Psychology behind Smartphone buying !!!

Today is the world of technological advances, handy tools, plenty of electronic gadgets and Smartphones. But have you ever thought the money you are investing on these gadgets are really a requirement for you? Are they contributing to your assets part or liability part?

For plenty, buying a high end electronic gadget is more of a status symbol than a requirement.  So let us understand the psychology behind a buying in detail and how we buy any products.

1) We make decisions emotionally-Yes while buying any such gadgets we forget to think logically and instead we take decisions on emotion. But we justify those decisions logically. For example the Smartphone is your actual need for business purpose rather than an emotional buying decision 🙂

2) Buying thinking in terms of people around us-You buy these Smartphones thinking what your friends, co-workers or relatives will think after having such smart phone. Also you feel somewhat inferior by not having Smartphone. So your center of thought will be towards your surrounding people than YOU !!!

3) We love buying-Yes it is the human tendency that we love to buy at any time. So we just follow this tendency of buying and end of up having more useless items than we actually need.

4) We always look for something new-Yes this is the trend why we always changes our Smartphone. We need the Smartphone which is latest in the market. Id we have old versions then the option is to sell old phone and buy new version phone.

5) We follow the crowd-Why few films or products get success even though each individual has different taste and habits? Reason for this is blindly following the crowd. This is also called Peer Effect.

6) Declaring launch of new phones in advance-When companies declare in advance about the launch of new versions or new phones it creates some curiosity among the folk. This is how the curiosity turns into a secret marketing trick. We fall for this trick and buy the gadget simply !!!

The best example of this is below video by Casey Neistat, which shows how recently during the Apple’s iPhone release people reacted. For no reason or only for craze they waited in front of store for around 24-48 hours only to have it on first day. When asked reasons behind such craze then below are few findings 🙂

1) Few make it money by selling to those people who have no time to wait in front of store for such long period on the first day.

2) Few don’t know why they are buying iPhone on the first day !!!

3) Few want fist to hold this new version Gold colour iPhone.

Now decision is your’s. Are they actually need or a blind buying 🙂

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