in Passbook for all PF Account history or will they check EPS history
    3.How to know my EPS history? As when I transferred EPF from old to newUAN PF amount transferred but not EPS amonut

    Thanks in advance

      1. Regarding the point -2 about withdrawal Advance PF amount for housing/construction
        How the EPFO will calculate the total service history as i have 2 UANs old – 6years and new one 2.8 years.

          1. Merged means amount transfer done from one UAN PF account to new UAN Pf account ?
            For me it is transferred from Old UAN PF account to new UAN PF account.
            And no Service history is linked to new UAN account

              1. Till this point same case for me also. And portal is not enabling the option to select House Construction when I try to raise a PF advance request.

  19. I have raised claim from my previous exempted company to new Non-Exempted company and UAN numbers are different. I can see claim is settled but the amount shown is 0. Could you please suggest on this.

      1. Hi sir I have two UAN and I had left both the jobs and currently i am a jobless person.

        2nd UAN is active and all details are verified Doj DOE is updated

        But the 1st UAN is still not active
        and I am getting a DOB error while activating this UAN, in this case can I merge two UAN can I give request for transfer claim in this case

  20. Hi,

    I have 2 UANs, I have transferred my old one to new one. And it shows uan transferred to new uan in the claim status, but the old uan is still not deactivated. Its been almost 4 months. I do I make sure that it is transferred and how can I a deactivate the old UAN?

  21. Sir, I have two UAN number and four pf no. unable to merge into my current UAN no. with single company they make two UAN no. and two epf no. job period is june 2015 to june 2019, for 2016 contribution is only paid in other UAN and EPF no. now while transferring EPF date of joining and date of exit is mismatch. I am unable to merge it Please help me.

    Thanks regards
    Kailash giri paul

  22. Hi sir i worked in one organization for 1 year and i resigned and claimed the pf ammount. Now I got job in another company i dont want to share my old employment details with them so that they will create a new uan for me is there any chances to know my previous employment details to current company while creating new uan number plz give me your answer this will be very helpful to me thank you

  23. Hi Sir, I have two UAN numbers from two different employer, while merging online it is showing error if data mismatch, as I think reason is due to my old employer not mentioned date of exit. Plz. Help me understand on below points :

    # Can I withdraw old UAN amount.
    # Can I go physically to regional office to request merger and ist possible ?
    # If I do not withdraw now , can I withdraw at the time of retirement.

  24. Sir ,I have two uan number, I transferred successfully from previous to current uan successfully, but the service history of the first uan is not shown in the current uan, Should I ask EPFO to deactivate my previous uan and link to current uan. Please advise me.

  25. Sir, I have 2 uan n both r active ,
    N as per AADHAR there is name spelling mistake in older one should I get the money from my previous pf to new by just mailing to epfo on their mailid. or should go for the spelling correction plz suggest..

  26. Dear sir
    I’m Anup , I have two different UAN & both are in active status. As a KYC only PAN is updated & approved by employer . Sir can it possible to withdraw the amount by using only present UAN without linking previous UAN.
    Please suggest me…..

  27. Dear Sir,
    When i try to activate UAN it showing UAN is already activated. Use forget password link. But when i use forget password link it showing UAN is not activated
    please suggest what can i do in these case

  28. I have 2 UAN’s, I transfered old pf(UAN) to new UAN, pf amount transferred but service history or pension not transfered to new UAN account.

  29. I have 2 uans froom same job linked with same kyc details. I tried to merge the uans but it says data mismatch and hence transfer was not possible. Will I be able to withdraw my pf from both the uans separately using same ekyc details.


    1. Hi Basavaraj,
      I understood that EPS would never be transferred, but in new UAN: service history is showing only present employer records, and old UAN in service history show another . This seems to be a problem for me, since I will miss out on 3 years of service from my prev. company. give the advise how to show both service history Previeus and current history, in only current UAN account. Can you please suggest what can be done to accommodate same and add it up in service history.


  31. I worked in company A or three months and left without any notice, thn i joined company B as a fresher, worked in B for 1 year. Now i am unemployed form last 6 months. I have two member id under one UAN from both the company( as B does not know abt A) however i want to claim my pf from B company ,can i ? And how? I dont want my pf amount from A only want from B .please help.

  32. if i withdraw my pf, will my pf service history be cleared, because i don’t want my new company to see previous work experiance?

  33. Dear Sir
    In Jan 2015 I joined an organization named Landesa in Delhi, they have opened my PF account, due to some personal reason i left the organization in June 2015 at the time of leaving they did not inform me my UAN number, the concern person said your UAN is not generated you can withdraw money directly through PF number, but at that time i did not withdraw my PF money. In between i went out of India for two years and back in dec 2017. In jan 2018 i joined another org, they have generated my UAN and new PF account. Few days back I got a message from Landesa about withdrawal of PF money as organization is closing down its operation from India. They have given me my PF account details with UAN number. Now I have two UAN numbers. Sir please tell me what should I do. I don’t wand to lose money.

  34. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a UAN number (provided during my previous employer), registered with my Mobile number and KYC details updated.

    I left that company and withdrawn pf and pension amount.

    When joined another company, my employer got me a new UAN number and now I have two uan numbers.

    Finally I have retired from the Last company as my age is now 58.

    Kindly explain how to merge the old uan with current uan?

  35. He Sir, .

    I have 2 uan numbers. I got the access after registeringand activating the UAN For my 2 recent employers. The thing is there was the first employer which had a different uan number and somehow I missed it leading to a new number. Could you please suggest? I am in the process of claiming the pf. HOw shall I proceEd? ALSo my bank accouny details (bank account number) Isn’t correct in the uan I registered and Have access to. It’s the old one. Please suggest how to change that.

  36. Hi Sir,

    I have a UAN number(provided during my last job), registered with my Mobile number and KYC details updated.

    In my current job, my employer got me a new UAN number. I have NOT logged into this account till now.

    – What is the procedure to make my Current UAN number active and have money(from previous UAN) linked to this UAN?
    – Do I need a new Mobile Number to log into new UAN account OR one mobile number can be linked to 2 UAN numbers?


  37. Hi Sir,

    My PF amount has been transfered from old UAN to new UAN. but service history is not getting merged. It will affect the pension amount on retirement. Please help.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        I understood that EPS would never be transferred, but in new UAN: service history is showing only present employer records, meaning Service history from old UAN was never added up. This seems to be a problem for me, since I will miss out on 3 years of service from my prev. company. Can you please suggest what can be done to accommodate same and add it up in service history.


        1. Dear Amit,
          As far as my knowledge, if your EPF get transferred, then EPS automatically get updated the service records. However, if you have a doubt, then better to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  38. Hi Sir,

    I had a UAN (linked with adhaar) to which 2 EPFs were linked. Later, because I was jobless, I took my PF out and deactivated my UAN. Now, when I will join a new company in the future:

    1. Will they generate a new UAN no. or activate the previous one?

    2. If they generate a new UAN, can my previous EPS accounts be tracked by it?

  39. I just need confirmation that i have joined new company within a month now people r saying there should be gap of 60 days then i can only withdraw my pf+eps amount.
    When i login to my uan its shosing 2 member id or for claim i have to transfer old pf to new then only i will be eligible to withdraw but only 75% of employee contribution only is this right or wrong as my employer is not giving me proper reply i am in urgent need if you can help me so please suggest me how should i claim whether transfer then claim it or is there any possibility to withdraw without transfer

  40. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have a complex issue. I changed 3 organisations between 2014-2015 during which the process of UAN was being initiated by government. Now the result is I have 4 UAN & 4 PF accounts. I made transfers from all accounts after exits from organizations and now all the money is in the fourth PF account.

    The problem I am facing is regarding the service history which only shows my current employer. If I raise a transfer request again via one member – one EPF account it gets rejected with reason ‘claim already settled’. What should I do in order to update my service history? This may cause problems in pension as well as I am not able to apply advance claim in a few options where service is required for more than 60 months.

    1. Dear Pranav,
      If your all EPF accounts transferred to your current EPF, then you no need to worry. However, if you are unable to track the history of earlier EPF accounts, then better to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      1. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,
        I have similar situation with 2 UAN created by same employer. Contribution is randomly split between 2 accounts in different months.

        My Question: If I initiate ONLINE ‘one member – one epf a/c (transfer request)’ to merge into one UAN account, will the service history also get updated in my profile in unified epf portal?

        I will be able to see amount transfer in passbook, but where will I see the service history transfer is successful ?

  41. Below is my small query. Your help will be much appreciated.

    I worked in TCS from 2012-14 and withdrew my pf in 2015 as i went for higher education. at that time there was no UAN.

    Now my new employer has created new UAN and PF no. In my service history i can only see my current employer.

    Can you please let me know how can my prior work ex be added to this UAN so that I my service history of TCS is added to my total experience for pension calculation later.

    My PF no at TCS was MHBAN00484750000551599 . My only UAN is 100786951412

    When I try using One Employee – One EPF option it says “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

  42. Dear Basavaraj. I have 2 different UAN numbers, where both have got an amount. How can I merge both UAN number.?

  43. I am transferring from Old UAN account to current UAN Account through second method.

    My Old UAN account doesn’t have KYC updated (No Aadhar linked) but current UAN Account has KYC updated.

    For Transferring to current UAN account (KYC updated) from Old UAN account(no KYC),do i need to update KYC in Old UAN account?

    Please clarify.

  44. Hello sir,
    I initially worked for a company for 7 yrs which has one epf account and UAN. Later i joined another company (in 2016)which gave other epf account and new UAN. So far i haven’t activated new UAN. Now I am looking to withdraw PF. Tried withdrawing in the old EPF account but it’s saying aadhar is not updated as there is name mismatch. Pls advice on withdrawing the amount or should I first apply to merge both the UANs. Thank you in advance.

  45. Hi,

    My Old UAN has different DOB than my new UAN. My old UAN DOB is corrected today to match with correct DOB, by requesting through previous employer.

    But when i raise the transfer request by putting old UAN, it’s still showing Old DOB (for Older UAN) eventhough, my DOB is updated in Old UAN (i confirmed by login into to Old UAN account).

    Kindly clarify will it take some time to reflect the correct DOB in transfer request,as it just got updated today but reflected correctly in Old UAN login.

  46. Hi

    I worked for company ‘X’ for 3.5 years and did have UAN with them.Joined company ‘Y’ and like any any other HR they have created another UAN here as well.In the past I did transferred PF amount from Company ‘X’ to ‘Y’ but I am not sure if old UAN is still active or not.Nevertheless the issue is I want to withdraw PF required for buying house and I am not able to use this option while drawing as it says I have less than 5 years of experience as current employer UAN shows 3 years in the database.My previous company service tenure has not been added.Please advise what needs to be done

  47. Hi,
    My Old UAN doesn’t have Aadhar updated but my new UAN has Aadhar and KYC Details.
    All others, like DOB,Name, Gender, Email, Mobile Number are updated in both UAN.

    Do i need to update Aadhar in my Old UAN before EPFO transfer from Old UAN to new UAN take place?, or the basic details like DOB,Gender,Name is suffice for the transfer from Old to new UAN.

    In other words, can i have 1 aadhar in 2 different UANs updated?

  48. Hi,

    I have UAN with previous company and have withdrawn the full PF amount 3 years back. Now i am working for another company where-in a new UAN is generated. Since I have withdrawn the earlier PF, can i link the previous UAN with current UAN ? If so what would be best approach

    Thanks in advance for your inputs.

  49. Sir,

    I have two pf number but single UAN number i want to claim previous company amount. please tell me the procedure.

  50. Hi sir,
    I worked in X company for 3 yrs and they have generated a UAN no. I Quit and joined Y company and i provided all the required documents while joining but the Y company did reckless job and created another UAN for me. When i questioned HR is saying you can link the old UAN to the New UAN. Kindly help me out, can we link the old one with the new UAN. Will the Service and amount will be transferred to the new UAN. Because we cant with draw PF contribution amount not less than 10 yrs (correct me if im wrong). So, will the tenure i served in the old company 3 yrs will be added to the new UAN or not.
    Kindly suggest me how to go now.

  51. Respected Sir,

    i have only one pf number but two different UAN numbers. Please suggest me to sort out the same..
    and my DOB was 7 years different, i submitted my attested copy of SSC and adhaar card via courier and thru email also, but still EPFO office side it was rejecting!!!!!

    1. Dear Pavan,
      You have to request for merger of both UAN to EPFO through an employer. Regarding the date of the birth change, do the same either through an employer or by personally visiting to the concerned EPFO.

  52. Hello Sir
    Sir I was working in an organisation for 4months and I got UAN number now I got central job so I want to hide the UAN as because I don’t want to show the experience of the company,UAN is not linked with pan,bank account and Aadhar and now the central will open a new EPF so Sir there is chance to face problem afterward, please reply

  53. how about if the individual is working in the same organisation and has dual UAN numbers. how do we merge the contributions.

  54. I have 2 UAN generated one by previous employer (old UAN) and other by new employer (current Active UAN). But in my old UAN ,my Date of Birth is wrong and not updated Aadhar and KYC details.

    Now i want to transfer my PF from Old Employer to new. Do i made KYC Complaint (add Aadhar/PAN) and correct the Date of Birth of old UAN and raise a EPF Transfer request by logging into my new UAN,once old UAN is made KYC Complaint.

    I read somewhere, i can’t update Aadhar details for 2 different UAN.

    Please clarify.

      1. Thanks for the reply.But my DOB is wrong in the old UAN and i just activated the old UAN ,but i saw all KYC Details missing.

        Will without KYC details and incorrect DOB,can i able to merge 2 UAN?

