10 best short term investment options in India

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When I wrote a post “Top 10 Best Mutual Funds to invest in India for 2015″, I flooded with questions about investing in mutual funds and that too equity investment. Their eagerness is to invest in equity mutual funds, whether the period is 1-2 years or 10-20 yrs. In this post, let us concentrate the avenues for short-term investors.

Best Short Term Investment Option

What do you mean by Short Term?

There is no such standard definition. However, ideally any goal, which is less than 5 years, considered as a short-term goal. Let us understand that, again in such short-term goals few are very sure to come. For example, if your kid age is currently 16 yrs then he/she may need cash after 2 years for graduation. This you cannot avoid or postpone. Apart from such goals, you may also have some goals like buying a car after 3 years. This either you may prepone or postpone it and I think it will not affect so much to you. So few goals may be definite in nature and few indefinite.

When we have any such definite goals, then one must not take any risk and always be specific about decisions. However, for goals, which may be of an indefinite nature, then you can retain this, take flexible decisions or can drop it (if it is not feasible for you).

Now let us understand what are all options which available for Indians to invest for a short term.


1) Savings Account-One of the safest and easiest way to access your money. You have to keep money in a savings account which you may require at any point of time. Here your main motive LIQUIDITY but not earning. Ideally, you can expect around 4% to 7% return from such savings account. Banks such as Kotak offers you around 6% returns and Yes Bank around a 7 % return.

However, do remember that according to IT Section 80TTA, any individual or HUF can claim a deduction of up to Rs.10, 000 on interest earned from such savings account. Anything more than Rs.10, 000 interest income is considered as “Income from Other Sources” and taxed according to your tax slab. There is no TDS on such earned interest and Section 80TTA deduction is apart from the deduction of what you get from the Sec.80C limit of Rs.1, 50,000.

2) Liquid Funds-These are types of mutual funds, who usually invest in short-term government securities and certificate of deposits. Such short-term investments make them reasonably secure. You can easily enter and exit at any point of time. Usually, such funds don’t have an exit load. Do not try to put all your emergency fund into such funds. Because, sometimes the redemption may take around 2 days. In addition, if funds provided you ATM card for withdrawal, then there may be some daily withdrawal limit.

You can expect around 4% to 7% post tax return. However, it gives you full peace of mind as such funds invest in short maturity (4-91 days) securities. Usually, the underlying securities carry a high quality of rating like AAA and hence default risk is fully NIL. I suggest selecting the fund, which is high in credit quality and low in interest rate sensitivity.

Taxation of liquid funds is exactly like any other debt funds taxation. Therefore, if your holding period is less than 3 years, then it is taxed according to your tax slab. However, if you hold it for more than 3 years, then it will be taxed at 20% (+cess) with indexation benefit.

3) Ultra Short Term Funds or Liquid Plus Funds-These funds are slightly riskier than Liquid Funds. Because they primarily invest in short-term debt securities maturing from 90 days to 1.5 Yrs. You just need to understand one point here. For debt funds, maturity period of the underlying securities is a point to be checked along with a credit rating. Longer the maturity period means higher the interest rate risk. At the same time, lower the credit rating means higher the risk of default. These funds charge exit load in the range of 0.1-1% if funds are redeemed before a specified time period, in the range of one week to six months.

You can expect a slightly higher return from Liquid Funds. However, taxation rules are same as that of Liquid Funds.

4) Short Term Funds-These funds primarily invest in securities, which mature from 1-3 years. As I have said above, since the maturity of securities more than liquid funds and ultra short-term funds, these funds are a little bit risky. Taxation is same as that of any other debt funds.

5) Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)-These funds will come up with lock in (currently minimum 3 Yrs). These are again considered as debt funds and you can invest in such funds only you know about when you need money. They act exactly like your bank FDs. However, they are more tax efficient compared to FDs and you can expect better returns than FDs. Such funds are out of interest rate risk. Because funds usually hold the securities which mature either less than or equal to a maturity of the fund.

Note-I will recommend you to consider only these four types of debt mutual funds for your short-term goals. I will not recommend any Income Funds, Dynamic Bond Funds, Monthly Income Plans-MIPs (considering their equity exposure), or Gilt Funds. The simple reason is, your goal is short term, and we cannot expect any volatility in return. Our major goal is capital protection with a decent return. Funds like Income, Dynamic, MIPs or Gilt Funds hold long duration securities, which makes risky for your short term goals.

6) Arbitrage Funds-These are considered as equity mutual funds. Hence, they are more tax efficient if your holding period is more than a year. These funds may give you around 8% post tax return. You can learn more about Arbitrate Fund HERE.

However, nowadays few mutual fund companies offering you Arbitrage Plus Funds. Take a caution of this difference and see what CRISIL say about this, “Investors need to differentiate between pure arbitrage and arbitrage plus funds. In the former, the equity component is completely hedged while the latter can take unhedged positions and carry a higher risk. Only eight of the 15 domestic arbitrage funds can be considered as pure arbitrage funds”. You also take a note of exit load of these funds before investing.

7) Bank FDs or Postal Term Deposits-I think we do not need any explanation of this. If you have an internet banking facility, then I suggest booking your FDs online. The advantage is, it is easy to handle and at the same time, if you redeem online, then the you get the cash immediately in your savings account. Returns from FDs are taxable as per your tax slab (whether they are normal FDs or tax-saving FDs). You can deposit anywhere from 7 days to 10 Yrs. However, I will not suggest using this if your time horizon is more than 3 years. If the goal is more than 3 years, then the above said debt funds or Arbitrage funds are more tax efficient.

Even you can use the Post Office Term Deposits. However, when it comes to facility and service. Post Office lags behind. However, never try to go for Corporate FDs. The reason is, currently the company, which you are going to invest, may have a high credit rating. However, after a few years, if the company not performed well, then the same rating agency may downgrade it. Then is it possible for you to come out of the deposit? These deposits may offer you a higher interest rate than Bank FDs. However, such high return will come with associated risks.

8) Recurring Deposits (RDs) -This is one more type of secured investment. This product is ideally suitable to those who not able to invest a lump sum and looking for monthly investment. Either you can use Bank RDs or Postal RD. Ideally bank offers RD of minimum tenure with 6 months to a maximum of 10 Yrs. Interest received on RD is taxable as per your tax slab.

