New EPF Withdrawal Rules 2019

Recently new EPF Withdrawal Rules came into existence where you are allowed to withdraw 75% accumulated corpus if you are unemployed for more than a month.

But before moving forward, please take the note of earlier notification which I explained in my blog post “Tax on EPF after resign, retire or terminated” for better understanding of taxation on EPF after you resign, retire or terminated.

In this new notification, a new clause, 68HH has been inserted after para 68H in the 1952 EPF act. Clause 68H refers to the grant of advances in special cases like your company closure for more than 15 days or 6 months (Refer THIS for more details).

New EPF Withdrawal Rules 2019

As I mentioned above, a new clause 68HH has been inserted along with the existing 68H in the 1952 EPF Act.

The new clause 68HH refers as below.

New EPF Withdrawal Rules

68HH. Non-refundable advance to a member in case of continuous unemployment for a period of not less than one month.- The Commissioner or, where so authorised by the Commissioner, any other officer subordinate to him, may permit a member, on ceasing to be an employee in any factory or establishment to which the Act applies, a non-refundable advance up to seventy-five percent of the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, if he has not been employed in any factory or other establishments for a continuous period of not less than one month immediately preceding the date on which he makes an application for such non-refundable

From above notification we can arrive at the judgement of below points.

# You are allowed to withdraw a NON REFUNDABLE 75% of accumulated EPF corpus if you are unemployed for more than a month.

# Such advance is NON-REFUNDABLE. Means you can’t pay it back to EPFO. Once you withdraw this advance then it is your’s. Hence, act wisely before opting this feature.

# Here one month period means it is from the date of an application for such non-refundable advance is applied for.

# Even after such withdrawal is made, the person will remain part of the EPF and eligible for pension benefits.

Keep note of the point also that, along with newly inserted clause 68HH, the earlier para 69(2) that allows 100% withdrawal after two months of continuous unemployment is still in effect. Women resigning to get married can withdraw 100% without waiting for two months.

Hence, it is clear that if one is unemployed for more than a month, then he can withdraw 75% of non-refundable advance from EPF corpus and still continue to be the member of EPF along with EPS benefits.

However, the earlier para of 100% of withdrawal in case of one is unemployed for more than two months is also still active.

Also, women employees resigning to get married can withdraw their 100% without waiting for two months.

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  1. Kriti Lakhotiya


    I was an international worker in India working from July 2015-Dec 2019. I tried withdrawing my PF and Pension amount but got rejected with the following reasons:
    EPF :
    Pension :

    Can you please help me with it?

  2. Hi,
    I have worked in 2 diff companies, when I tried to withdraw, it asked to link and transfer to one PF account, now it seems like the pension amount is not transferred, and some amount has been shown in withdrawal as – “claim against para 69(2)”, can u explain what is Claim against para 69(2). there is a withdrawn amount is employer share – 5297.00 and employee share – 17328.00

  3. Sir am having one UAN Number & 3 account with EPF, I have claimed for merger of two account with the current one, amount is merged stating para 57(2) but still shows 3 pass book and also difference in the balance.

  4. Hi Basavaraj sir,

    I have claimed the pf amount of 88k in April 2017. But the pf amount was 98k but I have recieved the amount was 88k. Why the amount fully not credited to my account.

    So, is there any steps need to follow to recover the remaining amount into my account?

    1. Denzil Correa

      Dear Veerendra
      4 years gave passed and now you have decided to check on your pf recd.
      98k less 10% tax is 88k.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I submit 10c from along with annexure K form to EPFO office as my current company is exempted. its really appreciate could you please confirm that in how much day I received my pension amount as I already received the P.F amount.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Pappu
      When you submitted form 10c with annexure K have you written to p.f office a note saying what is your pension number in the unexempted office so that the 2 numbers total service is added.If not you might receive pension amount only of exempted office.

  6. I am in job and need of money to withdraw PF. I had withdrawn Advance under home construction 2 years back and now they would not let me withdraw further for next 3 more years.

    1.Is there any other clause (other than covid advance, medical which is partial) where I can withdraw almost entire employee and employer share?

    I have tried to withdraw PF under 68BB which is paying the bank loan directly, now they have rejected that saying Bajaj Housing Finance where I have the loan is not in their old 1960 document of listed banks 🙂

    2. How do i reach Head Office to suggest and update the document to allow the withdrawal claim to be paid to Bajaj so that they update their operational document

    3. I have seen one time exceptions provided earlier to pay to the member account directly with undertaking that member will pay the bank loan directly

  7. Hi Sir,

    I applied for ‘PF withdrawal’ and within a week the amount credited to my bank account is the amount mentioned under ‘Pension Contribution’. The amount of employee share and employer share is not credited and the amount is shown under ‘Withdrawals’ and it is stated as ‘Claim against Para 69(2)’ in the passbook.
    Kindly clarify.

    1. Dear Lakshya

      It is common when an individual applies for pf and pension the pension amount comes first followed by pf money in a few days.

  8. Dear Sir,

    My wife worked for an organization for 9.7years…and this company has now shutdown and we withdraw our PF balance, but Pension we are not able to do so , as per the PF site its starting as 10 years of work and pension fund cannot be withdrawn, and company has already updated as cessation short notice in PF site, as per my knowledge they are rounding it off to next digit , please guide me with the procedure to claim the pension fund or what’s the next procedure

  9. Sunil Suraj Kripalani

    I have filled in form 19 and withdrawn my entire of amount but because the passbook was updated late my one months pf shows as balance in my pf account. How to withdraw this. I tried form 19 again but the same was rejected stating claim already settled.

    1. Dear Sunil
      After interest for 2019_20 is credited for all employees print your pf passbook.If any balance amont is payable you will have to make an application to the p.f. office stating balance amount payable with passbook proof and form 19 .

  10. Kishore Padubidre

    I have worked in previous company for 5.5 years and after unemployed for6 months I joined new company and working in this company since last 3 years. Can I withdraw advance from pf account from previous employer? Do I need to transfer account to present of account to withdraw advance?

    1. Dear Kishore

      Yes you must transfer previous pf account to your current account.
      Remember at present you have 3 years aervice and only advance you can get is for covid or medical.Once you transfer previous account you can take advance under different conditions.

  11. hello sir my age is 56 years and 6 months i currently work in a same hospital for 22 years 1 year and 5 months left in my retirement can i withdrawl 90% of my pf balance now

  12. Hi
    I want to withdraw money for my marriage but epfo rejected it mentioning my seven years are not completed but it’s already completed.I have 4 different PF account numbers linked to same UAN.My pf balance is transfered to my current company already but not sure why they are rejecting it.Any solution??

    1. Dear Swati
      Considering the fact you have worked for four organizations over 7 years .Pl note everytime a transfer is done they make a manual entry in their form 9 regarding your service details . So when you apply for marriage purpose unless they open their form 9 and check the three previous transfers you claim to be done it will get rejected.
      I hope you are aware you will get only 50% of your contribution.
      Visiting the p.f. office with the relevant proof of service would definitely help.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I have been working for 5 years and resigned Oct 2019. Currently I don’t plan to take another job as I have started up with my own venture. I applied for full claim for EPF but recently been rejected for “NOT ELIGIBLE U/P 68H(1) AS ESTABLISHMENT IS LIVE”. I am not sure what this means. Raised a grievance but taht hasn’t been resolved yet. If you could help me with what is to be done next?

    1. Dear Priyanka
      You have applied for Pf using the wrong option this option mentionedmeans that your iffice is closed for more than 2 months.Please apply using options firm 19 and form 10c not form 31.

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for the above suggestions. I got my claim after a month but a 10% TDS was cut. But under my conditions of 5 years 20 days of employment and more than the amount of 50k, no TDS was to be deducted from my final claim settlement. Please suggest the reason for the TDS cut and if I can claim that amount later.

          1. I got the below reply after raising the grievance with EPFO Cell:
            “With reference to your grievance it is to inform you that NEFT Status is showing Bank Pending . There is no entry in Recredited Rejected Cases either . Amount will be recredited to members account once the amount is received back to this office . Later member can resubmit the claim”

            So does that mean that the rest of the money will be credited to my account soon?

        1. Sir i leave a compny just working in 7 days…they now add the exit date & add short service reason….& I transfer my balance of previous amount to ths current account…but why m unable to with drwa in form 31 …?

  14. I resigned from my job on 20th March. I am unemployed since then, I also do not intend to take up a job as I am planning to start my own business.