        When i checked with previous employer,they said to first update DOB Correction and KYC Details for Old UAN and then raise EPF Traansfer request so that the second method (automatic deactivation of Old UAN) works.

        Please correct me if i am wrong and let me know the process.

  55. Hey sir,
    I was working with a company for 3 months in the last year. Its been almost a year now that I’m not working with any company but now I got an offer from a company and did not tell them about those 3 months experience. So I don’t want to tell them that I already have a UAN no. or PF because I want to go as fresher.

    so just wanted to know that “Is that possible that they get to know about it later?”

    Because I’m thinking that let them create a new one and after some time I’ll deactivate the previous one as I can do it according to new changes.

    Please Help me with this sir.

  56. Hi,
    I will be leaving my current job and will be going abroad. I mistakenly activated another UAN and linked it to my adhar. my company UAN is different. Can I now link my adhar to the company UAN and withdraw my funds? will that be an issue? Or should I merge the UAN and withdraw my funds? Really appreciate your help.

      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your prompt response. Grateful if you can answer the below queries as well:
        Just confirming, that I do not have to link my company UAN to Adhar?
        Also, my name mentioned in UAN card is not the same as Adhar, will that cause any issues?
        can I just withdraw my funds once I leave the company by adding the bank details?

          1. Before I have worked in one electrical company, There they have created UAN, but now I want to deativate that UAN, is it possible? If it’s possible please explain the Process.

  57. Hello,

    I left my previous company and joined a new company, on UAN portal my old company also updated my last working date yesterday.Present company is a trust and now i see both the companies on the UAN Portal, is this because of this I am not able to withdraw the PF amount?, can you please let me know a way to withdraw the PF amount.Last company has update the last working day on the UAN portal 1 day ago.

    Both the companies I can see on same on UAN number.

    This is the error message i see

    As your establishment is exempted in PF, please submit your withdrawal case to concerned Trust.”

  58. hi basvaraj,

    i am absconding from a MNC due to some health ailments, i want to withdrew money from PF ..should i link my aadhar in this case ? or leave it like that and creating a new UAN with next employer

  59. sir i was joined a company in last year but unfortunately i left the the company with in two months one year after that i went through to apply some govt.schemes through my aadhar . it showing that ” your already employed and, it is displaying epfo UAN number.because of that iam not eligible for getting any loans and all.please help me out regarding this

  60. Hi Basavaraj,
    I also have two UAN though I provided my UAN my present employer opened the new one and when I informed they did not take any action..I already withdrawnpf amount from previous employer before joining new one….but still I have two activated UAN

  61. Hi sir,

    I have worked in my first comoany for 3 years having UAN and digital signed with DOE and i have withdrawn the money .I work in 2nd company for 2 months where i got my EPF account activated and showing in UAN portal , now i will going to join third company where i dont want to show experience of 2nd company .whether new employer will track the record and they have ask to fill form 11

  62. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have two passbook details linked with my UAN.
    I want to withdraw my PF amount but I am not able to withdraw my amount that was with my previous employer. I am able to withdraw only current employer’s pf amount.
    Please assist how can i withdraw my PF amount which is with previous employer.

    I have only one UAN no.


    1. Dear Shweta,
      For this issue, there may be many reasons and one of them may be not entering exit date from your past employer. Hence, to know the exact reason, try to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the quick reply. did they accept to merge?, if my surname only initial letter in one UAN and Full Surname in other UAN as per ( Aadhar card )


          1. Great!, another quick question :

            i have registered new UAN 15-jun 2018, which was link to my Aadhar number. Am i eligible to apply merge UAN now? or should i wait for couple of months to request UAN merge.


  63. Hi, I have worked for two employer within a year and I have left them . Now I am going to join another one a.then should I have to mention my previous employer to my new employer considering that the job is for freshers.

  64. Hi,

    I have total of 13 years experience and have been transferring my PF to the joining company. My previous company assigned me a UAN number. When I joined this new company 3 years back they assigned me a new UAN ID . The money from the old UAN has also been transferred to new UAN. When I am trying for a partial withdrawal from my New UAN it says that as you have not completed 60 months of service you cannot withdraw the same.

    How do i sort that out

  65. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    Thanks for your reply,

    As per my last query i want to ask can i withdraw my pf balance from my old pf account of concerned regional pf office or go to any near by pf office from my home. If my old pf account and new pf account both are linked with my single UAN number and new pf account are currently running.

  66. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    If i transfer my old pf balance to my new pf account so my present employer will contact to my previous employer or the present employer will know about my date of exit is it possible.

    Please suggest me what should i do in this situation.

    Thank you

  67. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I have 2 PF account linked with 1 UAN number but i don’t want to transfer my old PF balance to my new PF account due to some issue related with my joining date in new comp is 18/12/18 & my date of exit from previous company is coming 08/03/18. I don’t want to give my date of exit in present company. if i gave may be it will create dual employment issue and the present company fired me. Idon’ want to left my present company and i want to claim my old pf balance in full n final without informing present employer. and my present employer is covered under trust that’s why i cannot apply online for pf withdrawl. I have all the document like reliving letter , F & F slip and KYC updated also linked aadhar with UAN number.

    I am so confused by whom i have to contact. can i go in any pf office anywhere in delhi or i can go only in that pf office in which my old pf account held.

    Please advise me as soon as possible

    Thank you

  68. Hello mr tonagatti,

    Actually I left my pervious form in nov 2016 and joined my new form immediately though I gave my old uan however my new form generated the new uan number.
    And as per your blog ya I can go with second method of merging however I wanted to ask that is there any way that I can withdraw my funds from the previous uan number and close that uan number permanently?

    1. Dear Sonal,
      You can withdraw but if both UAN are KYC verified, then they not allow you to withdraw. Also, withdrawing when you are in job is not allowed. You can only transfer it.

  69. Hello Sir,

    I have two sets of UAN. Yesterday I got my previous employer to do a Transfer claim from previous to present employer. Tgey got it digitally certified (digital signature) and they accepted my transfer claim (done online from my present UAN account). When I go and check the TRACK CLAIM STATUS under unified portal of epfo, under TRANSFER CLAIM STATUS it shows the claim status as ACCEPTED BY EMOLOYER.

    What should I do now?
    Has it transfer been initiated?
    When will the balance in my previous UAN be transferred to my present UAN?

      1. Thank you Sir. I understand it might take up to a months time to get this sorted. When I try to track the status under- Know your claim status, it says- No Data record found.

  70. Hi Sir,

    When I link my addhar card number it will appear another UAN number how to link my addhar into my current UAN number.

  71. Hello,

    today mistaken a new UAN got created by myself and got linked to my Adhar card. Please let me know will there be any problem during withdrwn PF amount.

    Also please let me know how to close/deactivate or merge new UAN with my Old UAN number.


  72. I joined company A in April 2015 they have created Uan no. Nd Member id , later i got my pf amount settled but not pension amount then i joined company B in january 2017 with same UAN and later joined company C in feb 2018 with same UAN no. and currently working with company C ihave not settled Pf amount from company B… now i am going to pursue MBA in june 2018 .

    So my query is after doing MBA in campus selection time should i show my previous employmnt histry ..bcz i dont want to show my first compny exp. Or should i go as a fresher ..will they able to find my prevoius emplymnt hstry ? As my Pan nd aadhar is linked with the present UAN …plz help..

  73. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti ,,

    I Have joined in xyz company on April 2011 to May 2012.. I have applied for PF withdrawal and got the PF.
    In 2012 UAN introduced. From July 2012 to Dec 2015 i worked in another org with one UAN Number , Then From Dec 2015 to Nov 2016 i have joined another company. Where i merged with PF account. But Currently i am working in another company from Nov 2016 to till date in new UAN number.

    i have applied for PF withdrawal for old UAN number on April 6th 2018 and now the status is under Process.

    Now my service is more than 5 years right ?

    TDS wil not be deducted or not ?

    Because my amount is more than 50000.

      1. EPF got Merged from July 2012 to Nov 2016 with old UAN number …. Another NEW UAN number form Nov 2016 to till date.

        I have applied PF withdrawal online portal on April 6th 2018 which is under process.

        How can i submit FORM 15G and how to fill the same.. Can i give hard copy to neat by PF office ?

          1. Regional PF office means ?.
            Previous company PF office is delhi. How can i send form 15G to delhi PF office and plz guide how to fill form 15G

                  1. Which Financial Year i need to update in FORM 15G..

                    2015-2016 – RIGHT ?

                    Because from Nov 2016 i joined another company

  74. HI, I have 2 UANs, one is linked to a EPFO exempted org. and the current one is linked to EPFO registered organization. I am trying to merg it for last 4-5 months but unable to do so. However, amount has got transferred to the current one but service history not..My aadhaar number is same for both the UANs.
    I do not understand what is going wrong. PF office is also not replying as expected.

    What should I do over here as it is quite urgent for me.

    Many thanks,

  75. Hello sir,

    I have a UAN from my previous company which is Aadhaar verified.

    I have applied for a new UAN in my new company now as I don’t want to disclose my previous experience to this new employer.
    Is it possible that the new employer will be able to get the hint of my previous UAN since my aadhar nos is already verified in previous and now they would be generating the new UAN using the same aadhar nos.?
    I have not applied for withdrawal from my previous UAN.

      1. Hello Sir,

        2 years before I was working for one company. Due to health issues I had to quit my job, after some time I started pursuing MTech, in my campus selection I got placed in one company as a fresher.

        Now the issue is I do not have releaving letter or experience letter from old company, but my UAN is linked with Aadhar card. I do not want share that I have worked earlier to the new company. Should I hide my previous company UAN or share ?

        I do not want the old PF , can I say that I do not have any UAN. Ask them to create new UAN number. If they create new UAN what are the necessary actions that I should do?

        Sobhan Ch

  76. Hello sir my query is tha i work in xyz organisation in from December 2016 To June 2017 in that period i received UAN number , after june 2017 to till date i m not working so my question is how can i activate my UAN or receive my 7 month pf please help me.

    1. Vishal-You can activate it online (If not did earlier). Also, if your UAN is fully KYC complied then you can withdraw using online facility (unified portal). Otherwise, you have to use offline method for withdrawal.

  77. HI,

    My Gender Details got mismatch in the UAN.I am getting error as “AADHAAR is already verified in unified portal. Your details is not editable”. What should i do know.Recently I joined in another organisation while the employer is trying to add my UAN it not taking my other details

  78. Dear Sir,

    Greetings For The Day,

    I have worked with four organizations in past 6 years and having four UAN numbers saperately for four organizations. Right now I am not working with any organization and I have claimed my PF amount of preveous organization.
    When I am trying to claim amount of second last organization from online portal only I am able to fill PF advance form. Rest of two forms i.e. Form 19 and 10 C is not visible at portal.

    Kindly suggest correct procedure to withdraw all amount of PF of all three organization.

    I would be thankful for you.


    Jay Kumar Sharma

  79. Hi,
    I have 2 UAN’s created as of now. My previous employer UAN is presently active and i applied for full withdrawal as i worked for 9 months in the previous company and amount got settled within a week. I have one more UAN created by my present employer which is not activated. How do i proceed ? Will it be a problem to merge as i did a withdrawal recently?

  80. HELLO SIR,
    By mistake I have generated a new UAN. This new one is activated also. But the older one which is available at employer is not activated sill due to mismatch in date of birth. Kindly suggest the solution for the same. How to activate the older one?

  81. Hi Sir,

    I want to claim pf amount through online. But still unable to claim online as employer didn’t update the fields date of exit and reason for leaving like these. Still asking the employer that ‘please update the fields’ but they are saying that we have problem with our system once resolve we can update, like this they are updating to me.

    So can’t we take the pf amount directly from pf office by submitting forms like 19 and 10c for full and final settlement (withdrawal)?

  82. hello sir,

    i have worked in two different companies. which has two different UAN numbers.i have activated one UAN number using my mobile number. can we link other UAN with other mobile number and apply for with drawl?
    However, now i’m claming one of the PF amount to be withdrawn.
    how about the other UAN number which is on my name ?
    can we merge both the UAN and withdrawn combine?
    currently , iam not working any where.
    please help me on this .

    thanks in advance.

      1. Hello sir,

        i don’t want to merge the UANs. i just want to withdrawl the amount from one UAN number and next from the another UAN number.
        is there any possibility .
        please suggest me on this.


          1. hello,

            After claim settled status will the UAN will be de activated automatically.


  83. Recently my employer informed me at the time of KYC update for digital signature he create a new UAN and Account in my name. So now I have 2 UAN and account in same PAN and AAdhar no. It is for only casualness of my employer. What can I do now?

  84. Hi Basava,

    Thank you for the helpful article.

    I was informed today by my employer today that I have two UAN s in the same company. The reason might be because they have not updated the details during an internal transfer that I had.

    I was only aware of 1 UAN (current one) and have used it to register in EPFO portal before.

    Now when I am trying to initiate Pf withdrawal (i resigned in Dec) i am not able to see the withdrawal option in the dropdown. Again it might be because this Uan was generated only a year ago when I had the transfer.

    Please suggest what I can do.

      1. Thanks Basava.

        My company told me to do a PF transfer from the UAN account created first to the UAN created recently. Also, they updated my date of leaving and I was able to initiate a transfer with the current UAN.

  85. Presently I’m not working, recently I was selecting the xxxx company. I have a pf account and UAN number for previous company. So I want to claim the pf amount but that would be a late. So I want to deactivate UAN and pf accounts, is it possible?
    I didn’t give the UAN account to that company. The new company will create a new UAN with pf account or ….? I don’t want to give UAN to that company

    1. Nani-There is no such option to deactivate UAN or EPF. If you do not provide the earlier UAN, then the new employer may generate the new UAN. But refer above post properly of what EPFO planning to do.

