UPOR or PR Card-All property details in one card for Karnataka

It is the wonderful project started by Revenue Department of Karnataka for creating property ownership records for cities and towns of Karnataka. This record is a major proof of ownership of any property. Eventhough it started earlier on pilot base in cities like Mysore,  Bellary, Mangalore, Hubli-Dharwad and Shimoga, soon it will be going to started in Bangalore too. So let us have a look at it’s features.

This project was started to claim the genuine ownership on property. It is actually good for both current property owners as well as for future buyers. It is different from khata as it is maintained only for collection of tax on property. Hence having khata means no authenticity of ownership on any property. This will actually benefit to owners of property as this document authenticate their ownership, for Banks while giving loan, for courts in disposing the cases related to property in a faster way, for municipality as it makes them easier for keeping eye on dimensions of building constructed and for tax collection and for Government in policy making.

UPOR or PR Card is one and same and remember that it is not any smart card but is just a certificate. It consists of five important details about the property.

  • Property details-like number and it’s area
  • Ownership details-It give the history of all ownership and through which process current ownership became.
  • Map-Dimensional location of the property with neighboring property will makes it easier in locating the property.
  • Loan-This gives the information about the existing loans.
  • Any rights or restrictions on the property.

As told above this card is required when one intend to sell the property, while taking loan or for local bodies in collection of property tax. This card will be available to all property owners who owned them legally but not encroachment. But suppose your builder did any encroachment then the individual apartment owner will not get any PR Card. In such cases only left out option for apartment owners is to sue their builders. About security of this card, they are claiming it as totally secured. But let us see how it unfolds in coming days. They are also claiming it as web based service in viewing property records.

Where this PR card is useful for you?

  • While selling the property, sub-registrar will ask for this card to authenticate your property.
  • While taking loan on this property
  • While constructing or modifying the building, your local authorities will ask this card.
  • This card is required while applying for partition or inherent claiming in court.
  • While giving surety on behalf of someone to police or court.

Revenue sites will also get this PR card but with clear marks on the card. Revenue sites are those sites which are converted from agriculture land to non agriculture land without approval of proper authority. For apartments stair case or common terrace nobody will get PR card for these areas. But for places like parking area or playing area PR card will be issued saying the right of all apartment owners.

I am not sure when it start in Bangalore but hoping it soon. For further clarification, you can visit UPOR.




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  1. While issueing property card of converted land, how much excess area is allowed over what is shown in sale deed if actual posession is more?

  2. Hi sir
    My father property is illegally sold by other people . But still all documents in my father name only. How can i check any body as applied in that sy no . Pls help.

  3. Sir, my neighbour’s have received upor cards but I have not received it till date eventhough the survey people collected all papers. Whom should I contact in this regard. Please help

    1. Dear Subbaiah,
      If you are from Bangalore, then you have to contact the Department of Survey situated in KR Circle.

  4. Hi the property which i stay is in my grandfather name few years back he passed away now I need to make a property ownership card what should be done now

  5. There is a difference in the site size from the UPOR issued to me and my original Khata. How can I rectify that?

  6. Hello Sir,

    I purchased a property recently in kr puram and this had registered in Banaswadi sub registrar office. Could you please let me know how to apply for PR card (property report) and also please share what and all the papers we need to take care.

    Thank you

  7. Hi,

    I have query on the Home loan .

    I have Home loan.Actually the property is on my father’s name and even the applicant is himself.

    I am added as co-applicant as my father retired recently and from my account the home loan is getting deducted.

    My father is paying partial amount for the home loan.

    In CIBIL report,it is visible that i have home loan.

    I heard that in the coming days in Budget-2017,there is chance of lower rate of interest for new home buyers.

    I am planning to take one flat in bangalore.

    So ,will i be new home buyer ..if yes.its ok

    if not ,how to avail the opportunity to take the benifit.

  8. Hi ,

    I am planning to buy a flat in Rajarajeswari nagar.

    A person who belongs to the builder is in touch with me to show the flat.

    i got to know that there is no CC, OC for the apartment. the land is A khatha and apartment is B khatha.

    It is having 25% deviation hence they said that as the Akrama-Sakrama rule,they will try to regularize the flat and give us Khatha-A for the flat.

    Can we believe this.


    Srinivas M

  9. Hello,

    Recently i have purchased a DC converted plot near Devanahalli , i have received Form9 however there is one mistake i have noticed, the site picture in Form9 shows a different site number (my site number is 6 where as picture in Form9 shows as 5) except this all other details are correct will this be a problem? should i ask for a change?

