I am happy to share that on 9th December 2012 BasuNivesh completed it’s first year. I started this blog when I was studying CFP and with little or no knowledge about writing skill and blogging skill I started this initiative.

Proud to say that when I started this blog I have hardly any visitors, except my friends and well wishers. But today we have around 1000+ daily visitors. I never expected this small initiative will take such a larger response. You might have liked few and disliked few. Few commented in a positive way and few with harsh manner (which I thought as learning experience and part and parcel of the game).

Today on this special occasion thought to share my top 25 posts which I like more and wish all readers of this blog must not miss in reading these useful posts.

1) PPF- When to contribute to get higher returns?
2) PPF-Loan and Withdrawal
3) Agents, Advisers or CFPs?
4) Gold-Ways of Investments
5) NSC-Accrued Interest taxation and way to reduce it.
6) Bank FDs-Is your Bank have Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee(DICGC)?
7) Mental Accounting-Are you suffering from it?
8) Interest free Loan or Concessional Loan from Employer-Is it worth to take?
9) Child Insurance-Is it required?
10) Mis-Selling in Insurance industry with example
11) Do you know LIC’s Term Insurance Plans??
12) Why your Insurance Agent not sold you Term Insurance?
13) Difference between A Khata and B Khata-Bangalore Property
14) Do you have “Orphan Life Insurance Policies”?
15) Home Loans-Meaning of EMI, Pre-EMI and Pre-Construction Period.
16) Pre-open session of NSE & BSE-How it actually works?
17) Why Mutual Funds always invest in liquid stocks?
18) Mutual Funds-Are you really diversifying your investments?
19) Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity-How it works?
20) How to pay LIC premium online without registration?
21) Is over diversification impacting your portfolio?
22) Money illusion and your financial decisions
23) Stock Guru India Scam-What you can learn as investor?
24) Fee-Only and Fee-Based Financial Planners-Who is best for you?
25) Do you think Maths=Money??

Hope in coming days you wish, encourage and participate in this knowledge building and sharing platform.

8 Responses

  1. Great job Basu. nice post all this year.
    Could you some time also write about HRA ? giving rent to people in family etc, complication in those scenario.

    1. Arif-Thanks for your kind words. Few days I thought to write about that, but found too many writings already on internet. So left the idea. Too much may some time confuse the individual who looks for information. Anyhow if you personally have any doubts then please let me know, ready to clarify on that.

  2. Congratulations basu. Your humble and positive attitude with take you higher and higher.

    Wishing all success to your blog.

  3. hello sir i am regular reader for your blog.you had given very good personal financial articles.thanks for your blogging and happy birthday to you blog.

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