    1. Can I withdraw my entire PF (both employer & employee contribution) and pension as well?

    2. If yes, which form should I fill?

    3. Also, though my pf has been transferred, my pension is still under two ids, how to merge them and withdraw?


    1. Dear Tanya,
      Yes, you can withdraw but you will get part of EPS not fully. If you have online credentials in unified portal, then apply online or use the composite claim form and submit to your employer. No need to merge EPS.

  15. Hello Sir, I have 16 years of work experience in a company and planning to get retired in couple of months.
    Am I eligible for my full EPF withdrawal amount? Can you please advise the claim duration also.

      1. Hi Sir ,

        How many days it will take for the process to complete and get the money deposited to account .
        Also , can i even withdraw money in my EPS account too along with EPF , as i have crossed 10 years of service .
        Please advise.

  16. HI sir I worked for a company for 2 years and 3 months.i left that company 29th feb 2020. NOW I am not working since l left that company.I have been at home for three months.If I apply for pf can I get full pf and eps amount.

  17. Hello Sir,

    Firstly, you are doing a great job by answering all queries. Thanks a lot.

    My query is, I have worked for 4 year 11 months and 10 days, would be considered as continuous 5 years of service?
    I have worked for two organisation during this period and transferred the pf amount from one to another after switching, my passbook showing amount has been transferred. Now it’s more than a year I have left the job and wanted to withdraw the amount. However, when I am trying to apply for withdrawal on epfo website, the option of composite form for withdrawal not coming, the options coming are:
    1. Only PF Withdrawal (form -19)
    2. Only Pension Withdrawal (form -10C)
    3. PF Advance (form -31)

    Which one should I select, I want to withdraw full amount?

    Also, for withdrawing, the latest account no. is reflecting & date of joining is showing of last employment not the first employment.
    Further in passbook, I can’t see the date /period of service. But in service history tab, I can see the details of both employment. Please guide what to do?

  18. Surya pratap singh

    Sir, i have download detail. And my EPF account showing that NEFT return A/C 1 employee and employer share and also claim against PARA 69(2) withdrawal some money like employee share 1434 & employer share 1434 ….
    In starting i had fill the pf form claim.but money did not recieve in my account..i am not understanding this problem..what is 69(2)? And withdrawal money.
    Surya pratap singh

  19. Hi Sir,
    I had applied advance of 30000, I got my claim only 4811 and if I check my withdrawal status it shows 4811 and in para 68j it shows employee 16100 but 16100 didn’t credited in my account

  20. Hi,

    I have worked from June, 2014 to Nov, 2017 , after that I left my job . Since Nov, 2017 I have not worked any where for exam preparation. Recently I applied for PF partial withdrawal twice using Form-31 and my claim got rejected both the time.

    1st Claim:- 1st time I applied under Form-31 “ADVANCE FOR CONTINUOUS UNEMPLOYMENT FOR ABOVE ONE MONTH” but it got rejected and the reason given was “1) 68HH AFTER THE EXIT 2) NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WITHDRAWAL BENEFIT” i.e. I am not eligible . I don’t know why.

    2nd Claim :- 2nd time I applied under Form-31 “Non Receipt of Wages (>2 months)” but it also got rejected. The reason given was “1) PLEASE SUBMIT NON RECEIPT OF WAGES CERTIFICATE FROM EMPLOYER 2) NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WITHDRAWAL BENEFIT”.
    As I do not have any employer, from where I am supposed to get the non-receipt of wages certificate .
    Also on UAN portal where claim is submitted, there is no option or space for submitting any supporting document . Where will I have to submit it ?

    Could you please help me bot the claim reasons. From where should I get non-receipt of wages certificate and where should I submit it ? Also Why am I not eligible in 1st Claim ?

    Thank you

      1. SIR


        MY AGE IS 54 YEARS





  21. Hi, I have same uan number but different pf accounts. So in case if I transfer my old account into new one . Can I make a request to withdraw my old pf?? As now when I try to claim it’s only showing my current companies account number in the claim form section .

  22. When will 2 months complete for 100% epf withdrawal as per government rule if I am inactive in any job since 30th Nov 2019.

    I was applying on 31st Jan. 2020 then there is alert showing 2 months not complete as on date of leaving the job.

  23. Bhagyashree Goenka

    I have worked for 4 years in last company and now I have been working in my existing company since last 1 year. I have same UAN number but 2 different PF accounts. I have withdrawn my PF from previous pf account as I had gap of 6 months between 2 jobs. Now I am in need of money and I applied for withdrawal of partial PF for construction of house But my request got rejected and below reason has been mentioned:

    Can I merge previous pf account and then apply again. Since I have withdrawn my previous pf money will it get merged. Pls reply

  24. I have worked for 4 years and 8 months in last company in Chennai and working in my existing company in Delhi since last 6 months. I have same UAN number but 2 different PF accounts. I applied for withdrawal of partial PF for construction of house and was able to see this option and got it applied. But my request got rejected and below reason has been mentioned:


    Please suggest for resolution.

  25. Hello,

    I am planning to migrate. I have completed 2 years in my current company. Can I

    1) Withdraw the entire amount?
    2) Advance?
    3) Currently, there is no option for Total withdrawal

    I am 31 years old

    1. Dear Neil
      The moment your exit date is updated you will get option to withdraw full amount form 19 and form 10c

      Anything further pl query.I have taken Basus permission to advise.

  26. Hello sir,
    I have applied for partial pf withdrawl under para 68J (Illness) on 8th Jan’2020 around 12.15AM. In the early hours around 5.30AM the status was showing as “sent to feild office”-“under process”.
    Today is 15th Jan’2020 still the status is same and there has been no changes in any field.
    Kindly let me know how much time do i need to wait or if i need to do anything else to get the process completed fast.

  27. I’ve applied through form 19 for full and final settlement. however, the same day, my new company add that UAN in EPFO & its sating auto linking in progress. Now will I get withdrawal or entire money transfer to new PF account? Thanks

  28. Sir, I’m Navaneeth. I have been worked a mnc company for the period of 2006 December to July 2010. Unfortunately I didn’t claim pf still now due to my personal issues. can I claim that pf, because now I’m working in another company. Please advice.

    1. Dear Navaneeth
      As long as you gave your pf details .You can submit pf consolidated form aadhar.In this form you bypass the employer and has to be sent to pf office directly along with copy of aadhar cancelled cheque and pan card.
      You can otherwise submit pf consolidated non aadhar where the emoyer will stamp and send it or return it to you to send to the pf office.Documents same.

  29. Hi sir,

    I completed 60 days of not working and i want to withdraw my complete amount. But PAN verified failed due to name correction. I checked in income tax my name thr is only christina (pan) but in PF it is Christina J this has with initial. I cannot add initial in pan card now what i should do sir? Pls help me as i have to withdraw for my delivery

  30. Sir I have worked in a company for 1.5 years and then quit and ‘m a house wife now. On checking my epf I see claims under para 69 (2). What does this mean? Will I get that money or not?

  31. Hi sir,

    I worked for 15 years in India and moved overseas UK. I changed my citizenship and have OCI. I understand I comes under International worker scheme where I can withdraw my EPF only after I attain 58 years age.
    The EPS was contributed by my employer at 8.33% of salary (Basic). What happens to this EPS? Am I eligible to claim this please?

    Thanks for your time.

  32. I resigned from service on 24.07.2017 after working for 22 years in a company. I would like to withdraw the epf balance now. Kindly inform if the epf balance will attract tax.

  33. Hello Sir, I applied for withdrawal online (75%)with form 31 after one month of superannuation. But they rejected my claim with remark that you are not eligible.

    1. Dear Rohit
      After superannuation i assume you are retired and hence form 31 us not applicable to you.

  34. Hi Mr basavraj I have a small query on pf withdrawal. I have 2 different uan from 2 different organisation out of which I have withdrawn pf balance from one organisation. I did this online. Now I want to withdraw pf balance from another Co online bit I am not able to do it sincemt older Co uan no is still reflecting. Can you help me as to how to go about this.

  35. Hello Sir,I completed 9 years and 5 months service and applied for EPS withdrawal online with form 10 C,My last basic salary was 17332.However GGN PF department settled my claim only for Rs 94681 .I feel as per Table D it should have been 139950(15000*9.33).Can you please advise if i should file a grievance for the remaining amount.

