The complete guide to Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) 1995

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When I wrote a post about recent changes in the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), I received so many queries related to Employee Pension Scheme  because there is a huge misconception among employees about EPS.  Hence, let me write a post on this in detail.

Note-We have deactivated commenting on this post. However, if you have any doubts regarding EPS, then you can raise them in our Basunivesh Forum.

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In the below image, I have tried to explain how your’s and employer’s EPF contribution is distributed. Many of EPF members at the first instance do not know that they have a pension scheme and for which their employer is contributing.

EPF Changed Rules from 2014

You will notice that the major portion of your employer contribution will go towards the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). However, the majority of employees are ignorant  about this.

Few features of these schemes are-

  • Employees who are members of EPF will automatically become the members of EPS.
  • Along with your employer contribution of 8.33% of your salary, Central Govt. also contributes 1.16% of employees’ monthly salary. Here the meaning of salary means Basic+DA. The rulebook still sticks to the old salary limit of Rs.6, 500 limits for an employer and central government contribution. However, in my view after the new rules, the limit should be raised to Rs.15, 000.
  • You will not get any interest on your EPS contribution. 
  • For calculation purposes, if your service is more than or equal to 6 months, then it will be rounded to next year. If it is less than 6 months, then such fraction of service period is not considered for calculation. For example, suppose you worked for 21 yrs and 7 months. In this case, your service is considered as 22 years. However, if your service is 21 yrs and 2 months, then service will be considered as 21 yrs only.
  • Pensioner receives a pension for life long and upon his death will go to spouse and two children below 25 years of age
  • Employees are eligible for EPS only if they complete 10 Yrs of service or attain the age of 58 or 50 Yrs of age.
  • You will not be eligible to receive more than one pension from EPS.

What is an eligible service for EPS?

As I said above, for calculation purpose, if your service is more than or equal to 6 months, then it will be rounded to next year. If it is less than 6 months, then such fraction of service period is not considered for calculation. For example, suppose you worked for 21 yrs and 7 months. In this case, your service is considered as 22 years. However, if your service is 21 yrs and 2 months, then service will be considered as 21 yrs only.

What is pensionable service for EPS?

The pensionable service is determined by the number of years your employer contributed on behalf of you. If your employer failed to deposit the amount then such months are not considered for calculation of service. Also, in case if an employee completed 58 yrs of age and completed 20 yrs of service or more, his pensionable service will be increased by 2 years for calculation purpose.

What is a pensionable salary for EPS?

It is the last 12 months average salary during contribution period preceding the date of exit from the membership of EPS. In case employee did not receive full payment during that last 12 months, the average of last 12 months full pay drawn by him during the period for which contribution to the EPS was recovered, will be considered for EPS calculation.

In case of such last 12 months, employee hasn’t contributed to EPS, including cases like where the employee has drawn a salary as part of a month, the total salary during the 12 month span will be divided by the actual number of days for which salary has been drawn. The amount so derived will be multiplied by 30 to arrive at an average monthly salary.

When employees get the pension?

a) Superannuation-To avail such pension, you must complete 10 yrs of service and your age must be 58 yrs or above. An employee can continue his job while receiving his monthly pension. However, he cannot be a member of EPS and hence no more fresh contribution to EPS.

b) Early Pension-To avail such pension, you must complete 10 years of service and age between 50 yrs to 58 yrs. To avail such early pension, an employee must not be working.

c) Death of an employee-Employee is eligible for EPS if death occurs as below.

  • If death occurs during the service-If at least one-month contribution is done to EPS then his nominee will be eligible to receive the EPS.
  • If death occurs while not in service-If death occurs after the service but before attaining the age of 58 years.

In both the cases also employee family eligible for a pension. In case of dead employee having a family, a pension is payable to the spouse and two children below 25 years of age. When a child reaches 25 years of age, the third child below 25 yrs of age will be given a pension and so on.

If the child is disabled, he may get a pension until his death. Only 2 children will receive a pension at a time. In case of an employee not having a family, the pension is payable to single nominated person. If not nominated and having a dependent parent, the pension is payable first to Father and then on father’s death to Mother.

d)  Permanently and totally disabled-If an employee is unfit to do his job due to accidental permanent and total disability during a job, then also he is eligible for the pension.

How to calculate the Employee Pension Scheme pension?

There are two methods based on the service you joined. One is for those who joined before 15th November 1995 and another for those who joined after this date.

1) Employees who joined before 15th November 1995-

The pension is calculated separately for Past Service & Pensionable Service

a) Procedure for Calculation of Past Service Pension

  • Find out the total past service, i. e. subtract the Date of Joining from 15.11.1995 duly rounding the service in years.
  • Find out the salary as of 15.11.1995 as to whether it is up to Rs.2500 or more than Rs.2500.
  • Accordingly locate the past service benefit from the table given below.


  • Find out the period that had elapsed between 16.11.1995 and the date of exit and based on this period locate the corresponding Table ‘B’ Factor. Date of Exit is Date of attaining 58 years for superannuation/early pension, Date of Death for widow pension and Date of Disablement for Disablement pension.
  • Multiply the Past Service Benefit and the Table B factor, which gives the Past.

b) Procedure for calculation of Pensionable Service Pension

  • Find out the Category of the member as to whether he belongs to X, Y or Z Category.
  • X – Date of commencement of pension is between 16.11.1995 and 15.11.2000 Y – Date of commencement of pension is between 16.11.2000 and 15.11.2005 Z – Date of commencement of pension on or after 16.11.2005.
  • Find out the Pensionable Service and Pensionable Salary of the member and substitute the same in the formula given as below.

(Average Salary X Service)/70

  • If the formula pension calculated is less than 335/438/635 respectively, for X, Y, Z categories, then only that minimum pension is to be given.

c) Procedure for the calculation of Total Pension-Add the Past Service Pension and the Formula Pension.

  • Add the Past Service Pension and the Formula Pension.
  • If the total pension is less than 500/600/800 respectively, for X,Y,Z categories, then that minimum pension shall be the total pension.
  • But this total pension is for an eligible service of 24 years or more, and if the eligible service is less than 24 years, then this total pension has to be proportionately reduced subject to a minimum of 265/325/450 depending on X,Y,Z categories (only when the minimum pension is given).
  • If the total pension itself is more than the minimum, then the proportionate reduction need not be made even if the eligible service is less than 24 years.

2) Employees who joined after 15th November 1995

You can directly calculate by inserting the values in the formula as given below.

(Average Salary X Service)/70

You can find the wonderful, detailed calculation of this with an example at HERE or at HERE.

How to apply for the pension?

Once you complete the service of 10 years, then you get the scheme certificate. This scheme certificate can be used to claim your pension either from 58/50 Yrs.

The employee has to include all his past services to arrive at such 10 yrs of service and apply for pension once he attains the age of 58/50. He needs to fill the Form 10D and get attested by that bank manager with photo and other required documents. Submit the form to concerned EPFO.

Whether one can withdraw the EPS amount before 10 years also?

Yes, you can withdraw the contributed EPS amount along with your EPF balance. But the condition is you must not have completed 10 Yrs of service. When you withdraw EPF, then you receive EMPLOYEE+EMPLOYER EPF contribution+Interest earned on this EPF. Along with that, some % of EPS contribution also be paid. This % is determined by Table D of EPS, which is given below. Hence, whatever may be your contribution to EPS, you will get only some % of this based on the number of services and salary.

Table D of EPS

This is calculated as below.

Wages as on the date of exit X Corresponding Table ‘D’ factor. Here wages means Basic Salary+DA for EPS at the time of withdrawal. Therefore, suppose your salary is Rs.15,000 at the time of withdrawing and you completed 7 years, then you receive the EPS of Rs.1,06,950 (Rs.15,000*7.13). This is the amount you get, irrespective of your actual contribution to EPS. You have to submit the Form 10C along with other forms of EPF withdrawal to your HR.

Note-I found that still EPFO not updated the manual as per the new changes. Hence, I am unable to find the corresponding values for calculation. Whenever it is updated then I do changes here also.

Note-We have deactivated commenting on this post. However, if you have any doubts regarding EPS, then you can raise them in our Basunivesh Forum.

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814 Responses

  1. Hi, My name is Murali, now I am working in Pvt. concern past 11 years and now pension scheme activated with my account. Now I plan to start a business and completely close to my PF and Pension scheme also. I don’t know the procedure to close my Pension scheme. My age is 32 years.How to surrender my Pension scheme certificate and how can get the amount? Somebody says the pension scheme amount not pay to you before the age of 53 years. because of i have doubt , I don’t know how many years of we are live ? If my saving amount not used to me in my critical situation, what is the use ?

  2. My service 12 years .

    PF deduct from my salary 1004 /- monthly & 1004 /- pay by company total rs 2008 /-

    How we can get full amout

    Please confirm process .

  3. Hi,

    My father has took VRS in 2005. Now they don’t have any another income source. So they can withdraw the EPS ( Pension ) amount?

    Please let me known.

  4. hello sir,

    I worked for Company 1 for 6 yrs. The company maintained EPF and EPS through RPFC.
    I then moved to company 2. This company has exempt trust for EPF and EPS is through RPFC. I filled form 13 for transfer and PF is transferred and shown on 2nd company’s internal portal. How to know status of EPS.

    Question 1: I raised grievance with RPFC of company 2 for eps status and they are asking for Annexure K. Whom do I get annexure k from. RPFC of company 2 sent mail to RPFC of company 1 but no response. I raised grievance with RPFC of company 1, they replied annexure k already sent in 2014 to registered mail id but I never received it.

    Question 2: I have now resigned and moving to company 3. If I fill form 13 through company 3 will details of EPS from company 1 and EPS from company 2 both get transferred to RPFC of company 3.

    What should I do in this mess, transfer or withdraw. The passbook on UAN portal also does not show anything to me it just says “Passbook not available as pertain to exempted establishment (i.e. Trust)”

    Please help.

  5. I have worked in a company for 3 years and then started my own business. I claimed the EPF amount but Pension Contribution (Rs 25900) is still pending. What is the procedure to claim it and will I get the whole amount?


  6. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am Rajesh, I have served in a multinational company for 12 years. I quit the job on 2009 and started some own business. now I am thinking to withdraw the EPS amount. My current age is 45. Can I withdraw my EPS?

  7. Mr. Basabraj Tonagatti,
    May I comment some thing on the clarifications given by you under EPS, 1995 as there is much material to be deleted and be added or rectified.
    Secondly may I further clarify the queries raised by the public and replied by you as I observed that the
    queries are not properly replied and put in confusion . there is also a language problem in your clarification, I think that can not be rectified at this stage

  8. My pension and arrears were sent to the bank for credit. There was 48000 RS as recovery amount in arrear. After deducting this 48000, my arrear was 96000. Bank added both 48000 and 96000, applied hold on 144000 and my main balance went debit 48000. I approached them on which they told that there is some recovery. I credited the account with 50000 so the main balance now was now credit 2000. They are now telling that the EPFO office has applied the hold due to recovery. I want to know can EPFO office control the bank account. Who will now remove the hold? There is no recovery as such and all documents are submitted.

  9. Sir,

    Our organization named international development enterprises( India) and I have contributed to pension scheme from my PF account Rs. 116526/- as per the EPF pass book balance is confirmed. I have contributed pension from 1999 april and my PF account no. is DL/22204/187 in south Delhi. now I am age of 53 perhaps our organisation may continue maximum up to three years. can you tell me on my pension contribution amount how much I will be eligible for getting pension per month. The figure is always enchanting me for certainty.

    Debadas Pattnaik

      1. Plz sir, any perceptiveness? what ever may be the amount but should I cherish a hope of Rs. 2000/- per month. I have already given the assured sum and time of service. So whats hardness to calculate the same. Plz give us some amount of hope for monthly pension . We don’t want exact amount to be received. but any perception?

        Debadas Pattnaik

  10. My full pension is Rs.1099/-. I have completed 58 years on 20/05/2015.

    From 1/12/2008 till date I was paid Rs.826/- ie., @4% per year for 6 years (early pension) 24% was deducted.

    The arrears due is as follows:

    20/5/2009 to 19/05/2010 for 12 months @ Rs.44/- per month = Rs. 528
    20/5/2010 to 19/05/2011 for 12 months @ Rs.88/- per month = Rs.1,056
    20/5/2011 to 19/05/2012 for 12 months @ Rs.132/- per month = Rs. 1,584
    20/5/2012 to 19/05/2013 for 12 months @ Rs.176/- per month = Rs. 2,112
    20/5/2013 to 19/05/2014 for 12 months @ Rs.220/- per month = Rs. 2,640
    20/5/2014 to 19/05/2015 for 12 months @ Rs.264/- per month =Rs. 3,168

    20/05/2015 to 30/06/2016 for 13 months @ Rs.273/- per month Rs. 3,549
    Total arrears payable as on 30/06/2016 Rs.14,637
    Am I right ? in claiming the arrears ?

  11. Hi how to transfer widow pension scheme 1000 directly to the bank account?what is the procedure to do that?

  12. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    In my previous company they having PF Trust, and EPS they maintaining through government only.
    I left pre. org on 31st July 2016 after working of 6 years. I withdrawn my PF amount, and EPS amount is still pending, Currently I joined another company. Can I withdrawn my EPS amount too? If yes then How? or is it require to transfer in new organization? (They are not maintaining trust)

    Please suggest.

    Thanks In advance.

      1. Thanks for your quick response.
        But as required some amount presently.

        So is it possible to withdraw EPS too.

        If yes pls suggest.


  13. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,
    I do have a query regarding my tenure,
    I started my job from apr-2006, my pf account created on May-2006.
    My contribution made from (you can say May-2006)
    Organization I
    1. May-2006 – Sep-2008 (29 Months)
    2. From Sep-2008 – Jul-2011 (I was out of india, under the same organization and no contribution made during this period) (2 Years 10 Months around)
    3. Aug-2008 – June-2015 (47 Months)
    Organization II
    1. Oct-2015 – Till Now (Still serving)

    I did my pf transafer from my first org. to my Second Org. In comment of my pf transfer it stating like (09 Years, 02 Months, 02 Days). So my query is am I eligible for scheme certificate after 3-4 months (Since as of now I already served around 9 months in my current organization) ?
    Second query is untill when my pension part will be deducted from the emplyee share…?

    1. Galvin-You will be eligible. But do you want to start your retirement? If not, then why you want the pension certificate now? EPF and EPS will be as long as you work and meant for long term wealth creation for your old age.

      1. Thanks a lot, but I am not seeing any benefit for continuing eps for next 10-20 years….what I will get only 5k or 6k, I will get more in epf interest rate instead of eps return…………..I m thinking that if I get scheme certificate then I believe the deduction of eps part from the employer share will stop…. and the whole amount will be credited in epf balance…… I m not sure about it…..but if it happens like that then I will get more return than eps……what do you think on this ?

  14. Hi,

    I have worked for 2 years and 9 months. If I submit form 10C on closure of PF account and the total amount contributed towards EPS till date is Rs.32,005 by the employer, but my current basic pay is Rs.19,000 will I receive 19,000*2.98 = Rs.56,620 towards EPS even though my employer hasn’t contributed as much till date. If not how do I calculate the amount I’ll receive towards EPS. I’m closing my PF account because I have to move outside the country.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Dear sir,
    I was working with wipro infotech, I left job and then i withdraw my e.p.f . as I got my p.f. check 45 days before but, i didn’t recieve my E.P.S money so, how much time it will take to clear.

  16. Hello Sir,
    After working for 4.5 years and changing my job I had withdrawn my EPF. I got around 3 lakhs in two separated transaction, in 2010.

    Now in the current company I have already worked for 6 years.

    1. So how my ‘total no of years’ be calculated? is it 6 years or 10.5 years?
    2. At the time of did I get the EPS amount also? If so, can I repay all my money with penalty and interest so that my number of years be increased so that I cna get maximum pension?

    Please guide.

  17. Sir, i have transfer my pf in current PF account but i have received only my pf part where as pension part is still pending and i havent received,so please advice me whether this amount i will get..?

  18. Hi Basa,

    I had opted PF transfer while switched over to next company, And EPF amount was transferred to current company but EPS amount is not transferred.

    Note: Previous company maintains PF in EPO but current company has trust to handle PF.

    Could you please assist me on how to get transfer EPS amount from previous to current company?

  19. Hi,
    I withdrew my full EPF and EPS in the year 2015 and my service period was only three years. The EPFO deducted income tax on EPF but not on EPS.

    Can you confirm, if I have to pay income tax on EPS as well. If it is exempted, under what head can it be shown (u/s section 10 of income tax)


      1. Hi Sir,

        Thank you for your response. I believe you are referring to EPF which is taxable. I want to know about EPS which was also refunded by the EPFO but not taxed. I found the following section in IT act section 10:

        Payment from approved superannuation fund in specified circumstances and subject to certain limits [Section 10(13)]

        Approved superannuation fund means superannuation fund which is approved by the Commissioner of Income-tax. Tax treatment of such fund is as follows:

        ? Employer’s contribution is exempt from tax, however, from assessment year 2010-11 employer’s contribution in excess of Rs. 1,50,000 per annum is charged to tax as perquisite. Employee’s contribution qualifies for deduction under section 80C and interest on accumulated balance is not liable to tax.

        *Payments made from the fund are exempt from tax under section 10(13) in following cases:

        ? Payment on death of beneficiary; or

        ? Payment to employee in lieu of, or in commutation of an annuity on his retirement at or

        after the specified age or on his becoming incapable prior to such retirement; or

        ? Payment by way of refund of contributions on the death of a beneficiary; or

        ? Payment to employee by way of refund of his contributions on leaving the service in connection with which the fund is established otherwise than by retirement at or after a specified age or on his becoming incapacitated prior to such retirement; or

        ? Payment to employee by way of transfer to his account under a pension scheme referred to in section 80CCD.

