Who is eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)?

With the mission of “Housing for All”, Government of India started the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). However, there are many doubts for loan seekers like who is eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)? What is the eligibility to apply under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)?

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In this post, let me clear all those doubts by discussing about who is eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

Schemes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Currently, there are three schemes under which you can apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). They are as below.

  • EWS (Economically Weaker Sections)/LIG (Low Income Group)
  • CLSS (MIG-I)

Who is eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)?

Now let us discuss the eligibility of the applicant for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) under each such scheme separately.

# Eligibility of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) under EWS/LIG Scheme

  • You/your family/household should not own a pucca house in any parts of the country either in his name or any of his family member’s name
  • One adult female membership is mandatory in the property ownership.
  • The property should be co-owned by a female member of the family. However, this condition will not be made mandatory in cases of construction of house on an existing plot or extension/renovation of existing Kuccha/Semi-pucca house.
  • Location of the property should fall under all statutory towns as per 2011 census and their adjacent planning area (updated by the government from time to time).
  • Here, family means husband, wife, unmarried sons and/or unmarried daughters.
  • Whoever applying under EWS scheme must have an annual income up to Rs.3 lakhs.
  • Whoever applying under EWS scheme must have an annual income between Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs.
  • The scheme will be for the period of 17th June 2015 to 31st March 2022.
  • The carpet area of the house under these Schemes should up to 30 sq. mts. for EWS beneficiaries and upto 60 sq. mts. for LIG beneficiaries.
  • Meaning of Carpet Area-The net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, but includes the area covered by internal partition walls of the apartment.
  •  This scheme is available for housing loans availed for acquisition/construction of house and repair/extension of Kucha/Semi Pucca house.
  • The maximum term of the loan is 20 years.
  • The maximum age limit is 70 years of age, at the end of the repayment period.
  • In the event of default in repayment of the loan by the borrower/beneficiary to the Bank and the loan becoming
    Non Performing Assets(NPA), the Bank will proceed for recovery of dues through such measures as considered
    appropriate, including foreclosure of the property. In all such cases, the amount of the recoveries will be
    charged to the subsidy amount on a proportionate basis(in proportion to the loan outstanding and subsidy

# Eligibility of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) under CLSS (MIG-I) Scheme

  • You must not own a pucca house either in his/her name or in the name of any member of his/her family in any part of India.
  • You must not have availed any central/state assistance under any housing scheme from Government of India ever.
  • Adult female membership ownership in property is desirable.
  • Location of the property should fall under all statutory towns as per 2011 census and or adjacent planning area (updated by government time to time).
  • The credit linked subsidy @ 4% will be available for loan amount up to Rs.9 lakhs in case of MIG-I. However, the Banks can sanction Home Loans more than Rs.9 lakhs but the subsidy will be restricted to Rs. 9 lakhs only.
  • Loan tenure is 20 years. However, Banks can sanction loans for a maximum tenor of 30 years but the loan has to be repaid before the borrower attains the age of 70 years.
  • You are eligible to apply for MIG-I if your annual income is from Rs 6,00,001 to Rs. 12 lakhs.
  • Here, family means husband, wife, unmarried sons and/or unmarried daughters.
  • An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household and can avail subsidy independently.
  • In case of married couple, either of the spouses or both together in joint ownership will be eligible for a single house subject to income eligibility of the household under the scheme.
  • The carpet area of house under this Scheme should be up to 120 sq. mts. (1292 sq ft) for MIG-I beneficiaries.
  • Meaning of Carpet Area-The net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, but includes the area covered by internal partition walls of the apartment.
  • Special loan offers of banks like SBI MaxGain will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • All loans accounts under the Scheme will be linked to Aadhaar.
  • Applicable in case of Repair and Renovation.
  • Total deduction from Gross income, including proposed EMI on Home Loan, not to exceed 50% of the Gross
    Income. Net take home pay should not be less than 50% of the Gross Income of the applicant/s for loan limit
    up to Rs.10 Lacs. For a loan over Rs.10 Lacs, total deduction from Income, including EMI on proposed home loan not to exceed 60% of the Gross Income of the applicant.
  • In the event of default in repayment of the loan by the borrower/beneficiary to the Bank and the loan becoming
    Non Performing Assets(NPA), the Bank will proceed for recovery of dues through such measures as considered
    appropriate, including foreclosure of the property. In all such cases, the amount of the recoveries will be
    charged to the subsidy amount on a proportionate basis(in proportion to the loan outstanding and subsidy

# Eligibility of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) under CLSS (MIG-II) Scheme

  • You must not own a pucca house either in his/her name or in the name of any member of his/her family in any part of India.
  • You must not have availed any central/state assistance under any housing scheme from Government of India ever.
  • Adult female membership ownership in property is desirable.
  • Location of the property should fall under all statutory towns as per 2011 census and or adjacent planning area (updated by government time to time).
  • The credit linked subsidy @3% for Rs 12 lacs in case of MIG-II. However, the Banks can sanction Home Loans more than Rs.12 lakhs but the subsidy will be restricted to Rs.12 lakhs only.
  • Loan tenure is 20 years. However, Banks can sanction loans for a maximum tenor of 30 years but the loan has to be repaid before the borrower attains the age of 70 years.
  • You are eligible to apply for MIG-II if your annual income is from Rs 12,00,001 to Rs. 18 lakhs.
  • Here, family means husband, wife, unmarried sons and/or unmarried daughters.
  • An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household and can avail subsidy independently.
  • In case of a married couple, either of the spouses or both together in joint ownership will be eligible for a single house subject to income eligibility of the household under the scheme.
  • The carpet area of house under this Scheme up to 150 sq. mts. (1614 sq ft) for MIG-II beneficiaries.
  • Meaning of Carpet Area-The net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, but includes the area covered by internal partition walls of the apartment.
  • Special loan offers of banks like SBI MaxGain will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • All loans accounts under the Scheme will be linked to Aadhaar.
  • Applicable in case of Repair and Renovation.
  • Total deduction from Gross income, including proposed EMI on Home Loan, not to exceed 50% of the Gross
    Income. Net take home pay should not be less than 50% of the Gross Income of the applicant/s for loan limit
    up to Rs.10 Lacs. For a loan over Rs.10 Lacs, total deduction from Income, including EMI on proposed home loan not to exceed 60% of the Gross Income of the applicant.
  • In the event of default in repayment of the loan by the borrower/beneficiary to the Bank and the loan becoming
    Non Performing Assets(NPA), the Bank will proceed for recovery of dues through such measures as considered
    appropriate, including foreclosure of the property. In all such cases, the amount of the recoveries will be
    charged to the subsidy amount on a proportionate basis(in proportion to the loan outstanding and subsidy

Let me explain the same using the below tabular sheet.

eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) or Eligibility of PMAY

GST rate for homes purchased under the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)

Effective from 25th January 2018, if you purchased the property under the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS), then the applicable GST rate will be 12%. The effective rate of 8% after deducting one-third of the amount charged for the house towards the cost of land.

What is Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)?

If you purchased the property under the schemes like:-

  • Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)
  • Lower Income Group (LIG)
  • Middle Income Group-1 (MlG-1) or Middle Income Group-2 (MlG-2) under the Housing for All (Urban) Mission/Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY Urban).

Refer the complete post on GST for Property at “GST rate on real estate or under construction property purchase“.

Hope this post will clear the doubts about who is eligible for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) or eligibility conditions for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

1,103 Responses

  1. Hi sir, I am PMAY beneficiary… I received subsidy amount in 2021. Now my sister and my brother in law is constructing house. And they meet all conditions which comes under PMAY. But when they enquired in bank about PMAY , bank officials said PMAY stopped . Then when notification released about PMAY restarted and will be in force till December 2024, bank officials are saying they didn’t receive order related to this. What to do?

  2. I’m commenting this before my previous gets approved.
    I contacted PMAY toll free and understood that PMAY was discontinued for CLSS based subsidy.
    So it is NOT available now.
    Just wanted to give a feed back on this website – please provide a link for “Leave a Reply” section on top of all replies. Would be very helpful if there are large number of replies.

  3. Hi Basu Nivesh, thanks for this website.
    I know that I’m late to the party but here I am.
    I’m planning to purchase an apartment flat with 1200 sq.ft (which is ~111 sq.m by conversion) and I come under little over MIG-I category. I seem to be eligible for the scheme.

    And here are my questions:
    1. Is PMAY is still under force in Feb 2024 post interim budget launch?
    2. As per PMAY official calculator, I’m eligible for Rs. 2,30,156. Is this an approximate value or absolute?
    3. Is the subsidy amount disbursed in phased manner or all at once?
    4. Annual family income means Gross income or Net income in case of salaried individual?

  4. Hi Sir,
    I had applied in MIG 2 category before 31.03.2021. Loan started from.Jan.2021. Later when I checked the status, it was showing green till stage 3. After that almost 2 years have passed but still showing at stage 3. Now someone said scheme has been closed. So will they not disburse payment to those who applied before 31.03.21.
    2nd I’m the only applicant and bank made my wife guarantor. Was this mandatory?

  5. My PMAY got rejected due to name not matched. However, they release Rs.35,000 first and then when they were about to release the remaining, they rejected saying name not matched. What do I do ?
    No one helping at the bank – Aditya Birla Bank @ Coimbatore
    Could not contact anyone directly @ PMAY
    Can someone help us ?

  6. I am married women working in central govt. I want to purchase a flat with my parents. Will we be able to get the benefit of PMAY?

  7. Hi sir I just purchased an under construction property on 22 December 2022 for loan amount of 36 lakhs, my annual salary is between 6-9 lakhs.

    Am I eligible for PMAY ? What’s the last date to apply ?

  8. I already avail a pmay subsidy in home loan when I bought a flat in 2018 in my name. In 2022 my mother applied for pmay housing for all scheme and got rejected from local municipality. the land she applied for is registerd in her name. Is she eligable?
    In 2018 I was unmarried.

  9. Respected sir
    I am a female state govt employee..there is no house in my or my husband’s name..Am I eligible for pmay subsidy if i take plot and construction loan of 30 lakh for 100 gaj plot?

  10. A lady applied for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. She is unemployed. Her husband is doing a job (contractual) under the national health mission (govt). Her family lives in a mud house. she wants to apply to the scheme. Is she eligible?

  11. Hi Basavaraj,

    I fall under MIG-2 category, am I eligible for PMAY subsidiary if I apply as of today (18th September 2022)? All other conditions are fulfilling.

  12. Hi Sir,

    I would like to state that I purchased a flat of 470 square feet carpet area. I am unmarried male earning member who falls under LIG category.i have Included only myself the owner of the flat,will I be eligible for PMAY, since there is no female member in my household because I am unmarried, and as per amendment a unmarried earning member is considered as a separate household. Pleae advise. My mother has a land in her name,so have not included her name.

  13. Hi Sir,
    I bought last year apartment and applied for PMAY almost year iam not yet get so enquired with few people they said women ownership is mandatory for PMAY, iam not aware at that time,is there any chance to re apply with women ownership. Please suggest me?

    1. Dear Ganesh,
      What you heard about the rule is correct. But reapply may be possible. Check with your lender.

  14. sir . I had home loan with Piramal and i got pmay Amount 267280/- in 31.12.2018 …..due to heavy interest rate i have planned to transfer other bank ..for foreclosure letter purpose went to pirmal housing finance but they are saying during review female owner ship is not there you need to return pmay amount 267280/- or else will add pmay amount to principle amount then only will give foreclosure letter ….sir after three years they are asking me to return and they given foreclosure in 2020 at the time they have not asked …and i have checked pmay website my status there is no rejection

    sir pls tell me sir need to refund it and my income 342000/- per annum in 2018 ..in 2018 female ownership is mandatory sir ….after three years they are asking me return if go for closing ….and sir my pmay file they only applied and they did scrutiny pirmal housing that i have confirmation email proof also …waiting for reply sir

    1. Dear Charan,
      First please check the eligibility conditions as per above post and then take action against lender.

  15. I am unmarried female and recently have purchased house along with my father as Co borrower. He is retired person. He had one house on his name. Can avail benefit of PMAY.
    HDFC is not accepting my application. Any other way to file.

  16. I am having a plot of size 450 sq. Ft in my home town (Sagar, MP). Now I am planning for a flat in (Indore, MP). I am not married and have no other property in my name except the plot.