9) 5-Yrs National Savings Certificate (NSC) -You can invest in Postal NSC of 5 years, only if you are sure that goal is exactly at 5 years from today. You can claim deduction under Sec.80C. However, the interest on NSC will be taxable.

I wrote a post on how one can reduce their tax liability on NSC interest. Please go through and read a below post.

10) Monthly Income Schemes (MIPs) -If you are expecting for regular fixed monthly income, then I suggest to go for Postal MIP. However, I do not recommend you the MIPs offered by mutual funds. The reason is, even though the name of such funds is MIP, but there is no guarantee that they offer you monthly income. Ideally, these funds invest around 10% to 20% of a portfolio in equity and rest in debt instruments (usually of higher duration). Hence, these two points make it bit risky than the other debt funds I referred above. Why take a risk, when you have the same taxation like other debt funds discussed above? Hence, restrict your monthly requirement to Postal MIP or Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) (if you are senior).

The above list may not be exhaustive. However, I felt it enough to end this post 🙂 Any alternative suggestions??

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382 Responses

  1. Sir,
    200000 Rs given you to invest for 7 days to 3 months. What will be your plan to maximize the profit(considering present scenario).

  2. HI basu,
    according to you how is the Kisan vikas patra t invest for around 10 years?
    apart from investing in equity and ppf .
    or any other pure debt fund for 10 years?

  3. I have 4 time deposits with post office. Today I went to get interest certificate. But post Master denied with saying that they are not providing it. Plz help me whether post issue int certi. or not?

  4. Hello sir ?
    I would like to start investing from now onwards. I haven’t tried to save or invest before.
    I can manage 1k per month out of my pocket expense after deducting my perosnal and coaching expenses.
    I will b thankful to you if you could suggest me some way or plan to invest with this amount.

  5. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the information.

    I have a short term goal of raising around 15 lakhs till April 2020. I can invest around 30k to 35k per month. Can you please guide me in this regard. I currently have Term Insurance + LIC + ULIP already. But my need is to generate a capital of around 15 lakhs in next 3 years. Which products can I invest ?

    Thanks in advance..

  6. Hello sir , I want to invest 6 lakhs rupees for 1 year. So, can you please suggest in what all schemes I shall invest with how much percentage of 6 lakhs in each scheme. Returns I expect are 8-10% on overall amount.

    Also I earn around 1.25 lakh per month, how shall I invest my income for the same kind of return and again if I need this money after 1.5 year from now.
    Please guide sir.Also how can I proceed to learn more about financial planning myself.

  7. Hi, I am 31 Years old and would like to invest 80K PM. Immediate priority is wedding by 2018 year end. I need guidance on coverage to all three areas i.e, Investment, Risk cover(life insurance) and Tax. how much should I allocate in all three heads. Please help me to prioritize.

  8. Hey,
    i am an new and small investor, I do not have any plan yet and depend only on saving accounts of kotak which returns 6%. I wish to know what could be good way to invest money as I can invest 70-80 thousand per year. I am 24 year old and working in a IT company which pays me 35000. I am married and turning in to father within a year. However my friend suggest me to invest with PPF account.

    1. Vishal-First priority should be to buy sufficient Life Insurance (in the way of term insurance), health insurance, accidental insurance and creating an emergency fund of at least 6 months of your expenses. Once all these are set, then identify your financial goals. Based on that you MUST choose the products.

  9. Hi Basu, off late I have started investing at 36 yrs.
    I came across almost all your blogs. You are doing a great job, by imparting personal finance knowledge. I have learnt a lot from your blogs.
    I have a query? I want to invest for building a house 5 yrs later. I can invest 2 lakhs per year for next 5 years. Kindly guide me how to go about it? That is how to divide among ultra short term debt, short term gilt, NSC and Arbitrage funds.

  10. hi

    i am an new and small investor i am holding BNP PARIBAS EQUITY FUNDS + LIC + SSY + NPS.

    for my girl i make investment 12000 pa in SSY, but for my boy i don’t understand where i invest can you suggest me in same amount bracket of SSY any other funds where i can put money for my son for his education purpose (specify the name of funds) at present he is under 1 year old and my age is 33 YEAR old.

    my salary is 40000 and living on rent house


  11. Hi,
    This is Jang Bahadur Thapa from Delhi. I want to invest 300000/- for 1 year and I want to get maximum to maximum return within such year. Please advise.

      1. I mean to say, If I use RD from post office, I will get 6-8% interest not more than. Is there any another advise to get more?

  12. Hi,

    Well, your blog talks a lot 🙂 But just not clear with my kind of case. I have 20,000 in my hand,21 years old, working in an IT company and going to be married in a year. I cannot invest an amount every month due to my education loan. Hence i am looking forward to deposit that 20000 which will earn me a good return in one year and i can use that for my marriage or any expenditures after marriage. Could you please advice me a good option here?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hello Sir,

    I am a Final year B.Arch Student from Bangalore. I would like to start some savings for future. Can you suggest me an investment scheme where I can Put about 1000INR a month for the next 3-4 years. I would also like the option to increase the monthly amount slowly.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hello, I will soon be turning 18 and I was looking out to start investing. What would be the best investment to make now and how much of it ideally. Regards.

  15. hi, I need any investment plan which is around 3 or max 5 yrs, for my son’s higher education, can you suggest ant such plans as normally I was doing investments in NSC’s.

  16. sir, i want to know the financial plan for an HNI client who wants to buy a house within 6 months with surplus of 20 lakhs`

  17. Sir, if a HNI customer wants to buy a house within 6 months of surplus of Rs 2 Lakhs what should the financial plan be? Please suggest me.

      1. Ya I completely agree with your part but as a whole where should he invest for Rs 200000 for the period of 6 months for buying a house?

  18. Suggest best financial plan for a person who want to invest Rs 10 lakh to meet his two girl children’s higher education . Suppose the age of children are 14 years and 10 years respectively…….


    1. Priti-MONEY should be SAFE…ONE year time frame and EXPECTED return 13-14% !!! Sorry I don’t have any magic. If someone fulfill your requirement, then please share the same. I am eager to know.

  20. Sir,
    How a young investor can invest in a mixed mutual fund portfolio, investing Rs. 5000 monthly, with the goal of- a) a car in 2 years, b) wedding in 5 years, c) a house down payment in 10 years.

