A scam-RBI official payment notification for my unclaimed amount !!!

Few days back I got a mail from unknown sources stating that the mail is originated from RBI and it is official invitation to claim my cash and that too hefty sum!!!. You might have also received such mails and ignored. However, I shocked when I opened the image they attached to mail. I thought to share this important information with you all.

RBI Fake

From the above image, you notice that how they are trying to make you to believe that this is genuine RBI notification. Below are some points, which I highlighted from above image.

  • They are using RBI logo and official address at the top. This makes you firmly believe in their claim.
  • Prize money they highlight in different colour to make it visible for you.
  • Notice the mail id, even though it starts with RBI, but ends with something different.
  • A list of your personal details they need from you.
  • Here is the real changer 🙂 They claim it as RBI official letter. However, the contact person is no way to have a connection with RBI.
  • They show you the fake cheque. This makes you to dream about BIG money pending in your name 🙂
  • You may see RBI Governor Image with his designation. Along with that, I found two more images. One is named with a woman and another some foreign person. I am unable to find who they are. Therefore, I thought it was improper to highlight them.

This is what I found and highlighted in the above image. Now how we can say this as a fake email?

  • There is no such department in RBI, which is called as “Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI).”
  • The shared mail-id is very different and not represents any Indian origin. Because it ends with .Ru (representing Russia). Below is the email header info, which confirms the same.


Mail Details

  • RBI will never distribute the amount in terms of other country currency. Whereas, in this mail Indian currency is missing.
  • Suddenly a contact person’s name displayed who is not at all an RBI official.
  • They are just showing RBI Governor Image and designation to make you to believe. However, they never provided his official mail id or contact details. Instead, they provided some other person’s mail id and contact details who nowhere belong to RBI.

What is their modus operandi?

You notice that in the above image they neither asking you to pay amount nor requesting you to share your banking details. So how can you judge this as a fake? The answer is simple.

Once you show interest in such emails and reply, then the next move will start. It is one more mail requesting you to transfer some amount through money transfer agencies like Western Union Money Transfer. Because when you transfer money through such agents then it is easy for them to get cash. When you transfer money, then usually these transfer agents provide you the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). It is exactly like a password. Whoever knows this MTCN can easily take away the money you transferred. These agents never check whether the receiver is genuine or what, male or female, from which branch money is collected, Even such agents never disclose the place of money collected. Once money transferred and collected then that is all.

So obviously these fraudsters request you to transfer money through such non-safer money transfer methods.

Second thing what you notice is, you start to receive plenty of such emails from other fraudsters. How? Because once you reply to their email then you are on the probable BAKRA list. Therefore, they share such emails with other fraudsters. That is the reason you start to receive plenty of such emails.

What is the solution?

Never reply to any such emails. Even if you found to be genuine, cross check the authenticity of mail by going through the original of mail, contact details they provided and whether such department or organization actually present in India or not. Therefore, the only solution is to wide open your eyes and cross check every time.

Share this information with all of your known. This makes sense in protecting such frauds. Please…

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  1. Dear sir ,
    I m a young father , with a small baby . I would like to give him nearly 50 lakhs at his 18 / 20 th birthday ! I would be able to invest only like single premium and pl tel me the best policy , premium amount where in I would get this amount .
    Thank you

  2. dear basu ji i have also got the same mail. but i deleted the mail. You have done a good job by sharing this information. thank u verymuch.

  3. Hi,
    Report this fake email so that RBI & Ministry of Finance govt. of India can circulate an email regarding fake email.

    It a humble request to every one who read basunivesh blog can spread awareness to other people.

  4. I think people should delete these kind of mails as soon as we receive. How come I receive an amount without my notice? People should think. Actually till believe on luck and lottery these people will come with various types of scam. I read somewhere that 43% of such mails are able to trap someone. May be data is wrong, but its really very bad scenario and clearly tell us how much ignorant people are. These people are those few % people who access internet but they don’t know about spam.

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