    Am I eligible for the benefit?

  17. Dear sir,

    My mother owns a house for which we have taken a plot purchase plus construction loan. Myself and my mother are co-applicant in the loan (I am not co-owner of the property). None of the family member owns a pucca house (although I have a residential plot on my name, no construction has been done yet). The total family income is in between 6-12 lacs (mother is housewife). The full disbursement of the loan was completed on December 30th, 2021 and at the same time the construction was also completed. Somehow, I could not apply for the PMAY subsidy back then. I have two question now:-
    One is, Since I got married recently (in December 2021), whether me or my mother eligible for the PMAY subsidy on above mentioned property?
    If yes, Since we missed the last date for the MIG-groups, can I still apply for the subsidy as loan was disbursed before the 31st March 2021?

  18. Dear sir in February 21 I registered under construction house and I have incomes more than 7 lakhs as in form16 but monthly gross salary is below 6 lakhs I register property self. I am legible for P.M awas yojana scheme.

  19. Dear sir,

    I am unmarried adult on govt Job. My father owns a house. I have taken a home loan with my mother as co- owner. Am i eligible for subsidy under PMAY. Rest conditions are fulfilled.
    Bank personnel says that i have included my mother in loan, so family unit will be counted as me, mother and Father. Hence, showing me ineligible. I have been given tomorrow’s time to confirm if I have any other reasons for eligibility.
    As per my understanding, an adult earning member is considered individual.
    Kindly guide me if I am eligible or not.

    Thanks you and Regards,

  20. Dear sir, my father is having a flat and my mother mame is not attatched with my fathers flat, and i wanted to buy a new flat with my mother as co applicant, i am earing also, do i eligle for pradhanmantri awas yojna subsidy..?
    pls suggest..

  21. Hi Basavaraj, I have taken home loan from BOB on plot plus construction. I am single owner and staying out of home town and falls under MIG II section. Am I eligible for PMAY scheme?

  22. Hello,
    I have home loan & agreement is registered on 2 person. Me & mother as co applicant. My father has house on his name at rural location(i.e village). As of now, my father is no more.
    Kindly confirm, am i eligible for PMAY??

  23. I have take home loan in axis bank March 21 and buy purchase flat and in loan structure self, wife and mother is loan structur and my father is died before 2 year and registered sale deed in mother name only and entire india mother name no any property and I am only one earning member in this family and my annual income of rs.3.28lacs and LIG category. I have purchase flat in urban area. And my name no any property in india my wife name no any property india and my mother name no any property in india

  24. Hi , I am Vishal.
    Can i get PMAY benefit if my mother or myself gets a flat owned on her or my name. She is a Housewife and I am A student. My father is a employee in RAILWAYS.

  25. Hii I Have Applied for a Home loan from IDBI Bank with my sister co applicant we both are single are we eligible for PMAY?

  26. Hi,
    Myself Pravin, I am co-owner with my brother for flat purchased in 2012. Now my wife wanted to purchase flat. Is she will be eligible for PMAY subsidy ?

  27. Hi,
    I am Dinesh.
    I bought new home by taking sbi home loan join with my brother and sister on feb-2021.
    Loan taken by 3 members name and property also registered 3 members name. All are Unmarried. We eligible for PMAY Scheme?

  28. Dear Sir,
    I have taken Home loan on April 2017,and 90%amount disbursed still possession not gotten.
    Now in March 21 I have been applied for CLSS MIG-1.
    Can I eligible for this CLSS MIG-1 subsidy.

  29. Dear sir,
    I am weaker section income group, I taken the loan from BOB, I buying my 1st flat and taken my mother as Co applicant, But my father have the property they are single owner of the property, So me and my mother are eligible for Pmay awas Yojana.

  30. hi i am amit taken a loan from hdfc this is my first house my wife is a co borrower i am under LIG pmay scheme loan amount is 15 lakh tenure is 10 year so please confirm i will get pmay amount of Rs 2.67

  31. I have a EWS category housing board house of 85 sq yards in semi constructed state. Wich I purchased in 2015 with loan for 20 years. My income is 3.60 lakh per year. What is the way if I want to take advantage of PMAY scheme on either existing loan or a new construction finishing loan??

  32. Hello sir,
    My loan disbursement done on 27 Jan 2021 , Can I avail CLSS MIG 1 category PMAY benefit Now ,If I am applying it.

  33. I have purchased under construction and amount disbursed till now is 14 lacs out of 28 lacs. Kindly let me know pmay amount will be credited after possession or it can be credited during construction

  34. Is there any possibility for extension of PMAY subsidy for MIG1 after 31st March, 2021? I have paid stamp duty in March 2021.

  35. Dear Sir
    My loan is disbursed in March 2021 but my property registry(re-sale) is in April 2021. So Am I eligible for clss mig1 benefit..

      1. Hello sir, i choose axis bank for loan process all documents also clear but our disbursement not happen .31st march was last they said we proceeded under PMAY.But disbursement not done so am i eligible for PMAY??

  36. is it mandatory to take first disbursement of loan before 31.03.2021 as banks are forcing customers to take loan before 31.03.2021.
    Please clarify over the same as cause of covid 19 situation in pune and Maharashtra it’s seem impossible

  37. Hi sir,
    My self rahul,I purchased resell house, and i want to know that, i am ellegable for PMAY. And this scheme is available in resell house. Or its compulsory to 1st owner is female, Or it’s compulsory to purchased a house form builder for PMAY. (For subsidiary )

  38. Hi,
    I’m a married person and I will fall under MIG-II class, I’m planning to buy apartment in this mid march 2021. I heard that for MIG-II class 31-03-2021 is the last date to apply PMAY. So, I’m planning to take property on my father name who have no properties till now and earns under 6 Lak/A, and in the bank loan part I will be the supporter to my father to pay the loan(bank will consider my earnings to sanction the loan) then PMAY will be applicable or not?

    Me and my brother both are married and my mother is a house wife and she is having 1acre farming land.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Dear Sai,
      You are searching for penny and forgetting the risk of property transfer cost later and whether the bank will give the loan when the property is in your father’s name? Check with the bank.

  39. Dear Sir,
    The annual income threshold is based on gross annual income or net annual income? Since a self-certification is sought by the lender, how/what is the basis of verification of annual income

  40. I want to apply for PMAY scheme but im single. My father already have a pucca house but only on his name. On my mother’s name there is no property registered so if i add mother as co applicant so will i be eligible for subsidy. Pls suggest

  41. Hello sir,

    I have purchased flat which is under construction in the month of February 2021 and the loan amount is sanctioned to me but is not yet disbursed and will be disbursed in the month of April 2021. Will I get the benefit of PMAY scheme as I have already filled up the form for subsidy. Please confirm

  42. Hello Sir,

    I am having a property in my name which I am planning to sell and buy a new one. For the new property can I claim benefit under PMAY?

  43. Dear sir,
    I have taken home loan from HDFC home loan in 2020.
    Now they are refuse to take PMAY U or PMAY G subsidy form.

    Our project layout plan approved by town planning vyra district Tapi state Gujarat.

    But our plot is coming under gram panchayat where I built my dream home.

    As per our respected pradhan mantri all will get advantages of subsidy but ….

    HDFC Homeloan is not able to submit my subsidy form under PMAYU or PMAUG.

    Pls advice ..where I can submit my form

  44. Hi, when my loan was approved, the bank told me that I’m eligible for PMAY subsidy but now they’re saying my property is approved by district collector and hence I’m not eligible. Could you please confirm if this is correct? because nowhere I found what the bank had said and if I’m not eligible how come they said I’m when my loan was approved. Thanks

  45. Hi Sir,
    I have booked flat in 2016 but not applied for PMAY Subsidy, as there is condition of female co-owner. Now I got married, (1) can I add my wife name as co owner?? and can I apply for PMAY Subsidy.

    Thanks in advance.

  46. My yearly income 2.50 lack I want to construction a house in 1500 square feet in rural area my wife co-owner in property I am eligible for PM awas Yojana or not sir.in which category I can apply

  47. Dear Sir,
    I am an unmarried male, 26 years old. I am a contract based worker falling under LIG category. My family does not own a pucca house. This means I am eligible for PMAY right? But the problem is that I will need a female co owner and my mother is not alive. I have a step mother but I don’t want to make her as a co owner. Can I still apply for PMAY without a female co owner?

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you for replying sir.
        I had one more doubt.
        If I add my step mother as a co owner for availing PMAY, can I change the co owner after marriage? Or If I book the flat now, can I apply for PMAY after 3 – 4 months?
        Because I am getting married in next 3 – 4 months but the flat I am looking for will be gone by then.
        Please answer this last query.
        Thank you again sir.

  48. Hello Sir,

    We are constructing new house. It is registered with me and my brother (brother combination). Can we apply for PMAY scheme with the home loan process. We don’t have any other house. If we can apply, do we need to proceed with same process or any other process.

    Requesting you to provide the details of it. It will be very helpful for us.

    Thank you.

  49. manish thakur
    Dear sir I am the main applicant for my home loan and my wife and is Co applicant. We purchased the house combinedly. Can I get subsidy full and If I apply for loan tenure 25 years

  50. Sir, I buy a loan on 01.12.2017 for construction my home. I want PMAY subsidy but i confused because my app. income 5 lakh or carpet area 88 sq. mtr . May i eligible for lig or mig-I?

  51. Sir,
    I am about to purchase a flat (G+2) for the first time which has its floor plan not approved by Jaipur development authority. But, the floor plan need not to be approved below 300 sq. Mtrs as per JDA norms. LICHFL has denied me to file for PMAY Subsidy on the basis of the above reason.
    Whether i would be eligible for subsidy…or i shall not be eligible for the subsidy..
    My contact no. is 9982907980

  52. Dear sir,

    I am going to buy a flat. And I am married but I don’t have marriage certificate till now. And I am not including my wife in ownership.



    Bank person said if u don’t have marriage certificate u can’t add your wife in ownership.

    Loan sanction on my name there is no co applicant.

    Pls rply me ..

    Thanks in advance for your valuable time

  53. Hi Sir,

    I comes under LIG group.I am unmarried male,earning member ,my mother owns a pucca house. Is it possible to get PMAY scheme in my name, as this is going to be my first flat .

      1. I have the PMAY U app which has a subsidy calculator ,which is government authorized. If you look into that calculator if u opt for no female co owner,then will have a new option coming which says is there any female members present, if u select as no then the subsidy will be calculated as 276000 which is under LIG option.please comment on this Sir

  54. Hi Sir,

    I’ve purchased one builder flat in Aug-2017 on which I’ve taken a loan from CANFIN for Rs. 16,80,000/- This is my first property. This property is not approved by development authority and this property is on first floor.
    After that I’ve purchased again a flat in 2018 in development authority approved area on which i’ve taken a loan for Rs. 25,00,000/-. My income group is under bracket of 12 LPA to 14 LPA. Both property having the area of approx 90 Sq. meter. In both property no female partner name appeared on registry.
    I’m eligible for getting the subsidy if yes then on which one. In my case female partner name in property documents can fall under desirable or mandatory.

  55. My sister gets unmarried daughter family pension from wb state govt 9000 per month…Sir can she get pmay help? Please help her get the reply

  56. Hi sir, I m buying property which collector NA come under town planning but area is under gram Panchayat so can I get PMAY and if yes where to apply PMAY urban or rural.

  57. Hi sir , My btother book a flat and i am co-applicant in that so now iam planning to buy my own flat in my and my wife name so in this scenario can i get PM subsidy?
    Note:My brother not yet registered
    and what i need to do to get PM subsidy sir kindly help me on this.

  58. Dear sir I am main applicant for my home loan and my wife and my brother is Co applicant. We purchased the house combinedly. Can I get subsidy full or partially.

  59. Hi Sir,

    Please help me with the following info

    My annual income is between 12-18 L and my husband’s annual income is also between 12-18 L. if we buy house only under my name, are we eligible to claim subsidy?

    Thanks you

  60. Hi Sir,

    We are building our first house and the land is registered in our mothers name. Our mom is the main applicant and my brother and I are co Applicants. My mom earns pension less than 2 lakhs a year. When we calculate my income and my brothers income then we are crossing 18 L. My brother is married in this case and when we remove my brothers income our combined household salary is less then 18L. Can you say if we are eligible or not. What is the meaning of household In this case ?

