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Do you test your Financial Planner?

We see a lot of hot topics about the negativity of agents of insurance, mutual fund or any other financial products. But do you really check even how few so-called financial planners can back stab you? Below are the few checklist you need to be cautious while hiring...

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Money matters???

Today I thought to share one of interesting and moral story about money. This was actually happened during the period of recent recession. It actually depicts the value of money in your life. This happened in small village of Himalaya. Major source of earning of this...

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BasuNivesh first Birthday !!!

I am happy to share that on 9th December 2012 BasuNivesh completed it's first year. I started this blog when I was studying CFP and with little or no knowledge about writing skill and blogging skill I started this initiative. Proud to say that when I started this blog...

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