Google’s Inactive Account Manager-Create your DIGITAL WILL !!!

Suppose you digitally stored all your financial data in any of Google services and what will happen to those data in case of your sudden demise? You may fear that your near and dear one may miss your insurance policy details, investment details or some debt info. Google created answer to this called “Inactive Account Manager”.

This tool in my view will not only create peace of mind during your life time but also life after your death šŸ™‚ No fear of loosing your financial data (as this blog is meant for finance, I am concentrating only on financial data). Sharing financial info with your spouse, parents or kids is a wonderful way to protect your dependents financial life. But in some instances either you not share due to some reasons or your relatives may forget what you shared in long run. So this tool is actually a wonderful way of protecting your financial dealings and investments. Just in one word you can share your relatives “I have a will digitally with Google”!!! How to create it?

1) Click on this link “Inactive Account Manager”Ā and this will ask you for your Google account.

2) Click on the tab called “Setup”.

3) Set your mobile number and alternative mail id to send alerts before any action performed on your account. Security code will be send to your mobile forĀ verificationĀ purpose. Only mobile number is allowed to add but you can add more than one alternative mail ids for safety purpose.

4) Now the third step is to set the time out period. Options available are 3,6,9 months and 1 yrs. It means that if your account is idle for the set time out period Google will start to send alerts regarding your inactive.

5) Fourth step is too add your trusted family members or friends to share the data. You can add upto 10 members. You can choose what Google services can be shared with your trusted like Google+, Blogger, Contacts, Drive, Google+ Circles, Google+ Stream, mail, Pages, Picasa Web Albums, Profile, Reader and Youtube. You can also set each trusted member’s phone number where Google will send verification code as a protective measure.

6) Fifth step is to draft the mail which your trusted member will receive when your account will be inactive.

7) Last is to click on tab called “Enable”. That’s all.

why I am sharing this feature on this platform is, you can easily scan your all financial data like your insurance policies, investment details, data related to your property and any other financial dealings and put in Google data with sigh of relief. Eventhough you share your data now with your relatives but few financial products such as insurance is the long term product which your relatives must know for long. In such case this tool may be a handy to your relatives.


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  1. Hi Basu,
    I need one small help from you.
    I am having one FD in Axis bank for 5 years lock in period.
    Can i break this FD on urgent basis.
    If so ,is there any surrender charge the bank are chargeing ?


    1. Rajib-If it is non tax saving FD then you can. Usually they put some penalty. Else they give one more option of taking loan on this. Look at both the options and decide.

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