NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode from 1st July 2016

Holding NSC and KVP in physical mode is the biggest concern for all of us. To avoid such difficulties, the Government launched NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode effective from 1st July, 2016. Let us see the features.

NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode

We all fond of investing in NSC and KVP of post office schemes. However, the hardest part is to hold the physical certificate until maturity. Either we misplace it or loses it completely.

Hence, to avoid such difficulties Government launched the NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode. From now onward whoever invest in the NSC or KVP must have them only in these two modes. The issue of physical certificate was discontinued.

Let us see the features of these two options.

NSC and KVP in e-mode

  • You have to opt for this option only if you have a savings account with the Bank/Post Office.
  • You have to apply for internet banking.
  • Once internet banking is facilitied, then you can view all your holding exactly like online Bank FDs or RDs.
  • There will not be any seriel number from now onward. There will be only Account/Registration numbers.
  • Minimum of Rs.1,000 and Rs.100 NSC and KVP be issued in e-mode and passbook mode, respectively (and in multiples of Rs.1,000 and Rs.100 respectively).
  • All non CBS Branches of Post Offices will issue only Passbook mode of NSC and KVP.

NSC and KVP in Passbook mode

This facility is provided to those customers who not ready to go for the e – mod. Banks or Post Offices will print the transaction which shown in their account and issue a passbook. Exactly like Bank Passbook.

If you lost the passbook, then you can request for duplicate passbook by paying the prescribed fee by the Post Office and Banks.

Some features of NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode

  • It is purely your right to choose either e-mode or Passbook mode. Otherwise, you can opt for both modes.
  • Once you opt for Passbook mode, then you can switch to e-mode at any point of time. For this, you have to hand over the passbook.
  • In case you already have pre-printed NSC and KVP (which you already invested), but lost means you can opt for this passbook mode.

How to pledge NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode?

You can only pledge the NSC and KVP held in Passbook mode. You can pledge it anywhere in India. When you request for a pledge the NSC and KVP, then your bank will send the information to concerned Post Office or Bank (where it was issued). After verifying the authenticity of investment, it will be locked by the issued Post Office or Bank Branch. The same process will continue at the time of releasing the pledge.

Once NSC or KVP is pledged, then you can’t apply for transfer from one Post Office/Bank to another Post Office/Bank. However, if NSC or KVP not pledged, then the transfer will continue as per old rules. There will not be any changes to it.

How to transfer NSC and KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode?

Here, transfer means from one person to another person. You have to apply for transfer in concerned Post Office or Bank. If the first holder having passbook mode, then he has to surrender the passbook. The new passbook will be issued to the new holder.

Banks allowed to issue KVP in e-mode and Passbook mode

  1. Andhra Bank
  2. Axis Bank
  3. Bank of Baroda
  4. Bank of India
  5. Canara Bank
  6. Central Bank of India
  7. Corporation Bank
  8. Dena Bank
  9. HDFC Bank
  10. ICICI Bank
  11. IDBI Bank
  12. Indian Bank
  13. Indian Overseas Bank
  14. Punjab national Bank
  15. State Bank of India
  16. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
  17. State Bank of Indore
  18. State Bank of Mysore
  19. State Bank of Patiala
  20. State Bank of Saurashtra
  21. State Bank of Travancore
  22. Syndicate Bank
  23. UCO Bank
  24. Union Bank of India
  25. Vijaya Bank

This list is only for issuing of KVP certificate in e-mode and Passbook mode. However, there is no clarity about NSC. Also, as of now there is no clarify of how the Post Office and Banks will set up the system. Let us wait for more clarification.

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  2. Is Post Office (POSB) Internet banking facility even functional as of this date June 2021?? if not then whole blog may be irrelevant.

  3. -In NSC certificate no and Account No is same or different.
    -if I activate Emode ,can I download NSC ?
    -I can take multiple NSC with same account po acct

  4. Hi,
    Have Banks started offering purchase of NSC online? I am not able to see any bank offering purchase online yet, but just want to confirm from you.

  5. Is KVP a good option to invest in terms of returns? Why does it say amount will be doubled yet specify interest rate? If i deposit 10000/- I will get back 20000/-, so whats the use of interest rate?

  6. Sir I purchased nsc and I get passbook sir at the time of maturity I have to submit my passbook then they give me my passbook? Or not

  7. What is tax implications on NSC



  8. Sir i have invested in kvp from a nearby sub post office recently. They gave me post office passbook and all details are written in it(by hand). So i am in a doubt about its originality.
    Can i check the details online?or can i get the details verified from gpo?

          1. Ok sir.thank you.one more question, after how many days from the issuing date i can transfer this kvp to another post office? And if i opt to e mode,can i see the kvp details online?

  9. Checked with ICICI and SBI. They don’t seem to provide support for investing in NSC online. So, is visiting the post office only option to invest in NSC still?

  10. Please let me know if i open savings account now in post office. Is still gives the information of past 3 years since i am holding NSC from past 3 years.

    1. We’ve invested in KCPs. & NSCs. now I’ve a concern with unstable GOI policies about safety of my investment I have to be prepared to take away my money to a USA & live safe life there as there is uncertainity in India that frauds made by Mallya, Nirav Modi,LAMO etc. can get incured by hard earn money from public funds. As in banana republics countries frauds are made by rich people & are incured from the public funds. Said by O’Henry he gave this world a great term Banana republics means those countries where farming is principle occupation of people & scams are done by rich & are paid by public funds of poor public. Please tell me is it safe to withdraw money from PO.

  11. Hi
    I have an NSC physical certificate bought from Post office, but I don’t have a savings account in Post office what can I do now?

  12. Jwalant Desai

    Thank you very much for keeping updated us with latest changes…
    Keep contributing to our knowledge….

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