How to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE (Download Form)?

Earlier IT Department provided online and SMS based option to link Aadhaar with PAN Card. However, many individuals facing issues while linking. Hence, now IT Dept started an option link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE. Let us see the feature and how one can link offline.

Note:-As expected, the deadline to link Aadhaar with PAN extended to 31st March 2018.

In my earlier post, I explained you in detail about how to link Aadhaar with PAN card using Online and SMS method (Ref:-Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN – What are the alternatives?). In this post, I will try to explain you the facility of how to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

How to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE?

You noticed from my earlier post of linking Aadhaar with PAN card online, there are many individuals who are still unable to link Aadhaar with PAN card.

You may be one among many where your name, gender, and date of birth are exactly matching in both Aadhaar and PAN card. However, you are still not able to link it.

There may be many issues to it. For few who updated the details in Aadhaar recently, are unable to link. The reason is, IT Dept fetching UDAI data with a certain frequency (which we don’t know). Hence, whoever updated Aadhaar recently are still unable to link.

The second issue, which I noticed from my blog readers comments and response is that of the browser. If you change your browser or clear cache, then few were able to link immediately.

These two may be glitches. However, considering all these mass complaints seriously, IT Dept now started an option to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

Let us see the procedure of the same. Below is an image of the form, which you have to use to fill the details while link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE

Note: – Download the form to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

Procedure of link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE

# You have to submit eh filled form to the designated PAN Service Centers.

# You have to fill the above-shared form and you must personally visit for link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

# Visit with ORIGINAL PAN Card and Aadhaar Card.

# It is not FREE service. Such designated PAN Service Centers will charge you some nominal charges. However, this charge is not prescribed by IT Dept.

# However, these designated PAN Service Centers will not charge you any fee if you are linking Aadhaar with PAN Card while applying for new PAN card.

# You have to do Biometric authentication while link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE.

# However, such Biometric authentication is COMPULSORY if there are sufficient mismatches.

# You will find the list of such designated PAN Service Centers list in the NSDL and UTIITSL portal.

88 thoughts on “How to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE (Download Form)?”

  1. Using same PAN linked to aadhar since 1984 to file returns. When saw e pan on IT site unknowingly opted & thae e pan got linked to aadhar which I am not using & requesting ITto cancel EPan & allow me to use original pan.6 Feb 23 submitted all papers, affidavit etc as desired. No action so far. Persuing through mail being 69 years old – heart patient too

  2. if one donot link pan card with aadhaar whose income not come under tax bracket then what happen. AND WHAT IS LAST DATE for linking .

  3. Hi. I lost my pan card and when I applied to reissue new one agent thought as I was applying for new and he submitted. IT has allotted me new pan number with incorrect details and Aadhar card got linked. How do I cancel new pan card which are incorrect details and link my existing pan to Aadhar card.

      1. Thank you. But problem here 1. I had not used my new pan however details are wrong. But my Aadhar card Linked to new pan card. 2. Old one I’m using so should I visit local income tax office to surrender my old one which I’m using or cancel the new one through online. If I cancel new one through online can I link my old pan card to Aadhar card

          1. So if I cancel the pan card it will automatically delink to Aadhar and then I can link it to my old card. Correct me if I’m wrong

              1. But here I done a mistake need you suggestion. Unfortunately I placed both pan cards for cancellations. What to do and whom to approach

                1. Initial request mention my new pan and requested to cancel old pan mistakenly I realised and raised one more request to cancel new one

  4. I have got 2 UAN numbers i.e.:1 from previous employer and 2nd from current employer. I am unable to link AADHAR number in KYc section. System throws error as details are not matching. My PAN number and AADHAR number are linked in ITV-R website successfully. My Mobile Number and EMAIL is linked to AADHAR number. To transfer last PF account to my current PF, AADHAR should be linked. It only thrws message details are not matching. What should be done? My name details are slightly different between PAN and AADHAR cards. In PAN my initials are not mentioned but in AADHAR my initials are mentioned. Still I was able to link between these cards. Now facing issue only between linkage of AADHAR to my both UAN numbers.

