How to compare Mutual Fund portfolio overlap?

Recently I wrote a post “Top 10 Best Mutual Funds to invest in India for 2015” and a reader commented that he is investing in two funds called HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity. He asked my opinion. I found that 72% of his investments in these two funds overlap. So is it a better investment?

Usually mutual fund investors choose funds based on star ratings or recent performance. They try to invest in those funds, which are top rated and given high return. By concentrating on this activity, they usually select funds from the same category like 2-3 large cap funds. However, what about the underlying sector or stock? If these 2-3 funds invest in the same sector or stocks, then what purpose it servers to hold 2-3 funds? Therefore, it is very much important to check overlapping, especially for stocks.

Few also commented that by investing in different AMCs (Mutual Fund Companies) they feel it as diversification. Here again, they forgot the underlying stocks. Now the question is, where one can check this overlapping of the portfolio? The answer is Mr. Pattu of He developed this Excel calculator long back, but now I found it very much necessary to share with you all.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap-1

Once you open this calculator, then on first sheet you need select the funds you are investing and along with that investment value. If you enter the investment value as of your SIP amount then it will show you the overlap investment in each SIP. Otherwise, if you enter the total current value of the fund, then result will show the overlapping to entire portfolios. Here you have the option to choose maximum three funds. I requested him to create more option. Because I found that many investors hold around 4-5 funds. However, he suggested that by doing so it might create confusion among investors. It is true also. If you have more than three funds, then select three funds each time to know about overlapping of investments. For understanding purpose, I selected HDFC Top 200 Fund and HDFC Equity Fund.

When you click on the tab “Click to compare,” then the results will be in next sheet called “Results-Simple” and “Results-Advanced.” In “Results-Simple” sheet, you will find overall overlap percentage among funds. In this example, the overlap is 72%. It also shows the number of stocks each fund holding.  In the same sheet, you also find the sector wise holding of each fund in a graphical view.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Overlap-2

In “Results-Advanced” sheet, you will find the percentage of holding in each stock by the fund. This gives a clear indication of how much stock your mutual fund portfolio holds. For example, if we invest Rs.20, 000 between HDFC Top 200 Fund and HDFC Equity Fund by dividing equally of Rs.10, 000 in each fund, then our investment in SBI alone will be Rs.1, 916. This gives a clear indication of a risk involved in exposing ourselves in particular stocks.

So how much overlapping is good?

There is no thumb rule. However, minimizing the overlapping is best idea to diversify. Ideally restrict to around 30% to 40%.

Download the Calculator HERE. Also let us say a big thanks for Mr.Pattu for creating such wonderful calculators.

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  1. Do you define any permissible over lap exposure % for 2 funds.

    For instance less 35% is ok to continue the investments in both funds.

  2. Hi Basu avra,
    One small question, please help me understand.
    As we check for the possible overlap of 2 same catogary funds, as the individual fund managers keep changing the stocks as per their analysis, if 2 funds are not overlaping today may overlap heavily in future at some point of time? do one needs to followup this over time?? or fund managers of different fund houses normally choose stock with less overlap??

    1. Prashant-Yes, your question is valid. Hence, keeping 2-3 funds enough to avoid such overlap. One large cap, one mid cap and one small cap. Also, equity investing is not like investing today and forget forever. You have to keep an eye.

  3. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I would like to cut down number of portfolio. Currently I have below which I believe too many to manage.
    Could you please help me with your expert eyes which one should I discontinue as it may overlap?
    Or if you can advice for other?

    Axis Liquid Fund – Direct Plan (G)
    Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Regular Plan (G) (13)
    Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund (G) (4)
    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan (G)(13)
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (D) (8)
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (G) (4)
    Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund – Direct Plan (G)
    Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) (5)
    UTI Long Term Advantage Fund – Series V – Regular Plan (G)
    UTI Mid Cap Fund (D) (10)


    1. Arpan-At first, I don’t know for which goal you created this portfolio and time horizon of the same. In my view, Liquid Fund (to manage your liquid cash), Ultra Short Term Fund (for managing debt part), one large, mid and small cap (to manage your equity) are enough.