        Can you confirm if I am correct.


  20. Hi sir I worked with company for 3years and 6 months. I submit a application to withdraw my eps one and half month ago but havn’t got any money or reply from them.can you please tell me how long it will take. And how much i will get like full amount which is showing in my EPS or any percentage??
    Thanks & Regards
    Gurjot Singh

  21. I contributed to EPS account for 13 months only and after that stopped contributing to EPS due to 58 yrs of age but still contributing to EPF account. Am I eligible for applying for pension? If not, then should I withdraw my contribution as no interest is provided on EPS. I am still active member of EPF. Thanks & Regards. B.R. Chaudhary

  22. I have worked for company for last 3yrs and 8 months, so my table amount will be as for 3yrs (2.99) or 4 Yrs (3.98)

  23. Hi
    i have worked with an Co. for 1 year 1 day where the PF is maintained by such Co. via creating trust.
    where my basic is more then 15000 still co. deposited 8% in EPS maintained at EPFO and remaining 4% in PF at own trust.
    at the time of leaving organisation i filed PF withdrawal form with EPS 10-C, resultant PF balance in my account maintained under trust is processed but EPS balance is not processed as asking for UAN where the UAN No. is not updated to me.
    further in an communication with organisation giving a reason that in the absence of UAN the refund of EPS was not processed by concern regional EPSO office.
    where communication with EPSO office responded that your employer should have your UAN and should produce the same while submitting any withdrawal form with office.

    the query is EPSO office is provide response that at given EPS No. no contribution is made by mentioned company and we are not holding any balance in given no.

    now how to process the withdrawal of EPS and how to get UAN.

  24. Hi Sir,

    I have withdraw my whole PF amount in April-2016 and no Pension (10 C) form has been submitted at that time. Can I withdraw Pension now by submitting only 10 C form.
    I have completed 8 years of services and after UAN its completed 4 years.
    Please advise how can I proceed to withdraw my Pension amount.

  25. Hi,

    I have worked with ABC company from 2011-2015 . I have a UAN number and PF account linked which I have withdrawn. When I joined new company XYZ, I don’t know what there procedure were.. they have provided a new UAN. Now I have 2 UAN (obviously with different contact number). I want to know is it the right process? and what will happen with my old UAN? Will it get automatically closed or is there any way I can link previous mobile number to my new mobile number. Please advise.


      1. Yep, All KYC details are upto date. Now what about my old UAN. I tried to link my phone number with new UAN but as it was already registered with old UAN, I am unable to update it. Can I request to close the old UAN ?

  26. Hello sir,
    Mene 1.5 year job ki he,
    Mera total pf deduct 17,000 huva he,
    Mene last 3 month se resign kits he,
    Ab mujhe 17000 ka double 34000 pura Paisa milega ya aadha Paisa pension me chala jayega?

  27. Hi ,
    I have a question , I started working from July-2006 and stopped working at March-2014.
    After I resigned I didn’t withdraw my PF amount to avail pension scheme. I thought on July 2016 I’ll complete 10 years to get the eligibility for pension.But, as I read above my contribution/employer contribution ended on March-2104.
    So, please clarify me will I be eligible for pension?. Another question I have is if I withdraw my amount will there be any conditions? like tax/not able to withdraw full amount.

    Please help me to decide .


  28. Hi,

    My Mother in law used to get pension as a widower of my father in law. She passed away recently, and their children want to close the bank account. They have been told to go to the EPS office and complete the formalities. Can you please help understand what formalities needs to be done?

  29. I have worked in a company for 2 years 2 months and now have joined a new company, i have transferred my EPF to new company and is reflecting in new passbook, as i am continuing to work in my new organization, can i withdraw EPS as EPF is already transferred?

  30. I had worked in Pvt Ltd. Company from 01.02.1996 to 31.12.2006. The tenure of service was 11 years + pensionable service was 11 + 1 year Bonus & pensionable salary Rs. 4273/= as per Scheme Certificate sent to me by EPFO. Now I need to withdraw early pension as I attained the age of 50 yrs.

    Now kindly advise me how much I get the early pension.

    Please suggest me.

  31. Hi,

    I worked for a period of 5 yrs 4 months. I’ve applied for claim and got EPS amount Rs 43955 but as per information I searched in Google table D, the formula for calculating EPS is last basic salary * 5.02

    My basic salary was 24000, so I expected 24000 * 5.02 but what I got is less than that. Could you please clarify?


  32. Hi Sir,

    I’m trying to generate my UAN number but its showing the UAN number is already generated for the updated mobile number. Can you please guide how i can go further.


  33. Hi,

    I worked for 10 months in private company. How do we know whether I am a member of EPS? When I checked my balance at EPFO website, I received SMS which only stated 2 components: EE, ER.

  34. Hi,

    My brother joined one MNC on Aug 04, 2008 and died on September 07, 2008

    The company was registered with EPFO and has deposited 4640 as his one month pf. The company was also registered in EDLI scheme

    We have now filed claim from employer which they have also agreed

    Can you please let us know how much EDLI amount and pension will be provided? Whether the pension my parents will get start from September 2008?

    Manish Kumar

      1. Hi…I tried understanding but could not get through…..can you pls let me know the pension amount…just and idea…because it is very confusing….also I guess the EDLI limit is only 1.35 lakh

        Pls explain


        1. Manish-Do you feel for just one month of salary contribution one will get pension? NO…I am not sure how much was EDLI in 2008. Please check with his employer or regional EPFO.

          1. One month of contribution is required for pension eligibility. Just wanted to know bout the calculation

  35. I resigned form my last job, I got refunded my EPF ( my contribution + partial Employer Contribution) . Remaining of the Employer contribution is went to EPS account.
    I counted the total amount is deposit to EPS is 36000 Rs. I was with that job for 7 year and 2 month. how can i apply to get my EPS refund back , and how much approx I will get. should I need to wait till I grow 58Year or else.


  36. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a private company since 01/12/2006 at vapi gujarat
    I want to know that there is mistake in my name and date of birth my name spell is pragnesh but in epfo it is prgnesh (missing letter “a” and my date of year is 1982 but at epfo it’s 1992, and in all documents (KYC) adhar card / pan card / bank account submitted it is correct.
    so I want to know that need to change at epfo? creates problem at time of withdrawal? and if yes what is the procedure for that.

    Thank you


      1. You should tell your employer to fill form 5 and submit a photocopy of a valid ID Proof of yours. Then they will change in the portal

  37. I have withdrawn my PF but I received the Pension certificate from the organization
    I served for 10 years . After resignation from previous company I joined another company now want to transfer my pension amount to current company. what I have to do regarding this

  38. 1.For EPS withdraw (before 10 years) , basic pay or net pay will calculate. for ex. my salary 20k. basic 7k. year of exp 2. than for eps withdraw, 20000*1.99 or 7000*1.99?
    2, How rounding works. for ex, 1.3 year will calculate as 2 or 1?

  39. Hello Mr. Tonagatti,

    I have served six organisations in past 14 years. I transferred my P.F amount from my first organisation having served for 3 years 9 months to my second organisation in 2006 however I am not sure if the Pension amount also got transferred. I say that because after serving the second organisation for 2 years and 8 months I requested for withdrawal of PF as well as pension amount. I received Rs.19500/ as my pension amount which if I go by Rs.541/ PM deduction,accounts for 3 years only whereas it should have been at least for 6.5 years i.e. 42000/ I wrote to EPS and they said that this is full and final amount. My query is as following
    1. Can I do something now to get my pension fund from year 2002 to 2006
    2. Will there be any tax deduction if I withdraw my PF after 5 years of commencement of PF account.
    3. What do i do about small EPS contributions during my service in different organisations after 2006 as some of them are as small as 10 months
    Thanking you in anticipation of reply


    Gurpreet Singh Chani

  40. One of our client has withdrawn PF in F.Y 15-16,before 5yrs. The amt withdrawn by him is taxable for the F.Y 15-16 (except EE’s Cntribution which will be Exempt from tax)
    We had taken EE’s contribution under 80C as deduction in Previous Years do we need to revise Previous Year’s ITR.


  41. Hello,

    I have worked for 4.5 years in a company(A) from July 2011 to Dec 2015,and then moved to other company(B) in Jan 2016.Here are my questions

    1. I had issue with UAN mapping because of DOB mismatch.So, my current employer(B) created new UAN. I placed request for PF transfer.In this case will my EPS amount be transferred into new PF account of new UAN
    2. Can i withdraw my EPS amount now, after transfer.
    3.What is to be submitted and where for EPS withdrawal.?
    4. What is my service period considered as?Is it 0 years since its new UAN and New PF account after transfer? Or my earlier service period is considered and hence it is 5 Years.


  42. I had EPS with my last to last employer and my last employer did not have any EPS provision and hence the EPS fund is lying with my 2nd last employer. Now in my current organisation, they again have the EPS facility. So is it viable to get the EPS transfer from my 2nd last employer and continue as my basic salary has hiked or else withdraw from there and start afresh EPS fund here. my service in 2nd last employer was 4.5 years with 10 months in last employer and just joined new employer.
    Will I get benefit in transferring or withdrawing the fund and restarting here. If needs to be transferred then please guide how can I.. Thanks

  43. sir,my uncle died in 2001,from there my grand father receiving his pension.every year he has submitting life certificate but now pension stopped from January,..where should we contact ?

  44. Dear Sir,
    I have been working in an Indian company since 4 years(including 1 year as trainee). Now I got an offer from a gulf company(there is no contribution of EPF as I see in offer ) will soon join there. I checked in the EPFO website the company’s part of contribution is comprised both a fraction part for EPF and remaining part for EPS.
    Now my questions are:
    1)when I will be able to withdraw the money?
    2)If I withdraw then I can able to withdraw all or a part of it. If it will be a part then which one EPF or EPS?
    3) In case If I don’t want wish to withdraw and I leave it as a deposit money, then will there be any problem for claiming the account in future as I now fear if I able to withdraw it will be spended in some expenses anyhow.

    please guide.


  45. Dear Sir,

    I have completed 4 years 11 months and 25 days of service with my company and I am resigning the job due to some factors. I have seen my EPF balance as Employee Contribution (A) + Employer Contribution(B) + Pension Contribution(C). After 60 days of unemployment,
    1. Am I able to with draw at least A + B without taxation?
    2. Do I get interest on (A+B)? What is that interest Percentage if any?
    3. When can I withdraw C? Is it after 10 years only even if I am unemployed? If before that, then only portion of current amount shown in e-Passbook can be withdrawn?

    Hope your reply.


    1. PFQuery-1) Yes, but not without taxation. Even you can withdraw C (but partially based on your service).
      2) Yes, it depends on yearly rate of interest.
      3) can withdraw. But partially.

  46. Sir, I have received the scheme certificate for service of 10 years from my previous employer eight years back and now i am working in a new company for 10 years. Total years of my service is about 20 years. I am preserving my original scheme certificate with me and not surrendered to my present employer. How can I take the pension scheme benefits for my total tenure of service at the age of 58 or leaving if i leave the company before the age of 58?.. Can I submit the original scheme certificate to the present employer to add my past services along with present services period?. Please advise….

  47. Sir, I got my PF amount from Fortis PF Trust (Delhi) on 18th May, But still I have not received my EPS amount .

    But for my other colleagues, they received that EPS amount just a while after they received their PF amount..

    what may be the reason for the delay..

    looking forward for your replay and advice in this regard..

  48. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I have a query about the staement written in the post i.e. ” Employees are eligible for EPS only if they complete 10 Yrs of service or attain the age of 58 or 50 Yrs of age”.

    My question is ” Is it the condition that we have to work continously for 10 years in single organisation for getting eligible for EPS Benefit or it is transferred in the same manner like EPF.

    Please reply.


      1. Thanks for the reply. But did not understand. Please elobrate, the confusion is that I have changed 2 companies and just want to know that the amount deducted by both the companies as EPS will be paid to me or not and how can I check my balance of EPS online.

        Thanks in the advance.

  49. Respected Sir,
    As per ur suggestion ,I want to put complaints regarding my issues. If u have any suggestions/(s), Please suggest.
    Here is my compliant.

    I,am a employee of above Establishment since last 16 years as a full time em employee .My employer not paying salary to all employees including me since June 2013 due to what reasons know him/them best.So, obviously PF also not deducting from June 2013 and depositing to EPFO.
    I ,want to know from your side the following information.
    (1) Is it mandatory on the part of Establishment to pay the contribution on regular basis and/or under which circumstances should be relaxed and up-to what extent?
    (2) Is this Illegal?Please Reply in detail.
    (3)What will status of our /my Account after non-payment of contribution by Establishment after continuously last 36 Months? Will it becomes inoperative?
    (4) Interest on the amount up-to May 2013 will be deposited in our/my Account by EPFO or not? If yes,then up-to what?
    (5)What are the powers to EPFO to give relief in such case/(s)?
    Please Reply this as early as possible since compilation of 36 months are at the edge of this month,to avoid further complication from your side.

  50. Dear Sir,

    I had switched companies multiple times and had withdrawn my PF. I haven’t done PF transfer. EPS also withdrawn. From the above set of comments I am able to see that only part of EPS would have been credited. If yes
    1) Would I be able to get the remaining EPS anytime in future?
    2) Is it 10 years in one company to be completed to get the complete EPS? or is it total experience
    3) The PF accounts is always new with every companies since I used to withdraw them all the time.

    Appreciate your clarification here. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Janardhan-1) NO, 2) Yes 10 years of EPF contribution to that particular account. 3) It is your fault. It is not NEW for every company. You can transfer and use the same EPF account.

  51. MY employer had not pay contribution since last 36 months due to the financial problems.Will my account cease/inoperative?will interest gets or not? please reply,Sirji.

  52. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    I had worked in a organisation for 9 yrs 2mths and wish to withdraw by PF. Will I get my complete pension amount???

      1. Sir, so if I withdraw the PF now what will be the amount which I will receive?

  53. Hi Basavaraj,

    After transfer my PF from my previous company to current company through form 13, I can see my contributed and company contributed amount of previous company is added into my current company PF account. But can’t see any amount added in my EPS section. So, is it transfer along EPF or I have to raise concern for the same? If need to raise concern, then what should be my approach and to whom?

    Please suggest..


      1. Thanks Basavaraj for you quick reply. So, you mean to say that it already transferred along with my EPF, but the EPS amount not showing my current company EPS section, is it?

        Bimalendu N

          1. Sir,
            I have the same Case as above guy. Why EPs is nit shown in transfer amount of EPF ?

  54. Hi I have a manufacturing unit where around 50 employees, staff and workers/machine operators are employeed.

    Many of them have employment upto 10 years and some are between 5 to 10 years. Since the govt announced that the PF scheme will be converted to pension scheme, the employees want to withdraw their PF. Since many of them have already withdrawn 80% for house etc, it is difficult to do it now. They are asking for accepting their resignation and be in our employment after a break or thru contractor.
    What is the real picture? Is the PF fund totally going to be converted in Pension? Can the employee not withdraw their PF now? Should we take their resignation to get their PF amount in their account?

    Pl guide !

  55. I am a member of EPF since 1990 and in Nov 2015 I completed 58 years. Still I am working in the same company and since Nov 2015, the company is contributing only to PF and not ESP. Now What is next step I should do? Should I apply for pension now or after taking retirement? In case I should apply for pension, how to go about? – Thanks in advance

  56. Thank you so much Basavaraj for your reply. Its really very helpful.
    So i understand 10 years in EPS does not require continuous contribution for 10 years. Its also accept break between it. Am i correct? And if i stay in my current company for more than 10 years then there is no option to withdraw. And in that case pension is the only option.

    Another query. i contributed 26000 to EPS in 3.8 years . So what is the formula to calculate withdrawal amount.

  57. Hi Basavaraj,

    Previously i was working in Tech Mahindra and worked for 4 Years and 8 months. But within that time i was in UK onsite deputation for 1 year and me or my employer did not contributed anything to EPF and EPS. Now i joined Cognizant and already transferred EPF. But what should i do with EPS? if i transfer EPS then how this 10 years will get calculated? is it continuous 10 years required in same company or it means only 10*12=120 months of EPS contribution whatever the employer is and breaks in contribution.

    Another question. What is benificial? if i took the scheme certificate of EPS and transfer it or if i withdraw it and invest as FD.

  58. Basavaraj ji,

    I had left my previous organization in Jan 2014 after 7yrs employment there. My [F ws withdrawn and settled in next 3-4 months time.

    Now 2months I got a letter that the EPS settlement is in process and it has been submitted to RPFC.
    It was submitted as per the acknowledgement NOVEMBER 2015.

    They sked me to check on line EPFO site. but there is no records on settlement as of now though its reflecting online as a group of employees.

    So my query is : How much time does it take for this settlement? Do I need to do anything?

    Thanks and Regards

      1. Basavaraj ji, So can I raise it online ,or do I have to go in person to any EPFO office?

  59. Recently i applied for withdraw of my PF amount on 01.05.2016.
    My total PF amount is (employee share+Employer share + pension contribution) (5644+1726+3918=11288) but i received only Rs.7730/- on 27.05.2016.
    please tell me when i receive my remaining balance of (Rs.3558/-).

    1. Uday-Whether your calculation also involves full EPS balance? If so, then you will get EPS withdrawal based on Table D but not fully. If still you have concern, then you can contact EPFO.

