Stock Market at it’s peak-Effect on your life

Currently equity market is at all time high. So we retail traders will watch at market with open eyes. But this post is not about any serious discussion like what is next or how you can react to this. Instead typical situations surrounding your life post the market highs. This was shared by a friend and found it interesting to share with you all. Enjoy 🙂

Equity Market

  • You offer a car to your broker so that he be in his office early or before market starts, instead he will take a local transport to reach his office-So much love towards broker that you feel he be always with you only.
  • Maximum employees start to access moneycontrol site minimized on their computer screen 🙂
  • The excitement in office is not about any IPL match, but stocks hitting another circuit.
  • Old people feel sad about V P Singh’s 1995 budget and Manmohan Singh’s 1991 Budget. But conclude that this time it will be different.
  • Few leading stock brokers predict Sensex will be at 1,00,000 at 2020.
  • People who are unhappy are not those who not bought any stocks, but those who feel sad that they not bought enough.
  • Saturdays and Sundays start to feel boring and sad. You start to acquire stock quotes by reading both days and prepare for next day.
  • Your dream and fantasy surround around what my profit today if I bought XYZ company stock of around 1 lakh quantity.
  • Half the country will be busy in watching CNBC TV 18 or ET Now
  • Actual work in all offices begin after 3.30.
  • Investor who find the stock not good is now ready to buy based on FY17 or FY 20 earnings.
  • Broker calls to company “any block of shares available?” than asking as “will the next quarter be good?”.
  • All Financial Gurus recommend to come out of Gold, RE and any FDs and invest in Equity.
  • You find it difficult to get chair at your retail broker office even being there as early as at around 8.30.
  • You start to feel sad thinking why market closes at 3.30 and why not till 8 PM to 9 PM.
  • You do few things which you never did since few years, like taking family to wonderful trip.
  • You go to Mercedes showroom to ask for the price.
  • You calculate too much about stock which double or triple in next few weeks but forget why it will.
  • You motivate your friends to open demat account and start trading as this is the only one profession which is so lucrative that easily one can be rich within few years.

Hope you might have already seen such situations surrounding you 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Stock Market at it’s peak-Effect on your life”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I’ve have been curious to learn about the stock market. I’ll be waiting for your upcoming posts.

  2. Sir,
    That was a very nice article – humorous and yet very true! Despite not being an active investor, it isn’t hard to imagine how investors, especially the young techy ones who are ever online, would be following the market trend just like checking the score of a major cricket match.

    I have a somewhat philosophical, theoretical question about investing in the stock markets. Does making money out of buying a stock when its price is low and selling it when its price soars, even when the company’s assets or profits have not increased significantly, benefit the society and country’s economy in any way? When one makes profit from price fluctuations of a stock rather than from increased dividend from the company (which often, if not always, indicates that company’s performance has improved), does it not come from someone else’s loss? The person to whom the share gets sold at high price may not see the share price exceeding that purchase price for years together and hence it is a loss for him.

    If there is no real economic benefit to such fluctuation-based profit-making, shuldn’t selling a stock at a price that is say 5 times or more higher than the asset or real net value per share of that company be considered somewhat akin to gambling and prohibited by regulatory authorities?

    1. Jalakrut-The person who is buying based on price movement is called as trader but not an investor 🙂 Why you have to worry about opposite person’s profit or loss? He may be selling you at profit or loss (due to his compulsions). For your information, short selling of stocks can’t be carry forward. You have to square off your position on same day.

      1. If I understood that correctly, a real investor is one who doesn’t buy stocks with the hope of getting profit from short to medium term (a few months, or maybe a year) price fluctuations but rather from increase in share price over a period of say 5 years or more. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve noticed that the share price of some well known companies have increased multifold over a period of just 3-4 years though their performance data indicates that their net assets haven’t increased by any significant amount during that period, and the companies are also not in a divident-paying situation. From an economics perspective, is there a sound rationale that justifies such share price increase? Given that these shares are simply changing hands between investors or traders, and not new shares raised by the company, there seems to be no benefit for the company from share price increase.

  3. Thank you for Claim settlement chart.
    Dear Sir,Kindly suggest on following

    1) AEGON RELIGARE I TERM PLAN – With Wife as a rider


    3) or any other

    My wife is not working , is it advisable to insure her ?

    Also suggest helath plan of Cigna TTK , Star , Apolo Munich ?


    1. Prasad-Why term plan on your wife when she is not earning? Please elaborate more about point 1. Health insurance depends on individual need. So I can’t say plainly. But you can go with Star or ApolloMunich.

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