Income Tax Return Filing-Do you know TRPS (Tax Return Preparer Scheme)?

Once again it is the beginning of tax filing season and for few it is yearly headache. So to make your life easy, Income Tax Department have scheme set up called TRPS (Tax Return preparer Scheme). TRP (Tax Return Preparer) is trained professional from Income Tax Department. He will assist you in filing your return by visiting your doorstep with marginal fees of around Rs.250 !!!

TRPS_Income Tax

This was the service launched by Income Tax Department to assist individuals in filing their return at effective hassle free manner.

So who are TRP (Tax Return Preparer)?

They are the professionally trained individuals by Income Tax Department who can come to your doorstep and assist you in filing your income tax return. This scheme is basically launched to help small and marginal tax payers.

How to find TRP of your area?

Visit the TRPS site by clicking HERE, then select your state, city or pin code. Result will give you the TRP available in your area with his/her TRP ID and Mobile No.

How much they charge? 

TRPs will get remuneration directly from Income Tax Department based on the amount of tax you are paying. TRPs will receive 3% of the tax paid on the returns prepared and filed for every new assessee in the first year (subject to the maximum of Rs.1,000), 2% for second year and 1% for 3rd year. From fourth year onward it is Rs.250.

Now let us say your tax payment will not reimburse him the desired minimum Rs.250 then he may charge you directly. But do remember that the maximum limit of charging you directly is Rs.250 only.

What is their qualification?

They are from below mentioned qualification to be eligible for TRPs.

  • Law (LLB)
  • Economics (B.A./B.Sc.)
  • Statistics (B.A./B.Sc.)
  • Mathematics (B.A./B.Sc.)
  • Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Management/Business Administration (BBA/BBM)

They will be trained by NIIT in filing tax return and rules.

What are duties of TRPs?

  • Prepare the return with due diligence
  • Affix the signature on the return prepared by him
  • Furnish the return with Assessing Officer
  • Handover the copy to the person whose return he prepared
  • Retain a copy of acknowledgement with them
  • They maintain the records of the returns filed under them
  • They pass the filed return information to resource

So the advantages are they are professionally trained, charges are nil to maximum of Rs.250 and they will come to your doorstep to assist you. Hence avail their service even if they demand for marginal fee while compare to other professionals. Hope this information will be helpful for you.

Let me know some sharing from readers who availed the service of TRP and their efficiency.

43 thoughts on “Income Tax Return Filing-Do you know TRPS (Tax Return Preparer Scheme)?”

  1. We have come to know that the TRP Scheme has come with new selection procedure of TRPs.
    There will be more TRPs available in India.

    Some more information is made public, that the incentive is also increased for the TRPs.
    How can we get all the information.

    This has become a good avenue to get livelihood for many new TRPs.
    I also came to know that one TRP can get almost 15 Lacs per year, if he files returns for first time filers.

    Old persons who could not come in the merit list are also allowed to reappear again for the selection process.

    Can you get all the details??

  2. Near Chennai, Vellore location IT TRP training centre and any eligibility test/ exam is there? I am BSc Chemistry Graduate, can I join and possible to qualify? Please guide him any consultant to qualify TRP for IT filing service to my location.

  3. I have qualified BSc Chemistry Graduate,I have interested to qualify the Income tax TRP ,is it possible for my above qualification alone, what is the next step to get TRP? Please reply sir


    I have filled my IT return, but it is getting rejected for want of TRP details. It is not mandatory…then why..?

  5. I have sent my returns to Jyoti Sudesh Chavan every time she says that she has sent the acknowledments but I have not received it now she is not answering my call can I be helped in this matter she is a trps such people shold not be getting any chance to get the licence to file the retuns

  6. Sir,
    I’m govt employee. I’ve paid around 25000 rs of tax per year. Should I pay advance tax in 3 installments or self assessment tax on march? Thanks for your valuable reply..

      1. Thanks for your response sir,
        I’m going to pay IT through online. Last year it was deducted from my office. For FY 2015-2016 what should I mentioned in challan 280? (Self assessment tax?) Can I pay IT on March 2016? Or should I pay sept, Dec, march with mentioned self assessment tax? Kindly clarify my query

      2. Hello,

        I read an article which said that advance tax can be paid by any salaried individual or businessman whose tax liability is greater than 10000 INR in an this the right statement

  7. Dear Mr. Basu,

    I am filling ITR 4 for no accounts case & getting the error WARNING YOU HAVE FILLED BOTH BALANCE SHEET AND NO ACCOUNTS how can i file my return because XML not generated due to this error. Pls Help


    1. Use JAVA Utility instead of Excel Utility. Java utility is user friendly and simple. This error will not occur while generating XML but before validating & generating XML pls ensure that u have not filled any data in field provided for Balance Sheet only fill at item no.6 ( No account case) n leave item 1 to 5 blank .