  36. Sir, I am really confused. Hopefully you can help. I’ll be relieved from my job on Dec 15, 2019 with a total service period of 4 years and 7 months. I’m moving abroad permanently. I read online that if we’re moving abroad, employees that withdraw the entire PF amount without the 60-day waiting period. Can you please shed light on this? Is it true? Are there any terms of condition? Also, in this case, when should I submit my claim? Thanks for your help 🙂

  37. Hi. I have 2 queries. I have moved to different cities in India for jobs in the last 10 years. I have worked for four different companies. 1 in Delhi, 1 in Mumbai, 1 in Kolkata and now Bangalore. At that time UAN was not there. In Bangalore I got 2 different UANs from 2 different companies and I don’t know what to do.

    1) How can I with withdraw all the inoperative pfs from all the different states of India without travelling that State.

    2) Having 2 different UAN has messed up things in Bangalore. How can I withdraw from old UAN.

    Please reply. You are the best.

  38. Viswanathachalla

    Hi Sir,
    I completed 3 yrs in one organization and 2 .5 years in one organization with same UAN and different pf accounts, I want my pf amount to buy a house and I am getting option in select box for construction of house. Will I be able to withdraw the money.
    Thanks, viswanathachalla

  39. Hi sir,
    After 2 july leaving of my old company i have joined on 1 aug but id didnt join that new company , but they linked my adhar with uan also they have updated date of exit on 2th aug (that next day) will you pl help me that how can i withdraw my previous pf amount ?

  40. Hi Sir,
    We were able to withdraw PF amount through Advance PF option earlier for our current organization. But Now we are not getting any option to withdraw PF for current company, getting message “TOTAL SERVICE IS LESS THAN 5 YEAR”. we are not getting any option since 5-6 days. Is there any update made on this option?

    I saw your comments you have mentioned that “can not withdraw PF of current organization”. If we can not withdraw what is the purpose of “Advance PF” option.
    Please guide.

  41. Hello I work in a mnc from last one year trying to withdraw my epf advance but it is showing your service is less then 5 years so how can I withdraw that amount

  42. Hy Sir,
    Am Shahbaz Gani,trying to withdrawal PF amount of my current organization. But when I am selecting Advance PF option I am getting below message, not able to withdraw.
    Please assist.
    But Sir, if we fnf from the company and the company mentions the last date in pf then when we can withdraw our pf.Then this problem will not come.
    Plz suggested me sir as soon as possible.

      1. But sir My last day in company 30 September.So I can withdrawl my PF after 2 month.If my company mentions DOE in my pf.

          1. Thanks you sir to give information.
            But sir i want talk to you one thing because My friend was saying,I was withdrawal my pf but showing error same “TOTAL SERVICE IS LESS THAN 5 YEAR”
            So sir,You gave answer yes.But i am not satisfy yet.Because this problem is coming in front of me again and again.
            Please sir I can withdrawal my pf and send me website for withdrawal pf

      2. But sir My last date in company on 30 September 2019.So if my company mention the last date in pf than I can withdrawal my pf.
        Please suggest me Sir because I need a lot of my pf at this time.

      3. i just withdraw the advance pf amount before 2 months recently. now what is the reason for showing that “service is less than 5 years”

        1. Dear Aneesh,
          If you are currently working, then you can’t withdraw but can only take advance and that also for special purpose. Your EPF money is not like the money you kept it in savings account.

  43. Good Afternoon Sir,

    I have withdrawn EPF from EPFO App once under repayment of Loan in August 2018. Now if i want to withdraw full employee share with interest under Para 68H (Employee not received wages for more than 2 months for reason other than strike), without resigning from the company. How to do it.

  44. Sir,
    I have raised request to withdraw my EPF after 9 years 9 months 30 days of service ( resignation, unemployed more than 4 months) through online portal. Can I withdraw EPS as well? The portal doesn’t allow me to submit 10c..

          1. Sir, my service period is less then 10 years its 9 years 9 months 30 days is there any possibilities to withdraw EPS

  45. Hi
    I am Mukesh, trying to withdrawal PF amount of my current organization. But when I am selecting Advance PF option I am getting below message, not able to withdraw.
    Please assist.


      1. 3 days ago, I was getting option like illness, marriage etc under advance option even I did not complete 5 that time I did not have cheque book handy so i did not applied. But now when I am selecting Advance option getting message “TOTAL SERVICE IS LESS THAN 5 YEAR”. Please suggest

  46. Hi,
    I am Prasad Gadkar,
    Previously I have withdrawn pf for 3 times through online procedure,
    Now I have to withdraw full pf as I m jobless from last two months.
    How should I apply to withdraw the pf,
    Please guide.

  47. Sir,
    I have raised request to withdraw my EPF after 9.7 years of service ( resignation, unemployed more than 2 months) through online portal. Can I withdraw EPS as well? The portal doesn’t allow me to submit 10c..

  48. hi Basu sir,

    I completed 12 years 3 months by 25th August 2019 in the same organization. I want some urgent money for house construction.

    1. Can i withdraw 100% amount through online process (UAN, PAN, AADHAAR everything is linked) while i am still employed ?

    2. In case of resignation from my job, will i get 100% of the amount tax free after 2 months period ( as i completed more than 10 yrs) ?


  49. E.g I have 1.5 lakh in my epf account and I need more amount more than this for house construction can I get it through form 31 ( service is more than 5 years)

  50. Hii

    I had been in the notice period after serving 1yr8mths of service

    Now can I withdraw my of balance for my marriage purpose

    If not possible Can I take as loan
    Please advise

  51. Hi sir,
    I have worked 6 months in A company starting of my career. After that i joined other company but they didn’t have pf account. Now i am moved to another company but i am not showing 1st 6 months experience. Now new employer asking about pf account details, i said we don’t have pf account. Is there any chance to get the my employee history. If they get my service history what is the solution. Thanks in advance please let me know sir.

  52. Hi
    My name Jijo Mathew M I have claimed partial advance withdrawal for my illness they have settled Rs. 70000/- also deducted from my passbook but claim is still under process from past 3 days
    When will be updated and sent to my Bank A/C

  53. Krishna Murthy S

    Hi this is Krishna Murthy S
    I have worked in a pvt for 4.2 years later joined to new company
    My pan card not verified due to my initial last name in verified
    But I require an partial advance on illness due to my mother health
    Can withdraw the advance even though my Pan card is not verified
    Total contribution of 4.4 years
    Can I apply online claim for my illness
    I need a suggestion pls

    1. Dear Krishna Murthy S
      You can take advance under medical there is no service details check whrn medical advance is claimed.But to what i understand you can get 6 times tour last drawn basic.If you still require more you csn claim again and will get 6 times basic.



      1. Krishna Murthy S

        Again Krishna Murthy S
        my pan card not verified/ failed
        For advance claim pan number is required for the eligibility

  54. Hello
    I have worked 4.3 years in old company recently joined my new company after transferring my old to new epf account it’s possible to take advance from PF on illness because total contribution will be oly 4.5 years
    I am eligible kindly advise

    1. Under medical u could be lucky.Once again they should be able to see your full service history.But remember you can get your controbution only under medical.

      1. No??
        I am not eligible for withdrawal my money for illness
        Due to I have a employee contribution only 1 lakh
        old suggest on the same

        1. Denzil Correa

          Pl note there is no service period for taking out money under medical. You can take out 6 times basic at any time.Pl note this is confirmed news.

  55. Hello Sir,
    I am using the same UAN for last 7 years with 3 different companies and a gap of 3 months. Tried PF advance for home construction as withdraw option but the claim is rejected due to insufficient service. Raised grievance as well but of no use. Current situation is out of last two employers transfer , both have been accepted but only one is been reflecting as the other transfer takes time due to Trust and reconciliation takes time at PF office.

    Trying to understand if there should be a continuous of 5 years in the same organization for PF advance on house construction loan or else is there something else that they have rejected.

    1. Dear Venkatesh
      I suggest you go for offline claim form31 because in service history the transfer from trust will not show.Alobg with the form and cancelled cheque you could give an explanation of your full service.This way there should be no problem.

      If you do this pl let me know the result.

      1. Thank you Sir but still trying to understand if the 5 years for house construction loan is eligible for continuous service in the same organization or combined of 5 years with multiple companies with same UAN. Please confirm.

  56. Denzil Correa

    Dear Somu
    Make a claim again under form 31 then you will get some idea as to what is happening .You will get proof which you can take screen short and then submit grievance.

