How to download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly?

EPFO launched EPF UAN Unified Portal, where you can download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly. Along with that, you can check EPF KYC status or can change Email and Mobile number online.

The biggest advantage of EPF UAN Unified Portal is that all services related to EPF UAN are available on one platform.

Hence, you can check all EPF accounts which are linked to your UAN under the single platform.

Features of New EPF UAN Unified Portal

Using this portal, you can do following activity by login.

# Download/Print your Updated Passbook anytime. You can view the passbooks of the EPF accounts which has been tagged with UAN. This facility of passbook is not available for employees whose company or establishments having an exemption under the EPF Scheme 1952.

# Download/ Print your UAN Card.

# Update your KYC information (like your email and mobile phone number).

How to download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly using EPF UAN Unified Portal?

In below, I will explain you the procedure to download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly using EPF UAN Unified portal.

1)  Visit the EPF UAN Unified Portal. The home screen looks like below.

EPF UAN Unified Portal

You have to login by using your UAN number and Password. If you forgot the password, then click on “Forgot your password” link to reset.

2) Once you login to your account, then the screen looks as below.

download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly

In this screen, you can now easily download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly by clicking on the links as shown in above images.

3) The link to download the EPF Passbook will look like below.

EPF UAN Unified Portal-EPF Passbook download

4) The link to download/view EPF UAN Card will look like below.

View or Download UAN Card

5) Along with these, there are three tabs next to “Home”. They are “View”, “Manage” and “Account”. You can do below activities under each tab as I shown in below images.

# View Tab

You can view your complete profile details like UAN number, name, date of birth and also contact details. In service details, you can view the all EPF number details linked under that UAN (including whether you are eligible for pension or not).

EPF UAN Unified Portal View Tab

# Manage Tab

Here you can change your contact details like email and mobile number. Remember that they send you the authorization PIN before the data get updated. Also, you can check the KYC status related to UAN. This includes the data like the expiry date of documents you submitted for KYC purpose.

EPF UAN Unified Portal Manage Tab

# Account Tab

This tab is meant to change your password.

EPF UAN Unified Portal Account Tab

In my view, this is the big move for all UAN holders to know about their EPF details. However, the biggest hurdle of this portal is that it will be down for some time. Hence, it may irk many of us.

I am not sure why EPFO not taking this as a serious issue and manage the portal like Indian Railway’s IRCTC.

129 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am not able lo logged in into my UAN account, It is showing Aadhaar is not avilable against UAN, Kindly seed aadhaar through employer! Error.

    After this only i can reset my password and then only I can logged into my account.

    I went to PF office also but they said only after Aadhar updation through your company you will able to reset password, Please help me regarding this.

  2. sir mujhe UAN dilete krna h vo kese hoga
    mere paas do UAN h
    ek se addhar link h vo dusre se krna h
    vo kese deactivate hoga
    plz help me
    plz plz plz

  3. Dear Basu

    From the time Aadhar was compulsory for Uan registration every month I have few new employees who have aadhar with some problems which they ate taking their time to correct.Last month I had 18 employees who even though pf is deducted it cannot be paid.Could you advise what to do as the pf amount booked is not equal to pf paid.Hence we become defaulters for no reason.

      1. I have been trying for last 3-4 weeks, can you suggest how to withdraw PF from old company if Adhar is not registered with UAN as i cant find any working link to update information for PF.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have downloaded my passbook from .
    While reviewing the entried, I found that every year March month they credit the Interest for that year. Even though my EPF account is active and still employer/employee contribution is being invested every month, But this year 2017 March there was no credit of interest.

    Please let me know if the policy of crediting the Interest has been changed from this year. If not, whom to contact / How to contact in order to fix this issue?


  5. In my PF passbook showing “Cont. For 062017 ” for the contribution of MAY 2017 . Is there any Mistake ?

  6. Hi Basavraj,

    How to update Birth date, Gender in EPF portal…? and Why passbook is not showing in my UAN account..? only UAN Card & Account setting is there.

    Kindly update.


  7. Hi,

    I am unable to download my passbook as it says invalid UAN or password; however, i am using same login credentials at Member Home ( and it is working fine. Kindly suggest helpful.