    Best Regards.

  21. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    Firstly, many thanks for your blog with all the helpful and commendable information. I have tried reading most of it and find them very meaningful indeed. I have a small query for myself, I would like to get a return of 15K per month, 6 months from now. I have checked a few online calculators but am still quite perplexed with the amount of junk info available online. What is the amount I should be investing to get that fixed return on a monthly basis and what instrument should I opt for? Thanks in advance.

  22. hi short term means 6 month r 1 year i am ready to invest monthly 3 k for 1 or 2 year, or 50 k one time payment in some plan for good return with less risk .

  23. Dear Sir,

    I have E-FD in HDFC Bank. After E-FD completed through Net Banking I go to Bank for Hard Copy of FD Certificate. Bank official said that FD certificate not to be given for E-FD. Is it right?

      1. I have also 2 E FDs in HDFC bank. If the duration is of 1 yr , they dont give u the cerificate

        For my 3 yr FD duration , certificate came by post

  24. Sir, i am 52 years old…i will retire after 8 years…i hv around 15 lakhs in mutual fund (30000 sip) and 10 lakhs in PF.. i have 10lakhs cash in savings account…i may need these money after retirement..where can i invest for my comfortable retired life…i have sufficient fund for any liability at present

  25. Basavaraj,

    Forgot to ask one more question

    My age is 36 now and my goals for investment are as follows

    1/Retire in approx 10 to 12 years and have a steady monthly income(50000/month in todays date ) after that.For this I have accumulated around 10 lks till now in terms of PPF and EPF
    2/My Kid is 2 years old and I want to save some money for his higher education in 12 years.I have SIP in Equity MIDCAP Funds like UTI Midcap, SBI Magnum MIDCAP(3000 in each fund monthly), till now the total accumulated money is 3 lakhs
    3/I dont have any loans as of now and am planning to take a house loan of 40 lakhs in 2 years
    Can you suggest n ideal portfolio to acheive this target?

    1. Sushruth-1) For such long term goals EPF and PPF are debt assets. You must not rely fully on such low yielding assets. You must include equity funds also in a proper asset allocation.
      2) 100% equity allocation is bad thing. Include debt portfolio.
      3) For loan a portfolio?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj

        1/What type of equity funds should I go for this goal and what should be the mix of debt and equity

        2/What kind of debt portfolio I should go for here?

        3/No portfolio for loan, I ws just asking if you can suggest a suitable portfolio for first two points considering that I will be going for a loan in two years

  26. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to go for a house construction in two to three year time frame and hence I want to park some money aside for a duration of one to two year from now.I would want to earn a better post tax return than the FD or RD or Savings Bank Account.Can you suggest one or two funds that fulfill this need ?

  27. thanks for ur interest to share , i wish to save monthly 3k (my salary is 30 k ) already i have RPLI in post office(monthy rs 1400) suggest me some short term plan with minimum risk (or no risk is more better) (specify the plan) to invest.

    1. Hi,

      I am a student and wish to invest Rs. 1000/month for the next three years. Could you kindly suggest the best investment option in my case (and if possible, the exact scheme by the suggested firms)?


  28. Will it be good to invest directly in shares instead of mutual fund. I have a time frame of 5 years. I want to buy flat around 50lacs. So please suggest me how much money I have to put every month.

  29. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,

    I am looking for an investment option for some surplus money that I have for an investment period of around 2 years. One safest option is Bank FDs whose current ROI is ~7.25% . Can short term mutual funds give a return higher than this for my mentioned period? Some Dynamic Bond funds have higher returns of around 9% according to data available over the Internet. Do you think such funds are an good investment option? I am planning to park some money in such funds and remaining in Bank FDs in the ratio 30:70 for a period of 2 yrs. Please suggest

  30. Hello Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti

    I was going through your articles/ suggestion for different financial investment requirements. I must say I am really impressed by your advice. Sir I would highly appreciate if you suggest me about how to invest some liquid cash for two years. I will probably need them during mid 2019.
    Also I have invested in HDFC Unit Link Policy [3L] please suggest when is the right time to exit from it. All of the have completed more than 5 years.

      1. Thanx Mr. Tonagatti
        My query regarding HDFC ULIP was Stock Market movement. Is the market will be bullish in coming days or is it going for a slide.

        1. Susant-None know the bullish or bearish. Those who predict are stock brokers sitting in the name of EXPERT. So never rely on them. If you feel the product met your requirement and you need money, then withdraw.

    1. Hello Sir,

      I am in usa and want to come back to India and take a break for some time may be 1 year due to some commitments and after that ,want to look for other career options settle in India,So i need monthly income through out this year by preserving my capital .

      My financial condition is as below

      My age 32,married and one kid..One 2 Bhk apartment in Hyd(No debt)-Rental income is 12000,and I have saved 60 lakhs in liquid cash

      Please let me know where can i invest and how much reasonable income can I expect monthly by investing this cash given safety is my priority keeping tax and other factors if any in mind as I need to support my family(kid,spouse and myself) initially till I find the work I like most

      If possible please give me a detailed portfolio allocation.Your help is highly appreciated at this point of time sir.

      Thanks for your time

  31. Sir,

    I have 2 lakhs with me now. I want to invest it for 6 months as a short term. I will need the money after 6 months for down payment for a house. What is your suggestion?

  32. Dear Sir,

    My mother (age 59) has around Rs.8,00,000/- which she might not need for another 5-6 years (she will be getting pension, and is in good state of health). Also, post retirement, she is expected to get around Rs.20,00,000/-. She doesn’t have any concrete goals except maximizing the returns and at the same time not losing the initial amount invested. Do you have any suggestions?

  33. I have joined my job in December 2015. I am already investing in Kotak Regular Select Focus Fund through SIP of Rs.1000. I want to create a wealth of 5-7 Lakhs in 5 Years. Please suggest some good options. Also some options for a time frame of 10-15 years for a wealth of Rs. 20 Lakhs.

      1. I want to contribute 5-7 lakhs for my sisters marriage. And I want to start another SIP which would help me generating a wealth of 20 lacs in 10 years

  34. DEAR SIR ,

  35. Hi Basavraj,
    I need suggestion regarding my financial goal. I wish some investment which will give me good returns in 2 years time. My target amount is Rs 10 lac.