          1. Anjida Nausheen

            No I had approached EPFO office. They informed they cannot help in linkage. And we need to do via system only. And when I informed about the error, they told similar error is faced by them too and we need await until AADHAR server is up. Though in error message it shows as details are not matching.

  5. My Aadhar name and DOB were changed on 7 sept 2017.I understand someone used their old aadhar name to link PAN even after updation of aadhar as new particulars will take time to link with pan.But same is not true for me as my DOB also were a mismatch.How much time before i am able to link the two?

  6. Dear Sir,

    My Aadhaar number has been linked to PAN no. which has been deactivated by Income Tax Dept. I have received a letter also from Income tax Dept that my PAN has been deactivated & another PAN issued to me. When I try to link my Aadhar to my ACTIVE PAN No. it gives error message

    “This aadhar is already linked to some other PAN.”

    I had visited the Income Tax Office also & they checked in their record and said Aadhar is linked to Deactivated PAN. They offered no solution of how to DE-LINK Aadhar from Deactivated PAN & Link it to my ACTIVE PAN. Have placed various grievances on NSDL Site & Income Tax Site and uploaded all necessary documents. Till date no redresal.

    I had been to Karvy Consultants also and tried even Offline method, but no success.

    Please advice


  7. This blog was very helpful. I had spent almost a week trying to link my Aadhaar and PAN . But after reading this page, I got the info that Aadhaar details if updated recently would take time to reflect and hence used my name as per my old Aadhaar card for linking. It worked. Thanks a lot to Basavaraj and Luckky for giving this idea….

  8. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

    There is no specific process by which you linked your Adhar with PAN, it’s a matter of luck only. If you are lucky enough it linked in seconds and in a one go but if not, even after tried several time it won’t. My aadhar and PAN details matches but unable to link, more interesting PAN centres don’t have any clue of offline process till date.


  10. For me, the date of birth correction is required on PAN, I tried four times amending the PAN online and amount got debited to my bank account too four times! After paying the amount, it does not proceed ahead and gives error. After entering the token number, it says mismatch. I am really frastrated. What to do?

  11. None the the PAN centers near marathahalli bangalore has biometrics available…i m nt able to link my aadhar to u know if any PAN center has biometrics?

  12. Dear Sir,

    I updated my name in Aadhar Card on 07-07-2017. I tried linking my updated Aadhar with my Pan Card but i failed to link them.
    I filed my Income Tax Return (ITR) with the Enrollment Number. Now I get a message from Tax Dept. that my ITR will not be processed as Aadhar and Pan Card are not linked.
    The Aadhar has still not got updated and I’m unable to link with Pan Card. Kindly help me how to go about.

  13. I make change in date of birth in aadhar card now it shows correct birth day but still not link with pan card so what should I do

  14. Mariappan Kalyanaraman

    Taking so much labour in filing our return is hilarious.really pitiable.the it dept hasnot come with an easy solution fo r linking.even now i am finding it difficult to link eventhough i applied to uidai one month back.

  15. I have already linked my PAN to ADHAAR. However, for filing on line IT return the return is not filed quoting
    ADHAR LINKING IS COMPULSORY. When I try for again linking Adhar, it throws ” Your Adhar has already been linked to PAN number. Since last 10 days I am trying to file the IT returns which is in vain. Please guide in the matter.

  16. Name in Aadhar and PAN is different. PAN contains expantion of initials but it is not in aadhar. The updated PAN is also with the same error. What should i do now?