  57. Denzil Correa

    Dear Krishna
    If you see service history you are an active member. Hence no question of taking out money.

  58. Denzil Correa

    Dear Punith
    You must be having somen proof certified by employer of your last day of service.
    Take that proof and fill up the pf consolidated aadhar form where employer is not involved along with cancelled cheque and aadhdar to p.f. office personally.

  59. Hi sir,
    This is punith I need one clarification my previous employer they not updated date of exit in my UAN Now that company got shutdown I’m not able to withdraw that money so please give me ur valuable suggestions

  60. Hello sir
    Once again Krishna Murthy S
    I have worked 4.5 years in old company unable withdrawal my PF from past 5 months recently I have submitted my offline claim to my previous employer but rejected because passbook copy not eligible once again I have submitted my withdrawal forms to my employer. Unfortunately I have joined my job last month but my present employer has added to my old UAN
    Will it possible for claim offline with old employer. I have rejected my claim transfer also
    Pls help me on this

  61. Hi Sir,
    My service more than 10 years in Pvt sector.
    I have claimed EPFO amount on May29th 19 with Form31, but It is still showing the status “Under Process” today date July 9th 19, I have claimed amount 7,30000. Why It still it is showing “UNDER PROCESS”..

  62. Krishna Murthy S

    Hello sir
    I had worked for 4 .5 years in a pvt company My pan card has not verified due to my initial, also my Online claim rejected. So I have tried with my previous employer with offline claim that submitted was on 2nd Jul 19 it is under process. One more thing I have joined a new company from Jun 19 already one month has been completed .it will be there any sort of issue while withdrawing the old one, Still my present employer not updated/merged with my UAN

      1. Krishna Murthy s

        Hello sir
        today my PF rejected due to cancelled cheque which I have submitted bank passbook xero
        how can I resubmited the same
        it’s from starting process

  63. Dear Sir,
    I had resigned from my previous employer and was unemployed for about 3 months and then I joined the current employer. Am I still eligible to withdraw the entire PF amount?

  64. Hi I am Charan my question is I am working in a company from last 4 years 11 months 5 days now I wanted to resign so is this taken as 5 years, do I have to pay tax on my EPF.

  65. Nice article, sir i have a question,
    I worked with one firm say from March, 2012 to March, 2015 and then joined second firm say from March, 2015 to March, 2019. So in this case the total tenure applicable for my EPF is 7 years and i am eligible for EPF withdrawl as per the rules. After i log in to EPFO webiste, it reflects two member IDs and links the second firms’ tenure period only for any online withdrawl purpose.

  66. Dear All ,
    Please help i have showing in my account last working day 31/1/2019.and new company has showing joining date is-16/1/2019.hence my PF claim not transferring to newly added pf account.Last company denying to change the exit date please guide to claim of transfer.

  67. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,

    My wife completed 1 year in an IT sector and it has been exactly 1 month since she resigned, I tried to help her take 75% of the PF amount but it does not give us that option at all, it just tells us to wait for 2 months. But we are entitled to get that 75% after 1 month of service right? Any idea what we may be doing wrong here?

  68. Hi Basavaraj,

    Does PF full-withdrawal need continuous 5 years or can
    be discontinued 5 years.

    i have discontinued 5 years. (5 yrs 5 months) but while withdrawing its showing only the last company’s service detail alone where i worked for 4 months.

    All the PF transfer from previous employment has been done and reflecting in passbook.

    Please do the needful.

    Logs (while withdrawing)

    Date Of Joinng
    ?????? ?? ??????/Date of Leaving
    ???? ?????? ?? ????/Reason of Leaving Service*


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        The last company’s passbook has that 4 months entry plus “transfer in” of two companies. I don’t see total service period.

        I can see in PF portal service more than 5 years of service across 3 companies with gap.

        And my PAN card is not verified does it matter ?

        Because, while withdrawing its saying “As your service is less than five years or PAN is not linked, Income tax at highest slab of 34.6% is liable to be detected”

        1. Dear Babu,
          But as per EPFO data, your service is less than 5 years. Hence, it is taxable income for them. Hence, as per me, first try to resolve the issue of service and then apply for withdrawal.

  69. Hi sir this is punith I need one clarification in my uan I’d bank account which I updated it’s closed now now I want to apply of without employer signature now shall I give my another bank account details for withdrawal need clarification sir

  70. Hi Basavaraj,

    I resigned from my previous organisation by Feb 2013 and joined an other organisation. I am yet to withdraw or transfer the PF from previous organisation. Is it possible to withdraw 100% PF amount from the previous organisation now? Also, FYKI, that account is not linked to UAN. Please provide your valuable comments.


  71. Hi Mr.Basavaraj,
    I resigned from my previous company after working for 5.4yrs in Nov 2016 and joined a new organisation where they mapped a new PF and UAN number to me. I want to withdraw my PF amount from my old PF account now.I tried claiming online but i exceeded the number trys and i have to submit the documents offline now.Need clarification on the below:
    1. Can i withdraw the full amount from my previous PF account?
    2. What are the docs i need to carry with me to the PF office?
    3. Will tax be deducted? i resigned 5.4yrs after working in that organisation.

    Thanks in advance!

  72. Hello,

    I left my job within 6 months of joining because of my maternity break. In meanwhile i changed my surname ( post marriage) in Aadhar and PAN card and the same were changed at EPFO ( KYC). Now when i try to withdraw my money, the claim gets rejected stating that its short service, copy of PAN card required, 15G/H required. I am unemployed at the moment.

    Please help.

    Thanks and Regards

  73. In pan card we don’t have option of initial but in all my records initial is there how can I withdraw my pf without initial in pan card.

  74. Hi Mr. Basavaraj,
    I have been following many of your articles on investments, PF etc. Thanks for all the useful info and insights! I have a quick couple of questions on PF withdrawal that I am not getting answers from any of the online contents:
    1. It’s 5 months since I resigned (after 12 yrs employment), and have been unemployed since. I want to withdraw part of my PF balance – can I do that or is it mandatory to withdraw the entire 100%?
    2. The reason for my first question is that if I withdraw the entire 100%, how will I get the interest amount for 2018-19, that is yet to be credited? Hence I want to keep my account open with a small amount remaining, so that the interest for last year is credited and then, I can withdraw in full.
    Thanks in advance!

  75. Hi Basavaraj,

    I completed 10+ years (Mar 2009-Apr 2019) of IT service in a Pvt Company in India and resigned on 18th Apr 2019, and moved abroad for higher education. My KYC is up to date with UAN,PAN,Adhar,Verified Bank account and I have the active linked Indian SIM to receive OTP in abroad. My questions are:

    1. Can i withdraw 100% EPF amount (EPF+EPS) before two month period (before 18th June 2019) via ONLINE mode?

    2. This year statement shows that yearly interest still not credited (should have been credited by 31march 2019). Will i get all the due interest if withdraw 100%.

    3. if not possible to withdraw 100% ONLINE before two months of leaving job. Can I withdraw 75% now and remaining entire amount on 18th June2019. Will I get my entire money (100%) with INTEREST in this case (two online withdrawal) ?

    1. Dear Gurwinder,
      1) 100% EPF but not EPS as you are eligible for scheme certificate due to your 10+ years of employment.
      2) Yes, they pay you on a pro rata basis.
      3) I have already answered it.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Appreciate your prompt response.
        As I have moved out of India on a permanent basis so this money is kind of blocked until i turn 58. If I am not interested in Scheme Certificate. Any way to get this money?

  76. I worked for a year n resigned on feb 2018… almost more dan a year i want to withdraw my pf.. wanted to know can i also withdraw pension contributions along with pf amont please guide as i know nothing abt dis subject..??

  77. Anurag Namdeo

    I am Anurag, I don’t have Adhar card, Can I withdrawal my EPF without adhar, Please suggest and give me some solutions
    of problem,,,,

  78. Hi

    My last working day was Feb 2 2019 and I plan to withdraw my PF & EPS sometime in Jan 2020. Is it possible to withdraw the amount anytime in the future or is there a cap? Also, I am opening another PF account from my new employer because I want to withdraw money from the old account. Is this a fine arrangement?

      1. Thanks for the quick response. So, correct my understanding if wrong anywhere. I can withdraw my old PF anytime in the future, right? The only thing is that I should have a new PF which automatically have a new UAN, right? This way I can withdraw as well as continue with a new PF and UAN account. Do let me know if I am wrong anywhere. Again appreciate your quick help in this matter.