  8. Can I update name in UAN account.
    Because when I tried to link KYC for eg. AADHAR and PAN it shows ” Failure::: Name in UAN does not match with Income Tax Database”.

    Pls reply.

    1. Vinay-There may be some issues with Unified portal for downloading as of NOW. But this portal is meant for downloading both. Let us wait. Because they are making so many changes and they themselves confused of where to place which feature.

      1. Just wait for our aadarniya Pradhan Mantriji to make a “SARVA PARESHANIAN NIVARAN YOJANA”/PF SE MUKT AAWAS YOJANA on INDEPENDENCE DAY…Jai Hind Jai EPFO…Bharat Mata ki jai

    2. Exactly,, I am also trying to reach the page to download the passbook but unable to find, and it takes me to another page where it’s asking about the UAN no and password. When I am filling the UAN number and password, it says- Invalid UAN and Password. However, I have recently reset the password.

          1. I tried since long to contact the help desk number but it always say’s busy..busy.. busy. Even i tried to send mail but got a rever as the recipient e-mail Address has been deactivated.

  9. Showing this message while trying to get passbook “Your request is in queue.Passbook will be available after 04 Days of registration”
    In the time of registration , it show that already registered – now login by forget password option .i can login Member home through this password .
    Any registration problem is there?

      1. While registering bulk employees i got a mistake in gender details of 3 Members.
        Is There is any way to correct Gender details in EPF.
        i tried both member portal and employer portal. Any way is there

  10. Passbook is available at >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook
    Am trying to get my passbook but it says Request service is currently not available. Its been 4 days am trying but receiving the same revert

  11. DEAR SIR,



  12. Passbook is available at >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook
    Am trying to get my passbook but it says Request service is currently not available. Its been 4 days am trying but receiving the same revert

  13. From the last ten days I have been trying to open my pass book but to no avail. The login application has been always showing Invalid UAN or Password. But with same UAN & Password I can open site but without passbook, only other things are available like UAN Card etc., please tell me how to download my passbook.

  14. Passbook is available at >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook
    Am trying to get my passbook but it says Request service is currently not available. Its been 4 days am trying but receiving the same revert

  15. its been a long time to trying to download my UAN CARD. EPFO site is totally dumb site. from November it is not working. I am in need of UAN CARD, without UAN CARD PF account office do not let PF withdraw amount.

    nowadays opening UAN site is trying to irritate self. very disappointed from this.

    do not know what changes are you making guys. before November UAN site was so smooth. as with Adhaar site. nowadays it is also not working properly

        1. Using the following site one can easily download UAN cad
 (you need to login with UAN number of password). This site started working from yesterday.

          However, for passbook download, the above site redirects to another site
          “Passbook available at >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook”. Using this you can download passbook. However, please note that passbook is updated only till last Dec 2016. This year 2017 data is not yet updated in passbook.

            1. Dear Sir

              What is the exact PF rate of interest for the financial year 2016-17. Is it 8.65% ?

              I have received my EPF amount and as per passbook, they have calculated interest updated upto 31-03-2017. However, the amount that I have received is less by Rs. 33529/- . In my calculation I have taken interest as 8.65%. I contacted KRP RPFC…they don’t know exact value (they said system takes care !!).

              Do you have the exact value of interest declared for the financial year 2016-17 ?

  16. Site is not working. It is giving me an error “The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 502”

    1. Even I am facing the same issue trying to download UAN card the site is not responding… no proper maintaince…waste of time

  17. Hi. Sir I am also facing this issue . I want to download my epf card but I am unable to download my card. Will you plz suggest me any other method to get epf card

  18. The website serves no purpose. There is no provision to see passbook etc..

    Another site that was working sometime back (with passbook download facility etc..) is not working for past few days.

    I talked in person with RPFC KR Puram Bangalore office and as per them, the site should be partially ready by March and fully ready by May !!!

    As we have seen track record of our Govt sites, it could take more time that what was indicated by them.

    Let us hope for the best

  19. Sir, My PF ac was earlier maintained by a PF trust. And recently company was sold and the new employer is maintaining with EPFO with an UAN. Recently received a mail that old PF Trust properties were sold out . Is there any chance that I will get some share of that amount, i.e.equally divided to all members.

  20. Hi,

    I need to download my UAN card. Is there any alternative way in which i could do it?