  4. Hi Basu,
    I am 50 yrs. old. My portfolio is as follows.
    1. Reliance growth – Rs. 1000
    2. Reliance equity opportunities – 2000
    3. Axis long term – 4000
    4. Hdfc balanced – 1000
    5. Icici pru discovery – 1000
    6. Franklin high growth – 1000
    20,000 per annum
    10,000 per annum
    I want to start Birla front line instead of franklin high growth. Is it ok?

  5. Sir, could you please provide the link to the fund-overlap-calculator ? the one I downloaded earlier (and again now) doesn’t seem to work now, although it did work almost a couple of months back.

  6. i am just stared sip in icici balanced fund – direct – rs.10000/month.i want to invest another 16000/month , pls suggest me two funds without much overlap with above fund and also suggest allocation . i am also investing rs.10000/month in PPF & RD. pls suggest me .
    Thank u sir.

  7. Sir,
    In the overlap calculator, what r the meaning of the terms – ‘% equity portfolio displayed by VR Online’ and
    ‘% debt portfolio displayed by VR Online’? Also, Why does the total of these two don’t add to 100% ?

  8. Great tool ….But do we need that level of research while investing in mutual funds or may be we just invest in 1-2 funds only

  9. Hello Basuji,

    I am newly married & wanted to go on a holiday in 2018 with my wife and wanted to accumulate an amount of around Rs. 1.5-1.8L. Is there any mutual fund or any other investment plan (growth) by which this can be done in a safe manner, without having very high risk of market fluctuations? My annual income comes up to around 3.2L PA & I am 29 years of age.

    Best regards

  10. Dear Sir,

    A small query— As on date the AUM in both HDFC Equity and HDFC Top 200 is the highest. More and more investors want to put in money in these two funds. They trust HDFC AMC and more so trust the fund manager. I understand that overlapping is on higher side but then long term performance of these two funds is also very good. I know risk is more if one has both these funds in the portfolio but is it not worth taking the risk.

    Thanks and Regards


      1. Dear Sir,

        I was reading some where- When the fund size becomes enormous, the fee income is so high that the fund manager looses his focus and is unable to provide returns that the fund provided in its initial years. Sooner or later the fund performance goes down and investors start to leave the fund. Further it becomes very difficult for the fund manager to liquidate the investment quickly and churn the portfolio. For e.g. in case of HDFC Top 200, the value of holding in SBI shares is approx. 1280 Cr. It will be difficult for the manager to reduce the SBI holding immediately and may take days to do so. Therefore the fund performance in future will not be what it used to be.

        I wanted to check whether you consider the above statement true in case of both HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity.

        Thanks and Regards


        1. Mohit-Fund size not matters to performance. If that is the case then all old funds which have huge AUM might be under performed to their new peers. To certain extent fund manager feel the liquidity issue. But I don’t think it will impact so much. If you have any proof or comparison then please do share with all of us.

  11. i am unable to use the calculator , after entering the details and click compare button i am getting , all macros are disabbled. please let me know how to go about it.


  12. Hello Basu,

    New Year Wishes to you & Family.

    Really Informative post. But this calculation only tracks with the current Holding pattern.

    But in future it may overlap which is again non predictable.

    Anyways Thank you.

      1. Basu,

        Yes True.

        We have not seen articles on Real estate 🙁

        Can you throw some light in that area as well 🙂

  13. Dear Sir,

    A small query— As on date the AUM in both HDFC Equity and HDFC Top 200 is the highest. More and more investors want to put in money in these two funds. They trust HDFC AMC and more so trust the fund manager. I understand that overlapping is on higher side but then long term performance of these two funds is also very good. I know risk is more if one has both these funds in the portfolio but is it not worth taking the risk.

    Thanks and Regards


  14. Hello Basava,
    Merry Christmas and Advance New year wishes

    Very useful article to understand the about diversity of fund invested. Thanks to Mr.Pattu also

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