  79. Harish Shetty

    Hello Sir,

    I Am Harish Shetty, I was worked with one private co for 5.11 years and left that organisation & joined new co in Dec 2018. Opened new PF Account in new co & transferred the balance from old account to new account through online portal(E’yee=39,367, E’yer=47749 & EPS=63713) (EPS Value not reflecting in New Pass book)-Please advise on this.
    And also i want to withdraw some amount from PF & EPS Account, Please suggest how much amount can i claim and how to claim.
    Appreciate your early suggestion.

    Thank you.

  80. sandip babasaheb pawar

    Dear Sir,
    my UAN no.100739016912
    two agency in working .
    current agency already pf withdraw.& than old pf transfer to current agency .& pf transfer complet.
    but current agency pf already withdraw Foam19c
    how old transfer pf withdraw.

  81. Hello sir,

    Nice to see your blog and it has useful information. I have worked for a software company for 3.8 years and resigned. I am unemployed now. I would like to withdraw my PF and Pension amount through online process. Can you please help me by answering below questions.

    1) When applying for claim through online portal, I could see only 2 options, i.e., Only PF withdrawl and Only Pension withdrawl. There is no option to withdraw both. And also there is no option of composite claim. Please tell me where and how can I find Composite claim option and the process to withdraw both amounts.
    2) Also please tell me how much tax would be deducted from my PF and Pension amount.
    3) Can I keep my PF and Pension amount as it is for 5 years to avoid tax by staying unemployed ? I have worked only for 3.8 years and unemployed now.

    Thanks in advance.

  82. Hello sir,
    I applied my PF withdrawal on May 2nd, today it shows in EPFO portal as settled and amount sent through NEFT on 21st May. but if i check in UAN portal it is showing claim record not found. may i know the reason as iam not sure it is settled or not as i didnt get the amnt still.

  83. Good morning sir,

    I need clearance of pf after resignation Sir.
    I had officially resigned from my previous employer on April 3rd and it’s still not updated on my epfo portal and currently i was working with a new employer where i have gave my UAN number on joining…. Now is that possible to withdraw my balance PF amount of my old employer….. Pls guide me sir as i was in need of money as i didn’t get my last month salary too from old employer that’s the reason trying to withdraw PF amount.

  84. Hi Sir, Appreciate you efforts on this blog. My online pf application shows only two option for pf withdrawal – Only PF (form 19) and Only pension (10c). How can i withdraw both pension and pf? please guide in detail if time allows. Thank you

  85. I have completed 4.4 years of service 5 months back i have changed my company i had applied for my advance pf for construction of house and it has been rejected as they r saying that you should have a service of 5 years what should i do

  86. Hello sir,
    I have applied for final PF settlement on may 2nd online and still the status is showing under process. can i raise the grievance now? or is it too early?

  87. Sir good evening.. I want to know I am working in a pvt ltd company last 4.5years and recently i have regained.. The exit date also shows in uan portal. Then I have applied online Chaim but the problem is in epfo passbook my amount shows 60000 but the claim passed 49000 is it possible sir.. Kindly suggest me. The claim settled 15 days previous.

  88. Siddhesh Mendki

    Dear sir
    I have filed the advance form 31 five days ago ,but haven’t got any status on my claim it just shows under process ,i am trying to contact them via phone but they are engaged,how can i know when it will get approved.

  89. Hajisaheb Shaikh

    Dear Sir
    I complited my 10 years service any option for withdrawal pention contribution from pf…


      1. you can withdraw 90% of your PF amount if you are still working also, however need to complete 5 years is better

  90. Prabhash kumar verma

    Sir i am serving a pvt company since 58years and i am going to retire in feb 2020 and my pension started 1 year ago. Now i want to claim form 31 for my daughter’s wedding but when i claimed online it’s got rejected showing the reason due to “as per system insufficient/ineligible member service/ok” and now i dont understand why it’s got rejected… Please help me sir… My daughter’s wedding day is 30th may 2019


    Hi sir My name is MANIGANDAN A
    I couldn’t update my pancard in UAN portal I have worked 4 .3 years in a pvt company. For withdrawal my Epf I have submitted two times my Withdrawal form via employer through offline 2 months have been completed still no response. After I have claimed on Online 20 days back now the status shows Form 19 and 10c has been rejected.
    What is the solution for this ?
    Whether I want to know Nowadays offline claim Procedure has been Cancelled by EPFO?.
    Because I m from chennai my company is from Mumbai.

      1. Sir
        They are saying

        Please update your Pan details as per Aadhar card. Then only You will be able to update KYC details in UAN portal of EPFO Aadhar and Pan card details must be tallied with each other.
        only my last name as
        A expanded my father full name

  92. Hi Sir,
    I worked in a software company in India nearly 13 years. I moved to US 2 years back. I want to withdraw my PF. My Aaadhar , UAN and PAN are linked to PF account. But my mobile number is no more exists as i moved to US. If i am trying to withdraw online but not able to get OTP as phone number not exists. Please suggest how to process.
    Thank you!

  93. Hi Sir,
    I have resigned from my current organization and currently serving two months notice period and my last working day is June 28, 2019. I will be joining my new organization on July 1, 2019. As I’ll not be receiving my salary for the June 2019, will I be eligible to withdraw my PF balance or can I withdraw legally? I have around 8.5 years of service. Please share your suggestion. Thanks.

  94. Hi sir
    My name is Ameer I have worked in private retail sector for 4.years ,I couldn’t able to withdrawal the amount in EPF in online due to pancard not updated .name against UAN .So I claimed Offline with the help of employeer twice from 4 months still no notification on the claim, My employer said at present we couldn’t claim by offline, Only through online, Even I didn’t care about my TDS I have claimed on 17th APR today FORM 19 has been rejected they didn’t mention the detail or remarks Pls help me out on this
    why they rejected?
    My employer he is not responding
    my field office in Thaane
    I m from Bangalore

          1. Sir
            due to my initial I could not update my Pancard I have tried more than twice via offline with employer but no response Online Claim rejected what’s the solution for this??

  95. Dear Sir,

    I am having a very specific query, my new organisation is giving me option to choose FP as 1800 per month or 12% of basic (70k). I come into 30% income tax slab. I am thinking to choose less PF and take more in hand salary. but not sure about taxation. Please guide me which is a good option for me.

  96. kulbhushan singh

    Hi Sir,
    Is it compulsory to transfer all the PF accounts to the current PF account for applying to partial withdrawal? Is partial withdrawal requires the employer approval, if I am applying online? Please help on this sir.
    Thank you in Advance

      1. Kulbhushan singh

        Thank you very much, Sir. I must say you are doing a really good job here on your blog, it is really helpful to many of us. Thank you again, sir.

  97. Hi Sir,
    If a person works till the age of 60 years, will he get interest on his EPF ? also please confirm if it is tax free or not.

  98. hi,
    I worked for 4yrs 11 months in an pvt org, later that unemployed till date.
    so, I have withdrawn full pf amount online and received 10% less.

    can you suggest:
    how can I get that deducted amount back?(shall I provide them 15g/h form physically or do I need to claim refund)

  99. Hi

    I am having two PF account under one UAN, one is from old employeer and one is fronm new employeer.
    my age is 56, during feb-2019 I applied for 90% withdrwal under before retirement option, authority release amount from my current employment pf account, after that i transfer my old employeer pf account to new employeer pf account and aplied again for withdrwal, now authority has rejected my claim what to do

      1. Narendra Manchineella

        Hi Basavaraj, I need a small info regarding no. of employees are required to open EPF account ?

  100. Sir I have 1.5 years of total work experience and for past 9 months I am unemployed. Now I wish to withdraw epf amount.When i tried online claim for pf widrawal only PF advance option was only available .Kindly advise why it was so and when will I be able to withdraw my full of amount.

      1. Thank You sir for your quick response.I would also like to know is it mandatory to attach any supporting document related to the resignation of the last job .If yes then what document should I submit along with complaint

  101. Dear All,

    I resigned my last organisation by 02nd April, 2019 and 16th April was last working day.

    I joined new organisation by 22nd i.e yesterday than when can i’ll be eligible to withdraw my PF.??

    Warm Regards
    Shubham Garg

  102. Hi Basavaraj,
    Hope you’re doing good!
    My query is with regards to advance claim (Form 31). Although my service history is around 9 years however it doesn’t show in my UAN service history as my case is of two UAN created by different employer. I have transferred my old pf to my current member ID however the service history is not updated. I have raised the grievance several times, even provided annexure K to the current PF office however no changes have been made in the portal. I want to claim advance PF for the purpose of education (self) however I am not able to select this reason on the portal as it says my service history is < 84 months. Please suggest what should I do?