    Thank you,

      1. The website is down and i am unable to do it. I tried like a million time but no luck. I urgently need the UAN card thought. No luck with the toll free number too!

  21. Dear Sir

    Two questions
    – the new portal does not seem to work always…I heard that it is under up-gradation.. Are they updating PF data into portal even when it is under upgrading process. My Nov’16 PF contribution is credited to PF on 12/1/2017. Can you tell me sir when it gets reflected in my passbook (I assume generally it takes a month to get updated to portal)
    – my second question is –> I got retired last November end 2016. My EPF settlement is under process…Does the balance keep getting interest till I receive money.

    Ravindra N L

  22. Hi, I have two UAN no and two PF No (old company and current company), now I need to transfer my Old company PF account to Current company PF account, I informed my current company I dint get a proper response. How to transfer myself. Kindly help me for this issue.

  23. Hi,

    Please let me know how can i change father’s name through this portal as it’s incorrectly mentioned my mother’s name.

    Request you to guide through the process as my PF claim rejected due to this issue…

    Hoping for positive response..

  24. Dear Basu, my father invested in ‘Sahara India Q Shop’ and ‘Pailan Park Development Authority’ NCD. Do you have any idea, is money recoverable from these schemes? If yes, how?

  25. Hi,

    I had transfer my PF from my previous organization to current organization.
    My concern is PF amount which transfer is total of PF contributed by myself and EPF of my employer but Pension part which was contributor by employer but pension contribution by previous employer is not transfer.

    Kindly guide me for the same.


  26. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the info. I have a couple of queries to you.

    1. I moved to a job some 2 years back, wherein the HR did not ask for my already existing UAN and created a new one. Now, do I need to sync my old UAN with the new one? If yes, then what is the procedure?
    2. How could the HR have created a new UAN, as my mobile number is linked to the old one? I assume that one UAN is can be linked to one mobile number only? (I am asking you instead of directing to him because he is dumb and can’t expect any better info:))

      1. Hi,
        I left my previous company in 2016 in may and i got new job in the month of September 2016. I have 2 different uan number for both the company . Now i wanted to withdraw my pf from my first company and wanted to merge my uan of 2nd company to the fast bcoz i left my second company.
        Kindly guide me what i have to do as i am going to apply for my pf with the uan of first company.

  27. Hi Basu,

    I have worked around 5.9 years in HCL Technologies Ltd., where my EPF was deducted from my salary. We had HCL portal which generates the EPF statement for us, so I have never create account in “” site before.

    I have left my job (HCL Technologies Ltd.) 6 months back and joined new company, they are also deducting some part from my salary as EPF contribution. To check the total balance of both companies, I created account in government site “” 4 months back but I am unable to find neither my new company (HCL Tech showing) details under the “View->Service History” option (new site) and nor any amount of my both companies amount under the download passbook option (in new portal), its prompting me “Passbook not available as pertain to exempted establishment (i.e. Trust)”. I contacted to my last company they told me “HCLT PF is exempted hence Passbook will not be available in epfo site. Regards to activation of uan pls check with epfo uan helpdesk directly.” And new company account department are telling you can transfer the EPF amount from portal to new EPF account.

    Now the issues are:

    1. How to add/show New Company details in EPF portal.
    2. What are the procedure to transfer EPF to new account.
    3. What are the procedure to withdraw the EPF amount. (if required)

    Could you please guide me for above questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinod Singh

    1. Vinod-1) Check whether your new company is also trust? If so, then the passbook will not reflect. I already mentioned the same in above post.
      2) You can use OTCP Portal of EPFO for the same.
      3) If you are in job, then you can’t withdraw.

  28. Good to see New Portal. It is relatively fast than previous one. It will be good if they provide Online PF Transfer facility withing same Portal. The only thing I observed is, unlike in previous portal, UAN Card doesn’t list PF accounts linked to it.

  29. The link that is posted here on this blog is not available in google search or can navigate from EPFO portal.
    Isn’t a spam or give us a reference where we can find the link to logon page?

      1. I understand that the link is working. But there is no reference to the link that you have posted here from any offical website of epfo. I tried checking that. My concern is it could be a fake webpage as well to steal credentials. I dont see a lock symbol https and clicking on most of the link on that page are either not working or throwing error message.

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