    How much investment i need to do for this and which is the best option to invest in.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Why RD and why not FD. FD always preferable if you want to invest all money at a time.

        Sunny Batra

  36. HI Basavaraj,

    I am following your article/blog from last few weeks, its helping me in getting great insights since i am a new to this investment world. Good Job 🙂

    Here is my portfolio :-

    1) Rs 30,000 lumpsum in Axis Long term equity _ELSS_(Time Horizon – 3-5 yrs)
    2) Rs 20,000 lumpsum in Birla Sun life tax plan_ELSS_(Time Horizon 3-5yrs)
    3) Rs 1000 SIP in SBI Blue chip fund (Large cap ) (Time Horizon 5+ yrs)
    4) Rs 1000 SIP in DSP Blackrock Micro cap fun (small&mid cap ) (Time Horizon 5yrs)
    5) Rs 1000 SIP in Mirae Assest emerging blue chip fund (small&mid cap) (Time Horizon 5+ yrs)

    6) Investing in FD for short term returns

    Goal at present is wealth creation :- better returns (15-20% )

    Any comments on the above portfolio? If you want me to add/remove/modify/suggest me something apart from this ?

      1. creating wealth is goal at present….i understand it shud be very specific like marriage goal, education goal and retirement goals…..but i may need sometime to map all these accurately to my current earnings and investments, hence at present goal is to make some decent money ..so i am looking for good returns…

          1. Completley understandable Basavaraj…..can you atleast tell me if the above investments(funds) are good to have in the portfolio for time horizon for 5+ yrs ? 5+ years would be even 7 yrs or 10 yrs (depends on the fund performance later)….

  37. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have around 3.5 lacs to invest. I am looking for a period of 1 year to invest them so that I can use that money for my marriage next year. What are the best possible high return options for 1 year time frame ? Should I split the amount and invest in different categories?


    1. Akshata-Don’t scratch your head. Simply go ahead and invest in FD. Because if there anything down, then you be in trouble as the goal is short term and the goal type is very much assured.

  38. Dear Basavaraj

    Hi, I am a 43 year old man looking for your valuable advice regarding my portfolio & investments. I have started 20k SIP 7 months back & increased it to 30k from this month only. I am planning to invest around 20Lacs Lumsum amount in different schemes. Need you to please help me to identify where should i invest. My preferred areas would be –

    1. PPF
    2. FD
    3. Short term DEBT Funds/Liquid Fund
    4. NSC
    5. Corporate FDs
    6. Gold Funds

    Also please let me know if i can go for equity large cap STP through ultra short term fund, i am little apprehensive as i already have sufficient exposure in equity through SIP.

    My time horizon is 4 years for partial amount 8 to 10 years for rest of the amount.


    1. Rajeev-For short term goal of 4 years, use short term or ultra short-term debt funds. For 8-10 yrs goal use equity-oriented balanced fund like HDFC Balanced Fund. Treat each goal differently. Hence, based on that your equity and debt exposure must follow.

  39. Hi Basavaraj,

    Read your article, it gave me a pretty clear idea about the financial schemes available currently in market….
    But I am still confused !! As a Student for me which can be a best suited way to invest the money???…
    I plan to save the money from my pocket money and my part time salary…. which wont be more than like 500 – 600 INR/PM…….
    Please Advice and help….

  40. Hello Basavraj,

    I am looking for lucrative short term investment plan which would yield me around 10-15 % interest. I am looking for Following options. Pls suggest.

    1. Balanced fund : ( Dividend Plan with reinvest option)

    Franklin India Balanced Fund or L&T India Prudence Fund or HDFC Balanced Fund :

    2. Liquid Fund.

  41. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I am planning to save 35K each months from now onward for next 7 Months for my marriage. Currently I am not having any past savings. Kindly guide me the suitable investment plan for getting maximum return to build suitably maximum fund for my marriage.

    Thank you

  42. Hello sir,iam interested to take ppf account behalf of my new born baby boy.i dont know which investment scheme is beneficial for boy in future.which is better in Rd & ppf & LIC.already i am investing in lic and can my wife who is home maker take ppf account on behalf of child

  43. Sir, I need to invest 4000k per month for the tenure of 5 years. Kindly advise which tool will be best suited for this requirement. Thanks.

  44. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to buy an home in the next 2 years. I am confused over which investment shall i go with. I am planning to invest Rs.20000/- per month for a period of 1.5-2years for the down payment of the home. Can you please suggest which investment plan shall I go with for better gains???

  45. Dear Basavraj, i have gone thru all your advice. You are just superb and practical. You are selfless too. I wish you all the best for your future endeavour. May you prosper always.

  46. Hello Basavaraj,

    I would like to invest around 50000 for the period of 06 months to a year? What is the best way to earn maximum interest?

  47. Hi,

    I am a student and wish to invest Rs. 2000/month for the next two years. Could you kindly suggest the best investment option in my case (and if possible, the exact scheme by the suggested firms)?


  48. Sir,
    I am a student currently doing my graduation. I have around 35,000 that I would like to invest which would come in handy for my future. Please suggest some suitable avenues. Thank you!

  49. hi
    want to invest in dedt fund for long term say for 15..20 yrs…have already done sips in equity funds…i can invest 300000 for three yrs….how is franklin ultra short term fund ?
    can i expect around 8% returns on it?

  50. Hi,
    I Already have 1 FD and 1 RD in my bank for savings . i further can invest 2000rs per month for next 3 years . Where should i invest to get maximum returns?
    Equity as u said is a NO. then are there any other option ?

  51. Dear sir

    I am have done FD for 3 years @Rs. 10000/- per month . There is any plan for invest for short period 2-3 years @10000/- month

  52. hello sir
    i want to invest 10000/- per month for next 24 months and want to use this money for down payment of my car.
    which plan should i opt for , considering maximum return and minimum tax load. im in 20% tax slab.

  53. Hii sir,
    I want to invest 2000? per month for 3 years..i want maximum return at minimum risk.
    Will you please suggest me the which will be great for me..
    Kindly explain me the procedure and how it works.
    Thank you

  54. Hi Basu,
    Can you please suggest me plans for short term period(1-3 yrs) with an investment of 2500 per month?
    I am a novice investor.