  86. Hi

    I have two UAN nos. but I don’t want to deactivate my OLD UAN no.
    I want to deactivate my NEW UAN and want to transfer from my NEW UAN no. to OLD UAN

    Can I do that ?

    Thanks in Advance for your response.

      1. Basva –

        Thank you for your comments. But the real question is how to merge both the UAN numbers as the online way doesn’t work and there is no offline way for merging.

        When we raised a ticket with EPFO grievance cell with the details of UANs and PF accounts associated for merging, they simply said that you need to transfer old PFs accounts to the new UAN, however they didn’t showed the way to do it.

        In this case can you please let us know the process to merge both UAN accounts together?


  87. Hi Basava,

    I appreciate your blog with full information.

    I have below query can you plz help me.

    I worked in one org in 2009-2010, that PF account did not share o new employee. PF account was not linked any of the UAN.
    I joined in New org in 2010 and worked there for 4 years here I had PF & UAN. But here I did withdrawal when I left the company in 2014.

    Now currently I am working in company has generated new UAN as I did not share my old UAN.

    My question is how to get all my PF amount in under UAN.

    2009 – 2010 (PF without UAN ).
    2010 – 2014 (PF &UAN, withdrawed the money)
    2014 – till date (PF & UAN )

    Rajesh B

  88. I have completely withdrawn the total PF (employee and employer share), however I have not received any letter from PF office about the amount received and to declare the received amount is tax free.
    Also the ‘Pension contribution’ was not withdrawn, for this also I have not received the letter which can be used in future after 58 years to withdraw the pension amount.
    Please help me with following,
    1- From where I can get the letter, is there any online (email id) from there I can download.
    2-what is the name of letter to be asked for the amount received and non taxable
    3-how to get the ‘Pension contribution’ letter.


  89. I have the same problem, the employer has generated 2 UAN. The case in this is that there is a long month gap(Between previous and new one). They have given me the option to withdraw my current PF and use the new one created. Can we close the previous UAN? Is it fine? Cancelled UAN NO: 101257997374

  90. Hi Team,

    I have 2 UAN’s alloted to me. I worked in a company wherein I absconded within 3 months for which they have created a UAN and linked my aadhar to it. Now I worked with 3 different companies which has same UAN however when I tried to link my Aadhar to it online it gives an error stating that the Aadhar is already linked to different UAN which is the previous one. Please help me with the detailed steps of deactivating the previous UAN or a workaround for linking my Aadhar to my second UAN.

    Sai Kiran

  91. Dear Sir,

    please help to resolve my issue as i have 2 UAN no 1st one is need to deactivate. due to this i am not able to update my KYC in correct UAN. Please help my mobile no 9265876019

  92. Dear sir,
    I was already have a UAN number,but this one fully settled,then I am joined a new job here also created new one by employer,now how to get current EPF.

  93. Hi,

    I worked for 4 months in one company, in CV I haven’t shown my the 4 months exp. Now I got the offer in other company and want to join within 8 days, my worry is UAN now. current employer already mapped to my UAN.
    Kindly tell me how can I hide /remove or generate the new UAN for the joining company.

    I am worried 🙁

  94. My last employer is not updating the exit date. Due to which New UAN is generated. i am unable to claim or trasfer that amount online due to the same … and my ex employer is not ready to update the exit date. What to do ?

  95. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

    I worked with company A for 4.5 years then switched to company by where I just stayed for 6 months now i am not working in any corporate structure but self employed . Despite me providing my UAN of company A company B generated another UAN. I want to merge both the UAN and take out my PF as I have not been working for over a year.what my concern is on transfer request my older UAN gets deactivated which is more than 5 years old and new UAN becomes my primary which is 1.5 yrs old. So would I be eligible to withdraw my PF under new UAN , or should I just withdraw PF from UAN 1 and then merge .

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        My UANs are not merged as of now , I am just concerned that once I merge OLD to new , will it cause any problems in withdrawal – like taxation or less than 5 years age etc. Is there any way I can request to merge my NEW UAN to old one

          1. sorry to bother you again my 2nd UAN is just 1.5 yrs old can I withdraw from it or will have to wait for it to complete 5 yrs/1 yr unemployment

  96. Hello Sir,
    I am already having UAN generated from my previous employer. If I don’t share the details of previous employment with the new employer, can they know about my previous employment and already generated UAN through my PAN and AADHAR Details when they themselves will try to create a new UAN for me considering me as a fresher?


  97. Hi Basava,

    Good Morning!

    This request is in regards to the merging of two UAN numbers which I am trying to do using the new functionality of “One Member – One EFP” available on the new UAN portal ( Unfortunately the functionality doesn’t allow to merge different EPF accounts allocated to two different UAN’s respectively.

    I have two UAN numbers in which there are different EPF accounts linked to each of them. The first UAN has 2 EPF accounts and the latest one has 1 EPF account which needs to be merged together. The OTCP portal is no more into existence since we have this new “One Member – One EFP” functionality available for online PF transfers.

    I have tried using the above functionality for merging the old EPF accounts with my latest UAN, however while I perform the transfer exercise by logging into new EPFO portal and using latest UAN, it says that – “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed”.

    And again when I login into the EPFO portal using the old UAN and try accessing the functionality from there, it says that – “Online claim request cannot be processed since your present employer has not made payment in your PF account”. This is mainly because I have left my last organization.

    Request to kindly let me know if there is a way out using which I can merge both these UAN numbers online or the only way left is to send an email to [email protected] for getting the previous UAN deactivated and then manually claiming transfer for both the old EPF accounts. I am afraid that if the previous UAN gets deactivate immediately without the old EPF accounts being transferred to the new one, I shall not be able to locate them for future references.

    I will appreciate your quick turnaroud on the above issue.

    Thanking you in advance!


      1. Hi Basva,


        Thank you for your quick turnaround. I understand that and appreciate it.

        However, my question was is there a way out online other than the one mentioned by me above to merge the EPF accounts associated with both the UAN numbers.

        Will appreciate your advise on the same.


            1. Basva,

              Can you pls specify the detailed step wise procedure for offline transfer of PF amount from old UAN (i.e from PF accounts linked to old UNA) to the new UAN (PF account linked to the new UAN)?


  98. Hi Basavaraj,

    I worked in Company A and am with Company B, I have UAN one for company A and one for B, both are not linked/merged. Can i withdraw my company A, FORM-10C and Form 19 using my Aadhar authentication?

    Please reply

  99. This email address is not functional: [email protected]. I have sent emails to this and the emails have always been undelivered. I had a UAN generated in 2014 to which all my PF accounts from 2009 were linked and continued to be linked until June 2016 (when I changed my job). To my new employer, I provided my UAN, my earlier employer had also put in the exit date, yet, my new employer provided a new UAN to me 10 months after joining them (around March-April 2017). I suspect this to be because the UAN I had provided to my new employer was misplaced by my new employer, hence it got recorded in the system as one of those cases when an employee doesn’t provide the UAN details (despite my having provided it). Even now, I can login to EPFO portal through my earlier UAN and access all my member passbooks there from 2009 to 2016. When I try to login using my new UAN, it only shows this is UAN is not activated. I do not want to go through the hassle of transferring from my earlier UAN to the new one, for no fault of mine. Can I not ask my employer since June 2016 to transfer their current PF to my earlier UAN, since the new UAN is anyway not activated yet?

  100. Hello.

    I am having a UAN no. from my previous organisation where i worked for 4.5 years and now new organisation has also allotted me a new UAN no. Kindly let me know how to get them merged in one.

  101. i have 2 UAN 1 was created by the old employer and another was created by new employer when i trys to give transfer request online through EPF portal it shows error message that bank ifsc details are not updated, and also i have updated those details still i could not able to proceed further,, and please give me a template Email for requesting to merge old PF account with new pf acount.

  102. In second method Is there any need to submit the claim form to the employer for EPF transfer ?

    Thanks in advance.

  103. Dear sir my UAN name starts with MR. GIRISH…… I CAN SEE ONLINE

  104. Hi Sir,

    Just now i have resigned from a Company & will join new company in next week,i have allotted UAN by the employer but i want to withdraw this UAN balance,please suggest how can i get it?

  105. Hello sir,
    My mother wz unable to check her epf balance so i gone through d website one uan wz already alltoted to her bt when i tried to check epf balance i wz unable to get dat aftr filling of a form they allotted a new uan nd d uan is activated nw i hav two uan alloted i havent updated d kyc fr d second uan ..kindly help me to get out of dis how to deactivate d second uan

  106. Hi Sir,

    I have a UAN number from my Company A , and amount was withdrawn then even my Second company B has created a different UAN but i havent withdrawn money from it.

    issue is

    First Company A UAN is merged with third Company mid

    so i need to activate second company UAN and Withdraw the money

    Please let me know how can i proceed.

    Thanks in Advancce

    1. Same case is mine. in 2015 Company A created my UAN. Next year in 2016 company B created my new UAN and linked to aadhaar. In 2017, i accidentally gave Company A’s UAN to Company C. now company A and C EPF are in my UAN which i am not able to link with Aadhaar or KYC. I have claimed and withdrawal money from company B’s UAN.
      Please let me know how to deactivate/delete UAN of company B (Claim settled)?

  107. Hi
    I have worked with company X from 2105-2016 but was absconded due to health issues..with the company i had my pf acc and UAN number to which my PAN is attached.they have not updated by Date of exit that from 2016-17 i have worked with company B with no PF i am about to join company C where i have not mentioned about company A and have told them that i have worked with company B from 2015-2017.Company C is asking my UAN and PF acc NUmber if I have concern is:
    1)i should or not give them the UAN and PF acc number of Comp. A as i have not mentioned abt the them to company C
    2)if i dont give them the UAN number will they come to know about my previous UAN no as my PAN attached to it.
    3)is there any way out to hide my comp A details and yr of work with them..

    1. Can a person have more than one UAN?

      Every employee will ideally have only one UAN. However, sometimes due to certain mistakes on the part of either the employee or the employer, the employee might have more than one UAN. This will happen in the following situations:

      1> Employee does not share his/her existing UAN with a new employer on changing a job.
      This happens when an employee doesn’t want to show past work history,or has some issues with the previous employer. In this case, the employer generates a new UAN. And so the employee ends up with two UANs.

      2> The previous employer does not update the employee’s exit date from the job. In such a case, after joining a new company, a new UAN gets generated.

      I think if your PAN/AADHAR number was not verified then it will not create an issue.

      Mark Benson

  108. HI Sir,

    Is it really not required to transfer Pervious PF amount to the present PF account..after linking Aadhaar Number. ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  109. Dear Sir

      1. Hi sir,

        Same problem here, I have also created a new UAN number from my ADHAAR number through online but I have activated it also. So I want to deactivate this UAN from my ADHAAR number
        as I already have an UAN NUMBER from my employer which has PF amount. How can do this?? Please suggest..

  110. Hi,

    I have below queries, could you please give some resolution

    1. How to merge previous UAN to current UAN. As i requested present employer to do so, they are not doing
    2. How to update previous service history to current UAN. As i requested present employer to do so, they are telling ask previous employer
    3. As my EPF already transferred to new UAN, is it ok to leave previous UAN which is in active stage.
    4. As my EPF already transferred to new UAN,EPS follows EPF. But as per latest EPS statement from EPFO, previous company EPS is not available
    5. What is annexure-K which is present employer asking for EPS transfer.

    1. Jitendra-If your current employer not co-operating, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell online. Your EPS will never be transferred. EPFO just update the service records. Hence, it is not showing.

      1. Hi,

        Please advise on the below queries.

        I have two PF a/c’s linked with one UAN number. I have quit second company as well but my first company’s PF a/c balance is not transfer to second one. Now, I am not working with any company having PF a/c.
        Is it possible, if i will submit separate forms in both the company’s to withdraw my PF.

        I got message from second company that, it is not possible to merged balance now, as I have already left the company in Jan 16.

  111. Hi sir,
    In the process of mergering UAN .by mistake I update my Aadhaar to old MAN number.
    Can u please suggest how to deactivate that and link the new UAN to Aadhaar.

  112. Hello Sir,
    I had the same problem and requested for a transfer, however now in my current UAN i could see only the PF amount transferred and credited. The pension amt still is available with the old UAN passbook. How do transfer get the same. Im even ok with withdrawal. awaiting your response, thanks in advance

      1. Thank you sir, but where can I get the accumulated value on my EPS?

        Also, should I update my details and aadhaar for the old UAN as well and keep that active?

  113. i am working in company A in which i have epf account with Uan Number but i want to leave that company beacuse of persoanl issue without inform them and want to give all document of company B(No Epf Account) to Comapany C(next company) is that possible?.

  114. Hello Sir, I have two UAN numbers however, instead of merging my previous pf account to current, I am willing to withdraw my previous pf. Would that be possible to withdraw the pf if I hold two UAN Number? Please advise

  115. Hi Basu, Thanks for the article which is useful. I have a query on double UAN where i have been assigned with a new UAN by RPFO where my new employer has account with due to some procedural issues. My previous employer was an exempted PF Trust. Hence i have updated 2 different mobile numbers in both UAN just to ensure i get updates. My PF transfer is complete but no clarity on EPS (service history) part. Hence my previous employer suggested to submit form 13 again where they mentioned that EPS account is same as EPF account but EPS was held at RPFO and EPF was in their exempted trust.

    Now i can see that in my old UAN the ‘Service History’ – DOJ and DOE is updated but my new UAN service history reflects only the service with current employer. Here my questions are; 1. How do i merge UANs, either step 1 or 2 since my previous PF account held at exempted PF trust? 2. If i merge using step 1 , will my service history with pervious employer reflect in my new UAN?