  17. Sir. My AADHAAR CARD AND PAN CARD have common Name, DOB, FATHER NAME And Sex But it is not linking. I Am totally harrassed
    First In AADhaar My Name Was written as Amritpal ( No Space )

    1. Amrit-First never share your such personal information like date of birth, PAN or Aadhaar number on such public platforms. Second, if you are unable to link, then better you try offline mode.


    i was trying for past 2 months with old name and dob but in vain. I changed my aadhaar name on 15.6.2017 and generated on 19.6.2017 I tried from 1 july onwards everyday but ni use. I tried today morning just 10 minutes back
    in link aadhaar filing portal with old name and year of birth SURPRISE IT LINKED IN 5 SECONDS I AGAIN TRIED
    WITH e-filing services menu IT GAVE MSG PAN ALREADY LINKED WITH GIVEN AADHAAR NUMBER Though I received no msg from IT i am sure pan aadhaar link is successful. I thank Mr BASAVARAJ wholeheartedly
    for his blog giving opportunity ti come across thousands of persons giving their different problems. You have helped me
    to get patience confidence and consistency to deal any matter small or big. I request friends not to loose hope and try
    with BOTH OLD NAME AS WELL AS NEW DETAILS in filing portal and login portal before proceeding OFFLINE

  19. I have contacted my nearest PAN center for offline linking, but they are saying they are not providing such facility. No idea what to do. Is it mandatory for filing the returns ?

  20. I tried linking my aadhar card number with PAN card number, but I’m getting the message invalid aadhar card number. I called up 1947 only to be told that I will have to redo biometrics. I did a month ago,still it’s not updated. There are only 20 days left to file my IT returns. I’m worried

    1. Lawrence-First thing, for filing IT return, you JUST have to quote Aadhaar number but no need link. However, you must link Aadhaar with PAN in due course without failure. Hence, why not use an OFFLINE method and link it?

      1. Thanks. I contacted my nearest PAN center,but they are clueless about this option.Can you please suggest a center where I can link my aadhar with PAN offline.

    2. Hi i have also checked with a few nsdl centres in thane mumbai and none of them are aware about the offline method. Can u please help

  21. sir, not required, after reading the comment from Luckky (commeted on july 5th and 7th). just now i tried to link both PAN and Aadhaar in efiling website, lukily both linked now. i think Income tax website taking only DoB, Gender, and any name(either surname or first name). Am not sure about Name. Many thanks to both your blog and commenter Luckky.

    1. sir, earlier two months back i could not link both, tried somany times. Eariler they asked PAN number, Aadhaar Number, Gender, DoB in efiling website now they have excluded gender and DoB. .Now linking process is very simple. i think people should try again in efiling website before trying offline method

      1. Arun Srivastav

        I have tried many times but still not successful although my all information is correct. Kindly help me or send me any link excluding Income tax website So that I can link my Adhar.

  22. sir, i tried to link PAN with Aadhaar via online and SMS but i could not link, my name mismatching, actually my name should come first surname last in PAN data base that is Madhumaran Thiagu instead my name is recorded as Thiagu Madhumaran. In My PAN physical card my name is written as Madhumaran T. in Aadhaar my name is just Madhumaran, no initial and no surname too. my surname is my father name that comes in adress that is S/O Thiagu, house number,street…..

    Now i have only two options. option 1) changing name in PAN. option 2)Linking PAN Aadhaar via Biometric Authentication.

    Am seeking from idea from you. execution is mine i will decide later. i just want your idea. pls

  23. dear sir, i want to change my name in PAN online. Now my name in PAN website that is after loging in : Thiagu Madhumaran. My Name in Aadhaar is Madhumaran. Pls tell me can i change my name as Madhumaran Thiagu in PAN online?. Surname: Thiagu.

    on the PAN physical Card my name is displayed as Madhumaran T

    what to do now? Pls guide me

  24. Prashant sharma

    Whenever i tried to li k my adhaar its showing that this adhaar is linked to another pan card. What should i do now?

  25. Besides the link given above can we get the form to link our Aadhar and Pan card from our designated PAN service center?

    1. If u updated your name recently in aadhaar try to enter your name as it was before being updated . It worked for me. As my name was got updated in aadhaar @ july 1st and today i linked with it the name before update…
      best of luck.

  26. In what website the offline form notice come ?? No noticd in efilling website for offline method ?? Where u found that ??plzz

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