    Also i have got Form9 as a printout , How is usually Form9 issued is it in a letter head ? or printout is sufficient


  10. Sir,
    I purchased a piece of land from a society and later it got recognised by the local government. The issue is that when my house was built, the neighbour had already built his house. I lived in a different city and made only frequent visits. The construction was taken care by a known person.
    We moved into this property recently and still do not know who this neighbour owner is even now. He also lives in a different city.
    The issue is that, he has built the compound wall in my property. Not just that, the pillar which supports the portico rests on this compound wall partially ( approx 6-8 inches into my property). The portico overhang is also to the same extent.
    What do I do now. The property is about 15 years old. We came to know about this only recently. I have not asked any surveyor to measure it. I just took the reference of the house behind mine and indicating so.
    The tenant in that house is not willing to give the contact details of the owner.

    Kindly suggest.

  11. Sir,
    my Uncle purchased a property in 1992 in bangalore east Ramamurthy nagar Varanasi jinkethimmanahalli. the plot measuring 2800sqft and i applied 20 year EC in 2010 and it is still in his name. somehow we managed to identify the property and its shocking that the property was divided into two parts and an independent house is constructed and sold to xyz persons. kindly suggest us what need to be done.


  12. I am going to buy a plot of 1500 sq ft from a seller “X”, “X” has bought this property from “Y” who had a GPA with “Z” who is the original seller to “Y”, the sale deed is directly registered from “Z” to “X”.. in this case which is quite normal is bangalore, is it ok to buy the property from “X”, request humbly to reply, thanks.

    With regards
    +91 97403 74183

  13. Hi basavraj,

    I have purchased a site 1300sqft which is one among 8 sites in a big plot of say 9000sqft. I had applied for khata transfer on march but i got reply from RI saying that they cant do this bifircation khata transfer since the owner did not take approval for bifircation of 9000sqft of plot to 8 sites.
    What should i do now, i am going to owner every week, calling him but he says i am also trying from end.. Its almost 9 mnts since my site got registered but khata transfer is not happening.
    Please let me what can i do now.., who might help me to solve this issue. I have to build the house by getting the money released from bank and without this khatta they wnt release the amount..

  14. To bring about more clarity: The point made was not just to share a view; but an attempt to highlight what, if perceptively gone into, in proper light, has to be accepted as the indisputable legal position. The impressions given namely, – that “nobody” (obviously meaning the body /legal entity of apartment owners) will get PRC for stair case or common terrace, ALSO that for parking area the Card will be issued “saying the right of all apartment owners”, are palpably misconceived and can hold no water in the eyes of the applicable special law .

    Even otherwise, it calls for a pointed mention that, those contradict and go to question, unwisely so, the correctness / credibility of the very principle or methodology all along being adopted/endorsed by the BBMP for levy and collection of “property tax” from the apartment owners/holders in respect of the entire property, being land and building, comprising the apartment complex, inclusive of the referred areas.

    The ball is now in the court of one and all equally concerned , not barring the social activists at large The soonest the governmental authorities are made to realize and equivocally acknowledge the stated legal position, the best.

    Incidentally, it should be of common interest to investigate and get to know what has actually happened in those selected places where the authorities are said to have already gone ahead with issuance of PRCs.

  15. Impromptu:
    “….For apartment’s stair case or common terrace nobody will get PR card for these areas. But for places like parking area or playing area PR card will be issued saying the right of all apartment owners….”
    Ostensibly, such statements do not make any sense; in any case, require application of mind and necessary clarifications. For, in a manner of speaking, these run counter and is tantamount to almost rewriting / overriding what the State enactment in force specially governing ‘apartments’ provide.
    “Common areas”, as envisaged by the law, very much include areas such as stair case and common terrace, and constitute part and parcel of the apartment complex belonging to the purchasers. To the exclusion of the areas inside each individual apartment of which the purchaser becomes the ‘owner’, all other areas become vested in the purchasers/owners, jointly, as a community and falls to be maintained by /under the control of the legal entity -owners’ association, formed by them. Subject, of course, to the exceptions namely, any portion out of the common areas, marked, designated and conveyed as ‘limited common areas’ and ‘parking space’ to individual apartment purchasers (see the special definitions in the law itself).
    Accordingly, therefore, the referred confusions sought to be created, unwittingly or otherwise, ought not to be glossed over but need to be nullified/set right by the government (s) and its concerned empowered authorities, before the lately mooted idea of ‘property card’, reported to be on the cards, leads to further muddling /messing up of the already obtaining disgusting state affairs in the realm of implementation and enforcement of the property related laws.

  16. i am planning to take the B katha site but it is not DC converted . Do any bank give the loan for these type of site and I want to know is it possible to change it to A katha after i buy the site ?

  17. Dear Basu thanks for this use full information. what is meant by Revenue Sites ? I heard that some money minded owners sell ( Register ) the same land to more than one buyer ? Will this P R Card will solve this type of problem ?

    1. Gopal-Revenue sites are those sites which have been created without following the proper procedure. Process is, like applying for agri land to non agri land to the concerned. But without approval of of the concerned, if layout is created then it is called revenue land. Yes for revenue sites too you will get PR card but with the mark saying that issued to revenue sites.

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