    I am very much confused and the employers are not helping much. Could you help in clarifying the above query and suggest whats the next action i can take?

  116. Hi
    I have two issues
    My surname mentioned in original uan is wrong for which i have already submitted name change request on portal….
    Second issue
    I was trying to link my aadhar with original uan but instead it created new uan
    Now m not able to upload document on original uan as it is linked with other uan ….pls help

  117. hi i have a on uan from my previous organisation in the new company i didn’t show an apply for the newpf account but they had merge the account with the previous uan number now i want to withdraw the amount of pf from the previous organisation but over there it is sowing advance pf form 31 can you please help me

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        What if someone has already withdrawn and has arrears also to come from previous employer and second UAN is already active?

  118. Dear sir

    I have generated UAN Number using Adhar Card, I have activate the same. but in it it waws not showing employer details. Later My Company has given me UAN number in which employer details was showing. now it is require to deactivate Adhar generated UAn as not employer details was shoing in it?

  119. Dear Sir,
    My current UAN number is not linked with aadhaar number. Hence i tried to Link the same with adhaar but now i wrongly created UAN number using online aadhaar verified UAN allotment and UAN number. The new UAN number is activated. Could you please suggest for what is the process to deactivate the new UAN account. What should i do? Old Uan number Name & DOB mismatch so i submitted joint form in epf office on 04/12/2017 & i also apply in online. today got message online rejected field officer.pls help me

      1. Friend: You cannot initiated the transfer until and unless Aadhar card is linked, and you cannot link adhar to both the accounts.

  120. Dear Sir,

    Please look into the matter..

    I was working with QUESS CORP LIMITED and now am trying to withdrawal the PF.But the problem am facing while applying it online is below:

    In hurry,i have generated the UAN number online and linked it with my Aadhar and forgot to use the UAN given by QUESS CORP LIMITED on salary slips which has all establishment and PF details.

    Now am not able to link UAN number given by QUESS CORP LIMITED with my Aadhar, because my Aadhar is already linked with the UAN, which i have created.

    Please help to deactivate or delete the UAN ,which i have created so that i could LINK my Aadhar with UAN gave by my organisation.

    i would be very thankful to you for this .

      1. Sir I m trying to link my adhar no with UAN but it’s show the adhar authentication failed,adhar number,name,DOB Mismatch with resister data so how can link my adhar card with UAN?

  121. Sir,

    i was unable to link my aadhar with uan number for claiming

    please provide the offline steps for aadhar updation or provide the steps to claim my pf amount via offline

  122. I never had my PF account before. This is my first job and im working here since last 3 years. My employer gave me UAN number which I tried to activate but was unable. So i linked my Aadhar card again and got a new UAN number. Now I have 2 UAN numbers. 1st isnt getting activated where I can see my balance and 2nd I am able to log in and see my card but unable to see any balance. Now on which UAN number I can check my passbook and how?

  123. Hello Sir,

    My first company created UAN-1 and i worked there for 2 + years… Then I joined company 2 and gave them UAN – 1 but they did not update it in their records. Instead they created UAN – 2. I tried to transfer PF but it did not succeed. Soon I switched to company 3 and gave them UAN 1..

    Now my second company suggests that I withdraw PF from UAN-2 and get it closed and again initiate the transfer from company 1 to company 3 because they have the same UAN number.

    Please suggest if its the right choice.

    Summary :
    Company 1 – UAN 1
    Company 2 – UAN 2
    Company 3 – UAN 1


  124. I have two UAN numbers. On Jul, 2017, the government is made mandatory to update Aadhar details for EPF & UAN numbers. For online claim transfer requires Aadhar card details mandatory. I have updated my Aadhar details to present employer. I am unable to update Aadhar details to my previous UAN numbers because the new UAN numbers is already linked.

    Please can you help me to understand this situation?

    How to merge/transfer the PF.

    Is it bestway to withdraw my PF from old UAN linked accounts

  125. Hi ,

    I have two UAN numbers (1 from previous employer and 2 nd one from current employer). Both are in active. I tried to transfer amount from old to new one. I tried to do the same through the portal, it is saying “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim not processed. “. I found that Father name is mismatched with initials (I tried to correct it multiple times from previous employer but they haven’t responded). Can you please provide any other process like going to EPO office etc? Thank you!!

  126. We are trying to link with aadhar on Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment. We get another UAN number(xxxxxxxxxx). there is 2 UAN number different from current UAN number. Is there affect on my current UAN ?

    Please support. what i do now ?

  127. I have 2 UAN Numbers (Current and Previous) what is the option for merging them both?, If we merge them all the Amount from the previous account will be transfer to the current UAN account?

    Please advice.

  128. My current UAN number is not Linked with aadhar number. Hence i tried to Link the same with adhar but now i wrongly created UAN number using online aadhar verified UAN allotment and UAN number. The new UAN is not activated. Could you please suggest for what is the process to deactivate the new UAN acccount.what should i do ?

  129. hi sir,

    I switched three organisation in the past but while checking my service record in EPFO portal its showing only my first and current organisation but my second organisation is missing.

    Please suggest what i can do here.

    Deepak Sharma

  130. Hi Sir, I have worked in one of the Xxxx company in 3 months and absond due to the health issue. I got 3 months PF but they didn’t provide any UAN number. Is it possible to get that my 3 months PF money.. Could you please tell how can I will get..

  131. I have a Active UAN and I am trying to get a full PF settlement. I am not working right now in any organisation, By mistake I clicked on Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment option in epfo website, after filling the details:

    The message received ” Your Application with Ref No XXXXXXXXX is approved. Your UAN is XXXXXXXXXX. Please activate your UAN using Activate UAN functionality on https://”

    I am in the process of withdrawing PF from the old employer which I worked for 8 years, I was unable to link my aadhar with my old employer due to name mismatch, thats the reason I tried online verified UAN allotment and I though my aadhar will get linked to my UAN, Now how can I delete this new UAN generated as I am not working anywhere, Due to this new UAN no linked with aadhar generated, will I have any problem linking my UAN with my old employer which I am trying to get a full settlement. I have advised to change the name in the aadhar as it appears on the UAN, If I do this will I be able to link aadhar with my old UAN? Do I need to deactivate the new UAN created by mistake or do I have to go to the PF office and tell them the situation and submit the form for withdrawal of PF, Please help me ..

    Thanks and Regards

      1. Hi,

        Actually I activated it without knowing, I was not aware about this, I was just trying to link my old UAN with Aadhar, I thought alloment of UAN through Aadhar is to link aadhar with epf, but unfortunately new once created and also I am not working any where right now, not going to work in the future too, can I deactivate this new UAN or is that possible to link old UAN with aadhar once I update change of name is aadhar as it appears on UAN, or will it give me an error that the aadhar has already been used and linked to an UAN account which I created by mistake? Because when I try to link aadhar with UAN it gave me name mismatch error, so I really want to get this fixed so that I can claim my money? Pls help me

        Thanks and Regards

        1. Surya-Do one thing, visit nearest EPFO and try to link Aadhaar to old UAN. Once it gets linked successfully, then you can withdraw. If that not happens, then you have to knock EPFO Grievance Cell to deactivate the new UAN.

  132. Hi,

    My old employer created UAN-1 and after I joined new company they created a new UAN-2 and started depositing into it.

    As suggested in this thread I logged into my UAN-1 account and tried to initiate a transfer request.

    I get a

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-

    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    Can someone please suggest how I can get this resolved and merge the UAN’s?

    thanks in advance.


      1. Yes I understand that, I left that company and hence they do not deposit any more. The UAN portal is not allowing to transfer to my current active UAN because of this reason. How to overcome this?

          1. Sir,

            I dont understand your response. I am talking about the issue with UAN portal that it is not allowing to transfer. I have no complaint against my employer. I understand because I resigned they do not deposit money anymore.

            Can you please go through my earlier message and then suggest?


            1. Jagadeesh-When you discontinue the service then your employer stops to contribute to EPF. This YOU and ME known very well. However, as per EPF message it is stating that your employer not deposited the money. This means some part of your EPF (which was during your employment) might not be deposited with EPFO. Hence, I told to raise the issue.

            2. bro its because your current employer is making the contribution in new account nd old employer ended the old account.for your previous employer contribution you can simply check the passbook 🙂

    1. Jagadeesh, you can do from UAN2 not from UAN1. From new UAN you can submit transfer claim by giving old UAN details attested through either old/new employer.

  133. I already have UAN and this is linked by my PF account number but KYC not updated by the employer long time so by my self today by thinking of updating the aadhaar to existing UAN I clicked the Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment option in epfo website mistakenly, after filling the details:

    The message received ” Your Application with Ref No X is approved. Your UAN is Xx. Please activate your UAN using Activate UAN functionality on https://” then only i able to recognize the mistake that two UAN allotted but i have not activated the same since i left the old organisation in June 2016 doing own business and after repeated request with employer now only Pf withdrawal is in process due to oversight i did the it possible to deactivate the new one? Please advise how to proceed further?

    Thanks & Regards

    1. go to your’s simple he just have to login to epfo site.go to active members in dashboard then select ur name and edit aadhar card in it.simple 🙂

  134. Sir
    I am Madhusudhan Naidu, I have alredy UAN Noumber but I mistakenly doing the Online Aadhar verified UAN allotment then i have received the new UAN noumber. please tell how to Deactivate New UAN allotment noumber or otherwise how to deactive old UAN noumber. How to merge new uan and old uan. please tell process

  135. Hello Sir,
    This is Akash Jain, i have a question can we have 3 uan number, if i dont want to show my previous organization which is alloted to 2nd uan number and my 1st uan name correction is under process.
    So what should i do in such case such that i dont want to show my last organization which is alloted in 2nd uan
    please help me into it

  136. Hi
    What is the periodicity of auto checking and affecting the transfer to new UAN. I followed the process, got confirmation message that transfer is approved on 18.04.17 but till date can see two different passbooks.

      1. Dear Sir

        I left my previous organisation M/s XXX on 08.10.16 , where i had UAN with PF no. attached to it.

        I joined M/s YYY on 13.10.16 and was provided new UAN with new PF no. attached to it.

        My online transfer claim with id 999105051703300081230 was approved on 18.04.16 by YYY but inspite of repeated follow ups and persuasions , i am still able to see two different account statements and my previous accumulations have not been transferred to the new UAN/PF.

        What is the way out ? Please advice

  137. HI,
    I am not able to link the multiple account.
    I am getting error ” Not found in the member master. Can’t be added” .

    Could you please help

  138. I am using a UAN number in which aadhar is not linked. it is in the process. now i wrongly created uan number using online aadhar verified UAN allotment and UAN number is activated. pls tell what is the process to deactivate my acccount. pls tell will it affect my ols uan process to link with aadhar

  139. Hi sir,
    I have worked in x company in 2015 there I had a UAN number allotted to me then due to some health issues I have absconded after working for 5months , later I have withdrawan my amount from epfo without hr intervention.
    Now will my UAN number will be still active since I have not used it again, if yes how to deactivate it .
    Please help.

  140. Dear sir,

    I have been moved from 3 companies consider A<B<C.right Now I am working in 'C' company.The 'A'company employer created a UAN and that corresponding pf settled amount i received.after that i joined in 'B'Company they have created a new UAN and the same UAN of B which i given to 'C' company when the time of question is can i deactivate the A company UAN.Since I want to continue with only one UAN both B and C company.Please guide me sir ,what i have to do. or suggest me what i supposed to do..kindly reply sir.

  141. Hi Basarvaj, I have worked for a company till May/2015 in a company where i got my UAN number (KYC done) and I withdrew the PF amount from the PF account. I joined another (new)company in Jun/2015 and got a new UAN number. Now my old and new UAN numbers are active. I request you to navigate me .

    Thanks in Advance
    Madhu KP

      1. Hi Basavaraj, Thank you so much for your reply. I believe merger of both the UAN’s would be the best option, Just would like to know if there wont any issues if I request for a merger as the old UAN/PF account dosent have any balance it. And the new UAN/PF account is the current one which is active.

        Thank you in Advance.

  142. Hello Sir,

    I have worked with Organization A till Nov 2016 and shifted to Organization B after that. I had a UAN number and EPF account with Org A, but when I joined Org B they didn’t ask for the existing UAN and created a new UAN and EPF account. Now I wish to merge the two UANs and transfer the EPF amount from the old account to the new account. Kindly suggest the way forward.

    Thanks in advance.

  143. Hi Basavaraj,
    I was working with a company say A which generated my UAN then I left the company A and joined B. Company B didn’t ask me for my UAN and has not generated my new UAN id also.Recently I have joined company C where they are asking for my UAN, but I have withdrawal the PF amount of company A and company B didn’t have so should I give UAN which I had in company A?

    Please let me know how to transfer my PF amount of company B as I can’t see any detail of that employer linked to that UAN.

  144. I have already UAN and this is linked by my PF account no, but dated on 24-11-2017 when I clicked the Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment option in epfo website, after filling the details:

    The message received ” Your Application with Ref No XXXXXXXXX is approved. Your UAN is XXXXXXXXXX. Please activate your UAN using Activate UAN functionality on https://”

    So, Kindly confirm me is two UAN is generated in my id or not? If two UAN is generated, so please deactivate the new UAN i.e. XXXXXXXXXXXX and continue the old UAN.

    Please suggest whats the procedure to deactivate the new uan no

          1. In the process of linking aadhar with my uan which is active ….I hav clicked online aadhar verified uan allotment …so new uan generated…pls tell me how to link aadhar with my first uan…sir

  145. Dear Sir,

    Suppose one employer by over sight UAN generated, but not using this UAN long time, if any problem in future.