  61. We bought a flat in 2017. My husband and me are joint owners. We got PMAY benefit for that flat.
    We sold that now. We want to buy a new home now. Can we apply for PMAY now for this new house.

    Please let us know.

      1. But sir, in your previous reply to Nikhil Shah you have told No. The question was the same. He also wants to sell his present flat and purchase a new flat.

  62. Hi sir, I am married and my wife and kids living with my Mother-father. my dad owns a house in his name.
    I plan to purchase my own house in my name. My annual income is 4 lakh pa.
    my confusion is I select a plot that is *110sqm* carpet area and taking a purchase + construction Loan.
    As per PMAY, I m in LIG Group and there is a *60sqm* carpet area for lig group can I get a subsidy.

    Sir Want to know am I eligible for PMAY or not sir?
    Plz plz Anser sir

  63. Hello sir,
    I have applied for PMAY, borrower is my mother and I am co-borrower(son). Bank is saying that mother & son borrowers are not eligible for subsidy. Is it true? In same case my two friends have got the subsidy.

      1. Thanks for the revert sir, i have confirmed it from my friend who is on good post in same bank he also said it’s nothing like that. Let’s hope for the best.
        Thanks again.

          1. Hello Sir,

            3 weeks before i got mail from sbi branch that, I am not eligible for PAMY subsidy as my case is takeover loan from dhfl to sbi. Later after 1 week i got mail from Chief officer, SBI, REHBU corp center that on my loan acc number, subsidy is approved and will be credited to account on fifo basis.
            Question is, as branch said, will my branch can revert or return subsidy which is already approved? what can be done by bank in this case…?

              1. Dear Sir,

                Issue from which side??? branch or REHBU. Should I expect the subsidy or it will be returned…? please give an idea as per your best knowledge that would be appreciated.

  64. Sir My father ( 60 Year Now ) have taken the loan on 15/10/2020..this is first Pauuca House ..My brother is Co Borrower , Loan repayment period is 15 Year..Bank Manager is denying for subside and told me that Loan has to be repaid maximum age of 70 Year of Borrower and Your father is not eligible as his loan repayment will be lasted for 75 year.

    My Brother is Co borrower and his age is 39 Year ..I have read but not sure if main borrower is not fully filling the criteria then legal Heir can join for full filling the Criteria to avil the benefits….Sir pls guide is it true that we are not eligible??

    If 70 year is conditions then can we resuture the loan 15 year to 10 year to avail the benefit.??? BANK will allow re Structuring the loan ??

    Sir pls do the needful…and guide me for the same

    1. 1) Hi sir,

      My Father purchased a flat in 2016 with loan cleared in 2016. However we don’t have any women coapplicant or as my mom passed away in 2008. Are we eligible for this PMAY scheme we submitted all the required
      documents however still waiting for results and nothing is shared so far

      Income less than six lakh :
      All ITR filed for last 15 years
      Age when loan taken 56
      Loan will be there for tenure of 13 years
      Total saleable area : 963 SQFT and carpet area less than 700 sqft

      Kindly suggest Thanks for you suggestions

  65. Sir I’m railway employee my yearly income is less than 5 lacs can I avail this benefit? Kindly guide me how ? I will pay for consultation please..

  66. HI sir,

    I bought my first house on Dec 2017 with loan tenure for 20 years , we are paying the loan. He has not claimed PMAY scheme that time. Is it possible to claim now? It is his first property.

  67. Hello

    Loan was sanctioned on my name but property is registered on mine and spouse name.Bank is adding wife as a guarantor can I apply for PMAY. All other criteria is meeting


  68. Hi,
    Is the photo of applicant and co-applicant mandatory while applying for PMAY via the bank from whom the loan is taken. Actually, me and my wife took this loan together, but after buying we relocated to some other city. And not in a condition to go back and take a picture in front of our flat anytime soon now.
    What can be done? Can we still apply without that photo of ours in front of our flat which we bought?
    If yes, then does the changes of getting PMAY subsidy reduces if applied without photo.

    Second question: it’s a flat in high rise fully ready and occupied. Therefore we can only click the photo in front of the main door. Is it also required to share similar photo of the building also ?

  69. Hi I come under LIG have opted loan and I am single also added my mother as a co-owner in agreement but not having any property on mother’s name but my father having property held in his name I am eligible for the scheme ?

  70. Thank you sir for prompt Help.

    Bank person had said that I am not eligible for PMAY since I had purchased flat as i have purchased and sold flat in past.

    Now you have clarified my doubts, will apply for PMAY by self.

  71. Hi,

    I had purchased a property in 2010 and sold in 2017 and i had not taken any government subsidies or schemes.

    Now i have purchased property in 2020, will I be eligible for PMAY for purchased property in 2020? ( During purchase of property in 2020, there was no pucca house on my name or family member and in past also i had not taken government
    subsidy scheme)

    Please guide on same.

  72. I am trying to buy a house which is built in 2014-15. Bank guys are telling I am not eligible since house should be built after 2016, are they right? My age is 33 y and my father is 69 y.

  73. Sir i booked a house in 2014 for which I took a loan from bank also innthe scheme of 60-40 .
    My registry done in 2018 . Will I be eligible for pmay

  74. I booked a flat in amrapali however still i did not get the possesion. Will irlt be considered as a pukka makan.incase I purchase another constructed flat, will I be eligible for pmay?

  75. Hello Sir,
    I have income group Mig-1 and my carpet area comes according mig-2
    So can i eligible for subsidy ?

  76. Hi, My loan has been disbursed to builder but my loan agency did not submit my CLSS. They asked me to visit bank along with the self attested copy of my parents- pan card & aadhar. I am single , living with my parents… no co-applicant in my loan. so do i need to submit my parents documents?
    I have gone through CLSS document, it shows that beneficiary includes, husband , wife & unmarried children. they didnt mention about parents anywhere. Plz advise.

  77. Dear sir, My dad is 64 years old & Mom 55 years old and my age are 35. We all 3 have bought 1st pucca house in Mumbai and applied for bank loan of Rs.30 lakhs, bank person said I will not get the benefit of PMAY because my dad’s age is 64. Loan tenure is 15 years.

  78. HI Sir
    For getting subsidy in PMAY scheme, will the household income be calclated based on CTC or Inhand Salary post all taxes. My CTC has some variable component , if i deduct that i will be there in MIG2 category

  79. Basavraj sir,
    My elder sister has owned a flat in her own name and from her own income and taken the benefit PMAY in last year.
    Now I want to purchase a flat in my own name and from my own income.
    Can I get the benefit of PMAY?
    As my Aadhar no.had alredy submitted , while filing the application of my sister in her family details.

  80. I am single, my father owns a pucca house. I am buying a new house under my name, but the lender wants my father to be an applicant and me to be a co-applicant in this new housing loan (Lender says he has to do this because it improves risk profile of loan) . Will I not be able to claim benefit under PMAY just because my father is an applicant in this loan, because all EMI are going to be paid by me as my father has no income.

  81. Hi sir,
    Me Sudeshna Bhattacharjee and my married elder sister jointly buy a flat in this month . I am the first applicant /holder of the property and this is my first house. There is no pucca house in the name of my elder sister, she has a land in her name. My question is are we eligible for pmay scheme? Please suggest.

  82. I am unmarried and have purchased the new flat without any female co-applicant in the year 2020.

    Will I get the subsidy under PMAY in LIG category ?

    Other all conditions for LIG categories like income, carpet area, first home, etc are fulfilled.


  84. Sir, I am Vinod working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Bangalore. My parents, me and my wife stay in Bangalore. We don’t have our own house. We used to stay in the rented house only. My CTC is between 4 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum.
    Can I buy a flat in Bangalore? If yes, then how can I get the benefit of the scheme?

  85. Hello my father is an retired govt employee from last 8 yrs and he gets a pension of 18 k per month. He owned a independent house 3 years back is he eliginble for pmay. Pls suggest

  86. Hello,

    I am a 29 year old unmarried man,working in Bangalore. My Parents own houses in their name.However, there is no property under my name. I booked an apartment under my name and there is no Co-applicant.
    When I opted for the bank loan my CTC was 6.84 lacs/annum. However it is increased now to 14 lacs/annum. Bank says I still fall under LGW scheme.

    Will I be eligible for the PMAY ? I will be highly grateful to you for clearing my doubts.

      1. Dear Mr Basavaraj,

        Yes all the other conditions are matching. I am not too sure about the carpet area but the Superbuilt up area is 1100 sq ft.

          1. Yes.. the Carpet area is okay .

            Citing the fact that my parents have properties under their name and there is no co applicant, will I be treated as an independent ?

            Considering all these, will I be eligible?

    1. Respected sir., Seen All your reply to comments. Hope you will help with my question also.
      I planned to buy resale flat, which owner already taken pmay. Now will i get pmay.. This is my first house

  87. My father’s owns a property, however myself and my wife do not have property and the share in my father’s property is not yet decided.
    Can I will be eligible for getting Land or Flat sponsored by PMAY (Constructed or land allocated by State Government under PMAY scheme). Please advise.

  88. Hi
    I am availing a homeloan for my apartment which comes under LIG category. However due to recent increment my CTC is 6.05lacs will i be eligible for PMAY? Do they consider net salary or CTC

  89. Hi Sir,
    I have applied for PMAY scheme under MIG-2 on August 1st week this year. Is that true that I wont get pmay subsidy if I pay prepayment of some amount now . Do I need to wait until I receive pmay subsidy amount. If that is the case, I believe I need to wait for maybe an year. In sites, they mentioned that they cancel pmay subsidy if I pay prepayment before we receive it.
    Please clarify on this

  90. Hi sir,

    I applied loan in nov 2019 during which i was under LIG category due to female co application i didnt apply for pmay . Now my income comes under MIG 1 category so can i apply for pmay on my revised income???

  91. Hi Sir,

    I booked a flat in my and my mothers name as co-nominee in 2018 .My mother has already house in her name in our hometown. Now I am married too.

    Now my bank is saying that I cannot get PMAY benefit as my mother already had a property in her name .Can we get PMAY benefit as this is our first property and neither I nor my wife have any property in our name.

  92. Hi Basunivesh,
    When you say annual income of MIG2 group slab is Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.18 lakhs, you are referring total gross salary of a year or a net salary of a year.
    Because , if it is gross salary then my wife and my income will cross 18 lakhs, so I think I cant apply for it. If it is net salary, then I believe I will be able to apply . When I took the loan recently, the bank guy said that they will consider only net salary. But , I doubt.
    Please clarify on this.
    Your response will be really appreciated.

      1. Thank you very much. I am eligible to apply. But due to covid19, not sure whether Govt will consider PMAY request.

  93. Hiii, My home loan has sanctioned in August 2015 and I was single at that time. Now I am married and in MIG 1 category. Can i get benefit of PMAY subsidy scheme now. Please suggest.

  94. Hi sir, I am unmarried girl living with my family. My annual income is 4.5 lpa.
    My dad owns house on his name.
    Want to know am I eligible for PMAY if I want to buy house on my name on loan ? If yes then please suggest me how to do it

          1. It says
            An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household and can avail subsidy independently.

            But parents have a house
            So will I get it or not

  95. Hi sir. We bought a home loan by August 2015 but PMAY launched by June 2015. We are not aware about the scheme at that time neither bank informed us. We constructed home. The property is currently under my dad name. So can I apply PMAY now?

      1. Thanks you Sir I already discuss with our Bank they are saying that after 2017 only they are processing like that they are saying. But I am coming under LIG Category so that it was effective from June 2015 to 2022 is the time line. I am feeling that I am eligible for PMAY. What’s your opinion sir.

      2. Sir, when I check with the bank they are saying that eligible only after disbursement of loan 2017. But I am coming under LIG Category. For LIG Category date which was given is June 2015. However my loan sanctioned after June 2015. I am thinking that I am eligible. What’s your opinion sir

  96. Hi I took a Housing loan with HDFC ltd , and tried to apply PMAY -clss scheme ( my all other conditions are meeting the expectation). But they denied and said that, you are PANCHAYAT (Tamilnadu – Coimbatore – Kurudampalayam) is not listed in Statutory Town and Planning Area Codes in NHB (National Housing Bank). so what i suppose to do now, but other bankers & financial institution are allowing this facility for the same panchayat. Now i am struck please help

  97. Sir plz answer this
    My income comes under bracket of 3-6lakh but flat which I may buy is 63sqm will I be eligible for any subsidy as there is cap of 60sqm for lig group can I get subsidy under mig group as there more carpet area comes under these scheme but my income comes under lig
    Plz plz Anser this correctly sir

  98. I m married and living with my my in- laws in their house..but there is no property on the name of my husband.so can I apply for this scheme…plz reply

  99. Hello Sir,

    I am married person and I am registering with me as owner and co owner is my mother. Can I get benefits of PMYA process?