      1. Dear sir

        please clarify my doubt regarding EPS. I have worked with a company for 8 yrs and 10 moths now i resigned from there on apr 10 th 2016 .When can i withdraw my epf amount .While cheking with UAN portal my balance is (Employee+employer+EPS contribution) is (121434+51264+55154) respectively my basic salary was
        10431.please tell me the EPS amount that can be claimed…

  60. My EPF account was with HCL Trust and Pension was with LOCAL PF office in Delhi. Now after switching job to new employer I got my EPF amount transferred but not EPS. For EPS HCL says that
    I need to fill form 13 with my present employer
    Present employer submits the form with current EPF office
    Current PF office sends the form to old PF office
    OLD pf office will then issue the transfer of my EPS to new EPF office….

    I had earlier filled two copies of form 13 with my present employer, one for pf and other for pension transfer. But they had sent both the copies to my previous employer. So I got my PF amount transferred but not pension.

    Should I again fill form 13 with present employer for transferring Pension ?

  61. Dear sir, pls confirm one thing.. after my releiving from my organisation.i received two credits in my account in next three montha. one is pf settlement and another provident fund…pls confirm if this is pf and eps ..or eps is supposed to be creduted later. Also pls confirm form 10 c is used for Eps withdrawal?

  62. Sir,
    I submitted my scheme certificate to new employer. How I know the existing employer linked the scheme certificate to the existing PF account.
    UAN 100262639631

    1. Use your UAN number and registered password to login to UAN portal and check whether your new PF account is tagged to your UAN number or not. If it is tagged then check whether your old PF account amount is credited to the new one or not. If not credited then use the transfer claim option in UAN portal and initiate the PF transfer from old pf account to new pf account

  63. I have linked the Old Employer once i received your message. it is linked with my present UAN. Thats why i doubted. Now what will be my service period? will it be 9 years or 1.5 years?

    Waiting for your revert

    Thanks for clarifying my doubts sir.

    1. Respected Sir,

      My self Dhaval, I have completed service 9 Year 5/6 Months my joining date was 1st May 2005 & resigned date 31st Oct 2013, am i eligible for Pension scheme ?

      Please guide if i do not wish benefit of Pension Scheme.

      As 10year not completed i am not eligible so, Hence, May i eligible for full settlement ?

  64. Then what will be my service period.
    When I tried to link through UAN it is linked ans the status states it is active. why this conflicts?

  65. I have a query on EPF.
    Totally i have 9 years of service.
    My first organization which i had worked for 7.5 Years has a PF Trust.While releiving from there i did a PF Withdrawal and got the complete settlement then.I did not do a PF transfer that time.
    My second organization for which i am working for last 1.5 years comes under EPFO.
    Now i have applied for a PF withdrawal for the prepayment of home loan which needs minimum of 10 years of service.For me i have 12 years of service and have association with EPF.
    But my application got rejected saying i have only 1.5 years of service.

    Is it correct?
    DO i need to do anything from my previous employer to link my older PF account to the new one , eventhough i have done complete settlement that time. Is it possible to link it now , so that i can take the PF withdrawal.

    Expecting your answer on this.

  66. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a PF account for which i can check balance in EPFO website.But i am not sure if I have my EPS account as well(pension account).

    How to check if I have a EPS account as well,and if i have EPS account how can i check the balance in EPS account.

    Also if my EPS account is still not opened how can i open it.

    Thanks for the information 🙂

  67. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a query on EPF.
    Totally i have 12 years of service.
    My first organization which i had worked for 7.5 Years has a PF Trust.While releiving from there i did a PF Withdrawal and got the complete settlement then.I did not do a PF transfer that time.
    My second organization for which i am working for last 4.5 years comes under EPFO.
    Now i have applied for a PF withdrawal for the prepayment of home loan which needs minimum of 10 years of service.For me i have 12 years of service and have association with EPF.
    But my application got rejected saying i have only 4.5 years of service.

    Is it correct?
    DO i need to do anything from my previous employer to link my older PF account to the new one , eventhough i have done complete settlement that time.

    Expecting your answer on this.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Thanks for the reply.
        Is it possible to link it now , so that i can take the PF withdrawal.

  68. Hi Basvaraj,

    Do you know why PF passbook does not reflect any “Interest” for the last financial year?

    If I see my passbook, it had been credited in March every year but this time it has not been updated till now. There were also rumors that this year PF body will give bonus instead of interest.

    Please share if you have any insight to this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  69. Thanks for your complete guide.
    I am contributing to EPS since June 2001 but I don’t get any proof for that from the EPFO. How will I prove my length of contribution(Service) during the time of Pension. We only get yearly PF contribution slip. What about the EPS. Please do the needful. How to solve long pending grievances with EPFO. Thanks.

      1. I have worked in 1st organisation from June 2001 to july 2007. Then I left the 1st organisation & joined 2nd (another) organisation from July 2007 to May 2015. During my service in 2nd organisation I transferred my PF from 1st organisation to 2nd organisation in the year 2008. Then Once again I left the 2nd organisation & join 3rd (another) organisation from may 2015 and continuing till date. Now I have transferred my Total PF(PF of 1st & 2nd Organisation) from my 2nd organisation to my present(3rd) organisation. The total amount (1st & 2nd organisation) for PF is transferred but for EPS service length mentioned in annexure-K is reflecting only period of 2nd organisation i.e from july 2007 to may 2015. However for EPS I need to produce total service length continuing from ist organisation i.e from June 2001 to may 2015. Further I do not have any evidence of annexure -K of my 1 st job.

        Please suggest me how to generate record for my service length continue from June 2001 to till date for the purpose of EPS.

            1. But still the question remains how I will prove my total length of service if it is not reflected on papers available with me.
              Please guide.
              Do we have any online facility for it.

  70. Hi Sir,

    I have got a total of 8 years and 9 months of IT experience. So far i have worked with 4 companies within 8.9 years.
    When i switch from my 2nd to 3rd company, my 2nd employer didnt transfer the EPS amount to my 3rd company EPS account? However they did transferred the EPF amount.
    Also, please advise do i need to transfer the EPS amount along with my EPF amount whenever i switch over to another company?
    Am i eligible for the EPS?


      1. Srinivasan- In general EPS is not transferred. When you transfer from your old account, your contribution & employer’s contribution towards PF is transferred but not the pension component. Only thing which matters is your duration of employment which is mentioned in your passbook.

        As far as eligibility is concerned, you can avail pension if you have contributed to pension fund for at least 9 years & 6 months.

  71. Dear sir
    please guides

    i have worked 5 year and 7 month

    my basic was is Rs 8750 ( from last 11 month )
    i have submitted form 10 c and i got 34076 in my account (which is same as eps shown in e passbook )

    but as per table D calculation
    8750*6.07 = 53211

    please suggest what to do get difference amount

      1. please tell me as per table d i am eligible for Rs 53000 and i get less amount so why i can’t get

        please guide

          1. Thanks

            please provide the any link where i can ask same
            my pf account with chennai office TN/MAS

  72. Hi, Thank you for the article. I applied for withdrawal of EPF & EPS (i had to submit the form 15G even if the withdrawal amount was more than 3 L). I received the amount in 3 weeks, however the pension part is very less.

    I have worked in the organisation for 3 years and as per the article and other articles i read the EPS money i should get back is 2.98*15000 = Rs. 44700. Even if tax is deducted on this it should be ~40K. I received only 27K. Am i missing something?

    Also, is there a way to know how much tax was deducted against the EPF amount that i received? In short, is there a way to know the calculation?

  73. HI Basavaraj Tonagatti how to eps amount transfer if Company’s Operation shutdown at regional office SO cutting down their employee BEFORE SIX MONTH?

      1. Thanx sir for your reply but i don’t want to job at anywhere i want to do my own business so i want to withdrawn my whole pf amount.. so please suggest what i do in that situation…?


  74. Hello,

    I have query on the EPS withdrawal from my previous company.
    In Apr-2013, I changed my company and didn’t transfer my PF. With previous company I was having experience of 5 year 8 month and withdrawn my PF in 2013 itself.But I didn’t withdraw the EPS. Am I eligible to withdraw the EPS from my previous company? What is the process for the same.
    Waiting for your kind reply.


  75. This Blog really helps! Thanks a lot for the very detailed explanation about EPS, Mr. Basavaraj!

  76. Hi Basavraj,

    Very detailed and enlightening article. While we all know about EPF, knowledge about EPS is very limited, even to professionals. Thanks a lot for this article.

    I have a query. The pension amount calculation as given, will the same amount be given year after year, or there is a provision for increase in pension amount based on inflation or DA announced by governement,

    Sandeep Gupta

  77. Dear Sir ,

    I have withdraw the whole amount from EPF but the amount credited in bank twice and occurs a difference of 954 rs from the whole amount mentioned in the passbook (PF contribution and Pension contribution ) . I would like to know is there any surcharges for the withdrawal /any service charge .Please reply

    Thanking You
    Tijo Kurian

  78. Sir,
    I have withdrawl pf and epf from my all 3 previous organisation from 1993 to 2008 period. Since 2008 i am working. My query as below ( 93 to 96, 96 to 99, 99 to 2006, 2008 to continue )
    1) Is it require to add my 3 previous company to epfindia online web site. Will I get its benefit in pention.
    2) How I can add/ register this three organisation in epfindia online portal
    3) How can I know my previous PF number
    4) Some body says that inspite withdrawl both pf and epf, some amount left in account. Pl. clarify

    1. Patel-First understand that PF and EPF in your case is same but not different. Regarding merging and creating online accounts, if you already withdrawn the amount, then why you are looking at them again?

  79. Hi ,

    I submitted withdrawal form for PF and EPS form 10C on july 2015 at the time of leaving my Company after 9 yrs 8 months of experience.
    I got my PF amount .But for EPS , i checked the eps site and it shows msg that claim ID has been approved for payment through cheque and is under process for the past three months. Pls confirm when i will be receiving the funds. Also pls advice will i get full amount or pension per month. Pls confirm how can i escalate the matter.
    Any help in this will be appreciated.

          1. Dear sir, pls confirm one thing.. after my releiving from my organisation.i received two credits in my account in next three montha. one is pf settlement and another provident fund…pls confirm if this is pf and eps ..or eps is supposed to be creduted later. Also pls confirm form 10 c is used for Eps withdrawal?

  80. Hi ,

    I submitted withdrawal form for PF and EPS in Aug 2015 at the time of leaving my Company after 4 years of experience.
    I got my PF amount .But for EPS , one month back i got two messages from EPFO office stating that Claim Form 13 has been processed .Second message stating that claim ID has been approved for payment through cheque and is under process.Today after sending a mail for the status , they replied that EPS a/c was already transferred to new account , your claim form 10C has been rejected.
    What does that mean ??? EPS amount has been transferred to my new PF account No ?? And if yes , how can i verify the same as well as how can i check the balance in my PF account .
    Any help in this will be appreciated.


  81. I have completed 10y of service, am over 50y old but below 58y, unemployed since 3 years. I want to claim my pension. I am single and live with my mother. My father is no more. My brother is my nominee. Do I need to submit any documents about my parents and brother along with form 10d?

  82. I was earlier serving with a Company who had granted exemption from EPF and had their own PF. Now the Company has credited all my contribution with interest to EPFO in recent time. So question of transferring my PF from the Company to another Company was not possible due to the circumstance of closure of the Company. After that I had started new job with another Company where EPF scheme was there and I had started the EPF with new PF No.

    My querry is as below:

    I have withdrawn my PF through Form No.19. But at the time of subm,itting the Form No.19, my HR was not aware to submit form 10C for EPS withdrawal with form No.19. Now I got my PF withdrawal. Now I have submitted the EPS withdrawal Form No.10C after getting the PF contribution. I have got message from the EPFO that your Form No.10C is received and sent for process. But after that message, 7 days is passed but still 7 days is passed for this message,no message of regarding my claim is received from EPFO not any amount is credited to my Bank A/c.

    Now I want to know that whether I will get the EPS or not. I have completed only 2 years and 6 months service with PF contribution and attained 58 years of age on 18-3-2016.

  83. Hi Basavaraj,

    My mother had provident fund, she passed away in service period but she completed 20 years service, her organization has its own trust to maintain epf. l got her provident fund and eldi but not received any part of eps. I am 30 year old, l know it is only upto 25 years to get pension. but I hear about capital return on eps, what is that.?? Can I eligible to get my mother’s pension fund.??? Please clarify me..


  84. I am member of PF Pension Scheme I Complete of 10 year of my job . my age is 54 year. I have no job at a time. I want to pension.
    then what I do for get pension. please guide me

  85. I have worked in my previous organization between 10-Oct-2011 to 26-Jun-2015 (3 years 8 months) and after moved to different Company from 29-Jun-2015

    Actually I have transferred my PF, including of all mentioned above , except EPS .

    My previous organization has own trust , but they advised EPS will be maintaining from RPFO Bangalore.

    So please advise, is it possible to transfer of EPS amount , or how to claim that later.

  86. hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I claimed for my PF amount. I got NEFT transfer for Pension contribution.and more then 10 days passed away after that still my PF amout is not tranferred.

    Can you please suggest what to do now.

    Thanks in advance
    Raj Patel (Ahmedabad)

  87. Sir,

    I resigned from my last company after 18 years of service on 24.08.2015. My total experience is 30 years. I completed 50 years on 19.05.2015. I have a few queries:

    1. How do I know my accumulated pension amount? Which website or portal will give me this information? My PF number is TN/AMB/039991/000053.

    2. I have got my PF, gratuity & superannuation amount, but my last employer says that I will get only a pension certificate and not pension till I become 58. But as per your post, I fulfill the criteria (50 years age & 30 years service). What should I do to get my pension?

    3. If I get pension now, will it be taxed? What is your advice to me regarding premature withdrawal? Should I wait too 58?

    Thanks in advance


    Sriram R

  88. Dear sir i didn’t getting my original pension epfo still deducting my computed pension after completion the time they told there is no rule to correct the computed pension in 1995
    So please explain me about this


  90. Dear Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    Can you kindly explain the current status under the Employees Pension Scheme 1995 relating to the following 2 options:

    1.Option for Commutation of Pension
    2. Option for Return of Capital

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sumant Sharma

  91. Hi Basavaraj,

    I’ve have been working in a private company since September 10, 2004. In a month or 2 I’m planning to quit this job and take a break….and assuming that I will not be working in a corporate setup anymore. My query is that now that I have crossed the 10 year bracket, can I withdraw my pension amount along with my provident fund or will I need to wait till 58 years to withdraw my pension scheme. Kindly provide your advice on the same at the earliest.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I have completed 11 years in pf account, and I am not going to work any more.

        My question is can I get both EPF and EPS, please advise.


    1. This question to Mr.Basavaraj,

      Sir, I worked in a company for 10 yrs and received pension scheme certificate in 2006,i will attain 58 in 2024 and the pension starts from there. Pensionable salary is ?6500.My doubt is now I am working in another company last 6 years where the PF A/c become different ,shall I attach it to my previous scheme certificate A/c to get revised pensionable salary scheme certificate? so that the amount will increase?my current salary is ?1 lac per month

  92. I am 37 and served in a Pvt company for 12 years. I plan to quit and start something on my own. In this case is it wise to withdraw the EPS or wait till i turn 58 and then utilise the Pension scheme.

  93. Hi, My Employer is contributing INR 15000/- towards EPS. So, if I work for say 36 years will my monthly pension be 15000 x 36 / 70 or will it be limited by minimum pensionable salary (INR 6500) and calculation will be made like 6500 x 36 / 70 even when I am contributing higher. This is what I found on all the online calculators available. Kindly confirm.

      1. Hi Basvaraj,

        You have explained it as…..


        2) Employees who joined after 15th November 1995–

        You can directly calculate by inserting the values in the formula as given below.

        (Average Salary X Service)/70


        So my pension after 35 years of service shall be 15000 X 35/70= 7500/- pm

        but when I use a calculator from the link you have provided it limits the monthly salary to 6500
        and calculates as 6500 X 35/70 even when I contributed 15000 every year.

        So I am still in a fix… which formula shall I use!!!

  94. I have recently changed my job. My previous company had its own provident fund and was registered with the regional provident fund commissioner. Both the employer and employee contribution was deducted and taken towards provident fund account. No amount was apportioned towards pension scheme. My tenure in the previous company was 4 years 3 months.

    Post the job change, my new employer has the following scheme with respect to provident fund.

    There is an option provided by the employer whereby the employee is free to choose either 15,000 or actual basic salary (higher than 15,000) for the calculation for provident fund. With respect to the employer contribution of 12% of basic salary, 8.33% shall be taken towards pension and the balance 3.67% shall be taken towards provident fund. My tenure in the new job is around 3 months. The Company would deposit the money with the government towards provident fund.

    The following are my queries w.r.t provident fund:

    1. I want to transfer the previous company’s accumulated PF balance to the new company. On completion of 5 years of service (tenure considering both the previous as well as the current employer), I wish to withdraw the money. Are there any conditions towards withdrawal and what are the tax implications of withdrawal.

    2. I want to invest a higher amount in provident fund and not restrict the basic salary to INR 15,000 per month as provided by the statute. If I go for a higher deduction, is it compulsory that the employer should contribute 8.33% of the basic salary towards pension scheme. Can I not transfer the entire amount to provident fund?

    3. How can one withdraw the amount lying in the pension scheme. I also understand that I have to complete 10 years in service. Though the previous company did not have any pension scheme, will the tenure there be considered for the 10 years consideration.

    Thanks for the help.

  95. IF employee has completed more than 10 years in service and then retires ,is withdrwal of amount allowed using form 10c.