  146. HI, I work at company X since 3 months and will be joining a new firm Y in 1 week. As the experience is less, I haven’t mentioned X to Y. I have my UAN no. generated by X and it is linked with my aadhar no. I have not provided the UAN no. to Y, will the new UAN number will be generated? Will I be in trouble in future? Please guide me through it.

  147. Dear Sir, my uan number is already alloted previous company with epf account with out Surname, now Iam resigned and joined in another company. Present Company EPF Account linked in Old UAN,Now Iam withdraw old comapny epf amount and setteld. now I have create New UAN with Surname but Company have diposit my epf amount in old UAN, can I Deactivated NEW UAN, Please helpme Sir.

  148. Sir,
    I changed my 1st organization after 6 months of working. In my new organization they did not tell me to submit the previous UAN number and as a result two UAN numbers are generated. Now the issue is that according to my seniors and colleagues it is better to merge the two accounts, however my HR dept. says its better to withdraw the amount from old UAN account and deactivate it. So, as a fresher I am really confused and unaware about the right choice . Can you please suggest the better option.? and How to do it??

  149. I have two UAN and their respective PF accounts. When i am trying to give the transfer request I am getting the error that “your present employer has not made payment in your PF account”. What should i do? I have to transfer from my old UAN to new UAN. I have bank, Aadhar and pan details in the approved KYC.

  150. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the knowledgeable content shared as this is a very common confusion amongst all.

    As far as I understand, withdrawal of EPF is taxable if withdrawn with 5 years. In my case, I have 2 UAN and after clubbing the tenure of both the UAN, it is around 6 years. I want to withdraw my EPF now. My query is
    (1) should I combine both the UAN before withdrawal OR
    (2) should I withdraw them individually

    Request you to kindly guide me so that I can easily withdraw my EPF and without any tax implications.

    Thanks again

  151. Sir, I have worked for a vendor company for two months and they have created a UAN number with a EPF account and the EPF money deducted is for only two months.
    I am going to join a new company, I don’t want to show my previous employment since it is of very less time.
    My questions are
    1. Will there be any problem while the new company tries to create a new UAN number?
    2. I don’t want claim the money associated with the previous UAN number. Will there be any problem?
    I just to get associated with the UAN number.
    Note: My previous UAN number is not showing any aadhar details as well as any of the kyc information in epfo portal.
    Sir, kindly help

      1. Sir one more thing,
        I am not sure whether my previous employer provided my aadhar, pan and bank details while creation of old UAN number. How do I know that information from my side?
        And when my new employer wants to create a fresh UAN number, will any clash of information take place due to old UAN number?
        Thanks for previous response, Sir.
        Please clarify with this issue.

          1. While logging in Unified Portal, the KYC feilds are all blank i.e. no pan card, no aadhaar, no bank account number are mentioned.
            Therefore, will there be any problem while creating new UAN number?

  152. Dear sir,
    1. I was working with organisation which comes under exempted establishment.(Already Allotted UAN).
    2. Now I m working with BSNL.(here new UAN Allotted).
    Sir I withdraw my PF part but EPS Part is still with old organisation, how it can be added with present service and what about for two no. Activated UAN.
    MY contact number is 9413301851

  153. Sir already I claimed my EPF amount with previous employer with Old can I activate my new UAN with new employer without deactivate old UAN.

  154. Hello Sir, I have one problem with my brother’s PF account, He has forgotten his UAN password also lost his registered mobile number
    He has only UAN number & PF number, when I go for change password it ask for OTP on registered mobile number.

      1. Sir, when i go for update mobile no on UAN portal it is showing——-Gender information is not available in the system.
        My brother resigned from his last company & new company there is no EPF facility.

  155. Hello Sir,

    I want to hide my previous EPF details (UAN is generated but there is No KYC with any documents and employeer has not enter exit date) to current oranization.
    I have few question in my mind.

    1) So while current organation open my new EPF account they will find out or track my old EPF account ?
    2) while create new EPF Is there any restriction based on name or DOB ?
    3) I want to block my old account is it possible ?


              1. Jeet-You may hide now. But not sure of future when your UAN get merged by EPFO.
                Ans: There is no any KYC with my old UAN then how they will merge ?

  156. Hi,

    I tried a lot to find how can I even perform first step of your flow chart. In one of your another articles I found link to OTCP portal but that link is no more reachable.
    I found OTCP link under services on BUT it’s asking to login using UAN. Now the biggest confusion is, which UAN to use for login, old or new? each uan is connected to one epf.
    Can I please request you to present latest process for UAN merge/epf transfer? It’s no where in the Internet a complete guide, which is easy to follow.

  157. HI
    I HAVE 2 UAN . PREVIOUS ONE WAS ACTIVE TILL JUNE 2016. Now I have new UAN . Can I withdraw full money from my previous UAN

  158. Sir

    When I want to link my Aadhar with my PF account, I found that in my profile in PF account, my gender is written as “NOT APPLICABLE”. Hence I received a message that the gender is not matching.

    How do I correct the error in the PF account profile.


    1. Sir

      Small correction in my above post. Instead of “Not applicable” please read as NOT AVAILABLE.

      I look forward to your solution, please.


  159. Hi,
    I have following queries regarding the PF,
    1- What if the ‘date of exit’ is not mentioned by past employer due to any reason. Can I still transfer the PF with incomplete details to new PF account. Can new Employer update the Date of Exit for past Employer.
    2-If I have two PF accounts in one UAN number, is it possible to withdraw the PF with help from first (Past) Employer rather than Last (Current Employer).
    3- Can any company refuse to update the details on PF account/withheld the PF withdrawal or transfer.
    4-Please confirm online transfer or withdrawal is to be done through hard copies and with the help of Employer only for the service more than 10 years.


      1. Thanks for the reply,
        Please let me know what can be done if date of exit is no updated by past employer.

  160. Hi,

    Nice information.

    I have two UAN numbers. i can not do online transfer because my pf is maintained in Trust.
    So in this case what should be done, like transfer of pf and merging the UAN numbers.

    second question is how to check EPS balance and transfer as my pf is maintained by Trust.
    I can not see balance of EPS account.

    For pf maintained in Trust, balance can be seen in Employer portal not through EPFO site, am i correct?

    1. Jitendra-First try to merge both UAN, then apply for EPF transfer. Regarding EPS balance checking, you can either download passbook or contact EPFO directly. Yes, you can check the balance through employer portal.

      1. Hi,
        I have below queries:

        1.I have already transferred my EPF account from previous employer to current employer. Both Employer are Trust. Is there any way in future transfer PF in online manner in Trust funds, as i have transferred through offline.While transferring through UAN , it is not allowed to transfer from trust to trust.

        2.How do i transfer my EPS money and update the service history in UAN.?

        3. Is it better to withdraw EPS money or get the scheme certificate?

        1. Jitendra-1) If both transfer is completed, then as of now no issues. Let us wait for EPFO updated to transfer trust to trust.
          2) EPS will follow your EPF. Hence, you no need to worry.
          3) Always better to keep EPF and EPS for your retirement.

          1. Hi,

            I have transferred my EPF account recently. But pension contribution from my previous EPF account is not transferred to my new account, whereas remaining portions of EPF (Deposit Employee share and Employer share) were successfully transferred. Can you please let me know how to transfer my pension contribution to my new EPF account?


  161. I have 2 UAN. I worked with 2 companies.
    This dec i am going to join other company.
    so can i merge all the 2 in single UAN in my 3rd company or i need to merge 1st with 2nd before joining the 3rd.

  162. Hi,

    I have a unique problem:

    Currently I am working in 2 companies at the same time.
    1.A Software Company as Regular Full time employee and
    2.Part time I am working as an employee in another organization on weekend as tutor.

    Due to lack of knowledge I get registered as an employee for my part time job.

    I have 2 EPF and 2 UAN numbers currently active.Kindly help me, what should i do now?

    Thanks in advance

        1. Ashok-Then as of now you can continue both UAN (which is not legally right). However, in case in future EPFO merges the both, then you will be in trouble. When they will start and all I am not sure.

  163. I have 2 UAN and when I am trying to transfer my fund from previous to present , it is throwing an alert saying “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.” Can You help me how to Merge my 2 UANS and transfer the fund.

      1. Physically I have kept a claim transfer from first PF account (UAN 1)to another PF account (UAN2), the claim transfer got rejected without any reason, Now let me know which process I need to consider.

        Transfer fund is not happening , UAN merge is not working.

  164. Dear Sir,
    First of all very very thanks for your guidance.
    Sir, I have got MSG from my present employer for PF amount transfer & credited it in my present PF account but my both UAN (Previous & Present Employer) are active, pls guide again How I will merge both in present UAN ? where i raise my complain & through which (Previous or Present Employer)? or I personally raise grievance in EPFO grievanace.

  165. i received an sms as “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”. I transferred my pf money to new company 2 years back. as per my knowledge, i have only 1 UAN. How to approach on this. 1800118005 is always busy..

  166. Hi Basvaraj

    I have a query. Though I provided my previous UAN number our accountant in the new office generated a new one though I did not ask for it. My previous employer processed my PF as I wanted to withdraw cash as I already have a new UAN and PF #. I also received status on the EPFO website that the claim settled and processed via NEFT. This was on 06/10/2017. Today morning I get an sms saying that my UAN was linked to two accounts in EPFO. Now if I do not wish to transfer, is there a way to claim or only transferring funds in the solution. Please advise.


  167. Hi,

    I am writing this in regard of, having two UAN numbers. The first UAN number generated and linked to my previous organization of Lumata Digital India Pvt. Ltd. whereas my second UAN generated and linked with Basware India Pvt. Ltd. (current organization) . Now I have transfer acclaimed which is still pending from Lumata side. I have already submitted form-13 to Lumata and meanwhile I got this message from EPFOHO -> “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”
    So Kindly suggest what to do in this case as my transferred claim is still pending.


  168. Hi sir ,
    Mere pass 2 uan number hai.
    old uan number link with old pf account aur ney uan link with new pf number. Mere old pf widraw nahi kiaya hai to me old uan ko new uan me merge kar sakata hu aur mera old pf balance naye pf ac. Me transfer hosakata hai. Yadi jo ho sakta hai to muje step batayie

  169. i have also two uan number
    My previus uan numbe is also running and not widhraw pf.and joining new company and alloted new uan number. Old uan pf balance available. If i merge old pf number in new uan when my old pf balance is lost?if balance is available ,how to merge ? Plz send ppt or screen short.plz help me fast

  170. Hi Greetings of the Day,

    I have two UANs created by two companies, after reading this article I had tried to transfer funds but showing error that your organization is exempted trust unable to transfer online.

    Give me the solution if any…

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Similar case is with me also, Having 2 UAN numbers & previous employer was having trust so transfer is not happening. If you have any details please share with me as well.

      Thank You

  171. Hi ,

    I have a query. My previous organization had a UAN number for me which is still active. When I moved to my current organization, I had transferred the PF amount to my new PF account. The current organization have also created a new UAN for me, However the new UAN is inactive. I am moving to a new company in a week and they are asking for my old UAN number, so which UAN do I provide them ?

  172. I have 2 UAN nos. I had changed my job in Mar2014, till then UAN was not present. Year later my previous employer created UAN. Meanwhile I had raised transfer request as per old procedure from my New employer to previous employer. Somehow this did not went through.
    Later my current employer created another UAN. My Current employer is “TRUST” and hence online transfer is not accepted by EPFO portal.
    I have raised double UAN cancellation request online on UAN portal 10 months back, no action is taken yet on this by EPFO.
    Please suggest

  173. Hi,
    I worked for 1.5 years with my 1st company and then left it for education purposes. I was unemployed for 1 year during my study period. After this I joined another company with a new PF and UAN. What should I do – Is it advisable to merge the two UANs OR withdraw the balance of my former PF account? I have read that we should ideally merge the UANs and not withdraw PF balance before 5 years to save tax But since there is a gap of 1 year study period, there is a doubt about how the total service period in merged UAN is calculated. Please advise.

  174. Hi,
    I have a query regarding two UAN generated from two employers. In my 1st UAN two companies Pf accounts are tagged and for both is active as I have not claimed my pf amount. But my 3rd company generated another UAN for me. Now I’m going to join 3th company then which UAN I should provide them. Even my current employer were not aware of the situation so they asked me to give my 1st UAN and 2nd company pf account number to proceed with here. I want to transfer my 2nd UAN and pf accound to my 1st UAN account as i have given details of my 1st UAN to my new company. How can it be done? I will be very much thankful if you guide me and suggest me what I should do now.

    Thanks in advance,
    Md Shadab Asim

  175. Hi Basavaraj,


    I am having two UAN accounts.
    So far I have changed 3 companies. In 4th company I have been working.
    In 1st UAN i have 2 pf accounts( 1st company PF and 2nd company PF)
    in 2nd UAN I am having 2 PF accounts( 3rd company PF account and current company PF account)

    I would like to know how can i Initiate merging 2 UANs? Can you please tell me the URL?

    Is it possible to link all my PF accounts to my current company PF account? Can you please tell me the URL?


  176. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am having 2 queries and so I am going to explain my current situation. Please give me your suggestion accordingly.

    Let’s say my 1st company was “A”, 2nd was “B” and my 3rd company (current employer) is “C”. Also my UAN is only linked to “C”. I am having a old UAN for “A” but I have a PF=Account number only for “B”. My queries are as follow

    1) I worked in A for 10months and then I applied for PF & EPS withdrawal and I received some amount in my bank account. Recently I raised a Grievance to EPFO and they communicated to me that there is still some amount in PF-Account which can be withdrawn by submitting Form-19. My query is that “Can I transfer this amount to PF-Account of C instead of withdrawal” by using Unified-Portal.