  100. I and my mother have bought a new flat and have applied for PMAY, for which we are eligible too.
    I had a query regarding the declaration form, where they need a picture of full family in front of flat and the building, but my father is not staying with us here, so will they accept a photo of me and my mother(owner and co-owner) as full family?

  101. My Mother In Law and 2 unmarried Brother in-laws want to apply for a joint home loan.
    But the bank says that 2 brothers cannot qualify for a household and hence not eligible for PMAY

  102. What is the date for calculation of existing plot of land in case of construction? Is there any particular date for this? Suppose a person purchase a land after introduction of pmay scheme and took a loan in 2019 or 2020 for construction, is he eligible to get the pmay subsidy?

  103. Sir,

    I have taken home loan of 7.5 lac from tata capital in july-2017. As per tata capital instruction i have made my mother as a co borrower to get benifit of PMAY. As i was unmarried at that time. After sanction of loan bank refused to procees PMAY. My father own a semi pucca house in joint with his brother& sisters. Do i eligible for PMAY? If not can i change my mother name with my wife name in loan to reapply for subsidy. Kindly guide me.

      1. Sir,
        thanks for your reply.
        If my father own semi pucca house in joint with his brother & sister. In such scenario also i am not eligible for subsidy?

  104. HI Sir,

    If i apply loan , does the lower interest ( whether 3 % or 4 % ) does start from 1st EMI or will it take effect once the Scheme approved ( like after 4 to 5 months after applying loan) ?

    Also, i have taken mortgage loan on my father’s house ( House is in my father name ) does past loan history affect this scheme approval ?? I have cleared the previous mortgage laon


    1. Dear Bharath,
      It is not at lower interest. It is a subsidy you get it. Check the difference at first properly. If you are the owner of the property, then you are not eligible for this scheme.

      1. I’m not owner of the property.

        When i refer lower interest, will subsidy be applied on ( i mean 3 % interest cap on 12 lakh and normal interest on remaining amount ) when loan is applied ? or will it be applied after some duration of loan when subsidy is approved/verified by Govt ?

  105. I am a central govt employ. My salary is 8 lakh yearly. My wife is a housewife she has no income. Can she buy resale LIG flat. Please reply.

  106. Dear Sir,

    my father in law site given to my wife for gift deed ,now I applied home loan for construction, we are applicable PMY was yojana?

  107. My father owned a small house of 1bhk which he had registered in the name of his 3 sons before his death. Am I eligible for PMAY as now my parental house is being registered on my and my brothers’ names but it is not practically possible for 3 brothers to live in 1 bhk.

  108. Last FY, I had applied for home loan from HDFC Ltd. That time as per bank requirement have submitted Form-16 of 18-19 where gross income was below 6 lac. Now in 19-20 it was +6lac. Am I eligable to apply for the PMAY scheme?

  109. Me and my brother jointly purchased site in Bengaluru and construction is almost done. Are we eligible for PMAY seperately?

    Both are working in private sector and have gross income around 7.5 lac each.

  110. My father bought a 1BHK flat measuring 500 sqft in my name before my marriage. Now my husband has purchased a 2 BHK flat and I am a co owner. Are we eligible for PMAY? If no then what if we sell the 1 BHK and then apply PMAY for 2 BHK? Please advise and suggest. Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m working in govt bank. In my family no one have own house. We have to build our first home. Can i eligible to apply for PMAY.

  111. I have purchased a house in 2019 Feb for that I took 29 lac house loan in Andhra Bank. Whether I am eligible for PMAY. if so what should I do

  112. Sir, plz advise me
    I get benefit pmay(u) scheme , now I take a lone on same house , I eligible for all lone criteria


  114. Dear Sir,

    We Had Purchased A home in the year 2013 which is under Dispute .. Till Date We Have not Got the possession of that Flat.
    If We Buy Another House Are We eligible For PM YO Scheme ,

    Kindly Suggest.

    1. Sir

      At That Time The PM YO Scheme Was Not Applicable. Also we have flied a case against the Builder in RERA Court

  115. I am an employee of national insurance and received loan from national insurance at discounted interest rates. But national insurance is not providing benefit though I am eligible for the scheme. Please guide.

  116. Hello sr I have income 50000 per year and I have a semi pucha house in bhopal MP And I want to renovation my house to pucha house can I eligible for PMAY If yes then how?pls help me .

  117. Is PMAY applicable to bank staff housing loan??

    Income is considered after all deduction or gross for consideration of family income ?

  118. Sir, Whether PMAY scheme is eliglible for village panchayats or not??? If it is yes… Then how to find identify our village is included or not??? Please reply sir

  119. I have purchased flat and my income group is LIG but my loan tenure is 15 years , so can you please confirm whether I will be eligible for PMAY subsidy or not. Female co applicant is there while applying for this.

  120. Respected Basavaraj,
    Warm Greetings from NARAYANASWAMY, KOLAR Karnataka,
    I introduced myself I am Dr NARAYANASWAMY from ADRES organisation, I worked as a Social Worker since 1986 But till Date we don’t have own house so we want to get benefit from PMAY through your advice please give me guidence how to get the benefit Sir,Now we Settle in Mulbagal Town Kolar District Karnataka we have 20*30 free site in Mulbagal Town sir.
    Thanking you
    Your Faithfully
    Contact Mobile with watsap Number 8073565186

  121. I own a empty plot (sale deed on my name) and I have purchased a affordable flat and availed home loan from ICICI Bank. I am unmarried also I have filled PMAY subsidy form. Am I eligible for subsidy or it will get rejected.

  122. I am Govt. servant, I owned a pacca house, can my husband purchase a house MIG in his name, his income is below 5 lakh. Reply please.

  123. Sir I have taken a loan on December 2017 in DHFL but now it was shifted to icici..now m.im unmarried men.i have registration on my name only. I don’t have any co-owner to my property.i didn’t put my mother name because bank doesn’t accept for co-owner by some reasons.am I eligible for pmay or not sir..my family annual income is 5 lakhs only.

  124. Hi Sir,

    I have purchased one under construction flat so i am eligible for PMAY scheme. And we will get possion on 2022. Please sir reply me urgent.

  125. I J. subramanyam my sister & her husband jointly purchesed one flat on 15/04/2018. there income 31000 pm
    so they are eligible or not eligible. Is there any time to apply PMAY subsidy

  126. Hi,
    An under construction property has been purchased in my name (first property) and my annual income is less than 18 Lakhs. But it has been rejected citing the reason that entire household annual income should be less than 18Lakhs and that i should submit proof for the same. Is this valid? Can you please clarify

  127. Good morning sir,
    I own a pucca house and there is no loan on that (loan closed) and am salaried with a gross annual salary of approximately 16 lakhs. My wife is a home maker and has savings of about 2.5 lakhs with her. She intends to purchase a small flat in the outskirts of hyderabad that will cost about 25 lakhs (actual all inclusive value). I will be the co-owner and repay the housing loan emi over and above the rent she receives. Is it legally correct for me to claim exemption from interest and show the rental income in my wife’s account (She will still not be taxable as the rent expected is less than 10000 per month)? Please reply as soon as convenient.

  128. I had purchased my first home taking loan from PNB housing finance limited for 28 lakhs (I was forced to take insurance of 1 lakh which was included in the loan). They did not process my PMAY documentation and now they are charging 9.75 % of interest. Earlier I did not know that PNBHFL is not part of the bank hence they charge more interest. My home dimension is 138 yards and the loan tenure is 35 years. I am now planning to transfer the loan to SBI. I have a few question.
    Can I now apply for PMAY in SBI post the loan transfer? or Will the scheme stand void post transfer to SBI
    Will the insurance be still applicable?
    and a generic question… upon the preclosure, will the bank charge the PMAY scheme amount they offer initially?

    1. Hello Sir, I have taken a loan in 2017 from LIC HFL. I have gone through your post and want to know what does validity date means. Can I avail for PMAY yojana now? Kindly reply

      1. I have purchases in my and my mother’s name. Am i eligible for subsidy? My parents already ha e their own home. I am self earning member.

  129. I have purchased Home and now want to apply for PMAY subsidy. As unmarried I want to add my mother name as co-owner, so that i can apply for the subsidy.
    My question is my unmarried brother also want to purchase a Home with my mother name as co-owner.
    In this case can we both get subsidy or the person who apply first only get benefit?

    Thanks in advance.

  130. Hi,

    I have booked a flat on my mother(She is homemaker) name, me and my brother are co-borrower (because we are earning member) on this flat. I am married but my brother is not married. No one in my family member have bought any house in their name. this is our first house.
    so are we eligible to get PMAY scheme.



  132. Is a retired pensioner of 62 years old eligible for this loan if she has no other property in her name. Annual pension income in INR 300000.

      1. I am a unmarried working woman and i want to purchase a new house. As half of my funding will be from bank loan and other half my mother will give me from the flat she sold.
        My question is if i take my mother as co-owner then will i get subsidy ?
        Or i have to buy in my name only ?

      2. Respected sir / madam,

        I’m machindra Rathod want to purchase house in grampachayat area. But this plot is not NA.
        Is this property eligible for Pradhan mantri avas Yojana scheme.
        Please reply
        Thanks & regards
        Machindra Rathod

      1. to enhance loan eligibility , wife has no income.
        to enhance loan eligibility bank suggest this and Loan executive also tell u will be eligible for PMAY, But to be sure i raised query

  133. Hi sir
    I am a married 27 yrs old woman and me and my husband dnt have any property, now we booked a villa in my name. But while we aaplied for loan with bank they advised to club some one income to reach the final eligibility, as me and my husband hav only 11 lac annual income. So we can nt apply for higher amount. Please advise if we wud club our father in law income to take a loan, are we eligible for subsidy under pmay scheme or not? Other wise we wud have to take smaller size or property to take loan.

  134. Hello sir, I have subsidy related issue please advise. I bought a LIG flat and loan running on it.
    condition :
    1) There is no female member available in my family and i am a unmarried person .
    2) I am an individual earning member and this is my first house .so this may be considered as a separate household”.
    Should i eligible for subsidy .please advice.

  135. Hello Sir,

    I have bought a house in Sept 2017 taking the joint loan with my mother. I am the sole owner of the new house and this is my first buy.
    In this case my mother already owned one house in her name. Can i still avail the subsidy benefit under AWAS yojana as the property is registered solely under my name and it is my first house. Kindly advice.

    1. Hello,

      I am married person.

      On my name there is no any property.

      My annual Package is more than 6 LPA.

      My query is i don ‘t want to make my wife as Co-owner due to she has already loan on her name.

      In this case is i am eligible for PM subsidy ?

    2. hello sir,

      My query is my father own a pucca house in his name in a unauthorized colony(Delhi) & i am living with my parents and i am married.

      my annual salary is below 3 lac p.a. I want to apply for PMAY under EWS category.

      Am i eligible for applying?

  136. Hi Sir,
    I am Ravindra from other city, since 5 years I stay in Other city, and I am salaried employ. I do not own any property on my name and do not stay with my parents but my Mother owns a flat on her name, so am I applicable for PMAY scheme

  137. My daughter in-law is applicant of house & I am co applicant in that I have 80 sq.yards Lucca house in village.Is she eligible for subsidy


      1. thanks for reply.

        Actually i was confused about the definition of family.
        Here, family means husband, wife, unmarried sons and/or unmarried daughters.

        In case my mother is also included along with wife and daughter

          1. As Per above definition of family, me, my wife and daughters should be family
            but i took loan with my mother as co-applicant and my mother is also co-owner in property

  139. Unmarried women can apply? if his father owns house, if yes then can she put his father name in PMAY registration details.