  55. hi sir i am doing sip in
    hdfc equityfund 1000rs
    hdfc capital builder fund (d) 1500rs
    uti multicap fund 1000rs
    per month for next 5 years how much i can gain

  56. Sir …I want to invest 1000 Rs. Per month….for 9 months. The goal of investment is to save money and increase it as much as possible for a trip. so, what would be your suggestion for this short term investment keeping in mind my goal and getting maximum return possible.

  57. Hi Basu,
    I want to invest for 6 months and then pay for next installment for home construction. Which option should I invest in?

  58. Hello sir I want to invest 5000 in every month for 5 years plz suggest me gud way to invest with tex saving also nd low risk of my money nd gud benefits after 5 yrs or more yrs plz help me

  59. hi Sir,
    its satya,
    Sir i am already to start investment in NSC Rs 20000/-pm. i want to invest for 5 yrs.there after i have recd permanent benefit every month. and so on. suggest mi. the track.

  60. With ref to below query of mine, I want to invest about 5L for a period of around 1 year. Can you please suggest the good options.

  61. Dear Basu,
    Can you please suggest, how can I reduce the tax liability on the interest on FD. I am planning to invest in FD.

  62. Hi Basavaraj,
    I want to invest 5 lakhs. I require this money only after 8 years. I wanted to gain maximum interest on this. but this should not be taxable end of the day. pl suggest best plans. is KVP also taxable?

        1. Alok-Good question 🙂 We all feel that debt funds are SAFE. But they are also volatile in nature exactly like equity funds (but not to that extent). You have enough volatility from equity. Why to take more for sake of around 1% to 2%. Now in Mr. Rajendra’s case, from his comment I understood that he is new to equity. I don’t want to risk his money by recommending more towards equity. Also, in my view 8 years it a moderate goal, not a long term.

  63. Hello Sir…

    My age is 31 years
    Currently for a year I can invest 1 lac for long term.

    1. I will need certain amount of money for my daughters marriage , after 21 years. I am thinking of sukanya samriddhi yojana postal plan…. Will invest around 5oooo.

    2. I need to invest another 50000 yearly in some other investment plans where I can get the returns after 25 years. Can you advise which would be the best one for me here

    3. Also could you please advise on any plans which can help me in my daughters Education…

    1. Kumar-Invest around 30% of that Rs.1,00,000 into Sukanya Samriddhi (I prefer PPF over this scheme),rest Rs.70,0000 into one large cap fund like Franklin or ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund and one small and mid cap fund like Franklin India Prima Fund or HDFC Midcap Opp Fund.

  64. sir, i want to invest 2 lakh but its maturity period will not be more than 1-2 year.
    please suggest me best option without paying more tax

  65. Hi Basavaraj

    I want to invest 2 lakhs considering 2 years time where I wont need this amount.

    Please suggest best option. I have already inversted in PPF, FDs

    I am looking for some option which is best for saving tax.


  66. Hie. Am a 24 yr old female working for an MNC…. I wanna gift m fiance a long term investment plan for our future child…. For a term of about 7-8 yrs from now….. Can I get sm good suggestions of how can I…. Today invest an amount of 10k (one tym) nd gift him the same…. And get a good return after 7-8 yrs…. … Plz help!

  67. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am doing business and can spare 15000/- monthly for investment for say 5 years which yield good returns. I am not looking for 10-15% return.

    Or can you provide me a long term investment as in 10 years for 10000/- monthly. Looking forward for a positive advice.


  68. Hi,
    I am a senior citizen and want to invest or deposit money where I get a monthly income through which I can manage my monthly expenses.

    Please advise

    1. Ashish-Company in the sense? Below categories of persons or entities are allowed to invest in MF.
      Resident Indians, Non-resident Indians (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (POI), Indian Public Sector Undertakings, Indian Private Sector Undertakings, Parents/Guardians on behalf of minors, Wakf Boards, Hindu Undivided Family, Sole Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Cooperative Societies, Charitable or Religious Trusts, Trustee, AMC or Sponsor of their associates, Endowment or Registered Societies, Army/Air Force/Navy/Para-Military funds and other eligible institutions, Scientific and/or industrial research organizations, And other associations, institutions, bodies, etc., authorized to invest in mutual funds.
      Chose where you fall.

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

        I am an NRI living in KSA. I would like to invest in MFs, preferably SIP.
        Which one is the best according to you? I need flexible amount and flexible period and should withdraw any time too….

        Also, suggest me if you have any FB page.
        Thanks in advance.

  69. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I need advice on investing my savings for my 1 year old daughter (Long term for say 15 to 20 years).
    Currently I have put around INR 25 Lacs in Fixed deposits in bank & exploring options for getting higher interest rates.
    I am not looking for mutual funds or real estate. Can you suggest me any better option.

      1. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

        As mentioned earlier I am not willing to make any high risk Investment like in MF or real estate.
        Can you suggest me any option with returns higher that FD but not too risky as this savings am doing for my daughters future.


        1. Payal-When you say HIGHER returns than FD, then may know the definition of that? There is something called inflation which eat your savings and investment, if the return on such product is less than inflation. Also, do remember that high return will be associated with high risk. So don’t expect that without risk. Everybody including me looking for safety with HIGH return. But sadly nowadays even your FD is not safe. Do you know that? At the same time, I am not forcing you to invest in direct equity or mutual funds. The idea is to beat the educational inflation. Equity is only asset class which have this power (I am not sure about real estate). Now ball is in your court to decide as per your risk taking ability.

  70. Hieee i m mahesh . Age 30 yrs . New investor . Want to start investments in
    Large cap – franklin india bluechip fund growth direct plan 5000 rs
    Elss – axis long term equity fund growth direct plan 5000rs
    Balanced fund tata balanced fund 2500 rs
    Income funds birla sun life monthly income plan 2 wealth 25
    2500 .
    And want to remain invested for 10 15. Yrs .
    Pls advice me about that .

  71. Hi,
    I need to invest approx 60 lacs for next 2 years. Can you suggest something? The reason I’m not investing in real estate is that I need liquidity for next 2 years then only I can think of investing in real estate. Looking at current situation in India, I don’t feel safe to invest in FDs provided by foreign banks. Please advise.


  72. Hi Basavaraj

    I want to invest 1.5L for 3yrs.Pls suggest the platform to invest,and would fetch me with good return.