    2) I worked in B for 5months and then I applied for PF & EPS withdrawal upon suggestion by my employer and I received some amount in my bank account. Recently I raised a Grievance to EPFO and they communicated to me that “the PF-Amount was withdrawn at that time but EPS-withdrawal request was rejected as I worked for less than 6 months”. My query is that “Can I transfer this EPS-Service of “B” into “C” by using Unified-Portal. Also I do not have any UAN for “B” but I am having PF-Account-number.

    Nitesh S. Gurav

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        Thanks a lot for the update.

        Additionally can you please confirm, if I can transfer EPS of “B” into my current UAN using “One Employee One EPF” portal.

        Actually I tried to transfer the same using Unified-portal by using PF-Account-number of “B” but I am getting error as “Invalid Present Member ID” and currently the transfer is only working if I have a old-UAN.

        Nitesh S. Gurav

  177. Hi All,

    I have an unique problem I hope, as most of us, I too have 2 UAN created by 2 different employers of mine. After going through many blogs I finally understood how to merge both the UAN so, I thought of doing so through :

    But realised that it has a error “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.” . Because one of them has my name as Sampada Kumari Jain and other as Sampada Jain. How to get it resolved. I request your help her.

  178. Dear sir
    sir me apna previous company ka epf account ko current company k epfo account me transfer kar skta hu without previous employer singnature ke . is possible .
    actually jo mere previous company ka employer singnature nhi krege .
    or same uan no me 2 compny ka epfo a/c marge hai to me 2 epfo a/c ko current epfo account me transfer krna chata hu.
    so plz give a good suggtion .

      1. Dear sir
        mere 2 epfo no hai to me apne current epfo no. me direct transfer kr skta hu
        for exampal: first previous company ka epf account no. = 101
        and second previous company ka epf account = 102
        curretnt company ka epf account no = 105
        ab me direct 101 or 102 ko 105 no. me transfer kr skta hu ya phale mujhe 101 ko 102 me transfer krna hai uske baad 105 me .
        plz give a suggntion

  179. Hi,

    I worked in a company for 2.5 years and had 1 uan number but after that I changed the company and worked for only 1.5 months wherein I shared my old UAN number and they activated the same but now when i left my 2nd company after 1.5 months they didnot update my last working day with them. I have transferred my old PF amount to the company which I worked for 1.5 months and now I am trying to withdraw it online but it is showing an error that multiple member Id’s found linked to your account.

    After seeing this message I was trying to consolidate the account to one account but my new company which I worked for 1.5 months is showing as Invalid credentials when I am mentioning the details about the same.

    Please let me know what shall I do I don’t know all is getting confused and even I want to withdraw my pension amount which has not been transfered from my previous employer

  180. Hello Sir. I have two active UANs which I want to merge. But the problem is previous UAN is not KYC updated and new UAN is properly KYC updated. So, what should I do in this case?

    1. Inform present employer to process merger through EPFO.
    2. Inform EPFO, which I have already done over the mail, but their email facility is not working.
    3. Inform my past employer to update KYC, though I am not sure they will help unless I visit Delhi wasting time and money.

  181. Hi, my new employer has opened new UAN. As suggested by the new employer, I have activated my new UAN and I am now able to login in both old and new UAN. According to them my old UAN will be automatically deactivated in 48 hours but now both of my UAN is currently active. I have transferred my PF amount from my old PF linked in old UAN to my new PF linked in my new UAN. So currently my new PF linked in my new UAN is having all the funds. But still when I check the UAN status, it’s showing the old UAN as my active account. Now I want to get rid of my old UAN. Please help me.

  182. Hi, actually I have 2 uan now I want to merge the uan. In uan I have epf balance of 55k and another uan 70k if I merge the uan how my balance will transfer

  183. Dear Sir,
    I have 2 nos. of UAN no’s. but without merge both UAN no. (both UAN activate (one was created by Previous employer & 2nd one is create by present Employer (which is under PF trust))) I had applied for PF transfer & EPF office done this but I want to know that what about my pension, Is it also transfer or not?
    Have I done any mistake ? if yes then what I should do now?
    My current Employer having PF trust & My previous Employer having EPF & if I will leave job in future then is there any problem in future for transfer from PF Trust to EPF?

      1. Very Very Thanks Sir,
        What about my second question ?
        (My current Employer having PF trust & My previous Employer having EPF & if I will leave job in future then is there any problem in future for transfer from PF Trust to EPF?)

          1. Dear Sir,
            if anyone have two UAN & from old UAN all amount transfer to new UAN after that old UAN will activate or deactivate automatically or I have to inform to EPFO for deactivate old UAN

    1. Hi, I have two UAN numbers and i withdrew money from my old UAN number. now my query is can I activate my new UAN number and add KYC or should I merge both my UAN numbers. If it has to be merged how to merge it. In case if I can deactivate my old UAN number how can I do that

      how can i deactivate my previous UAN no ?

  184. Hi, Am trying to transfer the money of previous employer to new employer, while putting the Member id, am getting error message “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed” and while putting UAN the error message is “No previous employment details found against this UAN.” Not sure why is the error. Pls advise what needs to be done. Kindly let me kno the EPFO contact details if you are suggest me to contact them for this.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I have two different UANs’ (one from previous company and the other from my present company). I asked my previous employer to transfer the amount in my new UAN (dont know if they would merge). After constant follow-up, my previous employer got back to me that the form has been (17th Aug, 2017) and it takes 1-1.5 months to get this done. However, she mentioned that the form has been submitted and they have nothing more to be done from their end and it is the PF office now. Is this correct?

        How am i supposed to know that the amount has been transferred in my new UAN?
        I logged into both the accounts but i cannot see anything. Is there a way to check the request?

        Kindly guide me as am a bit worried now that it has been sometime now.


    1. I also got this error. Later I figured out that “Date of Exit” was not updated in my previous EPF account. That is the reason it was showing “No previous employment details found against this UAN.” As previous EPF is still active. After asking my previous employer to update the “date of exit”, I was able to transfer it to new EPF.
      Hope it helps.

  185. Hi,
    I have 2 UAN numbers. I had withdrawn PF amount (for 4.5yrs service from previous employer) linked with 1st UAN & this account already setteld as it shows while checking. Now i got another UAN number from new employer.
    So my querry is that,
    1. shall my 4.5yrs of service consider with new UAN account?
    2.What about pension amount linked with old UAN number?

  186. Dear Sir,
    by mistake i forgot to provide my UAN number to new employer and new UAN generated. Now my PF transfer is approved but amount not transfer ed to new account. What should i do?

  187. Hi,

    I have two UANs allotted by different companies where i was working earlier… now i am working in a small firm with less than six employees and therefore no PF account…. doubt 1. my mobile number is linked to one of the UAN …i have not been able to register for other UAN with same mobile number… now how do i activate the new UAN and merge the two accounts and arrive at a consolidated balance… doubt 2. since i dont have a PF account, can i withdraw the PF without the taxation ?

  188. Hello sir i worked in a company for 4 months and i left the job and i have my pf number on my salary slip with that i my self created UAN numbr bt kyc aadhar etc not updated i saw that only date of joining is available and date of exit is not avilable .Now iam joining new company i told them that i have 1 years of experience in my previous company so if i provide this UAN nbr to the new company is there any chance of tracing my old company details like date of joining and date of exiting etc. If i dont provide UAN nbr they may doubt on me while filling form 11 if i left empty UAN/ PF number . If there is no problem in providing UAN and no chance of getting previous employment details i will fill in form 11. pls help thanq.

    1. Srihari-If you provide now, they will come to know the service records of past employment. If you not provide UAN, then they MAY come to know at later stage. Hard to say whether they will come to know or not.

  189. Hi,

    I have 2 UAN nos. one from prev. employer and another with new employer. Now I am joining 3 rd company. I want to give OLD UAN no. just bacause, KYC and everything is updated there. Though I had initiated PF transfer to 2nd employer 6 months back, but, when I check progress, it is nowhere. What do you suggest? I think, I should use UAN which is showing KYC compliant and New UAN is not taking same aadhar and PAN details. I want to use 1st UAN and will later merge 2nd UAN with 1st one. Will that work?

  190. Hello sir i worked in a company for 4 months and i left the job and i have my pf number on my salary slip with that i my self created UAN numbr bt kyc aadhar etc not updated i saw that only date of joining is available and date of exit is not avilable .Now iam joining new company i told them that i have 1 years of experience in my previous company so if i provide this UAN nbr to the new company is there any chance of tracing my old company details like date of joining and date of exiting etc. If i dont provide UAN nbr they may doubt on me while filling form 11 if i left empty UAN/ PF number . If there is no problem in providing UAN and no chance of getting previous employment details i will fill in form 11. pls help.

  191. Hi,
    I have two UAN created on my name from previous employer and New employer. I don’t want any employer’s history to be transferred to my new uan. How can I do that?

  192. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I have requested for closing of my PF account and they have accepted my request since all the requirements were fulfilled, may I know when it will be processed. Now I have heard that it will be processed within 10-20 working days.


  193. Sir can i work 2 different company day shift with x company and night shift with y company ,can i eligible for get 2 side pf facility
    If possible please submit pdf document to mail id

      1. Sir both employer agree to work but they want any govt circulation or any pdf document, so please Request to i to send and proof

        1. But some one inform me that impossible bcz UAN number find out and they block one UAN number and u can’t withdraw any one pf account

  194. Hello,
    I have two UAN. Employer1 – old UAN and Employer2 – new UAN. Currently I’m working with Employer2. I don’t want to transfer my amount from old UAN to New UAN. And fyi, I have completed 5 years of service. Now I want to withdraw the money from my old UAN.
    Am I eligible to withdraw the money from my old UAN.

      1. Thank you for that quick response.
        But for Rohit Kataria scenario[Aug 24], it seems like one can withdraw… Rohit too has joined another company and he was able to withdraw… May be I understood Rohit’s scenario wrongly… So could you please clarify on Rohit’s case and my case.

        1. @Manoj kalaimani :- We both are in the same boat. Both have the similar case.
          @Basavaraj Tonagatti :- Please suggest how can we withdrawn amount from my previous company PF account.

          1. Thank you. Once I merge my accounts, will try to do advance withdrawals… How much one can take advance claims? any idea…

  195. Ek he mobile number se do Uan activate hai Old uan sE paise nikal Liya hai Lekin kyc update hai dusra uan bhi usi number me activate hai Lekin kyc update nahi ho rahi hai muje kya krna chahiye

  196. Hello Sir,

    As suggested by you, I have opted for second option to merge two UAN’s. EPF team rejected my claim saying its already settled.

    In my case duplicate UAN just has service history and not the PF amount as its already transferred to my account and at that time they didn’t transferred service history along with it.
    Now I end up with having two UAN’s.
    1. one with with service history and
    2.other with present employer details and amount.

    Kindly help me how can i go forward?


      1. Hi,

        I am planning to work at 2 places simultaneously and will have 2 PF numbers simultaneously. Also have 2 UAN numbers and planning to provide the older UAN to my new employer so that they won’t realize I am already working. Is there a problem with this? Can I please have your contact details to discuss on this further? I am ok even if it is a paid advice

  197. Hello sir,

    Recently I joined the new company(Lets say B) and they are asking me to fill the form 11 with all the previous company(Lets say A) PF and UAN number. But I want to withdrawn the amount from my PF account as I have requested to my previous employer(A).
    Do I need provide the my old PF and UAN number to new Company and let them open a new PF and UAN. Please suggest.

      1. Thanku for quick response.

        I have few more question sir:-
        1) I hope it won’t affect my withdrawal request.
        2) I have also completed 5 years of employment. Do I am eligible to withdrawal of my complete PF balance without any deduction.

          1. @Basavaraj Tonagatti :- I just noticed in form- 11,It is mentioned that form-11 may be considered for the transfer of funds from previous Employer to new employer.
            So I think, I should not provide the my previous PF and UAN as I wanted to withdrawn amount instead of transfer and let them open a new PF and UAN.

            I hope it won’t create any issue in future. Please suggest if I am missing something.

  198. Hi, I have two UAN numbers and i withdrew money from my old UAN number. now my query is can I activate my new UAN number and add KYC or should I merge both my UAN numbers. If it has to be merged how to merge it. In case if I can deactivate my old UAN number how can I do that. Thank you,

    1. Hello @Raja ,
      could you please tell me how much time it taken for you to get money after submitting the closing request?


      1. I had emailed to them. They have told to call this number. Please find their reply.

        IT IS TO INFORM THAT A new facility to submit UAN related queries has been introduced and the url of the same is available on our website at FOR EMPLOYERS UAN Services UAN Helpdesk (Under EMPLOYER Column)or OUR Serevices For Employers UAN Helpdesk FOR MEMBERS UAN Services UAN Helpdesk (Under MEMBERS Column)or OUR Serevices For EMPLOYEES UAN Helpdesk YOU MAY ALSO VISIT THE FACILITY AT You are requested to kindly submit your query by clicking the above link as henceforth./ SUBMIT NEW FORM NO 11 AND APPROVED FROM EMPLOYER.

  199. Dear Sir,

    I had left the last organisation and recently joined new organisation , but due to some software issues, my new company has created one more UAN no. .
    For new UAN no. KYC has been done.
    For old UAN no. NO KYC has been done, and my last employer is not helping me in anyway.
    Please suggest how to transfer the last PF amount to new UAN account as Aadhaar Card and NO other KYC is linked.

    Thank you

  200. Hi Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I have got 2 different UAN numbers when i switched my company during last year in Nov-Dec 2016.

    However at the time of Switch i provided my earlier UAN #1 to my organization but still a New UAN #2 has been allocated to me for new PF account.

    The reason shared by my employer is : “At the implementation of new Version 2 (software), PF department had allotted new UAN to all his subscribers by default.”