    1. Due to cornovirus issue,is there any update on extension of last date 31.03.2020 for MIG-1 Class.As my housing bank is closed presently I am not able to apply offline.For applying online it is showing income group greater than 50000 should apply offline.My salary is 45000 and wife salary is 33000 can we still apply online on behalf of my salary which is less than 50000.

        1. Sir I didn’t get any notification for extension of date yet.what you are expecting should the date will be extent further.

  140. The home loan is sanctioned in August month financial year 2019-20 and we submitted pay slips of April May June July payslips and form 16 of previous two years while applying for home loan.
    Is annual income of the previous financial year ( i.e. 2018-19)is considered for income eligibility to claim subsidy under Mig 11 category or the present financial year( 2019-20)?

  141. We are married couple and both are working. In August 2019, we purchased our first house by availing joint home loan in SBI
    Our total gross income is 18.7 lakhs and net income is very much less than 18 lakhs together
    My query is to get subsidy under MIG 11 category, is net taxable income is considered or gross income?
    We reached SBI bank to apply for the scheme but they simply rejected by saying your total gross together is above 18 lakhs but we met every other conditions required.
    Kindly suggest what to do next in order to avail?
    Is there any clause defining the annual income of the household for MIG-11 category for salaried borrowers?

  142. Sir,
    I have a house in Delhi in non-registered colony in my name. Am I eligible for PMAY if I buy a DDA property and take home loan for it.

  143. Hi sir,
    1. Am i eligible for subsidy as i am unmarried and want to make co-applicant to my mom and dad and this is our first home construction on my name pre owned plot and annual income is 3 to 6 lac include father’s income?
    2. And plot size is 88.88 sqyd. So question is that in LIG this plot size considerable?

  144. hi i am an unmarried person and i booked a flat in Ahmadabad. This is my first property
    i started loan in Axis bank and my mother is loan guarantor. can i receive 2.67L benefit in PMAY..?

  145. HI,

    I have constructed my house in Gram Panchayat(2019) – my PMAY application rejected bcz my house located in Gram Panchayat !!

    Is it true – PMAY not eligible for the village panchayat location as per Norms?

    with regards,

  146. Hello,

    Could you please let me know what is “Annual Income” is it the gross amount mentioned in your offer letter which has PF and other perks or its what you get monthly.

    Suppose your Fixed annual salary is 18 lacs and including PF and Medical Insurance benefit its around 21 lacs. Will it make the person eligible to apply for PMAY if only Fixed annual salary is considered

      1. Hi,
        My four quarter income showing 18.13L in Form16 this year and that includes section 17(2), so I would be eligible for PMAY?

  147. Hi Basawaraj,

    12-18lac is CTC or taxable income ??

    If I am earning more than 18lac & we purchase house in my spouse name and her salary is less than 5lac will she be eligible for PMAY?

  148. Hello Sirji,
    I have taken Loan in April 2016 , At that time my annual income was over 6 lakhs , Can I apply to pmay , if yes how ? I spoke to bank and they said no, my income at the approval date should be below 6 lakhs

    1. yes you can definately apply. rejection of proposal in case of annual income arise only when it is below 3 lakhs.

  149. Dear Sir,
    I have an annual income of 2lacks only, I don’t have house
    I’m staying in a rented house
    How this scheme helps me to get benefited?

  150. Hi Sir,
    Last year i took a Home Loan of 29.00 Lakh from HDFC Under Subvention Plan (i have not paid any EMI till now)
    I also got PMAY subsidy of 2.35 Lakh. Now I want to close this Home loan by paying balance 26.65 Lakh, but bank says that i have to continue the loan for minimum 15/20 years (Original loan tenure 20 years) else PMAY subsidy will be reversed.
    is this true ? do i have to return Subsidy Amt 2.35 Lakh if i close my Home loan at this point of time ? Please reply.

  151. Hi sir, We purchased a flat in the name of my spouse. My Annual income is 2 lack only can i eligible loan for built a house.

  152. Hello sir, I have taken loan in the year 2016. Where my mother is co- owner. My annual income is 9.5 lacs p.a. . I am married guy pls let me know weather I will get Pmy subsidy

    1. Can u give me reason sir… I read somewhere an adult earning person is treated as separate family… and class Mig1 is not applicable here or what… or loan date is older…

  153. please can you send me the link..that where should i fill the form and where i get the information..please if you have any toll free numbers please send me

  154. Dear Basavaraj,

    We are a married couple and we don’t own any house in our name. We are planning to buy a new house now and we both are earning. My annual CTC is 16L and my spouse’s 3.18L.

    I am planning to get loan only in my name and the house will be registered to my name and my spouse will NOT be a co-applicant. Since our combined income is above 18L,
    Am I eligible for PMAY (MIG-2)? Please explain.

    From your post:
    “In case of a married couple, *either of the spouses* or both together in joint ownership will be eligible for a single house subject to income eligibility of the household under the scheme.”



  155. Dear Sir,

    I have a house in my village which is a gram panchayat, I am planning to purchase a house in city,will I be able to get PMAY scheme benefit.

    Please let me know.

  156. Dear Sir,
    My registration of flat in new construction is done on 26may 2015 but loan agreement with the lender is done on 26 aug 2015, M I eligible for PMAY?


  158. Dear Sir,

    I have taken a loan in July-2018, Can i apply for PMAY? Loan tenure is 10yrs.

    Please reply….

  159. Hi Sir,

    I am purchasing a resale flat of 943 sft, for 42 lakhs. I have applied for bank loan 30 lakhs. My current CTC is around 13 lakhs (If I remove non taxable amount such as PF,HRA, it will be around 9 lakhs). Please let me know to which category am I eligible? My Questions are 1. my income is more than 6 lakhs but area of flat is 943 sft. So, is it mandatory to meet area condition?
    2. What do they consider as total income , CTC or just non-taxable amount?
    3. How much amount will I get? If I qualify all other conditions.
    Please reply.. thanks

  160. Hii Sir
    I have taken loan for construction of my house in Jul 2014. Will I be eligible for PMAY ?(provided I m fulfilling other criteria)


  161. Hello sir,
    My gross income is 15lakh and wife’s is 5 lakh. I wish to avail clss fo self only. Will my household income be considered 15lakh(only my income) or 20lakh (income of both). Kindly clear, Thanks.

  162. bankers are not interested to give a support of eligible private employees for Economically Weaker Section scheme under PMAY. PM sir why are u started this schemes, this is not use for pvt peoples, sir pls focus on bankers, who can avoid this scheme & why.

  163. In PMAY, for the LIG category, the carpet area limit is 60 sq.m. But if I belong to the LIG group and want to buy a flat with the carpet area of 100 sq.m, will I get a subsidy?

      1. Please sir Read it carefully
        Then suggest me am i eligible or not
        Thank you
        Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme for EWS/LIG

        Beneficiaries of Economically Weaker section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) seeking housing loans from Banks, Housing Finance Companies and other such institutions would be eligible for an interest subsidy at the rate of 6.5% for a tenure of 20* years or during tenure of loan whichever is lower.

        The credit linked subsidy will be available only for loan amounts upto Rs 6 lakhs and additional loans beyond Rs. 6 lakhs, if any, will be at nonsubsidized rate. Credit linked subsidy would be available for housing loans availed for new construction and addition of rooms, kitchen, toilet etc. to existing dwellings as incremental housing. The carpet area of houses being constructed under this component of the mission should be upto 30 square metres and 60 square metres for EWS and LIG, respectively in order to avail of this credit linked subsidy. The beneficiary, at his/her discretion, can build a house of larger area but interest subvention would be limited to first Rs. 6 lakh only.

  164. Hello sir I have owned a flat and took loan in September 2015 from SBI. Sir I am falling under LIG. my all criteria are fulfilling only one thing is creating problem for subsidy is the ownership of the flat. Bank has told me that female ownership is must for subsidy..whereas in the same category for construction of house it is not mandatory. Sir please clarify why so. Is there any possibility to get the subsidy for a flat under LIG category without female ownership. If no then what are the alternatives please guide sir. I am very needy sir you are my last hope. Thank you sir.

  165. Sir, I have purchased a resale 3 BHK flat. My loan is amt is 10 Lac taken for 15 years, registered in name of my wife. My annual salary is below 4.50. Can i avail this PMAY Scheme.

  166. Hello Sir,
    I am falling in MIG 2 category.
    I am constructing my home on land which is owned by my mother. My mother already own one house. Please tell if I can apply for MIG 2 category as non out of me and my wife own any house on our name.


  167. Dear sir i want loan for home construction . my income is below 3 LAc and carprate area is 540 Squre feet . in my plot registery not have female ownership . can i am eligible for subsidy.

  168. Hello Sir, I have sanctioned loan against a property in 2013 but builder couldn’t given possession till date. Now I have applied for loan against other property, can I eligible for subsidy in PMAY

  169. Hi Sir,
    My property agreement was done on march 2018 and I was unmarried then. So I added my mother as co-owner of the property. Now I’m married. But in my loan application, my mother is co-applicant.
    My father has house and I’m first time home buyer.
    Now, what should I do? Remove my mother from property agreement and include my wife (Which is not ethical obviously :))? And same for loan?
    Note: Wife is not earning…I’m only earning member.
    Or any other way to avail PMAY?
    Or just include my wife name along with mother in property agreement will be okay?

  170. The name of my husband is given in ancestral non sailable land of Jharkhand state. May I eligible for such scheme in urban area?

  171. Hi Sir,
    I have one own house , I am planning to buy one more house for my mother she didn’t have any home nor his husband( ie my father) I’ll be co applicant for new house. I fall under MIG 2 , are we eligible for getting PMAY subsidy

    1. Sir i have applied for housing loan from lic in my name i.e only by considering my income ..it is an ready to move property only but lic person suggested to apply loan like 1st buying land and doing construction on that land.when i enquired about pmay they are teling that iam not eligible for int subsidy benefit..kindly advice is iam eligible or not ..my annual income is 11 lakhs

  172. “Special loan offers of banks like SBI MaxGain will not be eligible for this scheme.”
    I guess this needs citation. I have seen people having SBI MAXGain loan, are beneficiary of the PMAY.

  173. Could guide me for these questions: –
    1) Property me wife ka naam jaroori hai kya?, agar koi married man apne naam par loan lekar ghar kharide to subsidy nahi le sakta?
    2) JIske paas refrigerator hai usko loan subsidy nahi milegi ? (ye rejection excuse maine ek article me pada tha)
    3) Subsidy ke liye kab apply karna hai, Loan apply karte waqt or jab loan le chuke ho? or registry ke waqt?
    4) Is Yojna me loan dene wala bank hamara naam PMAY me apply karega or hum apna naam Yojana me khud apply karke bank ko inform kare.
    5) Agar loan freehold property par liya ho to hum PMAY me apply kar sakte hai?

    Mai apne baare me apko bata du, mai ek private job karta hu, meri
    annual salary 3 lakh se 6 lakh ke bich hai, aur ek ghar kharine ja raha hu,
    jo ki (45 gaj) freehold property par bana hai, isse “GIC housing”
    dwara loan provide hai, mai married hu aur mere naam par koi property
    nahi hai, to kya mai PMAY ke liye mai eligibla hu?

      1. Thanks for guiding me….. Last question still pending…. about my self…..
        Is am i eligible for PMAY….?
        because bank did not give any commitment for this.

  174. Hii sir,
    I am from Karnataka proper but i am working in Maharashtra pune from 9 year, my adhar card is Karnataka.
    So can we eligible for Mhada schem?

  175. Hi sir,

    I am taking a property under joint ownership with my wife and our net taxable income is more than 18lakhs combined but not individually.

    Is it possible to claim pmay subsidy under MIG-II category considering income of only 1 person.

  176. Hi Basavaraj

    If a family income is more than 18.

    And if they are buying a house only on husband or wife name.(as individual they are earning less than 18)

    Then they will be eligible for pradhan mantri awas yojna or not?

      1. hi Sir, I’m also in this scenario, are you sure that income of the person is considered and not the family. In the case where the property is registered on husband/wife name and they apply for pmay and it falls less than 18L.