      1. Isnt it unjust? As there is no interest on EPS I end up getting peanuts as pension.
        If I am allowed to withdraw I can invest it for better returns.
        How come no one has raised any objection? Are those worker-unions sleeping?

          1. when this rule came into effect? I am sure left parties were part of govt. at that time.Still if enough awareness is created there is scope for petition in court

    AND LEAVE THE JOB 22.02.2016.

      1. Thank you very much Sir

        Now please advice me, after 58 year I will receive my all pension amount with interest in my bank account

        Please advice

  97. Hi sir, I worked with a company for 4 years. While termination my basic was 13112. EPF is around 120000. Pls advice what shud be my EPS that I can withdraw along with my EPF. Thanks.

  98. it is vey informative , thank you basavaraj to educate public in epf and eps related matters

  99. Information in the site is very useful. I have some query kindly help.
    I left job as a teacher and EPS on 31/03/16. My EPFRO is in Mumbai. I have 13 yrs of service and my age is 53. I am applying for reduced pension. It will be with effect from what date.?
    I wanted to draw pension from other states EPFO. Hw can I do it.
    Kindly guide me.

  100. Dear Sir,

    I was joined a private firm on 13/12/1990 in Delhi after than i have left the firm on 14/08/2001. please advice me can i get pension scheme benefit. But during the service period i was on leave almost 06 Month in service time in same time my PF contribution not deposit in PF department during leave period.
    please advice me how can i get pension scheme benefit ?

  101. Hi,

    I have just changed my employer and want to transfer the EPF from previous to current employer, but want to withdraw the EPS amount. One of my friend has done the same thing by sending Form 10 C (EPS withdrawal) and Form 13 (EPF transfer) to the previous employer.

    Please confirm about the same.

      1. I have worked for 3.5 years in 1st organization and withdrawn PF +EPS.

        and worked for second organization for 4 years and now with 3rd one for last 2 yrs
        Both 2nd,3rd organization have their own pf trusts. I have raised PF transfer. and the PF gets transferred from 2nd to 3rd,I don’t know whether EPS gets transferred or not.

        1. In my current company website, contribution to PF is showing as 6 yrs. ,can I be confident that my EPS transferred.

        2.Can we withdraw EPS amount while continuing in present job? i am not interested in pension scheme.

        3. now in corporate world ,salaries are more. contributing 15000 per annum from 1st year onwards till service ends. on 8 % interest also it would end up large amount by we reach 58 yrs.

        if we start career at 25 ,continue till 58 .We contribute for 33 yrs . EPS accumulated amount is around 23 lac( at 8% interest )

        but we may just receive (15000*33)/70=7071 per month . 84857 per year.

        but for 23 lac ,at 8% interest we can get 1,84,000 per annum.

        the EPS scheme might be helpful who contributes less in beginning and reached 15,000 by end of service.

        Why EPS is not linked to the amount contributed? it’s just linked service period and last year salary.

  102. Dear Sir,

    please guide me for below matter .i was working in private firm .I AM JOINING OFR THIS FIRM 01/03/2007 AND LEAVE THE JOB 01/08/2015. CAN I FILL PF 19 FORM AND 10 – C FORM WITH ACCEPTANCE FOR PARA RULE 8 A) FOR ACCEPT SCHEME CERTIFICATE ?

  103. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have just changed my employer. I want to transfer my total EPF amount from previous to current employer, but I want to withdraw the EPS amount (Total years f service < 10 years). Please guide me how can I do that, as one of my friend did the same by sending form 10-C (EPS withdrawal) and Form 13 (EPF transfer) together to the previous employer.

      1. I know that sir. I have just changed my job and both my PF and EPS are lying with the previous employer. Now I have a choice to either withdraw them or transfer. But, i want to transfer the EPF amount and withdraw the EPS amount.

        Can I do that by sending Form 13(EPF transfer) and form 10C (EPS withdraw) together to the previous employer?

  104. i am joining in epf a/ 01/03/2007 and leave the epf a/c.01/08/2015 can i am in form 10- c to accept scheme certificate .please guide me for scheme certificate benefite . can i accepte the benefit of scheme certificate do your opinion ?

  105. i am working in priovate sector.i am joining in epf 01/03/2007 and leave the service 01/08/2015 can i enjoy the pension benefite is applicable or not

  106. i was working April 2007 to october 2013 in one organization how can i get my employee pension scheme money.because i am not completed 10 years of job so i will not be able for the pension if employer submit money in eps how can i get the money which form is necessary to fill

  107. Hi Basavarj,

    I worked for company from 21st December 2009 to 15th April 2015. The last 8 contribution towards EPS was Rs. 1250/- prior to that Rs.541/- What amount should I receive under withdrawal benefit?

    Many Thanks

  108. Hello Sir,

    I worked in an IT company from Jan.2001 to Apr.2009. My PF account was in AP as the head office of that company was in Hyderabad.
    In April, 2009 I joined another IT company (without a single day gap) with PF account as KA since head office is at B’lore. This company have its own PF trust. I had transferred my PF from earlier organization to existing successfully.

    My total service is around 15 years without any gap.

    Now, if I have to get the statement/passbook of EPS, what is the process? I have registered myself to EPF site with my new UAN.
    However there I don’t get statement/passbook for EPS.
    From my organization, I am getting statement for EPF which shows contribution towards EPS for every months.

    Please let me know how can I get statement/passbook for EPS.


  109. Hi Basvaraj,

    I have raised a request for transferring my old PF balance to my new PF account. But my request has been rejected by EPFO Bangalore with this reason “The Form 13 was rejected with remarks as… not a member in EPS scheme who has joined on/after 01/09/2014 and the wages is greater than/equal to Rs.15000/-. Hence the ECR to be revised.”.

    Can you please guide me, what can I do in this case for transferring my old PF money to newer one.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Jitesh-I am not aware of such instances, how can you be member of EPF but not EPS? Please raise the complaint with EPFO Grievance Cell for specific reasons of rejection.

  110. Hi,

    How can I find my EPS number. Is it same as EPF number or can be different? Please clarify.

  111. Hi Basu,

    To get an eligibility for EPS,one should have minimum of 10 years of service .But this 10 years means only with single employer or total tenure(with different employer)?

  112. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I am going to withdraw my PF account with submitting Form 10C , Form 19 , Form 15 G and declaration form for withdrawal .
    so can i get all the amount including employee share , employer share and pension contribution while withdraw my PF account ?
    And can i get it signed all the forms from the employer and directly submit to the PF office ?
    And existing PF account is eligible for new PF norms from MAY 1 st ?

  113. Hi Basavaraj,
    Currently Rs.3,602.00/month is going to my PF account as part of employee contribution. Now I have a chance to make it fixed for Rs.1,800.00/month.
    1. In your opinion which option will be better, either go for 12% of basic or fixed amount.
    2. And also let me know, in any way contribution amount is affecting my pension amount?

      1. But I received an official communication from my company that, if I want I can go f0r fixed amount i.e Rs.1800 instead of 12% of Basic.

  114. Hello Sir,

    I recently transferred my PF from old PF to current PF account. The transfer happened only on Employee and Employer Contribution but EPS contribution is not transferred.

    Can you please let me know:
    1. Why Pension contribution is missing in the PF transfer details?
    2. Where can I approach to transfer the Pension contribution?

  115. Hi Basavaraj,

    My total service is 9 years & 10 months.

    Please confirm; whether I’ll be able to withdraw EPS as discussed under

    Whether one can withdraw the EPS amount before 10 years also?

    , or not because eligible service for EPS is 10( rounding of 9 years & 10 months ).

    Thanks & Regards,

  116. Hi Basu, there any change going to happened in this financial year (2016-17) as far as EPS is concern. I heard from someone that govt. is planning to reduced the service period from existing 10 years to 5 years to qualify for pension. If you have any latest update please provide. Please also provide latest withdrawal rules of EPS for the person having below 10 years of service for

  117. Dear Sir,

    I have one question related to EPS transfer. I have Transferred EPF from my previous Employer to Current employer. But it transferred only EPF portion and not EPS. Please let me know, is there any separate process to transfer my previous EPS to current EPS account. Thanks for your help!!


  118. I have served my earlier organization for 5 years. I am not working as of now and want to withdraw EPS. During PF withdrawal i have not submitted for 10C . Now i can separately claim for EPS withdrawal. If yes, please help me with the procedure to do so.

  119. I am a child of a deceased employee.
    I was receiving pension till dec 2015, but did not receive the pension for last 3 months. I will be of 25 yrs age on 31 Aug, 2016. Will I get pension till August 2016 or does the 25 yrs age criteria is upto the start of new year of 25th year?

  120. Hi,

    I merged my 3 pf accounts in one,
    I withdrawed the amount but i got only new account eps.

    what about previous two account’s eps?

    1st company – 5month 16days
    2nd company – 13 months
    last company – 10 months

    Please suggest what should i do?

      1. Dear sir,

        Today I know that I am also member of EPS .
        I want to download my passbook but it gives following error.
        Please suggest what to do.
        Passbook not available as pertain to exempted establishment (i.e. Trust)

          1. Sir,
            I have resigned from current company and serving notice period.
            I need to give PF no. and pension fund no to new empolyer. I know my PF No. but I do not know EPS no. Is it same as PF NO. ? please clarify.

  121. I have withdrawn my EPF amount however my EPS got cancelled due to some mistake from employer they have shown my service below 6 months however its 6 months 10 days, can i transfer EPS only or should i claim it again ???
    Please guide

  122. I’ve left my earlier Job back in 2008, where I worked from Sept 2004- Apr 2008. But I have not settled my EPF or EPS balance. Neither I transferred nor I have withdrawn. Now I want to withdraw the same. Can I withdraw the EPS balance too which was accumulated. Kindly guide me with the calculation, Reference figures given below…

    On April 2008 my Salary (BASIC+DA) was Rs. 7258.00
    Service Period Was 44.1 month.
    PF Statement shows an accumulated EPS balance of 22484

    Kindly Guide…

      1. As per my Calculation:
        7258 (Last Drawn Basic) X 3.99 (4 Yrs of Service) = 28961 – Let me know if the calculations are correct.

        Also let me now till which month/year the Interest on the EPF balance would be accumulated.

          1. I left job on April 2008, and as per PF rule the account is now dormant. just wanted to know till which month/year the Interest on the EPF balance would be accumulated. hope this gives you the required clarity.

  123. Basavaraj Garu, what is the procedure to transfer my EPF to current employment EPF. Kindly guide me. Thanking you. Prakash

  124. Sir,

    1) I have contributed to Family pension scheme from 1/8/90 to 31/8/2000 at Meerut office while working at saharanpur of UP.
    2) From 1/9/2000 to 30/11/2009 I have contributed to pension scheme at Kolkata while working with same company having head office at Kolkata.
    3) From 1/12/2009 to 3/07/2011 have not done any contribution to pension scheme as i was not on job.
    4) From 4/7/11 to till date i am contributing to Shimla office of Himachal Pradesh as woking in Kala Amb.

    I do not confirm that my first part service is associated with second part while working with same company but contribution at different state i.e. Meerut (UP) to Kolkata(WB).

    I have withdrawal all PF amount ( NOT PENSION AMOUNT) of my service from 1/8/90 to 3/7/2011.

    I confirm that my service at Himachal Pradesh is not associated with my earlier service as i have not supplied any earlier references to my current job.

    Please advice me to that what and How I should do to avail benefit of of government policy for me and my family.


  125. I had worked for the last 8 years in 3 different companies.
    I understand that I am eligible for EPS withdrawal as my service is less than 10 years, however I am not clear on how it is calculated.

    Would it be 6500* 8.22 (respective proportion as described in Table D) or
    15000* 8.22 .

    Reason for asking is that till Aug 2014, 541 was the EPS contribution (pensionable salary is 6500/- pa) and it increased to 1250 pm (15000 pa ) after that.


  126. Basavaraj Garu, At present My Company (Telangana State) deducts Rs. 1800 from Employer, and Rs.1800/- from Employee. As an employee I would like to contribute more. Can I make my Rs. 1800 to Rs.15000/- If so What is the maximum I can contribute and What is the procedure. Please let me know. Thanking you. Prakash

    1. Prakash-Yes, you can contribute as VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund). 12% of your Basic+DA is already paying under EPF. So the maximum contribution you can make towards EPF is 88% of Basic+DA.

  127. Basavaraj Garu, I have worked in 2 years Tamilnadu and and one year in Karnataka. At present I am in Telagana State and working for a company for the last 10 years. I have a Scheme Certificate from EPF regarding my present Co. I want to add my 2 years service in Tamilnadu and 1 year service in Karnataka to the EPF in Telengana. What is the procedure. Please let me know. Thanking you. Prakash

  128. Hi Basavaraj,

    Your explanation on EPS is very much helpful. But I do have few queries related to this.
    I’m in a verge of moving into new company from my current company. As I was completing onboarding formalities, I came across with EPS form (Form 9), in which they have question

    Have I been a member of any Pension Fund? Yes/No
    Frankly speaking, I wasn’t sure whether I am a member of any Pension Scheme. But this was cleared when I read your article which says if I’m a member of EPF by default I’m a member of EPS as well.

    Now the doubt is my current basic exceeds 15000/- so, in this case, I won’t be able to transfer my PF from old company to new one? If not, Do I need to withdraw my PF amount? and What happens to Pension Scheme?

    Please help!!


      1. Thanks Basavaraj,

        Yeah you are right, I checked with the employer, now I’m aable to select option for transfer from my current employer to new one.

        Appreciate your kind response.

        Thank you.

        1. Hi Kavya,

          Even i have a similar case, Can you please clear how did you transferred your EPS money to EPF account.
          As you will not be contributing towards EPS (as your basic is 15000+).

          Or let me know if you withdraw your EPS balance. It will be great if you can write to me @ [email protected]

  129. I work in a public sector bank. My Bank contributes Rs.1,250/- every month as pension contribution i.e. Rs.15,000/- in a financial year under the Employees’ Pension Scheme. My query is that can I use this amount for deduction under sec 80 C or any other section of the I.T. Act to exempt my income from tax?

      1. Thanks. But a new query has come up. My annual income is Rs. XXXX. And my annual EPS pension contribution from my employer is Rs.15,000/-. Do you mean to say that for calculating my taxable income I cannot do Rs. XXXX minus Rs.15,000/- (that is deduction) but I have to do Rs. XXXX plus Rs.15,000/- ?

  130. sir jiske pas attested karvaya vo verifikesan likhkar de asa jaruri he aesa koi goverment ka rules he jara bataye pls.Agar jisne attested kiya vo verifikesan na likhkar de to kiya nahi chalega form-10D me bataye sir pls.

  131. Dear Sir ,

    I had filed for transfer of EPF and EPS from my previous organization to new organization through EPFO portal .
    On the EPFO portal it is displaying that status “Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.”
    However on downloading the passbook from UAN , I am able to see credit of only EPF not EPS .
    What should I do ?

    Abhishek Sharma

  132. Hi basavaraj ,

    I have a doubt about new withdrawal restrictions..

    My Epf passbook shows as my contribution 100000 and
    employer’s as 30000 .. Rest of the amount 70000 is mentioned as Eps pension scheme and the total amount has not been mentioned as total account balance..

    After the new rules on with drawal , which of these amount cannot be withdrawn before 58 years.. What would be the final settlement for me ?

  133. Is the withdrawal of EPS taxable? What is better to withdraw pension or to transfer?

    EPS part doesn’t earn any interest, hence won’t it be better to withdraw and invest elsewhere when switching a job?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the service that you are doing for the naivesin the field like us.

      1. PF cannot be withdrawn, right? Pension amount can be. At least the finance department said so. Please correct me if I am wrong.

          1. They took Form 10C filled from me for withdrawing pension. And I have to submit Form 13 for PF.

      2. Hi basavaraj ,

        I have a doubt about new withdrawal restrictions..

        My Epf passbook shows as my contribution 100000 and
        employer’s as 30000 .. Rest of the amount 70000 is mentioned as Eps pension scheme and the total amount has not been mentioned as total account balance..

        After the new rules on with drawal , which of these amount cannot be withdrawn before 58 years.. What would be the final settlement for me ?

        I have left the job two years back.. Can i get the EPs amount ?

  134. Hi,

    I want to know the procedure to transfer EPS and EPF contributions from my previous organization to the current.

    My previous organization is a trust and new is not.

    Both the finance depts have different takes on this and causing the confusion.

    Can Form 13 be used for both EPS and EPF contributions transfers?

    Thanks in advance,

      1. I tried however there is some data mismatch in birth date hence the portal is not allowing me to submit. Hence, I think it will take a lot of efforts as correction process is not online.

        And being a trust, the finance dept from my earlier company is insisting on a hard copy of form for some reason. Is it correct?

  135. Dear Sir

    Today (14th March 2016), via UAN portal, I have downloaded EPF passbook. It shows for EPS, my total contribution till Feb 2016 = 36,939.
    My date of birth : 5th Nov 1958. I will be completing 58 yrs this Nov 5th.
    I have served 17 yrs in my latest company. My questions are below :
    – After Nov 5th 2016, when I am greater than 58 yrs, can I withdraw my total EPS amount ?
    – If I opt for pension, how much do I get per month ?
    – Which is better ? total withdrawal or opting for pension

    I have no details about my earlier employment details in PF portal.

    Please let me know your answer sir.

    Ravindra N L

      1. Thank you very much sir.

        Just a small clarification in your reply – So EPS corpus can either be withdrawn OR use it get to get pension. If I withdraw full corpus, there is no pension eligibility for me …correct ?

        I am comfortable with my financial position and I do not want to have some meager EPS amount as pension, rather would like to withdraw full amount.