    My current employer suggested me:
    Now you need to fill Form 13(in hard copy) for transfer of amount from old PF no to new PF no.”

    But now i am again switching my company, UAN # 1 (Has greater amount of 7 years PF) and UAN #2 (Has lesser amount of around 9 months).

    Can you please suggest if I can share my UAN#1 in the new organization which i am going to join in few days ?
    and later can request for merge from UAN #2 to UAN #1 ?

    Please also suggest a simple and quick way to merge the UANs as well.


      1. Thanks for your quick response Basavaraj!

        With the below comment, you are suggesting which employer ?
        “Request EPFO through your employer for the merger of the both”
        Do you mean that i should ask my new employer upon joining or should ask the employer which i am going to leave in few days. ?

  201. I have transferred my previous PF to new employer. After that i resigned from the other company and now settled in Auckland. But i still get the error : “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.” when i try to initiate a cliam.

    Based on the error if i try to initiate a transfer it gives me another error “Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”

    My UAN is same for both the accounts and my account had been transferred. Could you please advise

    1. Hi Raksha,
      I am also facing the same problem. Is your issue sorted out? If so will you please tell me what to do to solve this?

  202. Hello Basavaraj,
    I have two UAN and both are separately made because of employer issues. now I have would like to close old PF account and take money. is there any way that I can do this.


  203. i forgot my UAN password and mobile number is lost which was registered, when i want to change number,validate details are (Aadhar And PAN) showing details not matching.

    STATUS Under Process
    I still not received the money. Any idea?

    1. Akshata-First warning-Never share your personal data on such public platform (Hence, I deleted your shared information). Regarding your doubt, if the status not changing since long, then better to raise the issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  204. Dear Sir,

    Myself hide my current organization and joined new company recently. I have not given my old UAN no to current company due to this.

    Is there is any chance to get My UAN no of previous organization from other source by my current organization.

    Below KYC document is updated in my UAN no :
    PAN NO

    I have given same Pan no and Bank detail to current organization…

    Will there will not be having any other problem to create new UAN no by my current organization?

    Please suggest.

  205. Hi Basavaraj,

    I joined new company and got an email from my previous company that they have transferred my PF money to new PF account.
    My old PF account is having UAN and new company PF account is having new UAN
    when I am checking details for my old UAN through EPFO mobile APP its showing status “Exempted trust” not showing any balance.
    Today only I activated my new UAN number from Portal and change the password and tried to see the passbook details to check if my money got transferred from OLD PF account to new account or not via >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook but seems this site is under maintenance.
    Tried checking through EPFO mobile APP by entering new UAN number and mobile number but its throwing error INVALID CREDENTIALS/ DATA NOT AVAILABLE.
    could you please help how can I check if my old PF account money got transferred to new PF account or not which having New UAN number?
    I tried checking via SMS to 7738299899 EPFOHO UAN ENG, but got msg which having OLD UAN and PF account details mentioning LAST contribution: 0 , Total contribution : 0

  206. Claim Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)
    (Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate)
    Claim id-APHYD1707000xxxxx Member id-
    APHYD002803400000xxxxx has been
    settled. Payment sent on- 04-AUG-17 via

    I still not received the money. Any idea?

      1. Hi,

        I have joined new organisation and given them my previous UAN number. However I would want to withdraw my PF money of Previous organisation, but EPF website is giving me error message “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN”, how do i withdraw PF money of previous organisation.

          1. I want to withdraw old pf money not the new one.. Have got two different account number…but UAN is same. There is an option in epf website.. Transfer and claim online…

  207. Hi,

    I have two activated UAN nos corresponding to two PF account no’s.
    My problems are

    1.While updating AADHAR card details in my current EPF it is failing with error that
    “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data” as my surname and name are in opposite in my UAN(SAME as PAN NAME) and AADHAR

    2.Name in first UAN is not matching with my PAN Name or AADHAR Name.

    Please help me out on what to do to have only one EPF account and One UAN .


      1. Thanks for the reply Basavaraj.

        Please guide me on how to transfer the PF from my old PF account to the new one.

  208. i have two uan and two pf accounts. when i login to old one the text message shows (member id pertain to exempted establishment pf balance service is not available for trust) to merge both uan? to link both pf accounts ?
    3.which should be done first
    4.can i do it own because new employer is not helping

  209. Hi,

    I have two separate PF accounts under single UAN no. PF1 and PF2 are my previous employers and currently am in new company where I haven’t received my PF Acc yet. How can I withdraw my both PF1 and 2 amounts?

    Appreciate the quick help on this.


      1. I am currently working in different company i.e., not in PF1 or PF2, last working on my both previous companies crossed 2months

        1. Santosh-In my view it is best to transfer to your current company. You have to approach your past employers for withdrawal. IF KYC is done for both accounts with UAN, then you can apply online.

  210. Hi ,

    I am having two UAN numbers, both are activated .So I submitted online transfer claim to transfer my PF amount from my previous PF(UAN) to my current PF (New UAN)account 3 months before through website. But right now this website is not working so I am unable to see my transfer claim status.

    I tried using website but this website shows that I have not submitted any claim. So what should I do?

    Also I am unable to add KYC details in my 2nd UAN, it got successfully added in my 1st UAN.So should I tell my current company to add my KYC details from their side ?

      1. Hi ,

        I raised my issue to EPFO Grievance Cell by uploading Annexure k document which I received from my previous employer. Now PF got transferred to my current company.

        Thank you very much for your help.

  211. Hi,

    I am in a situation where, 3 UAN no’s are generated.

    Problem is explained below

    1) My current employer is my 4th company.
    2) I transferred the 1st and 2nd company PF to 3rd company PF. But the 3rd company did not processed my transfer and currently I have left the 3rd employer. Generated online form , signed and submitted to 3rd company.
    3) UAN generated are for 2nd(100395653417), 3rd (100857032356) and 4th company (100952541434).
    4) Due to employer negligence my 2nd and 3rd company DOB is incorrect.
    5) Now I want to consolidate all my PF account to my current employer.
    6) I tried all possible scenarios through online but not able to do so.

    Please assist me with the above request. Whether it is possible to do so, I know last resort is to withdraw PF money but I don’t want to withdraw my savings

    Your help will be much appreciated.

      1. One more request, If I request my current employer to UAN Merger does my balance will get transfer ??


  212. Hi Sir,

    I have transferred my all amount from old Epf account to new account.

    But now while trying for partial withdrawal through online service it ‘s showing below error :

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Please help me on this.



      1. I am in same problem. I have transferred my old amount to new EPF account. But during online transfer it is showing same error. “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

        Kindly suggest any contact no Phone or Email.

  213. Hi,

    I want to withdraw PF money of my first company , that time UAN no. concept was not there so I just have PF no. of my first company. Now I’m trying to link that PF account with my current UAN no. in order to transfer or withdraw money , but i’m unable to do that.

    Please somebody tell me what is the procedure?

    I have below details with me->
    First company -> Only PF No.
    Second company -> UAN & PF no. both ( UAN no. is activated with my current phone no. , PAN card )

    Note: Tried linking it but getting error message , those sites are not working properly I guess.


  214. Hi ,

    I have been working in my previous company for 2 years and i had a UAN for that pf account ,but i moved from that company to other and am working since 1 and half years I didnot provide my UAN number on my joining. When discussed i was told to create a new UAN and merge with the old UAN. Now my query is if I need to withdraw my PF for the purchase of a property will it be possible. If so how can I do it.

  215. Dear sir,

    My query is that i was working with a company which has already created my UAN but now i got selected in another PSU as a fresher hiding my experience. so can i ask my new company to generate new UAN without telling about my previous UAN and if yes then is there any risk involve in that bcoz this job matters a lot for me.

  216. “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Above message I am getting despite transferring everything to my current account. I am not working since last 1 year and want to withdraw the amount online but getting this message.

    Can you help. Thanks!

  217. I have forwarded my pf withdrawal forms to my previous company, I just worked 5 months only.
    In UAN it is showing as Employee Share-12076, Employer Share-5882.
    May I know the how much money will it get?

  218. Hi,

    Previously i worked in minacs for Aurangabad location where my 1st UAN was generated, when i quit the job i came to know that the Date of Birth which is registered with my PF account is wrong. as i did not knew what i had to do i just let it go thinking will be able to withdraw later on.
    After which i joined WNS for pune location where i did not provide my old UAN as there is DOB fault, so a new UAN was generated.
    Now i dont know what i need to do to get the both UAN merged as there is DOB fault with the 1st one.

    Please let me know what i had to do as i need PF amount of both the account.

    Vibhor Bharuka
    [email protected]

  219. Hi Sir,

    I need your urgent help.

    I had quit my previous organisation after serving them for 6 years. I wanted to withdraw my PF and was trying to opt for the online claim process. Due to some error on the online claim process I had to visit the epfo office and get my UIDAI verified and then I was asked to wait for 15 days . then again I went back as I still could not access it, they asked me to wait for another 10 days. After 10 days I went back and EPFO office and the guy said I need to re-authenticate again.

    Meanwhile I got a job in another organisation, here I was asked whether I will merge my previous PF or withdraw it. I informed them that I will withdraw it. Now I get the following error ” Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding”.

    How do I withdraw my PF ?

    Please help

      1. Sorry, Didn’t understand. I am not allowed to withdrwa at all from my previous organisations EPF account ?

        1. I absolutely need my PF Money. Can I merge the two and then apply for withdrawal ? if yes- Then what should I do.

          Kindly help

  220. Hi,

    I have jumped multiple jobs and I am not sure how many UAN numbers I might have. I atleast know of 2 UAN numbers, 1 from one of my previous employer(Employer A) and 1 from my last employer(Employer B).
    I am currently not employed for a year and want to withdraw some money. I have activated the UAN of employer A and also reached out to him to file a withdrawal. Will there be any issues here? Does the existence of another UAN matter while withdrawing a previous UAN amount. Kindly advice. Thanks.

  221. Hi Basavaraj, I seek a little more clarification when you mentioned How to merge or deactivate two UAN numbers? In my case I have two UAN numbers, one which I already activated myself when I was working with my first company and the second one which the second company created for me even though I had shared my previous UAN number with the company to link it. Now the problem is, I had already withdrawn my PF amount which I had with my first company. Since I want to merge both the UANs and deactivate the old UAN which I had created myself could you please suggest any way how to proceed with this since I am quite confused if I am supposed to file for EPF transfer from previous EPF account to the new EPF account which makes no sense because I have already withdrawn it.
    I want all my service history epf details under one account. Please suggest.

  222. I have downloaded my EPF account passbook but it showing me update only from Jan 2014 onwards. However it is not showing for my previous two firms and I had transferred from one firm to another and then to other. a) Is there a way I can check the balance of my PF with just the PF number because there was no UAN number at that time , this is in 2011.

  223. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to withdraw my First UAN account PF money, could you please help me to provide the below-named sample documents as a reference to fill it.
    2.Form 15G (2)
    3.Pension_10D_Claim Form(Aadhar)

  224. Hello,

    Since a year back I am not working with any organization, I live in Bangalore. Due to mix-up I have ended up with two UAN’s the first one has major chunk of my contribution spread many years until 2014, and the second one which is newer has contribution for a year till 2016. The second UAN, was issued in Mumbai. Since I am not working with any of these organizations using the second method can I transfer the EPF of the second UAN (the recent one ) to the Previous UAN ? The reason for this are, the older one has all the KYC and other formalities completed and moreover its in Bangalore where I reside .

    Is this possible ? or do I have to move from older UAN to new UAN


      1. Since I am not actively employed in PF covered organization, what is the process ? I would prefer merging the new UAN into the old .. How do i go about doing this.


  225. Dear sir,

    now i am working night work (courier company) ,that company have my pf and esi account,now i am newly joining day work 6 hours they have also say deduct pf account,any problem run one UAN number with run two company amount with single UAN Number.i want work both day and night work compulsory sir.thats my family sitution.please give good word.

  226. Respected Sir,

    my previous employer is giving negative reviews. So, I am not displaying that experience in my resume.
    My first EPF and UAN number was created by this previous employer only.

    So, I dont want money associated with this account.

    My current employer is asking to provide UAN else they will create a new account.
    My PAN no, Aadhar no is not linked to this UAN

    1.) Is it okay if i go ahead with creating new UAN with current employer?
    2.)Will it create any problem in future (given i dont want money associated with this account, so I dont need any UAN merger in future and my PAN and Aadhar are not linked)
    3.)can i use the same mobile no and email id (used for creating the first uan) to create the second one?
    4.)If your answer to 3rd question is No, then can i update my mail id and mobile no both on the epf member portal to different mobile no and mail id and after that i can make use of the mobile no and mail id which was earlier used to create the first UAN to create the second one?

    for 4th question ex:-first uan–>mobile no-9999988888
    [email protected]
    suppose i changed the mobile no and email associated with first uan
    first uan–>mobile no-2222233333
    [email protected]
    now can i create second UAN with mobile no 9999988888 and mail id [email protected]

    Awaiting your reply.


  227. Hi,

    I had struck in complex issue.

    I have Two Number. Let it OLD on “A” and NEW on “B”

    in “A” UAN, my first employer, i got all my pf and all. Its still active.

    I joined a new concern, where they gave another UAN no “B”.

    But in “B” UAN, they forgot to feed “GENDER”details &all. HR not replying… “B” also active.

    I just want to know whether i can merge “B” uan to “A” uan ?

    Bcoz, all my KYC details are perfect in that UAN.

  228. I had already UAN but my second company generated the new UAN number without asking me, So now I have 2 UAN numbers.
    but I need money so wants to withdraw the money in the first account. I need your help to withdraw the first UAN account money if I withdraw the money from first UAN, will they update the first Withdraw information in second UAN account? like member id… and how will they track withdraw information in second UAN account?

