How to check Bank Balance freely using missed call banking facility?

We all know that currently checking your balance through ATM will have limited access. After few usages, Banks start to charge for such ATM usage. Internet banking is one more facility where you can easily check your balance. However, do you know how you can check bank account balance at free of a cost? This facility of banking is called “Missed Call Banking” or “Missed Call Balance Enquiry”.

Effective from 1st November 2014, savings account holders in metropolitan cities would be allowed only 5 ATM transactions and 3 for other banks ATM transactions. If you use more than this limit then banks charge you Rs.20 for each transaction. Cities considered for these charges are Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. For the rest of locations, the free usage limit from other banks ATM remained as 5 only. However, account holders of small / no frills / Basic Savings Bank Deposit account are exempted from such charges. Therefore, they enjoy the limit of 5 free transactions from different bank ATM. Transaction meaning of this is, financial and non-financial. Meaning of Financial transactions is cash withdrawal or payment and meaning of non-financial transactions are checking account balance, change of ATM PIN, mini statement, etc.

Considering the above rules, you feel constrained for usage of ATM. Because even your balance inquiry from an ATM is considered as one more transaction. So the other options left for you is either use internet banking or using the recently launched missed call banking facility. However, internet banking again requires internet connection and activation of internet banking facility. Instead, it is easy to use missed call banking facility for such simple transaction of knowing your balance. Hence, I feel this facility most handy as it is very FREE.

Below are certain features of this facility.

  • This is a completely FREE service.
  • You must register your mobile number with your bank.
  • You receive the account balance and last 5 transactions of the account.
  • Once you dial to missed call banking number, then after 2-3 rings the call will get disconnected automatically.
  • Immediately customers will receive the account balance and along with that last 5 transaction details through SMS facility.
  • If your number not registered then you receive a message like “Your mobile number is not registered for this service”.
  • If your mobile number not registered then you must contact the bank for registering the number.
  • If the customer has a different nature of accounts like a savings account, current account, or overdraft account, then the default account will be selected in the following priority. 1) Savings Account (SB), 2) Current Account (CA), 3) Overdraft (OD), 4) Cash Credit (CC), 5) Other Accounts
  • If the customer has more than one account of a same nature like 2-3 savings account or 2-3 current accounts, then the default account will be the latest opened account.
  • You can change your default account at any time by contacting the bank.
  • The majority of above-said rules applies to all bank. However, you may find some change in procedure with few banks.

Below are the dialing numbers to utilize this Missed Call Banking Facility.

Missed Call Balance Enquiry Numbers

Hope this information will make your balance checking easy.

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  1. In one of your posts “How to check bank balance” with a single mobile no missed call to corresponding bank. The question is in case I have several accounts with one branch of SBI (one for self, one for spouse and two for children) what will be the response from bank where all accounts have same mobile no.

  2. Good information sir thank you
    But I’m living in chennai
    My acc bank of Maharashtra how do chek my account & balance details

  3. Bank of Maharashtra – account holders, Plz try below number to give missed call and know about you Account balance.. 9222281818 .. I seen this number in Kanjurmarg West Branch and asked to branch staff about it’s validity. Please let me know if this number is correct & working properly – [email protected]

    1. How to activate netbanking for Maharashtra bank.

      How to generate user ID & password

      Is there any procedure let me know.

  4. very nice information now i can get my account balance easily, thanks for sharing this valuable article. can you tell me state bank of india number?

  5. How to register mobile number in SBI for the first time it is asking us to send the SMS for registering to avail this service how do we register it through SMS ? Is there any code to register it for the first time as my number is already updated in their records.

    1. Ajith-You have to register it by personally visiting to bank. Once it is activated, then you can use this facility. If your number is already updated and linked to your bank account but still not getting SMS, then better to contact bank.

  6. in pnb if mobile number is already given to bank for account then their is no need to register again.
    but in SBI we need to register by sending sms even number is already register with bank.
    do not know Why Sbi make this silly extra step for sevice?

  7. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for posting a very useful article.

    I would like to share this article on my blog. I will keep your site link and give you the credits. However need your permission before doing so. Will it be okay?


  8. Hi Basu,

    Good article.. and I have a few question !

    You say ‘metropolitan cities would be allowed only 5 ATM transactions and 3 for other banks ATM transactions’ . s

    1. Is the limit based on ATM usage in metropolitan cities or account is in a metro
    eg: I have my account in non metro and travel to metro for a month..Is this applicable to me ? I have my account in a metro and travel to my hometown (non metro) what will be the limit ?

    2. In case I am using own bank for 1st to 6th transaction will it charge me ? So is it beneficial for me to go to other bank atm and use it if I use up all 5 free transactions ?


  9. Dear Basu,

    A very usefull List for an conservative People, who love to enjoy these freebie services.

    Hey Basu Can you add or find our the Toll Free No for Bank of Maharashtra please


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