    Also pls guide me the best place to invest which would increase my earning.

  73. Suppose I can invest 5k monthly and I want either monthly or yearly return but return should be less risky and should have a good growth .In what kind of way I should invest?

  74. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to invest some Rs. 15K before Jan 14, 2016.
    Please suggest me a good plan so that I can go ahead and invest immediately.
    I am 40 years old.

  75. I have another query:
    If I am able to save 1 lakh Rs. per month, which is a better option:
    1. Put this amount every month towards my Home Loan, so that monthly EMI redcuces as well as interest will be saved. or
    2. let the EMI of the home loan remain as it is and instead invest this 1 lakh Rs. monthly to get good returns.

    As of now, it looks like I will be able to save 1 lakh Rs per month for atleast next 6 months.

    Many thanks in advance!

  76. My goal for this investment is to get best returns, as I will need the money for my siblings marriage.

  77. Hello Mr. Basu,

    I wanted to invest Rs. 2-3 lakhs for 2 years. FD or Arbitrage fund?
    If Arbitrage which one, if FD which one?
    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  78. hello.
    can you please advise what is the right avenue to invest 15000 INR per month for 5 years considering i am an NRI?

  79. HI ,
    I am young professional , i have a monthly saving of around 6K per month , i want to invest the money in some good investment avenues. Can u please suggest me were shuld i park my money in long term plans

  80. Hi ,
    I want to invest 50000 for Only two months .
    First i thought to invest in saving a/c
    Can u please help for any other option

      1. sir ji plz muje bate ki main 60000 rupay kha invast karu high retran mile or tax rebat ve hoo plz coy ka name or plan theek say sand karna ji

  81. Hello! Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    Can you please suggest me about investment instruments where I can get 25-30% annual returns.

    Also please suggest the investment which can give 4-6% monthly returns


    1. Anurag-Even I too searching the product which can give me 25-30% returns. But very much sure that if I invest in equity for long term then I can generate decent tax-free return of 12%. That is what I am following and suggesting to others. You can use debt instruments like FDs, Debt Funds, PPF (if time horizon is 15 years), or even keeping cash in savings account of few banks.

  82. HI,

    I am looking to invest in some instrument where I can park my extra savings rather than keeping it idle in the savings account. I already invest around 1L/year in PPF. Already using the 1.5L 80C limit.
    I am 30 years old. Can park around 20-30k monthly

    Could you please suggest?

  83. Hello,
    I am a 19 yr old student and I have around 30k in my savings account and i can spare around 2k-3k p.m out of my pocket money.
    Which is the best investment strategy to start investing ?
    Thank You

  84. Hi vasavaraj

    Gud morn, hru? I have around 25 lac in my SBI saving acount since long time which is a waste of money. I want to invest it for 2 to 3 years only. Which is the best investment plan can i select considering highest % of ROI & Guarantee of money.

  85. i have 15 lakh rupees and i want to invest this money to get monthly income .which is the best way to get so.and what would be the monthly income i can expect with this 15 lakhs money. and i want this to be invested in a very trusted organisation. can u help me with this thanks in advance.

  86. Hi Basavaraj,

    Very useful article. I came across some articles saying that Arbitrage funds have started loosing their shine, as in the recent times returns have come down to 4-5% Your take on that?

    In your article you mentioned about FMPs giving better returns that FDs. May I know how much?

    I want to park some lump sum amount (~50K) for a period of 3-4 years. What should I pick from: Arbitrage or FMP or Short-term fund?

    Please suggest.

    1. Mahesh-Yes, it may happen as too many looking for same opportunity of arbitrage leads to less income. This is what is happening. Where I said FMPs better than FDs? May I know the lines of this post or link of a post where I mentioned so? If your goal is around 3-4 years, then my suggestion will be distribution among Bank FDs, Arbitrage Funds and Short term Debt Funds.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for your suggestions.

        Regarding FMPs–These were the lines I came across in your article— “They act exactly like your bank FDs. However, they are more tax efficient compared to FDs and you can expect better returns than FDs”.

        Hence, I presumed that FMPs are better compared to FDs. Please correct me if I am wrong.

        1. Mahesh-I think I missed the line of mentioning “better tax efficient” but mentioned “better”. My error. I personally not fond of FMPs. Because the nature of lock-in and the return volatility (based on portfolio). Instead, I stick to basics and opt for short-term debt funds. Because we have enough volatility from equity portfolio.

  87. Dear Basu ,

    If want to invest 20 L for 2 years .. Which is the best option ..

    Tell me the options with returns percentage

  88. I want to earn through investment within a period of 5 years . Please suggest me monthly investment plan. so i can get consolidated money after 5 years.

      1. Hi sir,
        i want to invest 2L for a year. i don’t want interest becoz itz invalid as per my religion. could you poz suggest me any plan in which my money works. even i want to invest monthly 20K but what should select, confused! for the last 2 years have been investing with ingvsya life insurance as i opened bcoz of my frnd commission. im single probably i will get married by next year. i dnt hve any plan so plz advise how to utilize these money. ur respons would be highly appreciated. thanks

  89. Hi

    for last three years I invest on (Franklin India FLEXI CAP FUND – Dividend Payout + Franklin India Bluechip FUND – Dividend Payout) now I move from dividend to growth. Monthly investment is 2000 each.
    So to move from dividend to growth is good or bad method?

      1. Thx

        I want long term wealth. So what I’ll do with the money that I invested on dividend mutual fund.
        Should I move it to growth?

  90. I have some amount i want to know short term best return option. I have around 7 lakhs. I want to invest my money around 6 months.

  91. hello sir.
    i m 25 ,single, earing 40k a month.i want to buy a car in 3 years and a home in next 5 years how much and were should i invest where i can save tex also.

    1. Praveen-For your 3 years goal, you can use Bank FD or RD. For 5 years goal, use short term debt fund, arbitrage fund and RD equally. I can’t say how much you invest as I don’t know how much is your target amount.

  92. I need to invest Rs 30 lakhs in one lump sum, which is required for my sins education after 2 years.

    Could you pl suggest which is the best option.


  93. HI Basavaraj,

    I am planing to invest long term plan in monthly basis (1000 to 1500) in My son Name please suggest me, which is the better plan to invest.

