How to complete Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money?

As we are all aware that KYC is mandatory for Mutual Fund Investments, many of us look for Mutual Fund KYC online. But sadly this ONLINE facility is not available now. However, now you can complete the Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money.

This is the big game changer, especially for DIRECT Mutual Fund Investors. However, the sad part is that currently NRIs are not allowed to invest using Paytm Money. Hence, those NRIs who are eager to invest in Mutual Funds for the first time have to wait for more.

KYC is a one time process you have to complete to enter into the world of Mutual Fund as an investor. KYC process is mandated for investments in Mutual Funds as prescribed by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) other relevant regulations.

Also, when you make investments, your KYC details are updated/verified with KRA (KYC Registration Agencies) and processed by the AMCs (Asset Management Companies) & RTAs (Registrar and Transfer Agents) in accordance with respective guidelines & regulations.

How to complete Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money?

Let me explain you the steps to complete the Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money.

Step 1-Download the Paytm Money App from Google Play Store.

Step 2– Then log in to Paytm Money account using your existing Paytm App login details. If you don’t have Paytm login, then you can create the one as a new user. Paytm Money will check your readiness in below way by using different documents and authentication.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Personal Details
  3. Address Proof
  4. Nominee & Declarations
  5. Communication Details
  6. Bank Account

Step 3-PAN Card Entry is the first process. Once you log in to Paytm Money, then it will ask for you to enter the PAN Card.

Step 4-Once you enter the PAN number and it is verified, then the next step is to upload your PAN card image. Please ensure that PAN card image is sharp and clear.

Paytm Money PAN Verification


Once you click on the tab “Next”, you will see the list of the documents required to complete your KYC Process.

Documents to complete Mutual Fund KYC online

Step 5-Now enter your personal details as the next step.

Mutual Fund KYC online Personal Details

Step 6-In the next step you have to provide your signature format. There are two options to do it. One is to add your digital signature on the app or upload the signed image.

Mutual Fund KYC online Signature Verification

Step 7-Next step is to upload your image using even your device camera. Then click on the tab “Save”. Make sure that the image should capture your face with light background.

Mutual Fund KYC online Upload Photo

Step 8-As per SEBI’s KYC regulation of in-person verification purpose, you are required to upload the five seconds video in the next step. You can refer to the sample video on the app for the guidelines. In the video, you must state your full name as it is in PAN card and other records. Save the video and click on the tab “Save”.Mutual Fund KYC online In Person Verification

Step 9-Then the next step is to provide your address details and upload the address proof. You have to submit any Government approved documents such as Aadhaar, Passport, or drivers license. Do remember that, here there are two options to upload the address proof. One is front photo and second one is backside photo of your address details. Once you upload both front and back photos, then click on “Save”.

Mutual Fund KYC online Address Verification

Step 10-Then you have to provide nominee and declaration details. In declaration details, you have to declare your annual income range, residential status, tax residency and whether you are politically exposed or not.

Mutual Fund KYC online Declaration and Nomination

Step 11-Then you have to enter your mobile number and email id which you want to register yourself for your all mutual fund related future communication. The same can be verified by using the OTP sent to you by Paytm Money.

Mutual Fund KYC online mobile and email submission

Step 12-Now you have to provide your bank account details. Once you provide it and then Paytm Money will transfer Rs.1 to your account as for cross verification. Once it is verified, then they will notify you for the same.

Then you would be asked to upload a canceled cheque leaf or the bank account statement. Make sure that your name and account number is clearly visible in the image.

Mutual Fund KYC online Bank Verification

After this, your part of KYC will be completed. Paytm Money will verify the data you provided and it usually takes around 3-4 days. After successful KYC verification, you will receive the notification in this regard.

How to check KYC Status of Paytm Money?

After few days, you can cross check the status by login to your Paytm Money. If there are any issues, then they will be displayed. Click on such messages and rectify the same. The usual messages are like “Person in the video not match with photo”, “photo is not clear” or “Signature is not clear”. You have to take steps to rectify the same.

Once all the details are verified, check the status of your KYC by clicking on the Profile tab. If your KYC is successful, then you will see the message like “Investment Ready” against your name with a green color tick mark.

If you still feel the process is difficult, then refer the below video of Paytm Money for Mutual Fund KYC online.


Hope this information will be helpful for you in complete Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money.

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29 thoughts on “How to complete Mutual Fund KYC online using Paytm Money?”

  1. Hello Sir, I have updated paytm money KYC but now have to update DOB mentioned in PAN as I had made some corrections recently on PAN. Where do I update the same.

  2. Hi Paytm Money shows me as investment ready, but upon trying to start a SIP, it asks to do e-signature verification on NSDL’s website. It says that it will redirect, but again goes to previous screen. I dont understand how to proceed.

  3. Gurvinder Singh

    I am NRI and have kyc. I am investing in mutual funds can i use nre account to invest in mutual fund through paytm money


      1. Hi basavraj , I completed paytm money kyc 15 days back as per process mentioned above. In paytm money kyc status shows as investment ready, however when I go to camskra or karvykra website , it still shows my pan status as “eKyc” done in 2016.. I am unable to invest more than 50k in any mutual fund house due to “eKyc” restriction. so looks like paytm money full kyc is not enough for other MF houses KYC.

  5. Paytm Money status shows “Inverstment Ready” but my kyc status online with any AMC shows “Not Avaialble” .Why ?

  6. Pooja Aggarwal

    I have done my KYC with Paytm Money App and it is completed , however whenever I check the status of KYC online with CAMS or other sites – it mentions rejected. I am confused whether its valid or not

    1. Dear Pooja,
      Whether you did any investment at first along with KYC process in Paytm Money? I think they process the next steps of KYC only when you do transact (not sure but it happened with one of my client). Hence, try to do the transactions. If your issue still persists, then contact the Paytm.

  7. Buddh sen Is this full KYC with CRA (means we can invest more that 40k) or ekyc with limits on investment?

  8. Hi Basavaraj,
    Is this full KYC with CRA (means we can invest more that 50k) or ekyc with limits on investment?
    Thanks for good information.

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