  8. My daughter is employed by a private company on retainer-ship basis at a monthly emolument of Rs.35,000/-. The company deducts 10% ITax at source. She fills for ITR4. She fills only the ‘No Account case’ columns in ‘Part A BS’ and ‘Profit &Loss Sheets. Is she is required to have Balance Sheet and fill items 1 to 5 and items 1 to 52 on P&L sheet?

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I have done the same, i.e. filled only ‘no accounts’ columns in both these pages. But, why am I getting a ‘warning’ msg when I ‘validate’ Part A-BS sheet?

  9. I am filing ITR2 form. In last sheet, Vlidate button pressing gives message to fill all valid fields. I have filled all fields except TRP no and name. I do not know any TRP fellow. It is not generating XML file. Please, advise and help.

  10. Sir, I have left my job in f.y.2012-13 & although I was self employed in f.y.2013-14 , I don’t have any form-16, form-16a or any other legal document to prove my income. Moreover I have received cash payment for my services but without any legal receipts .In the last f.y.2013-14, I have received Rs.2000/= as Saving Bank Interest, Rs.12500/= from a mature LIC Policy, Rs.19000/= on PPF a/c Interest & withdraw Rs.33650/= during the f.y.2013-14 on different dates till March,2014 from a HDFC Mutual Fund -Mid cap growth fund ( I have a SIP of hdfcmf @ Rs.1000/= pm starting from Oct’2011. So I have received a capital gain of Rs.4650/= on the investment of Rs.29000/= till Feb’2014 ). Pl.advice should I file my income tax return for A.Y.2014-15 , as my income is less than Rs.200000/= and or any capital gain tax is payable on my receipts from HDFCMF & if payable, than how to calculate the capital gain tax.

    1. Chand-Even though your overall income falls below Rs.2,00,000, better to file return. Because it will be treated as valid income proof in future and if there is no tax liability then why to worry?

  11. I always use to online file my Income Tax myself for last 3 years and I find it very easy. But this year 2014-15 onward, when I try to fill the form, it has mad TRP identification number compulsory, else it is not calculating tax. Does it mean that I as an individual can not file my income tax myself despite that I can easily file it on my own ( I am well aware of calculations but not a trained TRP).

    1. Vivek Kumar Scholar- TRP

      No. Mentioning the name of TRP is not mandatory. Either it is Excel utility or Java utility.
      Vivek Kumar Scholar

  12. Hi Basunivesh,

    Thanks for your useful information.

    But i have one query which may not be directly related to the above subject.

    My wife’s password was created in income tax e filling website by a person from a consultancy who are helping the corporate people to file their tax returns. It was way back in 2012. But now we don’t know the password and could not retrieve it. Because we dont know the secret question and its answer or the efilling acknowledgement no. Moreover the person has not given my wife’s email id and we could not retrieve it using the other options.

    Please help me with options to retrieve the password or to reset the password.

    Saravanan R

      1. Thank you Basu.

        I tried that option before itself but since i dont have answers for any of the options given in forgot password link, i could not proceed further.

        I have sent them mail regarding the same and asked them to reset my password. Hope this should work


  13. Thiyagarajan K

    2) what is the procedure ? should i contact the same LIC agent? is it worth if i discontinue the policies in the middle..?
    3) ok sir. i will share this informaton to all my friends.
    4) since we are working for private concern and have to plan for our retirement …any suggestions please.
    i like to invest this LIC premium amount (upto 5000/- PM) to some other resources..your suggestions please.

    1. Thiyagarajan-Better to go directly to LIC servicing branch without agent (Agent never will allow you to close as his earnings will also cease). Retirement planning involves lot of calculations. But in plain if your retirement is of long term nature then start accumulate it through equity mutual fund.

  14. Thiyagarajan K

    Dear Sir,

    Am working as a IT system enginneer for the past 10 years. one of my collegues informed me to enroll a LIC policies to avail TAX benefits and i have enrolled nearly 15 policies (01 jeevan anand + 14 jeevan saral polices).

    Initially i have enrolled jeevan anand policy with 21 years and for availing TAX benefits and for good returns he had suggested me to go with 14 jeevan saral policies with 10,11,12,13………23 years.

    From 2021 onwards, i will be getting the maturity amount for the policies.
    My monthly deductions for LIC alone will be 5000/-.

    1. Is this really worth ?
    2. if not ? what will be the remedity for this ? your suggestions please.
    3.if this is ok.. then can i suggest the same plan for my friends ?
    4.any other suggestions ?

    thanks in advance.

    1. Thiyagarajan-1) Worth if you are satisfied with return of 6% which is less than the current inflation rate. So if you are satisfied with kind of return from the LIC then continue.
      2) Come out of Jeevan Anand after 3 years and Jeevan Saral after 5 years.
      3) Spread the above message, if they are satisfied with kind of return then let them go ahead 🙂
      4) Any other suggestions for what?

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