      1. Thanks for the valuable reply.
        1.You mean to say -EPFO can not update my first UAN withdrawal information in second(current) UAN?

  229. When I am trying to activate the UAN number, I am getting the following error.
    “Entered Information does not match with any member”

  230. my new employer failed to link the new PF account to existing UAN. Now i have two UAN And two pf accounts. Now i want to merge the old PF account to new one. Bt my questions is i have two UAN which one i will follow. If Merger is possible Please explain in Detail.

  231. I have two UAN numbers. My previous employer didn’t inform me that UAN is allocated for me. When I switched job My current employer asked me to provide UAN from previous employer if not one will be created for you. So, I enquired so many times through email , phone but after not getting response from my previous employer I instructed my current employer to create new UAN. But later I came to know that already there was UAN allocated for me from my previous employer. Now the UAN from my current employer is having mistake in my Father’s name and also the PF amount is not getting deposited to EPFO instead it’s deposited in their Trust. But by PF amount from previous employer was deposited in EPFO and there is no mistake in UAN from previous employer. Now I am again switching job so my new employer is asking me UAN so I am not able to decide which UAN I should provide, or I should cancelled one of the UAN provide the other UAN. Please guide & help me !!!!!

    1. Bikram-You can give anyone UAN and inform them that by mistakenly two UAN were created for you. They complete some formality for you and request to EPFO for the same. But correcting the UAN details is important. Hence, better to give second UAN and later on correct the names through your employer.

      1. Thank you Very Much for Replying !!!!

        Sir, You suggested me to give my 2nd UAN to my new employer(3rd employer),
        But what about the PF amount which is linked to the 1st UAN(From previous employer).
        And also how can we update the UAN details through EPFO as current employer is not responding(This is case for one of my friend).
        Please suggest.

  232. Hi Sir,

    I have transferred my all amount from old Epf account to new account 1 year back.

    But now while trying for partial withdrawal through online service it ‘s showing below error :

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Please help me on this.


      1. I have already transferred all money to new EPF account But still old EPF account showing on UAN Portal.

        Is that cause this issue ? If Yes please tell me how can remove old EPF account from my UAN Portal ?

          1. I am also facing same problem already transferred old pf to current epf account but still same problem is coming, already raised the issue to EPF grievance cell also, but there is no response since 1 month.

            When contacted to EPFO then they are telling that I have to claim offline.

            I don’t know when they have launched the online service then why I have to claim it offline.

            there customer care no. is also not responding always busy.

            can you help?

  233. Sir, on my online PF passbook for previous UAN, interest credited is till 31st March 2016 only (my DOE from past employer/UAN was Feb 2015).
    is it that interest should not be credited against this amount ? I feel it should.

    before applying for OTCP to merge UANs, I want to be sure of this.

    pl suggest.

  234. Hello Basavaraj,
    Thank you for the details write up on UAN. The email id mentioned ([email protected]) isn’t working I believe. It bounced back.
    Have couple of questions:
    1. I have two UAN’s and two PF”s. My current org isn’t reflecting in EPF website as they maintain PF under trust. So am unable to merge the duplicate UAN.
    2. I worked in Chennai 9 years back and that organization is no more now. But my PF is with Chennai RO. How do I withdraw that. If I were to transfer it to my current employer PF, they dont reflect in EPF website.

    Please Suggest

    1. Lavanya-1) Trust or whatever it is, you still can go ahead and merge and request for the same through your employer. There is nowhere it is written that trust can’t use the non-trust EPF or UAN.
      2) You have to apply in Chennai itself. But try to identify in EPFO portal and request for online transfer.

  235. Hi Sir
    I am in a big problem. I resigned from a company and left it without relieving or experience letter. I don’t want my upcoming company to know about it in background check. I didn’t activate my UAN from previous company and I also checked on EPFO site under ‘Know Your UAN’ that my PAN number is not associated with any UAN. It says ‘entered information does not match with any member’. I will present to my company as if it is the first company I am joining and wouldn’t reveal any information. Now can they find out about my previous employment. It is a bad past and don’t want it to spoil my future. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Sir
        I want to withdraw PF without my PAN showing on EPFO site. Rite now my PAN is not linked? to any UAN account. Is it possible to withdraw without not getting noticed on EPFO for my last job

  236. Hi,
    My current company has decided to make EPF compulsory now. I had not opted for EPF since 2010. I had an EPF account with my previous employer in 2010 and after that I never opted for EPF in other organizations and as I said my current employer has made it mandatory now I don’t know what should I do. I was checking my previous EFP account and it seemed to in-operative. Should I make it operative and transfer the same . or should I take a new UAN account.
    Also read somewhere that EPF is not mandatory if one’s basic salary is more than 15,000. is it true ?
    Please guide me what should I do?

  237. Dear Basavaraj,

    My query is not different than other queries for which you have already replied.
    But still need some more details and help on how to resolve 2 UAN issue.

    I was working with a company from 2009 to Oct 2016 (almost for 7 years). Then I joined another organization in Oct 2016 and provided them the UAN of my first organization. I left that organization in 6 months and joined the current organization recently. At the time of joining this organization I noticed that previous organization had generated a new UAN altogether. I am not sure why they did not consider the UAN which I already provided to them.

    Now in the current organization they have linked the PF account to the UAN of my second employer. But this UAN I have not activated (online ) yet.

    Now I already have good contribution of PF amount in my first UAN and not much in second UAN.

    Please advise me the steps which I need to take up.
    1. Shall I activate second UAN? If I do so, what will happen to the first UAN and the to the PF amount accrued with this UAN?

    2. How do I make sure to bring all my PF contribution to only one UAN ?
    3. How to deactivate one UAN and which do I deactivate?
    4. Procedure to deactivate the UAN ?

    Thanks in advance!


      1. Thanks for you reply Sir.

        1. Now, I have 3 PF accounts with 2 UANs (One with First org linked to UAN1, other one with second org linked to UAN2 and the current account created by current employer linked with UAN2).

        If I request for merger of the UANs, how will I get the balance of previous two pf accounts into current PF account.

        2. To activate the new UAN, I suppose it will not take the same mobile number which I used for first UAN. Do I need to use other mobile number or is there any way to continue with same mobile?

        3. Name on both UANs is different. Second UAN include My Father’s full name and First UAN only initial.
        Will it cause any issues during transfer of PF amount from first UAN to Second?

        Please suggest me the procedure on how to tacke above 3 issues.

        1. Girish-1) When all UAN numbers get merged, then the EPF accounts under all those UAN numbers will be available under one UAN.
          2) Use the mobile which you are using now.
          3) It may create. Hence, correction is also required. Be in touch with your current employer for the same.

  238. Hi,

    I am having old UAN no. which is still active and not made any transaction from last 8 months.

    My New Employer has created new UAN for PF account. Also, merging two UAN’s is not yet activated by EPFO.

    What should I do in this case, shall I activate new UAN with other mobile no. and withdrawal Old UAN balance.

    My old Employer suggest to withdraw as new UAN is already created and already 8 months passed.

    Need you valuable thoughts….

    Thanks a lot.

      1. Ok. I agree with not to withdrawal.
        But For merger also, EPFO link should work..

        I have not yet activated 2nd UAN yet. Shall I activate it?


  239. HI, I left my previous employer during bond period. They have assigned me a UAN. Since i left the company in between, they didn’t give me experience letter. Now i am going to join a company as a fresher. and i have not mentioned my experience. So should i give my UAN to new company after telling truth or they will generate a new UAN.? waiting for your reply.

      1. I am facing same problem, Our requirement is to check PF Balance.
        Sir, One more thing is that Can I activate My new UAN no., I have already applied to transfer PF from my Previous Employer to Current Employer but Sir I do not What is the status ?

          1. Respected Sir,
            As per your instruction, I had checked but it’s showing only two option- UAN Card, Account Settings.
            & also showing —————
            Passbook is available at >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook
            but when I open given above website & enter my UAN number & Password its show wrong whether it open unified portal with same UAN number & Password.

                  1. Dear Sir,
                    I had applied for PF transfer from previous company to present company & EPFO had done this but now onward which one UAN i’ll use in future?
                    Currently Present company where I am working it is based on Trust then how I’ll know balance which is transferred by EPFO they add or not.

  240. Sir,

    I had claimed PF amount and received the claim through a UAN Number and after I joined new company can I use the same UAN or allot for new UAN


  241. I have two questions:
    1) If a person has two UAN than does previous UAN and PF account under it gets inactivated as he is not making any transaction in it?
    2) Is interest gets calculated on the EPF account with previous UAN?

  242. I have two UAN numbers and tried to deactivate old one through all means. Neither my employer is taking responsibility nor EPFO is responding to the emails or phone calls. I have transferred my PF from old account to new one but old UAN is still active. please let me know the process to deactivate my old UAN.

      1. Thanks for your reply Basavaraj…

        The only concern is that in case of PF withdrawal it would not create any problem and not able to register my primary mobile number as it is already registered with old one.

  243. Hi, recently I quite my job. So I want claim pf amount bt I have issue for 2 uan numbers..using toll free number for pf bal that show uan number that different from my payslip uan number.. What is exact my uan number?? this is my first job so no chance for previous company alloted.. How to solve this problem

      1. How is it possible for 2 uan number this is my first job.. At that same time am working 2 yrs.. using both uan number for my balance that show my bal just 34 rs.. Another uan number for check that show invalid. Am confused what is solution for that issue

  244. Hello,

    I have got two UANS, now i want to transfer amount from old to new can i do that? and also the new uan profile details like gender(male/Female) and Designation like Mr. /Ms are published wrong, how shall i correct them?

  245. I had an existing UAN, while my new UAN was generated with a few errors in my personal info with my current employer.
    I want the earlier data to be continued and new UAN to be deactivated.
    Please guide as to how can this be done?

      1. Thanks for your response.
        I’ll try getting the same done. Would seek your guidance if the need be.
        Thanks again.

  246. Dear Sir,

    I got a NEW UAN with my present employer. When i tried to transfer it online, i received the below mentioned message. Kindly clarify and the next step.



    1. Hi Indranil , you can submit form to offline to your current employer they can manage you pf transfer offline.

  247. Hello Sir,

    I have big problem about UAN No. My first company is Cognizant where cognizant allocated me UAN No.
    after quitting from my first company I have provided the same UAN to my second employer and the same UAN no is getting display in my 2nd employer pay slip. But after quit from my second employer today i checked that my 2nd employer did some mistake and created my new UAN.

    Now i am in 3rd company and i have given the same UAN no that is given by my first employer(Because as in 2nd employer pay slip the same UAN is displaying).

    Now i want to merge my 2nd employer UAN no with my previous UAN no.

    I need your help , Please help me to solve this issue.

      1. Thanks ,

        1) But I already give the First employer UAN to my Current Employer. It would not be any problem ?

        2) can i withdraw the amount of pf that is attached with newly created UAN by my 2nd organization (if yes ) then it should not be any problem in future at the time of switching to another organization ?

        need your suggestion.

          1. For 2) questions you mean there is no such problem at the time of switching from current employer.?

            Sorry to ask but I did not get your 2nd answer properly

  248. Hi, I have big problem about pf issue.. Am worked dell 2 years. Then I relaved Jan 2. After I want claim pf so first am check my balance I am arldy notify uan number using toll free number that show uan number that number differ from payslip uan number.. How is possible two uan number..?? At the same time using uan (in payslip) that show data not available. Then uan ( using toll free number) that show 34 rs.. How is this possible?? how to solve this issue plz tell solution

  249. Sir, I have a doubt. I have a previous PF membership at Mumbai from where PF amount is withdrawn and Scheme Certificate is allotted. UAN was not there at that time. In my present company, I have another, running PF number and UAN. Now, how can I merge my previous scheme certificate into the present UAN? I tried to do it online, unsuccessfully. Please help.

  250. Hi,

    Plz clarify, whether the mobile number linked with old UAN shall also be shifted automatically to be linked with new UAN after merger of both the old UAN and new UAN.

      1. I still have to initiate merging process of two UAN, kindly suggest on following two confusions :

        1. Whether to fill Form 13 and submit to employer or should opt for online process.

        2. Can I activate my new UAN on online epfo portal with a different mobile number or should wait till merger completes.

  251. Hi, I am going through same situation, new employer has created another UAN. The online transfer portal is not working since long time. Can you please suggest if there is any other way to initiate transfer claim

  252. Hello Sir,

    I have 2 UAN .
    1. First UAN is my previous company which is Exempted one So PF has been maintained by them TRUST with my correct Full name (Naazneen Banu Hayath Basha and my dad name Hayath Basha S) and pension has been maintained by EPFO office
    Now this UAN card has my short name as Naazneen Banu H and dad name as Hayath S but PF slip has my correct full name

    2. 2nd UAN is my present company one which is unexempted so both PF and Pension is maintained by EPFO regional office office and it has my correct full name in both UAN and PF slip as
    Naazneen Banu Hayath Basha
    Hayath Basha S

    Just a recall
    Old company PF slip — Naazneen Banu Hayath Basha , Hayath Basha S
    Old company UAN card — Naazneen Banu H, Hayath S

    New Company PF Slip — Naazneen Banu Hayath Basha , Hayath Basha S
    New Company UAN Card — Naazneen Banu Hayath Basha , Hayath Basha S

    Now what should i do in this above case, Can i proceed for transfer of PF/Pension from old company to new one , the difference in UAN card is not an issue?
    (Or) Because of same details in PF slip of both company makes the PF/Pension transfer as successful one?

    Please clarify of how should i proceed further