        Thanks sir… Am I troubling too much ..

          1. Thanks Sir

            Table D is not applicable to me since I have completed 17 yrs. So I am only eligible for pension and not for withdrawal ; correct sir ?

  136. I worked for a company only three month and after that I joined new company where I worked for 1.5 years between this periods I transferred my 3 months PF to New Company account later on When I left this company after working 1.5 years I applied for withdrawal of PF Fund via Online Transfer Claim Portal, every thing was done properly but the I amount which I received (Employee Share and Employer Share), I didn’t got Pension Contribution Money, Which is about 6000 Rs…..When I will get this money.

      1. Thanks, I already wrote to epfo but they havent respond, i think i ll have to go to office bhopal for the same, I think they will ask to contact the registered office of Bandra

  137. Basavaraju garu, I do sincerely Thank you and appreciate you for your extraordinary services for the public. We get corporate salary. In my pay slip: Basic pay, AGP, HRA, Spl Pay, conveyance, medical…. is all given but DA is not mentioned any where. You said that Salary means Basic + DA. so if I want to calculate my EPS pension amount what should I take in to consideration. Please help me. Prakash

  138. Hi,

    What happen to my EPS amount if I change the job and transfer my PF amount from my previous organization PF account to new PF account. Is EPS amount of previous organization gets transferred into new EPS account along with PF amount? If not then there will be two EPS accounts then how will EPS account age be calculated in case of withdrawal?

  139. hi,
    can you please tell me that
    how many days it take to get approval for pension after submitting form 10D

  140. Sir,i have completed 10 years of my service,i have resigned from my job on 30-nov-14,
    sir i want to withdrawal my pension amount because i am not going to join any service,so what should i have to do,please replay


  141. hi,

    Fro where i can check my EPS balance. i have switch companies. Mt previous company is only giving me information about PF amount. But i want to know my EPS balance.
    Where is it? Please advise


  142. Hi Sir,

    Am bit confused about EPS withdrawal. I have joined organisation on 11/Jun/2010. Am planning to stop working after completion of 6 years.
    till sep/2014 contribution towards EPS was – 541 pm
    from oct/2014 say till may/2016 contribution towards EPS would be – 1250 pm
    Total EPS contribution till may/16 is 52591
    Based on your calculation, it is showing my EPS withdrawal would be 96000 (15000*6.40), where as actual contirbution towards EPS was only 52591.
    Is it possible that you get almost double the amount you paid. Please help.

  143. Hi Sir,

    Am bit confused about EPS withdrawal. I have joined organisation on 11/Jun/2010. Am planning to stop working after completion of 6 years.
    till sep/2014 contribution towards EPS was – 541 pm
    from oct/2014 say till may/2016 contribution towards EPS would be – 1250 pm
    Total EPS contribution till may/16 is 52591
    Based on your calculation, it is showing my EPS withdrawal would be 96000 (15000*6.40), where as actual contirbution towards EPS was only 52591.
    Is it possible that you get almost double of the amount you paid. Please help.

  144. Kindly clarify following:

    1. As per EPS Amendment 2014 – The pensionable salary will be average of 60 months preceding the date of exit. But you are mentioning as “It is the last 12 months average salary during contribution period preceding the date of exit from the membership of EPS.”

    2. What is the new Pension formula after amendment 2014 ?

    3. Kindly calculate my pension as detailed below:
    DOB : 02-01-1960
    DOJ: 01-06-1985
    DOR: 31-01-2020

    1. Sir,

      My question is: Are you not taking account of EPS Amendment 2014 ?

      If Yes, then “The pensionable salary will be average of 60 months preceding the date of exit.” as per Amendment 2014.

      Can I have new Pension formula as amended in 2014 Amendment .


  145. Hi ,

    I have withdrawn my PF amount from previous organization, and recently a month ago I have processed for withdraw of my EPS amount also.

    Currently I am working for another organization .

    Please let me know whether I am eligible or not eligible for withdraw of EPS of previous organization ?

  146. I Served 7.4 Yrs in a Company and My Last Basic was 14165. and i Have withdrawn Total PF Amount. So As per the Table (EPS), i am supposed to get Rs. 100996.45 (7.13*14165) irrespective of my contribution towards EPS So far.
    Am i Correct or Missing something? Because i have received only Rs. 55664. Somewhere i have seen that EPS will not get any Interest. Can you please clarify

  147. Hello Sir,

    Myself Ragupathi , My previous employer created UAN acc for me, but there is a problem in the name. My name is reflecting with the wrong spelling in the UAN card/Account. i already proceeded with the name correction form via my current employer. Its been two months, but the name change request has not been completed.

    Kindly advise what can be done to resolve the issue at the earliest. Is it possible to contact EPFO office directly with the change or any other solution?


  148. Hello Sir,

    I am switching from private company (having EPF/EPS) to Govt company (having NPS). I wanted to know can I get EPF/EPS transferred to NPS? Is this possible and my whole money deposited gets transferred to NPS. I have subscription in EPF/EPS for 6 years.

    Thanks in Advance!


  149. Hi,

    I am going to describe my situation.

    I was working for an IT company for last 4 years and my PF and Pension Scheme were both associated with my Salary account.

    In october i left my organization and dint do anything for 4 months and after that i joined a new company.
    Now i want to change my Salary account for new company.since my previous bank has no tie ups with my new company.

    now i want to change my account number for my new PF and EPS with my new salary account from a different bank.
    Please let me know how can it be done.

  150. I am working with MNC Company AND completed 10 yrs of service and al;so contributing towards epf. I want to resign from this job. My age is 37-38 yrs. Can I get Pension benefit under EPS 1995 ?

  151. Hi Sir,

    I transferred my PF account from my previous company to my current organisation. I can see the balance of EPF being reflected to my new account but the EPS balance is not transferred. How can I get the EPS balance of my previous organisation transferred/Withdrawn.

    I called EPFO several times and mailed them as well, asking for annexure k stating the details of my transfer but there was no reply from there side. Please help!

  152. I am working in two organisation simultaneously since 1990. Both are deducting pf from salary. Now I crossed 58. Will I be eligible for pension from both account. If not how can I get pension fund back from PF office.

  153. Sir I would like to know about, How to claim increased EPF Pension ? Getting same pension since 1998.

  154. Hi Basu,
    1. I worked in an pvt org from Mar 2005 to Mar 2008( 3 years)
    2. Another pvt org from April 2008 to Oct 2009 ( 1.5 years)
    3. Third org from Jan 2010 to Jan 2016 ( 6 years)
    I have withdrawn the PF of second org(1.5 years) and transferred the pf of 1 to 3. Now will i be eligible to withdraw the full pf amount as i have started my own work. Essentially i want to know if i will come under “10 years of service” rule?

  155. Hello Sir,

    My self Rocky…Age:28 ,Previous company : 6 years contribution and recent company : 1yr continue

    As per my understanding there are 3 share in PF contribution.

    1.Employee Share ,2.[Employer Share & 3. Pension Contribution].

    My query is, if I want to withdraw the whole amount from my PF account after 9 months of resigning my old company, how much I will get in total.

    are they only 1+2 + interest or 1+2+3+interest, if no

    Please reply how can I get 1+2+3 amount.

  156. Hello Sir,
    I am working with private organisation from last 5 years. My question is if i resign now can i get EPS alongwith EPF? my basic salary is Rs.13,000/- if yes what will be the amount? as per your table D, it will be Rs.65260/- or as per UAN passbook RS.42,544/-.
    Please let me know
    Shubha Hegde

  157. My question is regarding to get the pension after retirement . For this i should be complete the ten years tenure in same company…. ?
    I have the tenure of 10+ years in more than one company along with 2 separate PF accounts. So now i will eligible for pension or not ?

    Murali M

  158. DEAR SIR,

    MY name is M.srinivasarao .iam from Andhrapradesh ,sir,i have completed 10 yeras of service in a private organaisation,my basic pay is 17,000 .AS I got offer in nigeria iam now moving ,so i resigned my job and i want to take pension amount back(i have nearly 70000 in pension fund) is there any way,i dont want pension because my age is 32 only so why to wait for 25 years,so please give me better possible advice how i get my pension deducted amount back

  159. Hallo Sir;

    I have employed in company A from 15 Nov 2015 to 10th Sep 2015. Joined Next company B in Sep 15. after completion of 60 days i have applied for 10C and 19 withdrawal with previous organizer. And after some follow up with previous organizer i have received massage from epfo that your claim of 10 C rejected but 19 is under process.
    Please suggest the reason for rejection of 10C. and can i continue the same UAN for third company that i have joined recently.

    Thanks With Regrds;
    Pravin .

  160. Hello Basavaraj:

    My name is S Ramanathan. I have been working at several Private and public sector companies over the last 40 years. I have withdrawn all my PF and put them in savings. Now that I am 60+ years and retired, I would like to know if I can get any Family Pension based on my contributions. I stared contributing to PF from 1977 and it continued up to 2006 without any break. After 2006, I have been employed with a US Multi National where the concept of PF did not exist. Please let me know what procedure / steps I should take to get the same. Most of my employment is Bangalore based with one job with Satyam Hyderabad and another part with Polaris and DSQ which are Chennai based. Thanks.

  161. Dear Sir,

    If possible my scheme certificate (withdraw to my pf account in 9years 9month) to be merged with my current EPF account.

  162. Hi Basu,

    Thanks a lot, for this forum.

    I have two doubts regarding EPS
    1. I am working in an MNC for 9.6 years but my PF account got changed in 2009 due to a department change (moved to IT from BPO), so does the EPS start from 2009 as I already got my EPF transfered to the current one.

    2. Can I withdraw the EPS amount when I am in service with the MNC that I am working.

    Jaison James

      1. But Basu, even I was in the same company the PF account was a different one when I was in BPO, due to which I had to transfer it to my current PF account. So how would it be with the EPS. Will it be from the time I started from 2006 in BPO or from the time I start in 2009.

  163. Hi,

    Your article is very detailed, thanks for sorting it out for us. I have few queries though :

    1) I worked in a company for 4.6 years (Now I joined another and they have opened an new PF account) and I have given PF withdrawal form and it has been told to me that It will take upto 90 days so it is still under process. I am not sure if I have filled EPS withdrawal or not (As per the table D I am eligible to receive some % of EPS) So do I have to ask employer about the EPS from or I need to go to EPFO ?

    2) I have calculated EPS amount so far from the passbook as 34083, So I will get some % according to the Table D. What actually happens for the remaining % ? Please tell me if my understanding is correct “I am eligible to receive some % of EPS but rest of it I can only claim after 10 years of completion of service and 50-58 years age, and that remaining % is transferrable in my new company.”

    3) I left my company on Dec 2015, My surname was Soni (Filled the same in my Withdrawal Form) and now I have changed my surname to Srivastava as I got married and in new company they have generated a new PF number with new surname. Will there be any impact my PF withdrawal as that is still under process because of this name change?

    Please help me with above queries.

    1. Priyanka-1) Check with your last employer where you submitted the withdrawal form. They inform you of whether you have given withdrawal for EPS or not.
      2) If you got some % of EPS. Then that’s it. The account closed there itself.
      3) No it will not have any effect on your old EPF.

  164. Good day sir,
    I have a query.
    I Ratna Dasgupta (D.O.B: 1ST April 1961) of Employee code no 071402082 joined the Public sector Company (HCL) KOLKATA in Feb 1983 and was a member of PF( Code: 032 )and Pension Account no is WB/15008/186 and FPF was being deducted.

    I resigned from job due to personal reasons and was released after work on 14th Nov 1995.Since the Scheme was notified w.e.f 16th Nov 1995 I am scared whether these short of two day (14th Nov-16th Nov 1995) will effect me.
    How do I go about it and know whether I am eligible for pension when I attain 58 yrs age or I have to pray for exemption for two days short fall. I f so to where to whom.

  165. Sir,

    I joined in a company in 1994. They entered my name in PF from 01.09.1994. I left the company on 05.09.2008 after working 14 years. I have taken my PF. My basic pay is Rs. 5000/-. I will be attaining 50 years by 09.07.2016 and so would like to apply for early pension. How much early pension will I get? Can you please let me know.

  166. I m working with MNC since Oct. 2006 and now i have completed 10 years in this oct. 2016.
    pl. let me know sir can i eligable for EPS or not also can i get 10 years benefits from company ?

  167. EPFO Minimum pension was revised to Rs. 1000/- per month. I was getting pension of Rs. 2022/- per month . What will be revised increased pension.Whether there is any proportionate increase in the pension amount for more than Rs. 1000/- per month.

  168. Hi,

    My total exp till now is 3.5 Yrs (4 months current company+1.9 Yrs Last Organization + 1.7 Yrs Past Organization) i am regularly transferring my PF thro’ UAN Portal, EPF(Employee + % Employer EPF) is transferring hand on hand but EPS of previous organizations amount is not showing in the UAN Portal.
    My questions are as follow:-
    EPS is transferable from 1 org. to another ?
    If yes then how can i check balance towards EPS?
    if no then is there any procedure to withdraw the EPS amount of previous organizations while continuing with current organization’s EPF & EPS.?

    or pl suggest.

    Gurujot Sandhir

  169. Dear Sir,
    My name is Manoj.
    I worked with L&T from 27th June 2011 till 2nd November 2015,
    From my PF Slip, I found that EPS contribution in total is 38,136. I have sent to my company the EPS Withdrawal form.
    Can you please let me know how do they settle the EPS amount and how much would be the Final Amount I would get.

  170. Respected sir,

    Namste please tell me how minimum years need of service for takes this all facility .I joined a private institute from last year September 2014.

  171. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am Srinivas B, Certified Financial Planner and an Software professional. Being a CFP, I am part of Council of Financial Planners(CoFP) a non for profit organization. We have around 80+ CFP’s in this council. We meet every second wednesday to discuss and share knowledge.

    We would be very happy to have you in our council. Please feel free to call me on +91 9900727641 for any clarifications.


  172. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I was working in company A for 3.1 years (2008-2011), and then I joined company B after a gap of 5 months .I was there in company B for 1.5 year(2012 Feb- 2013 July) and again I joined company C after a gap of 1 Year in 2014 August ,then I continued in company Z for 9 Months and again switched to company to D without any gap in between .Currently I am in company D.

    My question is if my EPS account is maintained in EPFO of company C ,then whether it can be transferred to Company D’s PF trust ?If it is not possible then do I have to withdraw EPS from all the 3 ex-companies individually after submitting the form 10C.

    P:S -The PFs from my 1st two employers is transferred to the company C’s PF account but I din’t see the EPS getting transferred .Please advise

      1. Thanks for the reply .

        When I inquired in my current company and they mentioned that once they have submitted the ECR ,which was done just after my joining (and I was not aware of that) and since I had not submitted my UAN that time ,my profile was considered as a fresher and the EPS account was not opened for me in the PF trust , as EPS benefits are not applicable for the people who have joined workforce after 2014 .

        They are suggesting me to withdraw the amount as it is not possible to open an EPS account now .Can you please let me know what best can be done to avail the pension benefits ?or I have to withdraw the EPS amount from all three accounts separately ..Please suggest .

        1. Deep-Whom they are fooling? When they open EPF then EPS also be automatically opened. Also, “the EPS account was not opened for me in the PF trust , as EPS benefits are not applicable for the people who have joined workforce after 2014”, fully wrong statement.

  173. What will be the total amount including EPS, PF both employee share & the employer share, that I can get at the time of my retirement (58 Years). My PF is been deducted from last 3 years. I have a maximum if 1800 deduction from my salary.

    Thanks in advance.

  174. Dear Sir,

    I joined in a company on 14.10.92 and company lock out 03.08.1995. During this period PF deduction is there. Again i joined in PF on 01.04.2010 and till now i am working. what is the pensionable service for this period. can i achieved the pension service i.e.9.5 years or not. pl clarify

      1. Thank u sir for your valuable reply.The old EPF Employer share and part of employee (part taken advance) transferred to the current employment. If i cross 50 years can i apply for pension. please reply sir

          1. Dear Sir,
            This question is regarding my father. He worked for an org for 16 years and it got locked out in 2002 . PF has been withdrawn and as per the previous org the pension will starts soon as he has completed 50 years. He was working on various contracts till now and he has land up in a permanent job two years back where EPS is applicable. As per our blog an employee can get only one pension from EPS , my question is what will happen to the current EPS deduction . The Pension is yet not started , is there any way to still transfer the pension to the new account.

            Please Guide.

  175. I am working in a private company for the past 6 years and EPS is deducted regularly. Now if I leave the organization, how much amount I will get for EPS. My basic salary is 32,000 per month. As per the above chart for 6 years the percentage is 6.07. So EPS withdrawal is calculated only for 15,000(Maximum) or on my current basic pay.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Yes , I understood that it is based on Table D. But my doubt is whether is calculated on my Current basic pay which is 32,000 * 6.07
        15,000 * 6.07. Which is correct ..?

  176. Hi,

    I have moved from my Previous company to my current company after completing 4 years and 7 months. I transferred the EPF and EPS amount to my current company. I would be resigning in March end from the current company. It would be 6 months and 20 days in this organization. I will be withdrawing the amount. My Previous Company Last drwan salary was 9750 and current one is 14500.I have few queries:

    1. In my Passbook for EPF, the amount shown is of just EPF and no amount of EPS is mentioned there. When I will be getting the EPS amount then?
    2. Is EPFO office going to calculate the AEPS amount as the last drawn salary while applying for withdrawing the amount multiplied by 5.28 or are they goung to calculate it as 4 years 7 months is equal to 5 years that is 9750*5.28 plus 14500*1.02 . Please clear my doubts.