  103. Hi Sir,
    Hope you’re doing well….
    My question here is, Can I withdraw my pf?,
    Here is summary,I have worked with 2 different IT company and post resigning, I’m working with new company and I don’t have any gap in my work experience.
    Is it possible to withdraw my pf from my both previos company?

  104. I am Upendra Dixit, Nagpur. I was worked in private sector from year 2004 to year 2017 in limited company and from year 2018 to year 2019 in another limited company. I was transferred my old PF in my last worked company EPFO by online. My EPFO contribution with interest is 1.36 lac up to Feb 2019. Now I am Unemployed from last 2.5 months. Please tell me I can eligible to withdraw my PF contribution from EPFO now as per existing rule?

  105. Hello sir
    My name is Rajesh N I was working in a retail sector Since 4 years . I want to claim PF withdrawal my pancard was verified now its unverified /Failed. I want to withdrawal my PF Amount , Now my employer shut Business. My contribution is 90k .Whether Shall I claim in Online only Because I m Tamilnadu.,my regional field office belongs to Mumbai
    Kindly advise on the same

  106. Hi Basavaraj,

    Hope ur doing good?
    I am unemployed for past 40 days, the reason i quit was i need my PF money for my marriage expenses, so as per the new law,they say i can withdraw upto 75% if i am unemployed morethan 30days however online we dont have option for that untill i complete my 60days. Can you please help with the procedure for this issue.


  107. Sir i have requested for pf withdraw for one of my company in which i worked. But know i have received a form which says i have to sign it and deposit it to that company but the problem is that company has shutdown the business. Whay should i do. Please help

  108. Dear sir i worked in a company 2.6 years n i submitted to withdrawal of pf amount i got only 75% of pf amount another 25% i reqested to claim after 2months of unemployment ,on 27th march 2019 but today i saw the claim is rejected no reason is given in claim status please let me know i will get the remaining 25% of pf fund or not sugest me how to withdraw

  109. Hi Basu,
    I have worked in a company for around 10 months and left in Sept 2015. I am working till now. I want to know if I debit my amount of previous pf, I am eligible for PS also or not .

      1. my previous pf account is separate from my current pf account. I want to debit my previous pf amount that is 3 years old, To close that account actually.

  110. Dear Sir,
    Im worked 2 year 6 month in kotak mahindra bank and resigned. I have withdrawl my pf amount but still not receicve now please help.

  111. My query is this I am planning to buy a flat not from builder rather from another owner . Also I am planning to use home loan facility for the same . And I was hoping if I could use the partial withdrawal amount for the advance payment to the bank . Would that be possible?

  112. Considering that the mobile no. on aadhar and in epfo website portal is different. On which number will I receive the claim status update?

  113. Krishna Murthy S

    Hello sir
    My PF amount is more than 75000/- I have worked almost 3 years 10 months, unable to verify Pancard due to initial issue. And went to the employer regarding PF withdrawal. My employer says nowadays offline claim is not possible. Only through Online.
    What I have to do sir
    Is offline claim is not possible??

      1. Krishna Murthy s

        If I claim through online I have to pay 34 percent TDS. So my employer is saying offline claim now has been stopped… What’s the solution to claim offline

  114. Hello Sir,
    I have applied online for pf withdrawal. Two days back when I check the portal on claim status, it showed me an approval of 66k. Today amount has been credited but was only 59k. It was almost 7k deducted. Can I know the reason.


  115. Hello sir
    My Pancard is not verified due to initial. I have worked 4 years ,also more than 55000/-available! how can I withdraw my amount kindly suggest

  116. dear sir my father d.o.j is 24/11/2014 and he expired on 28-12-2015. We dont know about pf and I submitted composite claim forms and other documents on 01-04-2019. The amount deducted form my dads account is like employee share 360 employer share 119 pension contribution 249 like this…. He is in service while death. but now in claim status the total amount approved showing for EDLI is 33000 only. But I heard the minimum edli is 30*salary + bonus. my dads salary is basic +da is 6000 approx. Please help me with the information. Its just 3 days i submitted claim. will they update again or i will be getting that much only, if possible please help me with the minimum pension

      1. Thank you for the reply sir. Even i filed for epf on three days back, but my father passed away on 28-12-2015 . Will the new rules reflect on us?? And in my claim status why it is showing like
        PARA DETAILS EDLI Assurance Benefit
        TOTAL AMOUNT APPROVED 33000. It clearly showing amount approved for edli is 33000 only sir, My dads salary is 6000, so 6000*30 = 180000+ 50%(pf amount= 5819) so it would be 182500 approx but its showing only 33000, Will they take time sir for updating as i submitted three days before only??

  117. Hi sir
    I have worked for almost 4 years. My pan is not verified due to initial . I could not claim on online my employer says due to amount is more than 50,000/-My employer says nowadays offline claim is not possible… Pls advise on the same..

  118. Hi Sir,
    I worked for company A for 4 years and immediately joined company B and currently working there for 3.5 years. I wanted to withdraw partial amount for my marriage. The rule says, after 7 years of service i can withdraw 50% of member contribution. I have already transferred previous PF to current organisation. So 7 years include combined service and I will be eligible for this claim. Is my understanding correct. Please help me.
    Thank you.

  119. Hi sir
    I have worked in a pvt company for 4 years 5 months. My pancard is Unverified shows name against uan due to my initial.So whether I can claim by Online means I will be deduct 34 percent TDS. And now we could not claim on online my employer says.. Pls advise on the same

      1. Sir,
        I am 20 days short of completing 5 years of continous service with EPFO and currently unemployed . My PAN is also showing as unverified due to my initials in the name. I am planning for higher studies abroad and would like to withdraw both EPF and EPS amount. (Close the current EPFO account)

        How to apply offline and avoid TDS in my case. Could you please advice on the offline withdrawal and closing process?

  120. Sir,
    I’m currently employee and want to Withdraw PF to Procure New Home. Is there any rule is favouring this condition ?

  121. Dear Basavaraj,

    I found your blog and found it very useful. Was good to see that you’re engaging and helping everyone out, so I thought I’d leave a comment too.

    I only had PF at my first job back in 2014. Since then I’ve worked on consultant contracts. Since I needed some money, I filed my EPF and EPS claim on the 28th of Feb online after seeding my PAN, Aadhar and Bank Account. When I didn’t see any progress on the same for 20 days, I filed a grievance. All of the EPFO contact numbers are busy. This was very dissappointing. I wanted to ask if this was the usually run of things?

    Also, I’m joining a new job on April 1 which does have PF. So what do you recommend? What should I do? Will my recent claim complicate matters at my new job?

    Thank you once again.


    Nagendra Kumar Mera old of hai 5 year se pending Mera uan portal me name DOB wrong hai sis security office me offline hand to collection form Diya lekin thik Nahi karta hai.aur online documents uan portal upload Kiya lekin employer at pending hai approved verify Nahi karta hai
    Employer Ka emails id: [email protected]

  123. Sir, Will the interest be charged if draw some PF advance for marriage while working in the organization. Please clarify my doubts.

  124. Chethan satput

    Sir I am working in a company I like to resign I am working from 4 years 9month so after resigning can I withdraw my pf amount which is more than 50k is there any deductions

  125. I have 2 UAN & 3 EPF account.
    New UAN linked with 2 EPF account ( 2nd & 3rd), old UAN linked with 1 EPF account ( first EPF). I transferred the EPF amount from first EPF to second EPF via printed form not a online claim transfer but pension fund not transferred. Then second company they create new uan now 2nd & 3rd EPF are linked to the new uan. But all my EPF amounts are transferred to 3rd EPF account. But pension fund not transferred.
    Then how submit EPS claims?
    1. From new uan it contains service history of second & third company?
    2. Old UAN has first EPS pension fund, I have to submit separate online claim for EPs 10c form?

  126. Dear sir,
    I worked with 2 company and now i work with 3rd company. Current company have no diduction any of amount.The first company had filled date of exit wrong and so i cant transfer my pf in second company. I hv many time request and but they are not responding. As well as I raised the query in epfo but still I not get reply. So pleased give me ur valuable suggestion

  127. Hii currently I am not working and I was worked with wipro for 6 months and before wipro I was worked with A2z company for 3 years so can I withdrwa my EPs amount

  128. HI,

    I am completed 6 years service in previous co. in dec i joined new company. in new company opened new PF account with old UAN number. i want to withdraw the PF amount from previous PF Account. made online claim but rejected. don’t know the reason. please advise. i need urgent money.