    Thank you


  94. I want to invest 3 lakh rupees & withdraw 50000/- every month. Please suggest which investment is better Liquid fund or SBI FD

  95. Hi

    I would like to invest rs.5000 every month for a period of 1-2 yrs max. Iam very much confused to which scheme I should go for.

    kindly suggest me the best option which I can opt for

    Thanks & Regards ,

      1. Hi Basu,

        I have same question as Dilda had. Going forward please tell me some more information/advice. :

        1. Is the India post good option as I googled for the interest rate for RD and found 8.4% in india post and that is comparatively lower in banks ?
        2. If the answer of my previous question is negative then recommend one or two organisation for RD ? plz give reason for better understanding as well.
        3. Also tell the trick to maximize the tax benefit. I am giving my some helpful information for better clarity of scenario.

        Age : 29 years.
        Status : married.
        City : Delhi.
        Earning : 30k/m

        Also please mention the tricks to get more tax benefit in the same investment option.

        Thanks in advance 🙂 .

        1. Vinay-1) Currently India Post returns are HIGH compare to Banks. Because India Post not revised interest rate since March, 2015. They may lower interest rate during March, 2016.
          2) I replied to it and you can interpret the same.
          3) There is no MAGIC STICK in my hand with which I can do such tricks and that too with limited awareness of your finance.

          1. Thanks Basu, for the quick reply over my queries. I understand you don’t have magic stick thats why I tried to give details which may be informative to you to help me.

            Thanks again for your attention… 🙂

  96. Looking for a monthly investment of 2000- 3000 for a short span of 5 yrs. Kindly suggest which scheme i can opt.


  97. sir, i have been investing in SIPs for the past one and half years in different fund managers. should i continue or otherwise.

  98. Appreciate your advices in various ways for investment. Followed yr advice and invested in some mutual fund equity based with Sips. I am sure it will earn good return in next 3 yrs time. Thanks for your advise.
    Now with the change of banks interest rate.. Which is very low for a Sr. Citizen of 71 yr old, I am seeking again your advice for followings :
    A. My many FD s are getting matured ( kept at 9.75 % in psu
    banks for 5 yr) and now pls advise where can I put my 30 lacs to earn good return to overcome inflation so that my self and my wife. 61 yr old. can have fairly decent life .

    1. Das-First thing, I never suggested equity investment for 3 years time. So if you invested, then please come out immediately. Second thing, if your concern is getting good safe return, then go for post office senior citizen savings scheme.

  99. Hi

    I have 3 years old baby girl , I want to invest the amount in mutual funds every month 3000/PM- for 20 years for marriage purpose and 2000/PM for 15 years education purpose as well as my personal needs another 5000/PM for 10 years . Can you please suggest me which mutual fund suitable to invest the amount form my baby and me .which company i have to choose invest . (like :- Frankline templeton,HDFC,ICICI..SBI..mutual funds and it’s sub categories of mutul fund) .Please guide me the correct path to invest to get the average rate of intreset 20% above per annnum.

  100. Sir, am 20 years old and a student and take tuitions part time.. I can invest around 2000pm. I want to invest for 1.5 years. I was considering mip as an option since it gives me quick returns(I. E monthly). I want to make some money to further invest. Please suggest me where should I invest. And please do suggest some choices where I can invest my money in

  101. Hi Basu,

    I want to Invest for 5 years which would be a short term investment, so could you please suggest a scheme… I can Invest 12000 Rupees annually.

    Akash C.

  102. as you have suggested that mutual funds will be more efficient than the bank fd. Could you please suggest which fund should i go on with as i want to lock my fund for maximum of 180 days to get good return.

  103. Hi Basavraj,
    My father wants to invest Rs. 10000 (one time) for my 2 yrs old daughter for long term like 10-20 years. What can be the best option other than PPF or Sukanya samruddhi ?


  104. Hi! I would like to invest a small portion of my savings in gilt funds for an investment period of 5 to 6 years or less – whatever period gives the best returns within that time duration. I know gilt funds offer less yield than equity funds and probably even other types of debt funds, but this is a conscious decision I am taking due to various reasons, not just risk-averseness. Besides, I am going to invest only a small portion in this type of funds. Could you suggest me whether I should choose short-term gilt fund or long-term gilt funds? If the investment period is more than 3 years, will the amount earned from gilt fund be treated as short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains?

  105. Hi, I am looking out to invest 1 lac Rs that I have got after surrendering my LIC policy which was not worthy (Jeevan Anand) . Could you please advice how should I go about it. I am novice in stock markets

      1. Sir
        As Rs 10,000.00 interest from saving bank account is exempted from Income Tax, but if the interest exceeds Rs 10,000.00, say Rs 15,000.00, then income tax will be levied only on Rs 5,000.00 OR on full interest ie Rs 15,000.00. kindly quote the rule of income tax also, so that I can see also and be clear in this confusion.
        K K Mishra

  106. Hi,
    Would be great if you provide guidance on long term saving plan. I thought to open PPF account with annual premium 1.0 lac. However I have seen HDFC life ‘Super income plan’ which covered with 10Lac insurance with great returns for 20 years term with 10 year premium.

    Please suggest which one I have to decide.

    Thanks & regards,

      1. Dear Basu,
        Thanks for your reply, here are the details..

        Pay 1.0Lac premium for 10 years and then 89000/- per year from 11th to 20 year (in total 890000/-) is garanteed return.Maturity figure after 20 yrs 1042000/- In Addition Reversionary bonus and terminal bonus will be given at the maturity of policy. Insurance of 10 lac also covered.

        I am not much aware of this policy, this illustration has explained by HDFC executive. Would like to that is there any risk if you go with such plan.

        Please suggest.

        1. Santosh-Do you the return on this investment after doing all this rosy picture calculation? It is 5% 🙂 If you not believe me then I suggest to follow as below.
          Open excel sheet. Enter Rs.1,00,000 in 10 rows (one below another), from 11th to 20th year put -Rs.89,000 (minus symbol). On 21st column, enter -Rs.10,42,000 (minus symbol). Use IRR formula of excel and you get 5% return. Do you feel it as a great investment? Invest for such long year of 20 years and getting return of savings account?

  107. Sir,
    I want to invest 4 lac for 1yr.
    Pls suggest best return options.

    Also i want to invest 5 per month.
    That could be long time(10 yrs) but should have option to withdraw if needed.