  177. Dear

    if carpet area and income not match so which category are eligible for pmay, which is lower or which is higher

  178. Hi Basavaraj,

    I read your article it is very useful. So far I didn`t find such a detailed article on PMAY.
    I’m married and my wife is also working. We are planning to buy our FIRST home jointly with home loan (will apply Rs. 45L loan in Apr/May – 2019).
    Both of us CTC for F.Y 2018-19 was Rs.21.65L (before applying Rs. 306K HRA deduction and standered deduction of Rs.80K – for both) but if we apply the said deductions our annual income would be Rs.17.78L.
    Now my banker is asking our payslips not ITR, our Mar`19 payslips were showing Rs.20.85L as annual income since we haven`t submitted our rental expenses (HRA benifit).

    For F.Y 2019-20, CTC for both us will be Rs.22.6L. As you mentioned in your article (“Total deduction from Gross income, including proposed EMI on Home Loan”) can we claim proposed EMI as deduction u/s 24 of IT act, 1961 from our CTC ?
    If we can claim proposed EMI as deduction (Rs.2L each) and standered deduction (Rs.40K each) our annual income would be Rs.17.8L.

    Except above we are meeting all conditions in MIG-II.

    My questions are:
    1. Which financial year income will be considerd in PMAY scheme ? (I am apllying loan in F.Y 2019-20)
    2. Since my FORM 16 for F.Y 2018-19 is not available, can ITR be the proof of Annaul Financial Income ?
    3. Are we eligible for PMAY scheme ?

      1. I also had a similar query.
        My taxable income is less than 18lpa, but not my gross income.
        All other criterias meet.
        Am i eligible for PMAY?

          1. HI Basavaraj ,
            Can you please help me understand the “Annual Income” term, Based on Form-16, does it mean the Gross Salary( Includes HRA and other Tax free components as well) or Gross Total Income ( after deducting “Amount exempt u/s 10” and Professional Tax )

  179. I already own a home in my name and now my husband wants to buy a property in his name, first time. He is not a co-owner in my property. Will he be eligible for PMAY ?

      1. Hi sir, I have buyed a flat in march-2016 and my mother is the co-applicant my loan was for 10lakhs at DHFL, also my income is 3.7lakhs per annum am I eligible for the PMAY, I applied for it but no reply.iam from hyderabad.

  180. Hi Basavaraj,

    You mention this facility is not available on SBI Maxgain.
    But the sbi site (https://homeloans.sbi/pmay)
    mentions a point
    * Home Loan under this scheme will be available by way of Term loan and Maxgain (for loan limits of Rs. 20 lakh and above) with a maximum tenor of 30 years. However, subsidy is available for a maximum tenor of 20 years only.*
    Please clarify, what is correct.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi,
      I am ritesh
      my loan amount is 40 lack & for 30 year with SBI Maxgain.
      can we use benefits of Prdhan Mantry awas yojna.

  181. Hi, my husband sold own house and buy new house and take home loan also of Rs. 6 lakh. so we can eligible for PMAY???

  182. Dear sir,
    I have loan of rs 11 lack and property is on the name of my father and he is the coapplicant with me for loan. This is our first house and loan taken from private financial institutions and taken loan and construction permissions after 2016.
    Can I get the benefit of this as there is no women is involved in this transactions. That financial institute is denying me for this pmay scheme.
    Where I can get the detailed information or provide me if is there any contact no

    Thanks in advance

  183. Hello sir,

    My income is less than 6 lakhs but more than 3 lakhs…the house I want to buy is 85 sq mts. Am I eligible for Subsidy? Loan amount is 6 lakhs

  184. Hi Sir , i got loan approval/ sanction message on Aug 2016.

    but agreement and loan disbursed in aug 2016, am i eligible for PMAY.

    my family income is 600014 rs Lacs , last 6 month before try . rejected because after jan 2017 loan disbursed only eligible now any changes to date

  185. Dear sir,

    I have taken loan in 2015 ynder play scheme.

    But due to some uncircumstances my loan accounts goes in default.
    And bank says to me that subcidy not credit in your account because default.

    Othey says that when outstanding will create subcidy will credit in your account.

    Am I still eligible for pmay?

      1. Why not Basavraj sir bankers income is also coming under mig I or mig II.
        All other conditions are also getting satisfied. N also staff housing loan is the concession given by employer to his employee
        Hence Staff housing loan should not be considered as subsidy.

        Pls correct me if I m wrong

  186. Hi Sir , i got loan approval/ sanction message on 31st December 2016.

    but agreement and loan disbursed in Feb 2017 , am i eligible for PMAY.

    Before that i had agriculture land on my name in village and my salary is 10 Lacs , i bought flat in banglore 1230 sqft.

  187. Hello sir,

    Is it possible to get benefits of PMAY if I keep my mother’s name as Co-Applicant in loan agreement and just my name in flat agreement?

    Mom holding one flat on her name. However, I’m earning and not owning any home.

  188. Hello sir,
    I don’t have any house in my or my family’s name, however I am a co borrower in home loan of my brother. I am planning to buy a resale flat. Shall I be eligible for PMAY?

  189. Hi Sir,

    I have only one own apartment which I took thru home loan in 2010 and still paying the loan. Now I am going to sell it this month and planning to buy a new apartment after the old apartment is sold out. Will I be eligible for PMAY when I am buying a new apartment.

    I will buy new apartment only after selling the new one.

  190. Hello Sir,
    My Loan approved is 28Lac on Dec,2016 but actually loan taken is15 Lac and processing fees paid only for 15 Lac on May,2017. Note : As I said, in the month of May,2017, I amended Loan amount from 28 lac to 15 lac and also added my father name as co applicant then
    Please advise me which date will be considered as loan approved date.
    If my income exceed 6Lac
    Am I eligible for pmay.
    Please advise

  191. Hello Basavaraj,

    My father & me have applied for a joint home loan. I am married. Both we & our wife’s have not own a pucca house in any parts of the country.
    Question 1) So My question is, Am I eligible for PMAY?
    Question 2) As our total income is more than 1 Lakh/ month So we have fall in the CLSS (MIG-II) Scheme, Right?
    Question 3) Father & married son’s as joint home loan is applicable for PMAY?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I am not getting clear thats why I have asked you a particular question regarding this. Please help / guide me on this.

        Father & married son’s as joint home loan is applicable for PMAY?

  192. Sir me / my family did not have any home / home loan yet. I am single now. Bank executive suggest me to add my mothers name as a co applicant to avail the benefit of PMAY. Is this possible?

  193. Dear Sir,

    CLSS category: MIG-1
    Property purchased: June 2017
    Property owners: Myself and Mother (Both do not had property earlier)

    I separated from my wife from August 2016 and divorced in February 2018. In this situation, I made my mother as a co-owner in purchased property (No spouse and children). While applying for CLSS, my bank told me that I am not eligible, as my father owns a house without any more clarification.

    I kindly request you to explain me, do I ineligible to CLSS in this situation?

    Thank you

  194. Sir, I purchased flat without any loan in 2011 (Before marriage) and sold it in Feb 2019. Although it got registered under my name in 2017 (after my marriage) and we sold it and get it de-registered in Feb 2019. Now me and my husband have neither any loans nor any pukka house in our name. Sir, So can we now apply for home loan with PMAY benefits?

  195. Sir i am unmarried and my father have property on his can i apply for new property with my mother for pmy

  196. Hello,

    How the annual total household income will be calculated? Is it a taxable income or gross income or net income if both husband and wife are working?

    As per scheme rules, we are meeting all of them except income if we consider gross salary.
    If it is net salary what deductions are to be considered so that we can confirm whether we are eligible as per income criteria or not.

    How to calculate from Form 16 or ITR?

    If I get my loan today and the registration happens in this month, how the income is to be calculated for this year as form-16 will not be available for this year.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  197. Hello sir,

    I have taken home loan of 25L on December 2018. I am falling under mig2. Home taken at gram panchat and loan tenure kept for 15 yrs. Am I eligible for PMAY. Please advise.

    Thank you,

  198. Sir, I have taken loan for 25 years in July 2017 can I get pmay scheme and last date for apply this.

  199. My self and brother name having property of builded house which is belongs to my father ..and mortgage loan going on that property..is if i buy new home can i get subsidy??or for repairiing home can i get subsidy?

  200. Hii Sir,
    An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household and can avail subsidy independently.

    Is this statement applicable TO EWS LIG,
    OR this is applicable for MIG CATAGORY only

    because HDFC added after this statement ” for MIG category”

  201. Hi Sir me and my husband is getting one apartment which belongs to Gram Punchayat so we are taking personal loan to pay the house amount because these property are not applicable for home loan and our annual income is 9lac please let me know will I eligible for this subsidy.

      1. Will I be eligible for the PMAY scheme for my new housing loan if my father as a co-applicant for my home loan?
        i and my wife owns 100% of the new property (for which home loan applied), and my father just a co-applicant
        (my father already a owner of hosue).

  202. Dear Sir,
    My yearly income is 11,70,000/-. And my wifes yearly income is 7,80,000.
    My self or my wife is eligible for PMAY? If no than my wife individually can be eligible for PMAY?

  203. Dear Sir,
    My loan sanctioned on jointly (wife) .But I registered sale deed only my name. Now how to proceed to get the PMAY eligibility for LIG. (as per my annual income I fall under lig). Thank you.

          1. Sir ,
            I registered flat in November 2018 on my name .At the time of registration our banker not informed that it is mandatory to make joint ownership for PMAY – LiG. Now if I want to avail the subsidy how to make the deed on joint ownership? If I make 50% gift deed on my wife name that Will be sufficient to proceed. Thank you.

            1. Dear Vennu,
              Regarding ownership transfer, better you interact with lawyer. Because it is hard for me to guide anything blindly on the rules of your particular state and the cost involved in that.

  204. Hi

    Is the PMAY subsidy for mig 1 depends on location? I mean if the house will be constructed in village area, is that eligible for Pmay? Do I need to check whether my location is covered under this scheme?

    1. Dear Prakash,
      Yes. Please read above lines “Location of the property should fall under all statutory towns as per 2011 census and or adjacent planning area (updated by government time to time).”.

  205. Respected sir, you said that “The property should be co-owned by a female member of the family. However, this condition will not be made mandatory in cases of construction of house on an existing plot or extension/renovation of existing Kuccha/Semi-pucca house.”
    show me the correct source where U find this. I want to show bankers. They said it is wrong.

  206. Dear sir,my loan sanction date was 05-02-2015 but registration date 07-08-2015.as official the flat transfer my name on dated 07-08-2015.
    so can i apply for that cash. please suggest.


  208. Sir,
    I registered sale deed only my name. But taken loan jointly as co applicant (wife has no income). My Annual income is 5.8L .Am eligible for LIG?

      1. Thank you Sir,
        I registered sale deed only my name. But taken loan on co applicant (wife). Annual income is 5.8L .Am eligible for LIG?

      2. Hello,
        I have same case wherein my gross salary income 6.1L however my net salary 5.8L. but banker is considering my gross salary

  209. Hi sir,

    I have taken a house loan of 20l…in May2018. Now construction was completed. Loan tenure is 30 yrs. PMAY scheme is applicable for Gram panchayat or not

          1. Loan sanctioned on 4th Dec 2016, Rs 28,00,000/-
            Home agreement done on 23Jan 2017
            Actual Loan taken is Rs 15,00,000/- on May 2017.
            Gross Income for FY 2015-2016 is Rs 526000/- and Gross Income for FY 2016-2017 is Rs 604000/- and Gross Income for FY 2017-2018 is Rs 638000/-
            Is it eligible for PMAY
            Please Advise.
            If yes, then which category LIG, MIG 1

  210. Hi sir,

    I have taken a house loan of 60l…in Feb 2018…still construction is going on…. Loan tenure is 30 yrs…. Im I eligible for pmay scheme… As I enquired bank manager they said loan amt should be less than 30l…for eligibility… Please clarify my doubt

  211. Dear sir,
    I have purchased property and home loan sanctioned 30/05/2016 but my home loan is not booked under PMAY scheme so I am eligible for subsidy other wise suggest now what to do for PMAY subsidy

  212. Dear sir, I have a home with joint account with my elder brother and my brother name is first and mine is second. Now if i sold it to my brother and remove my name by preparing new registration. Than will i be eligible for pmay subsidy?

  213. Hello sir
    I am Prabhu .I was planned to construct a new house about 2700sqft in our village it was under village panchayat .I need a loan for 35lakh.if I pay the loan in 30 years can I eligible for the pmay scheme.