  129. Sir, I’m Manu. Am complete 7 year of employment and still working with same company. My PF employee contributions is Rs. 107000/- employer contribution is Rs. 36000/- and EPS contribution is Rs. 56000/-. Sir, how much amount withdraw my PF account????

  130. Anandkumar Modi


    MERI service k 10 saal complete hi gai hai (01/09/08) mujhe abi Apne pf ka pura balance withdraw Karna hai tho Mai Nikal sakta tu kya… ? Aur kaise…?


    Sir is it possible to withdraw my PF money without my company not added my bank account to my UAN number.

  132. Hi,

    I need your help. I Worked for a company from July 2009 till September 2011 and contributed to my epf. After that I had to go to Germany for my masters and was there till 2013. After that till now I have been working with 2 startups which never had EPF provision as the team strength was always below 10.
    Now I want to withdraw my money. Will it be taxed as I have contributed to EPF only for 2 years, but total service of 7 years.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Thanks for the response.
        However the fact that my other companies in last 5 years not having EPF benefits was something beyond my control. Do you think that makes an argument? or are you sure that I would anyways be taxed?

        Secondly, If I decide to leave the EPF as it is, will I still keep earning interest on it for the rest of my life till 58?


          1. Hi Basavraj,

            Thanks for the clarification. I had decided to withdraw the amount, but after your inputsI think I should rather let it remain there.

            I have 2 more follow up questions though

            1. I read in some article that post 2011 govt had decided not to pay the interest for inoperative accounts (after 36 months of no deposit) and then in 2017 they decided to withdraw this clause. Did inoperative accounts earned any interest during that period between 2011 to 2017?

            2. I want to keep track of my EPF deposits, but I don’t have a UAN number. Just the old PPF number. How can I get a UAN number now? Nothing mentioned in the website as well. (Please note that I had to abscond from my first company for higher education as they didn’t give me proper release, so they would definitely not help me with my UAN number)

            Thanks in anticipation.

            1. Dear Sumit,
              Such inoperative accounts also earn the interest but it is taxable income for you. You can generate the UAN on your own. However, if you are no more working, then I suggest you to withdraw.

  133. I need help from all of you to solve this problem:-
    Starting from joining of the first organization to the last employee is as follows ( on chronological orders) :-
    Sept 2008 – Joined company A – Resigned from service Feb 2011- PF account details is available with me – PF account status >>Pf amount, not withdrawal, Inoperative at the moment.
    March 2011- Joined Company B – resigned from service December 2011 – PF account details is available with me – PF account status >>Pf amount, not withdrawal, Inoperative at the moment.
    January 2012- Company C- resigned from service July 2012 – PF account details is available with me – PF account status >>Pf amount, not withdrawal, Inoperative at the moment.
    August 2012 – Company D – resigned from service Sept 2014- PF account details is available with me – PF account status >>Pf amount, not withdrawal, Inoperative at the moment.
    This time UAN service comes into the picture and having my UAN number, but UAN number was only for this account
    October 2014 – Joined company E and resigned from service on July 2016. >>>PF account status >>Pf amount, not withdrawal..
    Please note that UAN is not linked with this employers, before joining this company the UAN supposed to link with this organization but its not done.
    After this service, I left India and currently working in overseas, therefore my UAN is not linked with any other PF account except one ( Company D). Could you please suggest me how to extract entire PF amount easily.
    Looking for your expertise in this regards.

      1. Thank you for your suggestion. One last suggestion I need, among of those pf, one pf in chennai brunch office and one Mumbai and one bangalore. Therefore do I need to visit respective places or can I claim my submission from any EPFO office in India??

  134. Rajratna devidas Jondhale

    Dear sir my claim form not open in EPF technical problems toh muze kohi tarika hai kya pf ke paise nikalne ke liye

  135. Hii Sir Rathna here,

    i was trying to withdrawn the pf sir but the issue is pan verification its not happening Adhar verification its done, 4 years of pf without the pan its taking 33% tax sir from 3 month i m trying its not happening what is the solution now how to withdrawn the pf without verification pan or how can i add my pan let me know please,,,,,, in all the documents names are correct i have cross checked everything.. .. please help me wat to do

    1. Dear Rathna,
      If PAN verification is not happening through online, then better to visit the regional EPFO and try to link. However, do you feel avoiding TDS means avoiding tax? In your case whether they deduct TDS or not, it is taxable income for you as your service period is 4 years.

  136. shibam mandal

    hi sir, mera name shibam mandal . sir hum apna pf & pension a rupee dono withdral a lia dia he..26/02/2019 but kinte din lage gi sir samaj a nehi raha he..or hume is rupee ki bohot jald jarurat he ..meri daddi ki cancer he or uski tretment chal rahi kaya karu kaha bolu ki oh amount send kar de …plsssssss sir help me…joy hind …i will wait sir

  137. I left the old company on jan-3rd 2019 and joined a new company but,still new pf is not started or linked yet,new company pf will be adding after 6 months,Now i want to apply my old pf ,but its showing “Date of leaving is less than 2 months from today or age should be 58 years or more” like this it will showing, please tell me tha solution?.

  138. Hi Sir,
    I had to resign due to ill health and have been unemployed since over a year. The umang app shows my exit details as cessation-short service which I believe will cause deduction of TDS in my case as the amount is above 2lac. Please advise what action needs to be taken from my end.

      1. I understand that TDS can be claimed back and tax is my liability but I do not qualify for a tds deduction or tax. Though my service tenure was a few months short of 5 years but I had left due to ill health and as per epf withdrawal rules (para 68j) there should be no TDS applicabe. Also, the “proceed for online claim” on Umang App is greyed out.

          1. Dear sir,
            The online epfo website does allow me to apply instead of the umang app.
            The total amount of my pf is approx 3.5lac and I have been unemployed for 2years now. The reason for leaving service was ill health and service duration was 4yr 8mths.

            My question is will I get taxed on the total amout?
            The info that I get online is that if one completes 5 yrs or service termination is due to ill health/lockout then full amount is credited.

            Please help as I am not able to get a precise answer to my issue.

  139. I have left previous company last 1 year back and currently working in different company with different PF account no,I have to withdraw my pf amount for my urgency need. Can you please confirm is it possible to withdraw my full amount?

      1. Sir same problem Mera bhi hai but online transfer option show Nahi ho Raha hai bcz previous employer does not had any payment ,to kya offline procedure hai koi 2nd member I’d me transfer Karne Ka jisse withdrawal ho jaye

  140. Sir ,
    I have applied for my epf withdrawal but it shows that Ur claim is under process from since 23 Feb now it shows that Ur claim is sent to the field officer now how much time will complete this process and I get my pf into my account plz sir

  141. Hi Basavaraj,
    I was unemployed for 3months (oct’18 till mid of Jan’19) but couldn’t claim as i got error my UAN was not verified. Now I am employed again. Can i withdraw 100% of PF untill last emploment?

    Now my UAN is verified and I am able to click online withdrawal, but the bank IFSC code is wrong. Can I proceed with the withdrawal steps?

    I had been with 2 companies earlier and have 2 PF account linked to my UAN. Does this withdrawal include both accounts or should I initiate one by one?

    1. Dear Sowmir,
      Better to correct your bank details and then try for withdrawal. Regarding 2 accounts, if all your EPF accounts are under one UAN and you are currently working, then you are not allowed to withdraw.

  142. Dear Sir,

    My wife is working with AXA group currently which does not have a PF policy since it’s an insuarance based company where as they have a trust where they accumulate contributions.

    6+ months earlier she was working in some other company which had her EPF opened where the total amount is showing approx. to 54K.

    Now since she cannot continue the EPF in current company can she remove the amount.

    We got married 1.5years back & recently booked a property. Can this reasons good to withdraw full amount.?

  143. Tanmoy chakraborty

    Right now I am in notice period one month. Leaving job permanently and joining my own business. I want to withdraw 100% of my EPF balance. Please tell me whether I can do so.