  177. Sir, I am working in private company just completed 10 years 2 month . But 28 month I am going to abroad including this years and this time pf is not deposited . so I want to know that can I withdraw my Epf and Eps amount.

  178. Hello Sir,

    My father in law retired in 2010 and he was getting pension under EPS since then. He expired in Dec. 2015.
    Now, my questions are –
    1) Where do we need to inform about his death?
    2) Will this pension be stopped now or it will still continue in his wife’s name? If continued, then full amount or half?
    3) What paper work / formality is required for the same?

  179. Sir i worked in Company A from 2009 to 2011 after that i join B 2011-2013 now i work in C since 2013
    and i apply for transfer for for both company A & B,
    My B company PF already transfer to my Present C company Account and For A is under progress

    So, My Question is my Epf Account Eligibility is counting from 2009 or 2013?

    pls sir reply me on my mail id also so i can got my answer

  180. My first employment was during 1985-88 and moved to another employment in 1988-2007.For period 85-88 the EPF and the then FPS benefits were transfered to new a/c.My second employer didn’t include my first year training period and I am issued a scheme certificate for period 1989-2007(Divided into past service+pensionable service).But my service from 85 to 88 is missed out.The first company doesn’t exist now.

    Can you give me some input on if there is any way I can add that three years of service.I have not opted for early pension and I still hold Scheme certificate.

    1. Rajgopal-If your old employment EPF (1985-88) was transferred to new one (1988-2007), then I think the pension and other benefits are regular which involves the first employment. You have not missed anything.

  181. Sir, i got job on 2007 August. if i want to resign on april 2016 , can i get pf all the 3 part means EPS also. my present salary is 12,500. Then what will be my EPS.

  182. Dear Sir,
    My father was died on 10th nov.2014. he was in service. he joined this company in july 2007. he completed almost 7 years in the same till death. His date of birth was 15th aug 1955. he completed almost 59 years till death.
    In this case. will my mother get the pension under EPS scheme and How much?

    His salary was Rs. 6500 till aug 2014 and after that Rs 11,600 till death.


      1. Sir,

        I have met with EPFO meerut. they are saying that your father’s age was being crossed 58 yrs at the time of his death and he was not completed 10yrs of service . so your mother will not be eligible for eps and they rejected the EPS claim.

        As per my understanding, when employee is in service regardless the age of above 58 yrs. If he died in service, his family is eligible for pension. is it correct? and how will i ask EPS claim from the EPFO?

        For EDLI:- they approved for 1.56 lakh only. how i can get 6.00 lakh ? pls share the calculation. it will help our family to get our right.

        thanks for your support.

  183. I worked in an MNC for 2 years (7 July 2013 to 31 July 2015), there I got PF account linked to my UAN.
    On 7 December 2015 I have started working with central government, here I have NPS with PRAN number.
    So my question is whether I’m able to withdraw the EPFO amount completely OR compulsorily I need to transfer it to my NPS Account?
    please clarify my doubt.

  184. Sir,
    One resigned worker still receiving reduce pension. After his 58 age , will again apply 10D for superannuation ?

    Pls clarify sir

  185. a worker joining the EPFPension resigns on completing 9 years and 7 months of service – can this service be rounded off to 10 years for pension

  186. Dear Sir,

    I worked in a organisation for 5 years, at the time of resignation I applied for PF & EPS withdrawal. I received my PF after two months of my resignation, but now 5 months passed, yet I haven’t received my EPS amount. I contacted my previous employer, they said EPS is under process and it will be settled by EPFO. But in your article you have mentioned “Employees are eligible for EPS only if they complete 10 Yrs of service”. My doubt is whether I will receive EPS now or after another 5 years.

  187. Hello Sir,

    I have left my previous organization on 30 January 2015(30 August 2010 to 30 January 2015) and joined new company on 31 january 2015. After joining the new company i have submited form 13 and others necessery document for PF and EPS transfered.

    In UAN passbook the PF transfer amount is reflecting, however EPS amount is not reflecting.

    As per ROBND/E/2016/00347 “It is informed that in tr. case EPS details merge with new account no. Due to which subscriber’s pensionable service increase and accordingly pension benefit can avail by the member at the time of superannuation or withdrawal benefit at the time of closer of account according to the provisions mentioned in EPS 1995”

    Can you please let me know the procedure to get the details for EPS service details and also let me know the procedure to to check how much amount has been deposited into the EPS account.

    Thanking You
    Shirshendu Dey

      1. Hello Sir,

        Can you please let me know if the EPS transfer has been completed, how I can check the same. Will it reflect on my UAN passbook or any other procedure is available for the same.

        Thanking You
        Shirshendu Dey

        1. Shirshendu-How can I confirm? But according to me, wherever your EPF goes the EPS will also follow. So my understanding is that EPS transferred. But we can’t assume if there is any wrong. Hence, suggesting you to check in UAN passbook also.

          1. UAN passbook in not reflecting any thing, Hence i have raised a concern with EPFO bandra.(ROBND/E/2016/01182)

            Thank you so much for giving an Idea of EPS and EPF as i was not getting any positive answers from EPF Grievance registration.

            Thanking You
            Shirshendu Dey

  188. my dad was working in HMT Ltd from 1960 to1982 .He gave Resign In 1982 .Can he get PF Pension now.

  189. hi sir,

    i was worked 4.5 years for X company ,after i left the company . at that time i applied PF claim and i received amount also , but idont now whether i applied EPS claim form are not , how to find out my EPS amount i claim or not claim.

    Please tell me sir.

    thanks & regards

  190. Hi Sir,

    I am completed 9.8 yrs in a company, am I eligible for receiving pention after 58 yrs. If not can I draw EPS amount.

    Please clarify my doubt.


  191. Gud evening Sir,
    I have recently quit my company where I was employed for 9 years 4 months.
    So my question is, am I eligible to get Employee + Employer + Pension these all 3 parts all together?

    Kind regards,

  192. Hi

    Please help me.

    I worked in my 1st company for 3 years and left.
    While leaving I withdraw EPF but was not aware about EPS so didn’t withdrawn that.

    Is that now gone or can I still withdraw it or can transfer it to my current company?
    what is the process please explain?

  193. my brother died on 12 september and a daughter is born after 4 months of his death. how to add her under eps please help

  194. Hi Sir,

    I have recently quit my company where I was employed for 9 years 5months. I have applied FORM 10C to withdraw my EPS amount. Previously my contribution towards EPS was 541/- month which has changed to 1250/- after SEP 2014. My Basic Salary was 41,850/- per month at the time of leaving the company. I left my job in mid of June 2015.

    Request you to please let me know how much total money it will be in my EPS account and whether I will be receiving the full amount.

    Kind regards

      1. Hi Sir, I am actually not sure if it is going to be somewhat like below:

        (A) 15,000 * 9.33 = 1,39,950 (as I was contributing 1,250/- per month since Sep 2014)


        (B) (6,500 * total no of months prior to Sep 2014) + (1,250 * total no of months till I resigned in June 2015)

        Please request you to correct me as I am really confused.

        I Started my job on 11 April 2006 and left at 19 June 2015.


          1. Sure, I will check with PF office.

            However, which one looks correct to you? Option (A) or (B) which I mentioned in my previous post.

            Thanks a ton for your help!

  195. First thanks for detailed information on EPS. I am not aware many of the details mentioned here.

    I withdraw one company PF amount and another company PF transferred and have followed those and got transferred/got amount, but didn’t check what happened EPS.

    Can we check the EPS amount or transfer status on online. I want to check my earlier company amounts transferred or withdrawn or still has account with amounts.
    I am in different city now so going EPFO office and checking is difficult.
    I went once one EPFO office also but the response is bad and they send it back check current company and current company people told check with EPFO.

  196. Thank you so much for the article! Although I have understood the basics, a few questions popped into my head, it would be very helpful if you could answer them –

    1. Can EPS be withdrawn (before 10 years of service) disjoint of EPF? Meaning, retain the EPF money in the account, but withdraw (Factor from Table D)*(Average salary of past 12 months) ?

    2. If EPS can be withdrawn disjoint of EPF, how will withdrawing the EPS amount every time one moves to another company affect the final pension amount? Will the years of service be reset to 0 for the calculation – (Average salary)*(Years of service)/70 ?

    3. Isn’t it more profitable to keep withdrawing from the EPS account every x years, x being less than 10? Because in that case the money withdrawn is (Average Salary)*(A fraction more than x), while in the case of pension the money granted is (Average Salary)*(The fraction of service years on 70).

    P.S. In these calculations, the “Average salary” is capped at 15000, isn’t it?

  197. Hello Basavraj,
    First, great article. Thanks for the information.
    Need little guidance with my case – I have for worked three companies A, B & C.
    When I moved from A to B in 2003 my epf and pension fund was transferred to new account opened by B. But while opening the PF account company B provided wrong surname on PF account. I realized this only after leaving company B in 2005 when PF transfer claim to company C were denied. I tried several time for name correction and transfer but all in-vane and the PF account with company B became inoperative. But I kept trying.
    After 10 years of service with Company C, I resigned and withdrew the PF in Dec 2015.
    Couple days back EPFO approved my long time pending PF transfer claim for inoperative account from B to C.

    Questions –
    Since I have already withdrawn my PF from account C where will the transferred amount go?
    I have a UAN, will it go to UAN account even though last active PF account is already settled?
    What are your thought on an appropriate next step?

    Let me know.

    1. Rajesh-First check with EPFO whether they actually transferred and settled the amount from EPF of Company B to Company C EPF. If it show in your Company C EPF, then using UAN, you can withdraw on your own or with the help of Company C.

  198. thanks for sharing information on EPS.

    i have worked in X company for 10 years now , changed the job please tell me the process to continue same EPS account so my no of service get accumulated ?

    Secondly if i withdraw the PF amount of previous employment will it effect for EPS also ?

  199. I am joined M.S.E.Board on 20.11.1979 ( now Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd ). My date of birth is 19.11.1957. Now I retired on 30.11.2015 due to superannuation and alive. My daughter attained only age 20 years on date of retirement. Shall she also eligible to claim the pension?

    1. Hi Sir,

      My name is Sowmya, I have completed 10 years of work with X company and i am still working there, If i quite the company, am i eligible to withdraw EPS and EPF…

      Please help me,

        1. Hi Basavaraj

          Pls refer to the previous query posted by Sowmya – I have completed 10 years of work with X company and i am still working there, If i quite the company, am i eligible to withdraw EPS and EPF……. ” to which you have replied yes… is it true ? can i withdraw my EPS money after serving for more than 10 years… I have recently resigned after working for 12 years in a company.i had submitted both the form 19 and 10 c , but they have declined for withdrawl of pension stating that i will get a scheme certificate ….. is there any way by which we can withdraw the EPS amount ?

  200. Dear Sir,

    My tenure is between the wages period increased from 6500 to 1500, hence my ESF has been deducted as per below details.

    05/2013 to 09/2014 i.e. 541 x 17 = 9197
    and 10/14 to 10/15 i.e. 1250 x 13 = 16250.

    As per my recent PF withdrawal the amount I received is only 15990.

    I believe there is an error. Please help me understand the calculation.

    regards, Varun

  201. Hi Sir

    i completed 4.10 years in X company and now i have changed the company .so I have send request for withdrawal of both EPF and EPS by filling form 19, Form 10C and Form 15G to get complete amount.

    EPF Amount is Approx. 85000
    EPS Amount is Approx 39000

    So yesterday i got 39000 Rs. in my account. but what about EPF amount 85000. Is it will be credited after EPS amount or when will be rest amount will get credit in my account.

    please help me out Sir. thanks

  202. Helo Sir,
    If i calculate EPS amount .I have done 2 years 4 month And my Basic + DA is 12000 but at time of exist (month) my Basic + DA was 6000 because i was absent in calculation what amount we can take..?

      1. Sir because HR told me that you will not get full 8.33% EPS Amount i have done 2.4 years so how will i calculate EPS amount and
        you have mention that last exist wage * years of services done(TABLE D)
        my basic+DA=12000 and at the time of exit i got Baisc +DA=6000
        plz help me sir.

              1. Thanku Sir,

                Its means we have to do full attendance at notice period . EPS amount is totally depend on attendance of last month of working.

  203. Dear Sir,
    My query is my father expired and has worked for around 2yrs in a company he was 56 and we have filled all the forms related to pf 10D,19 and form 5(IF) for edli we have received pf and some amount as PA from LIC and the company says we have settled everything what i understand in such case the widow gets pension through out life i mean i am really confused what happens in deceased case i request you to please explain me in brief of what actually the process is?

  204. I need to know whether I can withdraw my EPS portion and transfer the PF portion to new account?

  205. My sister-in-law was receiving an EPF pension less than Rs. 1000 even before she commuted 1/3rd of her pension amount. Now as the minimum pension is Rs. 1000/-, should she not receive the full amount of Rs. 1000/ as pension?
    She is getting the minimum pension after deducting the commuted pension. Is this correct?

  206. Sir,

    I transferred my PF amount after working in a company for 1 yrs 10 months. The current PF passbook is showing transfer of PF and interest. But I can’t see transfer of EPS. How can I see if my EPS has been transfered or not? If EPS got transferred so why is it not showing online in PF passbook. If EPS has not been transferred, then can I fill form 10 C to withdraw it.

  207. Sir, my salary is (13600+15286). Is there any option that I can opt not to split my employer’s share and completely divert it to EPF (and not to EPS).

  208. What is system wages
    They have claimed a lump-sum amount as system wages on closure. What it means

  209. Hi Basavaraj,
    I shifted from company X to company Y and applied for transfer of PF in the company Y. But when i received the message of transfer i checked and found that only the EPF amount is transferred and the pension amount is not transferred.I tried contacting the company X but they are not responding.So what can i do now. Can you please guide me on this problem.

  210. Hi Basavaraj,

    My query is — If I worked for 11 years in different organizations and withdraw the EPF for personal reasons while exit , i’ll get the EPF amount + Pension scheme certificate. Suppose if I re-joined some other organization after 1 year and work only for the next 5 years. Then i’ll again get the EPF amount. But shall I get the pension withdrawal for that last 5 years Or i’ll again get the pension certificate only..? If so, how to club both the pension certificates at the age of 58 to get monthly pension.


  211. Hi sir

    I am worked for 6.5 years in X company in Chennai, now i am joined in Y company in Bangalore.

    while i am applied EPF Transfer Employee’s and Employer’s amount is transferred to new EPF account but in my Y company they Generated new UAN no for my Current EPF Account no. now what can i do now

  212. Is EPS account number different than PF account number. As I could not get EPS-95 details when filed RTI with EPFO with PF account number.

  213. Dear Sir

    I have worked in 6.5 year in my previous organisation . Now i want to transfer the PF to my current orgnasation. but my current organisation has pf trust while in prevoius organisation PF account was with regional provident fund commissioner. in this case how my pension fund will flow. Will EPF and EPS funds will come to me current organisation PF trust.

  214. Good day sir . I have worked with a pvt sect bank for 11 years . But when i went to withdraw my EPF i was told that since i have more than 10 yrs of service in same bank i cant withdraw and wold be issued a certificate . My banks EPF dept goofed up with my documents and my certificate is delayed by almost 2 years now . I am following up with the regional and the head office via mail but i am not getting any response . Whom do i speak to and also can i withdraw the same ?

      1. Sir,
        I have already done the same ,and they have replied that they have contacted the regional office and the certificate have been dispatched . But i havent received any certificate and my subsequent mails to them for it are not getting any replies .

  215. I have worked in M/s. Hindustan Motor Ltd form May95 to Jul95, May96 to Jul96 and May97 to Jul-1997 (STW employee for 3 month each year). I am holding current PF no WB/370/807803 & Previous PF No WB/370/61433 as per company PF record. Now i am employee (form Aug-97 ) of chatered firm where PF is not applicable.

    I want to know how to get my PF & EPS for the said period.

  216. I need to understand about EPS part. I got my PF transferred from my last employer, but it shows EPS as zero(0) in passbook. Where I can see the EPS amount, how to withdraw or transfer it?

      1. Hi,

        I have transferred my previous pf balance to my new PF account but Pension contribution fund is not reflecting and showing zero on passbook.

        Where I can see and claim to my pension contributed amount.

      1. thank you for the reply sir can you please tell me the process for that .And im having a due of rs 4000/- on me so they are not giving the clearance letter .Please suggest

  217. Hi

    I am employer.

    One of my employee worked till 4 month and left.

    So what about his and our contribution.

  218. Dear Basvaraj,
    During change of my previous company I have transferred my EPF. After transfer only EPF amount is got transferred to my new company EPF account . but my EPS amount is still not transferred. and also I have not any information about that where is my previous EPS amount and when it will be get transferred to my new EPF account.
    Also I have change the company before completing 10 years. so is it possible to withdraw only EPS amount about which I have no clarity I will get this money?

    Please help me about this matter.

  219. Dear sir

    I work as EPS member from 01-oct-1994 to july-2009 and left the job and get pension scheme cerificate and from 01-oct-2011 rejoin the service and still continue, during the period of july-2009 to oct-2011 I was doing my own business.

    I want to know to club both the period past 15 years + 4.5 == 19.5 years what to do.

    Thaks & regards

  220. Hi Basavraj,

    Currently I’m working in the 4th company, having total 10.2 years experience. All my earlier first 2 companies PF+EPS transferred to 3rd company . So, my 3rd company having entire my PF+EPS amount of 1,2 and 3rd companies. I left my 3rd company 2.2 yrs back ( that time I was having 8 years of service period). I haven’t yet either transfer/withdraw the amount from 3rd company.