  214. Sir, I purchased flat with home loan in 2010, with co-owner my wife and sold in 2013 , again I purchased flat with home loan in 2013 & sold in 2018 , now I don’t have any pakka home on my home (my father have home on his name) so at current stage I don’t have any home or any loan can I avail subsidy loan

  215. I’m 25 yrs unmarried and salaried with 5Lakhs annual income and my father has agricultural income of 5Lakhs. Will i be under MIG 1 category or LIG?

  216. When was the last date to apply for PMAY under MIG 1
    I see some sites show it March 31, 2019 and others March 31, 2020 which is correct

  217. Hi Sir,
    I am employee of private sector construction company. I am planning for home loan. I am getting income around Rs 20 L. Am I eligible for PMAY scheme. please clarify.

  218. Hi Basavaraj,

    I’ve taken loan from Canfin Homes(Canara Bank). I’m 25years old male and the property(1100 sqft flat) is registered only on my name.
    But in the loan my mother is co-application. Anyways, me or my mother(working) do not hold any property(father expired) .

    For consideration of family income, will it be mine alone or my mothers would be considered ?

  219. Hello Sir,
    Me(Applicant) and my Dad (Co Applicant have Jointly applied for a home loan at SBI for our First Home
    My Per annum Salary is 9 Lacs
    And my Dad per annum salary is 12 Lacs.

    Can we avail for PMAY scheme??

    Not Sure if my Dad salary is going to get added to my Family income or not

  220. Hello sir,
    I bought already build house (14 years old) on 04/02/2019 with 720 Sqft rcc roof and 150 Sqft asbestos roof.
    I need to reconstruct asbestos roof to rcc roof.
    So I will go for bank loan.
    My annual income is 10 L.
    I and my family members does not have any house other than this house.
    Is I am eligible for PMAY ?

  221. Sir,
    i have taken home loan in july-2017 from tata capital with my mother as co applicant for new flat. agent told me that i am eligible for PMAY. but during documentation he used my father named light bill as resident proof. my father having a property in joint with his brother and sister where three family staying in same house. now bank denying for subcidy. kindly guide me.

  222. Dear Sir,

    I have took housing loan for construction on Sep 2016 for construction. of about 18 L with 20 years tenure in LIC HFL this is the first loan in family whether I’m eligible for the PMAY?

  223. I’m single right now & salaried.
    Whenever I get married, can I add my wife’s name in the loan scheme & get subsidy? Please suggest.

  224. Sir,
    I have only 1 house(flat) which i have purchased in 2014 (registered aug 2014).
    I got possession in mar 2015.
    I taken a loan of 34 lacs for it which is still going on.
    If I take a second loan of around 12 lacs for renovation of the same flat will I be eligible for the PMAY(MIG II)?

  225. My brother(married with child) owns a house that he got on his own income.I feel my parents to be homeless. Are they eligible for PMAY?

  226. i m 1st applicant and my mom is second Applicant in loan ,i bought new home .i Added my mom name in Property as Co-owner
    my dad have own house in Village ..can we eligible for subsidy scheme

  227. Hi,
    I got a sanctioned in year of 2013 and same loan transferred in year of 2018 can we eligible for subsidy scheme

  228. I have availed a Housing Loan from SBI with no co applicants. My loan was sanctioned on Jan 2017. I haven’t availed the PMAY subsidy yet. If i transfer the existing loan to another bank ,can i avail the PMAY subsidy. If so do i need a co applicant to avail the subsidy?

  229. Hello,

    Thanks for the efforts in writing this article. I have doubt.
    Dad’s Income (Salary): 1.54L
    Dad’s Income (Other’s): 2.46L
    My Income (Salary): 3L

    We’ve bought a flat by taking a loan of 26.6L stating me as applicant & dad being co-applicant and I’m unmarried. My loan is sanctioned in May 2018. Now, there is no female owner. Loan & House is registered on myself & dad. But, we are now living in the property which was inherited by not yet registered on my dad’s name. It is still on my great grand father’s name.
    So, can I apply for PMAY under MIG-I? If yes, till when I can apply for that? Is there any last date?

  230. Hi,

    My parents are no more. But their property transferred to my name as i am the heir (only son of them).
    1 property was not pucca house which is Broken by rain, it was in name of my father.
    2nd property is pucca house, it was in name of my mother.
    the above properties in Punjab state. I seek benefit of PMAY in Noida due to job.
    So, should i eligible? or any alternative pl suggest

      1. But I as independent with my household family (Spouse & Child) have no own built property i got it from my mother’s income.
        I also want to built on my own for me !
        Your suggestions pl.

  231. Dear Sir,
    I have taken one flat in Mumbai in the year 2012 and now that flat I have sold out to other purchaser and loan also closed now . There is no property in my name . I am planning to take property in RESALE whose loan is going on with other bank i.e Balance Transfer case . Shall I eligible for PMAY scheme . OR

    Shall I ask purchaser to close his existing loan from his own funds and obtain property papers from them .So that it will be a fresh case with non BT case .Then i am eligible for PMAY scheme? Pls provide your valuable response for my deal ..Thanks

  232. Hi,
    me and my husband are planning to buy a new property in urban area and from income perspective he seems to be eligible for MIG II as he doesn’t own any property in his name.
    My question is- I already have a property in my name before marriage for which i am paying loan so if in the new property my husband and my mother in law are co-applicant – is he eligible for PMAY?

  233. hi sir my self and my wife and my brother and his wife name in aggrement so we are eligible for pradhan mantri avas yojna ?

  234. Hello sir,
    My annual income is 3 lakhs.
    Want to place my mother’s name in ownership.
    Interest will be payed by me but have work experience less than 2 years.
    Family consists of mother and father and I m their single child.
    Is PMAY applicable to me?

  235. Hi Sir,

    My self Swapnil Shelar. I have taken home loan in December 2014 with my brother. My brother is co-applicant and co-owner of the flat. (Loan reflecting in CIBIL)

    Now my brother (married) wants to purchase a new flat in my mother name.

    My question is :
    If my mother (no income) purchase a new flat in her single name and I will add my brother as a co-applicant in loan for income criteria.

    Can he get benefit of PMAY ?

    If not, then kindly let me know the other options to avail the PMAY benefit.

    Thanks in advance Sir.

  236. Hi sir, took a home loan with my mother in 2014 and loan is still running. Is it possible to get the subsidy..and how?

  237. Hi Sir, i dont have any houses in my name.. I am planning to build new house with four portions within the carpet area mentioned in pmay. Am i eligible for PMAY scheme?

  238. I sell my old flat which was purched in 2011 and clear my home loan, now i am palning to buy new flat , Am i eligilble for PM Awas Yojana?

  239. Hi my salary is gross 5.84 lakhs and I am adding my mom as Co applicant but my father has a house in his name m I eligible

  240. I am a female, and have a property in 35% share from father’s will, 65% share to my sibling. I am going to purchase a flat elsewhere self owner only , am i eligible for pmay loan subsidy.

  241. Hello
    i am looking for buy home.ownership name me and my wife and younger brother.he is not married.and annual income 6 lacs.
    Whether i am eligble for pmay subsidy or not.

      1. Hello sir
        Itz is mandetory to wife name i mean itz compulsory put one female name?
        Agreement flat name two brother will get pmay subsidy or not.

  242. I have purchased a flat which is under construction, loan has been partially disbursed. Do iam eligible for pmay scheme.

  243. Hi Sir My name is Dilawar and serving in Army. I have a plot of 1400 sq ft on my name in Dinanagar city punjab. I want to construct my own house on it. Earlier there is no house on my name. My gross annual salary is aporox 5 lakh. Am I entitled for PMAY loan

  244. Hi Sir,

    I am from Kanpur. My Gross income is 6.04 Lakhs and Net Income is 5.81 Lakh.
    Took a home loan from HDFC. My wife is the Co-applicant .
    House has a carpet area of 1000Sqft. Loan approved in May 2018.
    Please suggest me if I would be eligible for PMAY subsidy and in what Category.

  245. What if I have purchased a house in June 18 and co buyer went abroad on July 18, now salary received outside india will be considered under the PmAY eligibity criteria ?

  246. Hi, I am unmarried female with salary upto 9 Lakh and living in bangalore. But i want to build small house in rural area in my hometown. My relative is giving small piece of agricultural land for me to build house.

    1) As I am working professional, is it possible to buy the land in my name?
    2) under which category I will be able to apply for house loan and get subsidy?
    3) if I cant buy that land, can I buy that land with joint account of my mother & me then apply for loan?

    Note: My mother doesn’t have any income and dependant on me.

      1. I am not sure if i have misunderstood about agricultural land. In my home town we do have home and farming land together. So people build house in the farm land. I meant this.

  247. Hello Sir,
    My Name is Mahesh from Mumbai. I am Married and My co-Applicant is my mother. so can I eligible to acquire PMAY subsidy?
    Please help.
    Thank you

      1. I am eligible for all other criteria. my question is
        At the time of home loan I am married and co-applicant is my Mother.
        can I eligible for PMAY subsidy?

  248. Hi Sir,
    Greetings for the day.

    I am from Hyderabad. My annual income is 6.5 Lakhs.
    Took a home loan from ICICI. My wife is the applicant and I am co-applicant.
    House has a carpet area of 2000Sqft. Loan approved in April 2018.
    Please suggest me if I would be eligible for PMAY subsidy.

  249. Dear Sir,
    I have taken home loan in 2016. I come under MIG-II category.
    Am I eligible for PMAY?
    Thanks in advance

  250. Dear Sir,

    I have taken loan for my site 3 years back from LICHFL (for only site and not Housing Loan) and recently I have booked under construction flat and got housing loan from HDFC. I will come onder MIGII category. But HDFC says I am not eligible for PMAY, as I have site on my name.

    As per PMAY eligibility T&C , it only mentioned that there shouldn’t be any pukka house on any of the family member name but nowhere they have mentioned about site. Kindly clarify if I am eligible for PMAY Scheme.


  251. dear sir,
    i have purchased a under construction flat in credit linked subsidy PMAY,
    now i have received the amount in my loan account. I will get the possession of flat in Nov. 2019. Now if i want to sell the property before taking the possession because of my job transfer then hows its possible to sell ?

  252. I am co-applicant in my mother’s home loan taken in 2013 and paying EMI on the behalf of her. So loan reflects in my CIBIL also but the property is in my mother’s name and she lived there independently.

    I don’t have any property in my name anywhere in India and my wife purchased her first property in Feb 2017. Now my wife taken home loan to build house on her property and i am also co applicant in my wife’s home loan.

    So my query is my wife eligible for PMAY scheme on above mentioned condition or situation.

  253. Hi sir….

    I have purchase 1bhk flat and I am unmarried

    in my case I have joint my dad as a financial supporter for home loan and my loan tenure is 12 years so can I eligible for PMAY Sceam?

  254. Hi Sir,

    Should I change to my loan tenure to 20 years. My home loan application is approved with 30 years but yet to disburse. I fall under MIG-2

  255. Dear Sir,
    I wanted to purchase home as my salary is below 6lac, I’m unmarried, living as bachelor at metropolitan City. I wanted to give coapplicant my mother. Am i eligible as separate family? One room is in the name of My grand father but now transferring in the name of my father. Am I eligible for PMAY with my mothers name?

  256. Hi sir, I taken flat in the year 2014 registration done but still I didn’t receive. After that I taken new flat in this year. Kindly suggest can I get PMAY yojana

  257. Hello Basavaraj ji,
    Me and my brother together purchased a new 3 bhk flat. Here my brother is co-applicant. Are we eligible for PM Awas yojna?

      1. Ok, but m getting message from HDFC bank (my loan bank) that I am eligible for CLSS. Can you please elaborate why do we not eligible?

      1. Sir
        Aggrement karte samay me kiska name first dalu mera ya mere misses ka bcz
        Loan par me applicant Hu and my misses Co applicant

  258. I purchased 1bhk flat, at the time of aggrement , whose name is first my name or my misses name. And for getting subsidy whose name is first

  259. Sir I m purchasing 3bhk flat along with my brother. The agreement is in my brother’s name and myself. I m married. He is single. Am I eligible for PMAY scheme.?

      1. Thanks Sir. If the agreement is in my name and my brother’s name and I m claiming subsidy but not my brother. Is it valid?

  260. MY SBI max gain loan got approved in May 2016 & property registered in my name only (no female co-applicant).My income is in range 6L to 12L.
    Kindly inform how can i get benefits under PMAY.