  144. Dear Basavaraj,
    My name is Veer singh tomar I am not woring right now and I have resigned almost 6-7 month and I am unable to withdraw my PF amount my PF balance is as follows Employee contribution of RS 37983, Employer share of RS 13435and pension contribution is RS 24124altogether its RS 75542 so requesting you to kindly guide me how to withdraw the amount.
    And my mobile number in Aadhar card, bank account and EPFO are same number.
    Requesting you to kindly mail me the resolution for this and my email id is [email protected] and contact number is 9754699920
    Awaiting your valuable response.
    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Dear Veer,
      If you are UAN holder and it is fully KYC complied, then try to withdraw it online. Otherwise, you can submit the withdrawal request either through your past employer or by visiting the regional EPFO.

  145. I left the old company on jan-10th 2019 and joined a new company but still new pf is nt started r linked yet do I can apply for withdraw pf on 60th day

  146. Hello, I am working overseas for a year and would like to withdraw full amount. I am not working for an Indian employer. My PAN is not linked/verified in UAN site. Can I withdraw the amount offline? through paper process (Form19, Form 15G)

  147. Dear Sir

    I have not yet withdrawn the pf amount after leaving the company for 2 years. I am working in abroad and contacted my previous employer for withdrawing the pf amount. They suggested me to apply by online. I have the UAN number and I checked the passbook and It shows employee share, employer share and pention contribution. So I understand that as per the rules I cant withdraw the full amout. Can I withdraw employee and employer share leaving the pention contribution or how much I can withdraw now. Please advise me so that it will be very helpful.


  148. Hllo sir
    I am nt working from last 1.5 year because I got married now I want to withdraw the full amount of my pf.
    Is it possible if yes then what is the procedure

  149. Hi.
    I see that my PAN says ‘unverified’ where as Aadhaar is verified. I dont see any option to verify the PAN. How can I do that?

      1. 1.Employer has verified the PAN. I think Shri is mentioned before my father’s name in UAN.. will that be a issue?
        2. If i withraw the full PF amount then will 34.x tax will be deducted?

        Thanks for your guidance..

  150. sir my friends having 2 pf no in old pf no amount available but in new pf account there is no amount
    when we tried to pf advance claim in online it takes new pf account. can we withdraw advance

  151. Dear Basavaraj,

    My name is Johnson.v, I am working in concentrix India and I have completed 2 yrs and still working there itself and I am unable to withdraw my advance PF amount of RS 30000.00 wherein my PF balance is as follows Employee contribution of RS 32268, Employer share of RS 9863 and pension contribution is RS 21962 altogether its RS 64903 so requesting you to kindly guide me how to withdraw the amount.

    And my mobile number in Aadhar card, bank account and EPFO are same number.

    Requesting you to kindly mail me the resolution for this and my email id is [email protected] and contact number is 8073859852.

    Awaiting your valuable response.

    Thanks in Advance,

  152. Dhaval prajapati

    Sir my pf password is miss and my sim card is miss I’m add new number but idea I’m call pf head office not received call head office pf plz sir help me I’m request sir u

  153. Hello Team,

    I have applied for for 100% PF withdrawal on 13th Jan. Still i haven’t received any update & status till shows as under process.

    Please suggest how many days will it take.

  154. Hello Sir,

    I have linked my Adhar with UAN but while I am trying to add PAN details with UAN facing this trouble that it showing “Your name is mismatch with income tax department”.

    So how can I able to withdraw all my money with out any deductions I.e 33%.

  155. Chiranjeevi(dhaksheshwar

    I have left previous company last 6months back and currently working in different company ,I have to withdraw my pf amount but ,of office guys are telling through online you have to withdraw,in uan I have updated my bank account and pan card ,but I have changed my name in addhar card ,I have new name in addhar card ,old name in pan card as per of record ,I need to withdraw I have emergency had ,without addhar card why I am not able to withdraw the amount guys can anyone explain,why the EPF guys asking for addhar ,without afdhar card can’t they do ,don’t I have any other option ,old addhar card also I have,new add hard card also I have ,what is the issue pan is there right and bank account is linked then for giving my money why they are doing this

  156. Hi, I have completed 4 years of service in private company. Now I am not doing job, Can I get my PF amount along with pension amount

  157. Hello Sir, I have not been working from Jan 2018. In order to withdraw my pf, I was informed that my UAN and KYC details are not updated and only my previous employer has to do it. Can you please suggest, if there no alternate we can do it ourselves? Employer are of no major help here!

  158. Hello,
    I am Praveen.I got my PF amount, after 4 to 6 months i received my applied documents by post. The subject of the post as ” Pention claim submission through employe “. What can I do now ?

  159. Hi Sir!!

    Good evening.

    I am facing issue with verifiying the PAN against UAN, but AADHAR and Bank Details are seeded to UAN, and Pan is linked to AADHAR and Bank as well. So am I eligible to withdraw the PF without 34.6% Marginal tax.

  160. Dear Sir,
    My husband has switched job to other company. Can he withdraw partial PF amount? We have tried online but our criteria doesn’t match with mentioned criteria in form31.
    Could you please suggest?
    Thanks and Regards.

  161. Hi sir,

    Please note that i have left my previous organization and currently working for different organization my UAN number is still same and Member id is different. can you please assist me as how to withdraw my previous company’s PF.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for your response. is there any possibility to withdraw some portion of my PF amt. as i am in desperate need.

          1. Hi Sir,

            Do i need to serve any proof if i am withdrawing money for Construction of property and what percent can i

              1. Hi Sir,

                I left my org and joined a new co., but still my UAN is same. I think my PF amt is also transferred but while checking my PF status of new company only the PF amt is transferred and not the PENSION amt.

                How can I withdraw my pension amt ?
                Also advise how can I withdraw my PF amt too without leaving the current job as I am is desperate need of money.

  162. Hi,

    Unemployment date starts from where ? From Resign date (Last working day in an organisation) or last PF submission date by an organisation .

    How we can count our 2 months of unemployment to withdraw 100% EPF? Please clarify.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Amit Garg

      1. Md Rizwan Hussain

        Hi sir,

        I have completed my 5.5 yrs completed & left the organization.

        I had updated my adahar number but some that reason only for “dot.” In my UAN account unable to update my PAN details


  163. Hi
    I requested for dob change in uan but still its pending bg field officer
    My correct dob is 30/06/1999
    But while joining i gv wrong dob 30/06/1997
    Now im suffering a lot
    For this mistake
    Kindly help me to change this….

  164. Hello Basavaraj,

    Right now I am in notice period. Leaving job permanently and joining my family business. I want to withdraw 100% of my EPF balance. Please tell me whether I can do so.

      1. Dear Neil
        Once exit date is updated option of full withdrawal will appear form 19 and form 10c
        Anything further i will be gkad to offer help

        Basu has given permission for me to offer advise

  165. Dear Sir,
    Your articles have always added new elements of knowledge and you are an inspiration.
    Request you to clarify what has essentially changed with this notification, as earlier also we were allowed to withdraw up to 75% of corpus from EPF upon 1 month of unemployment and EPFO benefits still continued for rest of the amount. Thank you.

    1. Dear Rahul,
      Earlier if one is unemployed for more than two months, then he was eligible to withdraw the all 100% of the corpus. In that case, EPF account will get closed. However, in this case, one can withdraw 75% NON-REFUNDABLE advance if one is unemployed for more than a month. Rest 25% will remain in EPF along with EPS benefits. Hence, it is like an emergency financial set up for those who can’t bear the job loss.
      However, I strongly admit to create an emergency corpus to sustain such financial loss rather than experimenting with withdrawal from EPF.

  166. Hello sir Basavaraj ,
    I haven’t activated my UAN no because I left my job 7 years ago, while generating UAN no getting some error and my aadhar is not updated I have already submitted my all document. Can you please provide me some tips about this matter.

      1. Hi ,

        I have applied for pf on 4th of this month,, its setteled on 15th of jan 2019 and been send through NEFT but still amount is not recieved . so please sujjest me for further procedure.

          1. Sir Mera uan number ma 2 pf number ha old pf number ma balance ha new pf number ma balance nhi ha aur yeh same company ka number ha ,sir old pf number ki date of joining 1august 2014 or date of exist 31dec2016,new pf number doj1august 2014 or doe 1august 2014 ha sir what is the solution of these condition please tell.

                  1. Sir,
                    I have an epf account which is right years old but still I am not able to make an partial withdrawl as it is showing 5 years of service not completed. All my previous accounts have been merged and the full amount is shown in my EPFO account but it’s not updated in service history. I have raised multiple request for the same but no response. Please suggest

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