Money matters???

Today I thought to share one of interesting and moral story about money. This was actually happened during the period of recent recession. It actually depicts the value of money in your life.

This happened in small village of Himalaya. Major source of earning of this villagers was from tourist. This village was surrounded by nature and obviously one of the hot spot for  tourists. Hence usually tourist used to stay in this village and go to visit surrounding places as hospitality was best and surrounded by nature. But due to recession suddenly villagers also find it difficult to survive. Due to which hotels used be always empty and hotel owners found it difficult to maintain them. So the whole population of village was in debt due to this recession.

One day a foreign tourist looking like a rich arrived to this city and visited the hotel. Hotel owner felt so happy that finally he got a client which may fulfill his few day’s maintenance.  Foreign tourist asked hotel owner “Is their any best room to stay for a week?”. Hotel owner said “Yes we have a best room available for stay which you will not get in any other hotels of this town”. Tourist told “OK then keep this Rs.5,000, I will go and check the quality of rooms and service”. Suddenly hotel owner picked that amount from table and rushed towards the grocery shop and told to grocery shop owner “See take this Rs.5,000 and give me all necessary groceries and vegetables as I have one foreign tourist. I hope I cleared all my payment which I owed”. Grocery shop owner picked Rs.5,000 and rushed towards towards the farmer and told to farmer “Take Rs.5,000 and give me all necessary vegetables which I will ask for and I hope I paid all your dues now”.

Farmer in return went to his house and handed over this Rs.5,000 to his wife and told “Since long you are asking for money right? Now I am giving you Rs.5,000 and pay wherever you need to pay and clear all dues whatever we have”.

Suddenly farmer’s wife took that cash and directly went to the same hotel owner where that foreign tourist visited. Few days back her brother and his wife stayed in the same hotel when they visited this village and due to financial recession she did not paid her dues to this hotel owner and also not shared the same with her husband with a fear. So she gave the same cash to hotel owner and told”I am paying you the dues which I owe since long”. She returned home happily with sigh of relief.

Suddenly that foreign tourist returned after checking the comfort and service of the hotel and told owner “I totally disliked the way this hotel is maintained and even kitchen room seems to be unclean”. So without looking at reply of hotel owner he picked his cash Rs.5,000 from that table which farmer’s wife just given to hotel owner. Hotel owner was totally surprised and in depressed mood. Reason is, he lost both his customer and cash too.

See the funny thing from above story, all are now out of their debt but no one have that Rs.5,000 cash !!! This is the funny side of money matters 🙂 Hope this story will actually enlighten few money minded persons in looking at other angel of their life too. This story was from the book of Karnataka’s famous educationalist Dr.Gururaj Karajagi’s  “Karunalu baa belake”.


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