  261. I have availed PMAY benefit from PNBHFL. My question is can I transfer my home loan to another bank after availing the PMAY?
    Will there be any effect on subsidy which I received from PMAY.

  262. Sir,
    I request some clarification on PMAY(Urban).I am not an BPL (White Ration Card) Holder and land is registered on my wife name and it is located in Gramin area,but it is close quarters to municipality.

    Hence, it is requested to kindly clarify whether i am eligible for PMAY(Urban) as i am planing to construct a individual house at that above mentioned land.

      1. Sir,
        My annual income is below 6 Lakhs and I am in the slab of CLSS – LIG. For this statutory towns is required. But, my land surrounding the statutory town.
        I approached SBI for home loan they said that you will get subsidy in the slab of CLSS-LIG.

      2. Sir,
        My annual income is below 6 Lakhs and I am in the slab of CLSS – LIG. For this statutory towns is required. But, my land surrounding the statutory town.
        I approached SBI for home loan they said that you will get subsidy in the slab of CLSS-LIG.

  263. Hi, I am a salaried person with ctc above 18L in my current organization. In my previous organization it was much below 18L. If we take median of both CTCs it comes below 18L. Will I be eligible for this subsidy?

  264. Hi Sir, my income falls under LIG and my husband’s income crosses the upper limit of MIG. Can I get the subsidy in case I apply for home loan alone?

  265. Dear Raj..I have purchased a flat in the month of March 2016 with the help of DHFL. I got to know from DHFL that my pmay application rejected because I am not satisfying income limitations. First of all i haven’t applied for PMAY. When I called customer service to check my eligibility they said like that.
    My salary at the time of purchase 11 lakhs PA. loan granted for 24 lakhs. Tenure is 25 years, Area 1185 Sft. I am from Hyderabad.

  266. Me and my brother purchase a property in joint name and we don’t have any property. Whether we are eligible for this PMAY scheme

  267. Dear Mr. Basavraj ,
    Thank you for this informative article .
    I have a housing loan of nearly 45 Lacs for 20 years . My CTC now is nearly 19 lacs per annum . But at the time of Loan sanction it was around 13 lacs per annum in June 2017 . My Mother is a co owner in this property . Are we eligible for PMAY . our house is nearly 85 sq.m carpet area .
    Regards ,

  268. Hello,

    -My father has a Kacha Makan in Nagpur and want to sell this house and purchase resale Pakka Makan ta same city
    -Resale Pakka Makan purchase by my mother name
    -Me & my wife total annual income is around 9.5 lacs.
    -Loan taken by me & my wife so whether I can apply for PMAY scheme.
    In which category we can own mig 1 or 2 and location can be takes as Nagpur ???

      1. Thank you
        but Repco home finance executive says that this PMAY scheme is closed.
        If Repco is not ready to provide and avail this scheme through bank then can we avail or apply for this scheme by our own and how. can you tell the procedure for the same.

          1. In this scenario what you suggest
            House purchase by my mother and my wife name
            or me & my wife name to get PMAY scheme benefit

  269. I am taken loan from LIC HFL for purchase of a flat inthe month of Feb.2016. Whether I am eligible for above mentioned PMAY subsidy.

      1. Hi Sir,
        In 2014, my mother transferred a house in the form of gift deed on my name. So, Am i eligible for PMAY if i purchase a new house on my name.
        Durga Prasad

  270. Hi Sir your explanation Is really good..but I have a doubt that scheme says you should not be owner of pucca house, but I am having a housing loan in my name where I am main applicant for housing loan and the property is in name of my grandfather..but we are taken as applicants for fulfilling income criteria..

  271. if i government employee (transport department) can apply and city limit means vandalur area is eligible or not.

  272. Sir i am abhishek i purchased a house in chhindwara m. p sir i have taken loan from dhfl. Sir I have one negative account of credit card so am I eligible for PM SUBSIDY??

  273. Hi,
    The article has explained PMAY policy very clean and precisely. Thanks for this explaination. I wanted to query regarding when can an individual apply for this subsidy (with reference to under construction property)? I mean to ask, post first demand disbursement of loan, OR only after the entire loan has been disbursed and 100% construction done, OR other stage?

  274. Hello,

    My father in law has a pucca house in Karamsad anand only so whether I can apply for play scheme.
    Me n my husband total annual income is around 7.5 lacs.
    In which category we can own mig 1 or 2 and location can be takes as anand ???

  275. hii sir thanks for the information
    sir i am a student and my father is a farmer.my mother is house keeper.thd land for house construction is under my name.i have a four acre piece of land for agriculture .i applied for home loan with my agricultural income as a proof of income source ,am i eligible for PMAY with these conditions

  276. Hi Sir,

    Me and Husband are planning to buy new home on me becoming first owner. But my husband is already a co-owner in other home which he bought along with his brother and Sister in law. Will we be able to PMAY benefits?

  277. Hello sir,

    I have gone through the above article and I have a a doubt regarding the same. Request you to clarify on the same.

    I am a married man. We purchased a property size ~800 sq ft in July 2018. It is registered only in my wife’s name. Her package before any deductions is 13L pa. My wife’s and my cumulative income pa is > 18L. Neither of us or my parents have any other property registered in our name anywhere in India.

    Is my wife eligible for subsidy under category MIG-I or MIG-II ? As per the article, as far as I could interpret, my wife can be treated as a separate household in order to claim subsidy irrespective of our total income or her marital status. Or is the total household income always considered for providing subsidy?

    I am quoting from the article. Please clarify if I have interpreted correctly or not.

    “An adult earning member (irrespective of marital status) can be treated as a separate household and can avail subsidy independently.”

    “In case of a married couple, either of the spouses or both together in joint ownership will be eligible for a single house subject to income eligibility of the household under the scheme.”

    These two statements seemed to be contradictory to me.

    1. Dear Pratik,
      It is the owner of the property whose income matters. Regarding statements, the first statement is related to the property where ownership is individual and second for joint ownership.

      1. Thanks sir. So are we eligible to apply for PMAY subsidy based on my wife’s income and irrespective of our joint income? The bank says that its the total household income(my wife and me in this case) that is considered which in our case is > 18L. Hence my wife / we are not elegible for subsidy.

  278. resp sir i taken home loan from HDFC & reccived subsidy Rs. 2.67 last year but i want to tranfer my loan from HDFC to Bajaj housing finance , there is any problem regarding subsidy does it revert or no issue while transfering loan

  279. Sir, my home loan was sanctioned in dec 2016 and first EMI started on the same month. Am I right in assuming that I’m not eligible. Other than this I fulfill all criteria

  280. Hi sir i m jeet Chauhan i take home loan From axis bank and i not mention my mom s name in form so can i get subsidy……? It’s compulsory to mention a women s name and I am also unmarried so can I get subsidy…..?

  281. sir,
    I own a flat which is on a lease with Allahabad Development Authority Allahabad.
    May I not be consider for CLSS?
    Someone tells that flat doesnot own land so it can be considered for CLSS.

  282. dear sir,my parents in reside in our native has kaccha house, I have a brother my father is farmer (68 year old) mother is house wife, my brother is farmer (40 years old divorced) they want to build the existing kaccha house, whether they are eligible for PMAY

  283. Dear sir my sisterinlaw is planning to buy a flat my fatherinlaw and motherinlaw both are passed the way. She is Single unmarried, and not having any house on her name, my wife will be co-owner in this property and we are also not having any property on our name. So should they eligible for subsidi. Loan repayment period we select 15 years

  284. I am state government employee my annual income 850000/- sanctioned home loan private bank rs.2900000 now . and I bought a Flat with home loan in 2014 but sold with in construction time….am i eligible PMAY Benifits

  285. Dear Sir,
    Can I avail this yojna. I am buying new flat, I am keeping ownership of my name and my mom. We don’t have any property registered in our both names. Loan will be taken under my name for home. I am married.can I avail this yojna by keeping my mom name too in property.
    Thank you

  286. Sir, I want to avail this benefits of Pradhamantri Awas yojana, but I have no Idea as to whom should I contact or to meet regarding this.

    Can you please guide me how to apply for this benefits?

  287. Hi sir , My gross salary for FY 2017_18 is 20.3 lpa in FORM 16( 15.3 salary + 5 lpa special bonus for only one year). Will i be eligble for PMAY subsidy? Also how do they calculate the income? is it from Form 16?

  288. Hello sir,

    I have purchased the first home. I have added my mother as nominee in agreement, because I am un- married.
    I am coming under MIG1 category. My father have own house on their name.
    Can I eligible for PMAY.


  289. Hi
    My sister is divorcee. I am planning to acquire a property jointly, where she will be first owner followed by me. I already own a property. My sister falls under MIG-1. Will this transaction be eligible for PMAY.
    Prashant T

  290. I have purchase a house its our 1st house. My Dad is on pension from the state govt. and i am salaried in pvt organization. We together has purchased the house. Are we eligible for PMAY. ? Is my fathers income( pension) will be consider for PMAY eligibility alaong with mine. If i club both of our salary we fall under in MIG-1 Catagory. Please suggest.

  291. Sir,I am female/divorced and I don’t own any property till now.i come under MIG 1.i have 1 daughter to look after.70%loan is sanctioned from BOI.
    Am I eligible?

  292. I am unmarried & my mother is widow .if we jointly aplay for home lone ,we are eligible for pmay scheme.

  293. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am a female, age 26years. I bought an apartment 6 months back, I wanted to apply for PMAY. I fall under LIG, the total area of my flat is 1124 sq/ft, not sure what will be the carpet area. My parents own a house, since the don’t stay with them will I be eligible to apply for PMAY..?

    Kindly reply.. I inquired about this yesterday also but unfortunately I am not seeing my comment in your blog so I m not sure if you have already replied. Kindly let me know if I am eligible to apply for PMAY..

  294. Sir my father bought a plot when I was a kid and recently he got demised . Now can we apply for this pmay scheme to build a home. I recently completed my studies and in job search, my brother is alone working and earns 22k per month are we eligible for this scheme. Please let me know

  295. I have purchased plot in 2011, now I have to purchase a flat, do I am eligible for PMAY scheme.
    According to PMAY, buyer should not own a pucca house. But the bank from which I am taking loan are saying that you are not eligible for subsidy under PMAY as you own a plot under your name.please guide.

  296. Hello Sir,

    If an PMAY eligible applicant buys 2 properties in the same month and so applies for PMAY subsidy for above one property. So will he get the subsidy on one property or he won’t. Please explain

  297. Hi,
    My CIBIL score is 692, Will I be eligible to take house loan of 10 lakhs? Can you please share the details of minimum CIBIL score to be maintained for housing loan?

  298. I didn’t understand this sentence. “The effective rate of 8% after deducting one-third of the amount charged for the house towards the cost of land”
    Can you please elaborate.

      1. Dear sir
        i am purchase mhada lotory flat, can you give me PMAY Scheme
        and hou to do this, in loan process

  299. Sir,
    I am an OCI and my husband is an indian. We hv 3 kids aged, 18,14,and 12 respectively. Am i eligible for PMAY? We do not own any residence anywhere in India.Kindly share your valuable inputs. Thank you.

  300. Hello sir ! My bank informing that. my home locating area was not comes under pmay coverable Area .is there any way to get the subsidiary like writing letter or mail to any official.if so please give me the address of the official concerned.thank you

  301. My annual incomes 3 lakh. My first property flat in urban area July 2016. Eligibil for Pradhanmantri avaas Yojana.

  302. Dear Basavaraj,

    I fall under MIG-II category. My property registration was done on April 2016. Loan sanctioned on 2013. Because my loan is sanction before launch of the scheme I am not eligible for the PMAY benefit. But if I transfer my outstanding amount to another bank now(2018), will I be eligible?

  303. Dear Sir,

    I have query regarding my eligibility for PMAY scheme. Following are my details.
    1)My Income: 3 Lac (EWS)
    2)Martial Status: Unmarried
    3) Mother own pucca house
    4) My age 25 (above 21 year)……currently not staying with parents.

    Please let me know I am eligible or not & Why???

  304. Dear sir ‘
    My annual income is under 3 lac.and i purchase a flat first time in may 2018 and my loan sanctioned in 28-12-2017. I avail this scheme.my loan sanctioned in DMI HOUSING FINANCE Please reply