    I heard that EPS can be withdrawn only before the 9.5 yrs of service period. Though I’m currently working now, I was having 8 yrs of service period at the time of leaving the 3rd company. but now I’ve total 10.2 yrs of service period.

    1. My query is whether I can withdraw my PF+EPS amount now from the 3rd company. Even I’m working currently, As PF authorities might not know this , Can I withdraw EPS by saying that I served for 8 yrs only?
    2. Is it possible to transfer the PF and withdraw the Pension?

    Can you please help me on this. Thanks in Advance !!

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the prompt reply.

        1. May I know why can’t I withdraw now. As my earlier employer and PF office doesn’t know that I’m currently working , I can submit the withdrawal form to my earlier employer..rt?


  221. I have some doubts as per below:
    1) As per new changes in EPS, if somebody join job after Sep 2014 and have Salary above 15,000 than whether EPS is applicable or not.
    2) if somebody in job before Sep 2014 and want to opt out of EPS than what is process. i think 6 month has been passed than is any process to opt this.

    1. Vijay-1) If you contribute to EPF, then only EPS will come into picture.
      2) Once you are member of EPF and EPS, then you can’t opt out. You have to opt out only when you change the job.

  222. Hello Sir,

    I worked for X company from Feb’12 to Aug’15 and Aug’15 on wards am working with Y company. I have transferred my EPF from X company to Y company in Dec’15.

    I have linked same UAN no with X & Y companies. In UAN portal my X & Y companies EPF & EPS details were showing. But when EPF transfer process got settled i have received SMS from EPF office stating that 73,000 amount got settled and sent to new a/c. But they didn’t mentioned about EPS amount 28,000 in the SMS.

    After leaving Y company, if i withdraw EPF & EPS then am i going to get X & Y companies EPF & EPS or not?

    please clarify my doubt.

    Thank you

        1. Hello Sir,

          One of my friend worked in X company from Jan’12 to Oct’15 and Oct’15 onward he is working with Y company. Recently he has activated his UAN which was provided by X company and KYC details like bank account, Aadhar & PAN details are updated in UAN.

          Q 1. Shall i suggest him for tagging of X company UAN to Y company also or let him go with new UAN?
          Q2. If X company UAN tagging successfully done with Y company, can he withdraw his X company EPF & EPS right now?
          Q3. Can he withdraw his X company EPF & EPS through Online?

          Actually he want to withdraw X company EPF & EPS amount.

          Please suggest.

          Thank you

            1. Thank you for your reply sir, But how/when can he withdraw his X company EPF & EPS amount.

              Please suggest me, what is the best way for withdrawing the EPF & EPS. Actually his current financial crisis it is vital step for him.

                1. Hi Sir,

                  I have submitted online EPF transfer from my previous company(MALAD KANDIVALI PF OFFICE) to new company (BANGALORE PF OFFICE).

                  I have received a message that, your account settled and amount sent to a/c no.10977236011 (IFSC Code:SBIN0000813)-EPFO.

                  The account number is not mine and in my current PF account the amount transferred is not there. Kindly help me in this regard.

                  Thank you.

                    1. Hi Sir,

                      How to raise my concern/issue with EPFO.
                      Is there any particular link for such issues/concerns? If yes, pls provide the link.

                      Thank you.

  223. If i am withdrawn the PF after 4 year job in X company, then can i eligible to clam EPS with PF fund? (PF+EPS)
    If yes then provide how to claim it. plz guide me….

  224. i am working in x compny with 3.7 year and i want to leave another cmpny and i am transfered my pf continued. can i eligible to withdrow EPS

  225. I was in continuous service from Dec 1975 to Feb 2000 and eligible for EPS 1995. My PF Commissioner was at Delhi North.
    I was unemployed from Feb 2000 to Aug 2002 and again in service from Aug 2002 to Aug 2004. This Company had their own PF Trust but the earlier PF was not connected to this trust.
    In 2009 I had withdrawn my PF from Delhi North but did not apply for pension under EPS 1995 since I had not completed 58 years.
    Between 2010 and 2015 I was working as Consultant (not a regular employee).
    Now I am retired, my age is 63 Years and would like to apply for pension under EPS 1995.
    I have past service of 19 Years as on Nov 1995.
    I have 4 years 3 months service under EPS 1995 till Feb 2000 and again 2 years from Aug 2002 to Aug 2004. I think the break does not matter and the two services would be added to make it 6 years isn’t it?
    There are two different PF Commissioners are involved.
    How should I apply? Should I seek Scheme Certificate from PF Commissioner Delhi North and then apply for pension to the other PF Commissioner? or
    directly approach the other PF Commissioner with all the details.

  226. I’m working in India for past 5.5 years and I had quit now. I’m moving to a different country for job that is not related to my current company. I have few questions.
    1) Is it advisable for me to withdraw my PF and pension fund and put into a deposit?
    2) If I keep my PF account dormant without withdrawing and when I come to India few years later, can I use the existing dormant PF account?
    Will Interest be calculated for the dormant PF account?
    If I wish to withdraw my amount afterwards what is the procedure?

  227. Hi,

    I changes my Company after 3 years of service. I have filled Form 13 for PF transfer process.
    My old PF amount gets credited in my new PF account, but i am not able to see EPS amount transfered.

    On checking my older PF account, i am getting message like Account is sattled.

    In Annexture K, i am not having any details of EPS Transfer.

    I am having below quetions.
    1) While calculating my pension at the time of retirement, my All services will be considered, irrespective of changing organizations. Right?
    2) How EPS fund is managed? Through EPF trust only?
    3) How i can varify EPS amount.

  228. CLAIMS FOR 19 & 10C submitted on 23/11/2015 have been rejected . System says letter is under dispatch.

    Understand that they require Form 3A from DOJ to DOL & Some Copy of Pan Card etc etc. Exact status of reason is not known as letter is not received yet.

    However these are Inoperative Accounts over 5 Years Old and hence Passbook is not available on the Esewa Portal . Moreover the balances indicated are wrong viz a viz the actual contributions made which are not reflecting in the balances indicated .

    All Cheque Details of Contributions made to SBI A/C PF are available from soft copies of Bank Statement Luckily available .

    Raised an EPFIGMS today for Manual Account Statements & Passbook from Start Date till Date

    1)Please advise further procedures and approach in case the Passbooks are not received to ascertain the exact balances ??

    2) All Cheque Details of Contributions made to SBI A/C PF are available from soft copies of Bank Statement Luckily available . How Reconciliation can be done ??



  229. a p f contributor left service before attaining 58 years of age but after completing 10 years service under pension scheme and got pension scheme certificate.
    recently he expired leaving his widow
    has the employer any role in settling pension claim of the widow

  230. Hi Basavaraj,

    I started working with company called “X” in the year of 2009 and my first PF account got created in the same year.In 2011 I started working with a new company called “Y”. I transferred my “X” company PF accumulation to the “Y” company PF account in 2011. In 2014 again I shifted my job (company called “Z”). but this time I did not transferred the PF accumulation of company “Y” to “Z”. I have updated my UAN(which is created during the tenure in company “Y”) with the new company called “Z”.

    a. Though I am still working with company “Z” , Can I withdraw my PF accumulation with company “Y”?
    b. If “Yes”, TDS is applicable on my withdrawal?

    Lijesh E M

      1. Thanks for the reply Basavaraj. When I transfer the PF, EPS also will get transferred to new account?

  231. Hello,

    I worked for one organization for 8 years and 7 months. Then shifted to a new organization. Total service is now 9.5 years. When I moved to the new organization, I opted for the PF transfer. In my earlier organization the PF was maintained by their own PF Trust. In the new organization, the PF is deposited to the government office.

    1. In the government PF site, I could see the PF (Employee’s and Employer’s Contribution) transferred. I couldn’t see the EPS transferred. Will the EPS get transferred? How can I confirm that?
    2. Can I opt for EPS withdrawal alone, when I am in service?


    1. Sindhu-1) Yes, EPS also be transferred. If you have doubt, then raise the complaint with EPFO. I am sure that EPS is also transferred.
      2) Please read above conditions for withdrawal.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj. I raised request to my organization regarding the EPS transfer. The reply I received was: The EPS transferred details will not be available in the EPF portal. And they did send me the EPS transfer annexure, which had the amount as zero and the total service as 8 years 7 months. Is that enough for ensuring the EPS is transferred?


  232. Hello Basavaraj

    I worked for one of the organization for almost 4.8 Years. I was able to transfer my PF amount to New Employer PF Account. However when I go and download the passbook for Previous employer ( where I worked for 4 years 8 months) , I can see there are 30,000 INR is showing as balance under the pension account.

    Are these amounts not eligible to transfer along with PF amount?
    How Can i claim this NPS – May be Can I transfer / withdraw?

    Your expertise needed here!

  233. Quick question.

    I have quit my current organization and joined another one.

    I am in the process of withdrawing my EPF. Would the Pension amount also be withdrawn once I furbish Form 10C?

    Regards, Viral

  234. Hello,

    I am 31 years old and I have completed almost 7 yrs of service with no plans to quit anytime soon.
    My question here is that can I withdraw only my pension fund (only EPS, not EPF) while still doing the job and before completion of 10 years? I do not want to touch EPF fund and would continue with it as it is.
    If yes, will i get a lumpsum amount now on the factor of 7 years and the EPS fund will start afresh or no EPS there on?
    If no, no further questions.

    Kindly let me know your opinion. Thanks in advance!


  235. Hello Sir,

    My husband is working in a company as turner for the past 9 years, it is said in the link that we can withdraw PF amount once we complete 9 yrs and he should not have completed 10 yrs. We would like to withdraw the money for some personal purpose but want to continue the job. is there any option like this ?

    incase if we are not withdrawing the money then this will automatically includes to the EPS system or do we have to submit some forms after completion of 10 yrs. whether the company will remind the same or do we need to do it from our end. Because his company is not directly doing the same, it is done by some agent.

    1. Renuka-During job, you can’t withdraw EPF. Your husband’s employer will inform you about the EPS and based on the service the pension will be calculated. However, it is better to track on your own and initiate the process.

  236. sir,

    my eps deducting rs.1250/- per month and completed 10 years service. how much pension will i get after 10 years service and after 20 years service ?

  237. Hi,
    I worked in pvt ltd company from oct 2010 to june 2015 and my gross salasy has Always been abive 6lpa now i have applied for eps withdrawal , i want to know what approx amount will i get.


      1. Considering 541 as max amt which could have been contributed before oct 2015 and after that 1250

        So i will get arbd 35968 less tds .

        Am i right?


          1. As you said in your post ———————suppose your salary is Rs.15,000 at the time of withdrawing and you completed 7 years, then you receive the EPS of Rs.1,06,950 (Rs.15,000*7.13). This is the amount you get, irrespective of your actual contribution to EPS.
            At the time of eps withdrawal my basic salary is 18000 and i have completed 5 years so i will get 18000*5.02=90360 irrespective of the contribution i have made (arnd 36000 in my case).

            1. Anupam-You have to calculate the total monthly EPS from Oct 2010 to June 2015. For this you have to multiply by corresponding Table D factor. Confusing words are “Considering 541 as max amt which could have been contributed before oct 2015 and after that 1250” but you claim that you quit the job in June 2015 itself.

  238. The EPF / EPS Claims are submitted on 23/11/2015 . The SMS as well as the Online Claim Portal Shows under Process.

    In reality there is a Gazzette to process within 20 Days .

    We were told that DA Initiator , EDP & Accounts Section Collectively process the same and they have to be available together in the office ??

    What Next . God only knows .

    Please advise about internal EPFO Process Flow & Timeframe .

  239. Dear Sir,
    I worked in a private organization as a manager for 6 years gross salary is about 1 lakh.
    Now, I resigned the job and established a own partnership firm.

    In my own firm as a managing partner, can i continue my PF account….?.

  240. Sir, I worked in one private ltd co for 3.5 months and then resigned
    I withdrawal my epf, but when I given form 10c for eps withdraw process, my employer told me that minimum six month service require for eps withdraw.

    So is it right?

  241. Sir
    Thank u very much for providing such a valuable information. I have worked in an organisation from June 2009 to July 2014 and got transferred to another branch of the same organisation in another state. I joined the new branch from Aug 2014 and continuing till now. My organisation is having its own trust and is exempted. From June 2009, my employer’s are contributing towards my EPS. My UAN also got linked showing both the Pension accounts linked. I wanted to know how my EPS can be transferred? Or I have to wait for completion of 10 years. How to get pension certifcate on completion of 10 years. How my service will be counted as i worked at two different places in two different states?

    1. Bhargava-Your EPS will follow EPF. There is no separate process to transfer EPS. Your service means 10 years of continues contribution to EPS. Contribution years matters but not employer.

  242. What kind and series of SMS one shall receive for PF & EPS Claim settlement respectively .

    There is one which says Under Process .

    What Next & In What Time Frame shall money be actually transferred by NEFT to the Employee Bank A/C

  243. i have worked for a period of 11 months in a bank , will i get EPS in my full and final settlement or only EPF value will be given??

  244. Our Employee Service is from 01/07/2007 to 31/08/2010 . ( A Little Above 3 Years )

    Claim is Submitted on 23/11/2015 .

    A ) For EPS amount invested is Rs 20612 /-

    B) Table D Withdrawal is Rs 6500 x 2.98 = 19370/-

    Will the Total EPS Claim be Rs 20612 + Rs 19370/- = Rs 39,982/-

  245. Our Employee Service is from 01/07/2007 to 31/08/2010 . ( A Little Above 3 Years )

    Claim is Submitted on 23/11/2015 .

    A ) For EPS amount invested is Rs 20612 /-

    B) Table D Withdrawal is Rs 6500 x 3.1 = 20150/-

    Will the EPS Claim be Rs 20612 + Rs 20150 + Rs 40762/-

  246. I joined the company on August 19, 1991 and retired from the service on 31st April 2013. At the time of retire I was getting the salary of Rs.26,000.00. Now I am aged 58 years and please guide when I will start getting the pension.

  247. Sir ,
    Mere papa PWD me work karty they. march 2010 main unka kisi karanvas dursri jagah transfer ho gaya tha jabki 2012 mai unka retirement tha. wey nayi jagah p joining nhi dey paye or march 2014 mai unki death ho gayi. Unka fund or pension k liye abhi hamne apply kiya hai. jo abhi tak nhi mil paya h. kya same department mai unki jagah job mil sakti hai

  248. I am working in a Private Concern. After retirement shall I withdraw my pension fund amount finally. Please advice at your earliest.

  249. I have worked with Madura coats Ltd from 03.11.1980 till 31st Dec 1999 in the garments division . In the year 2000, our division was taken over by Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd and I became part of IRIL. I retired in 29th Dec 2012. In the meantime, Madura coats closed their operations. I have tried to get my EPS thru my ex employer but I understand that my contribution from Madura Coats was not transferred to my IRIL account. It is now almost five years and I am not seeing any solution. I have approached PF offices but they are unable to help me because there are no contribution details with the PFOffices. I need your advice as to how I can approach the issue and get my pension.

      1. My EPF was with the trust in Madura Coats and ABNL. So there is no connection between the two. If I have to file a case, what is the format and to whom I should file a case. Madura Coats is a non existing company. Pls advise

  250. I have worked in a private company from March ‘1994 to Jul’2007.Then I changed my job to another private company & continuing till date. In earlier company my service period was around 13 years for which I am EPS member . I had withdrawn my epf contribution at the time of leaving the organization to join in new company .How can I withdraw my EPS contribution money from previous organisation , please guide me because I will be again eligible for EPS after 18 months from present organisation .

  251. My father was Rourkela Steel Plant(SAIL) employee, passed away in 2011. We applied for FnF with RSP but they have responded with no nomination case and asked to get succession certificate. But I wanted to know, as after his death my mother is receiving pension under EPS 95. How come he would have not nominated her? As while applying for EPS 95, he must have provided with new nomination.

    Note: My grandfather was nominee, but he is no more. So RSP is refering this as no nomination case.

  252. Sir I just want to know what is the tat for processing eps withdrawal form as my company is saying they will take 10-11 month to credit the proceed. And I also want the figure which I get. I earn total of 16084 and my basic was 6500 I work their for 5.5 yrs. What amount I should get as eps.

    pls help and assist.

    Neeraj Chaurasia

  253. Sir,
    I was joined company on 02.11.89 and regular working with deduction of PF from first month. Now i am retiring service on april.2017 my contirbution befor 15.11.95 was 2500 and above. from 15.11.95 contribution is 6500.00 and from 1.10.15 contribution is 15000.00.
    As per my calculation from 2.11.89 to 15.11.95 6.yr. 85x 6 = 510.00.
    from 15.11.95 to 30.04.17 21 yr.5.5 month
    15.11.96 to 1.10.14 18 yrs 6500 /70 x 18 = 1671.48
    1.11.14 to 30.04.17 2yr.6 month bonus 2 yr 5yr 15000/70×5 =1071.45
    my pension will 3252.93.
    Please confirm my calculation is correct or not.

  254. For Super annuation pension after attaining 58 years , last 12 months salary was considered all these years.Is there any change in this formula after september 2014?

  255. I’ve have been working in a private company since July 2005 and I would be leaving the organization by December. Even though my service is 10+ yrs, I was on loss of Pay leave for 15 months, which means EPS contributions did not happen for 15 months. And I will be leaving to abroad to settle over there. Will I be eligible for EPS withdrawal? Please help me, I tried so many sites but did not get the correct answer.

      1. thanks for the reply. They say that we can withdraw EPS, if we have less than 10 yrs of service. Does this mean 10 yrs of contributory service? Is that the reason they ask for non contributory service details in Form 10C?