    Thanks in advance.

  108. Dear sir,

    Thanks for the great blog and information.

    Well, I am planning to invest 30 lac in Franklin ultra short term debt fund , for a period of 3 years, though a monthly withdrawal of 1 lac. As it would be short term capital gain tax. Like should I need to show in my ITR ?, or how to manage it tax efficient.


    1. Vikram-Vikram-Yes, if you withdraw money within 3 years then it be treated as STCG. No escape from tax. Instead, I suggest you to park around 50% in Arbitrage Funds (tax efficient if you invest more than a year).

  109. I would like to invest 5 laks for 3 yrs as I’m looking for guaranteed returns and currently do not get more than 8.5% in bank FD’s. Some suggest to go with MIP’s and some say Arbitrage Funds. Could you please suggest which is better or any other than these two? Thanks in advance.

  110. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am planning to invest Rs. 10,000/ month for a period of 5-6 years. Can you please suggest me few options where I can get some good return at the end.



      1. Thanks Basavaraj for your reply…

        Can you please suggest me any specific short term debt fund and arbitrage funds.


  111. Nice article. For a period of 6-9 months, what is the recommended option – FD, liquid fund, or ultra-short term debt fund?

  112. Hello Basu. Great blog you write. Congrats.
    I am NRI and already invested in equity component since last 18 months in SIP mode in FIBCF, IDFC Prem Equity, QLTE, HDFC Balanced Fund and PPFAS LTV.
    For the debt component max rate of interest in Bank FD i can get is 8.2% tax free. What do you suggest for the debt component ? I was waiting for your blog above with recommendations as well. Waiting for your advise. Regards.

  113. Sir,
    I am 37 years old and having a 3 years old kid. I am private sector salaried and income is around 40k. I want to invest for my kids education and maximum tenure will be 15 years. I already having some lici policies, rpli in post office and ppf account. please advice me which could be the best option for me long term or short term and where to invest. also one sip is there at canara rebeco @ 1k per month.

    1. Hitendra-When you said your tenure is 15 years then why you are planning for short term? Invest in equity funds. One in large cap like Franklin or ICICI Bluechip funds and another HDFC Midcap Opp fund or Franklin India Smaller companies.

  114. Dear Basu

    I am investing in HDFC Top 200 through a SIP of Rs 5000/- month for last three years. In view of not so good returns, I am thinking of stopping the SIP. What is your advice? Also please suggest a better alternative. My time horizon is very long may be 8 to 10 years.

    Arun Kumar

  115. Hi Basu

    I would like to discuss with you regarding my investment. Could you pls send me your email ID?

  116. Sir,
    We have opened a PPF account in the name of Minor & I am the guardian. The total contibution of Minor + myself is 150,000 INR. My PPF will mature in April 2016. Is it worth to keep the account dormant & get tax free interest & deposit the complete 150,000 in the minor account? The question is asked from taxation point of view.

    1. Deepak-What benefit it will give you apart from tax free earning of PPF? You can do keep idle after maturity too. But try to understand that simply putting the money only for Tax Saving purpose is worst decision. First udnerstand why and for what purpose you need this money to be invested. You must attach a goal to this.

  117. Sir i want to invest about 1.5 lakh in Arbitrage fund.plz suggest me a good arbitrage fund and through SIP or lump sump. My time horizon is 1-3 yrs…….thanks

  118. Hi sir,

    I am planning to invest 3000 rs every month for my son’s education. So that I can get some lump sump amount at the end of May/June.

    Which is the best option you will be suggesting me for this.

    I have already home loan so no point in going for any tax saver fund.


    1. Anand-If your time horizon is one year and to accumulate the fee of your kid’s May/June fee then RDs are best suitable for you. Tax saving options will come with lock-in. So they are not suitable for you.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        thanks for your reply.

        Please let me know for any 3 years investment plan(Mutual fund) which earns the money and also I am not looking for any tax saver plan.


  119. Thanks for the info – Which option can provide best possible return in a time horizon of 2-3 yrs ? Please advise.

        1. Dipanshu-Gold is almost equal volatile like equity but provides you a return of Bank FDs. If you feel this is worth then go ahead. You invest in gold only if you need personal usage. Otherwise, I don’t feel it is a good idea.


  120. Sir I wanted to deposit 500/month.so I wanted to know from where I can get highest interest rate.and how much I can get after 30 yrs.

  121. Dear Sir,

    I want to invest about Rs 3 lakhs in Pure Arbitrage Fund as I am in 30% tax bracket. My time horizon is about 1 and a half years. Kindly advise is it safe and if so which fund do you advice.

    1. Suresh-If your time horizon is more than 1 years then you can invest in arbitrage funds. You can chose either ICICI Pru Equity Arbitrage Fund, Kotak Arbitrage Fund or IDFC Arbitrage Fund.

  122. Hi Sir,

    I have opted two short term fund for my son’s education purpose for july 2016, the funds are Franklin India Short Term Income and DSP BlackRock Income Opportunities each 50% .kindly reply these funds are ok for my goal my goal is just above the bank fd interest ie 10% to 11%,

    Thank you

    1. Sgkrish-Both are risky. Because Franklin style states that it holds securities, which are low in credit quality but interest rate risk medium. However, DSPBR style states credit quality medium and interest rate risk high. My choice of fund for short term will be high in credit rating and low in interest rate sensitivity. Choose ultra short term funds rather than short term. Because the goal is too near and too specific. Also, consider the taxation of such bonds before investing.

  123. Kindly enlighten me on the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Income Maximizer series V. Is it worth investing? Do you recommend investing in the same?
    Reply at your earliest convenience please.



  124. Hi

    I am an young investor and have some money in Ultra short term debt funds.
    I don’t have any idea about the taxation rule 20% (+cess) with indexation benefit.
    Can you explain how it works with example?


  125. Maturity amount of “Rural electrification bond” was invested in temporarily”Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund. Now If in case I want to withdraw the same,will it be treated as ‘Income’ ?

  126. This is a useful content Basu. I think for a period of 1-2 years span RD or FD are the best and most preferred. The control remains with us, as one can easily open such accounts from online banking itself.

      1. I need to invest 1 lakh per month for the tenure of 2 years. Kindly advise which tool will be best suited for this requirement. Thanks.

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