  256. Under EPS 1995 Widow Pensioners are required to submit Non Remarriage Certificate only at the time of commencement of pension with an undertaking in case of Remarriage, the fact will be communicated to Pension Disbursing Authorities. But, in Kolkata Banks ask for Non Remarriage Certificate every year causing harrassment to Widow Pensionrs.

  257. Hi I am Pradeep PR,

    My father expired in the year 2006 and he was working in APSRTC. I have a sister aged 22 years and i am 26 years. Till Sep 2015 i received my portion of pension in to my bank account from EPFO. Where as my mother and sister has received till November 2015. I knew that maximum age is 25 years till that only i will receive pension. My curiosity is what would have happened to the share. Will my share of pension be added to my mother account or 25 years is the end ??

    If this is the End i should not have to provide my life certificate to EPFO am i correct. I should have to provide life certificate only of my mother and sister.

    This doubt is going in my mind from very long time. Please clear this 3 doubts as soon as possible 🙂

    Warm Regards,
    Pradeep P.R

  258. I got retired in the month of January 2015. Should I file my Life certificate for this year. If so what are the documents I should produce . Where should I approach. The Bank or the PF office

  259. Hi Basavaraj,

    First of all thanks for this article.

    Can you please confirm;

    if basic+DA( not talking about last 12 month’s average )=25000 & years of service=7 years, then that person will receive 7.13*25000=178250, or some other amount under EPS?


      1. Yes, I got it. My doubt is about basic+DA. Is there any limit on that from EPFO &/or government side?

  260. Hello Sir, I have a query…My cousin worked 4 years in Software company and while relieving she only took EPF(Employee share and Employer) but did not took the EPS amount…It has been 4 years now… can she withdraw the EPS amount now and how is the procedure…Please explain .It will be a good help..

  261. hello sir,

    my father started getting pension from 1st jan 2015. later in August 2015 he passed away. he has pension account in SBI , single account. now can my mother receive the pension.? should I keep the account since we withdraw money by ATM?

    thank you

  262. Sir
    My father, when retired from a private company after 27 years of service, received the whole amount he contributed towards EPF. The amount contributed by his employer is still in his account. I came to know that before 2008 the amount contributed by both the employee and employer was given to the employee at time of his reitrement but after 2008 only the amount contributed by the employee is being given to the employee. Is it possible for my father to withdraw the balance amount in his account ie. the employer’s contribution?

  263. Mine is a typical may be rare case
    I am a senior citizen 15 Jan 1947 born retired from Central Govt and presently getting pension around 31,000 PM.
    After retirement at the age of 60+, I started Technical consultancy services with the group of retired technical people above 60 years of age all pensioners getting pension more than limit of EPF ie 15000.All consultants were part time ,freelancers and were booked for 4 to 5 days at an average.
    Last month I applied on line to get EPF NO under 1(4) and mentioned effective date of Dec 2007.Unfortunately I got allotted the Number and now being asked to pay all chages wef Dec 2007.I,in the application I have shown ONE Full time employee ie SELF.

    1. Whether people above 60 years of age are eligible for starting PF and pension contribution?
    2. Whether part time freelancer technical consultants working 4-5 days a month at an average and being paid piece meal basis are eligible for PF contribution?
    3. Whether my propitiatory is eligible for EPF Registration?

    Pl advice what to do in the present circumstances?

  264. Hi,

    I have applied for PF. I have also filed EPS form 10c. I have heard that the minimum wages is 15000 from Sep’14. But my basic pay was 3750 when I left the organisation. So will my EPS calculated as 15000*2.05 or 3750*2.05???

    Please reply.

  265. I am going to complete 10 yrs in the private company . I need information about EPS. Please provide


      1. In 9.6 years of experience. My PF account is changed twice. Karnataka PF account from April 17 2006 to Nov 30 2013 and Chennai PF account is from Dec 01 2013 . By April 17 2016 I will be completing 10 years.

        The Funds are transfered from Karnataka PF account to Chennai PF account.

        I have not changed the organization . But due to some reason company to over other company.

        So all together will it be considered for 10 years completion.

  266. HI BASU


  267. Sir,
    My father was an employee in a private firm and he had completed his 27 years of service while he retired on 27 february 2009…The amount he is receiving as pension is Rs.1597 only… Is it possible for him to withdraw his EPF amount from his EPF account?

      1. Hi,

        Can a employer stop contributing to PF if the employees salary (Basic) ia above 15000/-?


  268. I lost my wife in 1999, (while in service) who was a School teacher, and the EPF department approved the Total Pension as Rs. 2,625.00 (which was further divided 50 % in my favor (husband)& 25 % of my amount each for both children.

    I am getting a EPF pension of Rs. 1,750.00 since Nov 1999, and there is not a single paisa increase (despite many revisions & DA increase by GOVT), are we not eligible for increase in the past 16 years. My wife was a teacher in a Private (Govt approved School) in Chennai from 1983 till 1999 November.

    As I am retired now, as my both children have crossed 25 Years of Age, can their share be transferred to me. Please clarify. Warm regards A.K.Nanda ( 9717936346), New Delhi

  269. Hi Basu,

    I have worked in xyz company from May 2012 to Apr 2014.I have a EPF account in my previous company.Then I joined new company in Apr 2014, In my current company I don’t have EPF account. Can I transfer previous company epf account in my other EPF account in future?
    After May 2022 ,I m eligible for pension scheme(total 10 years service in total companies) or not ?
    Or should i withdrawal this EPF account?

    1. Prakash-You can transfer once you change the current job. But do note that, keeping idle account is risky. If you plan for long-term continuation with current employer then better to withdraw.

  270. Dear Sir,
    Sir I have a big problem I received my Pf amount and for EPs i submitted 10c form also but they converted that scheme certificate now shall I submit that schme certicate and reapply 10c form for withdrawal it is correct otherwise please inform what’s the procedure

    1. Sudharsan-If you completed the minimum age limit for getting the pension and you try to withdraw means they issue the scheme certificate. Instead, if you are still working, then suggest you to transfer to new EPF.

    2. I am Sudharsan thank you for reply I don’t want transfer EPs to anywhere I have scheme certificate now what is the procedure to withdraw the amount

      1. Sudarshan-There two ways. One is through your employer and another is directly. Fill the Form 10D and submit it to employer. Second option is to fill Form 10D, get it attested by bank manager with photo and other required documents which are mentioned in the Form-10D. Submit such filled form to local EPFO where your bank account situated.

  271. sir,
    I worked with a pvt. company about 20 years and resigned in 2011.I completed 50 years age. I want to complete pension form but my past company not taking interest to fill up my pension form.Sir, what are the other way to fill up pension form and which type of form to be used for that.

  272. hello
    i have just complated 9 years 6 months if i will withdrawn the epf then it will be consinder for pension account or not

  273. I’m working in a PSU now. My basic is now Rs.60000/-(basic+da). By Oct 2015, I’ll complete 10 yrs of service. This is my 3rd company. 1st company PF account got transferred to 2nd company. When I joined this company, 2nd company PF account details were given for transfer but it did not get transfer till now. 2nd company PF amount is still lying there only. My present(3rd) company is an exempted establishment and PF account is there here also.

    Am I still eligible elgible for EPS. Did my 10 years of service counted as PF account did not get transfered.

    If I withdraw EPS before 10 yrs completion (within next month), do I get Rs.60000 X 9.33 = 559800 as per Table-D irrespective of the amount in my EPS account. If the EPS amount is less than what I’ve calculated above, do I still get 559800.. pls calculate and tell how much I can get.

    How to know what is the amount in my EPS account.

  274. Hello sir,
    I’ve been working for a private firm since 2007 April and have decided to quit job by December 2015. I’ve been paying EPS amount of 541 till Sep 2014 and 1250 post Oct 2014 till date . I’m planning to withdraw EPS amount post Dec with 8.9 yrs of service. I’m not sure on the amount I’ll receive as part of EPS and how its calculated. Can you please clarify/guide on amount i’m eligible @ withdrawal?


  275. Hi. I applied for my EPF/EPS withdrawal. I received the amount of EPF but i haven’t received my EPS amount. how much time does it take?

  276. I joined PF from 01-04-1986 and EPS FROM NOV 1995 and completing 58 years of age. Total EPS member is 20 years. EPS changed rule from 01-09-2014. What is my EPS amount from November 2015. Please let me know the amount.

  277. Hi Sir

    I worked with a firm for 2 and Half months only.

    The PF deducted from my salary was Rs 750, Rs 750 and Rs 450/-
    in all the PF deducted from employee share for 2.5 months was 1950/-

    I submitted my 10C and Form 19.
    To my annoyance, form 10C was rejected stating “Less than 6 months of pensionable service”

    However Form 19 was accepted and I received Rs 3400 in my bank account

    Kindly explain how to get the money that is in EPS because my form 10C was rejected

    kindly help


  278. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a private organization. My PF is maintained by my organization’s trust but EPS by EPFO Gurgaon. Employer is providing regular PF updates and I can see that EPS amount from employer is not added to PF statement.

    My question is how to verify what is my EPS balance with the EPFO as of now. Basically I have no proof as to if any amount is sent to EPFO and what is the balance. My employer says that EPFO is not providing any statements, hence they cannot provide.


  279. I have a query regarding EPS. I had worked in an organization till 2004 and withdrawn my EPF at that time but did not withdraw the EPS money. Now when I try to transfer EPS money to my current organization, they say that money is already withdrawn. Basically my earlier PF account should be linked to current PF account so that my EPS and service duration from earlier organization is also considered. How to go about it? Can I withdraw the EPS money? In that organization I had worked only for around a year and since it is less than 10 years, I should be able to withdraw.

      1. I would tend to disagree on that as I had only withdrawn EPF in 2004. There were couple of different forms at that time to withdraw EPF and EPS and I had only filled EPF withdrawl form.
        Also, when I raised the grievance now with PF office, they say the account balance in About 11000Rs. which is the EPS balance actually. But when I send Form -13, they mention that PF is already transferred, they have to just link my PF records of my previous and current organization so that my Pension fund and service tenure gets linked.

  280. Hai Bro,

    i am working in a private company for around 3yrs and 9 months. Still now my company doesn’t deduct anything from my joining and also for any of our colleagues. Whenever i ask my management they say that minimum workers should be 34 or some thing. As i am working in wind power sector, my life is still questionable?. They don’t even provide salary slips properly. Hence i would like to know 1)is there any possibility to make(or force) my management to enroll for PF?
    2)In case they force me to resign due to some reasons, eventhough my conduct was good- can i claim any benefit from compay? or is there any such rule in the act of PF?
    My salary was 20000,21700,23400 currently
    Kindly advice…..

  281. Sir, I have worked in a private engineering college from August 1988 to Feb,1999 then I went abroad.during my service in the college I have withdrawn some amount from EPS/EPF. Since my total service in India is 10 years & 6 months, still is there anything left for me in this scheme? kindly advice

    1. Pasha-Your total service is 10 years and more but you are eligible for pension based on your age under superannuation or early pension (conditions mentioned above). Contact EPFO for the same.

  282. i worked for an organization for 3 years in start of my career. Then i moved abroad and now i have applied for EPF / EPS withdrawal. If i resume service in India again after 4-5 years will it affect the EPF in the future run as per todays policy..?

  283. Sir,

    Am working in company from last 7 years and still working,can I withdraw epf amount?or I can only withdraw after resignation?+what about eps withdrawal conditions?

  284. Dear Sir,

    Please provide the my Salary Gross 27135 Till Time My Service 9 .5 Years my pension amount /month updation at the earliest,

    With Regards
    Vineet Kumar Sharma
    Senior Executive Accounts.
    Saahaj Milk Producer Co. Ltd.
    Bodla Road Sikandra Agra
    Mob. No. 08392954654

  285. sir recently the epfo has enhanced pension to the retired employees before 24-07-2009.
    I retired under voluntary retirement before 15 months left for 58 yrs of superannuation
    I have not got arrears and enhancement of pension. my coleagues got arrears and enhancement
    of pension. pl advise.

  286. During the period of November 2007 to July 2014, I worked with two private organisations and then left then job and applied for withdrawal of money from EPF and EPS. I received Rs. 46,345 from EPS. I request you to clarify the following:
    1) It appears that I didn’t contribute to EPS and only employer was contributing to EPS @ Rs. 541 p.m. The amount when contributed was not considered as my income. Whether the amount received of Rs. 46,345 is taxable while computing my total income under Income-tax Act, 1961.
    2) My basic average salary was Rs. 63,745, but I received only Rs. 46,345. Applying the formula from table D it appears that for the purposes of pension payment, my basic salary is assumed to be Rs. 6,500 pm. Is this correct or did I receive a lower amount??

  287. I had completed 9 years and 2 months of service in my previous employment. Is it possible to withdraw only EPS and not EPF. I want EPF to be transferred.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj .

        Whether one can withdraw the EPS amount before 10 years also?

        Yes, you can withdraw the contributed EPS amount along with your EPF balance. But the condition is you must not have completed 10 Yrs of service and “in addition to this you should not be working anymore.”

        Right ?



  288. Sir, When I transferred my EPF and EPS to new employer, EPF got transferred but EPS is not transferred per latest statement downloaded from EPFO website using UAN. Can you please advise? Thanks in advance.

  289. Hi, i want to know that my organization is deducting EPS as 1250 per month which i dont want to. I want all my employers contribution in my EPF section only. Is it possible?

  290. Now I am getting 1570 rupees as eps 1995 for the past 4 years. Is there any idea for 3000 rupees per month from the government. I am a private sector employee. Is there any medical ‘reimbursements for me . Reply pl.

    Kesavan krishnasamy naidu

  291. Sir,
    Under which rules/circulars of EPFO the EPS payment is not made if the member service is than 6 months.


  292. Hi,

    I want to know the procedure of eps amount receiving as I have worked with the organization only 5 months.

    Regards Lokesh

  293. Helllo sir.

    i am working in ahmedabad base company but i am not aware about rule of epf.
    i move to next company but my previous company only 3 to 4 month deduct my pf my new company i forgot prev company pf no and that not given to by prev company owner how can i goto legal action for that

    pleasegive me guide line

    1. How can i got that number use of that company name from epfo

      any rule if we have not continue pf account more than 6 month or if less than three pf i got or not

      if i not withdrew pf and new company not provide pf so any problem create in that pf account or how can i manage my own ways

  294. Hi sir,

    1) Please tell me, what about retiring at 9 years and 7 months for using Table D. Will it be counted as 10 years?
    2) Earlier contribution was Rs. 541 and now is 1250. What will be used now for calculation of pension, 541, 1250 or both partially?


      1. Thank you sir for your quick reply,

        Please clarify:

        1) If one is 38 Years old and completes 10 years service and retires, when will the pension be start, or can this EPS amount be withdrawn, if one has to wait for very long?
        2) Will the pension remain fixed or will it change as per time to time increment as DA in other Govt. services?

        1. Chauhan-1) You receive pension only after attaining 50 years of age. 2) It is fixed and depends on the formula which I mentioned above. It will not change like typical Government employee pension.

  295. I want to understand Pension computation. Average salary for the last 24 months is Rs. 33425/-, years of service is 15 years. Could you help assuming the superannuation age is now and it is 58, the pension should be (33425*12/70) = Rs 5730/-. Is this correct?

    1. Sunrmal-You have to calculate according to the method of 2. Because you joined organization after 1995. Also, average salary must be last 12 months average but not 24 months. Salary again not includes all components. But only basic and DA. However, your idea of using the formula is correct.

  296. Sir , I have worked for 3 years . I would like to withdraw my PF . My salary is above 15000. Will I get whatever is accumulated in my PF account or will I loose some amount. If so what percentage?.
    I will continue to work. It’s it a good decision to opt out of PF? Pl throw some light

    1. Srividhya-If you are continuing your job then you can’t withdraw. If you proceed for withdrawal then you get full EPF contribution+interest on such contribution+part of EPS as per above Table D.

  297. Sir,

    Can a employee covered under EPF Act mentioned mother’s name instead of father’s name in form no 2 ? Please clarify.


  298. Good morning sir the above is very helpfull article for me. Everything is clearly explained. In the above you have mentioned 1.Employees who joined before 15th November 1995 as wellas 2.Employees who joined before 15th November 1995 which one should be after 15th november 1995. Because I had joined on 2009.
    Thanking you.

  299. HI,

    AM working in Private sector. I have a small doubt. Now the PF is mandatory for less than 15000 rupees. Whether the 15000 rupees is a basic pay or total salary. Please suggest

  300. Hello sir

    Recently my friend died in road accident. He was employed in private sector compony.
    How to get epf insurance ?
    Already his family contacted local epf office.but not get any response. They answered. There is no such insurance available.

  301. I have worked in xyz company from Nov 2010 to Aug 2014.I have a EPF account there.then I joined another company in jan2015 .now I m going to transfer my previous account to existing EPF account. By transferring the account my service is counted as continues in EPF account. After Nov 2020 ,I m eligible for pension scheme(total 10 years service in both companies) or not ?

  302. Hi Basu,

    I’ve have been working in a private company since 2006 and there is some amount deducting for PF every month.
    I want to know to avail pension scheme do I need to ask employer to deduct some money for pension scheme or is it by default that whoever pays PF will be benefited for pension scheme when he/she turns 58 years?

    Thank you


  303. Image explains everything for pension scheme.

    Rest of the article has all the information about EPS and calculations.

    Can you also share how to approach authorities if EPS withdrawal is being delayed ?

      1. If forget, can we submit 10C separately after getting PF contribution?

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